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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Full pause screen:
Pause game play then hold Y + X.

In-game reset:
Hold X + B + Start during game play.

Zoom in tutorial:
While in the tutorial subscreen, press Y button to zoom in on the picture.

Freeze camera:
To keep the camera still in the Chao Garden or in an action stage where you can stand still, hold L + R.
Chris Chung.

Move item with camera:
To move an item with the camera (for example, an eggshell, Chaos Drive, etc.). stand in front of the item. Have the item directly in front of the camera and move away slowly. The item should be pushed by the camera.

Sonic Team announcement:
Allow the game to idle at the "Press Start" screen. After several demos, the Sonic Team logo will appear again and Tails will say "Sonic Team!".

Go to options menu and select the "Menu Screen Theme" option. Change the theme to anything desired. then, press B and return to the starting screen. Wait until several demos are shown, then you should hear the character that you selected say "Sonic Team".

Hidden secretary theme:
Go to options menu and select the "Menu Screen Theme" option. Do not pick a theme. Instead, rotate the Analog-stick Forward and Back until you hear a sound. Scroll through the themes and you will find a lady. She is the hidden secretary.

Character comments:
Start any mission, and keep your character idle for about twenty seconds. They will comment about the mission. They will say something different when you continue to wait until forty seconds.

Hint: Boss time attack mode:
Successfully complete either side story to see all the scenes from the side of the story that you chose or you can play the Bosses that you fought in a time attack mode. To get both the Hero and the Dark modes you have to complete both sides of the game.

Hint: Last stage:
Successfully complete both Hero and Dark side story modes. Enter story mode to access the "Last Stage?" option.

Hint: Extra Island level:
To get an extra Island level, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all A rating. Once you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest level will have the face of Sonic on it. The new level is a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone, from Sonic The Hedgehog. This level has no missions, is very simple, and has many varying routes.

Hint: Extra costumes:
Get "A" ranks on every mission with the character you wish to get the costume for in two-player mode.
Cher Hung, Alex Wong, and UGUMAN.

If you get all "A" ranks for a character you will get that character with a new costume in two player mode. This changes what they do. For example, Eggman gets a power up every 10 rings instead of 20, and it is always the power laser. Tails on the other hand gets no power-ups, but he can move very fast.
Dr Danelius Who.

Hint: Duplicate money:
This trick requires two memory cards. The Chao Garden and the adventure mode are stored as two separate files. You spend the money in the Chao Garden, but the money tracked on the adventures file. To duplicate money, copy the adventures file from memory card one to memory card two. Then, play the game. Use all the money to raise your Chaos. Once you have run out, delete the adventures file from memory card one and copy the file from memory card two. All the money you spent will be back, and everything you have done in the garden will still be present. For easy money, spend all the money on the most expensive items you can obtain and throw them into a Garden. Delete the adventures file from memory card one and copy the adventures file from memory card two to memory card one. Play the game, go to the Chao Garden, and sell all the items.

Hint: Duplicate rings:
In the Chao Garden, sell all you items (bucket, watermelon, pumpkin, eggshells, etc.). Do not sell items like Amy's Theme, Omachao's Theme or any other theme. All other items are fine. After selling all your items, or just the ones that will sell for the most rings, reset the game. You will have all your items back, plus all the rings obtained from selling your Items. Continue to do this repeatedly. By selling more than one item you will gain more rings faster. Also, if you had already reset the game and accidentally spent rings you meant to spend on something else, take it to the Garden to drop it off, save the game, then sell the item and reset. You will still have the item and get back most of the rings you spent. Do not try to experiment with this trick, for example buying an item then resetting the game in attempt to still have the item. It will not work.

Hint: Duplicating Chao:
This trick requires two memory cards (with another Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file on the second card), a link cable, and a Game Boy Advance. Put the Chao to be duplicated onto the Chao Transporter. Drop off your Chao to the Game Boy Advance. Then, go to "Move" on the Chao Transporter and transfer your real Chao (not the one in the Game Boy Advance) to a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle file on the second memory card. Next, pick up your Chao copy from the Game Boy Advance and transfer it to the Gamecube. You can now move back your real Chao from the other memory card to the first file you were working with.
Eric Padua.

This trick requires two memory cards. To get two free normal Chaos at one time, put two memory cards in the slots. Transfer all your Chao into one memory card (through the GBA Station). Erase Chao data on the first memory card, transfer the Chaos back, and then you will find two Chao eggs. Note: If you have acquired the Dark and Hero gardens, they will be lost. You have to earn them back again with babies. Also, If all your Chao do not fit on the memory card, either get another memory card, or you will lose them.
equinn1 and BlueDevil8945.

Use the following trick to copying a Chao with two memory cards and no Game Boy Advance. Put two memory cards into the Gamecube. Next, copy your Sonic Adventure Battle 2 file from the first memory card over to the second memory card. This will delete your Sonic Adventure Battle 2 file on the second memory card if you had one. Next, go to the Chao Garden (it does not matter which one, on which card) and go to the transporter (the big Game Boy Advance), select "Move Chao", and transfer whichever Chao you want from the second memory card to the first. If you do not want the file on the second, delete it. You can do this as many times as needed.

This trick requires two memory cards and a Game Boy Advance with link cable. Take a Chao to the Chao transporter. Drop off the Chao in the Game Boy Advance. Then, go back in and pick it up. Immediately after you select "pick up", disconnect the link cable. If done correctly, you will have the Chao both in the Game Boy Advance and the Chao Garden. Move the Chao in the garden to the other memory card. Then, move the one in the Game Boy Advance to the first memory card. Note: If you do not move the one in the first memory card to the second memory card and try to pick up the Chao on the Game Boy Advance, it will erase the Chao in the garden, leaving only one Chao.
Jon K.

To copy a Chao with only one memory card, you need a Game Boy Advance and a link cable. First, put a copy of the desired Chao into the Game Boy Advance and unplug it. Save the game and turn off the Game Cube. Remove the memory card and plug in the Game Boy Advance. Then, go to the Chao Garden by entering the Emblem Results screen and selecting either "Chao Race" or "Chao Karate". Pick up your Chao, then insert the memory card into slot B. Then, simply move the Chao into the memory card.

This trick requires two memory cards. Enter the Chao garden then, pick up the Chao to be duplicated. Remove your memory card. Walk to the Chao Transporter and select "Move". Then, try to move the Chao you wish to duplicate to the other memory card. The message "No memory card detected in slot 1. Continue without saving?" will appear. Select "Yes". Once it has transferred, turn off the Gamecube. You should now have the Chao on two memory cards. Note: If you try to move one of the duplicated Chaos to another memory card with the same Chao already on it, there is a chance it will delete that Chao. This will also work with eggs.
Stan Dellinger.

This trick requires two memory cards with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle saved games. Have both memory cards in the Gamecube. Then, go to any Chao Garden. Go to the Game Boy Advance. Then, select "Move". Before choosing the desired the Chao, switch the memory cards in each other's place. Then, choose the Chao you want to trade or move. Save by choosing the orange arrow. It will automatically take you out of the Game Boy Advance. Then, switch the memory cards back to their original positions and save. Go back in the Chao Garden where you moved the chao. You should put it in the same one of which you have the one you copied. Look around and you will see the two of them.
Kagura the hedgehog.

Hint: Hero Garden for Chao:
Take a Chao and raise it with a Hero so that it will resemble a Hero. Wait until it cocoons into an angel-like Chao (it will have a halo). Then, take the stairs going up at the Chao Lobby to reach the Hero Garden.

Hint: Dark Garden for Chao:
Take a Chao and raise it with a Dark character. Feed and train it until it cocoons. After it evolves, stairs will appear at the Chao Lobby. Follow them to reach the Dark Garden.

Go to Pumpkin Hill and find the Skeleton Dog. Exit and do it again until you have maxed the line. Go to the Garden with Knuckles and drop off the Dogs. Exit the garden than go back in with a Dark character. The dogs should still be in there. Keep doing this.

Hint: Tiny Chao Garden flipping card game:
If you play the flipping card game, when the Chao walks by and pushes the card, quickly press A + B. It will automatically stumble and the card will flip. You will see an answer Note: You can only do this once with every card game that you start.
Fabian Russ.

Hint: Tiny Chao Garden memory game:
To easily get 100% on this game, take a picture of the cards with a camera just before they start to flip upside down. You need to use some reasoning skills however, because you have to think of where the Chao moved some of the cards. If done correctly, you should get between 80 to 92 coins every 45 seconds.
Freger Wergerqwg.

Hint: Chao expressions:
Your Chao's expressions depend on how many seconds you shake the egg before it hatches. About six seconds results in the V face and ten seconds for no expression face. To get the very wide smile you may have to experiment.
cher hung.

Hint: Soon to evolve Chao:
Your Chao is close to transforming if it starts to sleep often.

Hint: Stop Chao from evolving or aging:
To keep your Chao from evolving (for example, if you do not know what you want your Chao to be), place them into the Chao Kindergarden. They will not age or evolve. When you are ready you can take them out, because the class will most likely be over.
Ryan Thomas.

Hint: Faster evolution:
To make your Chao evolve faster, feed it a lot of fruit, animals, and Chaos Drives. Wait a half hour. If they did not evolve yet, do it again. Note: You may miss seeing that Chao evolve.

To have a Chao evolve immediately, raise its Stamina to level 15 or 16. Note: By raising it to level 16, as soon as you walk into the garden it will evolve unless it is drowning or swimming.
Ansy Francois.

To very quickly evolve your Chao follow these steps. First, get any Chao of your choice. You can buy one or just use a spotted one. Select what type you want to evolve your Chao into (Hero, Dark, Running, Fly, Swim, or Power). For Run, Fly, Swim, or Power, get that skill to level 4 by using Chaos Drives (yellow for Swim, green for Run, red for Power, and purple for Fly). If you want to get it to be a Hero, pet it with Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles until it has two little ball things coming out of his head. For a Dark Chao, pet it with Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge until it has a pointed tail and head. Once you get your Chao to your chosen type, go into the garden where your Chao is located, stand there, and allow the game to idle for about two hour. Make sure your character is in the same garden as your Chao. When you return, your Chao should be very close to evolving if it already has not. Its stamina will also have risen by two to four levels.

Hint: Advanced evolutions:
Note: the first stat is the type you should make it and the second is the stat that you should raise very high after it evolves. This works best with Spotted Egg Chao.

Full Red Chao: Power + Power
Hydralisk Chao: Power + Swim
Volcano Chao: Power + Fly
Can Opener Chao: Power + Run
Sumo Chao: Swim + Power
Slicing Chao: Swim + Swim
Sea Monster Chao: Swim + Fly
Scorpion Chao: Fly + Power
Armor Chao: Fly + Swim
Nights Chao: Fly + Fly
Ram Chao: Fly + Run
Boxing Chao: Run + Power
Life Form Chao: Run + Swim
Elf Chao: Run + Fly
Sonic Chao: Run + Run
Tough Curl Chao: Stamina + Power
Shark Chao: Stamina + Swim
Tall Chao: Stamina + Stamina

Hint: Different Chao types:
You can make your Chao different types (for example, Running, Power, etc.) by giving your Chao a large amount of the same colored Chaos Drives. Pet your Chao with the either a Hero or Dark character. If you give your Chao green Chao Drives, then it will be a Running type. If yellow, it will be a Swimming type. If red, it will be a Power type. If purple, it will be a Flying type.

Hint: Different Chao head:
If you want your Chao to have an item on his head, such as a skull or a pumpkin, get a Skeleton Dog (small animal) which can be found on Church Mountain in Pumpkin Hill, as well as some other levels. Go to the Chao Garden and give a Chao the Skeleton Dog. Then, give it the item you want placed on his head. Skulls can be found by digging with Knuckles or Rouge in the Dark Garden; Pumpkins can be found by digging in the Chao or Hero gardens; and other items such as a Cardboard Box can be purchased in the Black Market in the Chao Kindergarten.
VideoGamerX01, mark schmitt, and Dkmarx.

Hint: Big Chao smile:
When you get an egg, pick it up and swing it for ten seconds. When it hatches the Chao will have a big smile.
Austin Dave.

Hint: Free toys for Chao:
Take your Chao to school. Whatever the lesson is, they should bring something related back. For example, if the lesson is tambourine they will bring one back with a star on it; if the lesson is flute, they will bring one back.

Hint: Free fruits for Chao:
Note: Sonic Advance and the Game Boy Advance link cable are required for this trick. Buy the fruits on Sonic Advance. Go to any Chao Garden and enter the Chao Transporter. Link to Sonic Advance and transfer the fruits for free.
Jake Gardner.

Hint: Attack Chao while flying:
In order to do this, you must be in either the Neutral or Hero Garden. As Tails, get a Chao to fly. When it is flying, have Tails also fly. Move directly underneath it when you are flying. The Chao will get hurt by the tails. Note: This may make your Chao dislike you.

Hint: Chao swimming or flying:
To get your Chao to swim, give it lots of animals that can swim. To make them fly, give them some flying type animals and bring them to the tallest cliff. Set it by the edge and he/she will walk off and start flying. Note: It may not fly the first time -- keep trying.
cher hung.

For a swimming type, give a Chao a lot of animals that can swim and yellow Chaos Drives. Note: Swim type animals may decrease other abilities, such as running, power, or flying. At level 3, your Chao will be able to swim. You will soon notice that your Chao swims on its belly.

Hint: Wide smile on Chao:
When it is in the egg form, whistle to it five times then throw it at the wall. It should appear with a wide smile on its face.

Hint: Chao band or choir:
When one Chao starts to play an instrument or sing, pick up other Chaos and put them next to the singing/playing Chao. It will also start playing. Continue doing this and you will have a band/choir. Note: This works with all activities except for drawing. Some Chao may just sit down to watch and shake their heads to the beat.
cher hung.

Hint: Neutral Chao:
To make a Neutral Chao, you must have a Chao Garden with all six players. Bring each player in and hit the Chao, either by pressing Y until you get the attack option or by jumping on it. When it is starting to become black, start hitting it with evil characters, and vice versa. After awhile, the Chao turn a pinkish color. Soon afterwards it will evolve into an orange color. The Neutral Chaos are a lot better because you can enter them in the Hero and Dark races. Note: It is best to have the Chao with 7 to 14 stamina so that it is ready to evolve before starting this, and make sure you have it ready to transform in to the correct skill type.
bowen brown.

Hint: Chaos Chao:
In order to acquire the immortal Chaos Chao reincarnate a Chao at least two times. A reincarnation consists of two transformations (or at least their definition of a transformation). This means that your Chao must create a tear-shaped cocoon around it self twice. After this has been accomplished, give your Chao (hero, neutral, or dark) one of each animal. On the third transformation, your Chao will become a Chaos Chao. Note: This will not work if your Chao dislikes you.

To get the Hero Chaos Chao, you must have your Chao transform at least two times and already have it a Hero Chao before it transforms. This means that your Chao (after it has evolved into Hero, Neutral, or Dark) gets in a pink cocoon twice. To do this, you must make you Chao like you by petting it, feeding it with only Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails, and not throwing it. If after you make your Chao a Hero, Neutral, or Dark Chao and it goes into another cocoon and the cocoon is gray, get out of the garden or turn off your game. A gray color means it will die instead of rebirthing. If it is pink, then stay in the garden. After you have it transformed twice, give it one of all 21 animals in no particular order. Do not give it any animals before this. After you find and feed all the animals to your Chao, feed it fruit. If it does not want the fruit and keeps going to sleep or throws it away, keep waking it up and giving it fruit until it starts to cocoon. After your Chao comes out of the cocoon and it is a Hero Chaos Chao, it will have big wing-looking things coming out of its head, a gold halo, and its hands, feet, and the end of the things coming out of its head will be translucent pink. Its body will be white.

To get the Dark Chaos Chao, your Chao must be a Dark Chao. Repeat the process described above for the Hero Chaos Chao, except use Dr. Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge. If it is a Dark Chaos Chao, it will have horns coming out of its head, a blue flame instead of a dot floating above its head, a wing-looking thing coming out of the bottom of the back of its head, a red back, a black body, hands that look like flames, and it will have the pointed tail.

To get the Neutral Chaos Chao, your Chao must be a Neutral Chao. Repeat the process described above for the Hero Chaos Chao above, except use all the characters equally.

Hint: Chaos 0 Chao:
This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a link cable. Play the first stage on Sonic Advance until you have 14,000 rings. Then, buy an aquamarine egg. Transfer it to the Gamecube. Do the same as you would for a light chaos Chao. When it evolves, it will look like Chaos 0 from Sonic.

This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a link cable. Go to the Tiny Chao Garden on Sonic Advance and buy an aquamarine egg. Transfer it to the GameCube, and hatch it. Next, give it Yellow Drives with both Hero and Dark characters. Finally, feed it some nuts and it will make a blue cocoon. If done correctly, you should have a Neutral Swimming type that looks a lot like Chaos 0.

Hint: Black and blue Chao:
Note: This trick requires have Sonic Adventure DX with Amy's missions completed, a Game Boy Advance, and link cable. First go to the Egg Carrier with Amy. Go to the prison she was locked in and where the scene with E-102 and her took place. Go to the cage next to where Amy was and pick up the egg. Take the egg to a Chao Garden and hatch it. Send the Chao to the Sonic Advance or Sonic Advance 2 Tiny Chao Garden. From there, put it in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Go to the Chao Garden to retrieve your new black and blue Chao from the Game Boy Advance.

This trick requires a Sonic Chao and a Shadow Chao. Feed them an egg fertile fruit. They should show flowers around them. Bring the other Chao in front of them and they should mate. Note: When the newborn Chao is born, it will have ranks depending on its parents.

Hint: Red winged Chao:
Select the Chao you want to have red wings. Go to Chao Garden as Rouge, Pet that Chao repeatedly until its wings turn red. Note: If you keep petting the Chao after that, the bubble above their head should turn dark orange.

Hint: Blood red Chao:
To get a blood red Chao with bright red hands and feet, breed a regularly colored Shadow Chao and a red Chao.
Phoenix K..

Hint: Cream the rabbit Chao:
Get an orange Chao then transform it into a water Hero. Do this repeatedly until its ears are long. When it is an adult, give it about five Rabbits, or until it is a full rabbit. Then, give it Skeleton Dogs until the ears are gone, and all that remains are the arms, legs, and tail. If you can get a two-toned orange and yellow Chao, use it instead.

Hint: Devil Chao:
Have a Chao reincarnate (the thing with the pink cocoon) twice. Then, give one of every animal once, and make sure it is a Dark Chao. Then, make it reincarnate again. It may hatch as a Devil Chao or turn into one once it cocoons (blue). Note: To make an Angel Chao, follow all the steps for a Devil Chao, except the Chao must be a Hero Chao for its second reincarnation.
Vicki Carey.

Hint: Dragon Chao:
Buy a purple Chao from the Black Market and feed it plenty of Dragon animals.

Hint: Fire breathing Chao:
Take a Chao that has never been fed a Dragon before and feed it a Dragon. A Dragon can be found when the Air Necklace is located for Knuckles in Aquatic Mine, or where the Lost Chao is found in Iron Gate with Dr.Eggman (on the end of the second pipe). Give the Dragon to the Chao. Watch your Chao for awhile. Eventually it should shoot fire out of its mouth. Note: Do this with the gorilla and it will pound its chest.

Hint: Flame head Chao:
To get a blue flame Chao, raise a red Chao with Knuckles until it grows two spikes on it head. Then, go into Chao World and pet that Chao repeatedly for a long time. It should grow two ears on the top of its head. After that, pet it again repeatedly. A blue flame will appear on top of its head.

To get a blue flame Chao, go to the Black Market with a hero character and buy a lime green egg (requires 125 or more emblems). Bring the egg into the Hero garden and hatch it by rocking it (pick it up and hold B). Once hatched, feed it a Sea Monster (from the Hidden Base maze). Then, go back into the Black Market and buy a Chao Fruit. Feed it the fruit, then feed it a Hero Chao Nut. After it finishes, the ball above its head should be a blue and orange flame.
Buzz Loftus.

To get any type of flame head Chao, raise your Chao to be a Hero, Dark, or Neutral type. When it evolves into one, give it three Green Lagoon Monsters, which can be found as Tails when you have to infiltrate Eggman's base.

Give a Chao at least three Half Fish or a sea monster. You can find them in the Jungle level as Sonic.
AJ and Scott Thomas.

Get a green lizard and feed it to your Chao. If it does not get a flame, do it several times again until it does.

Hint: Ghost Chao:
Get a transparent Chao of any color. Breed it with a shiny white Chao. Save the shiny white's egg shell. The Chao should appear from the egg invisible. If it is invisible (except for the eyes, mouth, wings, and ball), give it some Skele-Dogs and put the egg shell from the shiny white on its head. Then, give it bats so that its wings disappear and use only Chao Drives to make it fly (recommended that it be higher than the rest), swim (needs at least 100 experience to learn), and walk (needs at least 50 experience to learn). , Make the fly stat very high. When done with the stats, give it some Half-Fishes to make its ball a flame. You now have a ghost Chao that floats and flies around your garden.

Get a white egg. Feed it lots of Bats. Give it one or two Half-Fish. Give it Green Chaos Drives until it walks. Make it a Hero with Sonic. When it evolves, it will have a spike and "hair" on the top back of its head.

Hint: Jack O'Lantern Chao:
Buy an orange Chao egg. Hatch the egg. Raise it Dark. When it evolves it will have bat wings if you raised it with Shadow. Give it Skeleton Dogs until it loses all its animal parts. Then, dig in the Neutral Garden to find a pumpkin. Give it to your Chao. It will look like it has a jack o' lantern on its head. Add the final touches by giving it Half Fish until it gets a flame over its head.

Hint: Link Chao:
Get a lime green Chao egg and raise it to a neutral/swimming type. Then, raise its stats to something around the following:

Swim level 10 to 30
Fly level 30 (in case if you give it "Roc's Cape")
Run level 30 (for the speed boots from "Link to the Past")
Power level. 20 (to represent the power from the Master Sword)
Stamina level 7 to 15 (due to stamina requirements for evolving)

For the final touches you can add the following:

Condor Wings: "Roc's Cape"
Boar Feet: "Speed Boots"
and a Shovel

These things are optional and if included, might require some tweaking to get it correct. You have a Link Chao, and if you do the same for a red, blue, and a purple Chao you can have the Four Swords gang.

Hint: NiGHTS Chao:
Take a newborn Chao and give it bats or peacocks. Bats can be found by playing Sand Ocean (Dr. Eggman). Walk backwards and go to your left and you will find a bat. To get a Peacock go to Dry Lagoon (Rouge). Fly over to them palm tree to your left to find a peacock. Only feed it with Dark characters and no Chao Drives. Feed these animals to your Chao until it reaches level 35 in fly, and wait for it to evolve. Make sure that when it evolves it is a Dark Chao.

Hint: Sonic Chao:
Feed this Chao nothing but green animals/chaos drives and some fruits with a Hero and Dark character so you will have a neutral Chao. When the Chao evolves, you will have a Sonic Chao. After it evolves, feed it more green animals/chaos drive with Sonic only to make the spikes more like him.
Maurquice Straughter.

Hint: Hyper Shadow Chao:
Breed a Shiny Black Chao and raise it in mainly Running and minimal everything else. Evolve it Dark.

Hint: Super Sonic Chao:
Buy a Shiny Yellow Egg at Black Market. Hatch a Shiny Yellow Egg and feed this Chao nothing but green animals/chaos drives and some fruits with Hero and Dark characters so you will have a neutral Chao. When the Chao evolves, you will have a Super Sonic Chao. After it evolves, feed it more green animals/chaos drives with Sonic only to make the spikes more like him.

Get a Gold Chao. Raise it with both sides. Give it lots of Green Chao Drives with both sides nicely and it will eventually evolve.

Get a shiny yellow egg, then make it a Sonic Chao. Once completed, give it Power animals and Chaos Drives. It should look like Super Sonic. Note: Make it dark first so that it will get mean looking eyes.

Get a Gold or Yellow Chao and make it neutral. Have it go into the pink shell six times. Note: This is difficult and will take some time. Immediately after it goes into the pink shell, give it Green Chao Drives until it goes into the blue thing. Then, give it Red Chao Drives.
Naruto Uzumaki.

