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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Free items:
Insert a controller into port three. Press Z on controller three during game play. You will have 99 of all tools and records, most seeds, and random items will appear in your backpack. Note: Do not use this code if you have your feather in your inventory or it will be lost. You cannot propose, but still can get proposed to.

Hint: Get ducks:
Buy the pond for 2,500 G. Then, wait until you get married. Make sure you have room in your chicken coop. Use your sickle and make a two square long path going in a plus side pattern from the fence to the pond. Make sure it remains cut. Eventually your wife will wake you up, telling you that there are ducks in the pond.

Go to Takakura and purchase a pond for 2,500 G sometime during the Summer in Chapter 2. Then, wake up later than your wife in the morning.

Ducks will go into your pond sometime in the Summer of any year, but you must have room in your Chicken Coop.

Note: Do not purchase a duck pond in Year 2 or above. You must buy it in Year 1.

Once you buy a pond and get ducks, you may be wondering when you will get ducklings. Eggs will not appear under your female duck(s), but instead be under the chickens. If you incubate a chicken egg, you might be surprised to find that it has hatched to be a duck.

Hint: Get a cat:
Befriend Romona. Somewhere in Chapter 2 and up, Romona will come to your house and let you name and have it.

You can get a cat sometime in the second year in the second chapter (Happy Birthday). You will get the cat from Romana, the lady that lives in the mansion. Note: You do not need to be friends with her.

Hint: Get a dog:
Befriend Carter, the man who works at the dig site. He likes food. Sometimes if you go up there, you will see a yellow thing. Go up to it and zoom in with Z . He will give it to you, but you must give him food almost everyday.
Goat Girl 51094.

Hint: Punish your dog:
Note: Do not do this if you put your chickens in the pasture. A mad dog may eat chickens and other pets. Put the dog in the pasture for one season. This works better in the summer because of the heat. The dog may bite you, chase your toddler down to the ocean and bite him, eat your chickens, and/or eat your other pets. Your son will have to go to Dr. Hardy if he gets bitten. If you are friends with Hardy, it is free. If not, it will cost 6,000 G. If you do not have enough you will have to pay off the dept. This may not work on the first attempt.
Saul Hayden.

Hint: Keep dog from being bad:
In Year 2 when you get the cat it will eat out of the dog bowl. Make sure your dog also eats or he will eat your animals, bite your son, and bite you.

Hint: Get a goat:
Starting in the second year, you can buy a goat from Van. It will give milk once per day for a full season, then it will stop. You can sell the goat milk for 115 G or make goat cheese and butter. The goat cheese and butter sell for 155 G and 150 G. However, you cannot sell the goat.

Hint: Get a horse:
During the first summer of The Beginning, somewhere around Summer 8 Takura will give you the horse. He says that you ordered it, then finds out that you did not order it.

Do not order or ship anything through spring and summer and you will get your horse on summer first.
Saul Hayden.

Hint: Calling horse:
Press R(2) to calls you horse from anywhere outside to you.

Hint: Calm angry horse:
You can tell if your horse is angry by hugging it. If a heart appears above its head, it is happy. If it snorts, it is angry. Give it an apple a day for several days and its mood will improve.

Hint: Animal deaths:
Your animals will die if you keep them in the rain or do not feed them. Soon, your animal will need the "Animal Medicine". If you do not give it the Animal Medicine, it will die.
Ashley Atkinson.

Hint: Wake animals:
To wake up your animals whenever you want, just push them from their head until they turn around. The animal should awaken after it turns.
Tom Diamond.

Hint: Cow pregnancy:
You should get your cow pregnant when it has been producing B type milk, or when it stops giving milk. If it is the first year, do not buy a bull. Use a different bull. In Year 2 or later, buy a bull.

Hint: Getting your cows to give you milk:
After a year, your cow will stop giving milk. If this happens, impregnate your cow using the "Miracle Potion". It will take thirty days, but after this is done you will get Mama's Milk and she will start giving milk again.

Hint: Chinese checkers mini-game:
If you enter Kassey's house when one of them is there you can sometimes play a mini game that is similar to Chinese checkers.

Hint: Tombstone washer mini-game:
In Chapter 2, go to Nina's grave at 6:30 a.m. and talk to Garen. You can play the tombstone washer mini game.

Hint: Tartan:
Walk into Takakura's house 5:00 to 10:00. You must be friends with him and he must be in there. Tartan is a talking plant.
tanmlep bayuc tsegeshm ltgpGokujrgoten.

Once you get to Chapter 2 Happy Birthday, you go through two years instead of one. When you get to this chapter, then play the year until Spring 1. Then in the fall on the third day, find Takakura at 5:00 a.m. Befriend him by giving him foods you made. Note: Do not give him any crops because he will not accept them. Befriend him, then on the fifth day in the Fall make sure he does not live. When it is 5:30 p.m. he will walk into his house. Follow him and the intermission sequence with Tartan will start. Make sure do it on your first attempt or you will not be able to get him.
adrian johnson.

Hint: Golden Eggs:
Let out your chickens or ducks every day that the weather is nice. Press A to pick them up then press Y to love them. You must love them every day. Eventually (less than one season), you will start to get golden eggs. Do not put your golden eggs in the Dairy Shipping Bin for Takakura to buy. He will only give you 300G. Instead, wait for Van to come to town and sell them to him. He to will offer you 300G and ask if that price is okay. Answer "No" and he will offer you a larger sum of 360G then ask if that is okay. Tell him "I'll take it".

To get a Golden Egg from your chicken, take it out whenever the weather is nice. When the weather is bad, put it back inside. When you pick your chicken up, make sure that you give it some love. Keep doing it every day and at the end of the season or even before, your chicken will start laying Golden Eggs. If you want to keep getting Golden Eggs, continue to give your chicken some love.
Terry Smith.

Hint: Golden Wool or White Wool:
To get Golden Wool or White Wool, let your sheep outside then push them by the water trough. Use the brush you can buy from Van and press Y to wash them. Then, cut their wool with the clippers.

Use the following trick to get Golden Wool and eggs more often. Love your sheep, chickens and ducks every day. Press Y when in front of the animal and the heart symbol appears in the top right corner. When it is time to sheer the sheep, give it some extra head rubs and wash it before you cut the wool off. It is possible to get Golden Wool every season from your sheep and at least one golden egg per season.

If you want Golden Wool, every time you sheer your sheep wash it two times quickly. Then, take the wool sheers or electric clippers you ordered from Takukura and sheer it very quickly. If it does not work you may not have done it fast enough.

Hint: Easy money:
Buy a Seed Mixer and put in any of the fruit from tree crops. Sell the seeds instead of the fruit to make lots more money. For example, grapes sell for about 35 G each but the seeds are worth 450 G each.

Get a Seed Mixer from the order sheet or befriend Daryl the scientist. Get one of each tree from Vesta and plant it. When the tree is giving fruit, put all of it in the Seed Mixer. When the fruit turns to seeds sell them to Van. After all the fruit is gone from all five trees and you have turned them into seeds and have sold them you will have enough money to buy a food processing room and a milking room. Note: Daryl likes coins from the dig.

Around the middle of Chapters 1, 2 or 3 you can buy a Seed Maker. Get at least one tree seed from Vesta Farm and plant it in your fields. The most fertile place would be a good location. After the tree has grown, flowers, and makes fruit, take the grown fruit and put it in the Seed Maker. Leave it for three games days. When you return, the Seed Maker will have seeds. Sell the seeds to Van to get a large amount of money. You can also do this to other vegetables and fruits and not have to buy seeds from the farm, which will cut back on the seeds that you buy every season. The Seed Maker will give you two seeds for every vegetable or fruit you put in. For example, if you put one peach in the Seed Maker you will get two peach seeds. Note: You can put a total of twelve vegetables or fruit in the Seed Maker.

This trick requires the Ruby Spice from Ruby. Go to your kitchen and choose any type of food (salad, soup, desserts) and use only one Ruby Spice. You will get another Ruby Spice. Repeat this process until you have 99 of them. Remember to keep one somewhere so you can keep doing this. Each Ruby Spice can be sold for 100 G.
Sepiria Higarashi.

Sell your Fodder to Van when he comes to town for 10 G.
Colt LeRoy.

