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Kirby's Air Ride

Bulk Star:
Finish the Celestial Valley level in time attack mode with a time under 3:20:00.

To unlock Dragoon in City Trial in free run mode, in the stadium (air glider), fly more than 1,300 feet; in the high jump, jump higher than 1,000 feet; and in the City Trial mode, fly through the rings in the sky five times or more.
Raymond Di Cecco.

Dragoon pieces are in the following locations. Note: Pieces may not be in their places when playing a 6 or 7 minute game and certain events may change the location of the piece.

A (Head): Near/inside the volcano area.
B (Body/Wings): Near/underground the forest area, or near the mote of the four story glide area.
C (Feathers/Claws): Beach/Castle Halls area or in random watery areas (mostly near the coral trees).

If you can not unlock Draggoon parts A, B, C, try using the purple boxes to fill in the spaces.

Formula Star:
Finish the Frozen Hillside level in time attack mode with a time under 3:14:00.

Finish 100 laps on any level to unlock him in Air Ride mode.
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Hydra pieces are in the following locations. Note: Pieces may not be in their places when playing a six or seven minute game and certain events may change the location of the piece.

Part X (Wing 1): The second or third floor of the four story glide area.
Part Y (Wing 2): Just outside of the four story glide area, or just outside/inside of the forest area.
Part Z (Body/Head): Underground near the north/south exits.

To unlock the awesome machine in City Trial Free Run, you must collect the following three parts:

Part X: City Trial: Destroy all the dilapidated houses (things that look like bomb shelters), This is best done with Swerve Star or Rex Wheelie.
Part Y: Stadium: Destruction Derby (All); KO enemies over 150 times. Once again, this best done with Swerve Star or Rex Wheelie.
Part Z: Stadium: Kirby Melee (All); KO over 1500 enemies .This is best done with the Swerve Star and the Sword ability.

Use the following trick to unlock Hydra/Dragoon. When the "every box is the same" event is on, if you look at the red boxes, non-spinning reds contain pieces. If you are playing and hear a little ding or some other noise, it indicates that someone else got a piece. Kill all the CPU players to get it. If you get a piece, it seems that your chances will go up to find the rest.

If you look at a regular box and it is not disappearing or going away, break it open to find Hydra pieces.

One of the steps to unlock the Hydra is an easy task. Destroy all of the gray houses that needs to be destroyed. Do not waste your time with a house that has one or two cracks in it; only ones require one or two hits. It is still a good idea to make sure to destroy every cracked house. The other two will need purple boxes to be filled in. To get one, get trampled by Dynablade. Hold A under his feet and do not let go. Wait until you get some damage, or until he flies away. The other thing you can do is to bust all the rocks on the field in Destruction Derby 1,or bust the Star Pole by gliding into the actual star ten times. This fulfills the "Destruction Derby (all); KO enemies over 150 times and Kirby Melee (all); KO over 1500 enemies requirements.

To get Hydra and Dragoon easily, get two parts of one of them (in red boxes). Then, go to the forest and you may see a box sign but it will say it is underground. Go to the tree and down the secret passage. You will see a red box. It contains the final part of the Hydra or Dragoon. Also, you can only find legendary parts there.

King Dedede:
Defeat King Dedede in event stage 24 to unlock him in City Trial mode. Defeat a total of 1000 opponents to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Break 1000 boxes to unlock him in City Trial mode. Accumulate at least thirty minutes of air time to unlock Meta-Knight in Air Ride mode.

Nebula Belt:
Complete a total of 100 laps in Air Ride mode.
Maxwell Reeder.

Rex Wheelie:
Defeat 100 enemies on Exhaled Stars (Air Ride mode).

Rocket Star:
Finish one lap in the Machine Passage level with a time under 1:05:00.

Shadow Star:
Defeat 100 enemies with a quick spin.

Slick Star:
Finish two laps in the Checker Nights level with a time under 3:05:00 (Air Ride mode).

Swerve Star:
Finish two laps in the Sky Sands level with a time under 2:05:00 (Air Ride mode).
Ryan Young.

Turbo Star:
Use all the volcano rails and finish in first place in the Magma Flows level (Air Ride mode).
Ryan Young.

Jet Star:
Race over 4,500 feet in the Machine Passage level under a time of 2:00:00 (Air Ride mode).
Ryan Young.

Wagon Star:
Except in Free Ride mode, cross the goal a total of three times.

Wheelie Bike:
Race each of the standard Air Ride courses.

Wheelie Scooter:
Start the final lap in fourth place and move to first place to win.

Winged Star:
Finish in first place in the air.

Brown Kirby:
Use the Heavy Star to win Sandoola with a time under 1:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode. Use the Wing Star and win Zeroyon Attack 2 with a time under 0:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Green Kirby:
Use the cannon to break an enemy ten times to unlock him in City Trial mode. Inhale three Swordknights and win a race to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Purple Kirby:
Break an enemy vehicle five times to unlock him in City Trial mode. Win a two lap race in Airoon in under 2:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

White Kirby:
Build the Dragon and Hydra vehicles in one match to unlock him in City Trial mode. Win a two-lap race in Vallerion in under 2:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Special movie:
Glide for a total of one hour.

