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Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mirror mode:
Win the All Cup Tour in the 150cc class.

All Cup Tour:
Win the Special Cup in the 150cc class to unlock the All Cup Tour, which is a combination of all of the four default cups.
mnte waoru sinlia.

Special Cup Tour:
Win the Star Cup in the 100cc class to unlock the Special Cup for all classes in versus and time trial modes.
Rob Ferguson.

Mirror Cup Tour:
Win the 150cc All Cup.

Luigi's Mansion Battle Stage:
Win the 150cc Mushroom Cup.

Tilt-A-Kart Battle Stage :
Win the Mirror Flower Cup.

Play as King Boo:
Win the Mirror Star Cup.

Play as Petey Piranha:
Win the Mirror Star Cup.

Play as Toad:
Win the 100cc Special Cup.

Play as Toadette:
Win the 100cc Special Cup.

Baby Luigi's Kart:
Win the Mushroom Cup in the 100cc class to unlock Baby Luigi's Rattle Buggy Kart.

Birdo's Kart:
Win the Flower Cup in the 150cc class to unlock Birdo's Turbo Birdo Kart.

Bowser Jr.'s Kart:
Win the Special Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Bowser's Bullet Blaster Kart.

Daisy's Kart:
Win the Flower Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Daisy's Bloom Coach Kart.
Rob Ferguson.

Diddy Kong's Kart:
Win the Star Cup in the 150cc class to unlock Diddy Kong's Barrel Train Kart.

King Boo's Kart:
Win the Special Cup in mirror mode to unlock King Boo's Pipes Kart.

Koopa's Kart:
Win the Star Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Koopa's Parakoopa's Para Wing Kart.
Rob Ferguson.

Luigi's Kart:
Win the Mushroom Cup in the 50cc class to unlock Luigi's Green Fire Kart.
Rob Ferguson.

Petey Piranha's Kart:
Win the Star Cup in mirror mode to unlock Petey Piranha's Piranha Pipes Kart.

Toadette's Kart:
Win the Mushroom Cup in mirror mode.

Toad's Kart:
Go to the 100cc class and finish in first place in the Flower, Star and Mushroom Cup. Once you win all of those cups, you will unlock the Special Cup. The special cup has the levels Wario Arena, Dino Dino Jungle, Rainbow Road, and Bowser's Castle. Win that cup in the 100cc class to unlock Toad, Toadette and Toad's Kart. Note: You may want to practice the Special Cup in the 50cc class.Toad and Toadette's special is a Golden Turbo Mushroom.
tommy and James Powell.

Toadsworth's Kart:
Win the All Cup Tour in mirror mode.

Waluigi's Kart:
Win the Flower Cup in the 100cc class to unlock Waluigi's Racer Kart.
Rob Ferguson.

Parade Kart:
Win the All Cup Tour trophy in the mirror mode to unlock the Parade Car. This is the car that you ride in if you finish first in any cup, at any class. Its stats are: Speed 4, Acceleration 3, and Weight 4. Any character combination will fit in this car.
MarioKartMaster and Jim Barger.

Alternate opening and ending screens:
Win the All Cup Tour in mirror mode.

All bonuses:
Win all cups with a "Gold" rank under all difficulty settings.

To taunt enemy racers, press X or Y without having an item.
Mr. Davidoff.

Switch driver:
Press Z at the player selection screen after choosing your characters. The players will change place (only in cooperative game play).

Alternate title screen:
Hold X or Y at the opening screen when "Nintendo!" is spoken. Lakitu will then appear with a fish on his rod.

Win a gold trophy to unlock an alternate title screen with all the characters.

Win the All Cup Tour in mirror mode to unlock an opening screen with all the characters except for Bowser. Bowser's Kart's tire is the only thing of him that is visible.

Hint: Nintendo staff ghost times:
When you beat a certain time, you will unlock one of the Nintendo's staff ghost, as follows.

Luigi Circuit: Beat 1:29:000; Staff time: 1:26:277
Peach Beach: Beat 1:23:000; Staff time: 1:20:404
Baby Park: Beat 1:14:000; Staff time: 1:11:108
Dry Dry Desert: Beat 1:53:000; Staff time: 1:50:755
Mushroom Bridge: Beat 1:34:000; Staff time: 1:31:458
Mario Circuit: Beat 1:44:000; Staff time: 1:41:384
Daisy Crusier: Beat 1:55:000; Staff time: 1:52:207
Waluigi Stadium: Beat 2:02:000; Staff time:1:59:658
Sherbert Land: Beat 1:28:000; Staff time: 1:25:904
Mushroom City: Beat 1:53:000; Staff time: 1:50:663
Yoshi Circuit: Beat 2:02:000; Staff time: 1:59:886
DK Mountain: Beat 2:15:000; Staff time:2:12:639
Wario Colosseum: Beat 2:24:000; Staff time: 2:21:106
Dino Dino Jungle: Beat 2:03:000; Staff time: 2:00:908
Bowsers Castle: Beat 2:47:000; Staff time: 2:44:690
Rainbow Road: Beat 3:19:000; Staff time: 3:16:476

Hint: Time trial mode:

Track DriverPassenger Kart Time to beat
Luigi CircuitLuigiMario Mario's Kart1:29:00
Peach BeachPeachDaisy Bloom Coach1:18:00
Baby ParkBaby Mario Baby LuigiMario Buggy1:13:00
Dry Dry DesertBirdo YoshiTurbo Yoshi1:52:00
Mushroom BridgeKoopa ParatroopaKoopa Wing1:31:00
Mario CircuitMarioLuigi Mario's Kart1:42:00
Daisy CruiserDaisyPeach Peach Coach1:51:00
Waluigi StadiumWaluigi WarioWario's Jalopy2:00:00
Sherbert LandBaby Luigi Baby MarioMario Buggy1:26:00
Mushroom CityParatroopa KoopaPara Wing1:51:00
Yoshi CircuitYoshiBirdo Turbo Yoshi2:02:00
DK MountainDonkey Kong Diddy KongDK's Kart2:10:00
Wario ColiseumWario WaluigiWario's Jalopy2:23:00
Dino Dino JungleDonkey Kong Diddy Kong2:03:00
Bowser CastleBowser Bowser Jr.Bowser's Kart 2:46:00
Rainbow RoadMarioPeach Mario's Kart3:19:00


Hint: Kart stats:
The stats for each kart is as follows.
Red Fire (Mario)
Speed: ***
Acceleration: ***
Weight: ***
Heart Coach (Peach)
Speed: **
Acceleration: ****
Weight: ***
Turbo Yoshi (Yoshi)
Speed: **
Acceleration: ****
Weight: ***
Goo: Goo Buggy (Baby Mario)
Speed: *
Acceleration: *****
Weight: **
Koopa Dasher (Koopa)
Speed: **
Acceleration: ****
Weight: **
DK Jumbo (DK)
Speed: ****
Acceleration: **
Weight: ****
Koopa King (Bowser)
Speed: *****
Acceleration: *
Weight: *****
Wario Car (Wario)
Speed: ****
Acceleration: **
Weight: ****
Green Fire (Luigi)
Speed: ****
Acceleration: **
Weight: **
Rattle Buggy (Baby luigi)
Speed: **
Acceleration: ****
Weight: **
Bloom Coach (Daisy)
Speed: ***
Acceleration: ***
Weight: **
Waluigi Racer (Waluigi)
Speed: ***
Acceleration: ***
Weight: ***
Turbo Birdo (Birdo)
Speed: ***
Acceleration: ***
Weight: ****
Para Wing (Parakoopa)
Speed: *
Acceleration: *****
Weight: **
Barrel Train (Diddy Kong)
Speed: ****
Acceleration: **
Weight: ***
Bullet Blaster (Bowser Jr.)
Speed: ****
Acceleration: ***
Weight: *
Toad Kart (Toad)
Speed: **
Acceleration: ****
Weight: **
Toadette Kart (Toadette)
Speed: *
Acceleration: *****
Weight: **
Piranha Pipes (Petey Piranha)
Speed: ****
Acceleration: **
Weight: *****
Boo Pipes (King Boo)
Speed: **
Acceleration: ****
Weight: *****
Parade Kart (???)
Speed: ****
Acceleration: ***
Weight: ****

Hint: Speed kart attribute:
The Speed rating is, of course, the top speed of each vehicle. Note that the top speed averages only vary 1 to 2 mph per star, but over 3 laps, it all adds up. The Kart's weight factor will not only determine how much you slow down if you go off course, but also how much speed you will lose by making a turn without power sliding. For example, Bowser's Kart may have a ***** rating on speed, but the ***** rating on weight tends to make him lose more speed unless you power slide into your turns. The rule is, the heavier you are, the more power sliding will be necessary to keep that nice top speed bonus. Remember, the difference is fractional, but after three laps it all adds up. Other factors in-race that will alter your top speed is turning without power sliding (it will knock you down 1-2 mph), incline of the road (down-slope faster, up-slope slower), and turning while power sliding (which will actually raise your top speed 1 mph if you sustain it) will not lower your speed at all. The class speed breakdown is as follows. Note: this is an average. One star of weight more or less will alter the speed 1 mph or so respectively:

50cc100cc 150cc/mirror
*42 mph47 mph 54 mph
**43 mph48 mph 55 mph
***44 mph49 mph 56 mph
****45 mph50 mph 57 mph
*****46 mph51 mph 58 mph

Note: It does not matter who you have driving; speeds remain the same no matter what character you choose to drive which kart.

Hint: Acceleration kart attribute:
The more stars, the faster you will reach your top speed. Weight of course will alter how fast you accelerate. It is fractional, but a kart with *** speed and **** weight will accelerate slightly slower than a *** speed and *** weight kart. Acceleration also dictates control and stability. Basically, the higher the acceleration and the heavier the kart and/or the higher the speed, the harder the kart is to control and the more you will get to power-slide to be able to complete those turns and not lose speed.

Hint: Weight kart attribute:
Weight will determine who can bash out who. Heavier karts will bash around lighter karts obviously and also determine who the bullies of the game are. Weight affects the other attributes described above. The higher the weight and speed, the more you will want to powerslide to maintain top speed.

Hint: Maximum speed:
To obtain maximum speed, drift as often as possible on every turn. Keep toggling the Analog-stick until you see blue sparks near your tires. Release Drift to get a mini speed boost. Otherwise, when you turn you will lose speed. This trick is perfect for Bowser's kart, as it has the highest top speed.

Hints: Reduce number of difficult rivals in 150cc Mirror mode:
When racing in 150cc in Mirror mode, choose a heavy kart and select two heavyweight characters. Heavy characters excel in 150cc and Mirror mode. Any heavy character you do not choose may become your rival. By selecting two heavy characters you will reduce the number of heavy karts racing against you.

Hint: Unlocking new Karts in Grand Prix:
Win a Grand Prix in first place to unlock a new Kart. There is a bonus Kart in each cc class and Grand Prix that you can win (nine total).
Mad Mega.

Hint: Recommended number of persons in the arena:
Edwin Ireson.