Sell all of your Milk to Van and reject his first price. He should greatly increase his price. You can also do this with Golden Wool and Golden Eggs.
Dragonball Z.

If you make a mistake on a recipe and get a failed or unknown food, do not throw it away. Van will buy it for 5 G.

Feed your cow good fodder and the milk will eventually upgrade to Grade S.

To make pure profit from your crops, go to Vesta's Farm as usual and purchase the crops you desire. Pay special attention to the price she charges you. For example, if you buy 17 seeds of Crop "X" which equals 50 G a seed, the combined cost of all the crops you want is 850 G. Go back to your farm, harvest the crops, and wait. Once they turn ripe they can be bought for 935 G, for example. You have now already made a profit of 85 G. To totally cover the cost of the crops and pull in an even larger profit, cut your grass outside to make fodder until you have cut 94 of them. Each piece can be bought for 10 G. Sell them to Van, the overweight, red clad peddler that visits every so often. Sell the grass for 940 G. In conclusion, the combined price of the crops and the fodder you sold equals a combined selling value of 1875 G, for a 940 G profit.

First, buy some trees (Bananas sell for the most, then Peaches, Grapes, Apples and Oranges). Plant them in your most fertile field and water them everyday. Next, buy the Seed Maker, then get it, etc. Next, harvest the fruit from the trees (summer: Bananas, Peaches, and Oranges; fall: Grapes and Apples. Then, make them into seeds, etc. and sell to them Van. Orange seeds sell for 410 G, Peach seeds for 560 G, Gape seeds for 450 G, Banana seeds for 750 G, and Apple seeds for 410 G. Note: Only buy one seed of each kind of tree, plant them, and when it is time to harvest, keep about two or three seeds. One fruit equals two seeds.

Once you get the spice from Ruby, you can sell it for 100 G. Go in your kitchen and place the spice in the first spot, then cook it. Make sure that the spice is the only thing that you are cooking. Once you get 99 spices, go to your cabinet in your tool shed. Place 98 of them in there, so you can go back to your kitchen and get more. By doing this, when Van comes to town you can sell more of them and make more of a profit then 9800 G. This is one of the easiest ways to make money. Remember to always keep one spice so that you can repeat the trick.

At the start of game, buy a sheep and a wool shear. Get money by going to the excavation or collecting and selling flowers. After you get a high amount of money (2,000 G or more), buy at least one grape seed and ten fertilizer. Cultivate then get more money (6,000 G or more). If Daryl has not given you a seed maker, build one. Cultivate grapes then place them in the seed maker. Sell them to Van. You will receive 2,800 G or more, depending on the amount that you cultivate. Then, buy more trees. If your money is low, simply cultivate the grape seeds. Then, buy a light hoe and a big watering can. After that, get more money (selling seeds, wool, flowers, wild plants, and things from the excavation). Get 30,000 G and buy a food processing room. Continue selling until you get 40,000 G or more and buy a cow. Buy it good fodder (between 10 and 20). Give it one fodder and one good fodder two times every day. Brush, hug, and talk to them everyday until you get Grade S milk. Then, make butter and cheese to get a money (3,000 G or more). Plantt more trees and when you get the crop, place it in the seed maker. With this you can buy easy the other buildings.
brig taylorx2.

At the beginning of the first year, buy a banana tree. Then, wait till the banana tree grows .Note: You a must have Seed Maker. Collect bananas and put them in the Seed Maker. If you sell them to Van, you will get 750 G per seed. Keep one and grow another one.

If you wake up at about 2:00 a.m. with nothing to do, collect flowers, mugworts, and anything else you can find. Sell them to Van when he arrives, but keep some for your crush. Do this until you can milk the cow. Then, put away the milk unless you want to open a stand and sell it. Then, go to whoever you want to marry and give flowers, crops, big huchep, and whatever they like. Then, go fishing until about four. Then, go home and milk the cow. If you have chickens, do not get any roosters unless you want chicks. The hens will then lay many eggs and you can sell them.

Note: Use a sickle to cut your grass if you do not have much Fodder. Go to your barn and get some Fodder out. Put it in your bag. Repeat this until you have 99 in your bag. You do not have to get all 99 at the same time. After you have 99 Fodder with you and cannot get more, put all of it on the shelf inside the tool house. Then, fill your bag again. Once you have 99 pieces of Fodder on your shelf and in your bag, wait for Van to come out. Sell him all the Fodder with you. Afterwards, get the Fodder on your shelf and sell that to him as well. You will make a profit of 1980 G.
hayden camp.

Go to your fodder bin located inside the barn. When it is full (read the clipboard next to the bin to make sure it is at 999), take out 99 Fodder. Sell them to Van. He will buy them for 10 G each.
Austin G.

Collect 120 flowers and give them all to Van the salesman. He will give you 1,000 G.

Keep 99 Fodder in your cabinet and 99 Fodder in your bag. When Van arrives in town, grab another Fodder from your bin and carry it with you all the way to Van. Sell all 100 Fodders for 10 G each to get 1000 G, then go home and take the 99 Fodder out of your cabinet to do the trick again. It requires about 2.5 game hours to get each 99 Fodders, but in the long run it is worth it. Also, Fodder is free.

This trick requires Tartan and a Seed Maker. One of the quickest ways to make money is through trees. If you have a little bit of gold at your disposal, start by buying banana seeds (although any tree seed will work). Take any crop to Tartan and hybrid it with an Upseed, then a Gemsoil, and finally a Happy Lamp. The result should be an S-ranked crop that can be planted in any soil and in any season. Take the banana tree seed and hybrid it with the "Super Crop" (banana must be on the left). You now have a "Super Tree". After that tree is planted and you have the fruit from it, put them into the Seed Maker and sell the "Super Seeds" that are produced.

Hint: Easy items:
To get free items like a Strange Sickle and a Tumtum, go to the hippy/song writer's house at night. This will only work slightly after midnight.
Bob Fife Jr.

Hint: More tools:
If you become good friends with Vesta (give her flowers everyday) then look for her in her storage room, she will eventually give you the weird hoe. Also, if you become good friends with Dr. Hardy (he likes coins from the dig site) and enter his house when he moves to town, he will give you the weird sickle. Give flowers to Gustafa everyday and when you can enter his house, if he is friends with you he will give you a strange sickle. Also become friends with Sabrina, Kate, and/or Grant (your friendship with one will eventually rub off onto the rest of the family). Grant will give you an alarm clock to help get you up in the morning. Kate and Sabrina both like flowers. Finally if you become friends with Romona, Subastian and Lumina, (Romona and Lumina like flowers and Subastian likes old coins, gold ones only and eggs), Romona will eventually give you a wooden watering can. You can use the tools or just collect them. They are a symbol of friendship with these people.

Hint: Free Seed Maker:
Befriend Daryl (the scientist) and wait until you see his trap #2 for catching the monster. When it fails, go to his house. When you enter his house you will see an intermission sequence with him talking about the Seed Maker. He will give you one when he is done talking.
lil zee.

Befriend Daryl, the crazy scientist. To become friends with him, give him Eggs, Light Pickles, Tomamelo Salad, or fish. His favorites are Big Snelt and Nyamame. Then on Year 2, Summer 7, at 7:40, walk into his house. This will trigger an intermission sequence in which he is mad because someone is stealing his inventions like the Seed Maker. This does not work if you order the Seed Maker from Takakura's order form. To prove to you that his is the best and original, Daryl will give you a free one. If the first time you enter the intermission sequence not trigger, leave and reenter immediately. If it has not worked by 8:00, then try again the next day.
Gamer Slinky.

After befriending Daryl, go into his house any day from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. The first intermission sequence will start about using lightning to power the city. Note: This scene might only work if it is raining. Do this again the next day or any day afterwards. Another scene will start about powering the city with solar power. The next day, go to his house at the same time and he will give you the Seedmaker.
monie mac.

