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Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 2

Note: This game is also titled Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 2.

Sharingan Sasuke:
Have at least 50,000 coins, then press A(2), B(2), Y, Z, Up, Right, R at the title screen.

10,000 credits:
Have a saved game file from the original Naruto: Clash of Ninja on your memory card.

Select costumes:
Highlight a character and press Y at the selection screen.

Long-haired Sakura:
Highlight Sakura and press X at the character selection screen. Highlight Sakura and press Z at the character selection screen to have long-haired Sakura in an alternate costume.

Alternate Mizuki:
Highlight Iruka and press X at the character selection screen for his original costume. Highlight Iruka and press Z at the character selection screen to have Mizuki in an alternate costume.

Unmasked Haku:
Highlight Haku and press X at the character selection screen for unmasked Haku. Highlight Haku and press Z at the character selection screen to have unmasked Haku in an alternate costume.

CPU battle mode:
Successfully complete story mode to make this available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Team battle mode:
Get the best score in time attack mode to make this available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Shadow fighting mode:
Get the best score in time attack mode to make this available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Additional difficulty option:
Finish in first place in survival mode to make this available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Additional damage option:
Finish in first place in time attack mode to make this available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Stats option in Omake menu:
Successfully complete the first twenty episodes of story mode to make this available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Character profile option:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the corresponding character profile for that person available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Character sound effects:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the corresponding sounds for that person available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Bonus story mode battles:
Successfully complete the first twenty episodes of story mode to unlock a new episode that is available for purchase at Anko's shop. Complete that episode to unlock the next bonus episode. There are a total of ten bonus story mode episodes that can be purchased.

Background music option:
Buy all of the bonus story mode battles to make this available for purchase at Anko's shop.

Reset Training mode battles:
In Training mode, select any character and train. While in training, press the C-stick Up and you will reset the battle. Note: You cannot do this in any other mode.
robin stewart.

Play as Guy Sensei:
Unlock Kankuro then gain 3,500 more points.

Play as Mizuki:
Unlock Iruka and Sharingan Kakashi then gain 1,500 more points.

Play as Orochimaru:
Unlock all characters and pay 50,000 points.

Play as Neji Hyuga and Iruka Umino:
Gain 2,000 points to buy Neji or Iruka at Anko's shop.

Play as Akamaru, Crow and Kankuro:
Gain 2,500 points to buy Akamaru, Crow or Kankuro at Anko's shop.

Play as Haku:
Gain 3,000 points to buy Haku at Anko's shop.

Play as Mizuki:
Purchase everyone, including Sharingan Kakashi. Then, get 15,000 points. Go to the shop and purchase Mizuki.
Nathan Davenport.

Play as Zabuza Momochi:
Gain 4,000 points to buy Zabuza at Anko's shop.

Play as Kyubi Naruto:
Gain 5,500 points to buy Kyubi Naruto at Anko's shop.

Play as Sharingan Kakashi:
Gain 7,500 points to buy Sharingan Kakashi at Anko's shop.

Play as Sharingan Sasuke:
Gain 100,000 points to buy Sharingan Sasuke at Anko's Shop.

Hint: Oboro mode:
This mode is useful for earning quick money. It is not easy, but it is faster than regular fights. To make it available for purchase, you will need to buy several characters. You must buy characters in the order they appear until you have bought Mizuki. After that, return to Anko's shop and Oboro Mode (along with Orochimaru) should be available for purchase for 3,500 points.

Hint: Akumaru: Size advantage:
Akumaru is so small that he can not be hit by Special Jutisus.

Note: Akamaru can be hit with Phoenix Flower Jutsu because it is aimed at the ground.

Hint: Hyuuga clan: Half-Step Technique combo:
When fighting either a level 4 Negi or Hinata, you may that they have the ability to stop combos, then start them over almost instantly. This is a technique known as half-stepping, and is very difficult to perform. However when mastered, it allows anyone playing as a Hyuuga clan member unleash an unstoppable combo. Note that this combo can only be infinitely repeated on a blocking opponent, as timing does not allow for unlimited attacks. On any attack in a combo that requires the user move, then attack (such as Negi and Hinata's Forward + A moves), press Y immediately after execution. They will step forward, then stop, and will immediately be able to start the combo again. If you are confused, just fight a level 4 Hinata and block constantly. You will see her do this many times.

