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Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Chaos: Level select:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Right, Left, Right, Left when "Press Start" appears at the Sonic Chaos title screen.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Chaos: Instant Chaos Emeralds:
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, B, A, B, A, B, A at the Sonic Chaos character selection screen.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Chaos: Sound Test:
Press Down(2), Up(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the Sonic Chaos title screen.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Chaos: Extra continues:
In the first Turquoise Hill Zone mission, press Up + A to make Tails fly to the top of the screen. Stay there until the CPU makes you get down. When your points are getting added up, you should get three to four continues.

Sonic Labyrinth: Level select:
Press Up(2), Right(3), Down(6), Left(9) when "Press Start Button" appears at the Sonic Labyrinth title screen.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Spinball: Level select:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Spinball: Faster background music:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 4, 2, 5, 5, 7.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Spinball: Disable gravity:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 9, 0, 1, 6, 8.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Spinball: Zoomed in view:
Enter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1, 1, 6, 6.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Level select:
At the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 title screen, Tails will blink his eyes (first once, then two times quickly). While holding Down/Left + A + B, tap Start just when his eye shuts on the second blink of the double-blink.
Jonathan Dogey.

Sonic Triple Trouble: Level select:
Hold Up when the Sega logo appears. Wait until Knuckles touches the red emerald then quickly press Start.

Tails Skypatrol: Cheat mode:
Hold UP + A + Start at the Tails Skypatrol title screen to unlock the sound test level select options.

Two player Game Gear mode:
Press Start on controller two to display a second Game Gear screen for that player. If the original Game Gear game supported the multi-player link, the current game will switch to multi-player not. If the game did not support the multi-player link, game play on each screen will be unrelated.

Toggle Game Gear game screen:
To view the Game Gear games in a smaller, not pixelated view, press L + R. Pressing L + R again will return the view back to normal.

In-game reset:
Hold Start + A + B + X for a few seconds during game play.
Jonathan Dogey.

Zoom in and out of Chao Gardens:
Go to mission mode and select Big. Go to the Chao Garden. Cast your fishing pole into the water and reel in your line. Press Y + L to zoom out, and Y + R to zoom in. If this does not work, pet a Chao then do it. This can be done in all three Chao Gardens. Note: This does not work in adventure mode.

Game Gear games:
Each time you complete ten missions or collect Sonic Emblems, you will unlock a new Sonic mini-game. After unlocking the first mini-game, Sonic The Hedgehog, the "Mini Game Collection" option will appear as a play mode at the main menu.
Jonathan Dogey.

There are a total twelve Game Gear games. They are unlocked as follows:

0 to 100 Emblems: One Game Gear game for every 20 Emblems.
100 to 130 Emblems: One Game Gear game for every 10 Emblems.
0 to 60 missions: One Game Gear game for every 20 missions.
Tails Adventure is unlocked for getting the other 11 missions.

The games are unlocked in the following order:

Sonic 1
Sonic Drift 1
Sonic Chaos
Sonic Spinball
The order then varies from here onward for: Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic 2, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift 2, Tails Skypatrol, Sonic Blast, and Tails Adventure.

Play as Super Sonic:
Complete the game using all six starting characters to unlock Super Sonic. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic after some time into the next game.

Play As Metal Sonic:
Collect all 130 Emblems to unlock Metal Sonic in trail mode.

Play as Tails:
Controller two may be used for Tails after he is obtained during game play in story mode. Note: Shields, invincibility and extra life boxes have no effect on Tails if collected. Note: If Tails goes too far away from Sonic, he will appear next to Sonic.

Mission mode:
Successfully complete the game in adventure mode with all characters to unlock the "Mission Mode" option at the main menu.

Hint: Light Spin Dash:
Charge up with B until you have the cyan color surrounding you, Then, hold B and charge up with Y but do not hold it. Press Y and release (as you would with the normal Spin Dash). Then, while you are in the ball the spikes should be blue (as when you jump charged up). Usually when you run out of speed in the ball, you will go back to the running state. However if done correctly you should do the Light Dash/Light Attack after the complete deceleration of the speed.

