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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Target Bullseye Tournament:
Press Start + Z at the title screen to display the codes screen. Then, enter CEUFPXJ1 as a code.

Hollywood Video Tournament:
Press Start + Z at the title screen to display the codes screen. Then, enter BJGQBULZ as a code.

Camp Hyrule Tournament:
Press Start + Z at the title screen to display the codes screen. Then, enter 0EKW5G7U as a code. Note: The first character is the number zero.
Nate Arthun.

Mario Open Tournament:
Press Start + Z at the title screen to display the codes screen. Then, enter GGAA241H as a code.

Bowser Badlands Tournament:
Press Start + Z at the title screen to display the codes screen. Then, enter 9L3L9KHR as a code.

Bowser Jr.'s Jumbo Tournament:
Press Start + Z at the title screen to display the codes screen. Then, enter 2GPL67PN as a code.

Peach's Invitational Tournament:
Press Start + Z at the title screen to display the codes screen. Then, enter ELBUT3PX as a code.

When in multi-player mode, press the Up, Down, Left, or Right on the D-pad during an opponent's turn to taunt them. There are four different taunts for each character.

When in multi-player mode, press C-stick Up, C-stick Down, C-stick Left, or C-stick Right or the during an opponent's turn to compliment them. There are four different compliments per character.

Hole in one contest:
Hold Z and press Start at the title screen to play a hole in one contest.

In-game reset:
Press B + X + Start during game play.

Cheep Cheep tournament:
Finish the Lakitu Cup in first place.
Billy Kametz and Leded.

Sands Classic tournament:
Finishthe Cheep Cheep tournament in first place.
Billy Kametz and Leded.

Blooper Open tournament:
Finish the Sands Classic tournament in first place.
Billy Kametz and Leded.

Peach's Invitational tournament:
Finish the Blooper Open tournament in first place.
Billy Kametz and Leded.

Bowser Badlands tournament:
Finish the Peach's Invitational tournament in first place.

Star Tournament:
Finish the Bowser Badlands tournament in first place.

Ace Computer difficulty setting:
Finish in first place in all Tournaments and Star Tournaments with each character (Normal and Star version). The total number of tournaments to complete this is 384.

Play as Boo:
Get 50 Best Badges in tournament mode.

Play as Bowser Jr.:
Play the 18 Hole Birdie Challenge in the Side Games. Get a Birdie or better on all eighteen holes.

Play as Petey Pirahna:
Successfully complete putting, approach, and shot practice under all three difficulty settings in the Side Games.
Billy Kametz and Leded.

Play as Shadow Mario:
Successfully complete the "That's a Volcano!" level in ring mode. To do this easier, play as Bowser.
Mathieu Jolicoeur.

In order to unlock Shadow Mario, you must win all the Ring Challenge holes. You can do any hole with any character, as long as each hole has been beaten. Once you have won the last unbeaten hole, Shadow Mario will be unlocked.
Brad Hellmann.

Star characters:
Play against that character in Character Match mode after being invited (getting an envelope) and win. A star usually adds something about 30 yards to your swing.
Billy Kametz.

When you have unlocked the star mode of a character, they will automatically have a boost to their hits. However, if you press R while that character is highlighted at the selection screen, they will get a huge bonus to their hits at the cost of some of their control.
Mathieu Jolicoeur

Back nine holes:Birdie Challenge:
Successfully complete the front nine holes in Birdie Challenge to unlock the back nine holes.

Intermediate and expert practice modes:
Successfully complete novice mode in any practice to unlock the intermediate mode. Complete the intermediate mode to unlock expert mode. Note: In shot practice, expert is "Trouble Shot".

Control weather:
Repeatedly reload a saved game to get weather conditions that you like.

Control replay:
Press B after the ball stops to immediately jump to the replay. To view it from another angle, watch the replay again. Press A for a faster replay.

Control ball spin:
Quickly press the following buttons when choosing your accuracy.

Topspin: Press A(2).
Backspin: Press B(2).
More topspin: Press A, B.
More backspin: Press B, A.

Connection bonus:
Use a link cable to connect to Mario Golf: Advance Tour on a Game Boy Advance. Neil and Ella can now be played in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour with all the stats and abilities unlocked on the Game Boy Advance. Additionally, the further you are in RPG mode on Mario Golf: Advance Tour, the more bonus characters will be unlocked in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. Also, taunts that are customized in Mario Golf: Advance Tour will be transferred to the same character in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

No simulation line:
Win all star tournaments in first place.

