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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Bonus characters:
Complete the indicated task in the listed chapter to unlock the corresponding character.

Amelia: In Chapter 9 of Ephraim's storyline, have Eirika or Franz talk to her on Turn 5.
Colm: In Chapter 3 of Eirika's storyline, have Neimi talk to him on Turn 2.
Comrag: In Chapter 13 of Eirika's storyline, have Eirika talk to him. In Chapter 10 of of Ephraim's storyline, have Duessel talk to him.
Dozla: In Chapter 11 of Ephraim's storyline, have L'Arachel talk to him.
Ewan: In Chapter 12 of Ephraim's storyline, visit the small house on Turn 5.
Garcia: In Chapter 2 of Eirika's storyline, have Ross talk to him.
Gerrick: In Chapter 10 of Eirika's storyline, have Innes talk to him.
Innes: In Chapter 10 of Eirika's storyline, have Tana or Eirika talk to him.
Joshua: In Chapter 5 of Eirika's storyline, have Natasha talk to him.
L'Archel: In Chapter 11 of Ephraim's storyline, have Ephraim or Eirika talk to her.
Lute: In Chapter 4 ofEirika's storyline, visit the lower-left house.
Marisa: In Chapter 10 of Eirika's storyline, have Gerik talk to her. In Chapter 12 of Ephraim's storyline, have Ewan talk to her
Rennac: In Chapter 14 of Eirika's storyline, have Eirika or L'Arachel talk to him.
Ross: In Chapter 2 of Eirika's storyline, have Eirika talk to him.
Tethys: In Chapter 10 of Eirika's storyline, have Gerik talk to her.

Another way to get Comrag in Chapter 10 of Ephraim's storyline is to have Tana talk to him. It is difficult due to the ships. Just have Comrag come north after he decides to leave his post.
Information in this section was contributed by wackycam.

The following characters are only available in Extra Mode. Successfully complete the game to unlock the Ex. Map in Extra Mode. Play that map and complete the indicated area. The corresponding bonus character will join your party during the next battle.

Riev (Bishop): Complete the Tower, 7F.
Fado (General): Complete the Ruins.
Glen (Dragon Master): Complete the Ruins, round 5.
Hayden (Forest Knight): Complete the Ruins, round 5.
Ismaire (Sword Master): Complete the Tower.
Caellach (Hero): Complete the Tower, 3F.
Lyon (Necromancer): Complete the Ruins three times.
Orson (Paladin): Complete the Tower, 6F.
Selena (Mage Knight): Complete the Tower three times.
Valter (Wyvern Knight): Finish the Ruins, round 7.

See support conversations:
Successfully complete the game, then select the "Extras" option. You can choose to see all of the support conversations that have been unlocked.

Super Trainee class:
Successfully complete the game in Eirika's Ephraim's storylines. Play the game a third time, and Ross, Amelia, and Ewan will have the option to be promoted into the "Super Trainee" class.

Hint: Triangle attack:
You must have Tana, Vennessa as a Falco Knight. Then, get Syrene. Make the first two Falco Knights wait adjacent to the enemy. Have the last one attack the enemy and the first two attack. The attacker then does a critical on top of it. This is a never-miss attack. Note: This can be done by the first class Pegasus Knights with all three.
Information in this section was contributed by BioHazard1478.

Hint: Easy experience:
If you want to level up your Cleric, Troubadour, or Priest faster, do the following. Go to the Tower of Valni and choose one of your healers. Get a weak unit (such as Amelia) and take their weapons away. Move one of your units about three spaces and let the Revenants get close. Use your stronger units and wipe them out except for one. Move your weak, unarmed unit close enough so that the Revenant will be able to attack. Next, move your Cleric behind the weak unit and heal as many times as the Revenant attacks the unit. Make sure you cover your Cleric with stronger units so that the Revenant do not get at it. Note: You should buy Heal instead of Mend because your healer gains a new level after ten Heals.
Information in this section was contributed by brandon morris.

