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Breath Of Fire 2

Hint: Easy money:
Talk to the priest that saves the game and ask to give a donation. If you have less than 100 Z he will give you 10 Z until you reach 100 Z. After this happens, deposit the coins, return and repeat as needed. Note: If you try to have the priest give you more than 100 coins he will take them as a donation.

Go to the grass areas that move around on the map and make sure that you have Bow. Set Bow as the leader and press A to shoot a rock or stone. Aim for the animals. If you hit then enough of them, they will turn into Roast which sells for 200 Z. Note: Watch out for the weak monsters.
Information in this section was contributed by jdrag8on9.

Hint: Rest for free:
Early in the game in the pub in the second town, you can rest for free. Talk to the person at the table and ask him to pass the time while it is day. You will be healed fully. You can do this until you get Katt.

Hint: Life Armor:
The Life Armor can be found in the fishing spot northwest of Gate, directly next to the cave. This is the strongest armor in the game for the Hero.
Information in this section was contributed by Da RoAcHyZ.

Hint: Life Bracelet:
Immediately after you fight Barubary with Ryu alone, he gives you a hint to find the Life Bracelet. Go directly right with Katt and smash the rock ahead. Continue right and reach across the gap with Sten, then open the treasure box to find the Life Bracelet.
Information in this section was contributed by Da RoAcHyZ.

Hint: StarBringer Sword:
The StarBringer Sword (StarrSD) can be found by standing on a blue "chance" square in the Thieves' Tomb and fighting repeatedly.

Hint: Monster Island:
Once you have the whale or the great bird and are at least level 35, go to the top of the hunk of land where granny's house used to be. Go directly east. You should see an island at the top of the screen. Go there to reach Monster Island. There are four monsters on this island, as well as a house with Bo and Karn from Breath Of Fire. Use the following information to defeat the monsters that can be found here.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Hensrude.

This is a giant version of the creature. Do not waste AP on it; just keep attacking. It casts Cure 4 each turn after the first, but runs out of AP quickly. It will only attack you twice at the most.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Hensrude.
Have at least one magic user in your party and cast your strongest magic on him while the other three characters fight normally. It is also recommended that you have shaman forms at this point, because they increase your abilities.
Information in this section was contributed by Dustan Countryman.
M. Sludge
Cast Death with either Bleu or Nina. It will kill it automatically.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Hensrude.
This creature resembles an over-sized fly. If you have Chop Chop, use it. Otherwise, use a Dragon ability. Magic does not affect it.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Hensrude.
Use non-elemental magic on him, such as Chop Chop. Use is magic items and they will kill it instantly.
Information in this section was contributed by Dustan Countryman.
Goo (gold colored)
Use the G. Dragon technique to bring its HP to 1 and you should be able to defeat it from there. These are very strong monsters; they take a lot of damage with normal attacks. These are very rare fights.
Information in this section was contributed by Dustan Countryman.

Hint: Finding Bleu:
On the same island as the Thieves Tomb go there. From the Thieves Tomb, go east until you reach the other side of the mountain line. You should see a little whirlwind shape in the sand. Enter here and talk to all the spirits, even the ones in the back rooms. After that, go to Magic school in Hometown and on the second floor talk to the girl on the left in the left classroom. She will turn into Bleu.
Information in this section was contributed by josh2210.

After you get the whale, go to the desert at the southeast corner of map. Walk around until you find a faint circle. When you enter it, you will find some ghosts saying Bleu is out. Then, go to the town where you started your game (after you go away, the second town where you and Bow end up). Go to the magic building and talk to all the students. One will say she is Bleu and join you. Bleu starts at level 35 and is very powerful with magic.
Information in this section was contributed by Michael Blanca.

Hint: Fun with Bleu:
After you get Bleu as a party member, go to township and make sure she is not in your active party. Go to her room, which on the last floor and final room. She is sleeping. When you talk to her, she mumbles about Ryu and goes back to sleep.
Information in this section was contributed by Hiro Mills.

Hint: Namada's Strength:
Boombada is a powerful Non-Elemental attack, which at 50 AP will reduce any enemy group, short of Bosses, by 50% of the current enemies' HP. However getting this attack is not easy and requires strict timing and rhythm. To get this powerful attack go to Namada after the Grand Chruch at Evari is destroyed. Help the brother at the bells ring to announce prayer time. This is where it gets difficult, as some of the notes of the music sound overlapped but they are not. The brother will ring the high notes and low notes as you ring the Drum (A) and Tuning Fork (B). It sounds complex, but is not. The scale is similar to:

- = High note
_ = Low note
A = Drum
B = Tuning Fork
() = (space) No note played.
-A-B--()A _B_A__()B ___B_-AB _-_-A( )A

Listen carefully to the way the notes are played and to the starts and stops of the sounds. If done correctly, the brother will thank you for helping him and request that you talk to him again with the person who he will teach Namada's Strength to. It is recommended that Nina get this to fully round out her abilities.
Information in this section was contributed by whitetigerx7.

