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4X4 Evolution 2

Level select:
Press X(2), Z(2), Y(2), Z, X, Y(2), X, Z at the "Press Start" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Extra money:
Press Y, X, Z, Y, X, Z, X(2), Y, Z, X, Y at the "Press Start" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Increase reputation:
Press Y(2), Z, X(2), Z, Y(3), X(3) at the "Press Start" screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Hint: Alaska: Terminal Reality logo:
Go to the lake west of the northern part of the giant lake. Then, find a tent with two totem poles next to the entrance. You should see the Terminal Reality logo.

Hint: Arctic Wasteland: Treasure chest:
From the start, head north until you almost reach water. Then, head east. Follow the water for a short distance until it ends, then head north. Go north until you see the American flag and a building inside a fenced in area. The treasure chest is in there.

Hint: Arizona: Treasure chest:
At the start of the level in roaming or racing mode, go in reverse until you pass the train tracks. Then, go to the right until you see a derailed train. Stop at the front of the train then go right until you reach a canyon with a piece of road and two hills in the middle. In between the two hills are two small houses. The treasure chest is located in between the houses.

Hint: Autumn Leaves: Treasure chest:
At the start of the level, follow the road until you get to a church. Behind it is a treasure chest.

Hint: Castle Rock: Treasure chest:
Go back about 100 feet from where you start. There should be a skeleton guarding a treasure chest.

Hint: Costa Rica Rally: Treasure chest:
From the start, head east until you reach a temple. That is where you can find a treasure chest. If you cannot find the temple, go to the contour map and look for a small light gray area.

Hint: Crazy 2001: Treasure chest:
Go to the southwest corner of the lake near the start to find a treasure chest with money.

Hint: Deadman's Gulch: Treasure chest:
Drive according to the set coordinates on course until the overpass bridge is within range. Drive directly under the bridge to discover the treasure chest.

Hint: Egypt: Treasure chest:
Go through the first check point and drive northwest until you find the lake. There is a hill on the northwest shore. The chest is on top.
jan taylor.

Hint: Egypt: Special sound:
Travel to where the rectangular homes may be found near the lake. Hit one, and you will receive a child's greeting.

Hint: Farm Road 109: Shortcut:
When trying to use the shortcut across the railroad tracks, use the Jeep Liberty Sport. It can almost always get across before the train crosses if you approach from the right side of the tracks.

Hint: Farm Road 109: Treasure chest:
The treasure chest is located at the center of the lake.

Hint: Laguna del Sol: Treasure chest:
After Checkpoint 3, drive onto the large island straight ahead of the checkpoint to find a treasure chest.

Hint: Pikes Peak: Treasure chest:
Go to the lake that is the furthest from the end of the track. The treasure chest can be found on the land between the lakes.

Hint: Restricted Area: Treasure chest:
Find the hanger with the UFO inside then go to one of the corners to find a treasure chest with money.

Hint: Silverton Pass: Treasure chest:
In free mode, after checkpoint 6, stop when you land in the water. Go forward until the top of your triangle on the map is even with the right point. Then, turn 90 degrees to the right and go over a small ledge. You will see a treasure chest. This also works on races, free mode, and missions.

Hint: Thailand Rally: Treasure chest:
Pause game play and go to the contour map. Go to the bottom right corner of the map and press R until the map stops. Just to the left of the island is a brown spot. That is the Temple Of The Dancing Buddha, which is where a treasure chest is located.

Hint: Treasure Bay: Treasure chest:
From the start, follow the road until you see a ship on the beach. Go to the side of the ship where the sign is on the beach. The treasure chest is on that side of the ship. Note: You can only get the treasure chest by driving your truck alongside the ship. Start towards the back of the ship, facing towards the front. Drive slow to get the treasure chest.

Hint: Tri Baja 250: Treasure Chest:
From the start, follow the track in the same direction as if you were racing until you reach the bridge you drive on. The treasure chest is underneath that bridge.

Glitch: Change vehicle appearance:
Go to the vehicle production menu and highlight any desired vehicle (monster truck recommended). Allow it to rotate three or four times, then return to your garage (you must be in a vehicle already). If you are in a truck, its appearance will be changed into that of the vehicle you selected.

Glitch: Drive up a tree:
Buy a winch, then go to a place with trees and steep hills (Pikes Peak recommended). Find a tree on a steep hill. Winch on to the highest part of the tree and hold the winch in button. If done correctly, it will appear as if your car is trying to drive up a tree. Keep holding down the winch in button. The winch should start pushing you out in the air with your car still attached. You will eventually hit the ground and the winch will pull you in. Most of the time the winch does not fail, but sometimes it might. Hold down the winch in button to watch it again.
Scott Shimala.

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