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Star Wars: Rebel Strike - Rogue Squadron 3

Ace mode:
Enter YNMSFY?P as a password and accept it, then enter YOUDAMAN as a second password and accept it.
rcuh spd ypcnand Maru.

Alternately, get Gold medals in all single player and bonus missions.

Unlimited lives:
Enter IIOUAOYE as a password and accept it, then enter WIMPIAM! as a second password and accept it.

Level select in cooperative mode:
Enter SWGRCQPL as a password and accept it, then enter UCHEATED as a second password and accept it.

All single player regular missions:
Enter HYWSC!WS as a password and accept it, then enter NONGAMER as a second password and accept it.

All single player regular and bonus missions:
Enter EEQQ?YPL as a password and accept it, then enter CHE!ATER as a second password and accept it.

Enter LOOKMOM! as a password. Alternately, successfully complete the Triumph Of The Rebellion mission.

Enter THEDUDES as a password. Alternately, successfully complete the Triumph Of The Rebellion mission.

Music hall:
Enter HARKHARK as a password.
Tiffany Rutherford.

Art gallery:
Enter !KOOLART as a password.

Star Wars arcade game:
Enter RTJPFC!G as a password and accept it, then enter TIMEWARP as a second password and accept it.
Dr. X.

Alternately, successfully complete the Triumph Of The Rebellion mission.

Empire Strikes Back arcade game:
Enter !H!F?HXS as a password and accept it, then enter KOOLSTUF as a second password and accept it.

Alternately, successfully complete all missions in single player mode.

Return Of The Jedi arcade game:
Enter !?ATH!RD as a password and accept it, then enter GAME?YES as a second password and accept it.
jimmy, Steven Hoffart, and Gamer19.

Beggar's Canyon Race in cooperative mode:
Enter FRLL!CSF as a password and accept it, then enter FARMBOY? as a second password and accept it.
Digiboyred and Gamer19.

Asteroid Field level in cooperative mode:
Enter RWALPIGC as a password and accept it, then enter NOWAYOUT as a second password and accept it.
David Adkins.

Death Star Escape level in cooperative mode:
Enter YFCEDFRH as a password and accept it, then enter DSAGAIN? as a second password and accept it.
David Adkins.

Endurance level in cooperative mode:
Enter WPX?FGC! as a password and accept it, then enter EXCERSIZ as a second password and accept it.

All ships in versus mode:
Enter W!WSTPQB as a password and accept it, then enter FREEPLAY as a second password and accept it.

Jedi Starfighter:
Enter BBGMYWSX as a password and accept it, then enter JEDIWHO? as a second password and accept it.

Alternately, get Silver medals in all missions in single player mode. The Jedi Starfighter will appear in place of one of the A-Wings in the hanger.

Naboo Starfighter:
Enter RTWCVBSH as a password and accept it, then enter BFNAGAIN as a second password and accept it.
daniel christo4.

Alternately, successfully complete the Tatooine Training mission (all objectives, all normal and bonus items) in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night versions.

TIE Fighter in cooperative mode:
Enter MCKEMAKD as a password and accept it, then enter ONESHOT! as a second password and accept it.
David Adkins.

TIE Advance in cooperative mode:
Enter VDX?WK!H as a password and accept it, then enter ANOKSHIP as a second password and accept it.
David Adkins.

TIE Bomber in single player mode:
Enter JASDJWFA as a password and accept it, then enter !DABOMB! as a second password and accept it.

Alternately, in the Raid At Bakura mission, first meet the Silver Medal requirements for the mission. When done, you will get a TIE Bomber and fly to a canyon. Once in the canyon, use your lock-on missiles to destroy all the small laser towers on the floor, but not the ones on the walls. You must destroy each group of towers at once with one volley of missiles, and they must be destroyed all at once. The best way to do this is to lock-on to the furthest turret first, and so on up, then let your missiles fly. If done correctly, you should get some kind of confirmation from Wedge or Crix. Afterwards, the TIE Bomber will be unlocked.

TIE Hunter in single player mode:
Enter FRRVBMJK as a password and accept it, then enter LOOKOUT! as a second password and accept it.
Dr. X.

Alternately, get Gold medals in all missions in single player mode.

Millennium Falcon in single player mode:
Enter QZCRPTG! as a password and accept it, then enter HANSRIDE as a second password and accept it.
Digiboyred and Gamer19.