Hint: Level S seeds:
This trick requires almost a year of patience, depending on where you are in the game. Wait until you have the Talking, Hybridizing plant Tartan. Once you have him, find the seed you want to be "super". It can be a hybrid or normal crop). Then, gather the vast quantities of the following flowers in the corresponding seasons: Happy Lamp (Summer), Gemsoil (Fall), and Upseed (Winter). Once you have all of them, go to Tartan with the "super" seed to be. One at a time, combine the seed with one of each flower. Once each flower is combined, stop hybridizing and press Start. Highlight the seed and press the "Help" button. The seed is now level S, can be grown in any soil, in any season, and thus a "super" seed.

Hint: Always have healthy seeds and plants:
If you are having trouble planting seeds and keeping them alive in the correct seasons you are probably planting them next to a tree of some type. Plant seeds one diagonal square away from a tree and water it twice a day until it can be harvested. You will have a type A or B seed by planting it this way.

Hint: No more tree watering:
Once you get your tree fully grown up but not flowered, you never have to water it again.

Hint: Heartbreaker:
If you are having a difficult time getting Nami to fall for you, consider taking the roundabout approach. Break Muffy and Celia's hearts by proposals to them. Show Muffy and Celia the Blue Feather. When they ask "Are you serious?" say "No." By the end of the first chapter, Nami's affection should be high enough that you can propose to her.

Hint: Ruby's Spice:
To get Ruby's Spice, give her crops that you grow (she really likes potatoes). If you give her enough, she will look at you when you go by. Wait until she goes inside the inn, then go into the inn's kitchen. You can now get Ruby's Spice.

Hint: Strange Hoe:
To get the Strange Hoe you must befriend Tim the hotel manger. He likes fruits.
Jared Ceklosky.

Hint: Tartan:
You can get Tartan by walking into Takura's house in the Winter at about 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. in Chapter 2 and later. Note: Save the game before doing this.
Cheynan Maynard.

Hint: Wool Clipper:
Become friends with Wally in Chapter 2. When you go into his house, he will give you a Wool Clipper.
Judy Truong.

Hint: Monster sighting:
Go into your house before 9:00 p.m. Wait until 9:45 p.m. and walk out of your house. This should start an intermission sequence where you will see Daryl walking into the woods toward the spring to find the monster that has been seen lately. The monsters name will be Mukumuku. Note: You may have to be friends with Daryl for this to work.
Debra Fenby.

Hint: Harvest Spirit:
In Spring of Chapter 3, go to the pond at 11:30. There will be a scene about getting the Harvest Spirit to come to the Spring.

Hint: Fishing:
Do not go fishing with a empty stomach.

To make a fish bite faster, press R + L quickly. After doing this for a while and if a fish does not bite, stop for a while. Note: This may not work every time.
a.j. fisler.

Hint: Expensive fish:
If you watch the television in your room at the end of Year 1 or the beginning of Year 2 you will see an episode of the fishing channel. It will say that there is an extremely rare fish in the Forget-Me-Not Valley called the Big Arna. If you go to the spring, fish at exactly 6:00 am and stay there for two days straight. You will catch a Big Arna. It is worth 800G each.
Whitney Wylie.

Hint: Good fishing site:
To catch good fish, go to the dig site and fish as close to the waterfall as you can. If you are trying to win Muffy's heart, she likes Big Huchep and that is the best place for that and other rare fish. Note: She will not accept a regular Huchep.
Goat Girl 51094.

Hint: Gold Fishing Pole:
Befriend Galen and he will give you the fishing pole. You can fish in Turtle Swamp.
Goat Girl 51094.

Befriend Galen in the first year. In the second year, follow the doctor around until he goes into Galen's house (the one south of Vesta's farm). Talk to Galen and say "Yes" to when he asks if you like fishing. He will give you the Fishing Rod G.
sue sharp.

Hint: Weird sickle:
Go to Hardy's house at about 10:30. You must befriend him to do this. An intermission sequence will begin, and he will give you a weird sickle. Note: This may not work on the first try.
Jade V.

Hint: Strange utensils:
Strange utensils are very heavy. It is best to just collect them and not use them. Using them wastes energy and you will get dizzy often, costing time.

Hint: Planting crops:
Use the following trick if you have a hard time planting with the watering can. Use the watering can with the faucet by the chicken coop. It will help you by spraying water instead of drops.
Jared Ceklosky.

Plant your crops corner to corner of each other or one might block the sun from another one.
Saul Hayden.

Hint: Piano practice:
If you walk into Romana's Villa around 10:30 a.m., you should start an intermission sequence that shows Lumina playing the piano and Romana telling her to "Play more freely" She will then stop and she will talk to you. You will then be given a choice of what to say to her. If you tell her "That's OK, have fun", she will tell you a story and you will be friends or become better friends with her.
Debra Fenby.

Hint: Milk drinking contest:
When you go into the Inner Inn and Rock and Tim are in the main room, go over to Rock. He will ask to have a milk drinking contest. Try going there on Spring the 9th at about 2:30.
Tori Co.

In the Chapter 2, when Grant (Kate's dad) moves into town, he will sometimes be in the Inn on rainy days. If you are good friends with him, he will challenge you to a milk drinking contest. All you have to do is keep pressing A to win. If you win, nothing will happen.

Hint: Get more things at Carter's dig:
After you dig all of the gray, go back and dig in the normal dirt. You may get more things. After you dig the dirt again for the second time, Carter will make you stop.

Hint: Box from the beach:
When you are married to Celia, sometime in the third chapter (about Spring the 3rd), at about 5 or 6 in the morning, go into your son's room. He will be lying on the floor by a box. Ask what the box is and he will say he found it on the beach. Say that it is cool and he will get all excited that you also liked it. He will then tell you that there is a secret code on the side. If you answer "It says Fragile," he will say "Wow! Cool! You know how to tell what codes are!? Your like a spy!". This may make him look up to you, or at least like you.
Tori Co.

Hint: Quick rest:
Select the "Diary" option and choose to go to sleep. Save the game when asked, then reset the Gamecube. Load that saved game file to resume just before the time you went to sleep, but fully rested.

Hint: Prevent offending girl:
If you offend a girl whom you want to marry, it will take longer to get a heart. To prevent this, when you do one of the intermission sequences with the girl, she will talk to you and you will have to respond. There are two responses that you can choose from. One of them is good, and the other is a bad choice. If you choose a bad response, wait until the sequence is over and reset the Gamecube. You should wake up to the same day as the intermission sequence, and can do the same thing that you did before to get the sequence. This time, make a good choice for the response.
Keira Campbell.

Hint: Child types:
Nami will have a quiet child. He will be anything that is not social. Celia's child will be down-to-earth. He will most likely be a farmer with you. Muffy's child will be giggly. He will most likely be a salesman. Nami's child will be dressed in all light blue. Celia's child will be all green. Muffy's child will be in blue overalls, a red shirt, and a hat with blue stripes.

Hint: Child career interest signs:
There are some signs that indicate whether your son is interested in a certain career. Most of these signs occur in Chapter 3 or later.
Mr. MG Green.

Artist: Your son will have fireworks from the pyrotechnics in his room. He will mention Cody in his diary entries. He will go to Cody's house very often and stand there for a while. He will occasionally go to the pile of rocks next to Galen's house. He will have a book about colors in his room.
Athlete: Your son will have weights in his room. He will mention Wally or Hugh when he talks to you. He will sometimes run around in a certain room.
Farmer: Your son will mostly stay around your farm. He will ask you if you like farm work. He will mention Vesta when he talks to you. He will have the book "Plants by the Sea" in his room. To make your child interested in being a farmer, as a toddler, show your son animals, crops, and the calf hutch. He will soon become very interested. As a tween, look in his bookcase and focus on title. This shows his interests. His diary is also important. Focus on his models.
Musician: Will mention Gustafa when he talks to you. In Chapter 2, he will ask if you can sing. He will accept the drums from Gustafa. He will accept the Music Sheet from Lumina. He will occasionally visit Gustafa's Yurt.
Rancher: He will stay around your farm and rarely leave it. He will say "Animals are so cute". He can often be seen in the barn or pasture. He will have the book "I Love Pets" in his room.
Scholar: He will mention Daryl and Carter when he talks to you. He will accept artifacts from the dig. He will accept the necklace from Flora. He will say "It's amazing how things can endure for so long" when shown an artifact.

