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Spider-Man: The Movie

Master code:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter ARACHNID as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. All regular levels, FMV sequences, and gallery pictures will be unlocked. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

All fighting controls:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter KOALA as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Unlimited webbing:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter ORGANICWEBBING as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal. Alternately, accumulate 50,000 points during game play.

Level select:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter IMIARMAS as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Note: The code is director Sam Raimi's name backwards.

Level skip:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter ROMITAS as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal. Pause game play and select the "Next Level" option to advance to the next level.

Bonus training levels:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter HEADEXPLODY as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as Mary Jane:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter GIRLNEXTDOOR as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as The Shocker:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter HERMANSCHULTZ as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as a scientist:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter SERUM as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as a police officer:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter REALHERO as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as Captain Stacey (helicopter pilot):
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter CAPTAINSTACEY as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as Skulls Gang Thug:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter KNUCKLES as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as Uncle Ben's Killer:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter STICKYRICE as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Play as Shocker's Thug:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter THUGSRUS as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Matrix-style attacks:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter DODGETHIS as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Goblin-style costume:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter FREAKOUT as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Small Spider-Man:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter SPIDERBYTE as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal. Note: When this code is enabled, your shadow will remain normal-sized.
Henry Hai Minh.

Big head and feet for Spider-Man:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter GOESTOYOURHEAD as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Enemies have big heads:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter JOELSPEANUTS as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

First person view:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter UNDERTHEMASK as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Unlimited Green Goblin glider power:
Enter the "Specials" menu and enter CHILLOUT as a code. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Repeat code entry to return to normal.

Pinhead Bowling mini-game:
Accumulate 10,000 points during game play to unlock the Pinhead bowling mini-game in the training menu.

Vulture FMV sequence:
Accumulate 20,000 points during game play to unlock a Vulture FMV sequence in the CG menu.

Shocker FMV sequence:
Accumulate 30,000 points during game play to unlock a Vulture FMV sequence in the CG menu.

Green Goblin FMV sequence:
Successfully complete the game under the hero or greater difficulty setting.

Locking zoom:
To keep your zoomed view on, press Zoom then press Start. Release Zoom, then press Start again. Press Zoom again to release.

Play as Alex Ross:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or higher difficulty setting to unlock the Alex Ross costume in the specials menu.

Play as the Green Goblin:
Successfully complete the game under the hero or super hero difficulty setting to unlock the Green Goblin costume option at the specials menu. Select that option to play as Harry Osborn in the Green Goblin costume with his weapons in an alternate storyline where he tries to correct the Osborn family's reputation.

To unlock this easily, start a new game under the hero or super hero difficulty setting. At the first level, pause game play, then quit to the main menu. Enable the ARACHNID code, then go to the "Level Warp" option. Choose the "Conclusion" level (that features Norman revealing himself to Spider-Man followed by the glider sequence), then exit. This marks the game as completed under the selected difficulty setting. The Green Goblin costume option will be unlocked at the "Secret Store" screen.

To unlock this easily, enable the ROMITAS code and choose Hero or Super Hero. Keep pressing Start then select "Next Level" until you get to the end. The Green Goblin's costume and all his moves will be unlocked in the "Secret Store" screen.

Alternate Green Goblin costume:
If you are using the Alex Ross Spider-Man, play any level with the Green Goblin in it and he will have an alternate costume that resembles his classic costume more. Note: This will only work when you are in the Alex Ross costume and the Green Goblin alternate costume will not be in the very last in-game intermission.

Play as Peter Parker:
Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting to unlock the Peter Parker costume in the specials menu.

Play as wrestler:
Successfully complete the game under the easy or higher difficulty setting to unlock the wrestler costume in the specials menu.

To unlock this easily, first unlock the "Unlimited webbing" cheat. When you get to the ring, zip to the top and keep on shooting Spidey Bombs.
Chetna fatty Mehra.

Play as a small Green Goblin:
When you have unlocked the Green Goblin from the secret store, enable the SPIDERBYTE code to be play as a small Green Goblin.

Play as a small Shocker's gang thug:
Enable the THUGSRUS code. When the screen returns, enable the SPIDERBYTE code. During game play, you will be controlling a small version of Shocker's gang thug.