Hint: Keep song playing:
In the Sound Test menu, highlight a song then press A + B. If done correctly, you will exit back to the category menu and the chosen song will play and continue until one of three things happens: it ends (if the song is something such as the main theme or main character's Minus E-102 Gammas theme),you leave sound test, or enter another category then leave.

Hint: Easy rings:
This trick requires a Game Boy Advance and link cable. Buy a colored Chao egg (purple, light green, or orange recommended). Hatch the egg and get a Chao to put the shell on its head. Put the Chao on your Game Boy Advance using the link cable. When you leave the Game Boy appearing object in the garden, a copy of your Chao will fall out. Throw the Chao against a wall until the shell comes off its head. Sell the shell. Take your Chao out of the Game Boy Advance. The Chao will still have the shell on its head. Repeat this for as many rings as desired.

As Knuckles, dig around in Station Square and in the Mystic Ruins until you find an electric shield. Then go into the hotel at Station Square. Go up to the ring button. Step on it, and the rings should come to you. As soon as the rings are all touching you, more rings will appear. Once you have as many rings as desired, complete the level. You will get all the rings you earned.

Hint: NiGHTS reference:
Go to the Casino level as Sonic. Go to the pinball machine with the NiGHTS board. In the top right corner area, you should see a blinking pink arrow pointing into an area. Keep hitting Sonic with the right bumper (or left, if desired) until you go through that space. You will enter another board. Let Sonic drop on the new board. You will not lose a ball, but will go into what looks like a level that could be from NiGHTS into Dreams. In the middle, you will see NiGHTS doing something above one of the temple things that lets you turn into NiGHTS when you are Elliot or Claris.
Christian Mincks.

Glitch: Mid air float:
Go to the Egg Carrier from the Mystic Ruins or Station Square. Once you are there, you should be facing the stairs where you came from. Jump and move towards the stairs. You should float, descend slowly, and automatically go to the dock.

Glitch: Man falls through floor:
After you complete the game, go to the burger shop. You will find a man with his arms out. Press B next to him to pick him up. Go into the burger shop and stand in front of one of the tables. Press B again to drop him. Instead of standing still, he will fall through the floor and will appear outside. If this did not happen, exit the screen and return.
Christopher Deane.

Glitch: Die after defeating Egg Hornet:
When playing as Sonic, fight the Egg Hornet. When it is down to its last hit, let Eggman drill into you. Do not get any rings back. Deliver the last hit and wait for the machinery to fall off the Egg Hornet. After that, jump up and hit Eggman. Sonic will say "No", then the game will total up your points. However, Sonic will faint as he says "Hey, I'll play with you some other time" and die. Note: You will have to fight the Egg Hornet again if this happens. This also works during trail mode.

Glitch: Kill Perfect Chaos without Super Sonic:
Make sure you only have about five rings remaining when you do this. As Super Sonic, ram yourself into Perfect Chaos with only one ring remaining and you will turn back into Sonic inside Chaos. If he only has one health, he will die, then you will die.

Glitch: See Shadow as Super Sonic:
When you get to the Perfect Chaos fight, go under a waterfall but put Super Sonic on the other side of it. If done correctly, you should see a figure of Shadow (from Sonic Adventure 2).

Glitch: Quicker Super Sonic acceleration:
When you get to the Perfect Chaos fight, instead of running, jump and hold the Analog-stick in the direction that you want to go. You should turn to the Bolt of Lightning with at least two or three of these jumps.

Glitch: Grinding Perfect Chaos' blast:
Do not go to hit Perfect Chaos. Stay there and when Perfect Chaos goes to shoot the beam, jump on it. You should rise with the beam. Note: This may require practice.

Glitch: Half Chao, half ship in ground:
In Eggman's ship, go to that Chao World. There will be a giant ship in the ground slightly. Walk up to it and throw the Chao against the ship. It will get stuck. To get it out, just do a attack and it go flying.
Alex belauste.

Glitch: Floating dash panels:
When at Emerald Coast as Sonic, go to the part where he is chased by the whale. Slow down a slightly, and you may notice that the whale is destroying the bridge, but the dash panels remained unharmed and will remain floating in air.

