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Yoshi's Island

Bonus games:
Hold Select and press L(2), B, A, R at the level selection screen. A list of bonus games will appear. If you win the selected game you will get a prize.
Information in this section was contributed by Nintendude725.

In-game reset:
Hold Select + Start + B + A during game play.
Information in this section was contributed by sixrope.

Bonus levels:
After completing the game, an extra level for each world will appear.
Information in this section was contributed by buhrmans.

The ninth bonus (Extra) level in each world is unlocked after 800 points are obtained. You do not need 100% in every level for the Extra level to become available.
Information in this section was contributed by maniakal101.

Alternate title screen:
Get a 100% game completion to have a night time version of the title screen.

Complete all level in a world (including the extra levels) to have a star will appear next to the game's logo at the title screen. One star (for a maximum of six) will appear for each world that is completed.

Hard mode:
Get 1,000 World Score Points and five additional stars.

Alternate ending:
Successfully complete the game in Hard mode.

Hint: Lucky 777:
Get your total points for a world to equal to exactly 777, to get 7 extra lives.
Information in this section was contributed by appel.

Hint: Special Yoshi eggs:
To get special Yoshi eggs with out having to find special boxes, fire a Yoshi egg in an area that will cause the egg to bounce off the walls and back to you. When the egg returns to you, quickly use Yoshis tongue at the egg. If successful, you should have a special Yoshi egg.
Information in this section was contributed by AngryMDForever.

Hint: Shoot eggs upward:
Press any direction on the D-pad and the target will stay up.
Information in this section was contributed by Sk8rgurlJ219.

Hint: Defeat Naval Piranha Plant:
When you arrive in the Boss room where that small plant is located, step on the first block on the platform, then shoot a egg at him. However, do not go further than the first block on the platform or Kamek will appear and turn that small plant to a huge monster.

Hint: Spinning log boost:
When at the start of the second part of Beware The Spinning Logs, jump onto a spinning log. Use the boost to help you an extreme boost for your Flutter Jump. Use the Flutter Jump to go as far to the right as possible.
Information in this section was contributed by Ian Vega.

Hint: Easy lives:
When you see a Bandit, use eggs or a portable green watermelon on him to first get three coins, then three lives.
Information in this section was contributed by Ian Vega and rohan schemioneck.

Hint: World 0-0: Choose Yoshi color:
When you start a new game and play through World 0-0 you are normally always a green Yoshi. If you want to choose your color before the level, you must play another game and complete a level on that file. If you complete World 1-1 as a green Yoshi and start a new game, your Yoshi will be pink like the one in World 1-2. If you complete World 1-7 with the red Yoshi, it will instead be blue like World 1-8.
Information in this section was contributed by Comix6190.

Hint: World 1-2: Easy lives:
Pick up the shell at the start of the level and throw it at the row of Koopas. Quit level and repeat for endless lives.
Information in this section was contributed by Gameboy Madness.

In level 2 (the one with the ten red Koopas at the start). you can get close to thirty extra lives. When you first enter the level, hold B and run forward. You should run into a shell and will be holding it. Run back with the shell to the ten red Koopas and throw it at them. If you hit them all, you get an extra life. Get a Yoshi out of the block and run forward to the next block with a Yoshi (by the moles that pop out of the walls) and hit it. An extra life mushroom will appear. Climb the beanstalk to the clouds. To get the beanstalk, hit the block on the far left of the walls that the mole appears from. There is a Dragon (Yoshi) Coin there. Collect the other four and get another extra life. Go down one of the blue tunnels near the end of the level. There will be flying blocks. You can pick up a block and throw it at them, but an easier way is to simply jump with Yoshi then jump off in mid-air (press A while on Yoshi and R at the peak of its jump). An extra life will be in the third flying block. Leave the tunnel, then run back to the entrance. Go down the same tunnel again and hit the third block to get another extra life. Do this until you have about forty seconds remaining, then sprint to the goal with your extra lives.
Information in this section was contributed by Ralph Hoyakukies.

Hint: World 1-4: Defeating the Boss:
Enter the red door. Hide in the little spaces, and when he leaves get an egg. Hide back down. When he is on the other end, shoot the egg at him. Do this five times to win.
Information in this section was contributed by Aang Avatar101.