Play as a small policeman:
Enable the REALHERO code. When the screen returns, enable the SPIDERBYTE code.

Hint: Birth Of A Hero: Kill enemies faster:
There will be a grate on the floor. Stand on it an press L to zip up. Go forward to a opening at the top of the shaft and zip up. Then, go forward to a three way intersection. Go left, then press L + Y and go down and web up the thug in front of you.

Hint: Breaking And Entering: View development team:
Next to some of the computers are pictures of some of the development team.
Bennett Smith.

Hint: Chase Through The Sewer: Secret room:
You will reach a part where you need to turn off some running water through a water tunnel. When you get to the other end of the tunnel, there will be three thugs. After you take out the thugs, go to the ceiling. You will see a door. Enter it and flick the switch. Then, go back through the tunnel that led to the room. Instead of jumping across the water-filled cage on the floor directly under the tunnel entrance, go into it. You will see an open door which leads to a secret room.

Hint: Chemical Chaos: Robots guards stop appearing:
After setting off the alarm many times (approximately twenty) and hiding in dark places to not get caught, the robot guards will stop coming out to see what is happening.

Hint: Coup d' Etat: Falling panda:
Pick up Mary Jane and stand by the spider. When the big panda balloon gets near a building, put down Mary Jane on the spider. In the intermission sequence, the big panda balloon will hit a building, fall, and a lot of people will scream.
Joseph Sprenger.

Hint: Escape From OsCorp: Easy "Perfect" rank:
Go directly to the control room on your left, where the shut off to the sentry guns is located. You can break the window and come out behind the laser wall. From there, you can exit as normal. This will save you the trouble of visiting the other control room, and subjecting yourself to extended fire from the super soldier robots.
Jarett Thomas.

Hint: OsCorp's Gambit: Easy passcode download:
When you are downloading the passcode, just wrap the guards in webbing and you can download it. After they break out of the spider silk they will not raise the alarm if you are on the ceiling or walls.
Tom R.

Hint: OsCorp's Gambit: Chip combination:
After you download all the things off the computers and get to the door with an electrical force field, a screen appears. There are five colored chips and you have to find the combination. It is as follows: fifth chip, fourth chip, second chip, third chip, and the first chip. You should now be able to get to the next level.
Paul West.

Hint: OsCorp's Gambit: Easy completion:
To complete the level easily while playing under Hero or Superhero difficulty setting, first complete the training with the balloon. Then, when you start to fight, immediately (without killing any machines), swing off to the right and look for a yellow building with a triangular rooftop with a circular hole. When you find it, swing into the hole in the rooftop. There should be a health located there, if needed. Stand in the hole and wait for the machine to catch up with you. Then, shoot webbing at it. Keep doing this until all the machines are destroyed. If you need more health or webbing, across from the yellow building should be a black building with three platforms. Swing down to the lowest platform until you see a health. On the other corner of that building is a webbing.
Dangoal36 and thegeorgieboy27.

Hint: OsCorp's Gambit: Easy kills:
Go to the building with the billboard that reads "Vera", then go to the building on the right. Then, go to the small overhang and hang under it. The HKs should come over and not know where you are. You can shoot them with your web. You will not get hurt. Note: You can only do this with Spider Man.
Cody Lenhart.

Hint: OsCorp's Gambit: Up close and personal:
When you first start the level, do a 180 then web sling to the end of the level. Then, turn right. Web sling that way until you reach a building with two lower buildings attached. When you land on that building (from the way you came from), fall off the building and crawl on the side.
Kevin Wiggins.

Hint: OsCorp's Ultimate Weapon: Destroying the generators:
When fighting the Super Mech in this level, you do not have to run around and just dive in for the shield generators. As soon as you start the level, swing off to the left. There should be a big pillar that you can hide behind and go under to the other side. However, do not go to the other side or the Super Mech's laser will hit you. Instead, climb up that wall to reach a walkway. Get on it and when you are up here you do not have to worry about Light Mechs or the lightning bolts. They cannot go this high. Nothing can hit you unless you are too close to the edge. Target the shield generators then jump or double jump and do a web shot to destroy them in two or three shots.

