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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

Note: This game is titled "Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon: Aka no Kyuujotai" in Japan.

Special Missions:
Enter the following Wonder Mail codes to unlock the corresponding special missing. Note: The italicized text indicates yellow parts of the code, and the ellipses are a single character.

Meet With Plusle mission:
Enter f?rpf?...??+7?ct?h64?0r??? as a password. The reward is a 400 Poke and a Heal Ribbon.

I'm So Worried About Ninoran mission:
Enter 1??94wt?0f9jnf?97770+8?w as a password. The reward is 500 Poke.

Voltorb's Accident mission:
Enter 4?mf87t??3n4[Female]r?2-?6r8c?? as a password. The reward is a Max Elixir.

Help I Can't Exit mission:
Enter ??-fh?f??3p?q??+8?76T8?? as a password. The reward is TM 31 and 200 Poke.

Find Hypno mission:
Enter 46MXQHX?FH5X+O?1JC7RCQ?1 as a password. The reward is Secret Power. The difficulty is 1 star. Hypno is on the 99th floor of Buried Relic.
Information in this section was contributed by Zach G..

Find Wigglytuff mission:
Enter ??-FH?F??3P?Q??+8?76t8?? as a password.

Rescue Magikarp mission:
Enter X??S??X?468?[Female]+??9756SY?? as a password for the Rescue Magikarp mission. When you complete the mission you can find Magikarp in waterfall pond.
Information in this section was contributed by Richard.

Mime Jr. figurine:
Enter F?-… R4+? 487! 2Q?M 6?N6 JN?W as a password. Note: "…" is the ellipsis character and not three consecutive periods.
Information in this section was contributed by AZIM MUHAMMAD FAHMI.

Weavile figurine:
Enter F?-… R4+? 487 !2Q?M 6?N6 JN?W as a password. Note: "…" is the ellipsis character and not three consecutive periods.
Information in this section was contributed by AZIM MUHAMMAD FAHMI.

Tight Belt:
Enter 1?-???S?4??6RF??F4?6(...)P?? as a password to get a Tight Belt. It keeps you from losing any belly while you hold it.

600 Poke:
Enter F?60X9+?24XK9??FMP60R2?? as a password. The difficulty is S, the reward is 600 Poke + ?. The difficulty is S because you have to escort a Nidoran to a Nidoran on floor 28 of Fiery Field.
Information in this section was contributed by Sigs1.

Bonus dungeons:
Successfully complete the game. After credits are done, the Wyvern Hill and Waterfall Pond dungeons will be unlocked.
Information in this section was contributed by shawn duhoux.

Hint: Evolving:
After you defeat Rayquaza, you can go to a cave next to the Wishcash Pond. Your partner will ask if it can leave you and go to its Friend Area. Select "Yes" and you can enter the cave. Inside, a stone will ask if you want to evolve. You can evolve others by going to their friend area and selecting "Become Leader".
Information in this section was contributed by kirbydude385.

Hint: Ranks:
Get the indicated number of Rescue Points to earn the corresponding rank.

Bronze: 50 Rescue Points
Silver: 500 Rescue Points
Gold: 1,500 Rescue Points
Platinum: 3,000 Rescue Points
Diamond: 7,500 Rescue Points
Lucario: 15,000 Rescue Points

Hint: Evolution Stones:
Some Pokemon require the use of items to evolve, such as stones or ribbons. Here are the locations of those items:
Information in this section was contributed by Michael Atiles.

Beauty Scarf: Western Cave 59F (Key required)
Deepseascale: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors)
Deepseatooth: Grand Sea 15F or Far-Off Sea (upper floors)
Dragon Scale: Wyvern Hill 29F - 30F
Fire Stone: Fiery Field 29F
King's Rock: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Leaf Stone: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Lunar Ribbon: Northwind Field 20F (Key required)
Metal Coat: Southern Cave 49F - 50F
Moon Stone: Solar Cave or Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Sun Ribbon: Wyvern Hill 20F (Key required)
Thunderstone: Lightning Field 29F Link Cable: Solar Cave 10F (Key required) Sun Stone: Solar Cave
Upgrade: Kecleon Shop in Wish Cave
Water Stone: Northwind Field 29F (Key required)

Hint: Cindiquil:
When you first start, you should try to become Cindiquil because of its Smokescreen ability. This will help with all Boss/Legendary Pokemon fights because it makes the enemy miss about three or four times before it can attack again. Use Smokescreen and attack with your partner until something similar to "Zapdos recovered from it's Wiffer status" appears. It will hit you once, then you can use Smokescreen again. Keep doing this repeatedly until you win the battle. Also, if you get very close to getting K.O.ed, then use an Oran Berry and keep fighting in that way.
Information in this section was contributed by xj9g1sx.

