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Donkey Konga 2

Donkey Konga sound sets:
Have a saved game file from the original Donkey Konga to import sound sets from that game.

Dixie's Notes 2:
Collect at least one of each badge.
vrchr brytpyevue.

Dixie's Notes 3:
Buy all the Gorilla arrangements from the Shopping Mall.

Dixie's Notes 4:
Get a Gold DK rank on each Gorilla duet arrangement.

Dixie's Notes 5:
Get a Gold DK rank on each solo Gorilla arrangement.

Dixie's Notes 6:
Complete the Full Set in challenge mode.

Dixie's Notes 7:
Get a Gold DK rank on all Chimp Duet arrangements.

Dixie's Notes 8:
Get a Gold DK rank on all Solo Chimp arrangements.

Dixie's Notes 9:
Complete the 12-Song Set in challenge mode

Dixie's Notes 10:
Get a Gold DK rank on all Monkey Duet arrangements.

Dixie's Notes 11:
Get a Gold DK on all solo Monkey arrangements.

Dixie's Notes 12:
Complete the Six-Song Set in challenge mode.

Echo effect in Freestyle Zone:
Complete over 325 songs.

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye song in Freestyle Zone:
Complete the Full Set in challenge mode.

Hint: Bongo sounds:
To get the bongo sounds, the original Donkey Konga is required. Play Donkey Konga and buy whichever one desired. Play the sound on monkey and win. Then, play Donkey Konga 2 and you should have it. Note: This does not work with songs.
T novak.

Hint: Clap roll:
When you do a clap roll, just blow into the clap sensor. It will let you get massive coinage. This does not damage the sensor.

Hint: Clapping substitute:
Instead of clapping, sometimes it is easier to just yell something. It prevents you from hurting your hands, but make sure you speak or yell into the clap sensor. If you use a controller, there is no substitute.

Hint: Easy coins:
Sometimes during a song in Street Performance, you can find a flashing barrel note. Do not miss it. You can win a blue coin, which is worth a lot of coins.

Play the song "No More Drama" on Chimp Beat Mix Mode. You will earn a large number of coins, as well as a starting tip. Hit quickly on the drum rolls for more coins.

This trick requires a Gamecube controller with a turbo feature. Set your controller type to "Type C" (Y=Yellow, A=Clap, X=Red, Y + X=Pink). During a drum roll, activate the turbo for the corresponding color. For pink drum rolls, activate turbo for Y + X. This will result in a lot of coins (as much as 150 on a long roll), as long as you hold down the button or the roll ends.
Kirby L.

Hint: Barrel Race order:
On Barrel Race, the first and last group will always be the same note.
Kirby L.

Hint: Banana Fairy:
In Street Performance, the Banana Fairy appears after you do a 25 note combo, but goes away after 10 more notes in a combo (after 25). It always does this until you miss a note. However if she casts magic on your player, you will win three coins.

When doing a long song, if you get 150 Greats or OKs in a row, the Banana Fairy will appear with you and remain until the song ends or you make a mistake (no more 10-combo leaves).

Hint: Barrel Race:
In the Barrel Race game, you can pause game play while the notes come down to get a glance at them. You can start hitting at them while they are in the air.

Hint: Alternate controllers:
Sometimes, a different controller (other than the regular Nintendo controllers) will be registered as bongo drums. In this case, A and X are the Right Drum; B and Y are the Left Drum, and L and R are the claps. Start still serves the same function, and the Analog-stick and D-pad do not work.

Hint: POW Blocks:
In battle mode, within the first half of the song, there is a POW block. The closer to perfect you hit it, the more your opponent's score goes down. Hit it perfectly and their score will be dropped to 0

Hint: Slot machine event:
In battle mode, there will be a time where you will get a slot machine event. The first stop note is the first reel, the second stop note is the third, and the third stop note is the middle reel. You lose 4,000 points if you miss all three, but you can get 20,000 points by getting a Great, a Bad, and an OK in that order.

Great: Link
Ok: Tetra
Bad: Gannondorf
Miss: Tingle

Hint: Yellow OK:
Hitting both notes for a Great when you are only supposed to hit one note results in a yellow OK instead of a Great.

Hint: Trouble tip:
For a feel of the song, try playing it with the "Fight" sound set.

Hint:100% Concert mode:
Play with three friends (a total of four players) and get all Greats in Quartet mode; or play with one bongo set and get all Greats. You will get 100% and receive 1,000 Coins in Quartet, or 500 Coins in the single Bongo mode.

Hint: Go back one menu:
Hold both sides on the bongo to go back a menu, instead of going all the way to the return option.

Hint: Get more badges:
Play Rhythm Keeper and Barrel Race. Score high in Rhythm Keeper or finish quickly in Barrel Race to get chances to play "Match That Badge'" The better you do, the more chances you will get. In the competition modes, the last one standing or first one finished gets some chances to play. Note: The badges are always in the same position each time you play, unless you get them all. If you clear a board, a new one is assembled with badges in different locations, and sometimes new ones.

Hint: More points:
On Left and Right (Pink) Drum rolls, hitting them both at the same time gives more points than hitting each one once at different times.

Hint: Easier Gorilla song in medium set:
In the medium set, the tenth song is usually a Gorilla song you rarely play. To make it easier, play the ones you hate more, even if you fail. This reduces the chance of getting it near the end.

Hint: Play as Diddy with CPU Dixie in duet:
Start duet mode with the controller in port two to play the bottom part as Diddy, with Dixie taking the top.

Hint: Freeplay images:
You get new images for every fifty notes you manually play. There are four images in each set. You can see them by hitting the left drum, hitting the right drum, hitting the left and right drums together, and by clapping.

Hint: Dixie's joke:
At about the 50 Dixie's Notes mark, Dixie says something about leaving you to it on your own. To reassure people, Dixie does come in at a later point still, proving it a joke.

Hint: Balloons:
During some rolls in songs, balloons or other items will appear in the scene as you play it. Also, clap at the starting screen with a bongo and balloons will appear.

Hint: Intro movie:
Wait a few minutes at the title screen, and eventually it will cut to a little movie showing the starting point of the game. Sometimes, it might show a demo of a song instead played by Dixie.

Hint: Beat mix tips:
When you start Beat Mix, you will get a few extra coins at the beginning (over 100), depending on the mode you play in. Complete it and you will get the coins you earned as well as the starting tip.

Hint: Extra challenge:
When playing Quartet mode, switch your controller to a different port for a slightly different part in the song about to be performed.

Hint: Unlock the full set:
Purchase all the Gorilla songs to unlock the Full set in Challenge Mode. The first sixteen songs are Chimps, and the last seventeen are Gorilla songs. It uses each song, including Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye as a finisher.

Hint: Keeping rhythm:
Get the 1-2-3-4 timing and clap during free bars to keep to the beat, then play your notes along with the rhythm. Some songs are faster than others.

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