To destroy the four generators in the Super Mech's line of fire without getting hurt, web-zip over to the area where he fires. When he starts to fire, zip up onto the ceiling and crawl to the area with many lights. The Super Mech will to fire, but cannot hit you. His line of fire hits the generators as you move across the ceiling. Continue to move back and forth on the ceiling and you will have destroyed four of the generators without being touched. Wait until his beam goes toward the ground before you try to get back towards him so he will stop firing.
Charles Murphree.

Hint: The Razor's Edge: UFO:
Look on top of one of the buildings in the area where you start. You will see glowing colors, and if you get closer you will that it is a UFO. If you get too close, it will fly away.

Hint: The Razor's Edge: Using Razor Bats:
When playing as the Green Goblin you can kill Razor Bats easily. Make five of your Razor Bats and when they get close to the other ones, blow yours up. Most of the others will also blow up. Keep doing this until the last one is gone.
Timmy Hunchback.

Hint: The Razor's Edge: Completing as Green Goblin:
As Green Goblin, you should find this level to be much easier than playing as Spider-Man. Before the other Green Goblin sets off his first wave of Razor Bats, run away from him as far as possible. Set the glider so that it is facing all the Razor Bats. Then, go in with turbo on the glider while shooting the guns a blazing. If desired, enable the "Unlimited Green Goblin glider power" code. Then, release turbo and the engine and press Left or Right. This will make you slide 180 degrees in the direction you selected. Then, use whatever weapons desired to take out the rest. Repeat to get rid of all the Razor Bats. Note: Razor Bats do not work against other Razor Bats.
Michael Cortina.

Hint: The Razor's Edge: Avoiding Razor Bats:
The Green Goblin will send Razor Bats after you. However, for a few seconds before they attack, they remain clumped together. When playing as Spider-Man, shoot your Impact Webbing at the clump. It will destroy all of them at once. Note: It helps if you use the larger impact.

Hint: The Razor's Edge: Destroying Razor Bats:
When you are fighting the Razor Bats as Spider Man, go on to the top of one of the buildings. Sit there and wait for the Razor Bats to surround you. Use your Advanced Web Dome to take out all of the close Razor Bats. It takes slightly less than two minutes, but it is effective. If you want to go for the Bonus Points at the end of the level, stay there and keep using your Advanced Web Dome to destroy more of them. When you feel that you have destroyed enough, go to the end and look at the points you have earned.
Ford Hagedorn.

Hint: Search For Justice: Secret sub-mission:
During the first level, swing to the left slightly when you start. You should go over a building with a helipad. Then, go down to the next building that has a billboard. There will be two Skulls on the rooftop and a purse. After you defeat the two Skulls your character will notice the purse. Next, turn towards the billboard and go back over the roof with the helipad and start to go right to the next rooftop. There will be two Skulls and a woman. Beat up the Skulls and talk with the woman. She will say she lost her purse. Go back to the building with the purse and bring it back to her. This will give you points for the secret in this level.
Jamie Weir.

Hint: Search For Justice: Missing purse:
Go to the top of the building that is next to the building with the helicopter landing area. Look around and you will find a missing purse.

Hint: Search For Justice: Get sliced by a helicopter:
Find a building with glowing green letters that say something similar to "Treytech". Close to it is a building with a green roof. It will have a metal tower on it. Stand on top of that tower. Soon a helicopter, will appear and hit you. You will fall off, but will not be damaged.

Hint: Search For Justice: Matrix-style jump:
Find the tall building with a green roof, that is pyramid-like while playing as the Green Goblin (not the costume). Press A to jump onto the green part of the roof, then hold Up and he will do a sort of "Matrix" jump. Note: This does not work as Spider-Man, because he just crawls up the wall and does not run up it.
Guy Person.

Hint: Search For Justice: Gold Spider Icon:
When you start the level, the rock you are standing on has a Gold Spider Icon. To find it, start swinging, then turn around to head back to the starting point.

Hint: Search For Justice: Thug survives fall:
Go to any building with a Skull Gang thug on it. Find a thug without a gun and walk toward him. He will start to back up and will eventually get to the edge, If you walk towards him a slightly more, he will fall off the building. Fall off with him and you will see that he landed on the sidewalk, but is still alive.
William Edds.

