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Soul Calibur 2

Alternate introduction screen:
Successfully complete all Weapon Master missions.
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Unlock all modes, weapons, and characters to hear Sophitia say "Soul Calibur 2" at the "Press Start" screen.
Dil Man.

Unlock everything (all characters, modes, artworks, costumes, weapons, etc.) to hear Voldo breathing strangely at the "Press Start" screen.
The Dragons Fangs.

If you have collected enough secrets in the game, you may start hearing a character's voice saying, "Soul Calibur 2" at the title screen instead of the narrator. Normally, the character's voice you will be hearing more frequently will depend how much you use that character.

When you end Extra Survival mode - No Recovery with a score higher than 30 you will unlock the Home Opening Video in the Demo Theatre Room and a new background for the opening screen, showing all the characters' main weapons on a set. There is also another voice (apart from the characters and the narrator voice) that can now be heard during the opening sequence.
Clemente Tyrer Cárdenas.

Alternate costumes:
Highlight any fighter at the character selection screen then press Guard.

Alternate stages:
Some of the stages that can be unlocked in weapon master mode have alternates. To choose an alternate, highlight the desired stage and press Right or Left. Not all stages have alternates, and some have more than one.

One person demos:
If you wait at the title screen, a demo fight will play. After that, rankings of players will appear on screen. Finally it will announce the word "Namco" and a random character will appear. They will do fight/dance demonstrations that range from Raphael's Spanish Flamingo to a spine twisting performance from Voldo. Some are shorter than others, and sometimes instead of showing the single character demos, the opening will repeat itself. Keep trying, and it will eventually appear.

Character statements:
At the versus screen, press A, B, Y, X, L, R, Z, or any direction on the C-stick for various optional character statements before the match.

Character profiles:
To unlock profiles for any character, successfully complete arcade mode with that person.
Cole Mullenbach.

Use the following trick to unlock the character profiles easily. First, change the options to "Character Change At Continue." Then, go to single player player arcade or extra arcade mode and choose a character that you are strong with. Then, fight your way to Inferno. Lose, then press Start and choose a character that you did not get a profile for. Defeat Inferno to unlock the second character's profile. Note: You cannot enter your name for the high scores when you lose.

Change character profile view:
Select any character in character profiles. Once you are in his or her profile menu, tap L or R to have the character turn around. Note: Keep tapping to have him or her move in a complete 360.

Voice actor names:
After unlocking a character's profile in arcade or extra arcade, enter the characters' profile. When you are at his/her profile, select "Voice". Once in this new menu, press the L. A small box just above the menu will appear for a few seconds, giving the name of the actor/actress who played the voice of the character.
snakehound01 and Midget_Me.

Fight as Assassin:
To unlock Assassin, you must already have weapon master mode completed once. In chapter 8, complete the stage "Crystal Mine", in both the extra and normal missions. This will open up a path to sub-chapter 3. The second mission in sub-chapter 3 is called "Castle Of The Damned". Since you hav already completed the game once, you will have an extra mission for "Castle Of The Damned", in which your opponents are faster. You must defeat the enemies, who are (in this order): Voldo, Ivy, Yoshimitsu, Taki, and Assassin. Complete the level to unlock Assassin. He is available in all two player modes except for arcade and extra arcade. He is also available in practice and extra practice modes. Assassin has six costumes to choose from, and some of the best combo and juggling moves in the game.

Fight as Berserker:
Successfully complete all 10 chapters, then replay sub chapter 1. This should be a dungeon where you fight lots of berserkers. Defeat the Boss to unlock Berserker in all modes except weapon master mode.

Fight as Charade:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 2. The first mission in chapter 3 (western-most mission) will have you fighting Charade. You can only do a ring out to win this match. Defeating Charade will unlock him/her/it in all modes. Charade plays much like Edge Master/Inferno.

Fight as Cervantes:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 3. The last area in chapter 3 (the eastern-most mission) will occur on the Pirate Ship level, and the last character fought will be Cervantes. When he is defeated, he will become playable in all modes.

