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Custom Robo

Completion bonuses:
To unlock Arcade Mode, First Person View, Parts Index, and The Grand Battle in Single, and Versus Mode CPUs, you must complete "A New Journey" mode in single player.

Link bonuses:
Use a Game Boy Advance link cable to connect to Custom Robo GX to unlock the Dark Core stage and new Robo parts in the Japanese version of the games.

First person view:
Defeat Rahu 3 at the end of the game to unlock first person view. You can keep this off, however turning it on does not automatically make you see in first person view. When you get into battle with this option on, you can switch in-between the two views by pressing C-stick Up or switch back to third-person view by pressing C-stick Down.
Jerry and Serrell Sprenkle.

Alternate stage:
Select versus mode, then highlight Basic Arena or No Man's Land and press Z to change their appearance.

New stage:
Select versus mode then choose three matches. Finish the three matches and a new stage will be unlocked.
Nathan Bajar.

Dark Star versus mode stage:
Play versus mode 50 times with any one Robo. For example, play vs. mode 50 times with Ray01.
Cesariscrazy51 and space__fight.

Versus battle CPUs:
Successfully complete the game in story mode.

After completing the Bronze Handicap Match and getting all the silver trophies, not including the bronze handicap match, you will be able to compete in the Silver Battle Royal. You will not get any new parts for any of the matches except for the last one. Once you finish the last battle, you will get the Athena body part (illegal).
Kaizer Jorgen.

To get "Can Robo" Can Bomb, Can Pods, Can Boots, and Can Gun, win the Tournament in your house. You can now enter Lucy's room. In there you will see lots of people talking about what they did for the game (similar to "talking" credits). Go through the second door and you will see more people. In the second room there is a robot (not a Custom Robo). Talk to him after he is done talking. The game will save. Go to the nearest parts generator and get ready to laugh at what you just unlocked.

In the Z Boss battle, look on the north side of the west pillar.

Crystal Strike:
Defeat the fourth CPU in in the Test Center, then keep talking to it until you get the Crystal Strike gun.

Win all the Amusement Park Tournaments with bronze trophies.

Ray Legend Robo:
In Grand Battle, complete Z Bosses Room with a gold trophy, then talk to Oboro.
Cesariscrazy51, Alex seliverstov, Bchanfelt, andLink_542.

In Grand Battle (Episode 2), after winning every tournament in the city you will have access to the Outer World. When there, go to the Z Museum and defeat everyone to be able to go to the Z Boss Room. Once there, get a gold trophy to get the Ray Legend.

When you get to the Z boss room, you will fight (in order), Shiner, Eliza, Izabella, Oboro, then your host, Sensei. Sensei will then introduce your sixth opponent (the special guest), who is a simulation of Hero's father, the first leader and founder of the Z syndicate. He will say that his Robo is obsolete, and the Robo he is using is actually the Ray Legend Robo. It has a much stronger attack and much weaker defense than Ray 01, and will be easy to defeat if you can avoid him and knock him down. Try using all of Rahu 1 but replace his gun with the vertical gun.
Serrell Sprenkle.

To obtain Ray Legand (the Ray from the original Japanese version of Custom Robo for the Nintendo 64), win all five Z tournaments in Grand Battle mode.

Ray Warrior:
Win all the cups in the Amusement Park tournaments with a gold trophy, then talk to the policeman at the front gate.
Cesariscrazy51 and Alex seliverstov.

Rahu parts:
To get the first set of parts, go to the Z Headquarters, talk to Oboro, and select Eliza's Mansion. Go in between the glass and the wall, go all the way to the left, then up, then right. You will be in the glass case. Press A to find Rahu 1's parts and the Rahu 1 chip.
Alex seliverstov.

Do the Bronze handicap match. When Lucy appears to fight, talk to her until you get Rahu 2's parts.

To get Rahu 3's parts, go the Amusement Park. Do the Silver free for all battle. Go down and into the carriage near the merry-go-round. Press A to find Rahu 3's parts.
braulio mejia.