Sound test:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding sound test option.

Beanstalk Park: Finish 1 lap on the Winged Star in under 00:58:00 in Free Run mode.
Celestial Valley: Finish 1 lap in under 00:57:00 in Free Run mode.
Checker Knights: Finish 2 laps in under 02:40:00 mode.
Fantasy Meadow: Finish 1 lap in under 00:21:00 in Free Run mode.
Frozen Hillside: Finish 1 lap in under 00:58:00 in Free Run mode.
Machine Passage: Finish in under 03:10:00 in Time Attack mode.
Magma Flows: Race over 4,800 feet in under 2 minutes.
Results Screen: Have a lap time with the last two digits being the same number.
Sky Sands: Finish Sky Sands in under 03:10:00 in Time Attack mode.

Hint: Air Ride: Swerve Star:
Select Free Run, Time Attack, Sky Sands, and win it in 2:05:00.

Hint: Air Ride: Go faster:
Before you start air ride mode, go to the game settings. Set the "Speed Help" to "Strong". When you do air ride mode, set the CPU on level 9. If you stay behind them, you will get a boost.

Hint: Air Ride: Wheelie Scooter:
Do any course and on the last lap start in last, then win.

Hint: Ceceal Valley: Shortcut:
Just before the part with the river, turn right. You will find a secret vine that will be faster and save a lot of time.
Thomas Kelleher.

Hint: City Trial: Ride The Dragoon:
In City Trial, first complete the checklist mission "Fly through 5 mid air rings" in the City Phase. Then, assemble the three parts of the Dragoon (found in Red Boxes). You will now be able to ride the Dragoon until you are done with the stadium.

Hint: City Trial: Bonuses:
There is a random ability upgrade in one of the buildings. Also, if you break a bunch of trees, there is a hole you can drop down into. Inside are underground tunnels.

Hint: City Trial: Fly long in the air:
Go to City Trial mode and select "Free Run". Use the Modified Star and go off the ramps. Balance in the air to stay in the air longer.
gamecube user 11.

Hint: City Trial: Open holes in the forest:
To open the holes in the forest, pass over them slowly or stop on top of them.
Brian F.

Hint: City Trial: See all vehicles:
In City Trial, go to the tunnels and look around to see an area with all the vehicles.

Go to the volcano and blast up to the secret garden. Then, get off your machine and move the camera slowly in a circle. You should see all the machines aboveground.

Hint: City Trial: Secret flower:
On top of the castle, at the highest point there is a pink flower. It does not do anything, but you can reach it with Modified Star, Dragoon, or by flying off the secret garden.
Brian F.

There is also a random flower on top of the red rocks next to the volcano. You can probably get to it with any "car" that is a good flyer.

Hint: City Trial: Stadium:
The high jump and long jump are best done with the Wheelie Scooter. Just select them from the stadium menu.
Brian F and Scooter Gass.

Hint: City Trial: UFO power-ups:
When the UFO appears, glide into the volcano. You will fly up to the floating garden. You will see the UFO and flashing circles. Collect them for all of your stats to increase.

Hint: City Trial: Crying Living Tree:
If you hit the Living Tree enough times it will cry.
Anthony Dennis.

Hint: Defeating Dyna Blade:
Instead of hitting Dyna Blade in the head, hit him with a bomb. Throwing it at his leg is the trick to exploding him many times. Make sure that you are not in the explosion.
Xane Myers.

Hint: Super gliding cars:
The Modified Star and Dragoon do not require balance. If you are in the air and press Analog-stick Down, they will keep climbing higher at a 90 degree angle to the ground, regardless of starting acceleration.
Brian F.

Hint: White/Green/Purple/Brown: Air ride:
Ansy Francois.

White: Clear a two lap Celestial Valley match in 2:30.
Brown: Use Bulk Star in Sky Sands and win a two lap match in 2:30.
Green: Absorb 3 sword enemies and take first place.
Purple: Clear a two lap match in Beanstalk Park in 2:18.

Hint: Automatic Dragoon or Hydra piece:
Wendy Wion.

If you see a red box (or just the box symbol) in one of these areas, it always means that it is a piece of Dragoon/Hydra.
In the area after you grind the rail to get out of the volcano.
Anywere nere the rocks by the water wheel.
In the area were the houses are (cannot be on the border between it and the street).
Underground in the forest.

Hint: Air Ride Machines:
There are thirteen Air Ride Machines to collect. The following is how to get those rides:
Chapman Harmstad.