Cookie Land: 2 or 3
Nintendo Gamecube: 2 (or more if you want to have a very fast battle)
Block City: 2 to 4 or more
Pipe Plaza: 2 to 4 or more
Luigi's Mansion: 3 to 4 or more
Tilt-a-Kart: 2 to 4 or more

Hint: Bowser's Castle: Shortcuts:
When you reach the part of Bowser's Castle where Bowser is sending fireballs at the racers, continue going straight instead of turning right. You will fall off the ledge and onto the road behind it, gaining plenty of time.
Wilson Soto.

At the end of the course, when it bends around in a curly "V" shape, there is a location with no wall. Normally you would avoid the spot, but if you go through the absence of wall you can cut off a difficult turn. Note: Do not use a mushroom.
Haji Mirmihdabi.

When entering the area where the the giant Bowser statue hurls fireballs in your direction, look straight ahead. You should see an open area through which the Bowser statue shoots a fireball from time to time. Avoid all oncoming fireballs and stationary obstacles and race for that opening. If you are moving fast enough, you should make the crossover.

When using the shortcut near the Bowser statue that shoots fireballs, brake as soon as you hit the track on the other side. Otherwise, you will keep going and fall off the edge of the track. Note: Do not turn while braking. After you have stopped moving, back up and turn because you will be at the very edge of the track. Also, this may not work with medium or heavy karts, which go faster.
Adam Beer.

Hint: Daisy Cruiser: Shortcut:
Drop down into the cargo area and get a double item box and an exhaust pipe that will give you a speed boost.
Rob Ferguson.

When you are at the point with the life rings on the ropes, hit one and immediately place a fake box or banana. Other players will not see them.

When you get to the part near the pool area, instead of taking a left, slow down, go backwards slightly, and you should see a thin path on the right side of the pool. This is a little slower to get to, but its better than getting hit by an item or losing your lead by other people going faster than you.
Jacob Casey Torrey.

Hint: DK Mountain: Shortcuts:
After you are shot up the hill, on the second turn on the grassy area of the mountain, power slide to the left. Then, let go and power slide again to the right. The back of your kart should hit the mountainside. Go forward to jump the abyss. Note: If you have a big kart and you fall, this will not work.

When you go around the corner after avoiding the falling rock (turning to your left), you should see a fence preventing you from falling off. Go to the end of this fence then hold L + R and press A. Turn to your right 90 degrees and drive off the cliff edge. You should land back on the track, just before the boxes before the bridge.
Dr Mitchison.

Hint: DK Mountain: Slide and steal:
You can steal the entire last row of prize boxes immediately before the bridge. As you approach them, stay close to the fence on the left. Then, drift left as you slide up the sloping wall. After grabbing all the boxes you will get big air for a moment, then land and go for the bridge. This is useful when you have drivers behind you, waiting to get their next weapon.
James Moreno.

Hint: DK Mountain: Avoid falling rocks:
When at the rock fall part, stay high up on the wall on the right side and you will not get hit.

Hint: DK Mountain: Trap:
Select Diddy Kong or Donkey Kong, and one other character (Toad and Diddy Kong recommended so that you can get around). Get a big banana. Save it until towards the end of the lap, at the bridge. Slightly before half way across the bridge, in the center wide-ways, lay the giant banana. This trap cannot be avoided by the big karts and players that cannot maneuver.

Hint: DK Mountain: Fly farther:
When you are slowly descending from your barrel blast you may notice that "the heavier you are, the harder you fall." If you are a combo of heavy then you will fall quickly when descending. If you are medium weight you will fall at an average time, and if you are light then you will fly farthest. This can help when in second place with a heavy first place racer in front of you.

Hint: Dino Land: Shortcuts:
If you have a mushroom and are in the cave with the geysers, turn right, boost, and you will be able to make the jump.

On the part just before the two bridges, turn right. There is a narrow path with a boost that takes you to the end of the bridge. Note: This is very risky and heavier karts have better odds of making it.

Hint: Dry Dry Desert: Shortcut:
At the end of the course, there will be a billboard with an arrow that you cannot see. Its shadow makes an arrow pointing to a two second lead. Note: It will not slow you down.
Daniel Sidelsky.

Hint: Dry Dry Desert: Avoid getting stuck:
Hold A + Analog-stick Up while you are being sucked into the sand dune. Note: this only works when you are near the top. If you get sucked into a sandstorm, hold A + Analog-stick Down.
amy beres.

Hint: Dry Dry Ruins: Shortcut:
When near the pit with the Sand-Pirahna, remember the following: he will not eat you if you have a star; and you can power slide in the pit and perform a mini-turbo to dash out the other side.

Hint: Luigi's Mansion: Bob-omb Blast mode:
When playing in Bob-omb Blast mode, if you are in top, throw bombs on the middle floor. If you are in the middle floor, throw bombs in hallways. If you are in the basement, defend your turf with ground-zero explosions.

Hint: Luigi's Mansion: Shine Theft mode:
When playing Luigi's Mansion in Shine Theft mode, when they go up or down to find you, change floors.

Hint: Luigi's Mansion: Balloon Battle mode:
When playing Luigi's Mansion in Balloon Battle mode, outrun everyone and if you get homing weapons, fire them from the third floor.

Hint: Luigi's Circuit: 50cc course change:
When you're racing in the Luigi Circuit, the shortcut will be covered with grass. In the same track, the shortcut behind the Chain Chomp will be buried underneath a slope.

Hint: Mario Circuit: Mushroom:
On the Mario Circuit course in the Flower Cup, when you approach the Goombas, use a red or green shell, star, or some other special item. Use it to hit a Goomba and a mushroom should appear.