Either take a Shiny Yellow, Gold, or Topaz Egg, and give it Cheetahs with Sonic until it is about level 5 running. Evolve it to be a Neutral Chao. Then, wait till your Chao is about 3 or 4 years old (just leave the game running for six to nine hours after it has evolved). Then, using Sonic, feed it lots of animals that contribute to the "run" attribute (for example, Cheetahs). Every time you feed it a run animal, the spikes on its head will grow slightly longer. Once its run has grown 20 to 30 levels from the level it evolved with, its form should be complete. Wait until it is about 4.5 years old to feed it any other animals; otherwise its form will start to change again.
Freger Wergerqwg.

Hint: Sparkly normal Chao:
At the Black Market, buy a white sparkly Egg. Buy two Chao Fruits. Give the Chao Fruits to the sparkly Chao and any kind of non-sparkly adult Chao about the same time. As soon as they have an egg, throw it against the wall to hatch it. Note: This trick will only work rarely. It should be born white with blue patches. It looks even better if you evolve it Dark.
Adam O.

Hint: Platinum Chao:
To get a cheap platinum Chao without a Game Boy Advance, buy a shiny yellow egg and a shiny white egg. Raise them to adults and breed them until you get a shiny green egg. Note: It will be almost lime green. Then, raise it dark.

Hint: Rainbow Chao:
Go to Chao Karate and select "Expert". Once you get to the semifinal, you will see a Chao named Rainbow. If you wish to have a Chao like Rainbow, raise a Chao from a blue and yellow egg as a Dark character. Give it red Chaos Drives until its power is at level 4. Next, give your Chao some nuts until it makes a blue cocoon. When the cocoon disappears, it should look like Rainbow.

Hint: Turquoise Chao:
Get an regular egg and hatch it with Tails. Only give it regular fruit, but before that only give it Swim drives. Then, just keep giving it fruit in the Hero Garden. If done correctly, it will start to turn green. Then, get its stamina up to 14 or less. When it evolves it should have greenish arms and flipper like feet, plus green rabbit-like floppy ears on its head.

Hint: Ultimate Hero or Ultimate Dark Chao:
Raise a neutral Chao to become a Hero or Dark Chao. Have it evolve two times and give it all 21 animals for it to evolve into an Ultimate Hero Chao or Ultimate Dark Chao. This will not work if the Chao dislikes you.

Hint: Ultimate Light Chao:
Raise a neutral Chao without having it evolve into a hero Or a Dark Chao. Instead, give it all 21 animals. Have it evolve two times and it will become an Ultimate Light Chao. This will not work if the Chao dislikes you.

Hint: Unicorn Chao:
Buy a White Egg from the Black Market. Raise it with both Hero and Dark characters. Pick up the egg and nudge it for a while. Note: If you throw the egg against the wall to hatch it, this trick will not work. Once it hatches, feed it coconuts until its stamina reaches level 4. Then, give it two Unicorns to play with. Keep petting it with both Hero and Dark characters so the ball above its head stays the same color, but the Chao gets happier. Soon it will start cocooning. When it gets out, it will be a unicorn Chao. If you abuse the chao in any way this will not work.
Nikhil Sen-Gupta.

Hint: Chaos with items on their head:
Give your Chao a skeleton dog. Then, give your Chao a skull, trash bag, pumpkin, etc. After a little while, a "!" will appear above its head and it will put it on. To take it off, attack or jump on your Chao.
Dylan W..

Hint: Chao with rainbow wings:
Keep giving a Chao all different color Chao Drives. Do this for a while and your Chao should grow either rainbow wings or rainbow arms. If this does not happen, keep trying.

Hint: Fire-breathing Chao:
Give a Chao a lot of Dragons. After that, it sometimes will blow fire out of its mouth. Watch closely, as the Chao will not do it very often.

Hint: Galactic Chao:
Get two egg fertility, a normal Chao, and a shiny white Chao. Make sure that both Chao are grown. Then, give the normal Chao one of the egg fertilities .When flowers appear around that Chao, give the shiny white Chao the other egg fertility and put it next to the normal Chao. An egg will appear. Hatch the egg, Then, train it to be a Dark Chao if it is normal and shiny. Note: The Chao inside the egg may turn out as a normal or shiny white.

Hint: Purple diamond Chao:
Get a normal baby Chao (from a spotted egg) and give it Warthogs (can be found in Radical Highway). Pet/love it with Rouge and grow its fly level to 30 or higher. Wait for it to grow up. Then, give it Skull Dogs to take off the Warthog and you will have a purple diamond Chao.

Hint: Chao with red and black stripes:
Buy a red Chao. When it is an adult, breed it with a normal devil Chao. It will make a burgundy Chao. Then, give it Red Chao Drives with a dark character. It will become a Chao with red and black stripes.

Hint: Gold Chao:
Link the game with Sonic Advance on the Game Boy Advance. Go to the Tiny Chao Garden. Press L and if you are lucky, you will be able to buy a gold egg for 1,000 rings.
cher hung.

Trade a yellow jewel from Sonic Advanced to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Buy a normal brown Chao from the Black Market. Buy two Heart Fruits. Give it to them. When they lay an egg, hatch it. It should be a gold Chao.
Adam O.

Hint: Sparkly Gold Chao:
Buy a sparkly yellow or brown egg from the Black Market. If you buy a sparkly yellow egg, buy two Heart Fruits and give one to the sparkly Chao and one to a normal brown Chao. If you buy a sparkly brown egg, buy two Heart Fruits and give one to the sparkly brown Chao and one to a normal yellow Chao. When they lay an egg, hatch it. It should be a sparkly Gold Chao.
Adam O.

Hint: Silver Chao:
Link the game with Sonic Advance on the Game Boy Advance. Go to the Tiny Chao Garden. Press L and if you are lucky, you will be able to buy a gold egg for 500 rings.
Andy C.

Get a white metallic Chao and raise it with a Dark character (Shadow, Rouge, Eggman) and it will turn silver.
Austen McCarty.

Hint: Shadow Chao:
Keep giving a Chao Green Chaos Drives. When it evolves, it will have green stripes on its head just like Shadow. This works best with the normal Chaos that hatch from the white and blue eggs.
cher hung.

To make a Shadow Chao, keep feeding it Green Chaos Drives and care for it with Dr. Egg-Man.
john lawerence.

Buy a red egg from the Black Market, then breed it with a normal type neutral Chao from a spotted egg. Repeat until the Chao from the egg is dark red. Then, make it into a Dark-type Chao. It will look exactly like Shadow.
leslie santiago.

Feed a Chao only run animals or Chao Drives to about level 10. Then, make it evolve dark. Next, feed it run animals or Chao Drives with Shadow until its run is about level 40. Wait nine hours in the Chao Garden, and your Chao's original green stripes should now be red and its spikes should be longer than before.
Freger Wergerqwg.

Hint: Knuckles Chao:
Only feed your Chao Red Fruits, and Red Chaos Drives. Do not give your Chao any animals. Your Chao must be a Hero Chao for this to work. Your Chao will have a stem on its head, but when it transforms its sixth time, its head will look like Knuckles.
connor r.

To get a Knuckles Chao, buy a Red egg at the Black Market. Do the various steps to turn it into a Sonic Chao. However, because it is red, it will look like Knuckles. Also, to make it look like the spikes on his hands, feed it a Purple Bear, which gives it claws. Note: Do not feed it two bears or it will also grow ears. To make the spikes larger, only feed, pet, and interact with it as Knuckles.
Gavin Bridge.

Hint: Green Sonic Chao:
Get a blue egg from the Black Market. Give that Chao at least 15 Green Chaos Drives. As Sonic or Shadow, keep petting the Chao. Give that Chao the hog at least two times. You can also get a regular color Chao and give the 15 Green Chaos Drives. Then, when it evolves, spend a lot of time with the Chao as Sonic and it will be blue.
DinoEvan, Snkcc, and sonicmaster.

Hint: Super Sonic Chao:
Raise a Gold Chao from Sonic Advanced or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle with Shadow. Do not give anything to the Chao besides fruits (Hero, Dark, Round, etc.). When your Chao transforms it, will be a Super Sonic Chao.

Hint: Hyper Shadow Chao:
Raise a Silver Chao with Shadow. Feed it only fruit and chaos drives (red recommended). When it transforms, it will be a Hyper Shadow Chao.

Hint: Tails Chao:
Note: This trick requires a link cable, a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a memory card with a saved game from Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2. To get a real Tails Chao, play Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2. Go to the Hunters guild. Select the mission "Fake In Yellow". If it is not there the first time, then play some missions to unlock it. Find the Rappy that used to be a human. Talk to it, and it will make a Telepipe. Enter the Telepipe. You will go to the city. Re-enter the Telepipe. You will see 3 Rappys staring at something. Talk to all three of them and walk over to place they where staring at. A Chao will appear. It will talk to you and give you the Key item "Chao Key". Get off Regol. In the city, by the Hunters guild, you will see a GBA machine similar to the one in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle's Chao Garden. Step on it and transport the data to the Game Boy Advance. A Chao will appear in the Game Boy Advance's Tiny Chao Garden. The Chao's name will be Tails with a ??? under it (its type is unknown). Transport the Chao to the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Chao Garden. You will now have a Chao that resembles Tails with two tails, his ears, and the hair.

Hint: Tails-like Chao:
Get a Purple Chao and raise it with Eggman until it gets a Dragon head (pet it frequently). Then, give it nothing except Purple Chaos Drives and only feed it five Fruits.
connor r.

Hint: Dark Chao:
Get every animal two times with a Dark character. It can be either be Rouge, Shadow, or Dr. Eggman. Give every animal two times to the Chao, and when his stamina level is at 7, put him on the flowers. The Chao should be in a Chao head-like cocoon and in a few seconds it should hatch into a Dark Chao.

If the Chao does not like the fruits it will begin to change gray.
James Hill.

Hint: Crazy Chao:
Have a Dark Chao. When in the Dark Garden give it five Dark Fruits. After that, your Chao will sleep once you whistle. When he gets up, he will have a strange smile and start running around. He will hit other Chaos and knock them down.

Hint: Magic Chao:
When you enter Chao Karate, if you go to Expert you will see a Chao named Magic. First, pet a Chao frequently with Sonic, then get one of each animal and give it to the Chao. Then, get about eight Skeleton Dogs and give it to the Chao. All the animals should be gone. If not, keep giving him the Skeleton Dog then give it lots of Green Chaos Drives. This requires patience -- it should evolve when its level reaches 32. Note. If you leave the Gamecube on overnight, the spike on its head will get longer.
Luis Garcia.

Hint: Chappy Chao:
If you enter Chao Karate expert mode you will see either a Choa named Magic or a Chao named Chappy. To get a Chappy Chao, get a blue spotted egg. The ones from Sonic Advanced are recommended. As Shadow, feed a Chao all normal coconuts (the ones from the neutral Chao Garden) and one of their favorite fruits (Triangle recommended). Make sure it is not asleep for a long period of time. When it evolves, give it a Skeleton Dog, then a Cardboard Box. It should put it on its head.

Hint: Happy Chao:
On beginners Chao Karate, the "final" Chao will be named Happy. Use the following trick to create a Chao that resembles Happy. Get an average blue chao, like the ones in the two eggs that you start with. Give it one Skeleton Dog. Buy an Apple for 2,000 rings at the Black Market and give it to the newborn. Then give it rabbit feet and arms. And give it lots of Green Chaos Drives so that it can stand up. Then, go to the fortune teller and use the option to name it yourself. Name it Happy. Bring it to school when they are teaching dances (shake dance, dancing, etc.) and never abuse it. Keep it a neutral Chao and it well look and sometimes act like the real Happy.
the king.

Hint: Ghost Chao:
To make your Chao a ghost, feed it lots of Bats.

Hint: Transparent Chao:
Breed a Shiny Chao with a Jewel Chao. Jewel chaos are the ones from Sonic Advanced. The normal egg is not a Jewel Chao, but silver and gold Chao eggs are. When the egg hatches, it will be light green and transparent. Try using the egg that costs 5000 rings and the shiny red Chao.

Get a Sapphire Chao from Sonic Advance and mate it with a Shiny White Chao. When the new Chao hatches, it will be a Clear Normal Chao. Note: When you change it Dark, it will be a Clear Black Chao, and Hero, it will be a White Clear Chao.

To get a totally transparent Chao, breed a clear Chao (mate a Jewel from Sonic Advance and a Shiny) and a Shiny Lime Green. If you do not get it, reset and try again. You will only be able see its wings, face, and the ball on its head.
Juan Carlos Garza Escamilla.

Mate a Ghost Chao (a Chao that has no legs) and a plain normal Chao. They should have a egg. When you hatch it, it will be a transparent Chao.
Bill Page.

Hint: White Dragon Chao:
Raise a Chao in the Sonic Advance Tiny Chao Garden. Then, raise everything to about 40 and put it in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Next, give it only Dragons until every part of it is dragon-like. Then, raise it with a Hero side character and it eventually will evolve into a Hero Chao. Give it mostly Green Chaos Drives. Give it some of the others. Do this until its Run is at 99, Swim is at 94, Fly at 87, Power is at 71, and Stamina is at 69. It should now be able to defeat everything in the Chao Race and Karate, except for the last match in Super Chao Karate.

Hint: Sparkly orange normal Chao:
Buy a sparkly orange Chao at the Black Market and have a normal Chao (yellow and blue). Raise both as adults. Once they have became adults, go to the Black Market and buy a Heart fruit. Note: You may need lots of them. Give both the normal Chao and the sparkly orange Chao the fruits and wait until they lay an egg. Once the egg hatches, it should be a sparkly normal Chao, but where the yellow is on the normal Chao (hands, feet, and tail), it should be orange. If not, keep it or say goodbye. Finally, have the sparkly Chao become dark with Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge.

Hint: Get higher Chao ranks:
Get the required Animal or Chaos Drive for the type of Chao you want. For example, the Yellow drive or Sea Otter for swim. Then, give them mostly that color of Drive or Animal. Eventually they will evolve into an adult. When this happens, if you gave them mostly yellow for example, the adult Chao will be a swimming type and if your rank in swim was, for example an "A" rank, it will go up to "S". To improve the letter rank in Stamina, make the Chao a normal type.
Kyle Tallaire.

An ability rank are the letters S, A, B, C, D, or E (from best to worse) next to your Chao's ability when you see the doctor in the Health Center in the Chao Kindergarten. To raise the letter up one rank, have your Chao evolve into the type of ability you would like to raise. For example, if the ability rank in flying was A, raise your Chao until it evolves into a Flying Type and the A will turn into an S.
Scott Thomas.

Get a stat increasing item (animals or colored vials). Pick one up and stand directly in front of your Chao, but not so close that he takes it. Drop the item in front of him. He should grab it and get the stats, but the item can be reused.

Hint: "S" rank Chao:
Use heart fruits on two Chaos until they want to lay an egg. Repeat with the hatched Chao until you have an "S" ranked Chao at one or more stats. Note: You can speed it up slightly by using more heart fruits at a time.
John MacMillan.

Hint: Get a Chao to love you automatically:
Put two Chao next to each other. Pet the one that you are not trying to get to love you. If you were positioned correctly, the non-petted Chao's should repeatedly change from a dot to a heart and back again. If it was a newborn, its dot will quickly change color. If you continue petting (hold B) until it changes all the way, then walk away and whistle, the Chao will run to you (even if it cannot walk). If you pick it up, it will be happy and clap.
Andrew Mac.

Hint: Stronger and faster Chao:
This trick requires Sonic Advance 2's Tiny Chao Garden and a link cable. When you enter the Tiny Chao Garden, buy a Vitamin (the fruit which that resembles a square apple for 70 rings). Attach the link cable and transfer the Vitamin to the Neutral Chao Garden. Give the Vitamin to a Chao. Keep giving the Chao Vitamins. Enter Chao Karate or Race. In Karate, hits from your Chao will be stronger. In Chao Race, Chao will run faster. Repeat until the Chao's Swim, Fly, Power, and Run is level 40 to 99. This will not raise stamina.

To get a stronger Chao, go to Metal Harbor with Sonic and get the Phoenix. Go to the Chao Garden with Sonic and use the Phoenix on desired Chao. It should raise all the stats except for Stamina. Use the "Unlimited use of animals" trick and your Chao should become strong very quickly.

Hint: Faster Chao leveling:
Note: This trick requires a turbo controller. Walk up to the Chao that you want to level up. Set the turbo feature to B and you will start to pet it. Keep that button pressed and allow the game to idle like that.
james leyba and JXN3993.

Hint: Get two Chaos to breed easily:
Get two heart fruits. Give one to each of the Chaos and flowers will instantly bloom around them. Grab one and put it right next to the other. Note: To breed baby Chao, you need five to ten heart fruits.

You must have at least two Chao, one male and the other female. When a Chao has flowers around it, take a Chao and put it in front of it. If it does not work, do the same thing with another Chao. If it works, your Chao will kiss and a song will begin. They will then dance, and an egg will appear.

Hint: Rock Chao:
When you pick up your Chao, immediately hold the Analog-stick in one direction while still holding B. You can release B when your Chao starts to rock.
Eleazar Yambao.

Hint: Remove the Chao helmet skull:
Take your Chao and throw it against a wall. It should just come off its head.
Jesse Smith.

Hint: Chao status:
If your Chao has already evolved and has another tear shaped cocoon around it, it is either being reborn or going to die. If the tear shaped cocoon is gray, the Chao is going to die. If the cocoon is pink, your Chao will be reborn and all stats will be divided by 10.
Stuart Converse.

Hint: Fast light or dark Chao:
Hatch an egg in the garden with any desired character. Use a Hero character for a light Chao or a Dark character for a dark Chao.. Pet the Chao so that it becomes either black or white. Keep feeding the Chao nuts. Once its stamina is at level 7 to 15, it will go into a blue cocoon and evolve.

Hint: Change Chao color to white or black with normal egg:
After your normal egg hatches, decide if you want the Chao to be white or black. If you want it to be black, get either Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and use that character to abuse your Chao. It will eventually turn black. If you want it to be white, use Rouge, Shadow, or Eggman and abuse it. Note: Chao will be extremely sad, scream, and run.

Hint: Get a Chao Garden through abuse:
If you want a special Chao Garden but do not want to spend a long time petting your Chao, just abuse it. For example, if you want your Chao to be a Hero and get the Hero Garden, use Dr. Eggman, Shadow, or Rouge in the Chao Garden and abuse your Chao with that character. If you attack a Chao enough times with a character, the Chao will become the opposite of what your character is. In the example, your Chao will turn very white and become a Hero. If you abuse your Chao with Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, it will turn black and become a dark Chao. Note: It will take awhile for them to cocoon themselves.
Scott Burbank.

Hint: Bury your Chao or items:
In the Dark Garden, in front of the fence that is on the right of the tree that does not grow fruits, place items (including Chao) as close as you can right in the center of the fence. The item or Chao should now be buried.

Hint: Open Chao egg easily:
Throw a Chao egg against a wall.
Jim Pelyhes.

Hint: Unlimited eggs:
Note: This trick requires two memory cards. On memory card two, you must have less than the required amount of blocks. Play the first level and get the Chao box when you finish the level. Go to the Chao Garden. You will see two eggs. You can hatch them if desired. Walk over to the computer and trade them to memory card one. After that, select a stage and pick the Chao Garden again. It will say the same thing as before, and you will have two new eggs.

Hint: Wake up Chao:
If you go to the Chao Garden and your Chao is asleep, pick it up and bring it to the doctor within fifteen seconds from picking it up. Get the doctor to examine him. When you get back, he will be alert.

Hint: Keep Chao from going in the water:
In the Hero Garden, put a Chao behind the first fallen pillar to the left where you entered. It should stay there because it will have a question mark above its head, turn around, and keep on thinking and turning around. This is very useful if you have Chaos that cannot swim and you want to leave the game on overnight. Note: This trick will not work if you put the Chao too far back from the pillar. You must put the Chao behind it so that it is almost touching the pillar. It works best if the Chao is in the center.

Hint: Pet multiple Chao at once:
Raise five Chao that will go to you when you whistle. Make sure that they are all awake. Whistle and when they arrive, press Y until it says "Pet". You should be petting all five Chao, but can pet up to eight at the same time.
Chao Raisers.

Hint: Chao life cycle:

Be nice -> Cocoon (pink) -> Reborn
Child -> Cocoon (blue) -> adult ->
Abuse it always -> Cocoon(gray) -> Dies

If the Chao is an adult and you treat it nicely, it will remember you, turn into a pink cocoon, and appear as an egg. The Chao starts off at level 00 again, but still has its stats. However, if you treat your Chao badly as an adult, it will become a gray cocoon and disappear forever.
Kyle Lowery.

Hint: Raising Chao stats:
This trick requires 15,000 rings for Chao fruit. Give it only free nuts and whatever stat you would like. After that stat is over 5 to 10, give it a strict diet of Chao fruit. When it evolves, bring it to the doctor and check the stats. It will have an "S" under the stat you worked on and say that it is either a Flying, Swimming, Running, or Flying type.
the king.

To get easy stats for your Chao, get five Chao Drives. Note: Animals will work better. Give it a Heart Fruit (must be a Neutral, Hero, or Dark cannot be a child). It will sit down and flowers will grow around the Chao. Do not put another Chao in the flowers with it. The stand about a "1/2 inch" in front of your Chao. Put down the animal/drive. Your Chao should take it but it should still be useable.

Hint: Chao aging:
Chaos age about one year every four hours you spend in the garden that they are in. If you were in a garden for 24 hours, every chao would have become a baby for its second time (if it was already an adult).

Hint: Chao that never die:
This trick requires two or more Gardens. When your Chao begin to transform, if it has a gray cocoon, exit the Garden, not the Chao World, then enter again. Look for your Chao, and if it has a pink cocoon, then it is safe. If not, reenter and look for your Chao quickly, and choose it (try this with Sonic or Shadow) and put it down. Then, pet it faster until your Chao has a heart when you pick it. Put it again until it creates a pink cocoon. If it still has a gray cocoon, reenter the Garden and pick it quickly. Exit that garden with your Chao in hand and enter another garden. Put it down and pet it, and it will create a pink cocoon. If this does not work, keep trying the last step until it does. Note: This does not work all the time, so keep trying.
jorge de jesus pedroza cantu.

If your Chao forms a gray cocoon, reset the game and put your Chao in Kindergarten. Then, go to the Chao Garden and get all of the coconuts in one place. Next, go to the Hero Garden and get all the coconuts in one place there as well. Then, get you Chao, go to the Chao Garden, and put it down where all the coconuts are locted. Quickly give it all the coconuts. Then, pick it up and bring it to the Hero Garden. Make it eat the coconuts there, then wait. It will make a pink cocoon. Note: This will not work if your Chao dislikes you.

Hint: Name Chao yourself:
Go to the fortune teller with your Chao. When she offers a name for your Chao and asks whether you like it, answer "No". She will make another suggestion. Answer "No" again. She will then ask if you would like to name the Chao yourself. Answer "Yes".

Hint: Delete animal characteristics from Chao:
If you have a Chao with strange animal characteristics, simply give it a few Skeleton Dogs. Your Chao will return to normal. If you want to give it an animal and you do not like the outcome, repeat the process again.
Carl Nafarrete and Patrick Nafarrete.

Hint: Regular teenage Chao:
To keep your Chao from becoming a Dark or Hero Chao before it evolves, alternate between Hero and dark Characters every visit. If the colors of your chao start to change, simply pet the Chao with the other side until it returns to normal.

Hint: Unlimited Chaos:
Use a link cable and connect a Game Boy Advance to the Gamecube. Get Sonic Advance and enter the Tiny Chao Garden. Keep transferring Chaos to the big Chao Garden for a free unlimited supply.
cher hung.

Hint: Faster Chao growth:
Transfer the Chao that you want to level up to the Tiny Chao Garden in Sonic Advance. Keep giving it fruits until it is at a good enough level and it will grow faster than in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Note: Your Chao will not age in the Tiny Chao Garden.
Michael Sheffield.

