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The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Continue game:
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to end. Save the game when prompted. Your cleared saved game file will be denoted by a triangle. When this file is loaded, you can continue playing, and defeat Vaati again if desired.

Mirror shield:
Load a cleared saved game file, then go to Veil Springs. Fly to Veil Falls and climb up to see Biggoron. He will ask to eat your shield. Agree, then leave the area. Return to him after some time and he will give you the Mirror Shield.

Sound test:
Load a cleared saved game file. There are now six more figurines to collect. Collect all 136 figurines to get the Carlov Medal. Go to the man sitting next to Mama's Café and show him the medal. You can now enter a house that has a robot on the top of it. It contains the sound test, 600 rupees and a Heart piece.

Hint: Extra defense and/or offense:
When you get to a certain part in the game after the Wind Ruins, a man named Gustaf will enter Hyrule Town. At the bottom of the map, there is a house with a blue roof. This is where Gustaf will be found. He will be standing in front of the door and will say something about renting his house. After talking to him, go to the Inn on the right that just opened after the Wind Ruins. In the back will be three girls, Farore, Din, and Naryu. Talk to one of them and they will say "Do you have a house you want me to rent?" or something similar. After you talked to one of them, they will live in that house for the rest of the game. After this is done, go to the top left part of Hyrule Town. Directly below the post office will be Gustaf again. He will say "Maybe I'll build a house here...". Go to the right of the post office (on the very top left of map). There will be a carpenter standing there. He will say "Geez, I wish the boss would feel better". Give him a Kinstone and a short intermission sequence will start, featuring the carpenter saying "Wow I feel so good. I could build a house". After a few minutes, the house will be built. To the right of the post office is a bridge. Once again, Gustaf can be found sitting there. He will say " I could build a house here if only I could get rid of these cats…".
Information in this section was contributed by Darkwolf1243.

Hint: Bomb Bags:
You can get one from the fairy on Mount Crenel. She is in a cave that looks like a normal wall until you bomb it. The wall that you bomb is on the very big wall that you climb called Crenel Wall by the sign at the bottom. When you are on the wall, continue to go to the right until you find a location where you can walk. Buy one from Stockwell the Well-Stocked store. Fuse Kinstones with people and you will randomly find it.
Information in this section was contributed by domesticarts.

Hint: Bombs:
Use the following trick to get unlimited Bombs. After you fuse Kinstones with a certain person and unlock the Remote Bombs, keep going back to where you got the Remote Bombs and ask to swap. You will be given 99 Bombs for the bombs you want. Ask twice if you want to keep Remote Bombs.
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendude725.

Hint: Gofer Mitts:
You can find the Gofer Mitts in the Fortress of the Winds. It is between two skulls. Between the two skulls, place a bomb. The skulls are at the place where you poke the eye with an arrow.
Information in this section was contributed by Gramabrown62038.

Hint: Heart pieces:
In the Minish Forest, turn Minish and go into the Minish Town. Go to the house at the very top (there is water around it), and go to the right. There will be a bridge hidden by the flowers. Follow it to get a Heart piece. If you have Flipper, you can fuse Kinstones with someone.
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendokd92.

After you get the Roc's Cape, jump up and hit the bell in Hyrule. It will make a ding and a Heart piece will fall out of it.
Information in this section was contributed by Kelly Stewart.

Go to Hyrule Town and use the Roc's Cape to jump over the bell. You should get a heart piece.
Information in this section was contributed by Chris Ryser.

For this to work you will need the flippers. Go to Lake Hylia. At the top you will see Stockwell's house. To the left of Stockwell's house you will see a small pool of water. Go in this pool of water then dive down with B to get a piece of heart.
Information in this section was contributed by Trevor Soffin.

You must have the Mole Mitts to get this heart piece. Go to the top of Mount Crenel by the Bule Tekite, and go down the ladder. Dig at the tunnel where the Mole Mitts break through the wall (it is visible) and dig up. You should see the heart piece, along with a monster. Also, if you go right you can find a Mysterious Wall that you should Fuse Kinstones with. The fusion puts another Goron to the digging crew (or, if it is your first fusion with a wall, it will just break through the first wall).
Information in this section was contributed by Markus A. Manning.