Fight as Lizardman:
Successfully complete sub-chapter 2 in weapon master mode. Lizardman will only be available in two player team battle mode, versus mode, extra versus mode, and basically any mode that involves two players. The only single player mode he is in is practice mode. Lizardman does not have a move list, but most of his grapple moves are similar to Nightmare's.
Nightmare and Stephen Mader.

Fight as Nightmare:
Successfully complete weapon master mode. Then, successfully complete weapon master mode again in a harder difficulty setting. Then, successfully complete weapon master mode again. Defeat Inferno to unlock Nightmare.

Fight as Sophitia:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 4. The final area (eastern-most) will be a dungeon, with the last Boss being Sophitia. Defeating her to unlock her in all modes.

Fight as Seung Mina:
In weapon master mode, get to chapter 6. Near the middle of the chapter, there will be a palace icon. This fight will be against Seung Mina. Defeating her will unlock her in all modes.

Fight as Yoshimitsu:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 2. The last area in chapter 2 (eastern-most mission) is a dungeon area. The final "Boss" of the dungeon is Yoshimitsu. Defeating him will unlock him in all modes.

Sub-chapter 2:
To unlock sub-chapter 2, after reaching level 72, complete either the regular or extra mission on stage 3 of chapter 4.

Martial art demonstration mode:
In weapon master mode, complete the southern-most mission of chapter 3. When complete, a road will form to the south, into a "subchapter." The shop in this area sells all of the character weapon demonstrations.

Select arcade mode. After you choose your character; press A while the stage loads to hear your character taunt the second player.

Select weapon master mode. Hold the Analog-stick in any direction before a match to hear your character taunt using a quote from arcade mode.

Slow motion replay with camera control:
Press R during a replay and control the camera by pressing the Analog-stick.
Victor Trevino.

Default name entry:
Complete the game in arcade mode and enter the same character (such as "A") in all positions in your name. The entry will change to the default name of the character used.

Alternately, press Start when entering a name.

Extra arcade mode:
Successfully complete arcade mode as any character.

Extra vs. mode:
Successfully complete extra arcade mode as any character.

Extra vs. team battle mode:
Successfully complete extra team battle mode with any character.

Extra survival mode:
Successfully complete survival mode with at least ten wins.

Extra practice mode:
Successfully complete weapon master mode as any character.

Extra vs. team battle mode:
Successfully complete extra team battle mode:

Extra time attack mode:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding type of Extra time attack mode.

Alternative: Complete Weapon Master Chapter 9 Mission 4.
Extreme: Complete Extra Chapter 1, Stage 1.
Standard: Complete Weapon Master Chapter 5, Stage 1.

Arcade version opening:
Play the game in extra time attack mode under the extreme difficulty setting four times.

Home version opening:
Play the game in extra survival mode with the no recovery setting four times.

Demo theater and character bios:
Successfully complete arcade mode or extra arcade mode with any character.

Soul Edge weapons:
To get the Soul Edge Weapons for for Asaroth and Necrid, redo every dungeon until you find them. For everyone else, get to Extra Chapter 1 by completing the level in WM and EWM modes where you must defeat Cassandra and Sophita. When completed, in the first new area you can buy all the Soul Edge weapons for about 8,000 gold each.

Soul Calibur weapons:
Clear all of Sub-Chapter 4, Mt. Procyon, to unlock Extra Chapter 2 (Cephues). You will now be able to buy all Soul Calibur weapons, ending arcade version costumes for Voldo,Taki, Talim, Seung Mina, Cassandra, and Sophitia.

To get the Soul Caliburs and other legendary weapons for all of the characters, go to Extra Mission Cepheus. To get to Cepheus, fully complete Rigel in Weapon Master mode, Procyon will then become available. Go to Procyon and defeat Lynx Arbor. A new path should open up to Cepheus.
Merlyn Bruce.

To get the Soul Calibur weapons, complete "Castle Of The Damned" on EWM mode to open up a new path. Follow the path until you reach the dungeon. You can now buy the Soul Calibur weapons.

