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Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness

Hint: Dragonite:
To catch Dragonite you must snag all the Shadow Pokemon (mostly caught by Miror B, if you did not catch them from the trainers). The Miror Radar will go off and it will say Miror B will be in Geteon Port. He will be on the lighthouse at the very top. Battle him and he will use a level 50 Dragonite. Be careful and save the game before you battle him.

Hint: Elekid:
You must do something for the news crew to get Elekid. They will ask you to check with someone and the outskirts. His name Hordel. He is from Cipher. He will give you a Togepi at level 25. He will ask you to purify it for him. Once this is done, you can keep it or take it back to him. He will trade you an Elekid at level 20.

Hint: Larvatar:
Catch a Wooper and give it to the man in Pyrite Town. He will trade you a level 20 Larvatiar.

Hint: Lugia:
To have a chance at snagging Lugia in the demo version, you must first snag the first 60. Then, go to the mountain with a Groundon statue and Lugia will fly there. You will them battle him. He is at level 50.

Lugia can be obtained at Nickledark Island. He comes out at level 50 after you defeat Cipher Boss Deathgold.

To purify Lugia, get full tempo in all nine chambers. Then, place Lugia in one of the sets and it will be purified. Having all the Shadow Pokemon is not a requirement.
neo andersan.

You must reach the Cipher Boss. Before you fight him, he will call Lugia. To catch him easily, you must have a Master Ball. To complete the game easily you must get a Pokemon with high defense and attack. The Cipher Boss has the three legendary birds (Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos), a Rhydon, a Tauros, and a Executtor. All are Shadow Pokemon and have more than level 45. A good Pokemon to use is Umbreon, because he has a high defense depending of the level. When you catch Lugia, use it to fight against the Cipher Boss. He has a good resistance against Shadow Pokemon, and work better if you capture Salamanse.
Dark Aggron.

There are multiple ways to get the Purification Chamber at full tempo for all nine sets (chambers). Try the following.

Format: Northwest - Northeast - Southwest - Southeast
Set 1: Surskit - Nuzleaf - Hoppip - Spheal
Set 2: Sableye - Baltay - Carvanha - Flaaffy
Set 3: Teddiursa - Pidgeotto - Meowth - Hitmonlee
Set 4: Ninetales - Mawile - Numel - Lunatone
Set 5: Zangoose - Kangaskhan - Togepi - Spearow
Set 6: Venomoth - Weepinbell - Swinub - Shroomish
Set 7: Magneton - Snorunt - Makuhita - Ledyba
Set 8: Parasect - Poochyena - Spinarak - Ralts
Set 9: Espeon - Hitmonchan - Duskull - Houndoom

Once all these Pokemon are in place, each tempo should be full light blue. Simply put Shadow Lugia in Set 1. It will give you a message about Shadow Lugia being different. Go to the Pokemon Lab (Starting Area) and step on the circle for the Purification Chamber. Shadow Lugia can now be purified from within the chamber. Note: Once Lugia is purified, it returns to its normal blue and white colors and regains the moves: Psycho Boost, Featherdance, Earthquake, and Hydro Pump.

You can catch Shadow Lugia with an Ultra Ball. Note: This may take awhile.
Natalie Lilley.

Hint: Phanpy:
Put ten Poke Snacks at the Oasis Spot. You will more likely than not find a Phanpy.
Baha-muto, the Katana Mage.

Hint: Robo-Kyogre:
When you have fought the Robo-Groudon and the professor sells his Kyogre to the man in the gear shop at Gateon Port, go there and he will let you ride it. It is on the deck. Select it and chose "Ride on Robo-Kyogre". This is how to get to Nickledark Island.
James Beardwood.

Hint: Sandshrew:
Put ten Poke Snacks at the Rock Spot. You will more likely than not find a Sandshrew.
Baha-muto, the Katana Mage.