Hint: Light Arrows:
After you can get into Hyrule Town, fuse a Kinstone with the person in the house with a yellow roof. The fusion will create a portal into a house in the clouds. Go into it and find a person with a ghost flying around him. Suck up the ghost and he will recover. Later in the game (before the fifth dungeon), you will find this house. Talk to the person whom you cured to get Light Arrows.
Information in this section was contributed by domesticarts.

Hint: Magic Boomerang:
Fuse with the person in green tights near Link's house (where you start). This will send three more men in tights out on your map. A purple man is on a ledge at Lonlon ranch. The blue man is in the Trilby Highlands. The white man is at Lake Hylia. All four fusions will open trees in front of the castle. Press the switch in each cave to bring a ladder down into the center of the trees. Open it for the boomerang. Note: The boomerang can be controlled by holding the button you set it to and pressing Left or Right. It is recommended that you get it before going to the fifth dungeon, as it saves using arrows or bombs.
Information in this section was contributed by domesticarts.

Hint: Magical Boomerang:
Note: You must have gone in Lake Hylia before. In South Hyrule, there will be a ledge to the far right. Use the cane to shoot onto it. Fuse with Tingle. Then, go to Triliby Hi Lands. Dig through the wall. Use the ladder and fuse with Tingle two. Go to Lake Hylia underneath the shop keeper's house. Fuse with Tingle three. Go to Lon Lon Ranch. Crawl through the wall using Mole Mitts. Use the ladder and fuse with Tingle four. After each time you fuse with a Tingle, a tree will open up just before the Hyrule Castle. Go down, hit the switch in each, and a ladder will appear. Go down to collect your prize. Note: It may take awhile before Tingle two appears.
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendokd92.

Hint: Minish Power Bracelets:
When you get told by the Minish in the scholars house about the bracelets that let small people become strong, do not look for the river and the waterfall. Instead, as big Link fill a bottle with water and go to the scholars house. This is the house where the man says that you are disturbing him. You can only get in his house when retrieving his book for the library. Put the water on the fireplace. Turn Minish and walk through the hole in the front of his house. Walk into the fireplace. Walk up to the to the foreigner's house. Walk through it. Turn right and go down. You will see a small bridge. Walk over it. Go up to the left and through flowers into the realm of the kitty cats. Dodge them, because they want to kill you. Go down a rope onto the fountain into the cave. It is a very small level. The prize is the bracelets.
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendokd92.

Hint: Mirror Shield:
The Mirror Shield is quite easy to get, but you must have first completed the game. If you have done the Goron sidequest, after they destroy the last wall go fuse Kinstones with the person on the far right. The object that was sticking up out of the mountain when you went to the Wind Temple is Biggoron. Use your ocarina to get to Veil Falls. Climb to the top of the mountain &and talk to Biggoron. Let him eat your shield. Travel around for about ten minutes. When you return he will spit out the shield, but now it is the Mirror Shield.
Information in this section was contributed by Ian Stout.

Hint: Mysterious Shells:
When trying to collect the figurines, you need Mysterious Shells. The easiest way to get these is to go to Trilby Highlands. Chop down all the grass and smash all the rocks. This is also a good way to find rupees. You can usually find ten shells at a time.
Information in this section was contributed by SAM Lyon.

Note: Before you can do this trick, you must have given the Minish in the top-right corner of the barrel in the Minish village doing experiments everything that he asks for. You must also know the Great Spin attack and have lengthened it, and have 600 Rupees. Go to Beedle (the person selling things in bottles) and buy both the Yellow and Green Picolyte. Go the shop and buy 30 shells for 200 Rupees. Then, go out the top-right town exit. In Trilby Highlands, go to the grassiest area, directly above the tree-hut. Drink the Green Picolyte and spin all over, getting as many shells as possible. When it wears out, exit the screen, then return to the same area. Next, drink the Yellow Picolyte. If you are fast enough, you can get more Rupees than you started with. Do this as many times as desired.

Hint: Power beam upgrade:
Note: This is only after lamp. Go into Hyrule Castle's grounds. At the bottom right-hand corner are bushes. Cut them down to reach a ladder. Go down, light the lamps, and the man will teach you how to fire beams from your sword (only at full hearts).
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendokd92.