Only some characters have a weapon called Soul Calibur. Other weapons, such as Link's Great Fairy Sword, are "Soul Calibur" grade weapons, and are based on what is would be the most powerful weapon from where the that person originates.
Roberto Guerrero-Soto.

Hint: Easy money:
After successfully completing chapter 1, return to the training area (the first mission) and complete training again. Almost every time, you will get between 300 to 500 experience points, and between 300 and 600 gold.

Go to the gambling fight with the bonus for each hit landed on the opponent.

Go to the level where you must face four people and get a bonus. This will be stated at the top where the article is located. Land as many hits as possible (Talim is recommended). You will receive about 28,000 gold.

In weapon master mode, go to chapter 9 (Algol). In the second stage is a tournament where you can get a bonus of 1,000 to 2,000 gold per hit. You will fight three to five enemies. By the time you win, you will gain between 20,000 to 35,000 gold. You can keep repeating this strategy until you get the desired amount of goal. This is best done the first time you play, as it will get increasingly difficult in the later times that you play.
M M.

To gain a lot of money in a short time, go to the options screen and set the game to the "Easy" difficulty setting and the time to be infinite. Then, with any character, complete the game. After doing this, you automatically get 1,000 gold. Continue this as long as needed. This is also an easy way to unlock character's biographies in "Museum" mode.

In weapon master mode, go to Chapter 9, Algol, and go to stage 2, Ancient Amphitheater. Do not do the extra mission if you cannot survive with it blowing up. Fight the people there. If you are skilled, you might get from 20000 to over 30000 gold.

You can earn fast money and experience by the time you reach level 72. Complete Chapter 4 (Mizar), Merope Monastery (normal or extra mission) to unlock Subchapter 2 (Alioth). This Subchapter is difficult. However, with the right characters and weapons you will get a large amount of money. It is recommended that you use Nightmare with Soul Calibur or Soul Edge (complete) on Ceres Stronghold (extra mission). Arecommended attack you should repeat is Y + Toward your opponent. Repeat this process until you have the desired amount of money or experience. You can also try the other missions in that area if desired. Note: Every time you complete a level, the next time you play it the amount of money and experience you get decreases.
Kaden S.

Hint: Regaining health:
When you are in a dungeon and do not regain full health back after a battle, just go to the first square in it and fight there. You will start at full health again.
Krahs Emag Sitemaster.

Hint: Higher ranking titles:
Rankings are based on experience in edge master mode. A good level to earn fast experience is Er Rai. It is in extra chapter 2 (Cepheus). For example, 500,000 experience earns you level 77, Grand Edgemaster Of The Basilisk.
Big Roge.

Hint: Defeating Inferno in arcade mode:
When you finally reach Inferno, the last Boss on the first arcade mode when playing as Nightmare, keep pressing A + X to do a four-hit combo to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Taki:
Taki's weakness are vertical hits because they are faster on her.

Hint: Defeating Voldo in weapon master mode:
The first time you meet Voldo in weapon master mode you must hit him twenty times in twenty seconds. Do a ring out; even if you only have hit him less than nineteen times, you will pass.

Hint: Easy ring outs:
Get your opponent to the edge of the ring as Nightmare. Do a back and vertical slash. Your opponent will fly into the air and fall out of the ring.

With any character, press Forward + Low Kick.

Hint: Cassandra: Fire move:
To do this move you need to Soul Charge. Then, do the Angelic Twirl, pause for moment, then press B. This will do a powerful fire move.
pigeon_man89 something.

Hint: Ivy: Easy wins:
Go near the edge of the stage (with your back facing it) and have your opponent follow you. Use Primal Dominance (A + G) for instant ring outs. If your opposition does not fall off but is close to the edge (this time with his/her back facing it), use Rising Mind Shatter (Up + K) to send them off.

Hint: Kilik: Easy wins:
In weapon master mode, choose either the Kunloon Bamboo Rod or Jingu Rod. Only use horizontal attacks in the battle. When you have hit your opponent on the ground, run towards them. Even when you reach them, keep running forward. When your opponent starts to get up, press A while still holding Forward. This will catch your opponent off-guard almost every time, and will keep hitting them to the ground. Keep repeating this and they will never have a chance to hit you.