Hint: Mushroom Bridge: Shortcuts:
Drive on the bridge to get a massive speed boost; just do not fall off.
Rob Ferguson.

If you have a mushroom, you can go up the dirt hill and shave a lot of time off your score.
Rob Ferguson.

Once you start the race, turn right as soon as you get off the bridge (left in mirror mode). You should see an open path. Drive down that path and you will soon reach a large green pipe. When you enter it, it should instantly warp you back onto the track from the top of the pipe into a 2-Item box.

On the Mushroom Bridge/City stages, there are cars that have a mushroom print on them (red with white dots). Hit them and you will not spin out. However, a mushroom will pop out of the car. Run over the mushroom to get a boost like you would when using an item mushroom.

Hint: Mushroom Bridge: Boost:
When you locate a mushroom car, bump into it. If you do, it will throw out a mushroom on the ground to give you a boost.

Hint: Mushroom Bridge: Double item boxes:
Immediately after the finish line you will see stairs. Go down them. You will see a large green pipe. Go in, and you will get a double item box. Also, at the end of the track, just before the bridge, you can go on top of the bridge and get a double item box; just do not fall to the right or Lakitu will have to chase you.

Hint: Mushroom Bridge: Mushrooms:
Bump into a mushroom car and a mushroom will pop out.

Hint: Mushroom City: Shortcut:
When at the first junction pair, choose the one that goes straight forwards and stay to the right . You should see a small pink path cutting through the block and shave off many seconds. Also, when you come to the bridge area, stay to the right again to see a small ledge with no Bombcars on it. It is much safer.
Edwin Ireson.

When you get to the part near the finish line, instead of taking a left into the traffic where all the cars are located, go to the right onto a thin road covered in dirt. This should make you go slightly slower, but it is faster than being hit by the cars on the other side.
Jacob Casey Torrey.

When racing on the Mushroom City course in the Star Cup and you reach the first fork in the track, take a right. You will have to make another turn, but will have a long straightaway to gain speed. Keep going straight, until you have to take another turn. Once you get on the straightaway, do not take any forks; just go straight.
Dragonball Z.

At the first intersection, go straight. On the right side is a pink strip. Go through it and you will be at the second intersection, shaving seconds off your time.

Hint: Mushroom City: Boost:
When you locate a mushroom car, bump into it. If you do, it will throw out a mushroom on the ground to give you a boost.

Hint: Mushroom Bridge or Mushroom City: Hidden mushroom:
You may notice there is a car that is shaped like a mushroom (not the bus, but it is small). If you bump into it, notice that you will not start spinning as happens when you hit other cars. Instead, a mushroom flies out of it. You can run over it and speed up.
Yitzy Rohatiner.

Hint: Peach Beach: Shortcuts:
As soon as you go onto the beach, go left and up the ramp to cut a few seconds off your time.
Rob Ferguson.

At the beginning of the race, try to get a speed boost. Then, about five seconds into the race, a green pipe will appear on the left side of the track (just off the first corner; it has a small road leading into it). Go in, and you will jump straight back out with a double item box. Note: On 150 cc/mirror mode, you will end up in sixth, but will have two good weapons.
dan burns.

Hint: Peach Beach: Items:
When you start, keep going straight until you see a gray road to the left (to the right in mirror mode), that leads to a green tube. Go into it and you will be shot out and always hit a double item box. It depends on which cc class you are on for which place you will have when exit. In the 50cc class, it will be first to fifth; 100cc class, second to seventh; and 150cc, sixth to eighth. You will always get very helpful items from this trick. In the 150cc class, you will get a star, three mushrooms, first-place seeker (blue-winged shell), that character's special, and a red shell.

After you go through all the items, you will see a fountain. Instead of going straight, turn left and there will be two items boxes. Note: You will lose time.

Hint: Rainbow Road: Star power-up:
Sometimes a shooting star appears every once in a while. When it hits the road, a star will be on the ground for you to pick up.

Hint: Waluigi Stadium: Shortcut:
Have at least two mushrooms and/or a star. When you get to the point just before the last booster, you can drive across the dirt using your star or mushrooms instead of going around it. This is effective if you want to get the item box first.
Nico demuss Douglas.

Hint: Wario Coliseum: Shortcut:
When you are entering the circular room with the huge pit in the middle, go straight instead of around and hit the boost ramp to jump the pit. This will shave some distance and time.

If by chance you get three mushrooms or a star, go to the first booster in the race. It is located two right turns from the start. Instead of going through the booster, use the star or mushrooms on either side of it. You should get to the other side before anyone else normally can. Note: You will not get the item box if you do this. Also, to get in front faster take the right side. To hopefully steal items with the star or mushrooms, take the left.
Nico demuss Douglas.

Hint: Yoshi Circuit: Shortcuts:
Go all the way through the track until you reach the tunnel. After going through the tunnel, drive off the edge of the cliff into the side of the mountain. You must have a star or mushroom to get this shortcut.

Before you reach the first tunnel, instead of going around to the left go straight ahead with a boost to shave a few seconds off your time. There is a jump on the grass.

As you drive out of the mouth tunnel, you will see Nintendo signs. Veer off the road if you have a mushroom. Use the mushroom as soon as you hit the edge. You have to do it perfectly or you will land in the ocean. It will take you down Yoshi's neck, give you a chance for an item box, and best of all put you in a position where you do not have to curve around.

After the second turn, go straight up the slope in the grass instead of turning left. Note: You need a mushroom or star to get past. Use the mushroom just when you go on the grass.

