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James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing

Cheat mode:
The following codes have no effect until you have collected the indicated number of "Platinum" awards to unlock them. When this is done, the code will be revealed and can be used in any single player level in the game. However, codes cannot be enabled while trying to attain a "Platinum" award to unlock other codes.
o, g, iegwnc.

Golden Gun:
Unlocked by getting 1 "Platinum" award. Pause game play, then press X, Y, A, X, Y.
Max A. and RavenPSG1.

Improved traction:
Unlocked by getting 3 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, A(2), B, Y.
Max A.

Improved battery:
Unlocked by getting 5 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, B(2), A, X.
Max A.

Double ammunition:
Unlocked by getting 7 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X(2), A, X, Y.
Max A.

Double damage:
Unlocked by getting 9 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, Y(2), B, X.
Max A.

Full ammunition:
Unlocked by getting 11 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X(2), Y, B(2).
Max A.

Unlocked by getting 13 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, Y, A, Y, B.
Max A.

Full battery:
Unlocked by getting 15 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, Y(2), A, X.
Max A.

All weapons:
Unlocked by getting 17 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, Y, A(2), X.
Max A.

Unlimited battery:
Unlocked by getting 19 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, B, X, B, Y.
Max A.

Unlimited ammunition:
Unlocked by getting 23 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, A, B, A, Y.
Max A.

Slow motion driving:
Unlocked by getting 25 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, B, Y, A, Y.
Max A.

Platinum gun:
Unlocked by getting 27 "Platinum" awards. Pause game play, then press X, B(2), X, A.
Max A.

Get the following number of "Gold" awards in single player mode to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Production Stills 1: 1 "Gold" award
Tank Weapon Upgrade: 10 "Gold" awards
Underworld: 11 "Gold" awards
Cayenne Weapon Upgrade: 12 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 8: 13 "Gold" awards
Mya: 14 "Gold" awards
Vanquish Weapon Upgrade: 15 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 9: 16 "Gold" awards
Miss Nagai: 17 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 10: 18 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 11: 19 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 2: 2 "Gold" awards
Katya: 20 "Gold" awards
Triumph Weapon Upgrade: 21 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 12: 22 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 13: 23 "Gold" awards
Nanotank Weapon Upgrade: 24 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 14: 25 "Gold" awards
Gallery: 27 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 3: 3 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 4: 4 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 5: 5 "Gold" awards
Helicopter Weapon Upgrade: 6 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 6: 7 "Gold" awards
Serena: 8 "Gold" awards
Production Stills 7: 9 "Gold" awards

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete all single player levels to unlock the MI6 Combat Simulator and MI6 Survival Test bonuses.

Bond gadgets:
Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding Bond gadget.

EMP Grenade: The Pontchartrain Bridge
Frag Grenade: Ground Zero
Network Tap: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Cloak: Sand Storm
Q-Spider: Sand Storm
Q-Spider Dart: Diavolo's Plan
Q-Spider Explosive: A Show of Force
Q-Spider Nano: Diavolo's Plan
Rappel: Ground Zero
RC Car: Sand Storm
Sleeper Dart: Sand Storm
Strobe Grenade: Sand Storm
Thermovision: Ground Zero

Multi-player characters:
Get the following number of points to unlock the corresponding character in multi-player mode.

003: 290 points.
Baron Samedi: 50 points.
Diavolo Moscow: 400 points.
Egypt Commander: 90 points.
Egypt Guard: 180 points.
Hazmat Guard: 110 points.
Katya Jumpsuit: 320 points.
Le Rouge: 260 points.
Miss Nagai: 450 points.
Moscow Guard: 230 points.
Mya: 130 points.
Odd Job: 70 points.
Serena: 350 points.
Serena alternate: 430 points.
South Commander: 210 points.

Multi-player arenas:
Get the following number of points to unlock the corresponding arena in multi-player mode.

Burn Chamber: 370 points.
Cistern: 30 points.
Test Lab: 160 points.

Status monitor:
Use a link cable to connect to a Game Boy Advance with its version of James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing. Start the game on the Gamecube, and a Game Boy Advance logo will appear on the left side of the screen. The Game Boy Advance screen now displays your game status, including objectives completed, time, shots fired, enemy subdued, and more. The Game Boy Advance icon will flash when you are close to completing an objective. The Game Boy Advance screen will display a hint for what needs to be done next.