Hint: World 1-7: Easy lives:
Pick up a Rollie-Pollie Guy with your tounge. Do not turn him into an egg or spit him out for anyone until you get to the pipe that spits out Shy-Guys. Once there, spit the Rollie-Pollie Guy out into a 1 (square) hole on the right of the pipe. Once placed, jump onto the platform above and to the right of it. Let the Shy-Guys jump out of the pipe and onto the Rollie-Pollie Guy. Points will accumulate and will eventually give you 1-Ups continually. After a few hours, you will have 999 lives.
Information in this section was contributed by blkdck.

Hint: World 1-7: Hidden area:
Immediately before completing the level, there is a bridge that bends. Get the two Red Coins, then go to the other bridge. After that go on the piece of land with a log sticking out of the ground. Stand on the edge of the log, then shoot an egg straight up. A spring ball should fall. Jump on it and you will go to a hidden stage through a pipe.
Information in this section was contributed by NNR1961.

In World 1-7 you can go to a secret world which contains many red coins and stars. To get to it, just before completing the level (after getting all the red coins, stars and flowers before the finishing checkpoint), there will be a log sticking out of the land above the water (where you had to pound the bendable bridge to get the coins out from below. Throw an egg straight into the air above you. There will be a bouncy ball. Jump on it then you will be in the "new secret" world. Make sure you have some eggs. Hop onto the rolling stone on your left and try to roll to the right. Once you get to at least to the middle with the rolling stone you will see a cloud with a question mark in it. Use your egg. Climb that flower and you will see your "welcome" to having a perfect score.
Information in this section was contributed by Rachel Anderson.

Hint: World 1-8: Defeating the Boss:
When you get to the red door, hit the monster with the eggs that you ave. When you hit him, bugs will fly out of him. Eat them and turn them into eggs. Do not fall off the edge.
Information in this section was contributed by Aang Avatar101.

Hint: World 1-9: Easy lives:
Grab a Melon Bug (the bug that curls when you approach) and take him to the Shy-Guy Pipe (where the Shy Guys appear from). Look up and shoot the bug. If done correctly, the bug should fall in the tiny space on the right side of the pipe, between it and landscape. Stand on the elevated surface and make sure you have no eggs. The Shy Guys will pop out towards you, but hit the bug. You will keep getting extra lives until you have 100. Then, get a perfect completion on World 5 and you will get the roulette game. If you get the X3; you will get 300 lives.

Hint: World 2-4: Defeating the Boss:
Bigger Boo is most likely to be one of the easiest battles yet. Fight him like a normal Boo by bouncing the eggs off the walls straight into him. He should take a few hits, then you will win. If you run short on eggs, simply swallow a bat.
Information in this section was contributed by Boo858585.

Hint: World 2-8: Defeating the Boss:
Do not throw eggs at the Potted Ghost, as they will not do anything. Instead, try to push him off the edge, like a regular flower pot.
Information in this section was contributed by Boo858585.

Hint: World 3-1: Hidden area:
There is a location in the water in World 3-1 where you can go beneath a land mass to access a hidden area, by jumping off of a giant spring arrow. If you curve to the side and go above the normal hidden entrance, you should enter an area where you will be falling towards nothing. Keep going right (stay in the air as long as possible) until you reach the edge. You will be teleported to World 1-1 (and gain credit toward World 3-1) where you can gain more red coins and hearts than the maximum. It will only go to the top, but it will be 10 times easier to perfect the level.

Hint: World 3-4: Defeating the Boss:
Let the frog at the very end eat you when you enter the red door. Eat a big Shy Guy and shoot an egg at his throat. Watch out for the falling objects. Do this eight times.
Information in this section was contributed by Aang Avatar101.

Hint: World 3-8: Defeating the Boss:
When you enter the red door you will fall into the master room. When you get there, bounce eggs off the wall when the plant is still. Do this about five times to win. Watch out -- sometimes he goes half way then back.
Information in this section was contributed by Aang Avatar101.