Hint: Kakashi:Defeating Zabuza:
Go to Vs. mode and choose Kakashi and Zabuza to fight. During the match when playing Kakashi, press Down + A on Zabuza. Do not move. Just when Kakashi is coming up, do your Special Jutsu with Zabuza and it should be an easy win.
Fernando Esparza II.

Hint: Kakshi Hatake with Sharingon Trigon attack:
Press Away, A when your character does their special technique.

Hint: Kakshi Hatake with Sharingon Trigon: Copying specials:
When you are Kakashi with Sharingan you can copy other ninja's specials. Press are Left + A when someone is about to do their special. You will copy their move and do it to them. Note: It does not work with everyone, such as Neji, Kyuubi Naruto, and some others.

Hint: Ino: Combo:
Press Y, Down B(3), (halfway stood up), X.
Derek Roberts.

Hint: Lee Combo:
Note: Gate of life open. Press B(4), A, (halfway fallen down), X.
Derek Roberts.

Hint: Mizuki: Alternate saying:
Fight the CPU with Mizuki as your character and Naruto as the opponent. Use your Special Jutsu. When Naruto is in the air, Mizuki will say "Come on, Demon Fox !" instead of his normal comment.
Crazy Man 584.

Hint: Neji: Combo:
Press Down, B(2), Forward, B(2), A, B(3), X. Neji will do a low kick, a high kick to hit the opponent into the air, a two handed blow, a punch, then pull out a kunai, have three punches, then finishes it off with Hakke Rokujyuu Hanshyou (Sixty-four Points of Divinity).
chance asue.

Hint: Neji: Combo:
Press Right, B(2), A, B(5), Down A.
Derek Roberts.

Hint: Orochimaru: Combo:
Press B(5), A, Left, A, (halfway stood up), X.
Derek Roberts.

Hint: Orochimaru: Chakra block:
Orochimaru has a huge advantage in battles. If you use his special (Five-Pronged Seal), your opponent's Chakra meter will be empty and remain that way for the rest of the fight.

Hint: Orochimaru: Shadow Snakes:
Use these combos to execute Orochimaru's Shadow Snakes technique at the end of the combo:

Press Down, B, A.
Press B(3), A(2).
Press Down, A(4).
Press Down, B(2), A(2).

Note: There might be other ways to execute the Shadow Snakes technique.

Hint: Rock Lee: Combo:
Select Rock Lee and fight against Gaara. Open the first link then use the special by pressing X as usual. He will do a combo before he grapples Gaara with his bandages, just like in episode 48 of the anime.

Get your opponent to have his or her back to a wall. Press B until Rock does a double-kick to knock the opponent into the air, then press A to do an extra roundhouse. When the enemy's head faces the ground while he falls, press X to do Rock's special. When timed correctly, this combo takes about 50% of the opponent's life.
chance asue.

This only works if you start with three quarters Chakra or more. When you begin the match, hold X and press Down. This opens his first gate, giving him more power and stunning your opponent for a moment. Run up to your opponent and do it again. This will open his Life Gate, which drains his health very quickly, but also gives him immense power. Then, press B(2), A(3) wait a moment, then press X. If done correctly, this should stun your opponent, give you strength, stun your opponent again, give you more strength, kick your opponent up on a wall, and using Hidden Lotus, take out their entire life bar in one 18-hit combo.
Johnny C.

Start by opening the Gate of Rest then Life. Start by pressing Up, B, then B(5), then A, then X. Rock Lee should kick his opponent twice in the air, punch him five times, kick him in the air again, then do your special. If done correctly your opponent's life should go down completely. Note: this may require a few attempts.
Damien Phillips.

Hint: Rock Lee: Gate Of Life open:
To open the Gate Of Life, press Down + X two times. Note: This move will slowly decrease your HP. Alternately, you can just press Down + X once to get a more powerful attack.
Alexis Mandujano.

Hint: Rock Lee: Head smash:
Open the first gate (Gate of Rest) then do his Primary Lotus. Sometimes he will repeatedly kick his opponent before smashing his head into the ground with the Primary Lotus.