Hint: Avoid Chao race losses:
If you are racing your Chao and know you will lose, press Start and select "Exit" and it will not be recorded as a loss.
cher hung.

Hint: Beginner Chao races:

Crab Pool: levels 1, 2, 3; Swimming specialties.
Stump Valley: levels 1, 2, 3; Flying specialties.
Mushroom Forest: levels 1, 2, 3; Running specialties.
Block Canyon: levels 1, 2, 3; Power specialties.

Hint: Jewel Chao races:

Aquamarine: levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Swimming specialties.
Topaz: levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Flying specialties.
Peridot: levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Running specialties.
Garnet: levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Power specialties.
Onyx: levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Brains and Luck specialties.
Diamond: levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Everything

Hint: Challenge Chao races:

Challenge! The Strong Gold and Silver Rivals!: Gold and Silver Chaos.
He Returns: Chacron and child Chaos
I'm trying!: Omochaos.
Small Animal Challenge: Gorillas, Bears, Cheetahs, Tigers, Boars, Seals, Bunnies, Sea Otters, Penguins, and Raccoons.
Horrible! Cockroach Chao Group: Onyx Chaos.
Oh, My Egg!: Egg Chaos.
Be Afraid! Skeleton Group: Chaos with skulls on their heads.
Be Afraid! Pumpkin Group: Chaos with pumpkins on their heads.
Be Afraid! Ghost Group: Chaos with no legs.
He Strikes Back: ISame as the first time he raced you.
Kid's Troops Chao Ranger: Shiny Blue Chao, a Shiny Red Chao, a Shiny Pink Chao, a Shiny Yellow Chao, and a Shiny Green Chao, with animal parts.
Here Comes the Ultimate Rival!: Ultimate Chaos Chao, by yourself.

Hint: Hero Chao races:

Baby Devil: Baby Ultimate Devil Chaos, with animal parts.
Adult Devil: Adult Ultimate Devil Chaos.
Death Troops: Adult Ultimate Devil Chaos with skulls on their heads.
Devil vs. Angel: Ultimate Devil Chao.

Hint: Dark Chao races:

Baby Angel: Baby Ultimate Angel Chaos.
Angels: Adult Ultimate Angel Chaos.
Flying Angel: Adult Ultimate Angel Chaos, with Dragon parts.
Angel vs. Devil: Ultimate Angel Chao.

Hint: Chao race prizes:
Will Stegall.

Beginner's Races
Crab Pool: Shovel
Stump Valley: Watering Pail
Mushroom Forest: Rattle
Block Canyon: Toy Car
Hero and Dark Races:
Hero Level 2: Green and Pink Ball
Hero Level 4: Rocking Horse
Dark Level 2: Yellow and Purple Ball
Dark Level 4: Boom Box
Jewel Races
Aquamarine: Sonic Doll
Topaz: Broom
Peridot: Coloring Book
Garnet: Pogo Stick
Onyx: Crayons
Diamond: Potion Bottle
Challenge Races
Level 4: Blue and Yellow Ball
Level 8: Jack-in-the-box
Level 12: TV Set

Hint: Waking Chao up:
Sleeping Chao are annoying because you cannot feed them. To wake them up, stand next to it and whistle. You do not have to anger them by picking them up during a little nap.
cher hung.

Hint: Gliding Chao:
In the Chao Garden, pick up your Chao and carry it on top on the entrance of Chao Karate and Race. Leave your Chao there, then go in front of the water, facing your Chao that is on top. Whistle, and it will fall and glide towards you.

Hint: Not worrying about Chao aging:
Note: This trick requires a Game Boy Advance, Sonic Advance, and a link cable. If you raise your Chao on the Game Boy Advance, you do not have to worry about it aging. If you are trying to save time, the Chao does not age at all. This is a good way to level up your Chao if it is at its third life (two transformations).

Hint: Chao sleeping sitting up:
Let a Chao run up to get a fruit. As soon as you hear the sound of it grabbing the fruit, take the fruit away. The Chao should still be eating and after a while a fruit will appear.

Hint: Chao in a cage:
In the Dark Garden, keep throwing a Chao at the cage and it will eventually go in.

Alternately, jump on the tombstone to the left, then jump into the cage from there. To put a Chao in it, you have to be at the very edge of the cage.
Brian Young and james ranado.

Go into the Dark Chao garden as Tails. Pick up a Chao. Next, jump up on to the gravestone by the cage. Jump into it holding the Chao. Place the Chao down. It should sty in the cage for awhile. This may require a few attempts. If you try to push it into the cage more than it is, it has a higher risk of falling off. Note: You should try this with a Dark Chao or a Chao that does not like you very much.

Hint: Alternate view in Chao Lobby:
Enter the Hero Garden then go back out. Walk off the side and control your fall so it looks like you are under the entrance when you land. You can go to the Kindergarten and Dark Garden, but the camera will remain on top of the stairs.

Hint: Land in cage:
As Shadow, enter the Dark Garden and go to the big tree on the right. A cage is hanging on the side that is facing the pool of blood. Jump up and you will land inside it.
Jimmy and Bradley.

Hint: Eggman in a cage:
Go to the Dark Chao Garden with Eggman and stand on the tomb near the small cage hanging on a tree. From the tomb, jump into the cage and Eggman will be caged. If you then jump, his head will be a skull.

Hint: Quick Chao transformation:
Keep petting your Chao and it will eventually transform.
cher hung.

To do this trick, you must not care if you abuse your Chao. To get a Hero Chao, abuse your Chao with a Villain. To get a Dark Chao abuse, your Chao with a Hero. You can tell if your Chao is turning good if it is mostly white and has a blue ball over its head. You will know its turning bad when it is black and most likely has a red collar or a point on its tail. Get the stamina to level 7. Note: If you are transforming a different color Chao (for example, blue, red, shiny blue), its body may not change color, so look at its wings (bat or not), tail (pointed or not), and the ball (red or blue) on its head.

For your Chao to evolve fairly quickly, you must feed it Coconuts until its stamina is above level 10. For a Dark Chao or Hero or Neutral Chao with their head on fire, just give them only Half Fishes. For a Chao with a drill-like head, give it lots of Gorillas and Tigers. For a Dark Jester Chao, give it mostly Peacocks and Condors. For a Shark Chao, give it only Sea Otters, Half Fishes, and Seals. For a Chao with green streaks such as Shadow, mostly raise it on Cheetahs and Unicorns. After its head starts to part differently, feed it until its stamina is at level 11 or higher. Note: If you are looking for a Chao that is good in races, raise a Dark Running Chao with mostly Cheetahs and Unicorns. For a Chao that is good in Power Karate, raise a Chao heavily on Gorillas and Tigers. Robotnik's first level, Iron Gate, is the best place to raise a Power Chao.
Brent Bigelow and mewtwo-master2002.

If you have the Dark Chao Garden, throw a newly hatched Chao into the blood-like water. Watch it for a while and it will transform. If your Chao comes out, throw it back in.

Evolve at least one Chao to make it a hero (in the Hero Garden).Then, take a "baby Chao" that has only a few stats (for example, level 1 for swim, level 3 for flying, level 0 for power) and has a hearty appetite (or is hungry). Pick up the Chao and bring it to the Hero Garden. The white pillar on the left hand side of the garden is knocked down. Take the chao and put it directly next to the pillar on the side that is facing the rock wall. If you placed it correctly, it cannot leave that space, can only be behind the pillar. Get a fruit and feed it to the hungry Chao. If it eats it all, it may evolve. This may not happen, and the process may need to be repeated. Make sure you hear the "grum grum" sound that they make when they are hungry and eating a fruit. Watch and they might evolve. Your Chao may need to be out of its egg for a little while before you do this.

Hint: Transformation signs:
The following signs indicate that your Chao is close to transforming. If you have a Dark Chao, it will sleep a lot and have a spear-like tail. If you have a Hero Chao, it turns white (if not already white).
Tiana Chaos Expert.

Hint: Hidden Chao transportation:
Walk up to the Chao Kindergarten when an item is in your hands and your Chao is at a classroom. When selecting "Pick-Up Chao", if you still have the item in your hands, your Chao will not be in your hands. It will be in the Chao Garden (if your cocoon has hatched -- go to either the Hero or Dark garden).

Hint: Hatching your Chao:
If you are having trouble hatching your Chao, hold it for about ten seconds then whistle. It should pop out.

For a quick hatching Chao, pick up a Chao egg and throw it against the wall. Note: This may affect your Chao's appearance.

If you want a Chao egg to hatch faster, rock it for about three to five seconds, then put it down and whistle. Note: This may affect the Chao's smiles.
Raven Wolf.

Hint: Raise Chao's stamina:
To raise your Chao's stamina easily, when you feed your Chao a fruit, stand behind it. When your Chao throws it, you can pick it up and bring it back. You can do this repeatedly.

Use the following trick to get a powerful, young Chao. Either use Chaos Drives, Small Animals, or Chao Fruits. When you raise them, only go in the Chao Garden when you want to raise the Chao and not to play with it. If you still want to play with your other Chaos, put the one you are raising in a separate garden, all by itself. By following this, it is possible to have a two year old Chao with all its stats at level 99 (the highest level).

Hint: Getting your Chao to like you more:
Treat your Chao with respect. Learn your Chao's personality, favorite food, and how well it does things. Give it a lot of Chaos Drives and any small animals. Let it compete in races and karate matches frequently. This should make your Chao your best friend.
Clayton DuBoce.

Hint: Double Chao petting:
In any Chao garden, put two Chaos next to each other. Start petting one of them and they will both have hearts on their head.
Trevor Heckenast.

Hint: Chaos Drive colors:
Scott Thomas.

Yellow: Swim
Green: Run
Red: Power
Purple: Fly

Hint: Reuse Chaos Drive or animal:
Get a Chaos Drive or animal and go to your garden. Take either one and bring it to your Chao, but do not give it to them. Drop it directly in front of them, very close. They will get the points but they will leave it there to use over and over. Try giving it fruit, then do it so its not moving around.

Note: This is very difficult to do. Make sure that you have your Chao secure (do not let it move). Back up slightly away from the Chao you selected and do not let it get the Chao Drive. Put it down and the Chao should not absorb it. Once the Chao gets it, it will then bounce further back.

Fill your Chaos Drive slots with small animals. Go to the Hero Garden as Sonic and feed the animals to a Chao. Wait three minutes and move around randomly, while still in the garden. Uou can feed the animals to a Chao again. Note: This works best with Bats.
Frank Phillips.

Hint: Easy Chaos Drives:
There are two very good places to get easy Chaos Drives for your Chao, The first is Tails' level, "Prison Lane". You can get through this level very easily, and it has a lot of enemies for drives. You can use this level to get a Chao more acquainted with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles by selecting them when entering the Chao Garden after collecting the desired drives, then exiting the level. The second location is Eggman's level, "Iron Gate". Use the same procedure as above for Shadow, Rouge or Eggman.

Play the "Mission Street" level. There are plenty of Chao drives there that are easy to get. Most of the time they are of the same type. It might take awhile to find the desired drive for your Chao.

Hint: Unlimited Chaos Drives/Animals:
This trick is used to get several Chaos Drives or Animals of the same type. Go to the stage selection screen and choose the second mission (collect 100 Rings) with any character. Collect one ring at the start of the level. Collecting more is not necessary; you must have less than 100 Rings. If you are looking for Chao Drives, kill the enemies searching for the desired color. Leave one enemy at the end of the level. Let it hit you. You will lose all of your Rings. Pick up a Ring and kill the enemy. At the end of the level there will be a Ring that reads "Back". When you touch this Ring, you will be back at the start of the level, but you will still have your Chao Drives. Repeat this until your inventory is full of the desired Chaos Drive. Note: The "Back" ring for Knuckles' and Rouge's stages is at the starting point. If you are looking for Animals, go through the level, searching for the desired Animal (avoiding enemies if possible, if you are not also looking for Chaos Drives). Once you find the Animals you want, remember where they are located. Then, let an enemy hit you. This causes you to lose your Rings. Pick up a Ring and kill the enemy. At the end of the level (or starting point for Knuckles and Rouge) there will be a ring that reads "Back". When you touch this ring, you will start the level over, but still have your Animals. Repeat this until your inventory is full of the desired Animal. Note: This trick works best in Knuckles' or Rouge's level.
Typo Number 9.

Have the desired Chao to stand still. Grab a Chaos Drive. Do not give to him. Stand far away enough so that if you dropped it, the Chaos Drive would land in between you and the Chao. Drop it, and he should take it and shoot it back up. If this did not work, grab it again and keep getting closer and dropping it until he takes it and shoots it back up.

Hint: Make a Chao follow you:
If a Chao is in its flowers, pick it up and it will follow you for a while. Also, if you whistle now, it comes to you.
Drew Harris.

Hint: Animal locations:

Stage: Aquatic Mine
Location: Glide left from the start and dive into the water below the waterwheel.
Sea Otter
Stage: Prison Lane
Location: Destroy the three enemies in front of you. Walk out of the hall way and there should be two black crates stacked on top of two metal ones. Destroy the one farthest from you and climb to the top.
Stage: Aquatic Mine
Location: Jump into the water and sink down to the bottom-most level.
Stage: Eternal Engine
Location: Shoot down the canister to the left to reveal this animal.
Stage: Egg Quarters
Location: Walk forward and jump onto the ledge. Climb on the wall on the right and on top of the "crab".
Stage: Dry Lagoon
Location: Left from the start, by a palm tree, is a peacock.
Stage: Radical Highway
Location: Stop before the first loop. Nearby is a trashcan that is yellow in color with a boar on it.
Stage: Wild Canyon
Location: Get out of the starting alcove and go forward to the far end of the room. By the feet of the pharaoh statue is the cheetah.
Stage: Iron Gate
Location: Go out of the starting room and turn immediately to the left.
Stage: Sky Rail
Location: After the first rail and spring you will see an arch. Under it is the bear.
Stage: Mission Street
Location: Go forward (upper right) slightly to see a mailbox. Whistle at it for the gorilla.
Stage: Hidden Base
Location: Go forward and defeat the robots to the right. Shoot down the crates to the right and hover to them. At the end of the platform is the tiger.
Stage: Mad Space
Location: In front of where you start, destroy the steel container to unveil a raccoon.
Stage: Sky Rail
Location: Go down the first rail and you will see the sheep on the platform.
Stage: Hidden Base
Location: Go right on the starting platform.
Stage: Aquatic Mine
Location: Go to where you get the Air Necklace. The dragon is in the air in that room.
Stage: Meteor Herd
Location: Go to the tower and take the rocket in the center up to another platform. Turn right to see a platform, under the surface of which flies a
Stage: Dry Lagoon
Location: Take the turtle to Big Oasis. Get on the platform with a pillar . Whistle in the center of it for a unicorn.
Stage: Sand Ocean
Location: Walk backwards from the start to fall off the main platform to a lower tier where a bat resides.
Stage: Egg Quarters
Location: Make your way to the snake altar room, which is the sprocket on the map (through the north hall from the start). Once there, you will find a Half-Fish in a cage. Stand on one of the pillars around the Kikis and they will throw a bomb at you. Drop down to where it lands, pick it up, and throw it at the cage. Alternately, you can find one in Green Forest. Halfway through the level you will fall onto a platform with a tunnel on the left and three crates on the right. Behind the crates is the Half-Fish.
Skeleton Dog
Stage: Pumpkin Mountain
Location: Glide into the balloon ahead and then left to a rocket. Take it to Church Mountain. Behind a grave at the top is a Skeleton Dog.

Hint: Animal traits:
The following is a list of the traits that your Chao can get from an animal.

Bear: Legs, Arms, Tail, Ears
Gorilla: Legs, Arms, Ears, Eyebrow
Parrot: Wings, Tail, Legs, Forehead Hair
Skunk: Tail, Legs, Arms, Forehead Hair
Sheep: Horns, Arms, Legs, Tail, Ears
Racoon: Ears, Arms, Legs,
Cheetah: Tail, Ears, Legs, Arms
Tiger: Legs, Arms, Tail, Ears
Bunny: Legs, Arms, Tail, Ears
Seal: Arms, Tail
Bat: Legs
Boar: Tusks, Legs, Ears, Tail, Arms
Penguin: Eyebrows, Legs, Arms
Sea Otter: Whiskers, Legs, Arms, Tail, Ears
Peacock: Tail, Wings, Legs, Forehead Hair
Unicorn: Horn, Ears, Arms, Legs, Tail
Half: Fish: Flame(Halo, Spike: Ball, or Normal Ball)
Dragon: Wings, Antennae, Horns, Tail, Arms, Legs
Phoenix: Tail, Legs, Wings, Forehead Hair
Condor: Wings, Legs, Tail, Hair on the sides of the Head
Skeleton Dog: None

Hint: Big The Cat picture:
Go to the Chao Garden and take any Chao to school. If they are learning drawing, leave your Chao there. When the Chao is done, take it back to the garden and wait until he draws. If he draws Big, it will not be a very good picture but can be recognized as Big The Cat.
sonic freak.

Hint: Big The Cat appearance:
When watching the mini-intermission sequence that appears on before The Biolizard, you can see Big The Cat run by Amy twice. You will only be able to see his feet and the tip of his fishing pole.

In the animation before the battle with the Biolizard, when Amy convinces Shadow to help out, push as many buttons as possible except Start. You can see Big the Cat trot across the hallway. That is why Amy looks the wrong way when she says "Look, it's Shadow!"

Note: This only works in the Hero story. In the intermission sequence before you battle Egg Golem with Sonic, when the door opens push all of the buttons (except for Start). You will see Big come down until the camera turns towards Knuckles.
Vicki Carey.

At the end of the game when Sonic and Shadow yell ''Chaos Control!'', look closely in the background. You should see Big the Cat spinning out of control in outer space.

In the Last Stage as Knuckles, jump in the water. Do not swim down. Move the camera down. If you wait long enough and you should see Big The Cat swimming after his frog.

Hint: Sonic picture:
Go to the Chao Kindergarten. Then, go between the Black Market and Bulletin Board. On the little picture, you can see Sonic running, saving two lost Chao from nothing.

Hint: Never lose a life:
If you fall off the stage or are about to die, pause game play and select "Exit". When you return to the stage, you should still have all your lives. Note: Make sure you can get to where you left easily, because you will not start there.

Hint: Blinking statue:
Go to the Chao Garden as any character. Enter the Kindergarten and go into the principal's office. Look at the statue behind the principal for awhile and you will see it blink.

Hint: Extra Chao Karate mode:
Note: You either have to complete Hard mode, or all three original modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Hard). Doing this will unlock the fourth difficulty mode, Super. The Super mode is very hard if your Chao is not strong enough. The order of the Super matches are as follows:
VideoGamerX01, Badmoon Daughter, and Scott Thomas.

Round 1: Crunchy, a Light Green child Chao with a watermelon on its head
Round 2: Wacky, a psycho Light Green child Chao with dragon horns.
Round 3: Crystal, a Gold Hero Chaos Chao
Round 4: Angel, an Aquamarine Dark Chaos Chao
Round 5: Flash, an Onyx Neutral Chaos Chao (very difficult)

Hint: Winning in Chao Karate:
Your Chao's power has to be higher than 75. It can now punch and kick harder in Chao Karate. This help can knock Chao(s) off the edge easier.

Give your Chao Animals and Chao Drives until every ability is at level 1. Go with your Chao to the Kindergarten, then go to the Health Center. If your Chao has Power in rank B or higher, continue giving it Chao Drives and Animals until it is at level 99 in everything. If not, try it with another Chao.
jorge de jesus pedroza cantu.

Hint: Chao Crates:
In each stage, the contents of a Chao Crate depends on the number of Chao Crates you have already broken: The first crate you break will have a Chao Key. The second will have about three to five assorted animals. The last crate will have a special animal (for example, a Unicorn, Dragon, etc.)

Hint: Beach balls for your Chao:
Go to the Chao Garden and then go to the Chao Race Lobby. If you want the ball for the Chao Garden, then win the first four challenges in challenge race. To get the ball for the Hero Garden, go to the Dark race and win the first two challenges. To get the ball for the Dark Garden, go to the Hero race and win the first two challenges. When you get them, you must wait for your Chao to play with them. When they do, they will run at the ball and kick it. Note: To get the balls, you must have all three gardens or you will not have the other races. Also, you cannot take the balls to other Gardens.

Hint: Jewel Chao prices:

Normal: 0
Silver (gray): 500
Gold (yellow): 1000
Ruby (pink): 5000
Sapphire (dark blue): 7000
Amethyst (purple): 8000
Emerald (dark green): 10000
Garnet (brownish red): 12000
Aquamarine (light green): 14000
Peridot (light green): 16000
Topaz (orange): 18000
Onyx (black): 20000

Hint: Rock climbing:
When you enter the Neutral Chao Garden, you can climb the mountains to your left. Jump up there and you can get very high in the area.
Brian Young.

Hint: Plant trees:
Win all the Beginner Chao races. You will receive a shovel and water pail for winning the third race in two of them. Go to Chao Kindergarten and press B on the black locker, opening the Chao black market. Buy a seed of any kind of tree you wish to grow. Return to your Chao garden. Once there, give your Chao the seed and in about 30 seconds or so a "!" will appear above its head. It will start digging, watering, then dancing. After a couple of visits to the garden you can give your Chao the kind of fruit that falls from the tree. You can grow five to six trees in the garden.

Hint: Watch seedling grow:
When you first plant a seed, walk away until you get a zoomed in view. You can now watch it grow slowly.

Hint: Easy rings:
Go to any Chao Garden and go near one of the trees. When the coconut or fruit falls off, you can sell it at the Black Market. It does not sell for much, but is worth something. You will get 10 rings for the coconuts.

If you need a more rings for something on the Black Market, sell a nut. There are three trees that never die and will just keep producing nuts. The nuts from these trees sell for 10 rings each. You can also sell egg shells (only the tops) and any other accessories for your Chao.

Buy a box, bag, pot, or any other expensive item in the Kindergarten. Then, save the Chao data, then re-enter Chao World. Sell the item, and when the "ca-ching" noise ends, reset your Gamecube. When you enter Chao World. you will have both the item and the rings. Note: You have to save the Chao data after you buy the item, but before you sell it. This works best if you sell expensive items, such as the 50,000 ring gray mask.

Go to the Chao Garden. After your Chao has hatched, take the egg and go to the Black Market. Sell your egg shell for the following prices.
Scott Hendrix, Yamato Ishida, Fitzzzzzzzz, Dan Dahms, and AJ.

Normal egg: 50 rings
White: 100 rings, shiny: 1000 rings
Red: 120 rings, shiny: 1200 rings
Sky Blue: 150 rings, shiny: 1500 rings
Green: 120 rings, shiny: 1200 rings
Blue: 150 rings, shiny: 1500 rings
Brown: 200 rings, shiny: 2000 rings
Grey: 250 rings, shiny: 2500 rings
Black: 500 rings, shiny: 5000 rings; you must have 180 emblems to buy this egg.
Purple: 150 rings, shiny: 1500 rings
Yellow: 150 rings, shiny: 1500 rings
Lime Green: 450 rings, shiny: 4500 rings
Orange: 200 rings, shiny: 2000 rings

Get the Light Dash ability and go to Metal Harbor. Whenever the large rows of rings are ahead of you, use the Light Dash move. This is a very fast and easy way to get rings.

Get something that sells for a lot of rings. If you do not have many, get an old pot and use it for this trick. If you have the time, get a Shiny Egg Shell (recommended). You cannot sell the egg -- you can only sell the shell. Go to the Black Market with the egg and you sell it. then. Exit out of the Black Market and while still in the Kindergarten, hold B + Start + X for about two seconds to reset your game (without saving the Chao data but saving the game data). Since the Chao data did not save, the game believes the egg is still there, while the saved game data records that you sold the egg for a couple thousand rings. You will get the egg and the money back. Repeat this (sell the shell, reset game, then go back to the garden) to end up with lots of rings.

Go to the Black Market and buy an item that costs a decent amount of money. It must be an item that you can resell. Put it in any Chao Garden, then leave the Chao Garden, which saves the game. Reenter the Chao Garden, get the item, then sell it at the Black Market. As soon as you sell it, press the restart button. Repeat this as needed. The item will not disappear, but your rings will keep increasing.