Hint: Latios and Latias:
After completing the main story line, go to the Wigglytuff Club and buy the friend area "Southern Island". It costs 9,500. After buying the island and your character, completing any dungeon or quest the next day when your character wakes up, an event will happen. After seeing the event the dungeon "Northern Range" will be available to enter. You should be level 35 or higher. Be careful when fighting Beautifly and Xatu. Xatu has strong Psychic attacks. A team of Electric, Ice, and/or Rock type Pokemon are recommended for this dungeon. There are 25 floors in "Northern Range". On floor 25 you must fight Latios. Do not try to recruit it, as you will not be able to at this point. Latios is easy to defeat if you have a high level and strong attacks. Latios uses manly defensive moves and basic attacks that are not much of a threat. After defeating Latios, another event will happen. The dungeon "Pitfall Valley" will be available. It also has 25 floors. "Pitfall Valley" is just as diffacult as "Northern Range". Bring plenty of healing items. Watch out for Butterfree, Masquerain, and Aerodactyl. They are all capable of inflicting nasty status problems. There is no Boss battle at the end of this dungeon. After completing the dungeon, another event will happen. Latios and Latias will ask to join your rescue team. Latios will be at level 30 and a two star sized Pokemon. Latias will be at level 28 and is a one star sized Pokemon.
Information in this section was contributed by kurogane4me.

Hint: Lugia:
After completing the game and have recruited all three legendary birds (Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno), go to the Pokemon Square and speak to Alakazam. He will not be between the Bank and "Friends area purchase" spot, but instead close to the entrance to the pond up north. Alakazam will tell you to go to the Legendary Island (The three Legendary Bird's friends area). An event will happen and you will recieve a Vortex Stone and be granted access to the Silver Trench Dungeon. You will need your three strongest Pokemon (you cannot take four), and one of them must be a Water-type. Make sure your Pokemon are at least level 55 before entering and take plenty of supplies. There are 99 levels and a few ambushes. Lugia is on floor 99 and he is about level 50. [Screenshot]
Information in this section was contributed by RA Dragon.

You must have every legendary bird (Moltres, Zaptos, and Articuno). After you defeat Ho-oh, the Spindra that first tells you about a mirage Pokemon will leave and go on any dungeon. The next day, go to the same spot where the Spindra stood at. In its place will be Alakazam. He will tell you something strangle is going on at Legendary Isle. Make sure you are not a legendary bird when you talk with him. When you get there, you will receive a Vortex Gem (or something similar) and gain access to the Silver Trench. Make sure you have a lot of Reviver Seeds, Max Elixers, and Apples, Gummies, or Huge Apples. Avoid the Sticky Traps and PP Zero Traps. Lugia will be on floor 99. Also, try to have either Ice, Rock, Dark, or Electric types because they are strong against Lugia.
Information in this section was contributed by Jacob Sedlak.

Hint: Mew:
You must first complete the Buried Relic dungeon. After doing so, go back with the Music Box you should have received for defeating all the Reji's. You will eventually see a Mew, or if you read the bottom of the screen the message "Mew used transform" may appear. In order to get him you must fight all Pokemon in sight. Mew's friend area is Final island, so you may also need that first.
Information in this section was contributed by DCSDirectInc.

Hint: Regis: Getting the three Regis faster:
Get your highest level Pokemon and go to Buried Relic. If it is size 4, do not recruit (join) any other Pokemon. If it is size 1, do not put it to the max. First go to Regirock, located in Floor 15. After you defeat him, he drops a Rock part. Pick it up. Then, go to Regice. He is on Floor 25. Defeat him, and he drops a Ice Part. Also pick that up. Finally, go to Registeel. He is on Floor 35. Pick up the Steel Part and the parts will fuse together to make a Music Box. Do not use it. If want the "special gift" or "surprise", go ahead and see what it is. After you have completed those steps, go back there again without the Music Box. Keep it in storage. Do the steps again. Then, store the Music Box one last time. Go back to Regirock, but after you have the Rock Part. Go to the next floor and escape. Go back to him repeatedly with Rock Part and Music Box until he wants to recruit you. Do the same with the other Regis, but with their Parts.
Information in this section was contributed by hikari hoong.