To level up weak magic users, at Tower Valni (Kyle and Forde must be level 12 or higher), take away Seth's, Kyle's, and Forde;s weapons. Place Kyle, Seth, and Forde at the top of the stairs in a row. Place the magic users behind them. Note: This also works for Neimi (archer).
Information in this section was contributed by Shoestring1236.

Once you have completed the beginning part of the game, the Tower Valni will appear on the map. Send one unit at a time to the tower. If the unit is very weak, make sure he or she has a Vulnerary or Elixir.
Information in this section was contributed by Shoestring1236.

Use the following trick for easy money and experience. In Chapter 5, you choose your people. Make sure to bring Seth. If you want Molder to be a high level as well, also bring him. Next, clear out the map except for the Boss. The Boss in level 5 does not move. Just keep your units away from him. After you have cleared the enemies (except the non-moving Boss), take Seth and a healer to the arena. To make it fast, wait on top of the arena entrance with Seth, and have the healer next to Seth. End the turn with Seth waiting (fully healed) on the arena. When the next time comes around, go to the arena. It does not matter what weapon Seth has equipped, because he will end up with an Iron Sword anyway. When you enter the arena, it give you the cost to participate. Only battle for costs under 640. The lower the price, the easier the battle will be. Battle, win, and have the healer heal. Seth will get about 40 experience points per kill. As for the healer, even if its a 1 HP heal, he or she still gets about 10 or 11 experience points per heal. After Seth is healed, send him to the arena again. You may be using a Heal Staff, but you can make a lot more than that back from winning, and you do not lose any weapon use in the arena.
Information in this section was contributed by nite8.

Hint: Easy skills:
Start the game and go to the Lagdou Ruins. Make sure you do not get into a skirmish first. Enter the first level of the ruins. The first Wight to the right has a Secret Book and an Iron Blade. Kill it to get the Secret Book. Then, retreat from the ruins and reset the game. Enter the ruins again and repeat this process to keep getting Secret Books. You can get everyone's skill to their maximum.
Information in this section was contributed by Zach LaBrasseur.

Hint: Finding good items:
In a skirmish at Melkaen Coast with any monster, there will be a Elder Bael in the top right hand corner. He usually has an elixir, but also on other occasions he will have a Master Seal. He may also have other rare but good items.
Information in this section was contributed by BioHazard1478.

For good weapons and items, go through the tower and ruins. Just take the weapons from the characters you earn.
Information in this section was contributed by Tommy Werner.

In the chapter where Eirika and her company escape from the pyramid and you fight Valter, there are some boots near the bones closest to Valter, a body ring above the village all the way on the left side of the field, and a staff right in front of Ceallach.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Half price secret items:
You can buy secret items such as Shamshir, Fimbuveltur, Aura, Angelic Robe, Energy Ring, Secret Book, Speedwing and class promoting items at half price. To do this, complete the game and choose the map in "Extras". Make sure you have the Member Card from Rennac and the Silver Card (found in Chapter 15, hidden in the top right corner). Go to Rausten Court, Grado Keep, or Jeghanna Hall. Give the cards to any unit and enter the "?" shop with that unit. The items will be at half price because of your silver card. You can max out a unit's stats by doing this.
Information in this section was contributed by Glenn Parkin.

Hint: Cheaper weapons:
Look around in different towns to see which ones have armories. Then, enter the armory and see which one has the best prices for the kind of weapons you need. Also, when leveling up your characters in a training place (Tower of Valni) or in a skirmish, use the cheapest/worst weapons you have against all the enemies. You do not need a very good weapon and you should save your better ones for real levels and tougher enemies. Furthermore, never buy weapons while in the Tower of Valni under the menus before entering battle. They are the most expensive for the worst weapons and it is a waste of money. Also, be sure to visit all the villages or houses in each level to get all the free items and advice you can.
Information in this section was contributed by Aaron Mick.

Hint: Saving special weapons:
Save Seth's and everyone else's special weapons as often as possible; do not just use them.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Summoners:
Summoners can summon Phantoms, and they can move when they are summoned. Use to your advantage by wasting an enemy's weapon until it breaks. This is useful for Bosses when they cannot move, but is of no use when battling Lyon. He has unlimited use for his Naglfar spell.
Information in this section was contributed by Marc-André Dion.