Play Sonic's first level under "Find The Lost Chao". Keep going through the level without getting the Chao until you get 999 rings, which is the maximum number. Then, get the lost Chao .and it will add 999 rings to your game. This is helpful if you want to get a beanie for your Chao later in the game.

On the first level, select the third mission on stage selection screen. Go through the level until you have 999 rings. Then, after you run down the building, do not hit the bouncers and go to the right. Play the Mystic Melody and work your way to the top. Repeat this to get as many rings as needed.
Ryan Trotman.

In City Escape level, you can get more than 425 rings. This will give you more rings for the Choa Gardens in just one level. You can also get more than 435 rings if you get all the rings, including the Light Dash rings after you break the iron box after the street boarding part at the very beginning of the stage.
Blaine Walters.

Unlock the racing game (just route 101 or 280). If you got a "D" or "E" rank on the first mission, it would be easier for you to do mission 2 (get at least 100 rings). If you got "A", "B", or "C" rank, just do mission 1 (get at least 200 rings and also get 2 extra lives).

For quick and easy rings, just go to the City Escape level and collect 300 rings every visit.

Use the following trick to get 100 rings in any level, especially Rouge's and Knuckle's stages. Collect as many rings as you can, then go to the back ring. You will start the level over with all of your rings, and will be able to recollect them.

Go to any level as Sonic or Shadow. Choose the third mission (find the lost Chao) and go through the level collecting rings. Do not get the Chao. Go to the end of the level. When you hit the goal ring, you will be taken back to the beginning of the level. You will have all of your rings and all the rings originally on the course will be back. Repeat this until you have as many rings as needed.

Go to the Black Market after you have collected 70 emblems. Buy a Shiny Yellow Egg (7000 rings) and hatch the Chao. His egg shell is worth 1200 rings.

Select the Find The Lost Chao level with any character except for Knuckles and Rouge. Collect rings, but do not find the Chao. Get to the Goal Ring and the "Go Back" message will appear. Jump in the ring and you will start back at the beginning of the stage with all the rings you collected previously. Continue the process until you have 999 rings, then find the Chao to add the rings to your total. Make sure not to get hit or die or you will have to start the process again. This trick is useful when you are trying to save rings to purchase items at the Black Market.

Get a lot of rings in Sonic Advance. Link up the game with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. You will see a ring item. Click it. It will transfer all the rings from Sonic Advance to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
brandon begg.

Go into any Chao Garden and get any item found there. Go into the Kindergarten school (not the classroom). Then, go to the Black Market located to your left. Scroll down to "Sell Items". Select that option, then sell the items that you have collected to get 50 rings. Note: It is best to use Knuckles to find the items. The items can also be fruit.

Go to the mission where you battle Shadow with Sonic or Sonic with Shadow. Just collect rings instead of battling the enemy. Note: You must have the Light Speed Dash to get rings quicker. Once you have 999 rings, kill your enemy without dying to get 999 rings and nine lives.
Jesus Colmenares.

Go to the final stage in Hero or Dark story mode. When you face Sonic or Shadow, the rings on the field are unlimited.
JD Malick.

Take Knuckles or Rouge (digging characters) to the Chao or Hero Garden. Dig until you get a Pumpkin. Each Pumpkin is worth 50 rings in the Black Market.
Jasmine Ortiz.

Go to the Dark Chao Garden. Go to your right and you will see a tombstone. Use Knuckles and Rouge (also get claws) and dig around it. You will find Skulls. Sell them at the Black Market in the Kindergarten for 50 rings each. Also, by going into the Hero Garden or regular garden, you can dig around and find some Pumpkins or Skulls that can be sold.
tyler fair.

This trick requires a Gameboy Advance and a link cable. Buy an expensive egg or hat from the Black Market. Put the egg top or hat on a Chao's head. Transport the Chao to the Tiny Chao Garden via the link cable. It will make a copy of the Chao. Hit the Chao that is not in the Tiny Garden to get the egg hat off its head. Sell it, then take the copy out of the Tiny Garden. It will still have the item on its head. Repeat the process as many times as desired.
Garrett Hendrix.

Hint: Easy Chao Drives:
If you want to get Drives for a Hero Chao, go to Tail's level (The City, road level). Blast all the robots to get the Chao Drives. For a Dark chao, go to Eggman's first level.

Hint: Stocking eggshells:
To get a vast amount of eggshells to sell, link Sonic Advance to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Take your Chao already in the Tiny Garden and them in the big Garden. When you pull down the shopping window, there is the normal egg for sale for 0 rings. Buy one and transfer to the big Garden. Hatch it and u will have a Chao. Say bye bye to any you do not want. Repeat to get lots of eggshells.
cher hung.

Hint: Stocking fruits:
To create a large stock of fruits to stay in one place, gather all the fruits somewhere such as on the cliff. Get eggshells, pumpkins, and skulls and place them around the fruits. Note: The fruits may still disappear. After awhile, your Chao will adjust to you putting all the fruits in one place and will know where to find them if they are hungry.
cher hung.

Hint: Fruit in the water:
To keep other Chaos from getting food, put the food in the water. The Chaos cannot swim to the fruit and eat it. If you have multiple food, you can put all of it in the water and give the last one remaining to your Chao. Then, take the other fruit one by one to the Chao(s) that you wish to feed.
Carl and Patrick.

Hint: Everlasting fruits:
In the Chao Garden, throw your fruits in the water or blood. They will not disappear.
Eli Crow.

Hint: Tree without fruit:
To get a tree without fruit, put seven or more fruits under it. It will not grow anymore until you take them away.
Lee Anderson.

Hint: Heart in Chao Fruit:
If you look closely at the flat side of a Chao Fruit, there is a heart there. It is almost the same color as the Chao Fruit, so it can be difficult to see.
Brian Young.

Hint: Kart Racing mini-game:
Catch the President with Tails, or catch Tails with Rouge. If you do both, you will unlock versus in two-player mode. Either way will work -- it does not matter which you do first.

Hint: New Kart Racing cars:
Get all the level emblems with every character. Press Up at any character at the kart race player selection screen to find a new car.

Complete all of a character's missions on any rank to get a much faster kart.

Rouge's new car is the robot from Sonic 3D Blast.

Hint: Chao race kart:
Complete all of Tails' missions with "A" ranks.

Hint: Advanced Eggman race kart:
Complete all Eggman's missions with "A" ranks.

Hint: Eggman Robot race kart:
Complete all of Rouge's missions with "A" ranks.

Hint: Advanced Knuckles race kart:
Complete all of Shadow's missions with "A" ranks.

Hint: Advanced Shadow race kart:
Complete all of Shadow's mission with "A" ranks.

Hint: Advanced Sonic race kart:
Complete all of Sonic's missions with "A" ranks.

Hint: Sonic Plushie:
Win the fifth level of the Aquamarine Jewel races.

Hint: Super turn on kart races:
Start a kart race as usual. When you have a turn, press A(2) and you will turn very far. To stop this, go straight for awhile. Note: This will slow you down.
Jim Pelyhes.

Hint: Get farther in multi-player races:
If you are far behind in a multi-player race, and your opponent is two checkpoints ahead of you, kill yourself. You should reappear at the farthest checkpoint that is activated.
Matthew Frank.

Hint: Fly in multi-player race:
Choose the racing with Sonic ,Shadow, etc., then select the all grinding level. At the start of the level, grind until your next to the first pyramid. Jump on the pyramid, charge up in the spinning ball, then move and go straight up the pyramid. When you get about three quarters of the way up, your character will start running straight up in the air. Eventually, he will turn and you can run wherever desired. Note: Sonic and Metal Sonic work best because they are the fastest.
Matt Wiley.

Hint: Fast start in Down The Hill:
In the Down The Hill multi-player level, hold Down at the beginning to start further then your opponent.

Hint: Run through item selection on races:
When racing a long races and you have to select the correct item, if your Chao trips, then he will not select the item and just run through it.
Brian Young.

Hint: Have opponent finish race on foot:
Play a board race with Sonic, Amy, Shadow, or Metal Sonic Have player two stay at the start of the race. Go to where you can use attacks. Use an attack that hurts them. It will knock them off their board and they must finish by walking or running the entire race.

Hint: Points for cars:
In any level with cars, hit them for 20 points.

Hint: Secret points:
In each Sonic/Shadow level there are secret points you can get for doing certain things. For example, in the City Escape level, when you get to the ropes you can swing on, use them to get to the elevated ledge. Use the bounce bracelet to get to the invincibility bubble. Once obtained, attack the four flying robots to get down. After you destroy the robot that drops down, jump on the rail and grind. However many points you get depends on how far you get without falling off or without you invincibility running out.
Brandon Wood.

Hint: Speed up Time Stop:
In the action race in two player mode, there is a way to speed up the Time Stop attacks. When you see your opponent with any of the Time Stop attacks, hold the Spin Dash. This will make the Time Stop attacks pass by faster.

In two player battle mode, when your opponent uses Time Stop ,etc., you can speed up the time so that you do not get frozen as long by pressing Analog-stick Up.

When playing in two player mode and your opponent Time Stops you or Chaos controls you, you can make time go faster by repeatedly tapping B. This will help you win. When battling in grind racing, try to jump off the pole. However, this is risky. While you are falling, try to aim at one of the poles below. If done correctly, you will catch the pole and have a better chance of winning.

In two player mode, if your opponent uses a move that stops time, you can move the Analog-stick around quickly. The twenty seconds will pass quicker.
Alex Brown.

Hint: Jump on objects in Grind Race:
If done at just the correct moment, you can jump on to the pyramid or the statues that are found later inside.

Hint: Land in the air while flying in Grind Race:
In order to do this trick you must be in two player mode. Go to Grind Race. You must be on the pyramid and run on it until you start flying as Metal Sonic. Run until you are in the air. When you are very high in the air and jump, you should land in the air.

Hint: Secret rail in Grind Race:
Play the grind race and look for the area has the rail curving up, causing you to land on a floor and hit a checkpoint with two zippers in front. If you take the zippers, you will be on the opposite rail. Go here but do not hit the zippers. When you reach the end of the curved part, jump. If done correctly, you will hit a hidden group of springers. This will take you to a new rail where you can collect rings. Note: When the rail ends you have to time your jump to catch the rail that leads you to the goal.
jamie p.

Hint : Shortcut in Grind Race:
Choose two player racing mode and select Grind Race as the level. If your opponent is far away from you , you can take this shortcut to him or her quickly. After the second checkpoint there are two zippers. DO not go on them. Jump over them and make sure you do not touch the rail. If done correctly, you will fall down into an "abyss". There are three rails under you. After a short time falling, you will see those rails. Let your character fall on one of those rails and you have successfully taken the shortcut. Note: This may require some practice.

Hint: Super speed:
In two player mode, use a speed up then wait for the little blue light to disappear. Then, get the Super Shoes. The easiest way to do this is to play Shadow's Bridge level. After you fly up the first speed ramp, kill the robot guard then use your speed up. Then, go around the side where the Super Shoes are located.
Kamario Amos.

Hint: Boost on snowboarding levels:
When you are falling to the ground to snowboard, press Left and Right a few times. If you are playing in multi-player mode, you will boost ahead of the other player.
Brian Young.

Hint: Rail tricks:
Whenever grinding down a rail, when you are about to go off press A. You will probably do a trick such as a backflip or a split in the air. For example, to do this trick do Sky Rail with Shadow, at the beginning you will be grinding down a rail. Hold Crouch until you are about to go off the rail. Release Crouch and when the rail is close to ending, press Jump. The screen should zoom up close and show Shadow doing backflips.

Hint: Perfect rail grinds:
In Final Rush and Final Chase, to grind the rails perfectly do not push the Analog-stick unless you have to jump. To make it even better, when you begin grinding, press Forward to get more speed.
kemah & santissa.

Hint: Quick pole swinging:
When you are in a level such as City Escape and Pyramid Cave, you will have to swing pole to pole. To do this faster, when you are swinging on the first one a red line will appear above Sonic's feet. Press A. When Sonic's hands touch the second pole, immediately tap A and he will go from there without swinging.

Hint: Bounce back:
Press B, then immediately press A without moving the Analog-stick. You should do a somersault and bounce backwards.

Hint: Easy A ranks:
Choose a level and select the second mission. This mission is to get 100 rings. To do this fast and easy, pop as many balloons as possible. This is good way to get all As and a quick way to collect rings to use at the Black Market.

If you collect (and keep) all the rings in a level, you will get an "A" rank regardless of your score or time.
Danelius Who.

Hint: Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow:
Successfully complete the Last Stage? level in story mode with 180 emblems to unlock Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

Hint: Amy Rose's Theme:
To unlock Amy Rose's option's menu theme, win at least two emblems that have to do with the Chao races and everyone's mission emblems They do not have to be "A" ranks. Amy's theme will randomly appear in the black market for 20,000 rings.

Hint: Maria's Theme:
You must have all 180 emblems and over 300,000 rings. Use a link cable to connect to a Game Boy Advance with Sonic Advance. Trade a Chao to tell the game that it is connected. Then, go to the Black Market and the last item there should be Maria's Theme for 30,000 rings.

Use a link cable to connect to a Game Boy Advance with Sonic Advance 2. Turn on the Game Boy Advance and enter the Black Market in the Chao Kindergarten. Buy the lime green egg, then hatch it. Leave and save the game. Go back to the Black Market, and Maria's Theme should appear at the bottom.
Jonathon Martinez.

To unlock the Maria theme without having to pay for it, go to the main menu, then to "Options", and the theme selection screen. Rotate the Analog-stick clockwise quickly until you hear a sound. You will now have Maria's theme without having to pay 100,000 Rings at the Black Market.
Paul Futter.

Hint: President's Assistant Theme:
Go to the menu select in the options screen, and change your theme to the "Neutral" theme (the one you start by default on a new game). Return to the menu select, and rotate the Analog-stick in a clockwise pattern two to three times. The President's Assistant will appear as a theme.

Hint: Dr. Robotnik: Mystic Melody:
At the very beginning of the Sand Ocean level, stay on the turnstile until it rotates the entire way around. At that point you will see a glow, which is the Mystic Melody. You must fly over to a new platform to get it.

Hint: Eggman: Mystic Melody:
In Eggman's Sand Ocean level, go onto one end of the turning platform and stay there until view changes. You will see the Mystic Melody.

Hint: Knuckles or Rouge: Finding goals:
At any point if you cannot seem to find what they are supposed to look for, intentionally die. You will lose all your rings, but in big stages you will find that it is to the most benefit. Note: Make sure that you have plenty of lives.

Hint: Knuckles or Rogue: Extra lives:
Enter two player mode and choose Knuckles or Rouge. Keep digging in the stage. After you dig you might get a lot of coins or lives. Keep digging for lives -- you can use them when you try an adventure (Dark or Hero story line).

Hint: Knuckles: Mystic Melody:
Go to Wild Canyon as Knuckles. Go straight into the windy gust throwing you upward. Look to the left and you should see three small buildings containing four boxes in each one. Ignore them. Go straight past them to find the Lonely Statue. Climb above the statue's head straight up and you should see a strange painting. Dig through it to find the Mystic Melody.

Hint: Knuckles: Sunglasses:
To get the sunglasses for Knuckles, play through story mode until you get to the Meteor Herd level. This occurs immediately after fighting the "Egg Golem". Look around for a big meteor on a separate floating rock island. Get on it, then get in back of the huge meteor, as far as you can go. Punch twice and then move forward for the Mini-Spiral Upper. If this does not work, try running at full speed and slam into the door in front of you. If it opens, break the metal box located there, then hit the button. Find a spring that takes you up to the top (or climb up), then fall down the newly opened area. You should see a rainbow-colored area with the Sunglasses power-up.

Hint: Rogue: Treasure Scope:
Successfully complete the Dark story line or get the Iron Boots in the Space level. Then, return to the first level and look for the Egyptian sign that was in Egg-Quaters. You will find Mystic Melody here. Then, go to the Security Hall and find the point of usage for Mystic Melody (there may be two). Follow the bridge that appears and use the Iron Boots on the crates to break them to find the Treasure Scope.

Hint: Sonic: Extra points:
When playing as Sonic, use the special punch attack after hitting and destroying an enemy to hit another and collect more points.

Hint: Sonic: Flair Flip:
While on the ground, press B + A + Analog-stick in the direction that you are going. Sonic should jump up and do a flair after flipping. This may require some practice.
Corey, Nick, and Ricky.

Hint: Sonic: Jump Flip:
As Sonic, stand still and press B to use the flame attack. Then, press A while holding the Analog-stick in any direction to make Sonic do a Jump Flip in that direction.
Blaze the Hedgehog.

Hint: Sonic: Front flip to the ground:
Enter the Hero Garden with Sonic. Go to the broken bridge. Fall to the side with nowhere to go. Jump on the bridge just to hang and tap A. Sonic should jump up and do a front flip on the ground.

Hint: Sonic: Almost fall off his snowboard:
When you do a trick while going off a ramp, pause game play while Sonic hits the ground. If paused at the correct moment, Sonic should be falling off his snowboard. However, once you resume the game, Sonic will still be on it.
Brian Young.

Hint: Sonic: Trapped:
On the City Escape level, when you are on the snow board and are ready to jump off it using the boosters, brake. Approach the boosters slowly. Instead of jumping over the gate as usual, you will be trapped between the wall and the gate. However, you will be able to jump out.
dj rice.

Hint: Sonic and Shadow: Mystic Melody:
The Mystic Melody for sonic and shadow is in their final stages. For Sonic, keep playing through the level until you see a rocket on a platform while grinding on a rail. Jump to it, and use it to go to a different route. Keep playing through this route until you get to the Mystic Melody. For Shadow, there is one part of the level where you can keep spiraling up on magnetic tubes. Eventually you will get to the Mystic Melody. The Mystic Melody is a tool every character can get. To use it, you must find those strange boxes that are in each level. Play the Mystic Melody to unlock a secret passage. The secret passage will usually lead you to the lost Chao you need to find to complete mission 3.

Hint: Sonic and Shadow: Flip Attack:
While somersaulting, tilt the Analog-stick in the direction you are going and jump. Sonic or Shadow will flip, and if aimed correctly, will destroy the enemy he touches while in the air. Use this move with caution.

Hint: Shadow vs. Sonic finale: Extra lives:
Get 100 Rings by using Light Dashes.

Hint: Tails: Homing Laser upgrade:
A weapon not mentioned in the manual is the upgrade for Tails' Homing Laser. After completing the stage in which Tails earns the Volcan Upgrade, go back to Prison Lane via the level selection screen. At the end of the level, before touching the goal, look for the cameras. Shoot them down and break the iron boxes in front of the gate (if there are any). The Laser upgrade will be behind two barred doors afterwards.

Hint: Tails: Mystic Melody:
Get the Vulcan Cannon upgrade (which is a mandatory item that you will eventually get). Then, go to the Egyptian level and play through it until you see a door blocked by iron boxes. Shoot the boxes, go through the door, and collect the Mystic Melody.

Hint: Tails: Control speed of tails:
Go into the Chao world then jump and hover with Tails. While hovering, rotate the Analog-stick clockwise to make his tails go extra fast. Rotate the Analog-stick counterclockwise to make his tails go extra slow.
Brian Young.

Hint: Fun with Omochao:

To make Omochao angry, pick him up and throw him around. If you throw him at an enemy, he will explode. You can even shoot him with Eggman or Tails while he is flying around your head.
As Knuckles or Rouge, go through a wall while you are talking to Omochoa. He will get stuck on the other side and will not be able to get back.
The third challenge Chao race is against several Omochaos.
As anyone except Tails/Eggman, throw Omochao into an enemy to knock him out. With Tails/Eggman, just shoot him. He will wake up and complain or have amnesia.
In Tails' Eternal Engine level, look for the area with a Chao box, a switch to open a door, and Omochao near a space escape door with two dynamite packs on it. Destroy the space door and Omochao will be sucked into space, magically reappear, get sucked out again, and repeat.
Go next to Omachao and press B. You can throw it at enemies and can hear him bribe you to let him go and beg for his life.
Scott Thomas.
Pick up Omochao and put him under the black thing that squashes things. When it comes down then goes back up, Omochao will be unharmed. Note: When the black thing is down, sometimes Omochao may fly through the top.

Hin: Omochao's phrases:
When you want to have some fun with Omochao, do the following and he will say the corresponding phrases. Note: Omochao never actually does what he says.
Red Kirby.

When picked up
"Hey! Stop it! Let me go!"
"Hey! Stop it!"
While in your hands
"Augh! Augh! Help me!"
"Please, Help Me!"
"Help! It's getting Worse!"
"If you don't stop it, I'm gonna tell the Principal on you!"
"If you don't put me down, i'll get mad! I'll go tell my mom on you!"
"My Energy is low. I need to be wound-up again"
"I understand. I promise i'll eat all my Carrots!"
"Hey, I'm on Your side, y'know! I can give you hints to help you!"
"*sigh* Whatever..."
"Now I', getting mad!"
"Hey! Why don't you go get yourself a Teddy Bear?"
When put down
"Stop It. What are you doing? You're making me mad!"
"*sigh* i was so scared. What gives?
"Thank you for holding me. But... you were kinda rough"
"Thanks for saving me! I was scared!"
When thrown
"Stop it!"
"Bye Bye!"
"Help Me!"
When shot or thrown at enemy
"Huh? What happened? Who am I? Where am I?"
"Owwie! That Hurt! I'm mad at you. I'm not going to help you anymore! Hmph!"
"Ouch! Why are you being such a bully? I didn't do anything wrong!"

Hint: Omochao theme:
If you get over 140 emblems, you can buy Omochao's menu screen theme on the Black Market for 10,000 rings.
ssjbabymario and Mafia Mario.

To get Omochao's options menu theme, win at least two emblems that have to do with the Chao races and everyone's mission emblems. They do not have to be "A" ranks. Omachao's menu screen will randomly appear in the Black market for 10,000 rings.

Hint: Aquatic Mine: Dragon animal:
Play the level as Knuckles. Go to level three, and lower the water level with the switch. Next, drop down to level two. Look around until you see the caution sign. Jump over it and drop down the pit behind it. Try not to hit the spring in the pit. Then, go through the short tunnel until you fall in some water. Dive down into it and keep descending. Work your way quickly through the water and underwater tunnels so you do not drown. Near the end of the water there will be a long ascent to the top. Go up as quickly as possible. You will also get Air Necklace the on the way, which allows you breathe underwater. Climb on the walls around you until the Dragon animal is found.
C. Will.

Play the level as Knuckles with Sunglasses, Hammer Gloves, Shovel Claws, and Air Necklace. Work your way around the mine and find all three Chao containers. In the last one is the Dragon. One Chao container is in the highest floor behind a pile of wood. The second is in a tunnel with spiked car. The third is in a room with many ghosts, fire breathing skulls, and falling block (in the rafters). Another Dragon is in the room where the Air Necklace is located, hidden in the upper corner.

Hint: Aquatic Mine: Seal animal:
As Knuckles, at the beginning of the level, fly over the water to the left then swim all the way down to find a seal.

Note: This trick requires a decent amount of lives. Go to the Aquatic Mine, then go to the right. Go underwater, then go forward until you see the seal. After you get the seal, select "Restart". Keep doing this until you reach the desired amount of seals.
Kagura the hedgehog.

Hint: Aquatic Mines: Air Necklace:
Go to the Aquatic Mines level as Knuckles. Find the switch that changes the water level to its third setting. (o do this, make sure it is on the first setting and climb the pole in the center of the room. Then, jump to the pulley taking you above. Go to level 2 of the stage and find the a caution sign. Jump in the pit and keep following the path to the item. The Air Necklace allows you to breathe under water for an infinite amount of time. This is especially helpful in the very last level, where you spend virtually the entire time underwater.

Hint: Aquatic Mines: Kill Omochao:
Go to where you get Knuckles' Air Necklace .There should be an Omochao there. Let him talk to you. While he is talking, swim down the hole in the upper right-hand side(so you do not get hurt). If done correctly, you should hear an explosion. Swim upwards and you should see him laying on the spinning saw, unable to get up without getting sawed. Note: You may need the Air Necklace for this to work. Also, you must be underwater. This cannot be done if the water is on levels 2 or 3.