Hint: World 4-1: Easy lives:
Go up the first steep hill until you get to three pipes and a Koopa walking around. Two will have Piranha plants and one will be a Shy-Guy generator. Throw away an egg so Shy-Guys will start jumping out. Kill the two Piranha plants, eat the Koopa and stand on the pipe. Spit the Koopa shell towards the Shy-Guys. The shell will bounce between the two pipes, knocking out the Shy-Guys. As soon as ten Shy-Guys are knocked out, you will start getting a 1-Up for each consecutive Shy-Guy. The shell will keep bouncing around, killing the Shy-Guys that pop out. You can get up to 999 lives this way.
Information in this section was contributed by Sage.

Hint: World 4-3: Skip half the level:
After entering the second middle ring (the one on land), shoot directly up to the bouncy arrow bubble. Bounce up on it. When you reach the second floor, jump on the second bouncy bubble. You will reach a balloon that is not filled with air. Keep jumping on the thing it is connected to until the balloon will not fill up anymore. Jump on the balloon in the middle. Do not get off it no matter what. Even when the exit appears, stay on the balloon. Wait until the 1-Up small floating balloon with the 1-Up goes up. Feel free to shoot it, but you might fall off the balloon, stopping this cheat. Stay on the balloon. When you see five red coins, wait until the last one then get off the balloon. You will go onto a green and red ending platform with the flowers. Shoot the flying Shy Guys with more 1-Ups and jump into the flowers. You have now obtained the last five red coins and completed the secret.
Information in this section was contributed by Molliskobrien1996.

Hint: World 4-4: Defeating the Boss:
Go to the red door and open it. When you enter, get on top of the Boss and Ground Pound it. He will split into two more. Every time you do this, there are more. When they are at the normal size you can eat them for eggs.
Information in this section was contributed by Aang Avatar101.

Hint: World 5-4: Free mini-games:
Go to a door on your left. Use a POW block or "?" and go to the door and get the secret code. This code will give you free mini-games when you go to the level selection screen.

Hint: World 6-3: Secret area:
Find the first middle ring. Then, jump onto the spinning log in front of the two logs over the pit. When the two logs over the pit start spinning, jump onto the top log and land on the edge to fly into the air. Go to the right while still in mid-air to reach a secret area. Collect all the coins and take the door on the left to find another room full of coins. Then, take the door to your right to find another room full of coins, which you catch with the rising balloons. Then, go through the door on the right again to find a room full of flying Shy-Guys carrying 1-Ups. Next, go through the left door for the final area which holds three boxes. Use the bottom one to get the top two, then get the bottom one.
Informawtion in this section was contributed by ChispD20.

Hint: World 6-8 (King Bowser Castle): Defeating the Boss:
When you enter and they stop talking, immediately move out of the way. Every time baby Bowser Ground Pounds, jump then Ground Pound. Do this three times. He will then get bigger. You will warp to another place. When you see an arrowm get out of the way. Grab an egg and when baby Bowser is walking, hit him with an egg. Do this three times. Then, watch out for the falling rocks again. Hit Bowser with an egg when he gets up close. Do not let him get too close. Do this four times to win.
Information in this section was contributed by Aang Avatar101.

Hint: Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy: Unlimited lives:
Grab a Melon Bug (the creature that rolls up into a ball) and go to the pipe with Shy Guys jumping out of it. Spit the Melon Bug close to the pipe on the left-hand side. When Shy Guys jump out, after a while you will get a "1-Up" for each time a Shy Guy hits the Melon Bug when it is in its melon form.

Hint: Mini games:
Successfully complete a world with at least 700 points to unlock a mini-game:
Information in this section was contributed by american31.

World 1: Flip Cards
World 2: Drawing Lots
World 3: Scratch 'n' Match
World 4: Match Cards
World 5: Roulette
World 6: Slot Machine

Glitch: World 1-7:
When you get to the last part of the level, you will see bridges that bend. Ground pounding them will make them collapse, but if pause game play immediately after you ground pound, you will continue to fall. When you continue the game, Yoshi will die and you will lose a life.
Information in this section was contributed by Nickswill.

Glitch: Fall through ground:
Go to any level with lava. Fall in the lava near land and you will fall through the ground.
Information in this section was contributed by Thomas Kerr.

Glitch: Walk underwater:
Go to a place where there is shallow water. Get high up, then Ground Pound into the water. If you hit it correctly, you will not swim in the water, but instead walk. You can also spit seeds, throw eggs, and crouch.
Information in this section was contributed by Jerid Hennes.

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