Hint: Link: Easy wins:
Do Link's throw near the edge (A + B) in weapon master mode for an automatic win.
DareDevil and SniperWolf.

Get close to your opponent and do your grab move (A+ B). When the enemy is down, get next to him. When he is getting up, keep doing the grab move. When he is up, if you are still doing the grab move he will not have time to attack or block. Keep doing this until you defeat your opponent.
mike sender.

Note: This tip is most effective against CPU opponents. At the start of a fight, press A + B to throw your opponent into the air. While they are airborne, press Up + Y to attack your opponent while it is in the air. Once they are on the ground, repeatedly press X to kick them until they get up. Once they are on their feet again, repeat.

In weapon master and extra mode, equip Razor Sword or Megaton Hammer. Dash towards the opponent and press the vertical attack button and use the vertical slash. This does about one quarter damage when they are standing and one sixth damage when they are down.

This works at any ring. Select Link and go to the edge of the ring. Wait for your opponent to get close enough to use the A + G grapple and whip them out of the ring.
Jeremiah Hebbel.

Hint: Link: Upper Slash:
Press Up/Forward + A.

Hint: Link: Trick attack:
Do the move where Link does a slash and then spins around to attack their feet and keep pressing Y.

Hint: Maxi: Auto-followups:
When using Maxi, it is important to note that some attacks with the nunchuku continue after you have entered a particular command, seemingly automatically.

Hint: Mitsurugi: Combo attack throw:
To do this combo, press Toward(2), A + K and hold it. It will have an extra attack than the regular A + K.
pigeon_man89 something.

Hint: Necrid: Easy ring outs:
The following combo allows Necrid to ring out an opponent from two distances. While rising, press K(2). The first Kick can score a ring out if your opponent is extremely close to the edge of the stage. The second kick can ring out the opponent if they are a short distance away from the stage's edge. Practicing it in Training mode is recommended.
Logan Hanisak.

Hint: Nightmare: Easy wins:
Do the night lower stance (Left B + K) and Earth Divide (Down, Down/Right, Right, B) twice for an easy K.O.

To kill your opponent easily, use Nightmare with Soul Edge Growth or anything better. Begin running at your opponent. While running, press B. Nightmare will spin around and knock them onto the ground. Once you hit them down, do it again. You can kill your opponents without them even getting up.

Equip Nightmare with Glam, soul charge during the fight. and use Earth Divide. This will kill your opponent in one hit.

Run up to the enemy and press Y to attack. This will take away a lot of HP if it is not blocked or dodged.

Enter Night Reverse Side Stance, then in a pattern press A + Y.

Hint: Nightmare: Siegried look-alike:
Buy the alternate costume for Nightmare in Chapter 4 in Weapon Master mode. This costume looks just like Siegfried in Soul Calibur. If you choose Nightmare's first weapon, it will become Siegfried's sword.

Hint: Raphael: Easy win:
Repeatedly perform the rapid Y horizontal attack. This can kill all enemies except very fast ones (for example, Assassin).
Graham Fowler.

When close to the edge, grab your opponent. He should be knocked off if you use the grab where he hits them multiple times with his sword.

Hint: Seung Mina: Health gain:
Select Seung Mina and equip her ultimate weapon, the Hraesvelgr. While in battle, you can regain lots of health quickly with this weapon if you do her spinning staff attack. Whether it hits the opponent or not, you will gain health. Note: If you are not attacking, the weapon will drain your health, so be careful.

Hint: Taki: Easy win:
Use the A(2), Y(2) combo. It is very effective and fast.

Hint: Taki: Strong kick combo:
When you get hit first, press L + R + Up + X (Kick) together in any position. You will do a kick combo. Note: You have to get close to your opponent.

Hint: Taki: Hidden moves:
Use Soul Charge. Once in Soul Charge, there are at least two moves that are not on your command list. The first one is Down, B. Taki will move her hands around until she finally does a palm strike. The second one is Down/Back + K You will jump back, then press Y.