Hint: Search For Justice: Get hit by helicopter:
On the first level, find the building with what looks appears to be a triangle on top of it. Climb the triangle then climb up on top of the steel tower that is above it. Wait awhile, and a helicopter should come out of nowhere and knock you off the tower.

Hint: Search For Justice: Fantastic Four reference:
Swing around the city until you find a billboard that reads "Visit Lavaria". This is the country that Dr. Doom rules.
Terri Nelson.

Hint: Showdown with Shocker: Get to Shocker faster:
Use the Webdome when Shocker fires at you to avoid getting hurt.
Tim Garza.

Hint: Showdown with Shocker: Defeating Shocker:
After you chase Shocker into the back room, it is fairly easy to defeat him. Do a double jump, then hold Kick to rain your strength down on him. Make sure you are at least on the same floor with him, and are a fairly close. Shocker should fall down, giving you time to repeat the move. After you get him on the ground once, it becomes very easy. Repeat the double jump to slamming kick move until he is defeated.

To defeat Shocker under the hard difficulty setting, after the tunnels go into the room and begin the fight. Shocker will run around and blast at you. If he comes down, get out Advanced Web Gloves and he will probably do a Tornado Sooner or later. When he is done, he will be dizzy. Go to him and keep punching him. If he jumps away and tries to blast you, quickly jump out of the way. You can also use the explosive cans to defeat him.

The Shocker is not that difficult to defeat. Press Y + Left two times then punch Shocker one to eight times to defeat him.
David Deventer.

Hint: The Subway Station: Health Spider:
After you save the civilian that was about to get crushed, some thugs will come to kill you. Jump over to the broken part of the pillar. Be careful, there are wires that can shock you. There is a health icon on top.

Hint: The Subway Station: Hidden combo:
After you do all your Spider Senses except one, whenever you are starting to fight some of Shocker's thugs, turn around and go down the stairs into the small room. Web zip up and look around until you see a new combo, which contains "Super Web Slam".

Hint: Uncle Ben's Killer Part 1: Secret room:
When you are using Stealth, walk into the third room that leads into the next room with a truck in it. There should be a group of boxes clanged up together in the third room. Climb up on it. There should be a opening on the upper right hand corner of all those boxes, if you are looking at it in the front. This will take you to a secret room. Not much is here except a Health Spider, but it should give you some points.
Peter Xiong.

Hint: Easier completion of Vulture's lair:
When playing as the Green Goblin in Vulture's lair, after you pass the part of the burning log you will go up and find that your path is blocked by some walls, and you must find another way through. Instead of finding another way, simply blast the wall by pressing L + X.T his will greatly reduce your time.
Erick Interiano.

Hint: Avoiding Shocker's Ultra Shockwaves:
When in the underground subway, Shocker will shoot Ultra Shockwaves every time you appear in one of the four tracks. To avoid this, head to the nearest opening to the side. If you cannot make it, use the Web Dome (not Advance -- save your webbing) and it will shield you from it. You can only use it about three or four times with the Web Dome. Enable the "Unlimited webbing" cheat to use the Web Dome defense through out the entire encounter.
Peter Xiong.

Hint: Shocker's tunnels as Green Goblin:
When going through the subway tunnel as the Green Goblin against Shocker, you do not have a Web Dome. Once the sequence begins, get behind any wall, but not in line with an attack. While running in turbo, run to a further away tunnel than the recent attack's tunnel. Quickly get on your glider, and go turbo simultaneously. Shocker will not be able to get to your tunnel in time by the time you are at the end.

Hint: Skull Gang Level 3 as Green Goblin:
As Green Goblin, you cannot stick to walls. Using the hit and run technique when fighting the leader of the Skull Gang does not work well. Once in the big room, make sure you are high as possible. Then, let him freak out a little bit. While he is just lobbing around, throw a few Pumpkin Bombs at him. Then, jump down from the ceiling and land turbo around him. Doing so will injure him enough so that in a minute or so, you will win.

Hint: Defeating the Green Goblin while he is on the ground:
Shoot webbing at him, which distracts him briefly. Then, hit him when he is distracted. This is easier if you use combos to kill him.
alex bova.