Note: This trick requires a star. After the tunnel, use the star to gain speed and jump into the hole in the side of the mountain.

After the finish line, there will be a sharp turn. Get a mushroom and you will go flying over a pond.
Steve Filippo.

There are two shortcuts, one after the other. The first is easy to find. It is near the beginning. You just have to go over the second turn and boost when you are on the grass verge. The second is difficult to find. When you come out of the cave after the first jump, there will be a gap in the railing on the left (right in mirror mode). If you boost, you can make it to a secret road in the cliff.

Follow the track until you get to the tunnel. Go trough the tunnel. There will be an opening. Use a mushroom and go off the cliff. You will land in another tunnel and shave off about 15 seconds.

When you start, do not go through the tunnel. Instead, throw a mushroom and continue to go straight. You should jump straight over the hole.

After leaving the second tunnel, look for where the railing ends. Throw a mushroom and drive off the road through the hole in the railing, just before the railing begins again. There should be a road in the side of the cliff that you can drive into. It will take you to the first big curve.

On the wrist of Yoshi there is a small cave. If you have a boost, go though the cave while using boost.

Hint: Yoshi's Circuit: Shadow Mario mark:
When you start the circuit in any type of game, take the first corner and go to the sign that has a few Pintas (the townspeople from Super Mario Sunshine). Go close to the sign. When you see the bottom right hand corner, notice a red "M" with two dots at the tips. That is Mario's rival, Shadow Mario (who is actually Bowser Jr.)
tim s.

Hint: Track warnings:
The following tips are warnings and should be followed if you want to win.

Peach Beach: Do not go on the side ramp that you go off of to "gain speed". It only slows you down.
Mushroom Bridge: Do not drive on to the bridge. It only slows you down.
Daisy Cruiser: Do not drive into the hole with the item box and huge pipe. It only slows you down.
Dino Dino Land: Do not take the shortcut by the bridges. You will Always fall off, unless you have the combination of Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Bowser or DK's Kart (which is the slowest you can get).
Yoshi Circuit: When going off the tunnel you will see a sign that reads "Turn left" with Luigi on it. If you follow this, you will enter a shortcut by driving off the cliff. Note: You must have a boost to complete this shortcut.
Francisco Miranda.

Hint: Balloon battle mode: Stealing balloons:
In multi-player balloon battle mode, you can steal other players' balloons with mushrooms.
michael T.

Hint: Quick start:
To get a boost, repeatedly tap A at the start of the countdown.

At the start a race, hold A at the countdown, then press A repeatedly once it gets to one second. Keep pressing A repeatedly until the race starts. If done correctly, you should blast out in front of everybody else.

Hold A immediately after the "1" disappears in the countdown. This can take some practice, and it is easier for some than others.

When you see the first red light start up, repeatedly tap A and do not stop until after the "Start" sign flips. You should get a bountiful burst of nitro boost.

At the start of the race, wait until immediately after Lakitu puts his arm down the fourth time and press A. If done correctly, you will get a boost.
Majin Gotenks.

When playing Grand Prix with two players in the same car, have both players press A. You will go double the speed at the starting line when it says "Go".
Carlos and Cassandra.

Hint: Quick restart:
When you fall down in a course, press A as soon as Lakitu drops you. You will get a boost as you start up again.

You can get a speed boost after falling off by perfectly timing when you press A when Lakuta gets you.

If you fall off any type of ledge, repeatedly press A to get a boost when you are placed back on the track.

Hint: Mini-turbo:
When you are sliding, you will see yellow sparks. Move the Analog-stick in the opposite direction from your turn, then let it fall back to center. You will see orange sparks. Once you see them, move it opposite again. You will see blue sparks. Once you see them, you can let go for a boost or keep holding them until the curve ends. This is useful in long turns.

While doing a sharp turn (L) press back and forth on the Analog-stick to get a small boost.
Miles Klumpp.

Hint: Mini boost:
Around long corners, get a blue powerslide multiple times. This will speed you up. Getting a blue powerslide (or sledge) around practically every corner will also do this. This can be tricky at first, but is quite easy to master.
Dr Mitchison.

Hint: Drift boost:
Hold L or R to drift and tap the Analog-stick in the opposite direction three times.

Hint: Spin:
Note: This trick has no use in the actual game, but is fun. Hold L + R, then hold the Analog-stick in the direction that you wish to spin and press A. Press both turn buttons before you start your car.
Matt Malmlund.

Hint: Dodging homing attacks:
If you are going around a turn and a red shell is after you, power slide with the blue spark. When it is just about to hit you. Release of L or R and you should boost out of the way. This also works with Yoshi's and Birdo's eggs.

Hint: Avoid spiked shells:
To avoid Spiked shells (the ones that go to the first place person), when you are on a turn, skid. Immediately before it hits, do a mini turbo. Note: This is very difficult to do, and it only works for sharp turns.

Hint: Avoiding blue shells:
It is possible to dodge a blue shell. This shell only targets and hits the first place player. This trick requires practice and skill. When in first place, wait for the symbol at the bottom of the screen telling you a blue shell is coming. When it falls back to hit you, fire a shell backwards and it should knock it off course.

Hint: Avoiding red shells:
To dodge a red shell fire, an obstruction backwards (except for a red box). If you are turning on a bend, use the "Quick boost" cheat to escape.

Hint: Fake item boxes:
Fake item boxes do not block shells. Therefore you cannot use them to protect yourself from a red shell, and you cannot shoot a shell at one to destroy it.
Adam Beer.