Hint: Quiver upgrade:
Go to Royal Valley. When you first enter the gloom, you are on a raised area of land. On the front wall of this is a location where there is a piece of fence, an empty spot, and another piece of fence. Place the bomb on the wall not blocked by fence. Go inside and answer the fairy truthfully. Buy one from Stockwell the Well-Stocked store in Hyrule Town. Fuse a Kinstone with the Minish in the Wind Ruins. He is in the crack. He tells you that Armos soldiers can be turned on or off. This creates a vine. Climb it to reveal a chest. If all the previous quivers have been collected, you will end up with a quiver with a 99 arrow capacity.
Information in this section was contributed by domesticarts.

Hint: Red Potion:
Go to South Hyrule Field on the bottom left side. Equip your sword and the Pegasus Boots. Run into the sparkling bush and it will turn into a stump. You must have learned the dash attack from Swiftblade to do this. Become small and go into the Minish house. Fuse Kinstones with the Minish there. Visit Syrup the witch in the Minish Woods. She will now stock Red Potions for 150 rupees. This will replenish all of you hearts.
Information in this section was contributed by emmsiebelle.

Hint: Remote Bombs:
Fuse with the Minish elder in the Minish town in the woods to give the Minish who gave you bombs an idea. Visit the Minish who gave you bombs to receive Remote Bombs.
Information in this section was contributed by domesticarts.

Hint: Wallets:
Buy one from Stockwell's store or get one from the Minish Woods fairy. Go to the eastern hills, and to the right of the farm you will see a hole. Use the Cane Of Pacci on the hole to launch yourself out of it. Follow the path to the fountain. Say that you will give her all of your rupees to get a bigger wallet. Note: She will not actually take your rupees. Fuse Kinstones to dry up a pond in the Lonlon Ranch pasture. You will eventually find a fusion that does this, however it may be random.
Information in this section was contributed by domesticarts.

Hint: Defeating Red Knuts:
Once you have the Remote Bombs, place one in front of you and move away once the Red Knut moves near to it detonate it. The Red Knut will be stunned for a few moments. You can hit them with your sword. Continue this until they are defeated.
Information in this section was contributed by emmsiebelle.

Hint: Defeating Vaati:
Go through the big door using the Boss key. Fly over the ball-and-chain monster with Roc's Cape. Then, kill all three Darknuts using bombs and go up the stairs. Note: You can also throw the bombs at them to damage them. Once Vaati fires his fireballs, go up and attack the eyes. If he fires the black energy ball, run away from it, but do not get too far ahead. Once the eyes go, slice away at the last eye. This time, the eyes will fire energy beams. The third time you must remove a barrier with the Gust Jar before attacking. After four cycles, you will continue to the next battle. He should be an eye surrounded by little eyes. Use your arrows and shot the balls until fiyr red eyes open and quadruplicate yourself in the order of it. Do this until he goes away. Go up the stairs and use the Elemental Sword to free Princess Zelda. Go back to the Sanctuary, and before you enter Vaati will stop you. He is now an eye with arms. After one of his arms goes down, then up, use the Cane Of Pacci to freeze it. Use the portal to enter the arm and slice the eye with the pupil filled in. This is similar to Mazaal, the Boss in the Fortress of Winds. The same is done for the other arm, but you must use the lantern because it is dark. After he is armless, quadruplicate yourself and stand at a distance. Deflect the four balls he shoots at you towards the four little eyes under him. Then, go up to him and slash him. After that, Vaati will vanish.
Information in this section was contributed by Khaos.

Hint: Defeating skeletons:
Hitting the skeletons (Stafflos) with the Cane Of Pacci knocks their heads off and stops them from jumping on you and throwing bones.
Information in this section was contributed by Ejbookworm.

Hint: Four Sword Great Spin:
For this trick you must have the Four Sword and the Tiger Scroll "Great Spin Attack". Go to a four panel area where you can split into four. Once you have done that, charge up your sword and keep tapping [Sword]. This is very useful in the Dark Castle.
Information in this section was contributed by Nick Allevato.

Hint: Easy Rupees:
Dig right to the left of the door to Link's house to discover 20 Rupees. Enter Link's house, then go back out. The 20 Rupees will be there again. Do this as many times as desired.
Information in this section was contributed by JAG.