At the beginning of the level, go up the central pillar and set the water level on 3. Go down the "Caution" Ghost shaft and kill the ghosts. Then, go back to the area where you started the level. Glide across and land on level 2. There should be an Omochao near a sign that reads "2". Pick it up and walk around to the spring that sends you to level 1. Go back down the "Caution" shaft and throw Omochao into the smasher block. He will fly into the wall and get crushed by the smasher. After being crushed a few times, he will fly up into the smasher and disappear.
Tristin Anderson.

Hint: Cannon's Core: Get through lasers:
As Knuckles, you can get through the lasers that block off the rest of Cannon's Core. Instead of going under the water and hitting the time switch, just glide into the lasers then press B. You should go through the lasers. You can also go through the waterfall with Rouge if you rapidly press A and B (not simultaneously).
Brian Young.

Hint: Cannon's Core: Easy completion:
As Sonic, when you are sliding down the orange water, turn around and keep double jumping until you are on another waterslide. This will lead you directly to the goal ring. This will take you to the Biolizard. Note: You fight the Biolizard with Shadow.

Use the following trick to win Sonic's and Shadow's part very quickly. Make sure you have the Magic Hands (found in City Escape near the two player finish). First, hit the time switch and make your way to the solid ground. Kill the multiplying Chaos and destroy the artificial Chaos with your Magic Hands. Kill the guards with the tiny ball and pass the first laser and the second. Find the time switch (on top of the water). Roll under the water and board your way down. In Shadow vs. Biolizard, watch out for his head. First run (not dash) away from his head, getting five rings on the way and jump over the opening. If you fall in, quickly Home Attack yourself out. Grind to the top of his head and hit the life support (Omochao will tell you this) and land safely. Then, dodge the energy balls. Do this for about five times and grind on rails and hit him again. Do this two more times. Then on the fourth time, he attacks with the energy balls and balls instead of the rails. You must jump to the top of his support and hit it two times. However, it is too high -- Home Attack the balls to get to his support two times. You have one minute to do this and if he is left over with about ten to twenty balls, he will try again but faster. During the last attack there are no rings in the air. Dodge the balls until he is out of them and attack. Note: You must have two rings to do so.
shishir tandale.

Hint: City Escape: Disappearing tires:
At the end of the level, go over by the recycle bin and touch the stack of tires by just running into it. The tires will sink into the ground.
Corey, Nick, and Ricky.

Hint: City Escape: Easy rings and lives:
After getting the Mystic Melody, go to the City Escape level. Play the third mission, but do not get the Chao until you have 999 rings and 99 lives. This is useful when you need rings to buy very expensive items. If you just need a certain amount of coins, keep playing this stage until you get that amount.

As Sonic, go past the first point marker. You must have between 60 and 80 rings to get the first extra rings. At the first turn, hit the boost pads, flair flip, and grab the magnetic shield, Then, flair flip up the ramp to get an extra 30 rings. Keep the magnetic shield on until you get to the Gun truck that chases you. Go down in this order: right, then turn left, and run down the path. Get the coins, then turn right at the first turn to get some rings. On the next turn, turn right to get a lot of rings then go left to get all the rings.

When playing as a Hero and are getting chased by the truck, to get the rings go to the center of the street, then left, left, right, right and center.

To gain easy rings and lives at the same time, go to the first level, City Escape. Choose the third mission (Find The Lost Chao) and get as many coins as you can without getting the Chao. Proceed to the end and the huge ring that usually marked "Goal" instead reads "Back". Jumping through the ring brings you back to the beginning with your all of your rings and the rings in the level have respawned. You can get up to 9 lives and 999 coins in one run through it.
Super Mario.

Go to City Escape, where you play as Sonic. Select the third mission, "Find The Lost Chao". Note: You cannot do this without obtaining Sonic's upgrade for this in the last level before the "Last Story". Do not stop at the little "statue" the first time around. Keep going until the end of the stage and the giant ring will say "Go Back". You will lose your shield, but will obtain your rings. Repeat this until you get the desired amount of rings then go to the temple statue located at the bottom of the giant skyscraper Sonic runs up, where there would normally be four bouncy things. Instead, jump off and turn the little corner to find it.

Hint: City Escape: Easy rings, animals, and Chaos Drives:
Choose City Escape mission 3 (Rescue Lost Chao) at the selection screen. Do not rescue the lost Chao yet. Instead, get as many rings, animals, and Chaos Drives as possible. Then, finish the level. This will bring you back to the beginning, but you will still have all your rings, animals, and Chaos Drives. Once you get as many of those needed, complete the mission and collect your prize.
Kagura the hedgehog.

Hint: City Escape: Ring prize above hill:
Once you get past the part where you go down the rail and bounce on the bounce things, get a 20 ring prize and land on the higher place with two opponents shooting at you. You will see a ramp on the left. Go on the top of the hill that is nearest, do your double jump, and aim for the ring prize.
Kagura the hedgehog.

Hint: City Escape: Get all rings:
When you are on the metal board, go straight, right, then left and you should hit a ramp. As soon as you do a trick, you have to go straight, then turn. After that, stay to the right. There will now be another turn. On this part, there is nothing but a ramp. Do a trick and you can get nothing, 20 rings, or an extra life. There are now two turns. On the last part, go straight and do a trick on the ramp. If you go far enough, you will get a shield. When you are off the board, go up the steps and down the hill to get 8 rings. As soon as you are done with that, go to the left and run up the wall. There will be a 10 ring container. When you get that, go backwards up the hill and you should see a metal container that you should break. Inside is a switch. Touch it, and some rings will be lined up in front of you. Light Dash. Then, go in the door next to the enemy and grind on some rails. Rings are on them. When you are done with that, go up the ramp, turn left, jump off, and do the Homing Attack for a 10 ring container. You should be at a checkpoint. If you get there quickly, the item at the checkpoint will be a Magnet Shield. When you go under the somersault thing, you will get 3 rings. Go straight and off the ramp until you find a turn. Do not turn. Instead, hit the speed belt in front of you and do a trick on the ramp. Another ramp is immediately after that; do a trick, and if you have a Magnet Shield you will get 40 rings. After you get those 40 rings, you will hit a spring. Go up the stairs, defeating the enemies on your way. Keep going straight until you get 3 rings. Then, turn right and do a trick on the ramp to get super speed, an extra life, or nothing. Turn left and go straight down. You will get two rows of rings. Next, grind on the rail in the door you go through. There are three rows of rings on it. When you are done with that, you will go up the ramp and hit the spring. You will get two rows of rings and a 20 ring container. You should reach a checkpoint. If you traveled fast enough, you will get a shield, magnet shield, 5 ring container or a 10 ring container. Go down the hill and to the left, but do not touch the ramp. Instead, jump on the hill and do the Homing Attack to get a 20 ring container. Keep going the same way until you see a speed belt. Do not touch the speed belt. Instead, turn right and you should see a row of rings. Light Dash. Then, go backwards and get 6 rings.

Hint: City Escape: Faster ring collection:
Select "Find Lost Chao". Instead of finding lost Chao, skip him until your ring count is 999.

Hint: City Escape: Kill Omochoa:
Go to the Omochoa by the pipe. Pick it up, then throw it off the cliff just next to it . It will come back in a short time or not at all.

Hint: City Escape: Magic Gloves:
Once you get the Fire Somersault Bracelet, return to the first level of Sonic's adventure (City Escape). Go towards the end of the level and look for a spot on the ground composed of four steel crates. Perform the bounce attack on top of them and you will fall into a secret room. Once there, you can bounce and destroy more crates to find the Magic Gloves. They will allow you to turn an enemy into a miniature throwable version. However, you have to get very close, making it not all that useful.

First, get the Bounce Bracelet, then play the City Escape level. Shortly after you run down the building you will notice four steel containers in the ground. Break them with the bounce attack, defeat the three enemies that are down there, then jump over the fence and grab the Magic Glove upgrade. Press X when close to an enemy and magic hands will appear in the action window. You will be able to throw enemies at other enemies.

Go past the part while running down a building. Ahead there will be a G.U.N. robot and four steel crates in the ground. Bounce open the crates and defeat the enemies below. Jump over the fence to get the Magic Gloves power-up. Note: You will need the Bounce Bracelet and the Fire Somersault to do this.

Hint: City Escape: Run on foot:
At the start of the City Escape level, instead of landing on the ground with the board, scrape the roads on the board. When on foot run full speed at a wall and get knocked down. Pause game play if you fall after hitting the wall. Choose to restart the level to run on foot and not on the board.

Hint: City Escape: Faster speed:
Play in two player mode and choose Metal Sonic. On certain parts of the level (for example, at the end when you run down the wall), activate your metal shield. You will speed up three times faster than normal running.
Lanzo Sakura.

Hint: City Escape: Wall jump:
When you are on the snowboard, get to the end of that part, but do not go off. Jump over the things that make you go faster. If done correctly, you will be by two grass areas, a bush, and a fence. Use the Bounce Attack on the bush. Then, bounce on the fence and over the wall with the boxes at the end. You will be flying and you can see the level behind you. It takes up to three minutes and you will die. Note: This requires a lot of practice.

Hint: City Escape: Run up stairway:
After the snowboarding part, go to the first stairway. Do the Spin Dash and Sonic should run up.

Hint: City Escape: Go up the building:
When you are running down the building, you can use the Spin Dash to go up the building.

Hint: City Escape: Get down building faster:
Instead of running down the building, try doing a spin onto the speed chargers. It will be a lot faster than running or falling off of the building.

Hint: City Escape: Stop on the run down building:
Get to the place where you are running down the big building. You must be running on the building, not falling. While you are running down, hold B and you will be in a spinning ball stopped on the building. Note: You can turn around on the building and go upwards.
blake main.

Hint: City Escape: Tires:
At the start of the level you will be riding on a snowboard. Then, you will hit a tram before you lose your snowboard. Look closely to see all of the wheels come off. You can also throw them at an enemy.

Hint: City Escape: Unicorn animal for Chao:
Get all the Chao containers. The third container will have the unicorn inside.
MelloProto and Scott Hendrix.

Play the level as Sonic (the first level of the Hero story) and get the three Chao boxes. The first Chao box should have a Chao key in it. It is at the part (to the right) where you go upstairs. The second one should have four animals in it. It is located down a rail where there is a thing that boosts you down the rail and up a ramp at the end of the rail. The third Chao box should have the unicorn in it. It is at the place where you run down the top of a building and bounce. When you bounce, hold Up until you land on a bar and start swinging. While you swing, you will see a red slash of Sonic's Shoes every once in a while. Try to press A when the shoes slash. If done correctly, you will swing off onto another bar and start swinging again. Repeat and you should swing off onto a platform. On the platform is the last Chao box. Repeat to get as many Unicorns as needed. With Unicorns, your Chao will grow a horn in the middle of its forehead, a pony tail, little hooves, pony ears, and some of its body will change colors.

Hint: City Escape: Finding the lost Chao:
You will need the Mystic Melody for Sonic. After you run down the side of the building, there will be bounce springs. Do not go on them. Near the tree is a Mystic Melody platform. Use Mystic Melody and bounce on some springs. Kill some robots to get to the top. If you see an orange pole, go on it and launch yourself up. Go in the room to find the lost Chao.

Note: This trick will only work if you have the Mystic Melody. After running down the wall and hitting the spring, press Back. This way you will not swing to the pole. Turn right and you will see a stone. Use Mystic Melody and a spring will appear from the stone. Jump on it. It will shoot you up. Grab the handle . When you see a pole, you will see a Chao. Go on the pole and press A. Immediately after the fourth loop, press A to get yourself into the box. Note: If you destroy the robots with the spring, restart. Make sure that you have plenty of lives.

Hint: City Escape: Shortcut:
With any character (Metal Sonic recommended) fly backwards when falling from the sky at the beginning of the level. If done correctly, you will be stuck in plants and cannot see anything, but appear to be winning.

Hint: City Escape: Secret area:
When you are at the area where you run down the pathway to the building that you run down, go to the left and you will find a ramp. Jump the ramp or walk around it. You will see a ring box. Do a Homing Attack on the rings (if desired). You will see a bridge. Go on it and at the other end you will see a path of rings . Collect them with your Light Shoes. You will now be at the part where you run down the building. There will be four ring boxes at the end of the bridge in two player mode.

Hint: Cannon's Core: "A" rank:
Keep shooting the switches which freeze time. When you shoot or touch them, you will notice that the time counter at the top right corner of the screen will also stop. At the end of the stage, the game will record that you have completed the stage in the same amount of time as that on the counter. If done correctly, you will have completed the stage in at least 5 minutes.

Hint: Cosmic Wall: Extra life:
As Dr. Robotnik. While trying to get up one of the giant holes by jumping from platform to platform, you will see two platforms extremely close together. Shoot all the boxes there to reveal a 1-up item which increases your life bar, so you can sustain more attacks before dying.

Hint: Cosmic Wall: Unicorn animal:
After you reach the second point marker, hover up to the next platform. Look to your right and you will see another platform with a pyramid on it. Hover over to it. Break the pyramid and play the Mystic Melody at the Ancient Shrine. A spring will appear. Bounce from the spring. Hover up two times more. There will be two springs on the second platform. Bounce on one of them and you will reach a platform with another pyramid. Hover to the left around the building and reach one more platform. Look at the edge and you will see the Unicorn.

Hint: Crazy Gadget: End of level:
As Sonic, reach the last sequence when you hit the switch before you get the goal to launch the missile. Use the first switch then instead of using the second switch. Use the bounce attack to go higher to the red platform and move to your left. Hit the switch to go down. Step off the purple platform to find the switch. Use the bounce attack to get high enough to reach the gravity switch. Once you do, just jump to hit the switch. The next part is tricky. Use the homing attack to hit the spring near the goal and do not press anything. You should end up back where you started use the first switch to go up. Repeat the procedure, except use the switch that is straight ahead. When you get down, fire the missile to get the goal.

After you go through the door, you will see a gravity switch like all the others in the level. Flip it. You will then be upside down on a purple platform. Follow the path and kill the enemy using the Homing Attack. Keep going forward and you will see a switch that points left. Do not press it -- it is a trap. Instead, go to the rail and you should see a red platform. Jump off and you will land on it. Next, you will see one of those weird blue robots, except this one shoots in every direction. Use the Homing Attack and it will die. Do not go backwards and flip the switch. If you did go down, just jump on the boxes behind you to find a springboard. Jump onto this to go back to where you came into this part of the level. Next go left and flip the switch. You will be on top of the purple platform. Go backwards then right and you will reach the edge of the purple platform. You should see a blue and yellow platform. Jump to the yellow platform. Kill the blue robot and go to the right to get a green shield. Then, go back to the left and flip the switch. Go onto the springboard and hold Down. Follow the yellow path until you get to the red rail. There should be a springboard located here. Go onto it and you will grind the rail to the green platform. Follow the green path while avoiding the electric robots. Go onto the springboard and you will go to the purple platform. Go to the end of the path and you will see some rings. Use Light Dash and you will go to the blue platform. Get the rings and flip the switch. It will lead you to the purple platform. Follow the path and you will see the missile switch, and a gravity switch. Run into the missile switch and flip the gravity switch. It will bring you back to the red platform. Now you can flip the down switch and you will see a missile. Step on the button and the missile will get rid of the green stuff and the goal ring will be there.

Hint: Crazy Gadget: Extra lives:
When playing as Sonic, take every ring you can find. At the end of the level, you will have about 300 or 400 rings (three or four lives). When at the end of the stage, you will see colored platforms. When you see the second switch, do not pull it. Instead, turn right and jump onto the red platform then kill the blue enemy. Turn left and pull the switch. You will go onto the purple platform. When you walk on the purple platform, you should see a green platform. Jump to that platform using the homing attack. Follow it and you will find two more lives. When you finish the level, you will have five or six lives. Exit the level and go back until you have as many lives as desired.

Hint: Egg Quarters: A rank:
To get an A rank for Rouge in Egg Quarters, get the three keys in 4:30. Usually you have to get it in 1:30.

Hint: Final Rush: Extra lives:
As Sonic, after the first grinding rail, land on the first platform. Take the lower of the two rails. At the end of the rail, jump to the platform and use the only rail, on the ground. At the end of that rail, there is a platform with speed panels. At the end of the platform there is a bomb robot over another platform. Destroy it and use the rail off of the platform it was over. At the end of that rail is a check point with a small gap afterward. Jump the gap and go all the way down the big drop. At the bottom is a rail on the left side. It will take you to a platform with a ring box and a life box. Get the life and then choose "Exit" from the "Start" menu. Re-enter the level and you should have the same number of lives you had when you exited the level. Repeat this as many times as needed.

If you stay in a place too long or if Shadow or Sonic gets too far ahead, they will use their Chaos Control. To avoid this, you need to jump and swerve quite a bit. You will reach a further distance and will not lose any rings.

In two player mode, go to the area with the two rails that go straight up on the platform. Behind the one with the rails, jump off on the right side. You will see a spring. Hit it to fly into a extra-life bubble.
joseph eshelman.

Hint: Final Rush: Mystic Melody:
Make your way to the platform with the orange and purple rails. Grind the orange rail and crouch as you will need to build speed. As you grind to the end of the orange rail, press (or hold) Analog-stick Forward to land near the rocket on the platforms below. Take this rocket to another platform. Then, jump from that one to the one ahead of you with the spring on top (a sheep is located there, if you are trying to get all the animals). Bounce up, run forward, grind up the vertical rail, and you will see the Mystic Melody directly ahead.
andrew hawk.

Note: You need the Mystic Melody to find the missing Chao in the third mission.

Hint: Final Rush: Falling:
If you fall in the level, you will have a chance to hit a rail or land on a platform.

Hint: Final Rush: Shortcut:
Go through the level until you hit a set of three springs. When you do, you will see two artificial Chaos and a bomb capsule. Hit the bomb capsule then free fall over the right ledge until you see a rail. Use this shortcut to complete the level at least two to four minutes faster than usual.

Hint: Green Forest: Hidden rings and life:
On the part where you go down on a vine-like a bungee cord and bounce back up, hold A to go faster and bust through. You should get an extra life and some rings. Make sure to hold A until you come back up. If done correctly, you will get 1000 points.

Hint: Green Forest: Half-Fish/Nematoad animal:
When you get to the part where you can smash boxes to go to a secret bottom section, run around the boxes shaped like an "L". Look on the inside of the shape to find the green Half-fish/Nematoad.

Hint: Green Forest: Sea-Monster animal:
After the second vine, on one of the platforms is a plant. If you whistle at it, a Sea-Monster animal will appear.

Hint: Green Forest: Defeating Shadow:
Use the Bounce attack and keep bouncing up and down. Shadow cannot get you, and you will easily defeat him.

Hint: Green Forest: Ancient Light:
When in the level with Sonic, go to the part where the "Gold Beetle" is floating next to the three robots. Go to the "Dash Panel", up the loop and on the platform. Go over to the right of the platform where the box of rings is located and jump off. Jump Dash the Grenade Beetle, and Jump Dash onto the platform to the right of the Grenade Beetle. Once there you will find the Ancient Light.
Jacob Casey Torrey.

Hint: Green Forest: Finish faster:
You can use the Light Dash to collect rings and finish faster.
Gordon Diggs.

Hint: Hidden Base: Half Fish animal:
When playing as Tails, there is a hidden green sea monster in the small maze. It makes your Chao's color turn green.

After you land off the second vine, there will be three boxes in an "L" shape. Stand beside them and change the camera angle. You will find a Half Fish animal.

Hint: Hidden Base: Interesting statue:
In the Hidden Base level as Tails, go to the pulley where, at the top, there are five to six Kiki's throwing bombs at you. In that area is a headless statue of a nude woman, holding her cleavage.

Hint: Homing Laser upgrade:
To get the Homing Laser upgrade for the Eggwalker, on the first stage of the Dark story line, find a hall blocked by iron containers. Shoot them with your Vulcan cannon (needs to be upgraded first). You will find the homing laser upgrade at the end of the hall.

Hint: Iron Gate: Laser Blast:
First, find the Cannon in the Weapons Bed level, then play the Iron Gate level again. Go to the location where you find the most coins and two gas pipes. Blast those gas pipes. You will now see a way leading to a hall. The Laser Blast is inside, glowing green light. Take it. It makes it easier to lock-on to more opponents.

Hint: Iron Gate: Special Dragon Animal for your Chao:
To get A Special Dragon for the Dark story line, get all three Chao boxes in Iron Gate as Dr. Eggman. Be careful -- one of the boxes is near the goal.

Hint: Iron Gate: Shortcut:
Note: This only works with the Hover power-up. As Dr. Eggman, when you get to the elevators that move down slowly, jump off and hover when you get down about halfway to the door. Then, hold B to lock on to the four locks on the door and fire. Simultaneously move toward it. Do not touch it or else you will fall faster. Once the door is blasted open, continue to move toward it. You should barely land in the room. This should have saved about fifteen seconds. This may require some practice, but will result in a better rank.
Anthony Ware.

Hint: Last Stage: Knuckles:
In Knuckles' stage in the Last Stage level, it is virtually impossible to do it without the Air Necklace you find in Aquatic Mine. All of the stage is virtually underwater, and you will need the Air Necklace. Note: You can see Big swimming if you look farther in the level.

Hint: Mad Space: Phantasy Star Online items:
In the Mad Space level as Rouge, you can find items from Phantasy Star Online lying around -- the boxes rather not items themselves. For example, you can find green and blue boxes from the game.

Hint: Mad Space: Shortcut:
As Sonic go to where you pull the switches. Pull the first one. Run past the second switch then look to your right and jump off.

Hint: Metal Harbor: Shortcut:
Near the beginning as Sonic, after doing the loop-de-loop there is a robot you can home-attack, which will take you to a faster route. After completing this much faster route, simply finish the rest of the level as fast as you can without taking detours. Also try to go straight all the way on the street board at the end-- do not zig-zag.

Get to the point where you need to go on the springs (there are two of them which bring you to the same location). You will see the roof. If you have the Bouncing Attack, bounce up there and you will see rings. Go up to them and do the Light Dash. This will bring you to a farther part in that stage.
Alex and Luke.

Where you start at, jump over the speed power-ups. Walk slowly and you will see a platform above you held up by lots of bars, and a blue raccoon walking around on the right. Keep going and you will reach the second platform you go under. However this platform is held up by only four bars. Keep going and you will reach another platform, then two more. Keep going until you reach one more platform. Jump up on the platform and you will see a line of rings. Do the Light Dash in front of them and you will take a shortcut to the first line of floating robots.
Gary Raines.

Hint: Metal Harbor: Board slower:
Immediately when you get on the rocket, tap A rapidly. You should drop early and board slower. Note: This requires some practice.

Hint: Metal Harbor: Easy "A" rank:
To get an "A" rank, you need to go the long way around the homing enemies. However, the main part to this is getting the secret higher handle on the missile. To do this, hold B to do the Spin Dash. Then, jump immediately before you get to the first line, which is when the countdown starts. Go right and land on the spring way to the right (this is a shortcut you will need). Keep going to the end. Just before you get to the handle, jump straight and there will be some enemies that you need to kill. Then, use your Light Dash to get to the end (this requires practice). For more points, get the rings while snowboarding (jumping to get them is easier).

Hint: Metal Harbor: Easy rings and capsules:
As Sonic, after the rocket part where the ring capsules are, jump immediately before you get to them. If done correctly, you will get the ring capsule.

Go to Metal Harbor and select the second mission. Keep using Light Dash to collect rings. Keep repeating this and you should be able to get the amount of rings needed in the Chao Garden.

Hint: Metal Harbor: Get all rings:
When you get to the missile, do not hit the spring. Go straight past it and jump. An enemy should appear. Do the Homing Attack, then more enemies should appear. Keep doing the Homing Attack until you see a Speed Belt. Hit the Speed Belt and you will see a row of rings. Do the Light Dash, hit some springs, and you should jump on the missile. Note: You must do this extremely fast without tripping or stopping.