Hint: Golden Mushroom:
Play as any character with any kart. Have Toad or Toadette in the back seat. Start a level under any cup. Note: This was done under the 150 cc class. Once you get a item box and it is spinning around, rapidly tap Y until you get your item. It should be a Golden Mushroom most of the time.

Hint: Faster karts:
Each driver will go slightly faster if they are driving their own kart. This works well if you are using the Waluigi and Luigi combination on Waluigi's kart.
James Cheeseman.

Hint: Drive through grass faster:
When you have a star you can cut through the grass without slowing down.

Hint: Easy win:
If you have three controllers, set the game up for a three player Grand Prix. Have the first and second player be the two kart duo and you control the lone kart. Play the game and the odds should be on your side, since one player is gone. When you finish, complete the other player. This works well when trying to unlock new bonuses.

On tracks with jumps or narrow paths, ram into your enemies. They will fall off the edge, wasting their time. This works best with heavier karts.

In any course that includes a slope, if you make the necessary calculations to hit them just before they jump, they will fall down and give you some time.

To lose a CPU opponent as Waluigi or Wario, use a bomb.

When you have a person on your tail, get an obstacle weapon. Wait until you get to a point with a booster jump (like in Waluigi Stadium and Bowser's Castle). If your tailgater is exactly lined up with you, while you are both in mid air drop your obstical. If done correctly, you should hit him. He should stop in mid-air, fall, and restart. At this point, you should be now far ahead.
Nico demuss Douglas.

Hint: Specials:
The following is a list of each character's special items:

Mario/Luigi: Fireballs (self-explanatory)
Peach/Daisy: Heart (1-hit shield, receive item that damaged you)
Yoshi/Birdo: Egg (homing bomb, drops items)
Baby Mario/ Baby Luigi: Chain Chomp (giant Chain Chomp pulls you around, attacking enemies)
Koopa/Paratroopa: Triple Shells (self explanatory, red or green)
DK/Diddy Kong: Giant Banana (giant banana, explodes into three little bananas when hit)
Bowser/ Bowser Jr: Bowser Shell (giant shell)
Toad/Toadette: Super Mushroom (unlimited mushroom for short period of time)
Petey Piranha/ King Boo: Any Special (any special item, position most likely determines item)

Hint: Easy double weapons:
When you hit a single "?" box, quickly tap Z and hit another single "?" box. You will be rewarded with two weapons instead of one. This is very helpful in Peach Beach and Wario Coliseum during the last part of the track.

Hint: Star and mushroom shortcuts:
Whenever you get a star or a mushroom, you can cut through sand, grass, and other places that usually slow you down. Some good places to do this include Luigi's Circuit when you go near the Bow-Wow or Chain Chomp or in Peach Beach near the water. Be careful not to fall into the deep part, In Dry-Dry Desert at the beginning, instead of following the trail, you can cut through the sand. This saves a lot of time and it might also get you in first. Also, if you have a star and are in Dry-Dry Desert, you can cut through the quick sand where the Sand Piranha is with a star and it will not eat you.
michael ruiz.

Hint: Special weapon:
If you want to get a certain character's special weapon, make sure that character is in the back handling the weapons.

Hint: More frequent and easier special:
To get any character's special easier and more frequently, have that character ride their own kart. Note: Some characters get their specials slightly more frequently on carts other than their own.

Hint: Better chance of getting good power-ups:
When approaching a power-up box, release the accelerator about half a second before picking it up. Wait until the item slot has stopped rotating and you know what your item is before you start pressing the accelerator again. By doing this you may lose time and position, but if timed correctly and performed at good spots where slowdown in minimal, this trick is well worth it.
christian henderson.

Hint: Get two items with a single item box:
Have your kart hit a single item box then press Z to switch characters. The item you received will go to the driver and you cannot use it until you switch again. Next, drive into another single item box to get another item. You will now have two items just like you would get from a double item box.

When you are riding and miss the double item box, and only get a single, either punch the person with two or press Z and run over a single or double item box.

Hint: Steal items:
Have a combination of Yoshi and someone else. Have the other person drive and have Yoshi as the weapons player. Have the driver go up to a person then have them press the buttons to make his tongue come out. This will steal their item, if they have any, and can be useful for knocking people off bridges on tracks such as Dino Land.

Whenever you have two players controlling one kart and the item player presses R or L, the rear character will perform a small lunge in the appropriate direction. This causes the kart to go slightly awry, but if you hit another kart, you will steal their item and send them flying.

A clever way to steal items or to just push your opponents off the track is to have a combination of Paratroopa or Koopa with some other character. When you get a shell, fire it then slam into the victim. Another way is to get a mushroom and boost into your enemy.
Gameboy Madness.

Hint: Pass items:
Note: This can only be dine in two player mode. If you pick up a double "?" box so that both the players get power-ups, and the driver cannot switch with the passenger at the moment, the driver can "pass" his item onto the passenger by pressing the X or Y. This is useful if one person is good at driving and one at shooting, or if it is too confusing to switch.

Hint: Recover from lightning:
If you are far ahead and struck by lightning, drive off a cliff. You will be big again.

Hint: Staying in the lead:
While you are in the lead and a player fires a red shell at you, get an item box. If you get a fake item box, banana, or green shell, you can use those to block the red shell. To throw a green shell back, hold the Analog-stick Down and press Throw. For you alone, use Y button; for two player co-op, press A or B.

Drop a false box or banana on a speed boost strip. It will cause your opponents to "trip." This trick works well with a speed boost strip on a ramp, such the many located on Rainbow Road, Wario's Coliseum, and and few of the other tracks. Your opponents will "trip" over the item and not have enough speed to make the jump.

Hint: Recommended combinations:
Try using the following combinations.
Rob Ferguson.