Hint: Characters:

Carter: An archeologist that you can help dig things.
Cassy: Makes fireworks with his twin brother, Patrick.
Celia: Loves animals. You can marry her. Like Muffy, she loves flowers.
Chris: A cheerful, hard-working, woman. She is married to Wally.
Cody: A great artist. He lives in a trailer. Very buff.
Dr. Hardy: Looks after Romana, Galen, and Nina; and gives advice.
E. Daryl: A scientist who is researching a creature that lives in the spring.
Flora: Lives with and helps Carter out with the digging.
Galen: A very old man. He is married to Nina.
Griffin: Owner and drink-maker at the Blue Bar. Plays guitar sometimes.
Gustafa: Loves to play the guitar. He plays it mostly at night.
Hugh: Chris and Wally's son. Works out with his dad. He grows up during the game.
Lumina: Romana's granddaughter. Too young to marry. She is very sweet. Plays the piano.
Marlin: Vesta's brother. Loves doing hard work. Also takes care of Celia.
Muffy: Works at Blue Bar. You can marry her. She loves flowers.
Murrey: A very poor man. He steals a lot of things.
Nami: Stays at Inner Inn. You can marry her. If you do not, she will leave.
Nina: A very old lady. She is married to Galen. She dies in Chapter 2.
Patrick: Makes fireworks with his twin brother, Cassy.
Rock: Tim and Ruby's son. He stays at Inner Inn. You can find him at the beach alot.
Romana: An old lady that lives in a huge mansion with her granddaughter, Lumina. Gives you a cat.
Ruby: Other co-owner of Inner Inn. A great chef and Tim's wife. Goes to Mineral Town a lot.
Sebastian: Romana and Lumina's butler. He is treated like family.
Takakura: A big help on the farm. Used to be father's best friend.
Tim: Co-owner of Inner Inn. He enjoys sampling food. Ruby's husband.
Van: Buys and sells items next to the Inner Inn. Sells a goat in Springs.
Vesta: A great farmer. She takes care of Celia. She also has a big farm.
Wally: A man who loves to work out and jog. He is married to Chris.

Hint: Likes and dislikes:
The following is a list of items that various characters like and dislike.
Gamer Slinky.

Celia: Flowers, Moon Stones, crops.
Chris: Milk and fruit flowers.
Daryl: Big Snelt, Nyamame, Light Pickles, Tomamelo Salad, and eggs. He dislikes milk.
Galen: Almost all fish.
Muffy: Flowers, Moon Stones, shiny items (for example, coins from the Dig Site).
Murrey: Fodder, Wool.
Nami: Trick Blue flowers (only grow in fall), Curry, Fossils and Clay Statues from Dig Site, and crops.
Nina: Produce, fruit, and flowers.
Tim: Colombo (fish in Turtle Swamp).
Wally: Produce (especially Goat Milk).

Hint: Daryl: Short intermission sequences:
Befriend Daryl by giving him fish for lots of short intermission sequences. Once you are friends, go to his house at about 12 p.m. You can watch him do experiments. Go to his house whenever you can to watch him do more experiments (and fail, of course). On one of those days, he will eventually give you a free Seed Maker, worth 6, 000 gold.
Angelic Angie.

Hint: Galen:
If you want to be Galen's friend you should do it in Chapter 1. After Nina dies, he does not like talking to anyone... He likes oranges and loves fish.

If you were not friends with Galen in Chapter 1, the only things he will say in Chapters 2 and later are "Oh, if it isn't you....," and "........Would you just leave me alone for now?" To make him happy again, open up your stand as he is walking by. When he stops to buy something, talk to him and always give him a discount. After you give him a discount for a few items, talk to him again. He should say more friendly things. At this point, give him a fish or two and he should like you now. Once you are friends, go to his house at about 10:00 a.m. and talk to him. If he asks if you like to fish, say "Yes". He will then give you the Fishing Rod.
Mr. MG Green.

Hint: Lumina: Get sheet music from her:
In the the third chapter, or perhaps sooner, you can get an item from Lumina. If you talk to her when she goes to her room, usually after piano practice and you are friends with her, she will give you some sheet music. She says that she cannot read it and that she wants you to have it. If you show it to Griifen or Gustafa, they will inform you that it is guitar music, and not piano music. However, they are also unable to play it.
Sean Lins.

Hint: Muffy: Get a Heart from her:
To get a heart from Muffy, give her a flower. When she says "A gift for me?" You must answer from a set of responses. Choose, "If you want it" to get a Heart.

You could skip the whole flower and fish thing but it is not recommended. Go to the Blue Bar at about 9 a.m. Go in the back room. Go to Muffy. Give her a flower or a big Huchep. Keep talking then she will say "Can I help you?" Respond with "I came to see you". Repeat this for five days then look in her diary in the Blue Bars plant/flower in the front room.
Ana Franco.

An easy way to get two Hearts from Muffy is to enter the bar as soon as it opens (at 10:00 a.m.). Give her three gifts (for example, a flower, a coin, and some milk). Do this for five days and she should have a second heart. Note: If you keep trying to give her the Blue Feather she will lose a Heart.

Hint: Murrey: No food taken by him:
On Spring 1, Year 2 (your marriage date), Murrey will go around taking the food from houses (including yours). To keep your food safe, just take it in your sack. You will still have it in the oncoming year. Then, just put it back into the food storage (or wherever else).
AJ Goehring.

Hint: Murrey: Befriending:
To befriend Murrey put something cheap, such as a bottle of "B Quality milk", in your food storage. Visit it everyday so that you know when the next step is coming. He will be caught with your milk. He will beg for it. Because you do not care, just let him have it. He will be pleased. Do the same thing on your wedding date. Also when going towards the area with the Villa and the Bar, look for Murrey near the garden at about 1 o'clock. He will be on a mat. He pleads, "Please! Help me get back to PoPo Valley!" Give him 50G so that you do not lose lots of money, but still keep him satisfied. Murrey's donation chart:

1G: A bit depressed
50G: Happy
100G: Thrilled

Note: After this, instead of saying things about the weather, he will say things about his hometown, PoPo Valley. Also, he will stop looking in your food storage.

Hint: Nami: Winning her affections:
Do not waste precious produce by giving Nami things you have grown on your farm such as tomatoes and melons. Although she will accept them, she just gives them away to Ruby. Instead, make her something to eat. For example, Tomato + Melon = Tommamelo Salad and Strawberry + Watermelon + Tomato = Fruit Salad. Give her one every day if you can. Nami also likes artifacts from the dig site, particularly Skull Fossils. Do not sell these; instead save and give them to Nami. Also, pick as many Trick Blue Flowers in the Fall as possible. Give her one each day as they are her favorite flower, and the only type she will accept. Note: You can only give her the flower or the artifact each day. If you have given her one already (for example, a flower), if you offer her the other (for example, the fossil), she will just say you have got something weird. Furthermore, do not pester her -- it will only lower her affection for you. Just visit her each day and give her the salad and flower/artifact. Check her diary in her bedroom to find out how many hearts she has for you. She goes to bed at strange times -- you must follow her until she goes into the Inners Inn.
Melissa Rose.

Nami accepts: Human Statues and Old Fossils from the Dig Site. She does not like any flowers except for Trick Blue and Gemsoil. She stays up very late -- wait by fishing until 12 to 1 a.m. to check her diary. She actually smiles when you make her a Tomomelo Salad (Tomato + Melon) -- try giving her that once in a while. If you give her at least one of these gifts everyday, her diary should be full of hearts by Summer 10th. In the short intermission sequence where you go to pick up Nami to live with you, Takakura will say "When <your name> married Nami, the farm wasn't in good shape, but..." Note that he says the farm is in good shape if you marry Celia or Muffy.
Angelic Angie.

If you are having trouble with Nami, in spring of the first year give her skulls or statues from the Dig Site (up from Vesta's farm near a fountain). Also plant tomatoes. Do not eat them or give them away. Plant as many as you can. In the summer, continue to give her items from the Dig Site, but also plant melons. When they are grown, go to your kitchen and select "Salad". Choose one melon and one Tomato tp make a Tomelo Salad. Make as many of these as you can. Give Nami something from the Dig Site and a Tamelo Salad each day. Do not do anything else or it will lower her affection. Do not propose until you know she has four hearts. To check this, go into her room when she is there. To get in her room you must get up early and wait, or follow her until she goes in at night, and look at her diary. She is very nice when you marry her, and her child wears fully blue clothes. She also brings a light blue bed spread and a grey mat.