To do an unknown move, do Soul Charge (A + B + K; or Z). Then, press Down, B to do a move that is not on the command list. Note: It is weak.
pigeon_man89 something.

Hint: Talim: Easy wins:
Unlock "Extra Chapter", then go to that chapter's shop and purchase the "Soul Blade (complete)" for Talim. When Talim is selected, choose the "Soul Blade (complete)". When fighting repeatedly press A or Y. When your opponent is hit it will create more damage than her Tonfa. Also, if she hits the opponent her health will go up as the enemy's health decreases.

Hint: Voldo: Easy weapon master mode:
Use Voldo to complete weapon master mode by running at the opponent, then press Y and continue this for an easy ring out. This will cut the time to completing weapon master mode in half.

Hint: Voldo: Easy wins:
When in a level with no walls, you can have an easy kill. As soon as the battle begins hold the Analog-stick towards your opponent to run. When you are close enough to hit him, tap Y. This will elbow your opponent, and make him fly back. Keep running towards him and elbowing him until he flies off the ring.

Hint: Yoshimitsu: Easy wins:
Use either of his frontal throws (BG or AG) and constantly use them until the enemy is defeated. This is especially useful for the subchapter dungeon with all of the Berzerker enemies, as most of them are at half health.

Hint: Yoshimitsu: Secret moves:
Tap Analog-stick Right(2) and quickly press BA. He will lunge his elbow out toward the opponent. When this hits with a move counter, hold all of the buttons used. Note: You can also do the move while standing.
James Marinez.

To do a Triple Spin Kick-Door Knocker, press X(3), Toward, X + Y, Y(3). Do this near a ring out point to get all of the hits in, and for an easy ring out.
James Marinez.

Hint: Yoshimitsu: Suicide:
Get near the opponent then press Down, A + K.
valeria aguilera.

Do the Turning Suicide (Toward(2), hold A + K). Yoshimtsu will stab himself, but before he is on his knees press Away, B. He then spins backward with his sword still in him and falls. When he is spinning, loses some health.

To do a suicidal combo attack, do the Standing Suicide move (Down, A + K). During that, press A rapidly and it will hit your opponent four more times. Note: You will lose life, and it also works with Turning Suicide.
pigeon_man89 something.

Hint: Yoshimitsu: Slice through opponent:
You must time this move correctly before an enemy attack. Get close to your enemy, and before he or she attacks you, perform Ninja Blade Rush (Y, B) quickly. You will slice directly through your opponent. It is not that powerful, but looks good. Note: If timed incorrectly, you will do the normal Ninja Blade Rush, which is just a very weak move.
Eric Pinheiro.

Hint: Yoshimitsu: Random moves:
You need to Soul Charge. When fully charged, press K + G to do random moves that are not on the command list. Note: It is better to switch a control on the C-stick to K + G to make this easier.
pigeon_man89 something.

Yoshimitsu does a random secret move, but first you need to do Soul Syphon (Forward K + G, Up/Forward K + G, Down/Forward K + G, or Forward A + B (hold)). You must then press K + G with or without any directions except the ones mentioned. You can do up to three secret moves per Soul Syphon, but you cannot use Soul Syphon twice to use the secret moves six times. There are three unblockable moves; three kicks, two moves with his sword, two dances/evades, and one guard impact move . Note: If you do not do Soul Syphon, you will do one of two taunts, and one of them stop an attack if they get too close (not guard impact). The other one where he spins like a top and does not do damage or fall over.

Hint: Yunsung: Easy wins:
Go to the edge of the arena and make sure your opponent's back is facing the edge. Then, press A + B.

Hint: Rival selection:
When you start a new game in weapon master mode, whoever you choose for the first battle will affect who your rival will be for the rest of the game. If your rival is male, then his name will be Leon. If they are female, their name will be Minerva. Below is a chart of characters and their rivals.

Character Rival
Seung MinaYunsung


Hint: Soul Edge Complete weapons:
To buy Soul Edge complete weapons, for any weapon master mode player, complete both the regular and extra missions at the Ancient Amphitheater in chapter 9. This unlocks the path to Northern Algol. Complete both missions there. The road to extra chapter 1 is unlocked after that. If you shop at this area, you will have everyone's Soul Edge (Complete) weapons to choose from. Note: This was done after completing every previous regular missions and all extra missions up to this chapter in weapon master mode.
J Musashi.