Glitch: Knuckles turns green:
When you have all upgrades. go to the Master Emerald. Start punching it. Knuckles will be inside the Master Emerald. Start punching again and he will go outside, but will be the same color as the Master Emerald. This takes some time.

Glitch: Two Knuckles:
Complete Knuckles' Adventure mode 100%, then go to the Mystic Ruins. Go to Angel Island (where the Master Emerald is located), then search around until you find Eggman. Beside him is another Knuckles.

Glitch: Tails in Emerald Coast:
As Tails, go to Station Square. Go to the pool at the hotel. When you get to the pool, there is a corner that is underneath a balcony. Note: This next part may be easier with the jet anklet. Go to that corner and try to walk into it. When you are underneath, fly up and do not move the Analog-stick. If done correctly, you will go through the balcony. Quickly go through the wall and fly to the entrance to Emerald Coast. Do not go back through the wall. If you do not go to Emerald Coast, but are on the beach, do not jump or go away from the gate or you will die and must start again. Just walk to the gate and you will enter Emerald Coast. Note: You cannot go to Windy and Ripply. There is only blue haze and a useless spring. You will fall and go back to the pool.

Glitch: Tails through ground:
As Tails, go to the newsstand and jump on the green overhang. Fly to the top of the newsstand building. You will be pushed left. When you land, move to the corner. You will fall through the ground. Note: You will die when this happens.

Glitch: Get Tails into Super Sonic level:
Have all upgrades for Tails, then fly onto the train station above the entrance. Start flying into the wall then fall while you are directly against the wall.

Glitch: Enter Metal Sonic's tube:
As Sonic, go to the building where E 102 Gamma was built. Enter the construction tube of Gamma then dash or spin dash into the wall area behind the tube. If done correctly, you should be inside the wall. Walk over to Metal Sonic's or the Mysterious Hedgehog's tube. Note: The hedgehogs do not move while you are in the tube. They just float and stand.

Glitch: Stay underwater forever:
Note You need the Life Belt for this to work and can only be done in mission mode. Select Big and enter the sewer part underneath where Tails gets his Jet Anklet. Hold A so that Big stands on the bottom of the sewer and cast your lure (with A still held). Next, move the lure about and reel it in until you get a view of Big. You will see that some of his head is underwater as he is sitting down and he will not drown.
John Bowley.

Glitch: Stay blue while in Light Dash mode:
Do not get by any Rings (you will need the Light Shoes) and press B. When Sonic says "Ready", hold B and you will stay blue. Note: This requires some practice.

Glitch: Tornado jump:
On the final battle, when Chaos sends out tornadoes, jump if you see one appear and Chaos will be hit. Note: This is extremely difficult to do.
C.J. Flack.

Glitch: Walk without moving legs:
Go to Chao World. Make sure your character is facing the screen. Then, move the Analog-stick downwards so that your character is in a sort of karate crane stance with one leg up. Then, move the Analog-stick slightly more downwards. Your character should be on one leg and begin to move. Note: Make sure you are not walking.
Unity X3.

Glitch: Incomplete Master Emerald:
Complete every characters' adventure. Go to the Master Emerald as any character except Knuckles. You will see that the Emerald is completely restored. Then, go to the Master Emerald as Knuckles and it will look like a piece of it is still missing.
John Bowley.

Glitch: Break through barrier:
When you reach the end level and are off your snowboard, Spin Dash many times with different amounts of speed to break through the invisible barrier. When your at the start of the level and reach the part where your going to snowboard, run as far as you can to the bottom until you see a jump pad on a hill (jump pad #2). Go on to it and press A repeatedly. You should be able to jump from there.
Kyle Myskiw.

Glitch: Transport while off transporter:
With Sonic, go to the Chao Garden. As soon as you step on the transporter spin, press B. You will be transported to the garden you were going to, while not being on the transporter.
Raheem Olatoto.

Glitch: Angel Island: Floating:
Go to Angel Island. Look down with the C-stick at the bridge or the edge of Angel Island. You will see that Angel Island is floating.