Hint: Nami: Returns:
In order to get this scene you must be in your second year and not be married to Nami. Enter the blue bar after Patrick. This should trigger the scene. Note: This may not work on the first try.

Hint: Nina: See her ghost:
After Nina's (Galen's wife's) death, Galen will be seen moping around town. If you see him by her tombstone, talk to him. He will ask if you want to polish her grave. Answer "Yes." After you are done, look carefully and you may be able to see the ghost of Nina.

Hint: Romana: Picture event:
In Spring of Chapter 3, go inside Romana's mansion and you may trigger this event. Romana will be talking to Van about things that he can have from her house. Romana says that he can have anything except for the picture on the wall. This leads Van to want to buy the picture, but Romana will not let him. After Van leaves, Lumina will come downstairs and says that she heard Van talking about the picture. She tells Romana that she loves it, and not to sell it. Then, Romana leaves and Lumina apologizes to you about everything. While you are talking, Sebastian arrives and asks Lumina to talk to him. When Lumina and Sebastian are upstairs, Lumina asks a favor of Sebastian. Sebastian then comes back downstairs and says that he has to leave. You then can either select "Go After" or "Forget about it". Choose "Go After" and you will follow Sebastian to the Spring, where you will see Mukumuku. Sebastian then attacks Mukumuku, saying that he wanted to get a nice paintbrush for Lumina.
Mr. MG Green.

Hint: Rock: Quick sleep:
Rock, the man wearing a blue jacket and a necklace with a peace symbol, will go to sleep very late. However if you try to follow him into the inn, even if you are moments apart, he will always be instantly asleep.

Hint: Takakura: Recipe:
A Turnip, Carrot, and any kind of Fish makes a good soup.
Goat Girl 51094.

Hint: Van: Matkins diet:
Before Van sets up shop, he usually visits the Inner Inn. Tim, Ruby, and Rock live there. Enter when Van is inside for a short intermission sequence. He will be telling Tim the results of the Matkins Diet Romana suggested. He will boast that he is now 150 pounds. You can either choose to say "The scale only goes up to 150." or "Congratulations!". He will be in there at about 10:30 a.m. Whenever you see Van going in the Inner Inn any time in the future, follow him inside for another, different, intermission sequence.
Angelic Angie.

Hint: Gifts for the girls:
Note: If you give the girl you want to marry food that you cooked, make sure that it is not a dish that came out wrong. They will not like it and it will lower there affection for you. This is especially true if you are going after Nami.

Celia (Girl who works at Vesta Farm): Any flower, your cooking, crops you grew, any kind of fish.
Muffy (Blond girl who works at the Blue Bar): Any kind of flower, your cooking, crops you grew.
Nami (Red-haired girl staying at the Ninner Inn where Tim Ruby and Rock live): Fossils and clay statues from the mine, your cooking, crops you grew, Trick Blue flowers (they grow only in Fall).

You can get married to Nami, Celia, or Muffy. If you do not give gifts to either of them in Chapter 1, than Celia will tell you she loves you. If you propose, you will go to the next part of the game. If you turn her down, the game will be over.

Hint: Whining baby:
When you first get married and have a baby, he goes to bed at 9:00 p.m. Talk to him before 9:00 p.m. until he says "Carry me". Then, pick him up and do not put him down. At 9:00 p.m. your wife will tell your son to go to bed and he will start whining.
west side.

Hint: Baby gets punished:
Take your baby in the village when it is bedtime. Your wife will appear and take the baby with her. Your baby will be punished.
daniel willemstein.

Hint: Son changes mind:
If you carry your son (in the way that allows you to walk) he will eventually scream "Nooooooooooooo! down!". put him down and talk to him. He will usually say "Cawwy me daddy!", even though just a moment ago he wanted to be set down.

Hint: Change chicken gender:
Note: This trick only works for a hatching chicken. Do not save the game until you get the gender of chicken that you want. After the chick hatches, reset or turn off the Gamecube. The chick might change to male or female. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Hint: Chickens fighting:
Buy a male and female chicken at the same time. In the coop, hold one of the chickens over the other. The other one will get mad and try to attack the chicken that you are holding.
Loran Elton.

Hint: Save time with chickens or ducks:
When putting your chickens or ducks outside, do not put them in the fenced area. This will just take longer, as you must jump over the fence twice per chicken or duck and find them. You might also lose one of you birds. Instead of risking this, just put your birds outside the coop. Do not worry about them running away, as will not do that (not even if you try to walk off your farm while holding one).

Hint: Eggs:
When your hen lays an egg, the next day it will not lay an egg.

Hint: Checking the weather:
Usually the weather forecast on television is wrong, except for the man with a hat. It is easier to press Z and look at the sky. If it is cloudy, then move your animals inside. If not, move them outside.

Hint: Change weather:
If it is raining or there is a hurricane, enter the mine and dig. After you are done, the rain or hurricane will be over.

Keep turning your television on and off while on the weather channel. Stop when the weather that you want appears.

Hint: Checking friends:
You can tell if you are friends with a person when they look at you as you or they walk by.
Tom Diamond.

Hint: Starry Night Festival:
In the middle of winter in Chapter 2, go to Gustafa's Yurt between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. You should trigger an event where Gustafa plays his guitar for a small crowd, including you. If you look behind the tree, you should be able to see Mukumuku. While Gustafa is playing, the camera shows the stars and moon. The exact date and time differs from year to year -- try to get the event on the 4th, 5th, or 6th.
Mr. MG Green.

Hint: Get to Year 2 faster:
In the first year, when you get up in the morning, milk the cow (7 a.m. to 11 a.m.). At noon, go to the girl you want to impress. Give her a gift and return to your farm. At about 4 p.m., milk the cow if desired and go to sleep. Repeat this until Year 2 and give the Blue Feather when you see four hearts. Do not buy any chickens, sheep, or cattle until Year 2, as it is a waste of time.

Hint: Do not waste stamina:
When trying to get around your town, go in front of somebody walking. Make sure you know where they are going by studying them. They will push you to where they are going. To stay in front of the them without being pushed aside, use the Analog-stick to move left and right. By doing this, you are most likely not to be hungry or dizzy as much. Note: This also works on your farm with your spouse, Daryl, your son, or Takakura. No animals can push you.

Hint: Turn off alarm:
When you get an alarm and do not want to listen to it go off, press any button to make it to stop ringing.

Hint: Different responses:
Try showing your Milker and Heavy Hoe to everyone in town. For example, show your Milker to Vesta (the woman who lives on the farm). Also try showing these items to the three girls that you can marry.

Hint: Different whistle tones:
There are two types of whistle tones. On is a flat tone and the other is two tone. If you press R once you get a single tone. Press R(2) to get a two toned whistle.

Pressing R will call your dog, but it will only come if you are on the farm. You can even call him into the pasture.
Catherine Cahoon.

Pressing R(2) calls your horse. You can call your horse from any location to any other location, except for inside. For example, your horse could be inside the barn while you are walking around the town. Press R(2) and you can call it to your location.
Catherine Cahoon.

Hint: Attracting customers:
When you have set up your shop to sell the items you have collected to the townspeople, press R to whistle. You will attract customers to your shop.
Whitney Wylie.

Hint: Different room:
When you choose your wife, she will bring a certain kind of blanket and rug with her. Muffy brings a gray mat and a pink bed, while Celia brings a white blanket with blue trim and a matching mat.

Hint: Career paths:
Your son's career choices will be: an athlete with Wally, a scientist with Daryl, an artist with Cody, a farmer with you, an archaeologist with Carter, and a musician with Gustafa. Note: You must be friends with them to get these careers.

Hint: Diary locations:

Celia's diary is the table in her bedroom. It is in Martin and Velma's house and up the stairs.
Muffy's diary is the colorful lamp in the corner of the Blue Bar.
Nami's diary is on one of the tables in her room in the Inner Inn. Note: Nami moves away if you do not marry her. If you visit the Blue Bar every night, you have a chance of getting her back. There will be dialogue between some people about Nami. Then, Nami will barge in the bar.

