Kamen Rider Agito (PlayStation)

GameShark, Pro Action Replay, Xploder, and Xplorer Codes

A GameShark or Pro Action Replay cartridge is required to use the codes featured below.

Japanese (NTSC) version

Player 1 unlimited health:
8008564C FFFF
Player 1 one hits wins:
8008564A 0001
Player 2 unlimited health:
8008564A FFFF
Player 2 one hits wins:
8008564C 03E7
65535 unlimited bullets:
80089B5A FFFF
Unlock all characters:
800DF054 000F
Unlock G3+Green Rider mode:
80089B62 FFFF
Unlock G3Bus+Battle mode:
80089B64 FFFF
Unlock All Gallery:
50008014 0000
80109D94 03E7
Unlock All Gallery (alternate):
B0800014 00000000
80109D94 03E7
All codes above from Asikin.