Hint: Tyrannitar:
To get a Tyrannitar, you must get a Wooper and trade it to Dukin in Pyrate Town. He will give you a Larvitar. Get the Larvitar to level 30 and he will evolve into a Pupitar. Then, get the Pupitar to level 55 and you will have a Tyrannitar.

Hint: Zubat:
Put ten Poke Snacks at the Cave Spot. You will more likely than not find a Zubat.
Baha-muto, the Katana Mage.

Hint: Defeating Grand Master Greevil:
Use a very powerful Rock or Ice type Pokemon that knows Icebeam or Rock Slide. Try a Tyranitar or Vaporeon that is at least level 60.
Andrew Finelli.

Keep a strong Ice type pokemon in your team (Walrein,Glalie, etc.). His Pokemon have no resistance to Ice moves. Try using Aurora Beam or Ice Beam. Moltres is a Flying type, so ice moves may be particularly effective. Articuno is also part Flying, as well as Zapdos. Rhydon is Rock and Ground type; you will get a super-effective hit, as well as Exeggutor and Tauros. Therefore, a strong Ice Pokemon is a wise choice. Also, leave an empty slot in your team when you catch Shadow Lugia. It is very strong, even for Shadow Pokemon, even for his Shadow End, Shadow Fire, Shadow Chill, and Shadow Bolt attacks. Use the Master Ball Professor Krane gave you from the secret basement.

Get Shadow Lugia. Catch a Shadow Pokemon with high defense from the last admins you battle, for example Snorlax (recommended), Salamence, or Lapras. Buy about ten to fifteen Hyper Potions, five Revives, five Full Heals, and fifteen Timer Balls. Have Lugia use Shadow Storm. Make Snorlax use Shadow End. When Snorlax gets to low health, use a Hyper Potion. If Snorlax faints, use a Revive. Do the same with Lugia. Repeat this. This will take awhile. On his last three or so Pokemon, use a Timer Ball and it will work well. The last three are Tauros, Articuno, and Zapdos. You will eventually defeat him.
JL P. Okemon.

Use the following trick to actually ensure that you defeat him and get all of his Shadows. First, make sure you have about 15 Ultra Balls, 30 Hyper Potions, 10 Revives, and 5 Full Heals. In your party, you should have Snorlax, Electabuzz, and Salamence. Keep them still Shadow. Then have two other purified Pokemon, leaving one space open for Lugia (optional). When you start the second match with Greevil (after catching the Lugia with the Master Ball), make sure that Snorlax and Electabuzz are out. Use Electabuzz's Shadow Half and have Snorlax use Shadow End on either Pokemon. Shadow Half cuts everyone's HP, even the user's, to half of what it was. Because everyone is Shadow, Shadow End will not do too much damage. On your next turn, because Electabuzz is recharging and you need him alive, have Snorlax use a Hyper Potion on him. Do not worry, Snorlax should be able to survive that. Then on your next turn, have Electabuzz use Shadow Half again and have Snorlax heal himself. Keep using this method and their HP will go down quickly, making them easy to catch. If Electabuzz faints, send out Salamence, then just have it and Snorlax use a Revive and Hyper Potion on Electabuzz. You should be able to go through the entire battle without letting Snorlax faint.
Josh Webber.

The simplest way to capture all of Greevil's Shadow Pokemon is to first snag Electabuzz and Salamence from the Cipher Adams. Then, withdraw three Shadow Pokemon near level 45 or 50. Then, go to the elevator just before you fight with Greevil. Save here. Make sure you leave one space open in the Pokemon party. Next, go to battle with Greevil. Before you fight with him, he will send out XD001, or Shadow Lugia. Throw the Master Ball at it and catch it. Then when the battle begins, put Lugia in the first slot of the first two Pokemon and Electabuzz in the second slot. On the first turn, have them attack as normal. On the next turn, have Electabuzz use Shadow Half and decrease all the Pokemon on the field's HP in half. On the next move, have Lugia use a Hyper Potion on Electabuzz. Repeat this process and when Greevil's Shadow Pokemon get in the red, start throwing Ultra Balls at them. Note: The easiest Shadow Pokemon to capture is Tauros. Also, if Electabuzz or Lugia faints, have Salamence or any other Shadow Pokemon bring them back with a Revive.

