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Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game

Bonus characters:
Defeat Cell at level 5 with the indicated person as your Main Personality. You will unlock the corresponding bonus character's Main Personality level 1 to 3 cards inside the booster pack after the battle.

Guldo: Win with Nail as your Main Personality.
King Cold: Win with Frieza as your Main Personality.
Krillin: Win with Guldo as your Main Personality.
Nail: Win with Goku as your Main Personality.
Piccolo (both Heroes and Villain sides): Win with Garlic Jr. as your Main Personality.
Trunks: Win with Gohan as your Main Personality.
Vegeta (both Heroes and Villain sides): Win with King Cold as your Main Personality.

Hint: Level 1:
To get past level 1, you must defeat Guldo, Krillin, and Nail. To defeat Krillin, use as many Raise Your Anger cards as possible (while using the Starter Deck). You have a very good chance of winning if you mix some strong Defense cards with the Raise Your Anger cards. To defeat Nail, use a combination of strong Defense and get your MP to level 2; or if they have a Defense power on level 1, use it. To defeat him, stop as many attacks as possible while pounding away. To defeat Guldo you must practice awhile before attempting to win. Your first attempt will probably be a loss. To defeat him, use the strongest Defense cards you have, such as Frieza smiles, which will not allow your opponent to attack during the combat turn it is used. Wait until you have a lot of a couple of life card losing combat cards and just hack away, repeating the process until he is defeated.
Information in this section was contributed by Nanny00027.

It is difficult to complete level 1 by "survival", however it is much easier to win by "most powerful personality". To do so, build a new deck with cards that raise your Anger . When it goes past 4, it jumps you a power level (not energy level). After this happens twice, you win. If done correctly you dont have to worry about damage. Note: This was done with Nail and Guldo.
Information in this section was contributed by afrosia.

Hint: Level 2:
Customize a deck that raises your Anger level and lowers the opponent's Anger level. The opponents on level 2 raise their Anger. Their Life deck is too high for a Survival Victory.
Information in this section was contributed by Brandon Short.

Hint: Defeating Goku:
Use the following trick to defeat Goku on level 4. Goku goes for a personality win and sometimes that is very hard to counter. He has a red style Tokui-Waza that also gives him +2 extra anger. Choose Gohan as your fighter and go trough all the levels. Fight everyone at least eight to ten times. By the time you get to level 4, you should have Gohan Empowered, which is his fourth personality. Goku does not have a fourth personality -- he will get up to his third stage and remain at level 3 with 5 Anger for the entire match. He also has poor cards that do almost no damage.
Information in this section was contributed by Bryce Adams.

Defeating Goku is very difficult due to his mastery allowing him to gain anger very quickly. You can defeat him by making your deck have plenty of cards to lower his anger (blue styled cards). If you do not have too many blue cards, get the Red Style Mastery also. Put together a red-style Gohan deck, which should be very effective. If you have a Red Style mastery, make a new deck with all red styled cards and some named cards. Then, declare a Tokui-Waza (it will ask you this before you save the deck). At the end, go to the Red Style Mastery card and add it. This is the only time you will be able to add it, at the end when your deck is made. Use the mastery to gain levels quickly and defeat Goku.
Information in this section was contributed by ShOcKeR278.

Hint: Defeating Guldo:
Select Gohan as you character. He gets a bonus of two power level gains in his round. Next, put all the Defense cards you have in the deck. It is crucial to stop Guldo's MP card. Then, with all remaining cards, put them into Anger cards. This should stop all of Guldo's attacks. Also, Gohan's second Personality stage makes it so his MP card defends against Guldo's attacks. If you only have one Defense card remaining, take the hits until Guldo uses himself, then block it. This may require two or three attempts. You can also use Freiza due to his power of cutting damage down by two Life cards.
Information in this section was contributed by Bakou3.