Glitch: Angel Island: Tails in level:
As Tailsm go to the ice cave. Stand at the entrance and helicopter (fly up) to the top. Note: This takes some time. If done correctly, you should be on top of the ice cave. Fly in the direction of Angel Island. Note: While on Angel Island the Master Emerald will be gone completely. the Red Mountain level will be open, although you cannot enter it. Just fly in and out. The area with the door to the cave will not be available (you cannot enter the small area).

Glitch: Angel Island: Undead Knuckles:
When you get to the Angel Island area, jump over the edge on the left and stay close to the wall. When you hear Knuckle's dying sound, move over to the wall and try to grab onto it. Knuckle's will grab on and you can still climb up or down the wall, etc. Note: You will lose a life when this happens.

Glitch: Casinopolis: Glowing pinball:
Before you go into one of the Pinball Transporters, charge up and do not release. When you turn into the pinball, you should be a Light Charged pinball. When you are in pinball mode, release B or Y. When you die you will change back unless you hold B or Y. Note: This may slow you down on the pinball table.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Cling onto door opening:
Go to the Egg Carrier as Knuckles. Run as fast as you can and glide towards a door. Keep gliding towards it when it opens. As the screen fades to black before you enter the room, you should see that Knuckles actually clings onto the black opening as if it was an obstacle.
John Bowley.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Chaos Emerald changes color before landing:
When the Tornado lands on the Egg Carrier, the Chaos Emerald changes from red to white, then back to red.
Michael Gran.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Infinite Abyss:
Get on the side where you come from Station Square. Gain speed and break through the invisible barrier that blocks you. You will now be on the front of the Egg Carrier. Walk to the edge and you will get underwater. Walk back to the base of the ship. You can see the black hole that is at the bottom of every stage. Keep going until you pass that point to get under the Egg Carrier. If you now fall into the black hole, you will not die. To exit, you must quit the level.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Disappearance :
After you land on the Egg Carrier in Sonic's or Tails' story, press Start while the Egg Carrier is transforming. The Egg Carrier should disappear. When you continue, it will appear again.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Sonic goes through the swimming pool:
With Sonic, enter the swimming pool room on the Egg Carrier. Do not touch the Analog-stick. Do a Spin Dash. Sonic will go through the corner of one of the stairs in the pool and die.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Enter the past earlier:
As Knuckles on the Egg Carrier, instead of entering the scene on the deck area go around the building area and into the door to the pool room. Stand at the front of the pool and fall down. Note: Make sure not to jump down into the pool. This may require a few attempts. You will now be in the small area to the Sky Deck level for Knuckles. Enter and complete the level. Soon you will be in the past (the place with Tikal and the Chaos) and no intermission sequence will trigger. Remove your memory card before doing this glitch. After performing this glitch your saved data will permanently be saved onto that area and you will never be able to leave this area. This occurs when the memory card is left in the system when this glitch is performed.

Glitch: Egg Carrier: Fall through level:
Go inside Egg Carrier through air. As Tails, go to the small pool building area on the Egg Carrier. Fly on top of it then go down to the left hatch (wing). Fly into it until you can enter the interior. Note: If you try the right hatch this will not work. If done correctly, you will now be inside the Egg Carrier where there is water and sky. There is a endless pit or hole somewhere here. If you fall you must restart the game. It is best to just stay on the interior of the wing when trying this glitch.

Glitch: Emerald Beach: Knuckles:
Get the man at the burger stand (the statue) and put him close to the right at the coastal beach gate, but not too close. Try to glide on top of him. This may require a few attempts. If you did it correctly, Knuckles will be in Emerald Beach. Note: When you enter the jungle part, it will not be like with Tails where the level ends. You will be in a place behind the jungle entrance rock. You will die trying to get back to land.
Michael Bigdog.

Glitch: Emerald Coast: Sonic sinks through ground:
Go behind the pool of the hotel to the entrance of Emerald Coast. Use the B Spin Dash attack into the entrance. Make a slight turn to the right and Sonic should start to sink into the sand.

Glitch: Emerald Coast: Amy through gate:
Although some strategies require taking the statue from the burger shop to do this action, you still can but there is an easier way. Go to the left corner of the gate blocking the entrance to Emerald Coast. Keep jumping and pressing B. You will go through the gate and arrive in Emerald Coast. Unfortunately, once you reach the giant whale chase, you will die because Amy is not fast enough.
Jeremy Lyon.