The Phantom that the Summoner summons has the same level as the Summoner. When he reach higher levels, when the Phantom is summoned they may wield stronger weapons (for example, Iron Axe, Devil Axe, Killer Axe, Tomahawk)
Information in this section was contributed by Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Thieves:
Thieves are good to have in any level. Even though they may be very weak and bad at combat, if you protect them they are great for opening locked doors, chests, and seeing far in thick fog. Even though you can get keys from enemies for doors and chests, it is easier to use thieves to open them immediately, as it is quicker, saves turns, and sometimes you cannot get keys for all the chests. Bringing a thief along in a level where there is fog can determine whether you win or lose. You cannot see any enemies (although you may see land features and villages) at a certain distance in fog. A thief will greatly increase the range of your party's vision, and let you see enemy troops.
Information in this section was contributed by Aaron Mick.

Hint: Special items:
If you find any type of crest, most likely the description will read "for <class name> level 10 and up". Give it to the type of class it mentions. For example, give a Knight Crest "for knights level 10 and up" to any knight you have in your group. Once they reach level 10 or higher, have them "use" it. It will show up in ther inventory while in battle. This will initiate a process in which you can choose how they change classes into a more powerful character. Once you choose, they will be transformed into a better fighter, and you can continues leveling them up until they max out and are the most powerful they can be (usually at level 20). This same effect can happen on certain characters with other items. Give Guiding Rings to magicians and troubadours. There are some other special items that can be used on any character, such as Angelic Robes (raises maximum health), Special Rings (raises strength or speed), and the Ocean Crest for thieves and pirates.
Information in this section was contributed by Aaron Mick.

Special items include rapier, all silver weapons, all named weapons, all critical hit weapons, the legendary weapons. Try to use iron and steel weapons as often as possible.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Hidden "?" shops:
After you complete the game and view the credits on Ephriam's path, go to "Extras" at the main menu and select "Map" under "Support Conversation." This will take you back to the main map as before in the game where you can go around to places and do things. Complete a few skirmishes with some evil creatures and you will start the "Creature Campaign." Go to Rausten Court, Grado Keep, or Jehenna Hall. When you are at those places and you open up the menu to enter a shop/armory/manage items, you will also see a thing called "? Shop". You cannot enter it with any of the characters yet.
Information in this section was contributed by Aaron Mick.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the secret shops in the map (where the member card is required for entrance). You may find valuable weapons, such as Fimbulvert, Aura, Fenrir, Bolting, Purge, Brave Weapons; stat raising items such as Dragon Shield, Energy Ring; Change Class items usch as Elysian Whip, Hero Crest; and more.
Information in this section was contributed by Marc-André Dion.

Hint: Defeating the Demon King:
The best character to fight him with is Myrrh. You must have two strong healers with Mend. Attack him with Myrrh. It will do 40 damage. Make sure that nobody else is in the Demon King's range, then end your turn. The Demon King will attack Myrrh or the healer. If he attacks Myrrh, you must heal her again and attack. If he attacks the healer, you must attack with Myrrh and change the healer. Keep doing this and you will defeat him in about tree turns. Note: Myrrh must be level 17 or higher.
Information in this section was contributed by Rodrigo Bastos.

Place Myrrh and one of your flying units just outside the Demon King's range, and end your turn. Then, attack with Myrrh (level her to 20), then use your flying unit to "Rescue" her and move back toward the party, and out of the Demon King's range. Use another unit to "Take" Myrrh then immediately "Drop" her outside the Demon King's range. This allows you healer to heal her, and she can attack again the next round without the Demon King attacking her or your other units.
Information in this section was contributed by Brian Bowman.

Have Ehpraim and Eirika with the Siegmund and the Sieglinde. Attack the Demon King with the twins and end your turn. Note: If you want to attack with a spell or bow, you can also do so. On the Demon King's turn, he will summon monsters but he will not attack. Attack with Ehpraim and the Demon King will die. You do not need any healers to heal anyone and you will win in two turns.