Use this trick to defeat the Green Goblin during a hand-to-hand fight. Enable the "Unlimited webbing" code. Start shooting webbing at him and afflict damage. You will not get damage. Watch out when he throws bombs or when he runs at you. When this happens, swing away or dodge. To make this easier, set on "Lock On" and start shooting. When fighting him hand-to-hand, never jump kick or jump punch him. He will grab you and slam you on the ground, afflicting more damage.

When facing the Green Goblin for the final time, grab Mary Jane (follow the compass) and take her down to the big glowing thing. Follow the compass to get there. It is now safe to fight the Green Goblin easily. Dodge him and target him. When the arrows around him turn green, fire webbing. Do this until he is on the ground. Then, jump down as well. Run up to him but watch out for the glider. Spray webbing at him to distract him, then go up to him and land punches. He should be half health. When he is about to throw a bomb, start swinging and if desired, get health on things similar to the pillars where you found Mary Jane. Drop back down and repeat until he is defeated.
joey lenzer.

Hint: Hit the Green Goblin in his glider:
This trick will work on any level with the Green Goblin. Get close to him and while in the air start web attacking him. He will stop to rip it off. When he does this, maneuver yourself towards him and jump. If done correctly, you will be on the back of the glider and can punch him. If you stop punching him, the Green Goblin will throw you off the glider. Note: This is difficult to execute.

Hint: Fight Green Goblin on glider:
When fighting the Green Goblin, if timed correctly, you can land on the glider. You can fight while on the glider, which is easier than swinging and fighting in mid air.

Hint: Throw two multi bombs with the Green Goblin:
The best place to do this trick is in basic combat on the training menu. First, hold Y button while you are running then hold L and press A(2).
luis villa.

Hint: Unlimited boost as the Green Goblin:
This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature and works best in an easy difficulty game. Start using the boost while on the glider (R + A) then set the auto-fire to A. The glider will still be boosting, but the heat gauge will not increase. To repeat, turn off auto-fire on A and do the previous steps again. In normal or higher difficulty games, the gauge will increase slower than usual and will eventually overheat.

Hint: Longer lasting ammunition as the Green Goblin:
This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature and works best in an easy difficulty game. Set the auto-fire to B then press B while on the glider. The heat gauge will increase slower than usual, but it will still overheat if used too long.

Hint: Green Goblin controls:
When playing as the Green Goblin, there is an icon of the Goblin's Glider under Goblin's face. The top meter, besides the Heath and Energy (Web Fluid) meters, is an Overheat meter. If you fire weapons too fast or turbo too much, this meter fills. When completely full, the glider becomes disabled for awhile. The second meter is a Harpoon meter. When on the glider and you fire Homing Harpoons too often, this meter drains. When drained, you are unable to use Homing Harpoons until it recharges. The last meter is a Bomb meter. There are Bombs (not Pumpkin Bombs) that come out of the glider. You can only fire five before having to recharge. The Web Fluid meter becomes an Energy meter. Every time you fire any Pumpkin Bomb or Razor Bat, this drains.
Fakey McFake.

Goblin off Glider
Punch: Punch
Kick: Kick
Web Attack: Turbo Run
Web Swing: Activate Glider
Jump: Jump
On Glider
Punch: Guns
Kick: Homing Harpoons
Web Attack: Glider Bomb (can hurt you if too close)
Web Swing: Thrust
Jump: De-activate Glider
Web Swing + Jump: Turbo Glide
Both on and off Glider
Action + Punch: Throw Pumpkin Bomb
Action + Kick: Homing Pumpkin Bomb
Action + Web Attack: Cluster Pumpkin Bomb
Zip Line: Release Razor Bat(s)
Action + Zip Line: De-activate Razor Bat(s)

Other moves off the glider are:
Gamemaster Michael.

Speed Run: Hold Y then move around.
Road kill: Use Speed Run and continuously run over thugs or others.
Figure 8: Use Speed Run to form a fiery "8".

Hint: Defeating Scorpion:
Press L + B to activate Web Gloves. This will inflict more damage on Scorpion and kill him faster. Use a series of punch attacks. Note: The gloves will disappear after awhile and will need to be re-activated.
the masked maurauder.