Hint: Replay a "bad" hole:
When playing in tournament mode and you have a lot of bad hits or putts. You can restart the hole by doing the following. Save the game before you finish the hole. When you load your game again, you will start back at the tee for that hole. This also makes it easier to collect Birdie Badges and win tournaments.

Hint: 1 Player: Ring Attack: Peach's Castle Grounds: Last Stage:
You can do this stage using a star, or no star players.
Scot Romijn.

No-star players

Hit one: When you start, hit the ball at 207 yards exactly between the two bunkers.
Hit two: Change your clubs until you can get the ball into the first green pipe, and hit approximately 70 to 73 yards. If it misses the top ring, try again.
Hit three: At the end of the pipe, hit the ball approximately 80 to 82 yards into the first yellow pipe. If you miss, start over.
Hit four: If the ball lands at the correct place, your aim should already be through the last three rings. If not, start over, but if you do hit it exactly as it recommends and it should be on the green. If not, start over.
Putt one: Putt it in to make par.

Star players

Hit one: Hit it into the warp pipe immediately.
Hit two: Hit the ball into the first yellow warp pipe immediately.
Hit three: Hit it through the rings and it will land on the green.
Putt one: Putt the ball in to make birdie.

Hint: Bow Wow Pits:
Bow Wow Pits count as an out of bounds, but are rocky and very bouncy. Therefore, your ball rarely stays in the pit. It will be counted as out of bounds only if it stays in the pit. You can also hit a Bow Wow with your ball to watch him awaken and turn bright red -- do not worry, you are safe as long as you do not land in its pit.
Mathieu Jolicoeur.

Hint: Albatross putt:
It is possible to get an Albatross with Petey Piranha. Use a power, and if you hit the ball directly on the sweet spot on a par five hole and can get the ball on the green, the second shot you take should result in an Albatross putt.

On hole 8 (the one with King Bob-Omb), instead of going around the big cliff, try shooting on top of the cliff. This is best done with Petey Pirana.
Christopher Singletary.

Hint: Best Badges:
When trying to collect Best Badges, you can only get one per hole.

Hint: Perfect shot:
Usually the only time you can get a perfect shot with any character with bad control rate is when you get the power indicator (on manual shot) directly on where the indicator started (it will say "Nice shot"). If you miss it by a notch, the ball will go wild with somebody such as Bowser (it will still say "Nice shot").

Hint: Approach practice:
When doing approach practice, make the arrows that indicate where the ball is going to land be about five to ten feet in front of the red circle. Then, when shooting, have the power indicator stop just before the sign that says where you should stop, and press A when the indicator comes back (to make the ball backspin more). You should get it in every time.

Hint: Cast appearance:
When you finish the game in tournament mode, even if you do not have any of the secret characters, the game will show a cast of all of the characters including the secret ones.

Hint: Boo appearance:
When watching the introduction sequence, when Bowser starts chasing Waluigi and Wario, Birdo is playing with the secret character, Boo.

Hint: Coin values:
In coin mode, there are different types of coins. Red are worth 10, Blue are worth 20, small gold are worth 1, and big gold can range from 30to 40.

Hint: Mushrooms:
When you hit a mushroom in Peach's Invitational, the ball will bounce high into the air.

Hint: Warp pipes:
If you hit your ball into a warp pipe, it will appear from another warp pipe. This only works with warp pipes that you cannot see through the other side. However, if you hit it into the pipe it came out of, it will go back to where you hit it the first time.

Hint: Custom ball:
When putting, notice that each character has their name and a logo on their ball.

Hint: Legend Of Zelda reference:
On the 17th hole in the Coin Challenge, a group of coins are arranged as the Triforce just before the green.
Anthony Buck.

Hint: Pikmin reference:
On one of the Peach's Castle holes, hit the ball in a flower bed.
Joey Gvora.

Hint: Yoshi reference:
To hear Yoshi, hit the ball into a flower bed.

Glitch: Wrong score reaction:
In the lesson "Shot Strategy", after Wario's shot he will act as if he did terrible. However, if you look at his score it will read -5 instead of 0.
Christopher Singletary.

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