Hint: Earliest date for your wives to move in:
Note: You must propose to somebody before Fall 10th.
Goat Girl 51094.

Nami: Fall 1st. You must propose to her before Summer 10th for this to work, otherwise you have until Fall 10 to propose.
Ceilia: Spring 1st. You must propose to her before Fall 10th.
Muffy: Winter 1st. Must propose on before Fall 10th first.

Hint: Wake up times:
Eduardo Marban.

Wally's family: 6:00 a.m.
Grant's family: 6:00 a.m.
Blue Bar: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Takakura: 5:00 a.m.
Celia (if wife): 6:00 a.m.
Son: 6:00 a.m.
Pyrotecnitions: 7:00 a.m.
Gustafa: 9:00 a.m.

Hint: Recipes:
Note: RT# indicate second generation hybrid trees.

Earth Soup: Potato and Carrot
Fish Stew: Carrot/Turnip, Potato, and Fish
Stew: Potato, Carrot, and Milk
Yam Soup: Sweet Potato
Tomatoma Soup: Carrot and Tomato
Good Soup: Turnip and Bashota and Fish
Light Pickles: Turnip
Tomamelo: Tomato and Melon
Marinade: Turnip, Mugwort, and Fish
Tomacarro: Carrot and Tomato
Fruit Salad: Tomato, any fruit, and any other fruit
Good Pickles: Trady and Cady
Pickles: Cabber
Red Salad: Tomato, Trady, and Tomaca
Potemelo: Potemelo and Fish
Mellow Salad: Melotoma, Dhilon, and RT #2
Hors d'oeuvres
Melon Pie: Melon, Egg, and Butter
Strawberry Pie: Strawberry, Egg, and Butter
Grape Pie: Grape, Egg, and Butter
Sashimi: Fish
Sashimi S: Fish and a different fish
Fried Mushrooms: Tomato, Mushroom, and Butter
Smooth Veggies: Turnip, Carrot, and Potato
Tempura: Sweet Potato, Mushroom, and any herb
Red Hot Pie: Butter, Egg, and RT #6
Strawberry Cake: Strawberry, Egg, and Butter
Fruit Punch: Any fruit, any other second fruit, and any other third fruit
Ice Cream: Brown Milk and Star Milk
Pound Cake: Milk, Egg, and Butter
Carrot Cake: Carrot, Milk, and Egg
Rich Juice: Strawberry, Banana, and Star Milk
Kashry Ice Cream: Kashry, Brown Milk, and Star Milk
Veggie Cake: Tomato, Egg, and Milk
Cocktail: Berrytoma and Phuju
Sweet Cocktail: Oraphu and Gehju
Love Cocktail: Watermelon and Grapes
Phurum Jam: Phurum
Magenge Jam: Magenge
Peach Tart: Peach, Butter, and Egg
Dhibe Cake: Dhibe, Milk, and Egg
Grilled Yam: Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato, Butter, and Egg
Good Juice 1: Carrot/Tomato, any vegetable, and Orange/Apple/Grapes
Good Juice 2: 2 Different fruits and RT#5/RT#7
Pulp Tart: Butter, Egg, and RT#1
Sour Cocktail: Grapes, and RT#9
Tropical Punch: RT#4, RT#5, and RT#7
Curry: Carrot, Potato, and Ruby Spice
Mushroom Curry: Carrot, any mushroom, and Ruby Spice
Mushroom Gratin: Any mushroom, Milk, and Butter/Cheese
Omelette: Egg and Butter
Gratin: Milk, Butter, and Cheese
Meuniere Set: Butter and Fish

Hint: Recipe locations:
You can find recipes in these places:
Mr. MG Green.

Galen's house: next to Nina's picture.
Kate's room: Across from her dresser.
Gustafa's Yurt: Above the table.
Romana's Mansion: In the kitchen next to the refrigerator.
If you go to Takakura's house at night while he is there, he may tell you one of his recipes.

Hint: Fish prices:
Gamer Slinky.

Ama: 400G
Big Ama: 800G
Big Clombo: 40G
Big Huchep: 170G
Big Nyamame: 130G
Big Rainbob: 150G
Big Sharshark: 1200G
Big Snelt: 160G
Colombo: 20G
Garbage: 0G
Huchen: 90G
Huhep: 90G
Nyamame: 60G
Rainbob: 80G
Sharshark: 6000G
Snelt: 30G
Yamame: 60G

Hint: Hybrid crops:

Appage: Apple and Banana
Gehju: Banana and Grape
Jurjum: Grape and Peach
Lanmuge: Orange and Peach
Magenge: Orange and Banana
Magerum: Banana and Peach
Orahge: Orange and Grape
Oraphu: Apple and Orange
Phuju: Apple and Grape
Phurum: Apple and Peach

Hint: Crops and seasons:
Note: All other plants are for any season.
Saul Hayden.

Tomatoes: Spring- Fall.
Watermelon: Spring- Summer.
Melons: Summer- Fall.
Strawberries: Fall- Spring.
Turnips: Summer- Winter.
Potatoes: Winter- Spring.
Carrots: Fall- Winter.
Sweet Potatoes: Fall only.

Hint: Second generation hybrid trees:
Note: RTx is just a designation, as you can name them however desired.

RT1: Jurum and Phurum -- Jurum and Phuju -- Phurum and Phuju
RT2: Magerum and Orahge -- Gehju and Lanmuge -- Jurum and Magenge
RT3: Magenge and Oraphu -- Appage and Magenge -- Appage and Oraphu
RT4: Magerum and Magenge -- Magerum and Lanmuge -- Magange and Lanmuge
RT5: Magerum and Oraphu -- Appage and Lanmuge -- Phurum and Magenge
RT6: Gehju and Oraphu -- Appage and Lanmuge -- Phurum and Magenge
RT7: Magerum and Phuju -- Gehju and Phurum -- Jurum and Appage
RT8: Gehju and Jurum -- Gehju and Orahge -- Jurum and Orahge
RT9: Jurum and Oraphu -- Phurum and Orahge -- Phuju and Lanmuge

Hint: Hybrid Crops:

Hybrid combination Growing Seasons Growing Time
Tomato + Watermelon = GretomaSpring-Fall 8 days
Tomato + Strawberry = BerrytomaSpring-Fall 7 days
Tomato + Melon = MelotomaSpring-Fall 10 days
Tomato + Turnip = TradySpring-Fall 8 days
Tomato + Potato = TobatamaSpring-Fall 8 days
Tomato + Carrot = TomacaSpring-Fall 8 days
Tomato + Sweet Potato = YamatoSpring-Fall 7 days
Turnip + Potato = RaditaWinter-Spring 6 days
Turnip + Sweet Potato = KandyWinter-Summer 5 days
Turnip + Carrot = CadyWinter-Spring 7 days
Watermelon + Strawberry = BerryberSpring-Summer 9 days
Watermelon + Melon = MeloberSpring-Summer 8 days
Watermelon + Turnip = RaurySpring-Summer 9 days
Watermelon + Potato = BashberSpring-Summer 8 days
Watermelon + Sweet Potato = KashrySpring-Summer 8 days
Watermelon + Carrot = CabberSpring-Summer 9 days
Melon + TurnipDhilon = Summer-Fall 10 days
Melon + Potato = PotameloSummer-Fall 9 days
Melon + Carrot = CameloSummer-Fall 7 days
Melon + Sweet Potato = SholoSummer-Fall 7 days
Strawberry + Melon = BerrytoFall-Spring 8 days
Strawberry + Turnip = DhibeFall-Spring 5 days
Strawberry + Potato = PaberitaFall-Spring 8 days
Strawberry + Carrot = CaberrySpring-Fall 7 days
Strawberry + Sweet Potato = BerrytoFall-Spring 8 days
Carrot + SweetPotato = KanroSummer-Fall 6 days
Potato + Carrot = TataroWinter-Summer 8 days
Potato + Sweet Potato = BashotaWinter-Summer 6 days