Wave Laser:
Go to the Lab Handicap battle, then press A against the books. You will get the Wave Laser gun illegal part.

Go to the Lab Single battle and go to the lower-right corner of the room. Face right, and press A.
Ron Charnawskas.

X Laser:
When you first enter Bogey's, look behind the counter facing the wall.

To find the X Laser (illegal part), in a Grand Battle mode, go to Bogey's Café. Walk behind the counter and select the shelf. You will now have an illegal part.

Hint: Juggle your opponent:
Every Robo has a dash attack that they can perform with . Some Robos have a straight-forward dash. If you are using one of those Robos, keep pressing X and you will juggle your opponent and do a good amount of damage. This is very useful if you have low health.

Hint: Illegal parts:
To get illegal parts, complete the first seventeen tournaments in the Grand Battle section of story mode. In the Other World, when you complete the first three Z tournaments, you will receive no parts. However, all the battles in Z headquarters after those will reward you with illegal parts, such as the Wyrm, Wolf Spider, Orca, Cheetah, Swallow, Raven, and Eclipse. Note:The first parts you will receive are legs, but you will soon get the Wyrm, which is the advanced version of the Dragon (very powerful).

Hint: Earning A New Journey parts:
If you want to get the parts for A New Journey easily, keep doing versus matches. For every three matches you will get a part. Note: This is easier if no one is playing as player two and if his health is 200.
Emanuel Fraguada.

Hint: Defeating large enemies:
To defeat enemies such as the Metal Bear, Tank Head, etc., use the Peregrine with Formula Legs and either the Shotgun or the Knuckle. You must get close to your enemies to use these weapons, but the Peregrine is incredibly fast, and the Knuckle and The Shotgun are two of the game's most powerful guns.

Hint: Defeating Chief:
Use Criminal, Gattling Gun, Standard Pod, Bomb, and Formula Legs. Shoot him with the gun until you are at either ends of the stage. As long as you keep firing from there, he will keep jumping and be down before he gets too close and fires on you.
Zero Account.

Hint: Defeating Earnest I:
Use a Striker Vanisher model with a good Downing Gun and keep dodging the sniper shots. Use far range as timing to dodge the gunfire.
Zero Account.

Hint: Defeating Harry:
Choose either the V-Laser or any powerful gun and any bomb/pod remaining. Equip Formula Legs and run into him. Charge him, then fire away with the gun.
Zero Account.

Hint: Defeating most most Lightning Sky opponents:
Use the Phoenix Gun and keep firing from the ground. keep your distance from them, and keep pods and bombs around him.
Zero Account.

Hint: Defeating Linda:
In the Gold Cup finals, to defeat Linda use a Raider type model, Flame Gun, Can Bomb, Can Pod and Formula Legs. Do not forget to go into Lucy's room after winning the House Tournament with a "Gold" rank and talk to the training robot to get these important wastable parts.
kev kan.

Hint: Defeating Marcia:
Use Drill, Ray 01 and Formula Legs. Stay close to Marcia, but not too close or her charge does damage. Try circling her while firing at close range. Most, if not all, of her shoots should miss.
Zero Account.

Hint: Defeating Rahu III:
To defeat Rahu III, the final Boss of A New Journey, customize your Robo's legs, gun, and body as follows. For the body, choose something that is heavily resistant. Suggestions include any of the Funky Big Head and Metal Animal Series. For the gun, select something with homing capabilities, range, and perhaps power. The Dragon gun is a good idea. For the legs, choose one that allow good jumping. In the battle, try to hide behind one of the giant circles. Keep a low profile and let your partners do a lot of the work. As often as possible, jump in the air and fire your gun. When Rahu III attacks you, walk away towards the next nearest circle by jumping backwards, firing your gun, pod, and bombs, until your partners come to rescue. When Rahu III has killed your partners, keep firing. When he gets close, hit him with X. When he is in the air or backwards, hit him with your gun. He rarely gets a rebirth, and you will have lots of time. However after the shot, walk backwards firing the gun, pod, and bomb until you reach the next circle; then repeat.
James Kruk.