To get the Soul Edge for every character, you first have to defeat Cassandra and Sophitia in weapon master mode on the area called Algol. This will unlock an extra chapter named Caster. Shop there and you will always have a selection of Soul Edge (Completed) for every character except the Assassin, Berserker, and Lizardman. These weapons do not come cheaply, but are worth it. They all have extreme power, and each individual one have another extra aspect, such as penetrate defense, or even more offense.
Skull archilla.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Gorgon:
Reach level 78 at 600,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Gargoyle:
Reach level 79 at 700,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Ogre:
Reach level 80 at 800,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Cerberus:
Reach 1,000,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Hydra:
Reach 1,200,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Furies:
Reach 1,400,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Kraken:
Reach 1,600,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Fenrir:
Reach 1,800,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster Of The Gryphon:
Reach 2,000,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Grand Edgemaster of the Cyclops:
Reach level 92 at 3,500,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Glorius Edgemaster of the Siren:
Reach level 93 at 4,000,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Legendary Edgemaster Of The Dragon:
Reach level 97 at 6,000,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Legendary Edgemaster Of The Phoenix:
Reach level 98 at 7,000,000 experience points in weapon master mode.

Hint: Weapon master gold amounts:
If you repeat a particular weapon master mission a number of times, the amount of gold you receive on a victory/defeat will decrease with each replay.

Eboney N. Wilhite

Hint: Collection Data list:
Eboney N. Wilhite

1. Sophitia is selectable.
2. Seung Mina is selectable.
3. Yoshimitsu is selectable.
4. Charade is selectable.
5. Cervantes is selectable.
6. Lizardman is selectable.
7. Assassin is selectable
8. Berserker is selectable.
9. The profile for Raphael is available.
10. The weapon demonstration for Raphael is available.
11. A new costume is available for Raphael.
12. The profile for Talim is available.
13. The weapon demonstration for Talim is available.
14. A new costume is available for Talim.
15. The profile for Yunsung is available.
16. The weapon demonstration for Yunsung is available.
17. The profile for Cassandra is available.
18. The weapon demonstration for Cassandra is available.
19. A new costume is available for Cassandra.
20. The profile for Mitsurugi is available.
21. The weapon demonstration for Mitsurugi is available.
22. A new costume is available for Mitsurugi.
23. The profile for Taki is available.
24. The weapon demonstration for Taki is available.
25. A new costume is available for Taki.
26. The profile for Voldo is available.
27. The weapon demonstration for Voldo is available.
28. A new costume is available for Voldo.
29. The profile for Nightmare is available.
30. The weapon demonstration for Nightmare is available.
31. A new costume is available for Nightmare.
32. The profile for Astaroth is available.
33. The weapon demonstration for Astaroth is available.
34. A new costume is available for Astaroth.
35. The profile for Ivy is available.
36. The weapon demonstration for Ivy is available.
37. A new costume is available for Ivy.
38. The profile for Kilik is available.
39. The weapon demonstration for Kilik is available.
40. The profile for Xianghua is available.
41. The weapon demonstration for Xianghua is available.
42. A new costume is available for Xianghua.
43. The profile for Maxi is available.
44. The weapon demonstration for Maxi is available.
45. The profile for Necrid is available.
46. The weapon demonstration for Link is available.
47. The profile for Link is available.
48. The weapon demonstration for Link is available.
49. A new costume is available for Link. (blue)
50. A new costume is available for Link. (purple)
51. The profile for Sophitia is available.
52. The weapon demonstration for Sophitia is available.
53. A new costume is available for Sophitia.
54. The profile for Seung Mina is available.
55. The weapon demonstration for Seung Mina is available.
56. A new costume is available for Seung Mina.
57. The profile for Yoshimitsu is available.
58. The weapon demonstration for Yoshimitsu is available.
59. The profile for Charade is available.
60. The weapon demonstration for Charade is available.
61. The profile for Cervantes is available.
62. The weapon demonstration for Cervantes is available.
63. Extra Arcade Mode has been added.
64. Extra VS Battle Mode has been added.
65. Extra Time Attack (Standard) Mode has been added.
66. Extra Time Attack (Alternative) Mode has been added.
67. Extra Time Attack (Extreme) Mode has been added.
68. Extra Survival (Standard) Mode has been added.
69. Extra Survival (Death Match) Mode has been added.
70. Extra Survival (No Recovery) Mode has been added.
71. Extra Team Battle Mode has been added.
72. Extra VS Team Battle Mode has been added.
73. Extra Practice Mode has been added.
74. Art Gallery (Hi-Res) is available for viewing.
75. Art Gallery (Illustrations) is available for viewing.
76. Art Gallery (Special) is available for viewing.
77. Battle Theater is available for viewing.
78. Weapon Gallery is available for viewing.
79. Weapon Master Opening is available for viewing.
80. Weapon Master Ending is available for viewing.
81. Opening (Home Ver.) is available for viewing.
82. Opening (Arcade Ver.) is available for viewing.
83. Ending (Arcade Ver.) is available for viewing.
84. Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court is selectable.
85. Lakeside Coliseum is selectable.
86. Money Pit/Top Tier is selectable.
87. Egyptian Crypt is selectable.
88. Labyrinth is selectable.