1. Time Attack: Finish Celestial Valley within 2'20"00; Prize: Heavy Star
2. Lap Mode: Finish a 2-lap race in Sky Sands in under 1'45"00; Prize: Ruins Star
3. Time Attack: Finish Frozen Hillslide within 3'14"00; Prize: Formula Star
4. Take all three of the volcano rails in Magma Flows and finish in first place; Prize: Turbo Star
5. Time Mode: Run at least 2000m in Machine Passage in 3'00"00; Prize: Jet Star
6. Free Run: Get a lap time in Machine Passage in under 1'05"00; Prize: Rocket Star
7. Lap Mode: Finish a 2-lap race in Checkerknights in under 3'05"00; Prize: Slick Star
8. Lap Mode: Finish a race in first place on any course while flying; Prize: Wing Star
9. Lap Mode/ Time Attack: Finish a race three times on any course; Prize: Wagon Star
10. Start the last lap of a race in fourth on any course and win the race; Prize: Wheelie Scooter
11. Play all of the basic courses at least once(not including Nebula Belt); Prize: Wheelie Bike
12. Beat at least 10 enemies total on any course with the Quick Spin maneuver; Prize: Devil Star
13. Beat over 200 enemies total on any course with star shaped bullets; Prize: Rex Wheelie

Hint: Stadium mode bonuses:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Destruction Derby 3: Get 10 KOs in Destruction Derby 2
Destruction Derby 4: Get 5 KO's in Destruction Derby 3
Destruction Derby 5: Get 10 KO's in Destruction Derby 4
Kirby Melee 2: Kill over 75 enemies in Kirby Melee 1

Hint: Checker Knights: Shortcuts:
On the last part of the course, there is a castle with boosts leading up to it. There is a small indent in the road. You can use it to fly over a sharp U-turn. This is very useful if using Rex Wheelie, but you have to jab sharply to the right after hitting the boost. After that, you can see switches in the road. These are what bring the walls inside the castle up and down. Also, when you see giant rock structures early in the course, you can plow into the front for a quick shortcut. However, this is best done in a heavy car.
Brian F.

Hint: Sky Sands: Shortcut:
When you reach to the area where sand is falling you can find a hidden passage in the top right, behind the sand.

Hint: Whispy Woods: Fly high:
With two players, go to the golf place. Have one Kirby go in the hole, and get as close to the other Kirby as possible without leaving the hole. Then, have both players count to three, with the Kirby in the hole starting to jump when the count reaches "two". When you get to go, have the Kirby on the star go in the hole. The other Kirby will fly up very far.

Hint: Get off board:
Hold A to charge up, then hold Analog-stick Back.

Hint: View character:
You can look at your character with the C-stick when you pause the game.

Hint: Finding All Power-Ups:
The quickest way is to play City Trial, but not on Free Play mode. Wait until the Special UFO appears, then travel to the Volcano to grind down into it. Take the leap from the Volcano to the special garden, otherwise known as heaven, and hop onto the UFO. There will be three All Power-Ups there along with lots of other Power-Ups. The All Power-Ups look like flashing circles.
Evan Stack.

Glitch: Leave level boundary:
In Free Ride City Trial mode, go off the green ramp by the big waterwheel with the flight warpstar. Fly as far and as high you can then wait until you hit a barrier. When you land, you will realize that you hit a second barrier and have landed in the water past the first barrier. If you turn around, you will see a ramp. Go up, and you will be back on the normal field and the ramp that you just went up on will be blocked by a fence. There is another ramp by the volcano, which will also be blocked by a fence after you use it.

In Free Ride City Trial mode, go to the satellite (the thing in the sky that you get to by going inside the volcano or on top of the volcanic mountain and going inside on the yellow rails). Get on the Flight Warp Star (the orange star like the normal warp star) and jump off towards the nearest edge of land. Go as far as you can until you hit the real wall and fall. You are now outside the original barrier.

Get a very good flying vehicle, like Dragoon. Go on a ramp and fly directly up. You will soon start bumping around. After that, you will start going down. Keep holding Up. If done correctly, you will have left the level boundary.

Glitch: City Trial: Reach end of the gliding stages:
To get to the end of the gliding stages, two players are required. First, select stadium mode on City Trial and choose any one of the gliding stages. Next, one of the players should face a corner instead of launching his machine. Then, launch the other player's machine. Glide as far as you can, then get of your machine. Quickly start running to the end. This will require about twenty minutes. When at the end, notice that you are at the starting line again, and have traveled around the stage's world.

Glitch: Freeze game:
When the random event "Air Ride formation approaching" occurs, hit the formation with your vehicle. The game will freeze.
Sam Lavergne.

Go into City Trial as King Deedee. Go to the water wheel. Go up the wheel repeatedly then go into a hole that will blast you straight up. If done correctly, the game will freeze and there will be two King Deedees facing each other.

Glitch: Break dancing Kirby:
Note: This requires some practice. Get a Sensor Bomb and put it in the underground beneath the city (not the pitfalls). Then, go to the entrance to the underground (the one closest to the star pole that is yellow). Get off your vehicle and go just where it starts to go down. At that location, go left onto the yellow object and slowly slide off were it descends. You will be sliding but not running. Run into the Sensor Bomb and you will blow up spinning on the ground. Note: You may not be able to move.
Houston Arens.

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