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Sword Of Mana

Hint: Charge attack:
To do a special charge attack, wait until your attack gauge is full and your character starts flashing green. Hold A for approximately two seconds, and release it. Your character will do a charge attack which varies with weapon to weapon.
Information in this section was contributed by Christian Reid.

Hint: Expert enemies:
Kill over 1,000 of the same enemy to replace it with an much more difficult black version of it in future encounters.

Hint: Easy experience:
In the room before battling Count Lee, there are four bats flying around. If you kill each one, you may get an object. After a few seconds, the bats reappear. Keep killing them and after awhile you will get easy experience.
Information in this section was contributed by silverguitar89.

In the beginning when you are at Vinquette Manor, there is a room near the stairs down to where you get Salamander. Inside are four Lime Slimes. Equip your bow, go in there, and exit and enter repeatedly for about twenty minutes. You should be at least level 17 or 18 by the time you leave. Then, continue with the rest of the game.
Information in this section was contributed by Rpgod.

Just before you fight Count Lee (the vampire), there is a room with four Batmos. Kill them repeatedly until they turn black. This happens when you kill 999 of them. Check your progress by using Popoi's Notebook to see how many youhave killed. Note: You need Agility so you can move around if you absolutely need to and lots of INT (at least 20-30) and MP (at least50-60). When a level up, only do the Mage/Sorcerer class (and Sage sometimes a little bit of Warrior for defense). When they respawn as the black Ultra-Batmos, go to the far left between the wall and the table. Equip Wisp (light element magic). Note: Salamander can also be used because the burns cause about 52 damage to them if they are successful. Eat a piece of bird meat (you should have gotten at least one from the regular Batmos. If not, find one or two from the birds outside. Attack them and you will soon get a pretty strong Light element going (about 20 to 40). Eventually if your magic is in the 20 to 30s and Wisp is around 20, you can do 59 to 82 damage per hit (with bird meat). Do not go out of the room or you will only do damage in the 30s range because the bird meat bonus is taken off upon exiting the room. Do not stop to heal your magic if you are running low. Just keep attacking until you have used all of your magic that can be used for attacking. Then, just sit in the top left corner until all your magic is restored. If the bats steal the location, just run until you are under the doorway leading to the golden goddess-save-statue, on the inner corner of what looks like a tank and another table (on the right side of the doorway). If they come after you, make sure they are on the edge of the screen opposite from your position (so that you can only just see them along the edge) and run away. If they close in on all sides, just attack one that is alone and hope that it has not seen you yet. You can push it back enough to escape past it. They have somewhat-slow attacks and can be dodged easily. It is possible that it can also get charmed (the low-percentile-success-rate status effect caused by using Wisp) so it does not attack for a few seconds. This will allow you to slide past quickly. This takes some time. Note: This works best with the girl because her staff automatically targets enemies at a fair distance.
Information in this section was contributed by Baru.

Use the following trick for easy Mage training. It requires the Black Basilisks. South of Ishe is an area with lots of Basilisks. Switch your NPC status to "Attack from afar" with Mage. You can sit up on a cliff and just watch your character rack up the levels in Mage (for example, Wisp, Salamander, Gnome, etc.).
Information in this section was contributed by Jake, Who Else?.

Hint: Polter Boxes:
Every time you defeat a Polter Box, you will get a very good item such as materials, seeds, icons and even coins. However, in some locations, you cannot find a Polter Box. Try to get it by hitting the Polter Box icon using the treasure chest left behind by an enemy that you just killed. Note: Only some treasure chest contain the Polter Box icon. Others will have spikes, stones etc.
Information in this section was contributed by Blue Devil.

Hint: Dodge all attacks:
First, make sure that you have anything that your character eats to use. Then, wait for the time that you know the enemy is about to use an attack. Before the attack is launched, use the item. Your enemy's attack will not hit, and if you are lucky, you will not lose HP. Note: Sometimes this fails but you will lose less HP than normal.
Information in this section was contributed by Adriano Leite.

Hint: Cutting grass:
You can cut grass quickly by charging the Hero, then doing his sword special attack by holding B. If you did not hit an enemy, you can still do it.
Information in this section was contributed by Mnyzgrl.

Hint: Extended ending sequence:
Watch the ending sequence until the "Fin" screen appears. Wait approximately five minutes, then a sequence featuring a Chocobo will appear before the game returns to the title screen.

Hint: Defeating Julian:
When Julian takes on his final form in the battle after the fight with the sheep and with the clones, the easiest (if not most time consuming) way of defeating him is to stand back at the end of the platform and pound at him with the bow. Recover any HP you lose from his attacks with Wisp (Spirit that gives you the ability to regain health). Also, if you have the Trait Coin for Salamander (Fire, it gives you the PwrUP effect, which gives you a more powerful attack), it will make it quicker and easier. Do not change Spirits. Use only Wisp to regain life and otherwise rely on your weapon. The Pedan Bow can be very effective; forge the Bow with Pedan Stone to obtain it. Dont bother with other weapons, as they will put you too close to him when he attacks, or cannot reach him. Forge and temper the bow to what you think its optimum efficiency is, then shoot away. Also, there is no way to continue the game after you have defeated the final Boss. Complete every quest you can before you start your final adventure.
Information in this section was contributed by David Deutsch.