Hint: Experience for final battle:
Just before the final Boss, where the Dragon Statue and Cleansing Water are located, fight any monster and use Gold Dragon. After that, use the Cleansing Water to restore your AP and HP and repeat until reaching the desired level. This can also be use near any Cleansing Water pools that are occupied by monsters.
Information in this section was contributed by Eagle.

Hint: Maximum attack:
There are a few things required to maximize your Attack stat. First, you need the Cafe (the place that you have a woman cook some of your items together to get a new item). This is done by choosing the correct carpenter for Township (your town). The requirement is the Whale, which you will get during the storyline. Go to Guntz, which is located slightly north of the center of the map. Go to the items shop and buy as many ShaveIce as possible, keeping them in multiples of four. Then, go back to the Cafe and have the lady cook a few PwrFood. These raise your attack by 1 point. When you run out of money, go just northwest of Township to the island where there is A Recovery Spring. Get more money there. Note: Sometimes the lady accidentally makes Charcoal instead of the PwrFood.
Information in this section was contributed by systemshock_420.

Hint: Unlimited money:
Note: This trick requires two Game Boy Advances, two games and a link cable. Select the best file and put the best item you can spare in the bank (for example, the Shadow Dagger or lots of Herbs). Copy the file and link the Game Boy Advances. Trade the best item from the copy file, but not from the original. Then, erase the copy of the original and repeat entire process. When you have as many items as desired, trade them back and sell them.
Information in this section was contributed by Matthew Wolfe.

Use the following trick for unlimited money after the township upgrade. When you choose your carpenter in Capitan, choose the standard house carpenter from the right most house. He will go to your township and cook any king of ingredients plus build a new set of houses (3). When you get the second set of houses (6), recruit Hanz from Hometown. He will supply you with items. Buy three Cond. Up at 1000 Z each. For a total of 3000 Z, cook it to get the GoldBar that you can sell at 6000 Z. Repeat this as needed to get a lot of money very quickly. Sometimes the cooking produces a charcoal, but it is very rare. Once you have enough money you can spend some to raise your stats. Go back to Hanz and buy two Cond.Up for 2000 Z, then cook them to obtain one Dinker (+1 Agility); or buy two Medicate for 1000 Z, then cook them to obtain one PwrFood (+1 Strength).
Information in this section was contributed by Aubry Christian.

Hint: Bosses:
Information in this section was contributed by steven hollinshead.

Beak5010 5522 4015
Barubary500065535 40005000380 14090
Pest100 71027 1030
Roach1000 321530 1812
Baba1690 15010039 2020
Hood820 455045 2435
P-Spider20010 303042 2030
Joker5800 30020043 3824
Katt2200 2008042 26511
Augus68016 15030043 1812
Shupukay980511 23501250160 7580
Nimufu550128 40040062 4045
Jailer46050 28820078 4544
Chiroru600 404058 3855
Creon2800 605058 3433
Terapin1300100 30050066 3332
Bouncer2500 504072 4039
Wildcat610300 70040060 4264
Witch250128 50062 3035
G-Roach19900 500080 1249
GoldFly (second)65535 00075 40511
J-Worm110310 44020075 4852
B-Roach16520 603378 4462
GoldFly5800 52040082 6590
Kuwadora1650500 160080081 4853
Footman1000 10010030 1016
Ray65535100 00120 20076
Necroman240096 38002000260 132100
Trout550100 1600100035 1030
Stone90 200020 2551
Bush500255 20001 10255
Stump1000100 300030 1100
Paladin496300 1000800252 7077
Tiga655350 11310 120200
Aruhamel1600100 32001000160 75100
Guardian468128 24007000175 6070
Munmar80010 11502000105 5073
Algernon1549500 19801200115 5151
Danielle10065535 00100 5200
Suiky10065535 00100 5200
Villagrs50 20020020 5100
Footman954164 1500600220 13592
Zombie68264 1000500220 9392
Portal1530500 24001250160 6570
Warrior446128 7001000216 9086
Palo80100 50928 20511
Soldier1250100 20001200235 13070
Uparupa5200 1200800140 6568
Harpy1400 648048 00
Baba960 202088 8228
Stump1800 20200 200
Hood440 0565660 3422
M-Mummy7070 12000565637 450
Widow541000 12000565660 2722
Ifeleet160200 120005656180 0110
Torubo1101000 1750100085 6572
Oldman31265535 20090 160120
Guardeye53864 16001000208 169170
Babaruku2500256 38005000300 130100
Deathevn100001000 00400 140138
Chairman10000 200920 1200
Archer3000 300100250 130130
Puti400 50928 20509
Beak200 4422 2010
Guardeye538504 16001000208 169102
S-Golem1600500 1624415282 1221
KARI10000 200920 1200

Hint: Character preview:
Do not press Start or any other button to see what the characters were doing before they met with Ryu.
Information in this section was contributed by Almf1.

Hint: Extra spells:
There are more spells in the game than what is listed in the instruction manual after you reach level 70.
Information in this section was contributed by Dustan Countryman.

Glitch: Flying Nina:
Characters will talk about Nina not being able to fly, but in battle she is flying.
Information in this section was contributed by MONTE146.

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