In Metal Harbor, there is a lone ring sitting on top of the second of the little "pulleys". You need this to get an "A" rank.

As you go through the second mission in Metal Harbor "Collect 100 Rings!", before you spot that mysterious ring, you will have 99 rings. That ring was placed there to save you 20 seconds on the clock and gain your "A" rank for that mission.
Chris Latini.

Use the following trick to collect the rings in the mystery ring trail. Go through the entire level, then go quickly up the ramps to the big missile. Do not jump on. If you look past the corner, you will just see a string of robots. Jump from the corner. Home attack the robots as they appear. You will see a string of rings. Light Dash them. You will see more springers. Hit them and bounce onto the second handle. Time is short, so do this quickly.

During the part where the missile is about to be launched, you will notice some rings that seem too high to reach. To reach them, do not jump on the spring to grab onto the handle. Instead, look to the left and you will see some beetle drones. Jump dash them and run up the platform until you see some rings. Do a Light Dash and run around the top platform. There will be a Phoenix and another handle to grab onto. You have to do this very quickly and cannot make any mistakes.
Jarvis Strickland.

Near the end of the level, just after you take the rocket to the giant rocket, stop before the gray-colored section of the floor and jump off the platform, to the right. Then, do the Homing Attack and land in between two springs at the base of the giant rocket. Go to the spring on the right. When you go there, it will start counting down -- do it very quickly. Go toward the spring on the right and bounce on the spring. Then, run up the path to the top. At the top you will see a spring. Do not bounce on it. Instead, go straight ahead and you will see a Mono Beetle (floating enemy). Do a Homing Attack on it and more will appear. Do a Homing Attack on all of them until you reach another platform with a dash panel. Hit the dash panel until you see a path of rings. Then, do the Light Dash on them. You will see a spring. Take it and run up the path until you see another spring that will bounce you up to the handle on the rocket. Sonic will automatically grab it and the rocket will launch. Then, finish the level as usual. You will have only fifteen seconds from when the timer started to when Sonic grabs the rocket. Do this very quickly or Sonic will die.

There are 174 rings in Metal Harbor, and they are very easy to get. They are useful for items in the Black Market. First, Light Dash the first four rings onto the rail (4). If you do not have Light Shoes, get them and restart the level. Continuing, there should be a long path of rings before the first checkpoint. Do not touch the checkpoint. Instead, Light Dash the path of twenty rings (24). You do not have to get the Gold Beetle and the extra life. Light Dash on the path of nineteen rings (43). Light Dash the next path of rings (69). Touch the checkpoint (89) and Light Dash the path of rings in front of you (99). After two pulleys, instead of going on the speed panels, Spin Dash up the hill. Jump and hold Analog-stick Down at the very top of the hill. You should land on a platform with one ring (100). After crossing the water by Homing Attacking the enemies, hit the ten rings box (110). At the part with the space shuttle, act very fast. Instead of hitting the spring seen immediately, Homing Attack the Beetle robots to the other side. Hit the dash panel, Light Dash the path of eighteen rings (128), bounce off the spring, and then another one. In addition to hitting this trick and getting a lot of rings, you also get an "Extreme" bonus of 1,500 points. When you are off the shuttle and boarding, get the ten rings box (138), the twenty rings box (158), both five rings boxes (168), and the last six rings (174). Touch the Goal Ring and you will have an "A" rank and a lot of rings.
Cody Griffin.

At the rocket place, before you pass the where the countdown starts, jump and go near the rocket (at the bottom). Then, go to the spring near the first boost platform. Keep going until you reach the spring to finish the level. Instead, look at your left. You should see some beetles. Do the Homing Attack very fast, then go up and use the Light Dash. Then jump off the spring which leads you to another spring to finish the level. You will see a Phoenix there. If desired, get it. You will have to risk a life because you do not have much time. If you get to the second spring and make it in time, you will get an extreme rating (1500) points.

When you ride the missile you will notice some "unobtainable rings". Use the following trick to reach them. When you get to the handle on the missile, keep going and you will see some enemies. You must have about 8 seconds remaining to do this successfully. Do the Homing Attack on the enemies until you get to the other side then do the Light Dash on the rings and grab the handle at the top. This takes quite a bit of effort, but you will get 1,500 points plus a few rings.
Dr Danelius Who.

Hint: Metal Harbor: 22 animals:
On Sonic and Shadow stages you are told that there are 20 animals in a stage (discounting the Chao Boxes) and that you get a life when you get them all. However, it is possible to find 22 animals on Metal Harbor. The locations are as follows.

1. There is a Raccoon after the first jump.
2. There is a Penguin after two more jumps.
3. Go forward and there is a pipe where you find a Penguin or Seal.
4. There is a Peacock roughly above the pipe.
5. After using the springs or Light Dash there will be a lot of enemies in front of you. There is a Raccoon next to the box on the left.
6. After the enemies there are some things to pick up. One has a Peacock or Raccoon.
7. After you use the Light Dash there is a Penguin if you go forward and left near the enemies and life.
8. Go slightly forward and there are two things to pick up. One has a Phoenix.
9. Go forward again. There are two more things to pick up. One has a Phoenix.
10. On the right at the beginning of this part of the stage there is a Raccoon.
11. Go forward quite a distance. There are two things to pick up. One has a Seal or Penguin.
12. Use the Light Dash. You will do a loop and get sprung up. There is a Peacock on the left.
13. After the jump pick up the object and there is a Peacock.
14. After you get lifted up there is another item to pick up. There is a Seal or Penguin.
15. After you get lifted up again, behind you is a Peacock.
16. When you go down but before the loop, there is a Seal on the left. It is a bit camouflaged.
17. After the loop go forward. On the right before the next jump is a Seal.
18. After the jump on the left there is a drum-like object. There is a Peacock on it.
19. When you do the somersault under the low part, there is a Penguin.
20. At the next to last Chao Box, there is an item to pick up. There is a Raccoon.
21. On the missile launch section there is a Seal at the bottom. Note: You must get off the yellow part.
22. At the top where the second handle for the missile is located is a Phoenix.

The meter will still say you have twenty animals but you should get three lives.
Dr Danelius Who..

Hint: Meteor Herd: Sunglasses:
At the starting point, collect the rings around you and look ahead. You will see a building. Go around to the other side of the building to find a bulldozer-type object. Jump on it and go to the platform in front of you. Turn around and you should see a platform with a meteor-like object on it. Turn around and climb the high platform poles that you climb when fighting Rouge. Glide down towards the platform. When you get slightly lower, glide to the middle of the platform behind the meteor. Punch it into the door in front of it. If done correctly, the door will break. There will be a steel crate inside. Punch open the steel crate and hit the switch inside. The place where you fight Rouge will now open up. This happens while fighting her but you will float instead. Go down into the hole into the bottom platform inside. You will find the Sunglasses power-up. They must be equipped but will be unequipped when jumping. Note: This power-up is only in Story mode. You must select the scene after the Egg Golem and defeat Eternal Engine first.

Hint: Mission Street: Phoenix animal for Chao:
Play as Tails and go about halfway through the level. You will see a barred box with a bird inside. Use the Bazooka Blaster to break through the iron boxes behind the barred box and hit the missile switch. It will fire at the box and break it. Walk over and get the Phoenix.
Scott Hendrix.

Get the bazooka from Eternal Engine. Go to Mission Street, and about half way through the level you will find a row of steel crates. Shoot them. You will find a missile. It will break a cage and the Phoenix will be there. Note: The Phoenix is a yellow bird.

Hint: Mystery Of Shadow: Biolizard picture:
While Rouge is holding the research paper, you can see a picture of Biolizard.
Miguel Acevedo.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Early lives:
When starting Pumpkin Hill as Knuckles, go to the left rocket that takes you to Church Mountain. Then, take the rocket that leads to Pumpkin Mountain, which is somewhere in the graveyard area. While falling down from that rocket, quickly glide forward to the flying "island" in front of you. If done correctly, you should grip to the floating chunk of land and be able to go forward to get the extra life. This can be useful for people who are collecting Skel-dogs, because you can get it in the graveyard place before you take the rocket. There is also an extra life buried where the digging claw things used to be -- so this can double as an unlimited lives trick. Note: Skel-dogs are useful for people who are raising running Chao because they remove the boar's ugly features, and provide a running improvement of up to 16, without subtracting from other stats.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Extra lives:
As Knuckles, go to the place where you got the digging tool. In the area with the circle where the digging tool was located, jump up and use the Dig attack. You will get an extra life.

Play the Hero story and pass the Pumpkin Hill level. Go to the level selection screen and choose Pumpkin Hill. Fly forward to a little island and dig in the circle. You will get one or two extra lives. Exit the stage and repeat this for as many lives as desired.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Easy "A" rank:
As Knuckles, play "Find the Lost Chao". To get an easy "A" rank, turn around at the start. Fly to the next platform and there will be a rocket there, leading to Pumpkin Mountain. There is a place to play the Mystic Melody. Play it and go through the floating platforms.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Extra Skeleton Dogs:
As Knuckles, go to Pumpkin Hill and get the extra life that is buried where the Shovel Claw was located. Then, go to Church Mountain and look around one of the graves closest to the wall. You should find a Skeleton Dog there. Restart the Level and do the same thing over again until you have as many as needed. The last time you do that, find a Chao Key and finish the level. It is easier to do this if you are on the 100 Ring mission or the Find The Chao mission.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Hidden bounce:
You will need the sunglasses for Knuckles to do this. Go to Pumpkin Hill and glide over to church mountain. Climb to the very top of the church until you are standing on top of the point. Press Y until it reads "Sunglasses" at the top right corner, then press B. You will automatically bounce up. Look below you. There will be a bouncy thing on the point of the church. You will keep bouncing until you press A. Note: You may need this to find a piece of the emerald.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Find the Lost Chao easily:
When you first start, go to the rocket that takes you to Church Mountain. When you land on the top, ride the rocket to Pumpkin Mountain. When you let go, immediately glide straight to the floating mountain. You will find the Chao without Mystic Melody.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Sea Monster animal:
Get two of the three blue containers with the Chao face on them. There should be a row of balloons that have rings inside of them. They should lead to a pumpkin held up by a stick thing. Behind it should be another blue container. Break it open and a green Sea Monster will appear.

On Pumpkin Hill there is a sea monster in the third Chao box, but it can be somewhat difficult to find. When you start, go forward, then left to the rocket that takes you to Church Mountain. Then go forward to the one that takes you to Pumpkin Mountain. Jump down, and on one of the ledges there is a Chao Box. Then, look out to all the platforms in the middle of the level (not on the bottom level, but the middle one). You should see another blue box. There will be either some running animals (leopard or boar) or a bat or skeleton dogs. After, go to Ghost Train Mountain. Go to the top and glide across the balloons that take you to the pumpkin face. Climb down the back of here and there will be a ledge with the third Chao box and the Sea Monster.
Dr Danelius Who.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Ghosts:
As Knuckles, from Pumpkin Hill to the rest of the game you can find ghosts in certain places. Note: They just pop out and knock you down.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Safe from fall:
When you fall for a while, glide then do the Spinning Dig move and hold it down. You will bounce back up and be able to glide to safety. If you do not make it, repeat until you do.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Second chance:
When you fall whether you are gliding or not do not make it, after falling to a certain point you will float back up . Note: The second time you fall you will not float back up.

Hint: Pyramid Cave: Skeleton Dog/Mutant Cow animal:
After going a bit in the level, you should see a cage with the Skeleton Dog/Mutant Cow in it. There should be a wooden box next to it. Destroy that, and then under the cage there should be a metal box. Destroy that to free the animal. Note: This requires the Fire Bracelet. Also, if you want this animal, make sure you do not get too many more animals or Drives. Too many will knock the special animal off your inventory.

Hint: Pyramid Cave: Save Bounce Bracelet:
Note: This trick requires at least one memory card. After complete the Hidden Base level as Tails, go to Pyramid Cave. In the middle of the level, after you have the Bounce Bracelet, turn off the game with the memory card inside one of the slots. You still have the Bounce Bracelet even when you did not save after finding it.

Hint: Radical Highway: Flame Ring:
As Shadow, after the second highway you spring to, go backwards instead of forwards. You will see a rollie object that you need to somersault through to a new route. The new route leads to the Flame Ring that allows you to break steel crates. Note: You need the Light Shoes or you will not be able to get it.

Use the following trick to get the Flame Ring without Air Shoes. Go to the location where a robot is at the end of a ring trail. Kill it, hit the spring, and go left. You should be at a "roller". Roll under it. Instead of Light Dashing to the other side, get to the edge. Make sure that you are a little bit away from it, but still close. Go into a Spin Dash, and keep it charged. Aim for the opposite ledge and release. As soon as you release the Spin Dash, press A button and tilt the Analog-stick towards the ledge. If done correctly, Shadow will jump while the momentum of the Spin Dash sends him forward. It helps to hold A. Shadow should clear the gap. Hit the spring, then get his new item. You can use this method to get the Flame Ring on your first visit to Radical Highway.

Hint: Radical Highway: Got Ring? Blimp:
There is a blimp with the message "Got Ring?" in the level.

Hint: Radical Highway: Stop at the top:
As Shadow, do the spin move by holding B and go over the first loop on the left side. For some reason you will stop in the middle and find yourself standing atop the loop. Any movement will cause you to fall. This is an interesting way to get a look around.

Hint: Radical Highway: Shortcut:
In two player mode, when you see the part of the highway that falls down from the missiles, jump on the boxes and run. Note: This works best with Metal Sonic . You might get ahead of your opponent or get to him faster.

Hint: Route 101: Hole in Presidential limo:
At the very end of the level, where you find the President, look at the windshield of his limo. There is an enormous hole in it.
Brian Young.

Hint: Route 101: Save time with Tails:
Use the following trick to save over five seconds on Route 101. If you have a Speed Boost at the end, do not use it when you get around the turn to the straightaway to get to the President. Instead, use it once you see the limousine.
Brian Young.

Hint: Route 101: Easy Rings and lives:
Play as to Tails then collect as many Rings as possible and hit all of the balloons. It is possible to get over 300 Rings each time. Do this as many times as needed.

Hint: Sand Ocean: Easy bats:
When you start the level, go backwards. You will fall on a platform. Go left and you will get a bat.
Thaddius Leavens.

Hint: Security Hall: Alternate shield color:
Play as Rouge in the Security Hall under the hard difficulty setting. The shield robots will be holding black shields instead of red ones.

Hint: Security Hall: Cut through lasers without losing rings:
As Rogue, get a running start and glide as fast as you can. If you are quick enough, when you touch a laser you will hear a spark but will not get hurt. You can only do this on lasers that are high. This is best done in the higher room with the switches.

Hint: Security Hall: Enter locked doors:
To get in the locked doors with a "G" on them, you cannot dig into steel but you can dig into the "G".
Brandon Benson.

Hint: Security Hall: Fast completion:
In this stage you play as Rouge the Bat and are given 5 minutes to complete it. This can prove to be quite difficult. If you have enough lives you can do this trick. If you cannot seem to find the Emeralds, you should die. You will keep the existing Emeralds that you have collected. You will begin at the start of the level and the Emeralds will move to different places. This is the fastest method for completing the level if you are having trouble.

Hint: Security Hall: Extra rings:
As Rouge, hit the Mystic Melody shrine that does not make platforms appear. An extra 40 coins will appear in front of you.

Hint: Security Hall: Sonic money:
As Rouge, go by the two big fans with the all the money floating around. While you are floating, keep pressing Start until you have a good view to see Sonic on those dollar bills.

Hint: Security Hall: Easy Phoenix:
As Rouge, find all three Chao containers. One is on the bottom floor with some wooden crates and is guarded by a single laser. The second is in a blue safe near a hint computer on a raised platform with a parrot flapping around. The third is up on the top floor, after you grab the cord and go up to the uppermost room. Climb on the wall next to the hole and go up to the center hall/room with all the lasers. It will be in there on the ground. After you have the Phoenix, either complete the mission or exit and go to Chao World with Rouge in the stage select mode.
Jerek Kimble.

Hint: Sky Rail: Ancient Light:
As Shadow, skip the rocket and use the spring. Hit the bouncy propeller object until you get to the limit. You will see an enemy robot that you need to kill. Following him is a string of robots that you attack until you get to the Ancient Light for Shadow. It does the same thing as the Ancient Light for Sonic.

Hint: Sky Rail: Find the lost Chao:
The Mystic Melody and Light Speed Dash are required. At the second checkpoint there will be rail. Do not go on it. Instead, turn to the left and you should see the Mystic Block. Play the Mystic Melody and rings will appear. Do the Light Speed Dash and there will be a lot of bouncy things. Bounce up a few and at the top you will see the lost Chao. Go up a few more bouncy things to reach it.

Hint: Sky Rail: Shortcut:
There are places in the level where you can jump as Shadow from the rail you are on to a rail you are going past that you normally would not get to until later in the level. This method saves time, and it is fairly easy. Be careful -- do not jump to a rail that will take you back, adding time. Additionally, on the last rail, take the rail on the right versus the left. The one on the right slopes straight down to the goal. Also, crouch at the very beginning to go much faster.

Hint: Sky Rail: Easy lives:
As Shadow, grind down the first set of rails. After the rails end, you should notice a platform below where they ended. Jump down onto the platform. There should be a Life Box as well as an animal down there.

Hint: Sky Rail: Unlimited Sheep for Chao Garden:
As Shadow, go to the very first grind rail (the one you start on). Do not crouch or it will take you longer. When you reach the bottom of the rail, do not jump. Instead, fall straight down and get the Sheep that is there. Then, continue over to your right until you reach the edge of the platform. Perform a Homing Attack (press A and when you are in the air press A again) and you should collect an extra life. Restart the level and repeat the process.
Chris R..

Hint: Tails or Eggman: Extra health:
To gain a little health for Eggman or Tails, hit an enemy. When you see a Chaos Driver, get it. Your power bar will rise slightly higher.

Hint: White Jungle: Ancient Light:
To get the Ancient Light from the original Sonic Adventure, go to the White Jungle level as Sonic and keep playing until you reach the part where you are in a tree with many enemy robots. Jump up to the area with the box of rings. From there, walk to the edge of the platform until you see an enemy robot. Home attack it and keep going, attacking item boxes until you get to an extra life at the end of the line. There is also a 1-Up item which is the Ancient Light.

Hint: White Jungle: Easy points:
When playing as Shadow there are two places where you get points for easy things. At the very start of the level, after swinging on your first vine, somersault under a fence for 500 free points. Then, when you are in a grassy area much like the area where Sonic gets his Ancient Light, instead of going the short way which leads to invincibility, somersault under a gate behind two robots. Dodge the sparking robot and when you reach two robots, one flying around one just standing, hit the flying one. Stay in the air as long as you can and bash the second one to get the usual 100 points, but you will also get 400 bonus points.

Hint: White Jungle: Fourth mission Emblem:
There are no shortcuts in this level. To get the Emblem as Shadow, keep running and do not get hurt.

Hint: White Jungle: Finding the lost Chao:
You will need the Mystic Melody. After swinging on the third vine, go on the "pulley" after the robots. You will see a spiked car and slam thing. Go past them and go on another "pulley". When up there, do not go on the other "pulley". Go backwards down a path and use the Mystic Melody on the Mystic Melody stand. Then, go on all the platforms, "pulleys", and robots to get to the lost Chao.

After swinging on the vine for the second time you will see three boxes to your right. Do a bounce attack on them to reveal a secret room. After getting to a part where there is a turbo pad that speeds you up to a top of the hill, go back until you get to a ledge. Go to the left and fall off. Then, use the Mystic Melody on the "castle" and follow the bridge.

Hint: Wild Canyon: Coins:
The best way to get coins to dig and collect them at Wild Canyon. You can collect about 400 coins most of the time. To keep the coins you must complete the level
cher hung.

Hint: Wild Canyon: Dragon animal:
Play as Knuckles in the Wild Canyon level. Get all three Chao Boxes. The first Chao Box will be the Chao key. When you get the second Chao Box you can get 2, 3 or 4 animals. With the third Chao Box, you can get the Dragon.

For an easier way to get a Dragon, start the Wild Canyon level and go to the place where you get the power-up on the wall you came out of. Look to where it and the left wall intersects. Climb up to find a Dragon. Go over there and play the Mystic Melody. Go forward and get the extra life. Restart and do it again.

Go by the Lonely Statue. Go all the way to the top and climb up. There will be a painting located there. Dig through the painting and jump to one of the corners of the room you are in. You will find a Dragon flying in there. Press Start to exit then repeat.
MelloProto and thezs.

Use the following trick to get a lot of dragons in about ten minutes. At the start of the Wild Canyon level, climb the tall pillar to your right. When you reach the top, get the extra life and glide to the pillar on the other side of the room. Then, glide onto the pillar closest to it and get the Chao box. Enter the "wind tunnel" and when you get to the top, go to your left. Go to one of the first cubes blocked by boxes. Punch the boxes for another extra life, then go to the end of the path. Once there, hit the Chao box, but avoid the animals. Once you get that, go to the path across from the one you that are in. Go all the way down and either kill or ignore the rhinos. Then, drop down into the statue area. Get the Chao box and the dragon, then exit and repeat this as many times as needed.

Use the following trick to get two dragons on one trip to Wild Canyon. First, get all three Chao boxes. Inside the third box is one dragon. Once you get the first one, crawl up the Lonely Statue's head and you will find a small painting where you find the Mystic Melody. Dig through the wall. When inside immediately turn left and climb up the wall. You will find the second dragon. Repeat this to get the ultimate dragon Chao.

Play as Knuckles and go up the tornado. Fly to the left all the way until you see a Pharaoh statue. Climb up until you see a picture in the dirt. Go to the center of it to a circle-like picture and dig. You will end up in a room. Go to the left and climb all the way up to see a flying Dragon. Press Start and reset to find the dragon again.
Steven O.

Hint: Wild Canyon: Secret room:
Go all the way up to the top of the stage, then go to the four crates that are stacked two and two. Break the crates to reveal a Melody Stand. Go on the stand and play Knuckles' Melody. Dig through the wall to find another Melody Stand. Go on it and play again to get a warp zone. There will be a Chao in the secret room (Mystic Melody required).

Hint: Finding the lost Chao:
To find the lost Chao on any level easier, find the Mystic Melody box. You must have Mystic Melody for the character.

Hint: Defeating Big Foot:
In the Hero storyline, you can defeat Big Foot faster by jumping on the wooden boxes. From here, you can attack him without having to wait until he lands. After he shoots out all the boxes, defeat him the standard way.

As Sonic, if you have the bounce attack, just bounce around Big Foot.

Make sure you have the Bounce Bracelet with Sonic, Instead of waiting for it to come down and shoot, just press A then keep pressing B so that you get higher. When you do, hit the glass cockpit "entrance" located on top of its head. If it flashes red, you made a successful hit. If you are skillful, you may be able to kill it before it lands the first time.
Scott Thomas.

Hint: Defeating Biolizard:
When the Biolizard starts to sprout bubbles, you cannot grind up his rail anymore. Instead, use Shadow's Homing Attack to continuously attack the bubbles that are still on him, slowly climbing up until you are close enough to hit the shiny red light.

Use your rings wisely. When running from its mouth, stay near the middle of the platform. When running from the its mouth and you reach a dark spot, jump. Do not take any chances since one river will suck you to oblivion. When it bends down and smoke appears from its mouth, grind up the tube and jump on the life support system. When he shoots the orbs, let them hit you. He will wait a little while so you can collect lost rings. Try not to get too far away from the mouth because he will do a tail whip. When he summons the tiny bubbles, do the Homing Attack up to the top. Guide your attack so that it goes to the top of the lizard. This will inflict damage. When he is at a red life status, he and a small barrage of his balls will start to float with you. Avoid the balls and get to the life support. Press B to complete the battle.

To defeat the lizard in space (after the Shadow Attack), you will need do a some tag teaming. Sonic is gold sonic and Shadow is white shadow in this level. Pressing A makes you attack and rise and B makes you descend. In this stage you need to hit a few swells on its body. Note that you have a ring life support. When this runs out, you are dead. Hit his swells a few times and dodge the lasers and the balls.