Mario and Baby Bowser
Paratroopa and Wario
Luigi and Waluigi
Koopa and Bowser

Yoshi, Baby Mario and Luigi's kart are a good combination. Baby Mario's Chomp helps you when you are under fifth and Yoshi's Homing Egg helps when you are on second and down.
Anders H. Frederiksen.

Unlock Toad and Toadette. They have the greatest special, the golden mushroom. Create a duo with Toad or Toadette and someone else. You will then have that special.

Use Toad and Paratroopa. Paratroopa's shells will make sure that other drivers do not pass you up while Toad makes boosts.

Use Paratroopa and Diddy kong in Paratroopa's kart. When down in fifth, you will get three homing shells. When in first you have Diddy's giant banana and Paratroopa's three green shells. This combo is best used when competing in all mirror mode and 150cc cups.

Use Baby Browser and Yoshi with Luigi's kart.

Use Baby Mario's "Goo Goo Buggy". This is the best kart because of its acceleration. Paratroopa's Parawing also works well.

Try using the following combinations.

Baby Luigi and Peach
Luigi and Baby Luigi
Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
Baby Luigi and Bowser Jr.

For an easier win and a well balanced race team, choose Baby Luigi and Toad (or Toadette). Then, choose the Baby Luigi Kart. Both characters will have well balanced special items. For example, Toad is good because he has the element of speed with his Super Mushroom. If you Press X or Y, he will charge up your speed and if you press X or Y rapidly, you will get a super speed boost. Baby Luigi is good because he has Chain Chomp as his special. Baby Luigi should hold onto Chain Chomp for as long as he can, but will eventually pull off, knocking off the rest of his opponents as he goes along the course.
Jacob Casey Torrey.

Use Birdo and Yoshi in the Birdo kart in single player 150 cc (or mirror). When you are in first place, if you get a egg shoot it ahead. When it breaks open you could get a star. Stars appear from Birdo egs more frequently, and they make for a good weapon when you are behind.
michael testaz.

To take control of the competition, choose Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa as your racers and either the Koopa Dasher or Toad Kart as your vehicle. Koopa Troopa's or Paratroopa's Triple Green/Red Shell special slows down the competition when in any position less than first and keeps them back while in first. The Koopa Dasher and Toad Kart are selected because their handling is by far the best in the game.

A good team is Diddy Kong driving with Koopa using the weapons in Baby Mario's Kart. You will get the good specials and good skills, and although Baby Mario's Kart is not that fast, it is the easiest to control.

When you get the Petey Piranha and King Boo combination use the following combos: King Boo and Bowser/Boo's Kart; or King Boo and Waluigi/Boo's Kart. King Boo is recommended because he can do all the specials. Bowser is recommended because of his big spiked shell. Boo's Kart is recommended because of its weight and acceleration; and the other combination with Waluigi's bombs.
El Mexicano loco Daniel.

Use Petey Piranha and King Boo in the Parade kart. King Boo usually gets giant bananas and Petey Piranha usually gets eggs.
Campin Carl.

Use Paratroopa (or Koopa) and Baby Bowser (or Baby Luigi) in Bullet kart.
Campin Carl.

A good combination is Diddy Kong and any of the Koopas driving in the Toad Kart. Diddy Kong's special is helpful because the giant banana takes up a lot of space for enemies to run over. The Paratroopa's Red Shell Special is good for saving yourself from red shells, green shells, and bananas. The Toad Kart is light and fast, which gives you an advantage to pass up more opponents easier.
andrew hawk.

The two best karts are Toadette Kart and Boo Pipes. The best racers are Toadette (hyper fast mushroom special) and King Boo.

Use Koopa or Paratroopa together with Diddy Kong or Donkey Kong. Use Koopa or Paratroopa to get their three shells in one special. Then, use the shells to knock out the karts in front of you. This makes it easier to pass them. Once you are in first place, switch to Diddy Kong or Donkey Kong. When you get their giant bananas, throw them behind you. The karts in back of you will hit the bananas, allowing you to get further ahead and gain time.

Use DK Jr. and Toad in Toad's kart. DK Jr. has the giant banana special, which acts both defensive and offensive. Toad has the golden mushroom special, which also acts defensive and offensive. When you use the Toad kart, it gets an extra boost when you use Toad's golden mushroom; whereas if you use Toad and different player and kart (not Toad or Toadette's kart), the golden mushroom acts normal. When you use Toad's kart the ultra boosting mushroom gets a boost of its own.
leo wyatt.

For a good combination of characters, try the following: Waluigi and King Boo Waluigi and Petey Pirahna, Waluigi, and Paratroopa. Petey Pirahna can be difficult to see over at times. Do not have Petey Pirahna in the back on Rainbow Road.
Kevin Berg.

Toad and Paratroopa in the Diddy Train; and Luigi and Waluigi in the Gold Kart are great combos.

Waluigi and Paratroopa in the Green Fire and Diddy Kong and Baby Bowser are good combinations that are easy to control.
John Ammazzalorso.

For difficult races, try using the Bowser and Bowser Jr. pair. The duo will receive the Bowser Shell item often, which bounce around like green shells but lasts far longer and do not break upon hitting players or obstacles. If many opponents are directly in front of you, a single Bowser Shell can slow them all down. This combination is especially useful and fun on Baby Park. In only a few laps, the course can be filled with Bowser Shells, which indiscriminately hurt all opponents and bounce randomly and quickly. Just be careful not to hit your own item.

For mysterious reasons, Daisy and Bowser Jr. on the Parade Kart tend to perform well in challenging races.