Hint: Fun With Trunks card:
This is quite the killer combo. Customize your deck to where you have one of each sword position for Trunks. When in the midst of battle, if you get Sword Position 1, play it (and it has to succeed). Then, use a card that lets you search your deck for a card. When you do find a Sword Position 2, use it (which also has to succeed). Then, search your deck again for Sword Position 3 and Sword Position 4 and use them. On your next turn you will notice you will have an extra card. This card is called "Fun With Trunks". This card does a whopping 25 damage and it raises your power level to its maximum. It also prevents all masteries from being used against you and stops the rest of the attacks made against you for the remainder of combat.
Information in this section was contributed by Bryce Adams.

Hint: Using your Mastery card:
Declare a Tokui-Waza that matches your Mastery and add the Mastery to your deck. Notice as you are battling that there is no spot for you to go to your mastery and hit "Use". While in your hand, hit the table button and go to the picture of your main character. Press A, then press Right. Your Mastery will be there and can be used (once a turn unless it states otherwise).
Information in this section was contributed by ShOcKeR278.

Hint: Frieza Smiles card:
The Frieza Smiles card is a double-edged sword. When used as the first card in combat, it stops all Energy or all Physical attacks for the rest of the round, but this affects both you and your opponent.
Information in this section was contributed by D.G.

Hint: Recommended cards for Gohan:
Information in this section was contributed by D.G.

x1 Hospital Stay
x2 Baba' Energy Blast
x3 Burning Rage!
x1 Hero Enraged!
x3 Powered Up The Most!
x2 Senzu Bean
x3 Battle Pausing
x2 Frieza Smiles
x3 Mother's Touch
x1 Saiyan Truce Card
Energy Combat
x3 Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack
x4 Gohan's Energy Defense
x3 Red Energy Blast
x3 Yamcha's Skillful Defense
Physical Combat
x3 Black Hug Maneuver
x3 Black Driving Palm Strike
x3 Black Side Kick
x3 Gohan's Ready
x4 Gohan's Physical Attack
x1 Nappa's Physical Resistance
x3 Red Eye Laser Assault
x3 Red Face Upheaval
x3 Red Knife Hand
x3 Red Lightning Slash
x3 Red Palm Heel Strike
x3 Red Power Rush
x3 Saiyan Pressure Punch

Hint: Recommended deck for Goku:
The best deck for Goku is a Saiyan deck. Since his highest level is 3, red style is not the best because it focuses on anger.
Information in this section was contributed by Randy Mendez.

Hint: Miniature tournament breakdown for starting characters:
Information in this section was contributed by D.G.

Goku battle ladder
Level 1: Krillin,Nail,Guldo
Level 2: Gohan, Piccolo, GarlicJr.
Level 3: Vegeta, Trunks
Level 4: Frieza, King Cold
Level 5: Cell
Unlocks: Nail
Gohan battle ladder
Level: Krillin, Nail, GuldoLevel 2: Piccolo, GarlicJr., VegetaLevel 3: King Cold, Trunks
Level 4: Frieza, Goku
Level 5: Cell
Unlocks: Trunks
Frieza battle ladder
Level 1: Krillin, Nail, Guldo
Level 2: Gohan, Piccolo, Garlic Jr.
Level 3: Vegeta, Trunks
Level 4: Goku, King Cold
Level 5: Cell
Unlocks: King Cold
Garlic Jr. battle ladder
Level 1: Krillin, Nail, Guldo
Level 2: Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta
Level 3: King Cold, Trunks
Level 4: Frieza, Goku
Level 5: Cell
Unlocks: Piccolo (Hero and Villain)

Hint: Character personalities:
Information in this section was contributed by D.G.

Krillin: Orange Style Tokui-Waza
Piccolo: Nemakian Style Tokui-Waza
Nail: Nemakian Style Tokui-Waza
Vegeta: Saiyan Style Tokui-Waza
King Cold: Blue Style Tokui-Waza
Frieza: Black Style Tokui-Waza
Goku: Red Style Tokui-Waza
Cell: Cell has all the Tokui-Waza Styles

Hint: Vegeta's main personality:
Defeat Cell using King Cold to unlock Vegeta's main personality.

Strategy: Ladder: by Nathan Lace
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