Hint: Rock Lee: Easy wins:
Because Rock Lee has no long distance attacks, you must keep up with your opponent and stay close to them. Use some of Rock Lee's aerial kicks when you are far away from your opponent. This will move him across the field a lot faster. The closer you are to your opponent, the more of an advantage you have.

Hint: Rock Lee: Defeating him:
Rock Lee has a lot of combos and strong attacks. He becomes stronger when he opens the Gates of Life. Try to dodge as much of his attacks as possible, or keep him at distance with long range attacks or your special technique. It may also be wise to not let him use his special technique; the more Gates of Life he opens, the more powerful he becomes and soon his Primary Lotus will become a Hidden Lotus. However you can take advantage of that and attack Rock Lee when he is done using his Hidden Lotus because his health will be very low. Make sure you also have enough Chakra and health remaining.

Hint: Sakura: Easy wins:
When selecting Sakura, you can trick your opponent by getting as far away as possible then run toward them and press A when close to them. If done at the correct moment, you will be behind your opponent. This gives you time to surprise attack them by pressing A(3) or by holding it. Note: This will work better if done one button after the other.

Hint: Sakura: Combo:
Press B(4), A(3), (halfway stood up) X.
Derek Roberts.

Hint: Sasuke: Combos:
If you have Sharingan Sasuke, do his Up + B move then do his Chidori Full Blast.

If you have normal or Sharingan Sasuke, do his Forward + B, move then do his Up + A move. It is a good combo, but very difficult to master.
sasuke uchiha.

Hint: Sasuke: Primary Lotus:
Press Up + B.
billy vega.

Hint: Sasuke with Sharingan:
To have Sasuke with Sharingan available in Anko's shop, you must first complete Story mode. Then, go to Anko's shop and buy the next Story mode chapter (at the bottom of the list). After you buy that chapter, complete it. Then, return to Anko's shop and buy another chapter. Complete that chapter. Repeat this process until you have completed 30 chapters (the original 20 chapters that were available by default. and 10 more that you purchased). After completing the thirtieth chapter, Sasuke with Sharingan should be available for purchase in Anko's shop for 100,000 points. Note: You may also need to buy Orochimaru first before Sasuke with Sharingan becomes available.

Hint: Saskue with Shariangan: Combo:
Press Down, B(2), A, Charge Chidori.
Derek Roberts.

Press Down B(2), Charge Chidori.
Derek Roberts.

Get the Handicap "Chakra Max", then go to Vs mode. Play as Sharingan Sasuke against any opponent. When choosing the stage, press Down to highlight "Handicap". Note: Make sure you are on the destination before you do this. After you select the handicap there is no way to change the location. Once in handicap, go down to "Chakra Max". Then, press A and Start, then Start again. He will now have "unlimited" Chakra. When fighting, do the Fireball Jutsu little so you do not lose any Chakra. Then jump once and to the Pheonix Flower Jutsu. If done correctly, they will get hit by the fireball and Phoenix Flower Jutsus.
sasuke uchiha.

Hint: Sasuke with Sharingan: Dragonfire combo:
Press Forward + B, A, B(2), A. While your opponent is getting hit with the Fire style Jutsu, quickly press Forward + A to hit them with another. If done correctly, they should be getting hit with it while laying on the ground. Immediately jump towards them and use the Phoenix Flower Jutsu while they are still in the fire. It should just about take them down from full health at default attack power.
Kyle Thompson.

Hint: Sasuke with Sharingan: Phoenix Flower Jutsu:
Sasuke with Sharingan has an aerial special move. Jump in the air and press X to execute a Phoenix Flower Jutsu. This move is a range attacks that goes in a straight line. This is useful for attacking multiple enemies, but it can be blocked. One combo to ensure that you will hit your opponent (if it is only one) is Down + B, Up + B, X. Sasuke should execute a leg sweep, kick his opponent into the air, then use the Phoenix Flower Jutsu without fail. Note: Timing is essential; you must practice the combo to use it well.

This trick works well with level 4 CPU opponents. Go into a match and get your special all the way up. Then, start jumping over the enemy until your back is toward him or her and they are facing you. After this, jump backward and use Phoenix Flower Jutsu. It should hit the opponent in the back.
Ryan Keil.