In order for this to work you must have a Summoner at least level 10. To start, have your Summoner summon a Phantom. Have it run next to the Boss but do not attack with it. Then, have your best character attack with a sacred weapon (for example, Seth with Audhulma, Innes with Nidhogg, or Myrrh with the Dragonstone). Next, have a Healer use a Physical to heal your fighter. On the enemy phase, the Demon King should attack your Phantom and kill it. On your next turn, summon another phantom and repeat the process. If done correctly, the Boss should die in a few turns. Note: Have a few units kill the monsters that appear every turn so they cannot kill your Phantom.
Information in this section was contributed by Lblanton1.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
When taking on the final Boss in a level, have your best fighters take turns attacking and retreating to be healed. Have a healer stand by and after one character attacks, then gets attacked by the Boss. Move him over to your healer to get some health restored. Then, have another strong character attack the boss, get attacked, and move him over to be healed while the other one goes to attack again. Make sure you keep your best characters leveled up, and keep your healers out of harm's way. You should be able to defeat any Boss you encounter easily.
Information in this section was contributed by Aaron Mick.

If you have a Summoner, summon a Phantom next to the Boss of the stage. Make sure no other enemy is in range of the Phantom and do not attack the Boss with the Phantom. The Boss or any enemy will always go after your weakest character first before attacking your strong ones. Thus, the Boss will go after the Phantom rather than attacking a real character. This gives you a chance to heal your characters and attack the Boss without him attacking back on his turn. This tactic can also be used to save one of your weaker character from dying.
Information in this section was contributed by YoshiBoy92.

Hint: Dodging attacks:
Press A immediately before the enemy's attack does damage to dodge much easier.
Information in this section was contributed by Zoa Skull.

Hint: Chapter 16: Easy completion:
First, have a party of the following characters Franz (level 5 to 8), Ross (level 6 to 9), Seth (level 2 to 7), Eirika (level 5 to 8), Joshua (level 6 to 11), Moulder or Natasha (level 2 to 6), Gilliam (level 6 to 15), Saleh (level 5 to 7), Ewan (level 3 to 7). Use Saleh and Ewan to go side by side in the front lines. Then go ahead with Seth, Gilliam, and Franz. Keep attacking foes. Most of them are mercenaries. When you get to Orson, use an "attack 'n' heal" strategy. Then use Eirika or Ephraim to seize the throne.
Information in this section was contributed by wkboyett.

Hint: Saving the people in the mountains:
Get Seth an Anti Poison and send him directly towards the mountains at the very beginning. Have Vanessa go to the village right next to the starting area. Get her one there. Then after, that send her on the low route, through the trees and mountains. Keep Seth equipped with a lance, and if you can, keep him under cover from terrain. Once Vanessa is near the area, have her save the little girl first. Bring her down. There is a one space area in the mountains. She will be safe there. On her next turn, have Vanessa grab the women. Bring her down near where you entered the mountain area at the bottom of the map. While you are doing all this, you should be steadily moving Seth into the mountains to rescue the last villager. Once you get him, keep Seth under cover to fight the poison spider on his way. Try to get Vanessa up to Seth again to take the villager from him so that he can fight the spider more effectively. Once you do that, just finish normally.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Turn Arthur into a Bishop with only three chapters:
When you get Arthur, give him the elixir you obtained earlier and send him toward where L'rachel was sighted. After one turn you should need the elixir. Use it. After that, he should be level 3. Send him, Lute, and Seth in a triangle formation, with Seth in back. The monsters should mostly be dead now. The Revenant diagonally next to the entombed should be alive. Use Lute on him. Note: Lute should be level 3. For the Boss, PUT Seth (do not attack) in front of it. Then, let Arthur cast from the back. He should be level 4 to 6 now. Now you are at Renvall. Send Arthur, Lute and Erika out. Either Garcia or Ross are also acceptable. Send Lute into the curve and let her kill the skeleton. Erika can direct. Then, let Arthur wipe out the rest. You will need the elixir. If you brought Ross or Garcia, attack the fighter and ballistae enemy. Ross would need a vulnerary but only if he is level five or higher. If Arthur or Ross dies in the process, turn off the Game Boy Advance, then choose the "Restart Chapter" option to get them back. Use Arthur all the bridge thing. He should be level 15 now. At the next level in which you have Arthur, let him take all the knights surrounding the treasure chest. Also, only attack Tirado with him. He should be level 20 after all of this. Use the guiding ring to get an early and much better than Saleh bishop or sage by level 3.
Information in this section was contributed by master of the stones.