Glitch: Ice Cap: Strange areas and events:
As Tails, enter the Ice Cap level. When you get to the section where you must break through sections of ice among big ice chunks (not the tunnel), start moving to the big rock on the left after you break through the ice. Just before you hit the rock, rapidly press A while holding the Analog-stick Left to try and jump up to the top of the rock. This part is extremely difficult and may require several attempts. Once you are on top of the rock, there should be a rock or two on the right. Move towards the rocks and you should move through them, being able to see Tails inside the rock as he moves through. When he is out of the rock, Tails will begin falling toward a strange white area, with part of Ice Cap visible on the right side of the screen. When that area of Ice Cap vanishes, Tails will become stuck and will not be able to move. However small bubbles (supposed to be snow) will still fly off Tails' snowboard. Make sure to hold the Analog-stick Forward. Though unable to move, Tails will still be progressing on the race position bar on the bottom of the screen, eventually passing Sonic. When Tails' icon gets close to the end of the bar, the white area Tails is stuck in will suddenly change. The new area has a white funnel with what looks like sky at the bottom of it, and the rest of the screen is covered in a mysterious dark blue. Tails will be suspended over the funnel. When the area changes, Sonic will shoot forward on the bar. When he nears the end, Tails will fall through the funnel and die.

Glitch: Mystic Ruins: Enter Icecap without climbing ladder:
Go to the icy part of the Mystic Ruins as Tails. Approach the ladder as close as possible, but not too close or else you may grab onto the ladder when you jump. Then fly up (providing that you have not grabbed onto the ladder) and you may enter Icecap without climbing up the ladder.
John Bowley.

Glitch: Mystic Ruins: Die while climbing:
As Knuckles, climb up and down Big's tree near his house at the Mystic Ruins jungle. You will eventually hear and see a splash of water. Tiny bubbles will also rise from Knuckles. Stay there for awhile and the drowning music and counter will start. Let it finish, and you will fall off the tree and drown in mid-air.

Glitch: Mystic Ruins: Death rocks:
Go to the Mystic Ruins as Knuckles. Go to the rocks in front of the ice cave. Run into the rocks at your highest speed. If your view changes so you cannot see Knuckles, you should hear him dying.

Glitch: Mystic Ruins: Moving ancient structure:
As Tails, get to the jungle part. Fly forward towards the ancient tower. When you get there, you should see that one of the structures is turning into a statue of an Echidna.

Glitch: Mystic Ruins: Make music stop:
After completing Hot Shelter with Big the Cat, you will be at the Mystic Ruins in the past. Go to the cave behind you. There will be a door. Go into the door and it will bring you back to the altar in the past. Run up the stairs, then run down at top speed. When you are almost all the way down, repeatedly press A. This will turn off the Mystic Ruin's music. Note press Start to turn the music back on again.
Nikstrife and Rai berrios.

Glitch: Red Mountain: Fall through ground:
Select Sonic and go to Red Mountain. Go to the area with the big spike ball and little air-spout things. A few feet in front of the ball is a geyser. Run around it a little. If you hit the correct location, you will fall through

Glitch: Speed Highway: Pass through obstacles:
When running down the wall in Speed Highway, press (and do not hold) B to do a Spin Dash. Sonic will roll and you can pass through obstacles.

Glitch: Station Square: Strange sound:
As any character in adventure mode, go to Station Square's City Hall. Move through the path of trees to the left and you will hear the sound of glass breaking. If you hear it and want to hear it again, repeat the process.

Glitch: Station Square: No track on train:
Select any character and go to Station Square. Then, go into the train station and go up to the train. Do not get in the train. Next, go as far as you can towards the front of the train. You will notice the train is standing on a track. Press R and if done correctly, you will see that at the end of the tunnel is just sky and clouds, but no track.

Glitch: Station Square: Invisible wall slam :
As Sonic, go to the Train Station in Station Square. Do not go in yet, just charge up fully. When the doors open, release B or Y. You should hit a wall that is not there.