Hint: Second generation hybrids:
Second Generation Hybrid #1
Grows in Spring only, takes 7 days to grow.
Melober and Raury
Melober and Cabber
Melober and Berryto
Raury and Cabber
Raury and Berryto
Cabber and Berryto
Second Generation Hybrid #2
Grows in Spring only, takes 6 days to grow.
Gretoma and Berryto
Berrytoma and Melober
Berryber and Melotoma
Second Generation Hybrid #3
Grows in Summer only, takes 7 days to grow, looks like a peanut.
Gretoma and Melotoma
Gretoma and Trady
Gretoma and Tomaca
Gretoma and Berrytoma
Melotoma and Trady
Melotoma and Tomaca
Melotoma and Berrytoma
Trady and Tomaca
Trady and Berrytoma
Tomaca and Berrytoma
Second Generation Hybrid #4
Grows in Fall only, takes 8 days to grow.
Dhilon and Camelo
Second Generation Hybrid #5
Grows in Summer only, takes 10 days to grow, it is an eggplant, and it will automatically water the eight spaces directly surrounding it when you water it.
Gretoma and Melober
Gretoma and Kashry
Gretoma and Bashber
Gretoma and Potamelo
Gretoma and Tobatama
Melober and Kashry
Melober and Bashber
Melober and Potamelo
Melober and Tobatama
Melotoma and Bashber
Melotoma and Potamelo
Kashry and Bashber
Second Generation Hybrid #6
Grows in Spring only, takes 7 days to grow.
Berryto and Dhibe
Second Generation Hybrid #7
Grows in Summer only, takes 7 days to grow.
Dhilon and Dhibe
Second Generation Hybrid #8
Grows in Fall only, takes 7 days to grow.
Dhilon and Caberry
Camelo and Dhibe
Berryto and Cady
Second Generation Hybrid #9
Grows in Winter only, takes 7 days to grow, looks like a whistle.
Cabber and Camelo
Cabber and Caberry
Camelo and Caberry
Second Generation Hybrid #10
Grows in Fall only, takes 6 days to grow, yellow light bulb plant.
Berryto and Dhibe
Berryto and Caberry
Second Generation Hybrid #11
Grows in Winter only, takes 6 days to grow, looks like a light bulb plant.
Berryto and Dhilon
Berryto and Camelo
Second Generation Hybrid #12
Grows in Spring only, takes 6 days to grow, also looks like light bulb.
Melotoma and Dhibe
Melotoma and Caberry
Berryto and Trady
Berryto and Tomaca
Berrytoma and Dhilon
Berrytoma and Camelo
Second Generation Hybrid #13
Grows in Summer only, takes 6 days to grow, also looks like a light bulb.
Melober and Dhibe
Melober and Caberry
Berryber and Dhilon
Berryber and Camelo
Berryto and Raury
Berryto and Cabber
Second Generation Hybrid #14
Grows in Spring only, takes 7 days to grow, looks like a radish.
Tataro and Tomaca
Tataro and Cabber
Tataro and Camelo
Tataro and Caberry
Tataro and Kanro
Cady and Tomaca
Cady and Cabber
Cady and Camelo
Cady and Caberry
Second Generation Hybrid #15
Grows in Summer only, takes 10 days to grow.
Kandy and Kanro
Kandy and Bashota
Second Generation Hybrid #16
Grows in Fall only, takes 8 days to grow.
Bashota and Bashber
Bashota and Potamelo
Bashota and Paberryta
Bashota and Tobatama
Bashota and Tataro
Paberryta and Bashber
Paberryta and Potamelo
Paberryta and Tobatama
Paberryta and Tataro
Tataro and Bashber
Tataro and Potamelo
Tataro and Tobatama
Bashber and Potamelo
Bashber and Tobatama
Potamelo and Tobatama
Second Generation Hybrid #17
Grows in Fall only, takes 9 days to grow.
Kanro and Tomaca
Kanro and Cabber
Kanro and Camelo
Kanro and Caberry
Tomaca and Cabber
Tomaca and Camelo
Tomaca and Caberry
Second Generation Hybrid #18
Grows in Summer only, takes 8 days to grow.
Kandy and Tataro
Cady and Bashota
Radita and Kanro
Second Generation Hybrid #19
Grows in Spring only, takes 8 days to grow.
Sholo and Potamelo
Cady and Tataro
Second Generation Hybrid #20
Grows in Fall only, takes 8 days to grow.
Kashry and Sholo
Kashry and Berryto
Kashry and Yamato
Sholo and Berryto
Sholo and Yamato
Yamato and Berryto
Second Generation Hybrid # 21
Grows in Winter only, takes 7 days to grow.
Kandy and Cady
Second Generation Hybrid #22
Grows in Spring only, takes 7 days to grow.
Radita and Kandy
Radita and Cady
Second Generation Hybrid #23
Grows in Summer only, takes 8 days to grow.
Dhilon and Kashry
Dhilon and Yamato
Sholo and Trady
Sholo and Raury
Kandy and Melotoma
Kandy and Melober
Second Generation Hybrid #24
Grows in Summer only, takes 8 days to grow.
Dhilon and Kashry
Dhilon and Yamato
Sholo and Trady
Sholo and Raury
Kandy and Melotoma
Kandy and Melober

Hint: Choice answers:
Sometimes when you talk to people in town, they will ask you a question that requires you to answer. Here are some:
Mr. MG Green.

In Chapter 2 or above, go to Galen's house if he is your friend and talk to him. He might ask if you know anything about bonsai trees.
Go to the tent next to the dig site while Carter is in there. He may ask if you are interested in archaeology.
If your son is interested in becoming a rancher, talk to him in Chapter 3. He will ask if farm work is fun.
Talk to Daryl while he is walking around your farm. He will ask if you know anything about cow clones.
Talk to Gustafa while he is playing his guitar. He will ask if you like the song he just played.
Go to Grant's house while Samantha is there. She might ask if you would like to stay for a cup of tea.
Go to Dr. Hardy's house while he is there. He will ask you how you are feeling.
Go to Cody's Studio when he is inside and give him a flower. When you talk to him again he will ask what you think of his art.
Talk to one of the pyrotechnic twins when they are working on fireworks. They will ask if you came to play a game.
Before you get Ruby Spice, she will ask if you like to cook.
Go to Wally's house at around 9:40 p.m. He may ask if you like to run.
In Chapter 3, show your son an item from the dig. He will ask where you got it.
Murray will ask for money if you talk to him while he is sitting in front of his crops.
Rock will ask if you want to challenge him in a milk drinking contest if you talk to him while he is on the bottom floor of the Inn.
Galen will ask if you like to fish before he gives you the fishing pole.
Almost everybody will say "Is that for me?" when you offer them something that they like.

Hint: Erased saved games:
To erase one of the two saved games, load the diary that you want to keep, then take out your memory card while saving that game. Then save your game again (unless you want to get rid of both of them). Note: Do not turn off the Gamecube or you will lose both diaries. Also, when it says that the system file is corrupt, it did not delete your other saved games. [Screenshot] Note: Backup your saved games before attempting this.

Hint: Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time reference:
There are seven chapters. The seventh one is called "The Twilight". Unfortunately you will die that year. However, when the year finishes your wife will come up to you before you die and talk with you about your age, your child, etc. Notice that Zelda's Lullaby from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is playing. However, this actual song was not played in Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. There were three version of Zelda's Lullaby for the game. Nintendo's designers chose the second one, the other was discarded, and the last one was placed in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Hint: Paper Mario reference:
Go to Galen's house after Nina's death. One of the songs from Paper Mario will be playing.
Stan Houston.

Glitch: Freeze your baby:
Bring your son to the place where you link. Put it on the right side on the shadow and it will freeze. You cannot pick it up or do anything else. It can still move normally as if you were pressing X, but it cannot walk around and you cannot pick it up. Your wife will have to pick it up when it is its bedtime so you do not have to worry losing it. It will also return to normal if you reset.
Sepiria Higarashi.

Glitch: Stuck Cows and people:
Once in awhile for no apparent reason a person will just be standing in an odd location, such as in the middle of a field or in front of a house. When you talk to that person, you will not be given that option. They are totally stuck there, and you can do nothing about it. They will eventually move, but it may take the entire day. If you have the milking room and your cow goes in there by herself, she may just stand there for a long period of time. You can not interact with her. She will just stand there with her tail swaying and eyes blinking. There is nothing wrong and she will eventually move on her own, but it may take all day.
Amanda Zawisza.