Hint: Predicting demo mode winner:
A demo fight between two random characters will start if you allow the game to idle at the title screen. There are two ways for you to actually tell who would win before the match ends. First, the character on the left side of the versus screen will win. Second, the "losing" character will have his/her mini-profile displayed first during the fight. After the "winning" character wins, his/her mini-profile will now be displayed. Note: There is a possibility that the "winning" character will lose the fight and will suddenly make a pose as if he/she actually was the fighter who won.

Hint: Perfect practice mode:
You can kill yourself in practice mode without having to ring out, resulting in a perfect for other combatant. To do this, select Yoshimitsu as the character that you are going to practice with. When the practice starts, have the opponent lay down on the ground. Next, perform Yoshimitsu's suicide attack (where he stabs himself in the stomach). Repeat this two to four times (one immediately after another) and you will die. Your opponent will get a perfect in practice mode.
enemyofreality and muff1nm4n.

Hint: Recommended weapons:
The best weapons in the game (including and excluding some Legendaries) are as follows (not including Charade, Assassin, Berserker, or Lisardman). Note: An Attack Strength >100% is good, Defense Strength <100% is good, and ", w/SC" indicates fully charged. All attack percentages are from the front, normal position.

Astaroth: Thantos (recovers massive health when damaging opponent; cannot hold guard when attacked; Defense Strength = 56% when hit; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 100%, w/SC = 140%, Defense strength = 60%, w/SC = 72%)
Cassandra: Valkyrie (recovers health at a constant medium rate, receive small amount of damage when guarding; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 135%, w/SC = 189%, Defense Strength = 70%, w/SC = 84%)
Cervantes: Firangi (recovers health at a constant slow rate, but vulnerable to impact; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 100%, w/SC = 140%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%). Also recommended is his Legendary, Lethe (takes a small amount of health every swing; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 150%, w/SC = 210%, Defense Strength = 80%, w/SC = 96%)
Ivy: Alraune (receive 10% damage when guarding; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 120%, w/SC = 168%, Defense Strength = 75%, w/SC = 90%)
Kilik: Jingu Staff (longest reach in the game, receives 10% damage when guarding; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 100%, w/SC = 140%, De fence Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%)
Maxi: Vajra (cannot hold guard when attacked; Defense Strength = 90% when Guarding; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 180%, w/SC = 210%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%)
Mitsurugi: Damascus Sword (cannot hold guard when attacked; Defense Strength = 45%; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 175%, w/SC = 245%, Defense Strength = 50%, w/SC = 60%)
Necrid: Chaos (copies all attributes of opponent's weapon)
Nightmare: Soul Caliber (recovers health at a medium constant rate; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 100%, w/SC = 140%, Defense Strength = 75%, w/SC = 90%)
Raphael: Queen's Guard (takes a Small amount of health every time you swing; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 130%, w/SC = 182%, Defense Strength = 60%, w/SC = 72%)
Seung Mina: Soul Edge (Complete) (recovers some health with every hit; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 125%, w/SC = 175%, Defense Strength = 120%, w/SC = 120%)
Sophitia: Orichalcum (fast to SC; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 120%, w/SC = 168%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%)