Interview with the cast:
Watch the credits and wait for the end (which takes awhile). At the end it seems like the Everything or Nothing introduction with the Mya song starts. Actually when the glass breaks, John Cleese's face appears and that is the interview. If you do not want to watch all of the credits, just press A when it starts to skip through it.

View Bond moments:
Highlight a mission at the selection and press Y(2).

Hint: Eliminating enemies quickly:
While you are facing a lot of enemies, press L to aim and shoot with R. Continue to press L and you will go from enemy to enemy, weakening each without eliminating one by one. You can also do that and dodge shots if they get a chance to shoot you by pressing X.

Hint: Dart Gun:
When you get the Dart Gun from Q, he says it will knock out your enemies for a few hours. However, it will actually kill them in one hit, just like the Golden Gun. Note that it does not have a long range. Save the gun until you are low on health or are surrounded; it is very useful.

Hint: M.I.6 combat simulator:
Stealth is always the best option. One of the easiest ways to do this is as follows. When you start, go up the stairs to your right. Before you get to the end, wall hug to check if anyone is there. If there is, take out your silenced PP7 and manually aim at his head. Then, shoot to kill. Crouch down and go along the balcony, silently picking off your enemies by shooting them in the head with your silenced PP7.
Liam O'Brien.

Hint: Destroy a machine on ''the machinery of evil'':
Go to the bottom part, then kill everyone. Next, go to the steps where you started and go to the lump in the ground. Take out your Q Spider and go in the hole. Follow the path to the lift and get it to go up. Then, go to the next hole and blow up the thing at the bottom of the wall. You will then be able to get 007 to enter the door.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Smiley faced sun:
Play the level when you are going over the bridge on the motorcycle chasing Jaws. When jaws crosses over to the other side of the bridge, stop. You will see a large smiling sun with rosy cheeks.

Hint: Old Friend: Shoot Jaws:
If you have earned the Golden Gun and use it on the "Old Friend" mission, you can actually use it to shoot Jaws. It will not hurt him, but it will push him back.
Jamal Almouslli.

Glitch: Deaths Door: Changing outfit:
After you defeat Le Rouge, Mya's outfit will change from a tanktop to a red dress.
Max A.

Glitch: Everything Or Nothing: Menu description:
On the menu screen in the final level, Everything Or Nothing, it will describe the bonus objective as "complete in 3:00", when all you have to do is complete the mission in five minutes.
Max A.

Glitch: Kiss Kiss Club: Pretend gun:
After opening the door in the Kiss Kiss Club, kill all the guards. Before you go into the door, put away your weapon. When you see the intermission sequence, you will actually see Bond holding his hand up with an imaginary gun in it. He will still pull his finger back and you will see the gun move.

Glitch: Kiss Kiss Club: Exposed woman:
As soon as you go up the wall and walk inside, there will be a half naked girl lying on the table. Wait for her to go up to pull her hair back, then look at her chest.

Glitch: Ponchtiarian Bridge: Smiley face sun:
Wait until you catch up to Jaws. Disable only one side of his rear tires, then wait for him to turn to the other side of the bridge. Do the same. If you are at the correct angle, look up and you will see a sun with a smiley face on it.
Joe Matera.

Glitch: Ponchtiarian Bridge: No walls:
Take the second path (the one that does not go into the tunnel) and start doing a wheelie when you are about to go into the barn. Continue doing the wheelie and build up enough speed so you can crash. The intermission sequence where James flies off will start. You should end up where you started doing the wheelie (before the barn). If you look over at the tunnel, you will notice that it has no walls. You can go into it without it glitching.

Glitch: Warp back on any level with the motorcycle:
In any level with a motorcycle, start doing a wheelie and build up enough speed to crash into something. Make the intermission sequence where James flies off his bike begin. If you kept doing the wheelie without letting it down, you will warp back to the place where you started doing the wheelie.

Glitch: Multi-player mode: Unlimited ammo and all weapons:
First, go to single player mode and enter the "Everything Or Nothing" level. Enable "All weapons" and "Unlimited ammunition" codes. Kill one or two enemies, then quit the level. Go to the multi-player co-op mode and select any mission. Note: The cheats will be active for player one only.

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