The following trick might be cowardly, but it works sometimes. Let your partners damage him to conserve your life. Because there is nowhere to hide, just run even though some of his attacks are difficult to dodge. For example, let Harry die or do a lot of damage, then come in for the kill. One part you might want is the dragon, as it homes in on your opponent.

Hint: Defeating Roy:
To defeat Roy, use Hornet, Freeze Bomb, Land Freeze, Metal Ox and Formula Legs. Keep both Freeze Pods near you and fire the gun if Roy is too far. If things get desperate, hit him with the bomb. Then if Roy is close and is frozen, charge him to send him flying far with a lot of damage. However, keep your distance as his Magnum still hurts and he will hit you when you are down.
kev kan.

Hint: Defeating Sergi:
In the Gold tournament. Sergi is one of the toughest opponents. The Dragon Gun, Vertical Gun and Needle Gun work well. If you use the Needle Gun, just keep firing at him. Get in front of him at all times.
Zero Account.

Hint: Defeating your father:
To defeat your father in Grand Battle mode, choose a high defensive Robo (for example, Ray 01) , Needle, favorite bombs and pod, and Formula Legs. Keep shooting him with Needle and he may hit you a few times for an auto down. However, get up fast. You should be able to get 25,000 points if you do not use illegal parts and you get good at Rebirth and shooting the gun.
Zero Account.

Hint: Easy wins:
An effective strategy against most Robos (especially slow moving ones) is to use a Lightning Sky model (for example, Defender, Seeker, and Breaker) with something long range and powerful (such as the Needle, Sniper, or Wyrm). Once you bring them down from flying around, close in and shoot the HP out of your opponent. Repeat this until they are defeated.

Use these parts for your Robo. A good offensive and defensive body is the Rahu3. A good gun to get your opponent up close (to use your spinning attack) is Claw. A recommended pod would be Penumbra3. A good choice of legs would be Formula. Use any choice for bombs, however with Geo Trap when your opponent is down you can give him a powerful blast from offensive bombs.
Drew Read.

Select any fast model Robo and your favorite bombs and pods, but cgiise the stun gun. It has a very short range but it is rapid and does very high damage. Down your opponent, then move in close and shock them. When they jump away to put some distance between you, jump after them. Stay on their tail with another shocking. It is possible to get a "Perfect" easily for any match.
fabian pierelouis.

Hint: Single use tournaments:
To get gold in a single use tournament, do not use Illegal parts as they cut your points in half. Use the following combination, or something of the sort. In the first two to three battles use Metal Ape, Metal Bear, Metal Ox, with these guns: Afterburner (stand back and fire for an easy perfect), Blade (stand back, fire your opponent into a wall, and keep firing for an easy perfect), Halo (stand on ground and fire repeatedly for an perfect). Note: These guns do not too well in Ice Holloseums, In the case of Ice Holloseums, use a Javelin or Halberd type. In battles four through six, use the Peregrine and either Shotgun or Knuckle. Note: If there are more battles than six, use Peregrine and Knuckle, Swift and Shotgun, And Shrike and Flame. For the last battle, use your preferred Robo (for example, Ray 01) and your favorite weapon (probably the Dragon).

Hint: Hub Park tournament:
To win the Hub park tournament in The Grand Battle easily, equip the following parts: Javelien, Sniper Gun, Geotrap Bomb, any Feint Pod, and the Formula Legs. Your opponents all have Gattling Guns. The Sniper has the fastest firing power and can knock a Robo down in one hit. Jump to the highest point in the level. When your opponent starts firing, quickly shoot to knock him down and stop the fire. This is an easy trick to get a perfect every time. If you ever cannot shoot your opponent, Air Dash and disappear or outrun the bullets with the Formula Legs.
Andrew Sadowski.