Spawn: Misery (vulnerable to impact; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 120%, w/SC = 168%, Defense Strength = 80%, w/SC = 96%). Also recommended is Malice (reflects attacks by an estimated 31%; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 80%, w/SC = 112%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%) and his Legendary, Abomination (receive damage every swing; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 220%, w/SC = 308%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%)
Taki: Kris Naga (SC stays for four seconds through attacks, if hit then disappears; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 140%, w/SC = 210%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%)
Talim: Soul Caliber (recovers health with every swing; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 100%, w/SC = 140%, Defense Strength = 120% (for single/first strike) 100% (after first Strike in combo), w/SC = 120%)
Voldo: Guillotine (receive damage with every swing, fast to SC and keeps it for four seconds unless attacked; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 100%, w/SC = 130%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%)
Yoshimitsu -Soul Edge (Complete) (recovers some health with every hit; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 140%, w/SC = 196%, Defense Strength = 100%, w/SC = 120%)
Yunsung: Han Guang (invisible sword, very long reach, SC stays for four seconds through attacks, if hit then disappears; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 100%, w/SC = 150%, Defense Strength = 110%?, w/SC = 132%)
Xianghua: Soul Caliber (recovers a small amount of health every swing; vs. Default, Attack Strength = 120%, w/SC = 168%, Defense Strength = 120% (for single strike/first strike of combo) 100% (for second strike during combo), w/SC = 120%)

Hint: Alternate dialogue:
Go to the "Options" menu and set the language to Japanese. Go to character profiles and choose any character. They will have new lines. For example, Nightmare says "Your insanity... show it to me instead! Of you conceited, wretched human!"

Hint: Peek up skirt:
Go to training mode and select either Sophitia, Seung Mina, or Cassandra. Wait for the fight to begin. Do a kick and pause in the middle of her kick. You will be able see up her skirt. Cassandra's are difficult to see through her pantyhose.

Hint: Chest jiggle:
Once you have unlocked a female's character profile go to it. Press L or R to make them turn and their chest will bounce around.

Hint: Pac-Man reference:
On Talim's necklace, Pac-Man is eating a power-pellet.
Anthony Jacobi-Dolce.

Hint: Classic Zelda music:
Go to the temple with the god statue in it in practice mode as Link and have your opponent be Link. You will have a 50% chance of having the classic Zelda music.

Glitch: Wrong weapon name and description:
Unlock Yoshimitsu and Cervantes, and also buy the Weapon Gallery. Buy some weapons for Yoshimitsu and Cervantes then, select the "Weapon Gallery" option in the Museum. If you select one of Yoshimitsu's or Cervantes' weapons, the picture and wielder are correct, but the name and the description does not belong to that character. This also happens when you unlock Sophitia.

Glitch: Strapless shields:
Go to any mode or screen that allows you to see your collected weapons (weapon gallery, weapon master, or the extra modes). You may have all the weapons for Cassandra and Sophitia. You may notice that all their shields have no arm strap, which should make you wonder how they have their shields attached to their arm in fights. The only shield that actually has an arm strap (besides Link) is Cassandra's ultimate sword and shield, Valkryie.

Glitch: Error in Cervantes' command list:
In the command list, when you do Toward, A + B it says that it only hits Two times. If you do that move and get close to your opponent, it will hit three times.
pigeon_man89 something.

Glitch: Damage with infinite life:
In a versus battle against a friend, set your life to infinite and play on the Egyptian Crypt (fire) stage. Make your opponent stand in the fire. After awhile their limitless life will be damaged.
Mike Zeora.

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