Hint: Raw materials:
If you are interested in finding some of the best raw materials in the game, please read on. There are three locations where you can find these raw materials, and three enemies that occasionally drop some rare ones. There are five materials, listed here. Each one has its pros and cons, depending on what you want to use it for. But all of them are difficult to find, and only available during the latest stages of the game.

Altena Alloy is an excellent, multi-purpose metal that does not have any elemental value. You will first find it in the Sealed Cave, but will have to work for it. An enemy called the Shadow Zed (Amorph category) will sometimes drop Altena Alloy in a treasure chest after you defeat them. It is statistically better than Lorimar Iron, and it may be used to forge a wide variety of weapons, as well as armor pieces for the Hero. If you are playing the Hero, try to gather as much Altena Alloy as you can before leaving the Sealed Cave. This is a good idea even if you are playing the Heroine. By doing this you will have stocked enough of the material to forge some very good equipment for your journey through the Dime Tower, and into the Mana Sanctuary.
Black Bone is another material that you will first find in the Sealed Cave. It is found in a single treasure chest deep inside the cave, and no enemies will leave the material behind until you reach the Mana Sanctuary. Although it is not nearly as versatile as Altena Alloy, Black Bone may be used to forge a few weapons which can cause the Wimp effect against normal enemies. The best use for this material is forging a new breast plate for the Hero. It cannot be used to forge any other type of armor, but when it is used to forge a breast plate it provides more protection than Altena Alloy. This can count for a lot, especially when you begin to face some of the hardest hitting enemies later in the game.
Dion Wood is probably the best wood that you will find in the game. It is first found in the Rocky Wilds in a single treasure chest, after you travel to the far north of that region. More treasure chests containing this material can be found scattered throughout the Mana Sanctuary. Some enemies will leave the material behind in the same region. Until then, you are stuck with the single piece you find in the Rocky Wilds. Dion Wood is most useful when you are playing the Heroine. It may be used to forge a new spear, or a very good bow that can last you for the rest of the game. It may also be used to forge a full set of durable clothing for the Heroine, as soon as you gather enough of it.
Fossil is a bone material that is similar to Black Bone in terms of overall versatility. This material is very rare, and may only be found in the Mana Sanctuary. An enemy called the Mean Mask (Demon category) will sometimes drop Fossil in a treasure chest after you defeat them. At first, the material might seem somewhat useless, as it cannot be used to forge many weapons or pieces of armor. But its lack of versatility is offset by one redeeming quality; a weapon forged out of Fossil can sometimes cause the Petrify effect on normal enemies. Any enemy that is turned to stone can be considered as good as dead. They will not be able to move after being petrified, and once they do turn back to normal, they die. Try making a flail out of this material.
Mythril Silver is probably the best metal that you will find in the game. It may only be found in the Mana Sanctuary. An enemy called the Shamanion (Demihuman category) will sometimes drop Mythril Silver in a treasure chest after you defeat them. As soon as you are able to determine the best way of acquiring this material, gather as much of it as you can. It may be used to forge a wide variety of weapons that are stronger than anything made from Altena Alloy. In addition, any weapons forged out of Mythril Silver can sometimes cause the Silence effect on normal enemies, preventing them from using magic. On another approach, you can try to forge pieces of armor for the Hero out of Mythril Silver. Although it will not provide as much physical protection as Altena Alloy, it will ensure that he is not inflicted with Silence, and also provide needed protection from all magical elements. These are two attributes that will prove very useful during the final battle against Julius.

Crystal is the best raw material you will find in the game. You can forge any weapon or armor with crystal, and it will give you the best stats in all areas. Crystal is not easy to find, though. There are a few ways to get it, but this one is the easiest. First, find any enemy. It is recommended that you find something that is fairly easy to kill, but appears in large numbers. Kill it one thousand times, and a black enemy will reappear in its place. Crystal is dropped by all black enemies 2% of the time. It is a long task, but in the end it is worth it. Also, if you want the most out of your crystal, do not temper it with any veggies except for Spade Basils; or any fruits except for Fishyfruits. These will increase all of the stats, and not just some of them. Spade Basils are grown by planting small seeds with crooked seeds on Dryad day. Fishyfruits are grown by planting flat seeds with spiny seeds on Jinn Day.
Information in this section was contributed by pinkfloyd1227.

Hint: Amigos items:
Link to another game and trade the indicated amount of Amigos to get the corresponding item. Note: They can only be used once per day in game time.

Amigo Flute: 1 Amigo
Selva Card: 5 Amigos
Pokiehl Card: 10 Amigos
Tote Card: 15 Amigos
Rosiotti Card: 30 Amigos
Olbohn Card: 50 Amigos
Gaia Card: 75 Amigos
Matilda Card: 100 Amigos

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