Hint: Get a Pirate in one level:
Play the level after you get Ross (with all the walls). You only need Moulder and Ross. Kill everybody from over the wall and heal with Moulder. If he is level 10, by the end use Erika to kill the Chief. If not, use Ross and Moulder.
Information in this section was contributed by Akshat Bhatnagar.

Hint: Untouchable Magic unit:
First, get the pupil Ewan and get him to level 10 to change classes. Change him into a Shaman. Note: Use as many power-ups as you can (Speedwings, Energy Ring, etc.), and get him to level 20 in the Tower Of Valni. At about a level 6 Shaman he can go through the first floor by himself. You just have to be smart on what you do. Finally, upgrade him with a Guilding Ring into a Druid, not a Summoner (which has weaker damage and can not wield Anima-Fire, Thunder, Elfire). Then, level up at Tower Of Valni again to about a level 5 Druid. He should be able to kill any first-class unit in one hit (even Pegasus Knights).
Information in this section was contributed by Jonny Clark.

Hint: Dragon Axe:
In Chapter 15, there is a Berserker to the right of Erika and her company equipped with a Dragon Axe and a hand axe spoil (he drops it). If you want the Dragon Axe (which is useful against Valter), move Innes on the square just inside the Berserker's full attack range and end your turn. The Berserker should attack Innes with the hand axe. D innes should kill him and get the Dragon Axe.

In Chapter 15, there are two Berserkers. Attack one with Dozla, but be sure to use a weapon that will not kill the Berserker immediately. The Berserker should then attack with his Dragon Axe. You must now finish him off. Originally the Berserker had a Hand Axe that you could get, but a Dragon Axe you could not. If you do this, you will get the Dragon Axe instead.
Information in this section was contributed by Joshua Smith.

Hint: Silver Card:
In the level Scorched Sand, at the upper-right corner of the map where the Pegasus Knights come in is a plateau. Search all over that plateau and the one just below that. You should find the Silver Card. If you do not find it, reset the game then select "Restart Chapter" at the main menu. Then, search again.
Information in this section was contributed by Sandsnake.

Hint: Orion's Bolt:
In the very first map when it is covered with fog, if you successfully save all villagers trapped in the mountains you will get an Orion's Bolt which can level up a level 10 or higher ranger. This is useful for Naomi.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Quick support level gain:
During any mission where you have to seize something, kill all the enemies. After all enemies are dead, set the characters you want support levels for next to each other and just end your turn repeatedly. Keep checking the characters and you will be able to have support conversations frequently. Note: The higher the support level, the less frequently the support conversations will become.
Information in this section was contributed by shawn house.

You must be at a chapter where you can get to the Tower of Valni, Floor 3. After you have performed this, enter the Tower. Pick the units you want to support, and kill all enemies except stationary ones (ones that do not move from their position if you are not in their range). Set the units next to each other to initiate support conversations, being careful not to have any unit with two units next to them. End turn repeatedly until the units gain their C support, then do the same at Floor 2 for B support. Do not leave until all units have achieved this, then go to Floor 3. When all units achieve A support, suspend the game. When you go to start, restart the chapter, and repeat the above with different characters to get every support in the game. The game will not register that the units have their support levels, but in the Extras section, it will have registered the conversation unlocked. This leaves plenty of room for experimentation, without needing to restart the game. Also, try not to reach A support with anyone until you try this, as you will need to restart the game to get the A supports with those characters accordingly.
Information in this section was contributed by 89 crit-sweet.