Hint: Defeating Vulture:
You can swing up high until you are directly above him. Drop down and you can land on his back. Keep punching repeatedly until you have grounded him. You can now use your combos. Repeat this until he is defeated.

When in the "Air Duel With Vulture" level, swing until Vulture is diagonal to you. Note: Spider-Man must be at the top diagonally. When he flies to you, double jump. When you are over him, use web zip. You will be on his head. Just keep punching and the fight will be easy. Note: You can stay on his head for five to eight seconds, and you cannot be close to the tower. It only takes four or five hits to defeat him.
Vincent Barksdale.

Hint: Avoiding electrocution when getting Gold Spider-Man icon:
When you are playing in the level where you fight Vulture, there is a hidden Gold Spider Man icon above the very top of the building. If you try to climb the building, be careful. If lightning strikes the building, you will be electrocuted and will instantly die. When you see the lightning about to strike, jump off, then Web-Zip back on to the building. Keep climbing and do not try to Web-Swing; you are too high above the swing height. The Gold Spider-Man icon is a good combo, but it is not necessary.
Ford Hagedorn.

Hint: Hidden combo:
As the Green Goblin, when you have to knock down the Vulture to defeat him, there is a combo on the very top of the pointed building. In order to get it. Point the glider directly at the peak and press Accelerate + Up between fighting the Vulture. Fly in circles and shoot at him to knock him down, making sure you do not lower your altitude.

Hint: Swing enemies around:
Use your Web Yank, then rotate the D-pad as fast as possible in a big area. You can keep swinging until the enemy hits another opponent or the wall.
Joey M S.

Hint: Web slam:
Press Y while zip-lining.

Hint: Fight Crusher Hogan:
Go to specials menu, choose "Training", then enter basic combat. After a couple of swarms of enemies, Crusher Hogan will appear. To get up to him easily, enable the "Unlimited webbing" code and keep using the Web Dome or more powerful Web Dome attacks. Crusher Hogan has a life meter and takes a couple of minutes to defeat.

Hint: Double Jump:
In Basic Training, get on top of the second building and look towards the first one. There should be another question mark. Swing towards it. It teaches you how to double jump.
angus lehto.

Hint: Zipping:
Hold down Web then press L to zip. You should zip a little then flip upside down. This helps you jump on the Green Goblin's glider in some levels.
Steven Griffin.

Hint: Web combo:
To perform the unlisted web combo, zip up to a ceiling. While zipping back down, hold Y.

Hint: Pedestrian comments:
On any level in which you have to swing through the city, use you height meter to swing down to the absolute lowest you can go. Cruise at that height. After about ten seconds or more, you will hear people down on the streets start talking about Spider-Man. They will say things such as "Look out honey, the Bugle says Spider-Man's dangerous!" and Spider-Man will reply "Yeah, but they sure have talented photographers!", as well as other amusing anecdotes.

When you playing as the Green Goblin, fly on then glider as low as you can go when outside or in the city. People will start to make comments about you.

Hint: Very high view:
When you get the Green Goblin suit, go on your glider and fly up as high as possible in the first level. Keep jumping and going on the glider immediately afterwards for a very high view of the level.

Hint: The Big Lebowski reference in Pinhead Bowling:
In Pinhead Bowling, Bruce Campbell can be heard from time to time saying a few things. One of these lines is "Jesus Quintanna, your lane is ready." This is a reference to the movie The Big Lebowski. A character in that movie was Jesus Quintanna.

Hint: Other remarks in Pinhead Bowling:
If you listen closely during Pinhead Bowling training, you can hear the narrator make remarks such as "On Saturday, Super Villians play free with proper ID", "Sir, that is not a urinal", and "Kid, Get off the Nacho Booth".

Hint: Programmers in Pinhead Bowling:
In Pinhead Bowling training, immediately turn around when you start to see pictures of the development team.

Note: Behind Spider-man from where he starts in Pinhead Bowling, there are pictures of the development team. If you look around at them, there are some that are messed up. One has a peanut head; another has a dog head.

Hint: Fake movie ads in Pinhead Bowling:
In Pinhead Bowling training, look on the side walls when you start to see will be ads featuring fake movies.