Hint: Hear entire theme song:
Usually, if you listen to the music at the title screen without pressing any buttons, a demo will play. Then the picture and music will fade out in the middle of the song and the title screen will reappear with the music starting over. Do the following to hear the whole song. Turn on the game. When the title screen appears, press Start once, so that the three options of "Start Game", "Records", and "Options" appear. Let the game idle. No demos will appear, and the entire song will play and loop.

Hint: Luigi's Mansion reference:
In the Luigi Circuit, there are two big turns. Look in the background to see the mansion you get when you complete Luigi's Mansion with over 100,000,000 G.
Dominic Manganiello.

Hint: Super Mario Bros. reference:
On the Tilt A Kart battle level, the entire level looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros.
Dominic Manganiello.

Password (Japanese version):
Complete a race in Time Trial mode then press L, R, L, R, X, Y, X, Y, Z at the "Retry" screen. A password that compares your result to other gamers when entered at the game's Japanese web site will be displayed.

Glitch: DK Mountain: Float:
When you go through the cannon, just as you start to drop down have someone use a thunder. You will drop and start floating in the air. This is very difficult to do. If it happens, you cannot move and will just float there. You can tilt your cart, but you cannot be shot.
michael T and nick L.

Glitch: DK Mountain: Hold nothing:
Drop a banana just before you enter the cannon. You will be holding nothing when going through the cannon.

Glitch: DK Mountain: Mushroom refund:
Just as you enter the cannon, use a mushroom. It will be gone for a split second, then it should come back. Note: This is extremely difficult to do.
tyler daly.

Glitch: Pipe Plaza Balloon Battle: No damage in pipe:
On Pipe Plaza, you cannot get damaged when going in the pipe. If someone laid an item in front of the pipe, if you hit the item while driving through the pipe you will not lose a balloon.

Glitch: Rainbow Road: Disappear:
When you get to the turns before the large pipe with fan, go off the track as if you are going to clip the corner. You will go off the track and then reappear on the track with no time taken off.
Jimmy Wright.

Glitch: Waluigi Stadium: Wrong pickup:
After the part with the green pipes on the long straight, if you get a blue powerslide and boost up the incline on left, almost immediately after the last pipe you will go flying in the air towards the part where you boost over the gap at the end of the level. The CPU will think you have fallen off at the boost bit and Lakatu will pick you up and drop you off just before the boost.
Dr Mitchison.

Glitch: Incomplete switching:
Choose any pair of characters and a kart (for example, Mario, Peach, and the Heart Coach). Next choose a track with an animated jump (for example, DK Mountain, getting shot out of the cannon; or Rainbow Road, getting shot straight up in the tube). When you get to those places on the track, get shot out of them. As you are falling, get ready to switch. If you switch characters just before you hit the ground, you will see the back player switch to the front, but not the other way. The driver that was supposed to switch to the back bypassed the switching animation and was already in the back. Notes: This will also appear in the replay, however you cannot do this after you have fallen and Lactu has rescued you.

Glitch: Name mix-up:
When selecting your team in single player mode, choose Mario and Luigi very quickly. Luigi will actually say the "O" in Mario, making his name sound a lot like "Luigi-o".
Jonathon Whoopz.

Glitch: Thrown objects in pipe:
Select multi-player mode, then choose "Battle". Next, select "Balloon Battle". Go to Pipe Plaza Chouse with Green Parkay and Red Parky in the Red Shell car. Drive quickly to the left top pipe then slowly go into the pipe. Make sure you do not go all the way. Anything that is thrown at you will fly through the other side unharmed, return, and repeat.

Glitch: Chain Chomp stop:
Select either the Mario or Luigi Circuit. Have the person go up to the Chain Chomp (the big black ball with a face) and get run over several times. Eventually, the Chain Chomp will just stay in one place for the rest of the race. Note: To exit this, get a star and run over the Chain Chomp numerous times.
Nico demuss Douglas.

Glitch: Distraught Spiny Shell:
If a player manages to avoid a Spiny Shell using a power slide trick, the shell will fly in a straight line for about two seconds, ignoring walls and obstacles. If the shell approaches the edge of a course or goes off the course, its path may bend vertically, or it might randomly warp. It will not aim for the player again.

Glitch: Appearance of continuous Double Dash:
To view this glitch, you need at least two controllers, but it is far easier with three controllers and another person to work with. If you have two controllers, start a co-op mode race (two people per kart) 150cc Grand Prix on the Star Cup. Then, go through the cup as usual until you get to the beginning of Rainbow Road. If you have three controllers, choose to have two people team up and the other person race solo, then start a 150cc Versus mode race on Rainbow Road. If you are doing this in Grand Prix mode, you must start the race in first place in order for the glitch to work. At the beginning of the Rainbow Road race, you also must perform a Double Dash (both players get a start-of-race boost at the same time) on the co-op kart. You should see your kart go off the jump just before the Double Dash wears off. If done correctly, the rear character should still be hanging on as if the Double Dash is still in effect, even though you can control the kart normally. Note: This is the same animation played when you go through the animated tube-jump near the end of Rainbow Road or through the cannon on DK Mountain. Your character will continue to act as though the kart is going very fast until something happens that requires them to go through another animation. The following is a list of the situations that would cause this to happen:

Use an item.
Get hit by an item or another kart, or do anything that causes you to momentarily lose control of your kart.
Press Z to switch the position of the front and back characters.
Begin a drift.
The player controlling the rear character performs a slide-attack (L or R).
Kart falls off the edge of the track and you are rescued by Lakitu.
Get to the animated jump near the end of the race without any of the above occurring.

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