Hint: Bonsly:
To battle with Bonsly you must find him on the ship in the desert. He will run from you. You need to put some food at the oasis Poke Spot. After awhile he will come to it. Then, go back to the old man. He will give a Battle Bingo card with Bonsly on it. Take it to the Battle Bingo place. Go into your pad and it will have the flash this card option. Pay 500 Poke Dollars to battle with Bonsly.

Bonsly will first run from you in the ship. He will be hungry; place some Pokesnacks at the oasis Poke Spot. Go as slow as possible to catch him.

Note: You do not have to place the snacks at the Oasis spot. You may find Bonsly at the Cave Poke Spot.

Hint: Miror B.:
Early in the game, you can find Miror B. The first time you encounter him, he will ask to join his group. If you say yes, he will think that you are lying. Say no, and he will get mad. Either way, you will battle him. He has a Shadow Nosepass. The second time you encounter him, he is on this island. When you talk to him, he will battle you again. This time he has a Shadow Dragonite, and also the Shadow Nosepass if you did not catch it earlier.

Note: He may not have the Nosepass, as he only carries Shadow Pokemon you have previously missed when battling other trainers.

Miror B can appear with weak Pokemon. When the Miror Radar goes off and says that he is Pyrate Town you cannot find him. Go to the Pyratecoliseum and enter the match. In one of the battles you will fight Miror B and he will have four Pokemon and a Shadow Pokemen.

Hint: Master Ball:
To get the Master Ball, see Professor Kranein the Pokemon HQ lab. He is in a room on the first floor. Talk to him and he will open up a passage in the floor. There is a chest in the room. Open it to find a Master Ball. You must have been to Citadark Isle at least once to get the Master Ball. It is best used on Lugia.

Hint: Unlimited Masterballs:
Select the Masterball, then the Pokemon to use it on. With the second Pokemon, go to "Items". Once there, switch the Masterball with another type of ball by trading spots. Then, just attack with the second Pokemon.
Leo Parker.

Hint: Premier Ball:
Go to a shop and buy about ten Pokeballs. The shopkeeper will say "Thank you! As a bonus have a Premier Ball!"

Hint: S.S. Libra:
Go to the desert and your scooter will get stuck in the sand. Go to the man in the gears shop at Gateon Port. He will turn it into a hover-bike so that you can go to the desert. On the ship you will find Bonsly. He will run away. You must put some food at the Poke Spots.
James Beardwood.

Hint: Fourth generation Pokemon:
There are two new Pokemon in this game from the fourth generation. They are Munchlax and Bonsly.

Hint: Snag two Shadow Pokemon at once:
Sometimes some trainers will have two Shadow Pokemon to snag. Be careful when this happens.

Later trainers (besides Grand Master Greevil) will have up to four Shadow Pokemon.

Hint: Snag six Shadow Pokemon at once:
The final Boss has six Pokemon to be snagged: Rhydon (level 46), Zapdos (level 50), Tauros (level 46), Exeggutor (level 46), Articuno (level 50), and Moltres (level 50). Go to the Outskirts and buy twenty of every kind of Pokeball. You should also use your Shadow Pokemon against his and they will not do very much to each other.

In the final battle with Greevil, if one or more of the Shadow Pokemon faint, do not reset. Just win and fight him again. He will have the one(s) that you missed, and the rest will be normal. Also, if you already have Shadow Lugia, you will only battle Greevil.
Ryan Saunders.

Hint: Catching Shadow Pokemon easily:
When you see the claw in mid-air, press A + Up. When you see the claw around the Pokemon, press A + Right. Then, before it starts to spin on the ground, press A + Down then A + Left. For best results repeat this one more time.
ernesto cedillo.