Hint: Sasuke with Sharingan: Easy wins:
One of the best ways to kill an opponent easily is to press B(4), A. Keep going before the opponent's Chakra (do not let that happen), then let them drop to the floor. Then, use Pheonix Fire Jutsu while they are on the ground. That finish them if you hit. Note: This is best used when your opponent has no Chakra.

One of the best used ways to use Sasuke with Sharingan's Chidori is to press A + Away then use Chidori. Note: Sometimes it will not work. Charge it well but not so long as to allow them to jump behind you. The best time to use this is when you and your opponent are both low on health.

To the best of my knowlegde Akamaru can be hit with Pheonix Flower Jutsu because it aims at the ground.

Hint: Sasuke with Sharingan: Combo:
Press B(7), then press Up + B then fully charge Chidori.
pat bible.

When you have an opponent near a wall, press Forward + B, A, B(4), X. If done correctly, you should kick your opponent onto the wall a few times. Then while they are falling you should hit them, before they hit the ground, with the Chidori. This takes approximately three quarters of their health away.
Johnny C.

Press Y and throw your opened and then jump and perform Phoenix Flower Jutsu. If your opened has little Chakra, the move should inflict lots damage, depending on how many fireballs hit.
Mike Kroll.

Hint: Instant special combos:
Many characters such as Naruto, Haku, and Hinata can immediately link a special to a two or three hit attack. Others, Such as Gaara and Sharingan Sasuke, have long combos that end with specials. The following is a list of a few useful combos. Almost all specials can be linked after throws with some practice, and for easy specials, press X just as an opponent is getting up. With some proper timing, this should leave them with no time to dodge.

Naruto: Press B(3), X
Hinata: Press B(2), X
Gaara: Press Down + B, A(3), X
Sharingan Sasuke: Press B(7), Up + B, then hold X until your opponent starts to get up.
Rock Lee: Press B(3), A, X as your opponent starts to land.

Hint: 1 on 2 battles or Triple Threat battles:
Go to battle in four player mode. Select the three characters you wish to fight with. Instead of choosing a fourth opponent, press Start. You will go to a team setup screen with a maximum of three teams instead of four. After you set up the teams, choose a location and/or handicap and begin battle.

Hint: Story mode #30:
To get the last Story mode, get 60,000 points and buy Orochimaru. You will have 10,000 points remaining. Now, buy the story.

Hint: Dodging:
When getting hit in a combo quickly press L or R to dodge it easily.

Hint: Resume starting stance:
In Training mode, choose any two characters. At any time during training, rotate the C-stick clockwise and the Analog-stick counter-clockwise simultaneously to resume starting stance.

Hint: Easy money:
Play in Orobo mode as Akamaru. Because he is so small you should last a long time. The only way they can hit you is if they throw Kunai or you are in mid-air.
Derek Roberts.

Hint: Find Kankuro:
When you pick Crow you will see blue strings on his back. If you follow them, they will lead to puppet master Kankuro.
Quinton Wideman.

Hint: Hinata Hyuga appearance:
Select Naruto as a character and go to the "village hidden in the leaves" daytime level. You can ill see Hinata Hyuga standing behind a tree spying on Naruto.
Dwayne Trinks jr.

Hint: See Kakashi's skeleton:
Go to two player mode and put Kakashi and Kakashi together. Have both use Chidori at the same time and they will be pushed back (still on their feet) with their skeletons showing.

Glitch: Go through tree:
Intentionally hit a tree four times. On the fourth time you will go through the tree.

Glitch: Fire style:
Go to Training mode. Select anyone who does the fire style. Take the defense off. Press Forward + A then Forward + A again after about one to three seconds. If done correctly, you will be able to move, attack, and use your special while still using your fire style.
GameMaster Brandon.

Glitch: Puppet in the wrong place:
Participate in a two player match, preferably in Training mode, and fight with two Kankuros. Set the first Kankuro's puppet in front of the second Kankero and vice-versa. Do their specials at the exactly the same time. The first special attack may be normal, but the second one will be done and Crow will actually be attacking nothing. Occasionally, with the first attack, the attacking puppet will be in the wrong place but the other one will be attacked by nothing.

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