Hint: Lesbian ending:
Enable the "Play as Mary Jane" code. Complete the game and watch the ending sequence. Mary Jane will kiss another Mary Jane.

Hint: Cloud message:
At the start of the game when you have to take pictures of yourself, get on any tall building and look around in the sky, in the direction of the Activision building. The world "CHAOS" will be written in the clouds.
Elliott Taylor.

Glitch: Super Mech killed by friendly fire:
When you fight the Super Mech in OsCorp after you destroy the generators, jump on the mech's neck. All the other enemies will fire, hit the neck, and kill him.

Glitch: Green Goblin off his glider:
On the level where you first see the Green Goblin, first save Mary Jane. Then use L + B then L + B again to get the Advanced Impact Gloves. Jump up and punch the Goblin. Note: Do not swing while using the gloves or they will disappear. The Goblin will then fall off his glider and become frozen on the ground. His glider will be suspended in mid-air but you cannot jump onto it. After doing this glitch, you cannot finish the level.
Matthew Hinton.

Glitch: Misspelling:
Before the Vulture Escapes level, a tip reading "Hold down the web mod button" will appear instead of "Hold down the web mode button".

Glitch: Web Zip on the sky:
Stand on the highest skyscraper in the first level and enter look around mode. You will be able to Web Zip onto the sky. Try to aim towards the center of the level, on the blue sky.

Glitch: Crawling on floor:
In the The Search For Justice level, swing to the building with the woman who has lost her purse. Kill the members of the Skull Gang. Walk up to the lady and she will ask you to find her purse. Swing to the building with her purse. Kill the members of the Skull Gang and get the purse. Go back to the building with the lady, but do not return her purse yet. Swing to the wall behind the lady. She will thank you for finding her purse. After she disappears, you will be crawling on the floor. If you press A or climb onto a wall, you will return to normal.

Glitch: Go through wall:
Complete the game under Hero or Superhero difficult to unlock Green Goblin controls at the secret store menu. Enable the "Level select" code, then go to the subway station. Go to the staircase across the room, leading downward. Run against the wall in the left corner. If done correctly you will go through the wall where Shocker normally would have blown a hole. If the first one does not work try the opposite staircase.

Glitch: Jump off building and live:
While playing as the Green Goblin on the first level, go to the tall building next to the end of the level. Do a running dash jump off the side with the end level spider icon. When you reach the bottom, you will end up still alive.

On some of the earlier levels, if you are swinging or gliding, you can release the web or jump off glider. When you are about to die, you will automatically start swinging or the glider will appear below you.
William Bether.

Glitch: Fire Advanced Impact Web without charging:
First, hold Y then press L. You will then fire the larger Impact Web without charging. Note: You may have to try this more than once.

Glitch: Dead Green Goblin:
Go to any of the Swing Training or Zip Training levels as the Green Goblin. You may need to enable the "Infinite Webbing" and "Unlimited Glider Power" codes. Get on the glider and fly off the green area you start at. Then, hover close to the ground and repeatedly press Y. Green Goblin will shoot Pumpkin Bombs from the bottom of his glider. The explosions should keep hurting Green Goblin, until he eventually falls off the glider. He will appear to be dead, but the timer at the top of the screen will keep going. When you press Start, the game will not pause, but the timer will flicker and you will hear a clicking sound. After that, the only way to end the level is to wait for the time to out or reset the game. Note: Green Goblin will probably fall off his glider a few times before he finally dies.
Techno Superguy.

Glitch: Curved webbing:
Go to Air Duel With Vulture as Spider-Man. After the level starts, land on the building and shoot impact webs at Vulture until he is too weak and has to rest. When he starts to land on the building, start webbing him up. Once Vulture has landed, the webbing will be forming a tall curve.
Techno Superguy.

Glitch: Homing Impact Webs:
Go to one of the fast-moving Bosses (Scorpion or Green Goblin) and turn on Camera Lock. Make sure the camera lock arrows around the Boss are green, or this will not work. Shoot the Advanced Impact Web. Watch carefully, and if the Boss moves too quickly, the Impact Web will fly past the Boss then curve back around a few times trying to hit the Boss before it is destroyed.
Techno Superguy.

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