Hint: Defeating Eggman:
In the Hero storyline, during both battles with Eggman forget about the lock-on missile -- it is too slow. Instead, rapidly attack him with your Vulcan cannon.

Hint: Defeating Egg Golem:
Beside climbing the stairs on Golem's back, you can hit him another way. You can only do this when he has two or less hits remaining. When he uses his head butt of death, stay to the side of his fists so the head misses. Then, get directly under the head. He takes a few seconds to pick it up again -- use a bounce attack to hit the "battery".

When fighting Egg Golem, fall down to the sand pit area and land on the platforms. Then, hang on to the rope that pulls you up. When you are up do not get off the rope. Remain there and shoot Egg Golem. When he does his head butt, quickly jump back down on the platform then repeat until he is defeated.

As Sonic try to stay out of his way. To defeat him, jump and hit the platforms on his back and hit the battery on his head. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

Hint: Defeating the Final Hazard:
Slam into the pink swollen spots. You have to burst into them. Hold A to burst up and press B to burst down. First, he just shoots eggs. For the second and third hit he will shoot a beam. For the fourth hit, he will shoot two beams. For the last two hits he will shoot two beams and eggs. When you defeat the Final Hazard, Shadow dies.

As Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow, aim for the swelling boil to defeat him. Note: He will fire orbs and aura beams to stop you. Switch around if your ring energy is low (3 to 5 rings).

Hint: Defeating the Flying Dog:
As Rouge, climb to the top of the fence and wait until there is an opening for an attack. None of the Flying Dog attacks will work if you are on the fence.

Hint: Defeating King Boom Boo:
In the Hero storyline, only run fast enough so you can see his face. When he starts breathing blue fire, you will have more than enough time to punch the ghost holding the hour glass while he is preoccupied making is wall.

King Boom Boo as one attack called the Chomp Attack. Be careful, because he also speeds up when he does it. If you slow down, quickly speed back up or he will speed up and attack.

Hint: Defeating Knuckles or Rouge:
Press A and B repeatedly. When they try to punch you, they will get hurt instead. Note: Get at least one ring before trying this.
Phil Cho.

Hint: Defeating Shadow:
In the Hero storyline, during both Shadow battles you can use the same strategies. Shadow cannot defend against the bounce attack.

The first time that you fight Shadow, use the bounce attack with Sonic. Try to land right on top of Shadow. He will not be able to hurt you. Note: Do not get too close to the edge because you have a good chance of falling off.

Instead of trying to catch him off-guard, keep somersaulting at him. This makes the battle easy.

You use your bounce attack a few times, instead of your jump dash. Note: Never stop running, and look at the arrow to learn which way to go.

When battling Shadow, stay in one place and bounce. This will make you impervious to any attack. Also, whenever he tries to attack, he will instead damage himself.

In the final Boss battle between Sonic and Shadow along the never-ending pathway, consistently do Light Dashes along the short lines of rings, no matter which character you are using. This will both make you generally invincible to anything your opponent throws at you, and keep you ahead of your opponent for every possible moment, except when they use Chaos Control, which is where they are most vulnerable anyway.
4I Falcon.

Two techniques worth mentioning while fighting Shadow as Sonic (or Sonic as Shadow) are the following: The first is to jump into the air and do a series of consecutive Homing Attacks. The CPU will block most of them, but every so often one will get through. Failing this, use this second technique. Charge Roll on the ground, and, after launching yourself, keep close to your opponent either by rolling in tight circles or by weaving back and forth. Your opponent will attempt between one and three Homing Attacks, after which he leaves himself vulnerable.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Defeating Sonic:
In the Dark storyline, instead of trying to catch him off-guard, keep somersaulting at him. This makes the battle easy.

To defeat Sonic or Shadow for the first time, instead of waiting for them to stop and then using the Homing Attack, immediately do the Homing attack and repeatedly press A. By doing this, it is possible to kill Sonic/Shadow in under fifteen seconds. Note: You should get at least one ring before you doing this, as it is possible that they will attack you. Also, note that you may fall off the edge if you do not have the Control-stick aimed at the enemy constantly.

In this part you must attack Sonic five times. The first three times will be easy. Hold B to charge up, then release it and ram into Sonic. He will use the Chaos Control to stay ahead. The last two times will be slightly more difficult. Wait for Sonic to use his Sonic Wind. Then, use the Homing Attack to get out of the way. This is your chance to attack Sonic twice by doing this. The same rules can be applied when playing as Sonic against Shadow.

Hint: Defeating Sonic or Shadow, Round 2:
Run up to him and do a homing attack, then run up the field. When you see a flash of green light, run slightly more then charge up with B and release. When you hit him two to three times, just somersault into him.

When trying to beat Sonic final or Shadow final, if you find yourself constantly dying do not attack him and concentrate instead on the rings. You will gain lives. When you start attacking him again, it will almost be impossible not to pick up your rings again if you get hit.

Get Sonic or Shadow to run right next to a trail of rings (but not into one) by attacking him. Eventually he will be driven to the side. Note: This can be tricky. Be sure not to get too far ahead of him, or he will appear in front of you again. Then, use the Light Dash on the trail of rings. If done correctly, it should damage Sonic or Shadow. Repeat this four more times.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
To defeat Big Foot, Hot Shot, and A Flying Dog, do Rouge's Flout attack and press A. Hit Flying Dog in the cockpit when it bends down to launch again. Use Shadow's or Sonic's Homing Attack in the same way -- hit them when their cockpit is down.

Hint: Easy wins:
All enemies will change their guard based on what you use. For example, if you use ground to kill it then it will its guard ground. The same is true for aerial and set.
Buckland Lodge.

Hint: Defeating shield and electric flying robots:
This trick works best on the last mission of every stage. Whenever you see one of those robots that always slow you down a bit, use Magic Hands to instantly kill them.

Hint: Immune to GUN robots:
As Sonic or Shadow, stand very close to the robot while facing it. The GUN robot will keep shooting at you, but will never kill you. Note: This will not work with the GUN beetles.

Hint: Time warp duo:
Go to two player mode in a racing battle. Have one player be any character except Metal Sonic. Have the second player play as Metal Sonic. Go to the Green Forest level. At the beginning of the level where you are falling, have player two hold B while falling. Continue to hold B until you are inside water. Then while player one is still active, whenever he or she collects 10 to 20 rings, he or she can stop time.

Hint: Less frozen time:
If you get hit by a Time Stop, Amy Flash, etc., rapidly press A to cut the time you are frozen in half.
Hi from the Snows.

Hint: Overlocking enemies:
When using Robotnik (Eggman) or Tails, do not lock on to any more than eleven enemies at one time. Any additional enemies will not add to the bonus points you receive, and they will effectively be wasted bonus opportunities.
4I Falcon.

Hint: Mystic Melody:
To get the Mystic Melody to work, hold B until Sonic or Shadow stands up, then approach any enemies. You will see the "B" in the upper right corner. Release B and they will start going around the first enemy in a circle -- just hold the Analog-stick Forward.

Hint: Avoid distance attacks:
To avoid getting hit by a distant attack such as Thunder Arrow in treasure hunt mode, dig immediately after the character cries out the attack name or battle cry (for example, when Knuckles yells "Take this!").
Hi from the Snows.

Hint: Reduce stop attacks:
When hit by a move that stops you (Time Stop, Chaos Control, etc.), hold Control-stick Up to speed up the timer.

Hint: Instant acceleration:
If you hit something (for example, a car while on foot) you con do a Homing Attack for instant acceleration.

Hint: Avoid dying:
If you are playing as Sonic or Shadow and are at the edge of an area and get hit, once you become an apparition you will revive. You can jump in the air and do your homing attack to get safely back to the arena.

Hint: E1000 appearance:
In Rouge's Inside the Pyramid level, one of the robots you blow up is E1000.

Hint: E-102 Gamma reference:
When playing as Knuckles in the Death Chamber level, notice the robots shooting at you. Look closely at the robots. Next to the right arm you will notice the numbers "102", just like E-102 Gamma.

Hint: Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2 reference:
Play the Hero story and go to the first boss (Big Foot). On one of the advertisement boards, you can see an ad for Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2.

Glitch: Inside springboard:
Play the City Escape level in the Hero story line. Shortly after you run or fall down the building, play the Mystic Melody on top of the Mystic Melody Stand. A springboard will appear and you will be inside of it, with only your head showing.

Glitch: Persistent missiles:
In the shooting battle, use the Rumble Launcher attack (fires many small homing missiles). Immediately press Start after they are fired, then select "Restart". After your character is done with his/her opening speech, the missiles will still be there and they will home in on the opponent.
Brian Young.

Glitch: No effect from Black Wave or Thunder Arrow:
To avoid being hit in multi-player mode when a character releases a Black Wave or Thunder Arrow, after the character does their speech (such as when Knuckles says "Take this!"), dig into the ground. You should be unaffected.
Matthew Frank and Michael Frank.

Glitch: Misspelling:
At the end of the first level in the Hero storyline, one of the benches near the goal ring has something on it that reads "EMERALD NOTWORK", instead of "EMERALD NETWORK".

Look at the signs with the Chao on it. They will read "Drive Safety" instead of "Drive Safely".

Glitch: Spinning Chao:
Pick up a Chao and walk outside the garden with him. He should oriented in the opposite way that you picked him up. Go into another Chao garden or the kindergarten and then he will now be in the same direction as when you picked him up. However, walk back into the lobby again and he will be facing the opposite direction, just like when you picked him up.
Brian Young.

Glitch: Sinking Chao:
Go to the Dark Garden. Pick up a Chao and bring it to the fence next to the big tree at the right. Drop that Chao in front of the right fence. It will sink in dirt, except for its head, which will be sticking out.

Glitch: Hurt Chao by petting it:
Abuse a Chao a lot with Rouge. Once it really hates Rouge, throw it against a wall. After it bounces off the wall, quickly run over to the Chao and jump over it. Then, press B button to use the Dig move on the Chao's head to send it flying. Next, quickly run over to it and pet it. It should send your Chao flying again. Note: You will need to do those steps very quickly.
Adam O.

Glitch: Invisible Chao body:
Go into the Dark Garden. Pick up a Chao and take it over to the tree. Go to the right of the tree and you will see a fence. Drop the Chao near the fence. If done correctly, the Chao will drop into the ground and all that will be visible is its head.

Glitch: Stuck Chao:
At the Dark Garden, look at the Chao transporter. Go to the nearest tombstone to your left. Place your Chao on the left side of it. It should become stuck there.

When in the Hero Garden pick up a Chao that you care about. Stand in the pond facing the big diving board/platform. Run directly at it. Jump, and when you are close enough, you can get your Chao stuck into the platform. Sometimes you will see his halo on top, or everything except his body on the bottom. Leave the Chao Garden, go back in, and he will be roaming around. This may require a few attempts.
Ryan mann.

Glitch: Floating Chao:
If your Chao is crying while lying down, go over to it and pet it. The Chao should now be floating.

Glitch: Chao never returns:You must have the Dark Garden to do this trick. If you are trying to get a Chao through abuse, keep throwing it in the water. It will eventually start to climb the wall. If you changed your mind about getting your Chao to run away, jump on the Chao and it should fall off the wall. This will only work once on the Chao.
Cindy Hof.

Glitch: Two Chaos Zeros:
Enter 2P Battle, go to "Find The Treasure", and choose Chaos Zero as your character. Choose "Egg Quarters" as your stage, then go to the red room and run. Mysteriously, you will see a shadow behind you, or when you are running, press B(3)to see another shadow.
jorge de jesus pedroza cantu.

Glitch: Invisible Chao:
To do this trick, you need to have the Hero Chao Garden with no Chaos in it. First, get a shiny gold egg from either the Black Market for 20,000 rings or a Game Boy Advance link for 1,000 rings. Then, get a shiny grey egg from the Black Market for 10,000 rings. Put both eggs in the Hero Garden. When they hatch, make both of them normal type Hero Chaos (by making them create a blue cocoon around themselves). After that, make sure you have 600 rings to buy two Heart fruits from the Black Market. Give one Heart Fruit to each of them. When they both create flowers around themselves, pick one up and put him on or in the ring of flowers, so the Chaos are facing each other. You should see them stand up and start to dance. You will hear some music and an egg will appear. Hatch the egg by rocking it for just under ten seconds, then put down the egg. After a few seconds, it will hatch and you will have an invisible Chao.
Nicholas Mathews.

Get a Gold Chao (Hero or Dark) and an shiny white Chao with the same attribute as the gold one. Give them at least two or three Heart Fruit. When they mate, they will produce a spotted egg. Hatch it for an invisible Chao. You will only see its eyes and wings.
Heelys master 7.

Glitch: See Chao through cocoon:
When your Chao is in a cocoon, you can see what it will look like by walking away from it so that the camera will follow you and go inside that cocoon. If done correctly, you will see part of your Chao.

Glitch: Open Chao transporter from behind:
As Knuckles, go to the normal (Hero) Chao Garden. Go behind the Game Boy Advance and do an uppercut. You will open the Game Boy Advance from behind.

Glitch: Fill Chao without giving it a fruit:
Give a fruit to one of your Chaos who can have fruit until there is only one more point left in it. Then, pet that Chao to make it stop eating. Next, get the Chao who cannot have any fruit. Get it to go after the fruit. When it does this, pick up the fruit and give it to a Chao on the other side of the garden and try to block the hungry Chao, who should still be following it. If the Chao you gave the fruit to finishes before the hungry chao gets there, the hungry Chao will pick up an invisible fruit and start eating until it is full. It will then try to throw the invisible fruit but, end up sending itself flying backwards. It will not gain any stamina during this process. The Chao will now be full with no stamina increase.

Glitch: Escape from the Chao Garden:
Go to the Chao Garden with Sonic or Shadow. Go straight forward until you are at the opposite side of the garden. The rocky area will be to your right. Go onto the first rock where the grass is located, and go into the corner that is just before the second rock. Do the homing attack into the corner (towards the water) repeatedly. Eventually you will escape onto the water and have the ability to fly around. Go into the clouds around the side and you will go behind the scenes - literally. To return, simply fly under the garden and move around. One of your Chaos will be underground and you will see a shadow.

Enter the Neutral Chao Garden as Sonic or Shadow. Find the Chao Lobby (Karate and Racing), but do not go in it. Go off to the left where the cliffs are located. Go to the lowest one, where the grass and rock meet. This should be toward the open side of the garden. Use the Homing attack against the corner, also hitting the invisible wall. After a few hits, you should be floating in the air. Go over to the clouds, and through them. You should see a bit of the water, and the walls are purple and black. Just turn around then go right through the clouds and hit the island where your Chaos are located. You will go back up on the island. You can do this as much as desired. Note: Most of the time your Chaos will be underground. You will hear the swimming noise, and the spheres on your Chaos will be floating over the ground. They are somehow swimming underground. To return to normal, walk out of the garden, and walk back in.

Go to the Hero Garden. You will see a pole on the right hand side. Jump at the invisible wall between the pole. You will go out of the world in the clouds Note: This trick is very difficult to perform and requires practice.

Go to the Hero Garden. You will find a big white pole sticking up. Use either Sonic or Shadow and do the Homing Attack. Keep doing and you will go between the pole and invisible wall and get sucked through. Note: This requires time and patience.
Fabian Russ.

Go into the first Chao Garden when you start the game as Sonic or Shadow. Go to the rocks at your right as you are coming in. Go to the farthest point of the rocks where they meet the sky. Then, go to the corner and start doing your Homing Attack b y pressing A(2). If the trick is performed correctly, then you should be outside the garden area and in the sky. If you go further back (keeping pressing Forward) into the black then come back, your Chao will be in the ground. Note: If the Chao is in the water it will not go into the ground. Do not worry if your Chao is eating food; it stays with it. Your Chao are fine, and if you can catch them at the correct moment, you can pull them out of the ground. You can press Start then exit. The saving data message will appear. If you back in, everything is saved (like the power-up and any animal features), but the Chaos are out of the ground.

Glitch: Go through the fallen pillar in Hero Garden:
Put a Chao behind the fallen pillar to the left of the entrance. It should stay. Then, go to the front of the pillar. If done correctly, it should say "Pick" (as to pick your Chao up). If you select it, your charter will go through the pillar and try to pick up the Chao, but will not. Therefore you will go through the pillar.
jordan hinchberger.

Glitch: Knuckles in the Chao Garden:
While using Knuckles, hold an inanimate object (not a Chao), and walk up to the cliff wall to the left of the entrance. Stand in the farthest flower patch, holding the object toward the cliff. Press the Analog-stick in the opposite direction from which Knuckles is facing (i.e. away from the cliff wall). His hands will disconnect from his wrists, rotate through his arms, and reconnect themselves again.
4I Falcon.

Glitch: Invisible shelves in Chao Lobby:
Go to Chao Lobby as Tails. If you have the Hero Garden, go all the way up until you are directly in front of the arch to that garden. Then, jump and fly around to the door to Chao Kindergarten. If you are high enough, you will land on an invisible shelf. There are others above the Neutral Garden and behind the Hero Garden.

Glitch: Make Chaos Drive disappear:
Go to the Hero Garden. Go to the top of the stairs where Chao usually sleeps. Take the Chaos Drive and throw off the stairs towards the mountains, as far as it will go and it will disappear.
Caleb Smith.

Glitch: Chao stuck in ground:
Go to the Dark Garden and place you Chao in the gate by the fence. It should fall in and you will only see its head.

Have a Chao sitting or eating something near the water in the regular Chao Garden. Nudge it with any character. If done correctly, the Chao should be half in the ground, and half out.
Raven Wolf.

Note: This only works for Sonic or Shadow. When you go into the regular Chao Garden, go to the corner where the rock and imaginary wall meet. Then have Sonic or Shadow continuously run against the wall and press A repeatedly. You should see yourself floating up and down and flashing. Go all the way to where the clouds are and the camera will pull in. You can now see the outside of the Chao Garden. Then, go back and all the Chaos will either be swimming in the pool, or swimming underground. You can tell if they are underground because there will be a random shadow on the ground. Go out of the garden and go back in and they should be above ground again.
Andrew Wilhelms.

Glitch: Hopping Chao:
Jump at a Chao to abuse it. Where ever it lands, jump at it; it will not move. Once it gets up, it will "hop" to get hurt again.
Robert Salender.

Glitch: Ghostly Chao voices:
Leave one neutral Chao in any Chao Garden, one Hero Chao in the Hero Garden, and one Dark Chao in the Dark Garden when you start out with only three Chaos. Release two of your Chaos. Then, bring your last Chao into the Chao Garden. Where ever the Chao was released, you should still hear the Chao's voices in the garden.

Glitch: Caged:
Go to the Dark Garden then run up to the tree. Turn right, go up next to the cage, then jump on the grave. Jump from there up into the black cage. Note: This was done with Shadow and Sonic.
jordan lape.

Glitch: Bunny stuck in the ground:
Get a Bunny and bring it to the original Chao Garden. Throw the bunny towards the water. Do not get too close to the water; stay near the entrance. Also, do not throw in the water, just towards it.
The Glitch Vampire.

Glitch: Go through wall:
In Rouge's level where your get the Treasure Scope (and three Chaos emeralds), grab an Omochao and go to the bar wall near the red "C" safes. Run to where a tank and the wall meet. Then, run into the corner and press L. You should now be inside the wall.

Glitch: Quick sand:
Go into the Dark Chao Garden and walk up to the Chao Transporter. Jump over the Game Boy Advance so you land directly behind it in the center. You will hover in the air for awhile but then automatically start to sink down very slowly. It looks as if you are walking down steps.
Brian Young.

Glitch: Bottomless pit:
This only happens if you have the Hero Chao Garden. Go into the Chao lobby, then walk over to the stairs. Try to walk under them. There seems to be an invisible wall at that location. Walk to the left edge of the invisible wall and then, while still hugging the invisible wall, walk to the normal wall. There should be kind of a corner at the invisible wall and the real wall. As Sonic or Shadow, Homing Attack that corner for awhile. You should go through and keep falling until you exit.
Brian Young.

Glitch: Sonic walks in place:
Go to a Chao Garden and move next to the Game Boy Advance Chao Transporter. Move the C-stick Left or Right slightly. If done correctly, Sonic will walk in place.

Glitch: Sonic walks up the wall:
With Sonic in City Escape. finish the part with the skateboard and on the middle of the stairway charge the Spin Dash then release. Sonic will run up the wall and will then slowly fall.

Glitch: Sonic walks on water:
Go to Chao World and drop a Chao that can swim into the shallow part of the pool. Get close to it and press B repeatedly to pet it. As it continues to swim, Sonic will keep petting the Chao but will be levitating to keep up with it.

Glitch: Sonic moves by himself:
In the City Escape level, when Sonic is heading to the loop, go onto the grass. You should find a bridge. When on the bridge, there should be a tire and two speed up pads facing each other. Pick up the tire and go onto one of the speed up pads. Release the Analog-stick. Sonic should be going back and forth without moving.

Glitch: Crazy Shadow:
Go to the Chao Garden with any character, pick up a fruit, feed it to your Chao a little bit, take the fruit back, and look at your shadow. The fruit will be hovering between your hands on your shadow.
Bob and Brian.

Glitch: Floating Shadow:
Go to the Dark Garden and walk towards the big tree to the back and right of it. Walk to the right side of the tree. You should see a fence up against the wall. Jump just to the right of the right edge of the fence. If done correctly, you will be floating slightly above the fence.
Brian Young.

Glitch: Floating Sonic:
Go into Chao Garden with Sonic. Once there, go to the very left side of that "cliff" which looks like part of a path. Continuously do the Homing Attack (press A while airborne) as quickly as possible. At some point, the screen will start shaking strangely, which indicates you got off the edge. You can fly/float around, and even go in back of the door that was used to enter and end up in the lobby.
at long distance.

While in the park area of the City Escape level, Sonic can jump off the ramp on the left hand corner. When he reaches the bridge he can jump on one speed runner and go back and forth forever. Try to stop just before he touches the next speed runner and it will appears as if he is floating.

Glitch: Floating Sonic or Shadow:
Enter the Hero garden and go up the stairs as slow as possible. They will float up the stairs.
Mike Strano.

Glitch: Flying Sonic or Shadow:
On The Sonic vs. Shadow level, roll in a ball and chase after Shadow or Sonic. When you get behind your opponent, jump and press A, Your character should start floating.
david figgery.

Glitch: Floating Tails:
To do this trick you must enter the Chao Lobby as Tails. Then, jump as high as possible and fly over the Chao Kindergarten gate. If you fly high enough and start falling, you should suddenly land on nothing. You can walk some distance, but if you want to get off just walk towards the exit portal until you fall off. After that you can continue your game with no problems. Note: This trick is easier if you have the Hero Chao Garden; all you have to do is go to the top of the stairs without going into the garden. Jump off and fly over the Chao Kindergarten gate. Fly as high as possible while staying directly above it, then fall. You should land on nothing. This trick can be done as many times as desired.

Glitch: Floating, Tails, Knuckles, or Rouge:
Once you have gone to the Chao Lobby, go to the Hero Garden entrance, but do not enter. Glide or fly above the entrance to the Chao Garden or Chao Kindergarden. Your character should be floating.
Sheikfreak and FOUST RANDY.

Glitch: Sonic in another world:
Go to the Chao Garden. Go to where Chao Karate is located. Go to the left and get on the cliff with the plants. Use Homing Attack as fast as possible until you start floating. Go far out until you hear a drop. After this, you will be in another world. To escape go near the blue part of the land. You can now control your flying. Note: There will be two Sonics while flying. Also, during this glitch your Chaos will be sinking into the ground.

Glitch: Red Tails:
In Route 280 with Rouge, after you meet up with Tails in his airplane, you will notice that he is red.
Miguel Acevedo.

Glitch: Stuck character:
On the downhill race, when you are going at high speeds hit one of the gates on the sides. You will get stuck in a glitch.

Glitch: See through character:
Go to the Chao World as Eggman. Go inside the Chao Kindergarten and walk right until you see the purple picture of the fortune-telling Chao lady. Position yourself between that picture and the brown one on the wall behind it, kind of diagonally to the thing sticking out of the wall. Then, rotate the camera until you see inside of Eggman. He will appear to be hollow inside.