When you fight a Rupee-looking monster, once in a while it will drop a big green Rupee that is worth 50 Rupees. Note: They are usually rare.
Information in this section was contributed by Colt LeRoy.

This trick takes a long time to use effectively. Get as many figurines as possible. Notice that your probability of getting a new one is drastically low. From now on, only give him one shell and you will probably get a figurine that you already have. This is what you want. Do this over repeatedly. When you get a figurine that you already have, Carlove buys it back for five Rupees. For every one shell, you will get five Rupees. Do this as many times as desired.
Information in this section was contributed by chris murphy.

Once you reach the point in the game where you get the Pegasus Boots, you will find that you can ram into things, such as closets in people's homes, as well as masks that hang on the walls (such as at the mayor's residence in Hyrule Town and the library). If you charge into a wall where the mask is hanging, it will fall down and shatter. A good place for this is at the library. It has four masks and they can give you anywhere from nothing to 20 rupees each and will respawn when you re-enter. Theoretically, you can get up to 80 rupees per entry. The red rupees are also relatively common here.
Information in this section was contributed by ch4osdr4gon.

When you play the treasure game at the treasure game shop, choose the treasure on the right to win instantly. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Information in this section was contributed by ZUBAT855.

Note: This will take time. Get 10 rupees and go to the treasure chest game. Save the game. Pick one, if you are wrong, turn off the game. Resume the game and pick the other one this time. You can get up to 999 rupees by doing this.
Information in this section was contributed by axl dalton.

Hint: Easy figurines:
This trick requires a completed game, the Gopher Mitts, the Huge Wallet (able to hold 999), and some time. You will be able to collect figurines very easily, thus letting you go into the house in town that you could never get into before with the three chests, the piece of heart, and the gramophone. First, go to Link's house. Have your Gopher Mitts equipped and stand directly facing the door directly in front of Link's house. Directly to the left of the doorway is a spot where you can dig with the mitts. Every time you dig here, you will get 20 rupees. Go into the house, back out, and dig again for another 20 rupees. Continue to do this until you have your wallet full. Then, go into town( the next map section north of Link's house). Go to the vendor selling Bombs, Arroms, a Wallet, etc. at the house which has rupees on top of it. Buy the 30 Mystery Shells for 200 rupees. Leave the vendor and go back in. You can do this three more times. You will then be left with 199 rupees. Cut down a bush or some grass, or kill monster until you get one more rupee, thus giving you 200 again. Next, go back to the vendor and buy the 30 shells. Then, go to the figurine seller (Carlov) in the southwest corner of the town. Enter into the tree (you may need to Kinstone Fuse with someone to make this available). Walk into the pull handle. Note: If you have not bought any figurines, do not offer the full amount of getting 100% chance. You will almost always get a new one. Offer one shell, then pull the handle for quite some time. You will continue to get new figurines. Do not worry if you get a duplicate, as Carlov buys them back for 5 rupees each. Once you have either run out of shells or are no longer getting new figurines, continue this process until you do get them all. Note: Once you have close to ten remaining to obtain, you may consider using the maximum number of shells needed for a 100% chance of winning a new one instead of taking a random chance.
Information in this section was contributed by Roderick Burkes III.

Hint: Easy Kinstones:
Go to the woman sitting next to the cafe. You will notice her because she is raising her mug of milk. She will say something similar to "Congratulations you found me. Good job. Now you can boast about it to your friends for a long time. As a reward I will give you a sur-prize". She will then give you a Red Kinstone, which is needed for the game to be completed. You can do this as many times as desired. The color and design may vary each time.
Information in this section was contributed by Brandon Simmons.

Hint: Anju's Cucoo game:
If you are struggling when playing the Cucoo game with Anju, pick up a Cucoo and look at the direction that it is facing. Throw in the direction of Anju then use your Pegasus Boots and chase the Cucoo. Then, throw it in the pen. This earn you the heart piece easily.
Information in this section was contributed by SAM Lyon.

Hint: Opening door in Dark Palace:
When you are in the Dark Palace (before you defeat the last Boss), there is a room with four switches that are in order of a "diamond". You usually must multiply yourself into four to get past. However if you have the hurricane spin, stand in the middle of the "diamond" and power up. Then use the D-pad to spin around in a circle. If you are fast enough and correctly, you will hit all of the switches at the same time to open the door.
Information in this section was contributed by sroon.