Hint: Second chance at catching Pokemon:
If you accidentally kill a Shadow Pokemon, do not worry. After you acquire the Miror B Radar, every once in a while it will tell you that he is at the Rock Pokemon catching spot. Simply go there and fight him. He will have one of the Shadow Pokemon you accidentally killed before.

Note: He is not always at the Rock spot. He will appear at any Poke Spot.

Hint: Alternate Pokemon healing:
If you find yourself somewhere where there are no Pokemon healing machines, find a PC. Put the Pokemon from your party onto the PC, then take them out again. They will all have full power.

Hint: Agate Village:
You can return to Agate Village. The only difference is that there are different people and it is five years later.

When you first enter Agate Village, go to the left without going up the hill. If you keep going there will be a cave. In the cave is a woman that teaches your Pokemon moves for free.
morgan smith.

Hint: Gateon Port items:
When questioned by Acri at Gateon Port, she will give you four different items depending on your answers. To get an Amulet Coin, answer "Yes" to all her questions. To get a White Herb, answer "Yes" to two of her questions. To get a Mental Herb, answer "Yes" to one of her questions. To get a Quick Claw, answer "No" to all her questions.

Hint: Johto starters:
You can get all three Johto starters. When you do Mt. Battle in story mode and complete all of it, you will be rewarded with one Johto Pokemon with their elemental hyper beam. Totodile will have Hydro Cannon. Cyndaquil will have Blast Burn. Chikorita will have Frenzy Plant. You can get all three starters by just doing Mt. Battle a total of three times.

Hint: Mt. Battle Master Pokemon:
The Mt. Battle Master Battlus has the following good Pokemon.

Dusclops (level 70 to 76)
Slaking (level 70 to 76)
Latoios (level 70 to 76)
Latias (level 70 to 76
Salamence (level 70 to 76)
Metagross (level 70 to 76)

Hint: Orre Colosseum:
After you complete story mode, you will be forced to fight Eagun's barrage Pokemon. Defeat him, and you will unlock the Orre Colosseum. You cannot use Shadow Pokemon. This includes Shadow Lugia.
Baha-muto, the Katana Mage.

Hint: Shadow attacks:
The Shadow Pokemon have some Shadow attacks. There are 18 Shadow attacks in all. They are Shadow Crush, Shadow Attack, Shadow Wave, Shadow Rave (same as Shadow Wave except stronger), Shadow Weather, Shadow Down, Shadow Half, Shadow Mist, Shadow Remove, Shadow Hold, Shadow Panic, Shadow Storm, Shadow Break, Shadow End, Shadow Chill, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Fire, and Shadow Blast.

Hint: Free items:
Every now and then Munchlax will be at the Poke Spots. Go there and an old lady will say "Sorry for bothering you. Have these" and will give you ten Poke Snacks.
James Beardwood.

Hint: Easy experience:
Get to the point where you get the XP Sharing item. Equip the XP Sharing item with an active Pokemon (the one you fight with). Go to mt. Battle. When you fight there and win, your Pokemon that is out and battling will receive triple the amount of experience points. For example, if you get 300 experience points for both your Pokemon in play, this in return doubles to 600 experience points to whoever in your party holds the XP Sharing item. If a battling Pokemon holds the XP Sharing item, you will get 900 experience points for that Pokemon while your other Pokemon still receives 300 experience points. This helps level up your Pokemon much faster.

Hint: Easy purification:
To get your Pokemon purified easily, keep the Pokemon with you for at least ten minutes, then put them in the purification chamber. They will purify about 25% faster than normal.

When your Pokemon goes into reverse mode, do not use Cologne Scents. Instead, call your Pokemon in battle and it will open its heart a full bar to make the purifying quicker.

The flow is the speed at which a Shadow Pokemon will purify. It is affected by the tempo and the direction the Shadow Pokemon if facing. The tempo is affected by the number of regular Pokemon and the type match-ups between them. If the Shadow Pokemon has the advantage type or is "super effective" against the next Pokemon in line, the tempo will go up. Continue this all the way around the set. The level of the type match-ups is indicated by the thickness and the color of the lines joining the Pokemon. The thicker the line and the lighter the blue, the better. The more sets that you have at perfect tempo, the faster the Shadow Pokemon will be purified.