Hint: 3-way Gun:
To do the most damage with the 3-way Gu,n either get very close or far from your opponent.
Zero Account.

Hint: V-Laser:
If you use the V-Laser, just run up to the enemy and blast him as you would with the shotgun. It will have the same effect as the shotgun, but will do more damage. This is a good gun because you can also adjust the range, even if it does less damage.
kev kan.

Hint: Holosseum data:
Go to the bottom-left hand corner of the Holosseum. You should find data on the Holosseum.
Serrell Sprenkle.

Hint: Completing Weapon Glossary:
After you complete "A New Journey" in story mode, "Weapon Glossary" will be available. To put a weapon in Weapon Glossary mode, you must win at least one match in arcade mode. The weapons used will be available in Weapon Glossary. Any easy way to complete Weapon Glossary is to fight in the first match, win it, quit arcade mode, then start again using different parts.

Hint: Destroy world:
When Harry asks you if you are going to the Outer World, keep saying "Not Going". Soon they will leave you and the screen will turn black explaining the tragedy. Although Harry is dead he will still talk to you, tell you to make the right choice, and send you back to that screen.
Reginald Ledan.

Hint: Lose watch:
When Mira asks about your watch at the dinner say "Do you like it?". Harry will say that she collects them. Keep insisting she could have the watch When you defeat Oboro, they will ask for the watch. A scene will show the disappointment of you losing your father's watch. They will give you keys to their cabinet, and you will have to run home get it and return to continue the game.
Reginald Ledan.

Hint: Robo combinations:
The following are useful Robo combinations.

Glaive: Glider gun, Standard K bomb, Seeker F pod, Booster legs. Keep firing all your weapons repeatedly to keep your opponent at bay.
Glaive: Sword Storm gun, Burrow D/P bomb, Seeker F/G pod, Stabilizer legs.
Milky Way: Homing Star gun, Wave bomb, Ground/Sky freeze pod, Feather legs.
Milky Way: Raptor gun, Acrobat bomb, Sky Freeze pod, High Jump legs. Use Acrobat bomb to launch yourself in the air and repeatedly tap B.
Perigrine: Magnum gun, Tomahawk G bomb, Beast F pod, Ground legs.
Ruhiel: Raptor gun, Acrobat bomb, Wolf Spider pod, Raven legs. (Use the Acrobat bomb to launch yourself in the air and then tap A and fly around the Holosseum, tapping B repeatedly, creating a big circle of raptor gun ammunition.
Ruhiel: Raptor gun, Wyvern bomb, Wolf Spider pod, Raven legs.
Seal Head: Right/Left Arc gun, Right/Left Flank H bomb, Twin Flank G pod, Long Thrust legs.
Seeker: Hornet gun, Dual bomb, Jumping B pod, Booster legs.
Shrike: Shotgun, Right Flank H bomb, Caboose X pod, Feather legs.
Ray 01: 3-way, Geotrap or Right/Left Flank H, Diving, High Jump.
Zero Account.
Halbird: Shotgun, Geotrap, Speed Pod, Float F, or Diving and Formula.
Zero Account.
Use the following Illegal Parts combination: Ray Warrior Body, Wyrm Gun, Wyvern Bomb, Wolf Spider Pod, and Ultimate Legs. Always Airdash if you are going to attempt to attack in the air so that you can dodge upcoming attacks. If you need to make them lose a lot of HP in one shot, use the Wyrm on the ground close to them so the four shots from it take off 200 to 350 HP in one volley. Only Airdash at the peak of your jump height for best results. Use pods close to your opponent in the air and bombs at far distance to blast them up and away. The Ultimate Legs will make up for all speed and jump distance flaws.
Reginald Ledan.
Use the following Illegal Parts combination: Ruhiel Body, Raptor Gun, Grand Cross, Orca, Ultimate Legs. When flying, press B rapidly and the multi-colored eagle shots will come and set place. You can probably set eight to ten eagles (two per shot) if done fast and correctly. If you jumped high before flying, you can do twelve of them. Use Orca in air while pressing B to make the homing shots easy and accurate. Use Grand Cross and Raptor on the ground to get a 200 HP combo.
Reginald Ledan.
Use the following illegal part combo: Ray Legend, Wyrm Gun, Wyvern Bomb, Orca Pod, and Ultimate Legs.
Gage Howe.
An excellent combo to use to get sky-high with attacks is the Raven Gun (illegal version of the Eagle), Athena Robo, Acrobat Bomb, any pod, and the Ultimate Legs. Fire the Acrobat Bomb to launch your Robo into the air, then time the jumps to get very high. Keep firing the Raven Gun while you slowly descend. It is possible to get about 20 shots from it.
Serrell Sprenkle.
Use Javiler, Formula Legs, Crystal Strike, Acrobat Bombs, and Twin Flak Pods. Go in front or behind the opponent. Charge a few times then use the Crystal Strike. Use Acrobat Bomb and Crystal Strike frequently.
wayne m.
Use Lightning Sky Model (Rahu III or Rahuiel recommended, but Breaker also works well). For Gun, use Eagle or Raptor. The Bomb, Pod, and Legs are optional. You can either jump around or fly (recommended).While jumping or flying, rapidly press B to keep the rounds in the air (two or three will do). After that, fire your gun as fast as possible on the ground. One round from the gun on the ground will go straight and another will go up and come down. While shooting at the enemy, the ones that have been in the air will hit your enemy. Keep firing your gun and this will be extremely drastic for your enemy.
Luke Notshown.