Hint: Eirika's sexy armor:
In one of Eirika's supports with Forde, he suggests she wears better fitting armor because of the "riff-raff" and that it shows a lot when she fights. From what Eirika says, she picks up her armor and shows as a joke.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Characters in love:
Joshua and Natasha's support conversations implies that they are falling in love with each other; so does Eirika and Seth's; and Colm and Naomi's.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Recommended character development:
It is good to level up these characters early on in the game: Franz, Vannessa, Eirika, Ross, and Garcia.
Information in this section was contributed by jared britten.

Hint: Best class for all units and top units:
Information in this section was contributed by CJ Jenkins.

Amelia: Trainee-Cavalier-Paladin (best 8 units for monster battles)
Artur: Monk-Bishop (best 8 units for monster battles)
Colm: Colm is the same whether you make him into a rogue or an assassin. if you want him to have lockpicking skills, make him a rogue. If you want him to have combat skills, make him an assassin.(best 8 units for regular battle and monster battles)
Cormag: Wyvern Rider-Wyvern Lord (best 8 units for regular battle)
Eirika: Lord-Great Lord
Ephraim: Lord-Great Lord
Ewan: Pupil-Mage-Sage (best 8 units for regular battle and monster battles)
Forde: Cavalier-Paladin
Franz: Cavalier-Great Knight
Garcia: Fighter-Warrior
Gerik: Mercenary-Hero (best 8 units for regular battle and monster battles)
Gilliam: Knight-General
Joshua: Myrmydon-Swordmaster
Knoll: Shaman-Summoner
Kyle: Cavalier-Paladin
L'Arachel: Troubadour-Valkyrie
Lute: Mage-Sage (best 8 units for regular battle)
Marisa: Myrmidon-Assassin
Moulder: Priest-Bishop (best 8 units for regular battle and monster battles)
Natasha: Cleric-Bishop (best 8 units for monster battles)
Neimi: Archer-Sniper (best 8 units for regular battle)
Ross: Journeyman-Pirate-Warrior (best 8 units for regular battle and monster battles)
Tana: Pegasus Knight-Falcoknight
Vanessa: Pegasus Knight-Falcoknight

Glitch: Ghost weapon:
If you have a Hero in your party, make him stand in front of an enemy. When the enemy attacks, most likely it will miss. Watch carefully. You will see his sword or axe when the battle begins, but when he dodges and moves to the side it disappears. When his dodge is over, it goes back to normal.
Information in this section was contributed by Justin.

Glitch: Disappearing weapon:
When Ephraim on a horse is attacked at range, his weapon looks like a ranged lance even if you are wielding a direct one.

Glitch: Petrified units healed and still gray:
Use Latona (Sacred Twin staff). It also heals status, but if a petrified unit is healed, he or she is grayed, just as if you already moved them.
Information in this section was contributed by Marc-André Dion.

Glitch: Recruit McCartney (level 4 Bard):
This trick focuses on recruiting the character known as McCartney. He is a hidden character with the class of Bard and well-rounded stats. Recruiting him requires a bit of luck and planning, though. First, there are two things that must be noted. First, the conversation between Seth and Eirika in the Prologue is random. The RNG determines if Seth and Eirika will have the glitched conversation. McCartney is a glitched character. Therefore, do not try this if you have important save data on your game. In the Prologue, Seth and Eirika have a glitched conversation. However, it is really just bits and pieces from other dialogues that normally occur later in the game. Most of the dialogue is from future supports between Eirika and Seth. To activate this conversation, they must be standing in specific spaces in the top right hand of the screen above the bridge. Place one on the left of the small area and the other to the right. It is recommended that Seth be on the left and Eirika on the right. Then, keep ending your turn until the glitched conversation occurs. Once they talk, finish the level. After this, progress as usual to Chapter Six, where you recruit Joshua. The bandit with the unique portrait that appears at the end of the second turn in the far bottom right is McCartney. Have Eirika talk to him, and after another glitched conversation including random text from later dialogue, he becomes a playable character.
Information in this section was contributed by Eliwood155.

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