Get the Shadow Pokemon you want to purify in your party. Buy a number of Vivid Scents (after you get the Cologne Case) and go to Phenac City (after you save the town). Go to the pre-gym. Take the elevator down, and stand in the area that most suits the Shadow Pokemon's type. Use the Vivid Scents while in the correct area. They should purify more than usual.
Baha-muto, the Katana Mage.

Have the Shadow Pokemon of your choice hold the Soothe Bell.
Baha-muto, the Katana Mage.

Walk around with the Shadow Pokemon of your choice in your party.
Baha-muto, the Katana Mage.

Go to Gateon Port where the lighthouse is located. Go in it, and on the right hand side are stairs. Keep going up all the stairs until you get to the top. Go to where the monument-like object is found. Go up and around the stairs three to five times. Then, go up the stairs again. Go to the small ledge-like object and massage the Shadow Pokemon of your choice with a Vivid Scent two or three times. Then, go back down the lighthouse stairs. Repeat this process to purify your Shadow Pokemon faster.
James Heaton.

The higher the tempo is when in the purification chamber, the faster the Shadow Pokemon in the center is purified. There are many combinations, but one is Meditite, Shuckle, Camerupt, Lunatone.

Hint: Purification moves:
Purification can yield other moves not learned by egg or TM/HM.

Legendary Birds: Extrasensory
Butterfree, Hypno: Baton Pass
Butterfree, Scyther, Moltres, Weepinbell, Tangela: Morning Sun
There are also various others.

Hint: Purification Chamber Sets:
Kenneth Richardson.

1. Meowth- Raticate- Zangoose- Delcatty
2. Sablyeye- Hypno- meditite- Mightyena
3. Swinub- Tangela- Shellder- Numel
4. Donphan- Grimer- Roselia- Golduck
5. Butterfree- Hitmonchan- Dewgong- Altaria
6. Sandshrew- Lunatone- Arcanine- Paras
7. Magmar- Ledyba- Pineco- Sharpedo
8. Lickitung- Chansey- Kangaskhan- Teddiursa
9. Espeon- Beedrill- Starmie- Houndoom

Hint: Getting the most out of the Purification Chamber:
To have the Purification Chamber working at its best, place any four Pokemon around the circle. Then, choose a different Pokemon from either your party or PC. Move it over the Pokemon around the circle. When you move the new Pokemon over one of the ones you already set, see if the Tempo Bar goes up or down. When it goes up, replace the old Pokemon with the new one. Keep doing this until you find the correct combination of Pokemon to make the Tempo Bar full.

In the Purify Chamber, Normal-type Pokemon placed next to other Normal-types act as if the Normal type is super-effective against itself. Thus, it is possible to use pure Normal Pokemon in the Purify Chamber and still have perfect Tempo.

Hint: Classic battle:
At the Outpost stand, talk to the man with the pink hair. As you leave the stand he will challenge you to a battle. Accept and you will battle Rider Willie, the first trainer from Pokemon Coliseum. Also, the background music will be that from the Pokemon Coliseum battle. You can challenge him whenever you want.
White Paladin McNeil.

Hint: Powerful Pokemon combo:
Go to Gatton Port and enter the parts shop. Talk to a man in there. He will tell you that he loves Evee (your original Pokemon). Eventually you will get to choose what you want you Evee to evolve into. Select Vaporeon and he will give you a Water Stone. Use it on Evee. Then, use the hint to get Larvatar. Give it Exp. Share and it will gain experience rapidly. It will eventually learn Rock Slide. Then, go to Relgam Tower and buy Blizzard. Teach it to Vaporeon. These two Pokemon and their moves are very powerful and you will very rarely lose with them.
Andrew Finelli.

Hint: Wake up your Pokemon faster:
When your Pokémon fall asleep, you can call them to wake them up.

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