Hint: Super Mario Bros. reference:
When the weird robot attacks Bogey's Café, defeat it then the blue-haired person. When Harry asks if you are going home, tell him that you will wander around. Then go to Hero's home talk to Lucy (the woman that sweeps with the broom), You will tell her about Z, and she will think that it is a band and that you were a security guard. Talk about the band. She used to hear the Groovy Goombas and their hit song "Fire Flower Sunshine".

Hint: Legend Of Zelda reference:
After your first fight with the mystery Robo (Rahu) at Bogey's, go to Hub Park. Talk to the girl in the red dress, and she will tell you what she thinks the "Z" in Z Syndicate stands for. One of the things she will tell you is Zelda.

Hint: Mega Man reference:
After the Rahu I body attacks Bogeys, go to the park the same girl who says that the "Z" in Z Syndicates Z stands for Zelda. She will also say that it stands for Zero.
Caleb Kitchen.

Hint: Metroid reference:
After the first battle with the mystery Robo at Bogey's, talk to the girl in the red dress at the Hub Park. Ask her what she thinks the "Z" in Z Syndicate stands for. She will sometimes say that it stands for Zebes.
henry silvey.

Hint: Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy reference:
Go to Raiden's place on the third or fourth day. Talk to Don. He will make a comment about earthquakes and give a quote from Arthur Dent of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy about never liking Thursdays.

Glitch: Dead kid in closet:
After you complete the game, do the Grand Battle. When you go home, you will be able to go into Lucy's room. When you are in her first room, you will a second door, When you go inside the second room, there will be a blue closet door. Go up to the door and press A. You will start to move away from the door, then it will open. Then, a kid pops out and will fall on the floor. He will start to talk to you. Once you are done talking to him, he will start to get sucked into the wall.

Glitch: Misspelling:
Win arcade mode with the Wyrm gun. After you win the final fight, it will show the picture of the Wyrm gun but it will say "Dragon Gun".
Blake Bennie.

Glitch: Incorrect grammar:
In A New Journey, when the Lab is attacked by Z, go to the Presentation Room. Look to see P-01 on the wall. Below it is a button. Go up to it and press A. Your character should say, "I don't got time for this!" instead of, "I don't have time for this!".

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