Glitch: Bootleg Ruby Spice:
To duplicate your Ruby Spice, go to your kitchen and start to cook. Choose any recipe type, select only Ruby Spice, then press Start. You will have another Ruby Spice. You can do this until you have 99 bottles of spice. Sell 98 of the bottles to Van for 9,800 G. Note: If you use this gloitch and accidentally make more than 99, there is still a way to continue playing. Go to your Toolshed then go to the shelf on the right and look inside. Then, select the Ruby Spice you are holding and put it in. You can sell all 99 spices then return later to pick up the one that was left on your shelf.

Note: You will need three Ruby Spice for this trick. Select a recipe. Select three Ruby Spice as your ingredients. Respond that you want to continue, and you will get Unknown cooking. Do not throw it away. Put it in your pack, then look at your Ruby Spice. None of it was used. By doing this, you can feed your dog so that he will make your animals go out at the correct times, sell it, or, eat it. This is an easy way to make some quick money. It takes a long time, but is worth it.

Glitch: More Mama's Milk:
If you have a milking room you can push your cows into the room and a machine will milk your cow(s) for you. If you have a cow that produces Mama's Milk, push the cow in there. When it is done milking your cow, instead of milking only one Mama's Milk, it will have milked five.

Glitch: Instant watering:
Sometimes if you water a plant at the edge of your field, but aim to the side, all your plants will be watered instantly. This saves precious time.

Glitch: Easy tree upgrade to "S" rank:
Note: You must have Tartan for this trick. Normally, you are not supposed to be able to mix crops or flowers with trees to get a different result, but in this case you can. Start by taking any crop in seed form and upgrading it to "S" rank with the UP-Seed. You must have Tartan to make hybrids. Then, take desired "B" rank tree you wish to make "S" rank and place it in the first slot of Tartan. Next, take the "S" rank crop and place it in the second slot. Make sure that the "B" rank tree is in the first slot and the "S" rank crop is in the second slot. Then, use Tartan and you will have an "S" rank tree without wasting thousands on fertilizer.

Glitch: Grapes:
In this game, grapes grow on trees. However, they really grow on vines.

Glitch: Spin the animal:
While the animals are outside, spin one of them around in a circle. When you leave the animal it should still be spinning. Call the animals inside and watch the animal that you were spinning outside. It will spin quickly.

Glitch: Extra ball:
Buy a ball for your child in the Happy Birthday chapter. Put it in his toybox. While your child is playing with the ball, go to his toybox. The game states that you can take out the ball, even though it is already out. Take it out. For about five seconds, you will be holding a ball and Mike will be playing with another one at the same time.
Dallas Terry.

Glitch: See behind you:
When your son is playing at home with any toy in front of the television, move between him and the television. Your son will be in front of you.

Glitch: Tartan dialogue:
Go to Tartan and use the "Hybrid" option. After hybridizing, he will ask you if you are finished hybridizing. If you say "Yes", you will continue, and if you say "No", you will stop.

Glitch: Invisible Grant:
In Chapter 2 (Happy Birthday) and Chapter 3 (Happy Harvesting), Grant will tell you that he became the manager of a new shop in town. After this, go to the Blue Bar and Grant should be there (he will be invisible). Walk along the front of the bar and you may notice that "Talk" appears on the button menu. Press A and he will appear.
Kevin Harper.

Glitch: Grant repeatedly sits:
Sometime during Chapter 2, go to the benches next to the river while Grant is sitting there (usually at night). Talk to him, and sometimes you will see him constantly getting up and sitting back down during your conversation. After you finish talking, you should still see him getting up and sitting down until finally he remains seated or gets up and walks.
Mr. MG Green.

Glitch: Sliding Gustafa:
When you marry Gustafa he will be sliding around on his rear in a sitting position through parts of the intermission sequence. However in other parts of it he will be walking. After you are married he will walk around normally.

Glitch: Missing calf:
Get two cows pregnant near the same time (a few days away from each other). The first calf will disappear until it is fully grown while the other one is in the calf hutch.

Glitch: Vanishing horse:
Go to Van's store. When you are going to talk to him, put your horse behind his stand, but to where you would usually be able to see it. Your horse will vanish whenever you talk to Van. It will return when you are done talking to him.
Xane Myers.

Glitch: Color-changing book:
In Chapter 2, your son may take out a book from the bookshelf, either if he is interested in being a scholar or if there are no toys in the toy box. Talk to him while he is reading. After you finish talking, look closely and you can see the color of the book's case change.
Mr. MG Green.

Glitch: Swirling sky:
Walk outside at about 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Go to the middle of the road by the inn, then look up at the sky. Look at the darker patch of blue sky and you will see a swirling sky.

Glitch: Misspelling:
When ordering a sheep, there is only one gender. The bottom of the screen reads "Mae Only" instead of "Male Only".

When Nami is very happy with you, she will wake up, lean her head up, and a little musical note will appear over her. She then says "Good Moroning" followed by your name, instead of "Good Morning".

If you offer a crop to Grant at anytime in the game, he will say, "Is that form your farm?", with the word "from" misspelled.

In buy an animal mode, "Animals And M. M." appears instead of "Animals And M.P."

When you talk to Nami in the fall, she will say "A girl's heart is as unpredictable as the weather in Forget Me Not Valley, You know want I mean?", using the word "want" instead of "what".

After washing the grave of Nina, Galen say "Nina must b happy", instead of "be happy".

In the winter of any year in Chapter 2 and onwards, talk to Hugh. He sometimes says "There's some weird things in the words. You can see a fluffy white haired creature in there", with the word "woods" misspelled as "words".
kate nolan.

Go inside the Harvest Sprites' tree house by eating one of the red mushrooms in front of it. When you keep talking to them, one will say "The people in this valley are really unique. Try to visit them as much as I can." They say "I can" instead of "you can".
Mr. MG Green.

Walk into Galen's house in Year 1. Talk to Galen until he says he likes bonsai. He then will say "and you can lost in them for hours and hours" instead of "and you can get lost in them for hours and hours."

In the scene where you get the Blue Feather, Takakura will approach you and tell you how rare it is and that he had seen them in the city for a fortune. He will then tell you that it is unlikely to find one in "Forget Valley", while the town you live in is actually "Forget-Me-Not Valley". [Screenshot] Note: This glitch also occurs when you show a Moon Ore to Nami.
Christian Mincks.

Glitch: Letter selection:
When you are making a name for something or someone, there are two "O"'s.

Glitch: No price item:
When Celia is actually out, comes to your shop, and you give her something at full price, he will say "0 G? I'll take it".
Maurice Paredes.

Glitch: Breathing teddy bear:
In Year 3, buy the stuffed bear. When Van places it in your child's room, the bear will stand up. When you turn around, he will sit back down. Also when it is in that room, go up to the north wall and face the wall. Look at the bear closely. You can see it breathing by moving back and forth slightly. Note: You must look very closely.

Glitch: Edible flower:
Collect the flowers you find near the windmills at the crop farm. Go over to Vesta and offer her the flower. She will say, "You have something tasty there!" The flower is not edible and she says this even if there is no food in your rucksack.

Glitch: Strange building:
On your farm there is a wooden building. Go there at 6:50 p.m. Wait until it is 7:00 p.m. The light goes on. However when you try to go in there, it says you cannot get in. This was actually a building that was planned to be used in the game. The developers took it out and accidentally left the building there. This is also in Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life.

Glitch: Wrong dialogue:
If you give some flowers or items from the dig site to most of the people, they will say "You have something tasty. Can I have it?". If you answer "Yes", they will say "Thanks, I can't wait to taste it later". If you offer a meal to Kate, she will ask if it is something she can have. For some things she will say "That's my favorite". For others, she will ask if she can have it. Say "Yes" and she will say "No means No!" If you show Kassey or his brother an egg, he will say "Fresh milk always tastes better".

Talk to Wally, and offer him a coin. He will say something similar to "You have something good to eat, there", although it is a coin.
Samantha Rice.

Glitch Wrong recipe:
In Kate's Room, the recipe for Strawberry Cake is stated as Strawberry, Egg, And Butter. The real recipe is Strawberry, Egg, And Milk.

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