Glitch: Station Square: Run on water:
As Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, or E-102, go to the boat in Station Square that goes to the Egg Carrier. Once you are on the ship, go down the stairs that takes you back to the boat. Once your down there, rotate the camera so that you are facing the stairs (where you came from). On the left side of the stairs, jump on the water and start running. You should be running on the water. Note: Do not rotate the cameras while you are on the water. If you do, you will fall and die.

Glitch: Station Square: Internal hollowing:
Go to the part near the hotel where the cars go in and out. With Tails or Knuckles, go to that part in a ball. You should just roll in place. In a few seconds, the inside part of the body will shrink and disappear. When this happens, in a few seconds you will return to normal. Note: This may not happen anywhere else.

Glitch: Station Square: Nothing to see:
With any character, go to the patch of grass on the side of the Speed Highway Building. Rotate the camera with R and you should see water and sky, but nothing else except cars going back and forth.

Glitch: Station Square: Go through building:
As Super Sonic, before ramming Perfect Chaos go backward and press Forward on the building until you go through one of them. Note: This requires very a few attempts.

Glitch: Super Sonic: White Sonic:
While in the Super Sonic level, reach the part where Sonic falls asleep. If you (in the flash back) jump into the fire, it should not hurt you. While in the fire, charge up until Sonic says "Ready" and wait until the fire goes around to you. Sonic will turn white for a little while.
Killer Eddton.

Glitch: Twinkle Park: Froggy swimming on land:
When playing as Big in Twinkle Park, when you cast your line to catch Froggy make him follow it to about five meters away from you. When he grabs it, make sure it is not a catch. Reel him in very quickly with A, and he will be swimming on land.

Glitch: Wind Valley: Enter without going into level:
When you are about to first enter Wind Valley, place the Wind Stone on the key slot. Before the stone is completely placed, jump onto the area that sends you to the level, so that your character is floating in air. When the stone is completely placed, instead of your character going into the level, he or she will still be floating in air, and you will still enter the level.
Matt Soulia.

Glitch: Wind Valley: Clashing your shield:
As Sonic, get a Ring Magnet Shield or a Regular Shield. Before you get to the part when you run down the wall there are three Dash Panels in front of you. Spin Dash and when you get on the wall your shield should be in front of you. Note: This may require practice.

Glitch: Windy Valley: Die on cloud:
After finishing the level, while you are falling, press Analog-stick Up. You will fall into the clouds and die instead of reentering the level.

Glitch: Night sky in Mystic Ruins Chao Garden:
Start a new game. Play as Sonic and go to the Station Square Chao Garden after completing Emerald Coast. Then, go to the Mystic Ruins. Go to the Chao Garden in the Mystic Ruins and get out. Then keep playing his adventure until where you must go to the casino. Instead of going to the casino, go to the Station Square Chao Garden and go to the Mystic Ruins garden by the transporting circle that reads "Mystic Ruins". When you get there, you will see the night sky. Note:This will not work in the S.S. Chao Garden.

Glitch: Rebel capsule destruction:
Charge up before you destroy the capsule. When you jump on top of the capsule you should dash out of the way. Sometime you will destroy the capsule but you will not be on top of it.

Glitch: Closer view of stages:
Go to a stage and hold R + L. You will be directly behind the character when they do certain things in stages. Note: You may not see things that are normally seen in stages.

Glitch: Wrong music in sound test:
Go to the sound test menu, and look for the Chao entrance BGM. It is not the correct song. It is actually the song from Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast.
Jason Lambert.

Glitch: Invincible Big:
As Big, go to a stage and cast your line. If you get hit by an enemy you should not lose rings.

Glitch: Locked out of Speed Highway:
Play Sonic's story in Adventure mode. Before you go to Speed Highway. get the ID Card. Do not use the ID Card to open the door to Speed Highway Instead, run over to the jetty while carrying the ID Card. Go to the edge of the Jetty in Station Square, jump and throw the ID Card into the sea. If you look at it, the ID Card will sink into the sea. It will not come back out. You will not be able to open the door to go through Speed Highway.
Cameron Hons.

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