Hint: Get past the ice platform in the Temple Of Droplets:
To make a sudden stop from sliding off the ice, use the ocarina. Continue to use the ocarina until you pass the ice room.
Information in this section was contributed by ali gamestud.

Hint: Getting the last house:
Scare the cats with a bomb.
Information in this section was contributed by Greg Vivian.

Hint: Chicken attack:
Go to the house where the woman makes you chase her chickens down. In the backyard, you should see one of them when you are not playing the game. It takes a while, and requires a little patience, but after a minute it will come to side of the gate closest to you. When it is there, grab it and place it next to you. Then, corner it somewhere and attack it rapidly. After a few seconds of hitting, a giant flock of chickens will attack you and cannot usually be stopped for a long while. Run into a house to stop it quickly.
Information in this section was contributed by morninglight023.

Hint: Live longer:
To live longer you must have at least one bottle. Go to a fairy cave (or anywhere else) and catch as many fairies as desired. Whenever you would normally die, a fairy will automatically come out and heal you. Note: This may work well on difficult Bosses.

Instead of fairies, use Moo-moo Milk.
Information in this section was contributed by TJBTJB4000.

Hint: Funny dialogue:
When you can get into the school for the first time, walk into the classroom (the door on the right). Talk to the teacher. She will say something about kids on their recess and it making them healthy. Walk out and talk to a kid with purple hair. One of them will say he is about to upchuck.
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendokd92.

Hint: Triforce reference:
The three girls Farore, Din, and Naryu have the same names as the goddesses who created the Triforce.
Information in this section was contributed by Kenneth Shen.

Hint: Cameos:
There are many character cameos; at least one from nearly all the previous games. However, there are also cameos from the Mario series, such as the spiked beetle. Also, the bombs-like creatures you find in dungeons are reminiscent of the spiked beetles that a Likatu tosses out in the Mario games and Bomb-Ombs from that place. Also in the Wind Dungeon, you will meet an enemy which you need to use the Cane of Paci to get hi, off his protective cloud. That is a Lakitu.
Information in this section was contributed by Kenju.

Glitch: Shoot Hyrule Town Mayor:
The only person that is not an enemy that you can shoot is the Mayor of Hyrule Town. Just shoot him with an arrow.
Information in this section was contributed by LilCnote1991.

Glitch: Roll through enemies:
You can roll right through enemies. This is useful when one is coming at you and you have nowhere to run.
Information in this section was contributed by MasterOfHyrule.

Glitch: Book falls early:
When returning the library books and you go to the scholar's house, talk to him then leave. Go back in and talk to him. He will say a book had fallen, but you have not made it fall yet.
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendokd92.

Glitch: Ignored Lily appears:
When you are in the Temple of Droplets, you are supposed to use the lily when you go down the waterfall. If you do not use it, you will simply fall and the lily will magically appear under you after is switches screens.
Information in this section was contributed by Stephen Conway.

Glitch: Unbombable wall:
Go into your house and go into where your Grandad is located. Go to the left window at the bottom of the screen then move a little to the right. Poke your sword there and it will make a sound like a bombable wall, yet you cannot blow it up.
Information in this section was contributed by Lynkx.

Glitch: Rupees with figurine:
Keep buying figurines until he says that you got the last one in the slot machine. This will be different for everyone, as he creates figurines as you advance in the game. After that, keep buying figurines. You will occasionally win a figurine that you did not have before. When this happens, you will not just get the figurine, but also 5 rupees.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Brese.

Glitch: Disarmed:
Go to the treasure game shop and try to use your sword. You will not be able to use it.
Information in this section was contributed by ZUBAT855.

Glitch: Evil castle:
After completing the game and Princess Zelda turns everything back to normal, save and continue playing. The castle is still in evil form.
Information in this section was contributed by lm2903.

Glitch: Elzo re-appears:
At the end of the game Ezlo turns back into a Minish person and leaves. He leaves you with a fake cap. However if you continue playing, when you shrink it will show Ezlo in hat form on your head.
Information in this section was contributed by Ian Stout.

Strategy: Glitches: by south2
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