Glitch: Floating character:
Go into Chao World with any character. Walk near the front of a Chao transporter, but not on it. You should be floating.
Brian Young.

Glitch: Falling character:
In the Crazy Gadget level, get past the part where there is a red beam with a spinning bomb and a robot on it. As soon as you go through the metal door and hit the gravity switch go backwards, fall down one ledge, and jump up one ledge. As soon as you jump up the ledge, keep walking backwards slowly. You will fall off another ledge and go through the floor (or ceiling) into space. You will not die, but keep falling until you exit or restart.
Jimmy Smoot.

Glitch: Walk in air:
In the normal Chao Garden, go over to the corner in between the rock and the sky (on the ground of course). This referes to the rocks where the entrance to the Chao Lobby is located, Try spinning (or gliding as Knuckles) and jumping against the two surfaces. If done correctly, you should go through the polygon which is the sky, and now you should be walking in the air over the water. Note: This is difficult to do.

Glitch: Fly:
In two-player mode as Metal Sonic, get up to the point of the Final Chase level with the three bouncy things. Immediately when you go off the last one, put on your shield, then take it off. You will start to fly anywhere in the level. You can even go outside of the level, but if you get close to the ground you will land.

Glitch: Flying Omochao:
When in any level where you can see Omochao, pick him up and throw him two to three times. On the second or third time, he will start floating in mid-air. Watch him for a few seconds and he will gradually fall to the ground.

Glitch: Omochao falls through ground:
In Radical Highway, when you reach the checkpoint with the spinner near by, pick up then set Omochao down. About 50% of the time, he will fall through the ground.

Glitch: Omochao in the atmosphere:
Go to Eternal Engine and play until you reach the door where you need a switch. Go to the room next to it flip the switch. After pressing the switch, go back and destroy the crates so that you can see it. Break open the space door and watch Omochao go out into the atmosphere repeatedly.
James Tugend.

Glitch: Bouncing items:
Go into the Dark Chaos Garden and pick up a item that the Chaos's can put on their head. Then, jump on the gravestone to the right of the big tree and drop the item, and jump off. If done correctly, the item should be bouncing up and down on the gravestone.
Derrick Stewart.

Note: Skulls work best and only certain objects will do this.

In the Dark Chao Garden, to the left of the giant tree which is directly next to the red pond, there should be a gravestone with a spider and a skull and crossbones. Pick up an eggshell or any headware item and jump onto the gravestone. It must be one of these items. Stand directly above the spider on the gravestone and turn 90 degrees so that you are either facing the left or the right side of the gravestone. Then, drop the item. The item should start to bounce continuously. If you enter the Chao Transporter or exit the Chao Garden, the items will stop bouncing.

Glitch: Floating and sliding blocks:
In Crazy Gadget, grab one of the blocks near a warp tube. Toss it at the tube and the block will float. If thrown correctly, it will start sliding.

Glitch: No clipping shadows:
In the Hero Chao Garden, put a Chao under the bridge. The Chao will make a shadow on the bridge, even though it is below it. Also, set a Chao or item on top of the bridge, then go under the bridge. There will be a shadow of that object under the bridge.
Brian Young.

Glitch: Hit game boundary:
Go in the Hero Chao garden as Sonic with the Bounce Bracelet. Go to the thing that has the stairs. Go to the top and bounce a few times. You will spin but not move because you have hit the game boundary.
Andrew Huffman.

Glitch: Invisible animal:
In the Dark Garden, pick up a small animal and throw it behind the Chao transporter. If aimed correctly, you should hear the sound of your Chao jumping in the water. Look there to see a shadow of the small animal moving towards the water, but you cannot see the animal. Once it gets to the water it will reappear, so you will not lose it.

Glitch: Invisible fruit:
When your Chao has an exclamation point on its head. take the fruit away from it. It should be eating absolutely nothing. Put the fruit down and it will magically appear over by the Chao. It will then finish eating. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Invisible shadow:
Go to the Chao Garden. Pick up a ball and look down. Where you should see its shadow floating in air between the shadows of your hands, you will see nothing in that space.
Matthew Frank.

Glitch: Invisible snowboard:
Note: This trick requires two controllers. In the Metal Harbor level, press Y on controller two and Sonic will get on an invisible snowboard.

Glitch: Invisible characters:
In the last scene where they are looking at Prof. Gerald's Diary, when he starts talking and the camera goes around the room. The characters have disappeared, but when Rouge talks again, they will reappear.
Scott Hedgehog.

Glitch: Metal Sonic goes very high:
In two player mode, select racing and choose Metal Sonic. Select Radical Highway. When you are racing, notice the mats that will make you go fast if you touch them. When you see the one, go on that other street. Hold B button and Metal Sonic will have a force field around him. When you touch it, it should make you go very high. Note: You may wind up dead if he goes too high and falls to a bottomless pit. Use this carefully and try using it at other places.

Glitch: Metal Sonic flies:
In a two player battle race, play as Metal Sonic on Grind Race. When you get near the Pyramid, jump on to it then go down and loop up. Keep running. If done correctly you should fly for awhile.

Glitch: Sonic without snowboard:
This trick requires two controllers. Go to two player mode, then, select "Race" and "City Escape". While one player holds B and drags themselves to the side of the road (or hold the Analog-stick Back and repeatedly press A), the other player has to ride down as fast as possible. The person who sped off gets 30 rings. He or she then zaps the other person. After that, the other player will not have a board. If both of you want to lose their boards, have the player who sped off get killed, while the other player remains where they are. When the player who sped off restarts the level, they will have a board. When he or she is near the other player that does not have a board, attack them. This will not work if you hit the saving point.

Glitch: Tails' foot flips:
When in the Neutral Chao Garden with Tails, go down near the Chao Transporter, but do not go onto it. Look toward the ridges next to you. There should be a dip next to the first peak near the machine. Hop up onto the dip and go to the immediate right of where the polygons meet. If you let release the Analog-stick when you are closest, you can get to the top. Note: You cannot go all the way up because of the game boundary. You should turn around automatically and start sliding down slowly, until you hit where the polygons meet and start bouncing up. While you are doing this, tap Analog-stick Right. If done correctly Tails' foot should flip.

Glitch: Rocket holding nothing:
Start a two player race at Final Rush by yourself (other controller idle) and kill the other player. Watch the other screen at the beginning, and the rocket you were on will be going, but be holding nothing.

Glitch: Character follows Chao everywhere:
Choose any character and a garden with at least one Chao in it. Go to any tree and "touch" it (press B). Hold still until the Chao runs into you. Your character will now follow the Chao. It will appear as if you are holding on to it. This will happen until it either swims, jumps off something, flies, or you move. You will also stop following it if you run into something or if the Chao goes to a part of the land that is raised, such as a hill or some steps.
Ruby Duckworth.

Glitch: Disappearing Chao Drives:
Go to the Chao World as Sonic. Grab a Chao Drive and go to a different Garden. When you do. Sonic will sometimes be holding nothing.

At City Escape before you get to the to the Light Speed Dash short cut, go to the right where you do the Homing Attack to get to the rings. When you destroy the robots, watch their Chao Drives. One of the Chao Drives should fall into the ground.

Glitch: Reuse Chao Drives:
This trick requires the Hero Garden. Put all but one Chaos behind one pillar. You will need a lot of Chao Drives, and your Chao must like you a lot. Then, put your desired Chao directly behind the second pillar. Whistle to him, then grab the Chao Drive. When he is close to you, drop the Chao Drive. If done correctly, he will use it but it will still be there.
Vicki Carey.

Glitch: Transferring Chao without moving:
Enter the the Chao Garden and take a Chao to Kindergarten. Drop it off, then take another Chao and also drop it off. When both are done with their lessons, take both of them out at the same time. Then, take them to the Neutral Garden and drop the one that you are holding. After that, leave the garden then go back in. Your Chao from the Light and Dark Gardens should come in one at a time.

Glitch: Chao eats without eating:
Wait until a Chao has a "!" on its head and is going to a fruit. Just when it is at the fruit, grab the fruit. The Chao will be eating, without eating the fruit.
Stella Phelps.

Glitch: GUN Robot in wrong place:
In Prison Lane at the fourth metal lift, the GUN Robot that stands near it appears inside the lift when it goes up.
Buzz Loftus.

Glitch: Robot friendly fire:
Get two robots in a row wiith one facing you and the other facing the back of the other one. One robot will shoot the other.

Glitch: Ending track:
When facing Sonic/Shadow for the second time, if you keep on running for about ten minutes, the track will suddenly start falling off in front of you. Afterwards, you will have to start over.
marc menzia.

Glitch: Unable to complete Board Race:
Jump at the beginning of the Board Race. You will go over the buildings and will not be able to see yourself or finish the race.
Michael O'Neill.

Glitch: Robochao loop:
As Tails in the Eternal Engine level, you will reach a certain area in which there is a door to the right and a door ahead. The door ahead is the one that contains the crates and a switch behind it along with a door and a Robochao. Destroy the boxes to get them out of the way, then shoot the explosives on the door. It will open and suck the Robochao outside. It will keep reappearing only to be sucked away again and again.

Glitch: Power-ups in intermission sequences:
Start the game in Hero mode and get power-ups that affect your appearance (Bounce Bracelet, bracelet with green light) or similar items (Light Shoes, green light on shoe). Then, start the Dark story and get to the part where Sonic and Shadow meet for the first time. This is the same intermission that appears at the start of the Hero story. Sonic will have his power-ups visible in the Dark intermission. During the Hero intermission, he does not have any power-ups.
John H.

Glitch: Amy Rose's voice:
When in two-player battle, select Amy. At the start of the match she will say " Amy-me Rose is here!"

Glitch: Strong atmosphere:
You can perform this in Sonic and Shadow's levels Final Rush and Final Chase. Have 10 to 20 rings and get hit by an enemy so that it knocks you off the level, sending you falling toward earth. At the same time, your rings will fall quicker than you and you will actually see the rings' shadows on the earth before they hit it, then land there and spin around as if they were on the ground.

Glitch: Cannon's Core: Permanent time stop:
Get to Sonic's part and touch the time stopper in the room with the lasers and enemies. As soon as you touch it, use Spin Dash to get far ahead quickly. When you reach the water part when you have to somersault under the wall to get to the other side, do it quickly and get to the ledge on the other side. Once there, notice that time has been stopped forever. You can even run or Spin Dash down the water slide.

Glitch: City Escape: Sonic above city:
Immediately after you lose your board, get to the top of the first platform. After you do this, hold B until the spin attack is fully charged. If you have the Ancient Light attack, release B before Sonic stops spinning. Aim directly towards the back of the bush on the platform you are on. If done correctly, Sonic will be floating above the city. If you do not quit within a certain period of time, you will die and lose a life. Note: You can move Sonic in a circle by using the Analog-stick to change the direction he is facing.

Glitch: City Escape: Dash when standing still:
Just before the building you run down, you will see a bridge. Step on the left dashboard and you will start going back and forth across the bridge. However, if you press the Analog-stick in the opposite direction just as you step on it, you will stand still while continuing to move back and forth.

Glitch: City Escape: Run during start:
To be able to run at the start of the City Escape level, you must be in multi-player mode. Choose two characters (Sonic and Shadow). Have one player complete the boarding part normally while the other holds the brake and tries to take as long as possible to reach the bottom. The player who went ahead should collect coins (enough to be able to do the Sonic Wind, Chaos Spear, or any attack similar to those). They should do the attack while you are still on the board. The attack should hit you, and you will fall down. When you get up, you will be off your snowboard and it will be just sitting there. You can now run through the part where you are supposed to be boarding and do some tricks on foot instead being of on the board.

Glitch: City Escape: Floating snowboard:
Go to two player mode and select City Escape. Choose Shadow for player one and Sonic for player two. While playing, do not get any checkpoints. Just let Sonic go by himself. After about ten seconds, he will stop. Get Shadow to collect over 50 rings. When you can use "Chaos Spear" with Shadow, use it to kill Sonic. While Sonic is falling from the sky and before he hits the ground, press Start. While in the pause menu, hold Y + X to make the menu choices disappear. Look at where Sonic fell from on the player two side. There will be something up there that looks like a snowboard, with nobody on it.

Glitch: City Escape: Wrong dialogue:
On the fifth City Escape mission, hit a building on the second jump with 0 rings. You will die, but will hear Amy instead of Sonic.
Joshua Peet.

Glitch: City Escape: Go through the loop:
When you get to the giant loop, do not go up it. Keep dashing and spin dashing at it until you fall either through it or beside it. If you were aimed correctly, you will fall through some buildings. When you are further away from the level, you will fall into a background that looks like trees and forest. Note: You will lose a life.
Devann Brookshire.

Glitch: City Escape: Float:
Go to City Escape as Sonic. After you go to the first set of stairs, go to the bush to the right. Do the Ancient Light in the corner and you will fall through.

Glitch: City Escape: Run without moving:
Find the park-like area (with lots of grass and trees) and move to the right. You will soon find two G.U.N Beetles. Use your homing attack on them and land on the long brick ledge. To your far right are two boost pads, and to the left is a boost pad and a tire. Pick up the tire and place it in front of the pad, but make sure you do not get on it. When you try to pick up the tire, you should begin boosting back and forth from each of the pads, but you are standing still.

Glitch: City Escape: Stop Sonic:
When you reach the third turn, use your brakes. If you stop at the correct moment Sonic will stop moving. The only way to exit to move to the downhill.

Glitch: City Trial: Sonic under the suspended spring:
Stand on where you do the Mystic Melody. Use Mystic Melody and Sonic will now be under the spring.
Brian Green.

Glitch: Crazy Gadgets: Fall forever:
Clear hard mode the second time that you go on the ceiling. Use the Bounce Bracelet under the box five or six times, then you will fall through the ceiling into space. To stop falling, quit the level.
Jennifer Gutleber.

Go to an area where it is a green room, leading to outer space. Run straight ahead, and there will be a point where you fall. You will see Sonic's feet while he is falling. You cannot pause game play. Sonic continuously falls.

Glitch: Dry Lagoon: Hidden spring:
Go to Dry Lagoon as Rouge. When you get there, go to the Huge Oasis. Go to the three statues of heads. Go to the middle head and climb onto his face. Go onto his mouth and dig. You should then bounce back.

Glitch: Eternal Engine: Lose life but survive:
As Tails, blow a piece of the ship up so that it starts sucking you out. If you jump and hover out of the ship so that Tails yells "Sonic!", as if he were going to die, change directions and get back on the ship. You will have survived, but you will still lose a life.

Glitch: Final Chase: Hit the zipper after dying:
In Shadow's Final Chase level, make your way to the first checkpoint. Stand between the two checkpoint bars, positioning yourself in the middle of the ground where the blue line is located, making sure you have 0 rings. Quickly tap A(2) to perform the Homing Attack and continuously hold Up. If done correctly, the floating blue ball enemy will fire its laser at you and kill you, knocking you backwards. You will fall and hit the zipper, zooming along to the next zipper and collecting two rings, where the screen will fade out to bring you back to the first checkpoint.

Glitch: Final Rush: Grinding on nothing:
Jump of the very first rail just before you reach the red ''X'' at the end of it. You will still be grinding, but in mid-air.

Glitch: Green Forest: Bottomless pit:
In a two player game, select the type of game with Sonic, Shadow, Amy Rose, and Metal Sonic. Have the second player be Metal Sonic, and the first player be anyone else. Immediately after the players fly off to the stage to begin racing, have Metal Sonic put up his shield. If timed correctly, Metal Sonic should go very fast and fly into a pit where you will only see Metal Sonic falling from the bottom of the stage. He will keep falling until player one kills him with a battle move, or until the game ends by player one winning the race.

Glitch: Green Forest: Unused Spikes and Item Balloons:
Halfway through the level, you will reach a spring pattern. The springs will lead you to a vine that will make you drop onto a thing and bounce back up. When you get to the other side, fall back down to where you bounced off. It is a item balloon. Inside are five rings. While you are falling, you will see another balloon and some spinning spike balls. Inside the balloon is an extra life.
Devann Brookshire.

Glitch: Green Forest: Alternate music:
Get at least twenty lives and complete the Green Forest level in the Hero Story mode. Go to the stage selection map and enter the Green Forest level. Reset the level. Keep resetting the level about eight times. Just as the level begins, listen very closely to the music intro. Some of the guitars that were playing before in the intro previously will no longer be playing. Also some sections of the music will be remotely different from before. Note: After you have changed the level's music, you cannot change it back to normal again even after turning off the Gamecube.

Glitch: Metal Harbor: Mystery Rings:
During the part where a rocket is about to be launched, you will notice some Rings that are too high to collect.
Ruby Duckworth.

Glitch: Metal Harbor: Get stuck:
You will need at least three lives. On the second Light Dash, do the Light Dash. Go through the checkpoint, then die. Turn around and the rings will be there again. Do the Light Dash. You will be stuck on the other side until you die again.

Glitch: Metal Harbor: Walk on rails:
At the second checkpoint (after the plane field bombing area), do a Spin Dash towards the first two rings from the checkpoint. While in the air, aim to the left and do a homing attack. Try to land on the rails to the left. Note: You can only walk on the rails. The connecting platforms are not solid, and the middle is also a decoration. If you fall down in the middle, you will die as if you hit water.

Glitch: Metal Harbor: Rotating snowboard:
After you jump off the rocket and are on the snowboard, brake until you get close to the bottom of the ramp. Once you slow down enough, jump. If you look closely, you can see the board turn sideways but Sonic will still be facing forward.
Matthew Mccord.

Glitch: Pumpkin Hill: Fall into sky:
Fall to the bottom and let the wind blow you upwards. Do not move the Analog-stick. When you fall again, the wind will not blow you upwards, and you will fall. When Knuckles says "Ugh," hold A. The screen will flip, and you will fall into the sky.
steve riley.

Glitch: Pumpkin Hill: Omochao stuck on Knuckles:
Select the first mission in Pumpkin Hill. When you start you should see a red balloon in front of you. Pick up the Omochao that is in front of it and run on the rail that the balloon is on. Throw the Omochao just before you hit the balloon. If done correctly, the balloon should pop and the Omochao should be stuck on you. Note: Once the Omochao is stuck on you, fly to the nearest wall. To get unstuck, touch the ground or die.

Glitch: Pyramid Cave: Floating pyramid:
Note: You need to unlock Sonic's Pyramid Cave to do this trick. Go to Pyramid Cave and get past the first part where you have to get the key to the platform. Grind on the rail in front of you to the end but do not go through the passageway. Instead, go to the left or right and pick up the tiny pyramid. Do what you would normally do to get the key, but have the Time Pyramid with you. When you get to the platform where the key is used, put the pyramid in the center and put the key on the edge. If done correctly, the key will move to the center of the platform as usual, and go through the pyramid. The platform will sink as usual, but the pyramid will stay in the air.
zario quigi.

Glitch: Radical Highway: Earthquake:
Go to the part where you must Homing Attack the beetles to get to the other side. Instead of Homing Attacking them, jump down. Get in front of the roadblock structure and hold B to charge your Spinning attack. Hold it for about two or three seconds, then release. If done correctly, the ground should start to shake heavily. Note: If you do not have Ancient Light, you can hold it as long as desired.

Glitch: Radical Highway: Freeze game:
Go to the Radical Highway level with Sonic for player one and Shadow for player two. Have player two go to the first rocket while player one has a stop time ability (Time Stop, Chaos Control, etc.). Wait until the rocket almost ends, then have player one use the attack. If done correctly, when the attack runs out the rocket should have exploded, however player two should freeze in the air in the rocket-holding position. You can now finish the race uninterrupted. To deactivate the glitch, special attack player two with Sonic Wind, Chaos Spear, etc.
zario quigi.

Glitch: Security Hall: Floating box:
Go on any floor (preferably the yellow floor), and find the weights that crush you if you go underneath them. Do not go under them. Instead, find one of those small boxes that you can pick up. Carry it to the weight and throw it on there. It should seem to float when the weight moves up or down. Alternately, jump on top of the weight with a box and set it down there. If you go far away from the floating boxes they will disappear from the weight and return to where you first found them.

Glitch: Security Hall: Die on rocket:
In two player mode, go to where player two is located. Punch player two and he or she will die, When he or she comes down from the air, jump. When they die, they will be on the rocket .

Glitch: Continuous damage:
In two-player mode, at the end of the Final Chase level, instead of going inside the tunnel jump on top of it. Try to jump around the invisible wall in front of you (easier with Metal Sonic). If you make it, every time you go back to the tunnel, falling debris will appear. Also, if you go past the goal ring and hit he wall, you will get hurt.

Glitch: Reverse effect:
When playing as Sonic use the boosters to speed up. When you are finished with that, stop and turn around to where you came from. Then, use the Sonic Ball. He should go back up and stay backwards for awhile, then fall. Note: You will lose a life for doing this.

Glitch: Pyramid floor:
In two player mode, select any two characters on foot race (Metal Sonic recommended). Then, go to grind race. Ride the rails until you get to the pyramid, but not in it. Then, jump onto the pyramid and go to the right side of it. If you run up the side, you may start running up a wall then run up into the sky. Then, jump off when you go high above the pyramid. Head toward the point on the pyramid and go slightly to the right. This may take a few attempts. You should hit an invisible floor and stand on it, and get a good view. You can jump off it if desired.
Sonicboomcarl and Ajtell10.

Glitch: Secret dimension in Chao Garden:
Enter the Chao World as Sonic. Go to the Chao Garden. Find the area just to the left of the rocks and the waterfall. Walk into the corner and start doing repeated homing attacks. If done correctly, you will fall out of the Chao Garden and split in two. You can then fly using the Analog-stick like when you are walking. To enter a "secret dimension", fly as far away from the garden as you can until you hit the sky. You will go through it and enter a strange looking dimension. You can reenter at any time by flying back through the sky and into the garden. Note: When you reenter the garden, your Chao will be buried in the ground. To exit, run around the Chao while pressing B. Eventually they will pop out into your hands.

Glitch: Dr. Eggman spins in Chao Garden:
As Dr. Eggman jump into the pool and move into an angle of two of the edges. If you hit the angle correctly and continue holding Analog-stick Down, Dr. Eggman will start to spin very rapidly or appear that he is doubling himself.
Anthony Ware.

Glitch: Dances:
Choose Dr. Eggman and go to the Hero Chao Garden. Walk to the big plant at the top right corner of the garden. Then, walk directly into the middle of the plant and hold the Analog-stick at an angle. If done correctly, Dr. Eggman should move repeatedly and it as if he is tap dancing.

Go to the right hand corner of the Hero Garden entrance and the wall. Your character now will be able to dance. Tap the Analog-stick in the desired direction. Do not hold the Analog-stick; just tap it so that your character will not move far from the spot.

Glitch: Crooked Tails:
As Tails, go into the Chao Kindergarden. Go beside the Fortune Teller room and find the brown poster and the picture of four Chaos. Go between the two pictures and keep the Analog-Stick Up. Tails looks as if he is dancing very fast. However, if you look at his tails they are crooked until you stop.
Gary Raines.

Glitch: Strange Chao Garden behavior:
In the Hero Garden, there is a broken, overturned pillar to the left of the entrance. To find it, when you walk in it is to the right, facing the entrance. Place your Chao behind the pillar. The Chao will continuously sit, stand, turn, sit, stand, etc.

Glitch: Missing characters:
During the intermission sequence telling Gerald Robotnik's diary, when he starts telling it himself the room is empty.

Glitch: Wrong dialogue:
At the intermission sequence where you see Sonic jumping into the President's limo, just before Eggman comes onto the screen, the President will say "Exactly just what is it that you want?". However, according to the subtitles he is saying "Exactly what is it that you want?"
John MacMillan.

When battling Knuckles (Dark storyline) or Rough (Hero storyline), listen to when Rough says "Did you find my emerald?". However the text shows her saying "Did you find my emeralds?".

Glitch: Vitamin warning:
If you feed a Chao only Vitamins (the square apple from Sonic Advance) until all stats are level 99 except for Stamina before transferring the Chao to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (and possibly afterwards), when its Stamina is level 99, its number stat will be 0.
Cody Adams.

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