Hint: Legendary birds:
Clear your name, defeat all legendary birds once, and return to Pokemon Square. Then go to Thunder Cave and defeat Zapdos repeatedly until the message "Zapdos wants to be your friend" appears. You will then receive a friend area called Legendary Island. Go there and defeat Moltres and Articuno about three to five times each to receivethem.
Information in this section was contributed by Neena Grover.

Hint: Legendary dogs and Ho-Ho:
Successfully complete the main story line by the friend area sacred field. Then, get Latios and Latias. Note: If you get Latios and Latias before completing Stormy Sea and at least gaining access to Buried Relic you can never go there again. Complete a few more dungeons or missions. You will wake up the next morning and a Spinda should come to see you. It will tell you about a mirage Pokemon. After it is done talking, you will gain access to Fiery Field where you fight Entei on the floor 30. After you defeat him you will gain access to Windy Mountains (or something similar), where you will fight Suicine on floor 30. When you defeat him you will gain access to Lightning Field where you will fight Raikou on floor 30. After you have completed those three you will gain access to Rainbow Plain (or something similar) where you will fight Ho-Oh on about floor 40. If you wish to get Entei, Suicine, and Raikou, just go back to where you fought them. Keep challenging them until they want to be on your team.
Information in this section was contributed by DCSDirectInc.

Hint: Defeating Zapdos:
You need to get a couple of Escape Orbs and unlock the Friend Area Thunder Meadow. Go to Mt. Thunder. On floors 1-4 you will encounter Electrike. Recruit one. If you cannot do so by the time you get past floor 4, use an Escape Orb and try again. Once you recruit one, use the Escape Orb and flee the dungeon. Electrike will now be a permanent member of your team. If you tried to continue without fleeing and Electrike fainted in the process, it will leave your team. Return to Mt. Thunder with Electrike. Make sure Electrike does not faint or leave the dungeon during the process. When you fight Zapdos, if he tries to use an electrical attack on you it will be drawn to Electrike's Lighting Rod ability. Thus, none of his Electric attacks can harm you and you can defeat him much easier.
Information in this section was contributed by Nijihamu-chan.

Hint: Hard rescue mission in Magma Cavern:
This is an extremely difficult mission where you must escort a Vileplume to a Poochyena. Vileplume keeps using Aromatherapy and getting behind and dying. If you want to complete this mission you need lots of Reviver Seeds. The code is 1?6W-1...?4+...7T4?9J5?0QF?W the reward is 500 Poke+. It is difficulty "A" because poochyena is On floor 23. Do this if you want a lot of Rescue Points.
Information in this section was contributed by Nathaniel Gillette.

Hint: Purity Forest:
You will start at level 1 with no items or money. You cannot recruit any Pokemon in this dungeon. If are lucky enough to reach the 100th floor, you will find Celebi. You need a Pokemon on your team that has a move that a Grass/Psychic is weak against.
Information in this section was contributed by Chris Keller.

Hint: Wish Cave and Joyous Tower:
Get at least 57,000 Poke and go to the Kecklon Shop. Buy 19 Joy Seeds. Then, go to Joyous Tower or Wish Cave with your strongest Pokemon. Have it eat all the seeds. Also have one Huge Apple for the trip up. After eating the seeds, your Pokemon will be at level 20 and your attacks should do more damage.
Information in this section was contributed by Chris Petree.

Hint: Stealing from the Kecklon shop:
When you want items from a shop in a dungeon and you cannot afford it, go to the dungeon with an Escape Orb. Go to the shop. Take the desired items and when Kecklon warps to tell you the cost, do not accept the cost. He will call for help and call you a thief. Use the Escape Orb. If you want to use a Trawl Orb, make sure you are close to the stairs.
Information in this section was contributed by Chris Petree.

Hint: Special Pokemon dolls outside your team base:
Defeat every training course at the Macuhita Training Dojo and you will receive a Bonsly doll. There are also missions that reward you with one
Information in this section was contributed by Jacob Sedlak.

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