Alternately, get bronze medals on all single-player mission, including the bonus missions.

Slave I:
Enter TGBCWLPN as a password and accept it, then enter ZZBOUNTY as a second password and accept it.

Alternately, get Bronze medals in all missions in single player mode.

Rudy's Car in single and cooperative mode:
Enter AXCBPRHK as a password and accept it, then enter WHATTHE? as a second password and accept it.
Dr. X.

Audio commentary:
Enter WHATTHE? as a password. Alternately, get Bronze medals in all missions in single player mode.
WillG7 and Ron Ryea.

Black and white graphics:
Enter NOCOLOR? as a password.

T-16 Skyhopper:
Enter LOOKOUT! as a password to unlock the T-16 Skyhopper in versus mode in planetary landscape levels.
Playerbl87 and shadowkhas.

Ultimate medal:
Once you get a gold medal, a new list of requirements will appear. These are the highest scores the people at Lucas Arts received. If you can beat them, you will receive the Ultimate medal for that level. They look similar to the Ace mode medals in Star Wars: Rogue Leader.
Travis Bong.

Quick craft selection:
To make a quick selection of your craft in any mission, hold L + R and press A to play the desired mission. By doing this, you will play with the predetermined ship, without going to the hangar.

Hint: Attack On The Executor: Extra shot accuracy:
Shoot the turrets in the trench part. Tap A at a turret then wait for your lasers to charge back up and shoot another turret.

Hint: Attack On The Executor: Destroying Star Destroyer's bridge:
The first two Star Destroyer's bridge decks can be taken out with Sonic Mines from Slave 1 or the Jedi Starfighter without going after the shield generators on the top of the bridge. Two mines aimed at the bridge itself usually only destroys one of the two shield generator domes. However, the blast still takes out the bridge making your mission a lot easier.
Shadow Kai.

Hint: Attack On The Executor: Easy Gold medal:
Use the Jedi Starfighter. It is easy to destroy the Ion Cannons with a few Sonic Charges. For easy extra kills, the big ball-like shield generators only take one Sonic Charge to destroy. Fire a Sonic Charge at one and it will go through it and blow them both up. Then, in the trench, when you still have a good portion of your boost, fly just above everything (with the boost), on the left side. When you get to the bridge, fire three Sonic Charges.

Hint: Battlefield Hoth: Tech upgrade:
Once making it to the E-Web blaster, three AT-STs will emerge from Imperial loader shuttle containers and begin firing. Blast the container furthest to the right. Dismount from the blaster and run for the advanced cluster missiles upgrade. Then, return to the E-Web in order to complete the mission.
Jason McMullen and Janricaar.

Hint: Death Star Rampage: See Darth Vader's TIE:
In the Death Star Rampage level in multi-player mode, you can see Darth Vader's TIE fighter trying to shoot you down. It might take some time to find him. If you find Darth Vader, you can destroy him easily with a few laser shots or your secondary weapons.

Hint: Death Star Rescue: See Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader fighting:
After you swing across the pit by hooking onto the generators, follow through until you get to where a Storm Trooper is guarding a door. Defeat him and the door will open. Go through it, but do not go to the left to the Millennium Falcon. Defeat all the troopers that you can kill from the door's passageway. Then, go right to the wall. Duck so that the camera goes behind you. Look into the room with the Millennium Falcon. On the other side of the room, you will see Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in a lightsaber duel. If you go forward, you will see the movie scene of Obi-Wan being defeated by Vader.
Chris Ewok.

Hint: Deception At Destrillion: Tech upgrade:
During the Y-wing bombing run for the second part of the mission, look inside the large concrete bowl (superlaser housing) in the middle of the area for the advanced spread proton bombs upgrade.
Jason McMullen.

Hint: Defenders Of Ralltiir: Tech upgrade:
Upon starting the mission, bank left and head for the more distant bridge. Destroy the transport next to the bridge and search the wreckage for the advanced targeting computer upgrade.
Jason McMullen.

Hint: Defenders Of Ralltiir: Gold medal:
You can earn a Gold medal easier by picking up the bombs near the force field with your tow cable and dropping them on the bridges. This will destroy most enemies. Destroy the remaining AT-ATS by picking up the bombs and hitting the walkers in the head. This will kill them in one hit and save time. Note: You cannot drop the bombs; you have to lower your speeder so that just the bomb just touches the ground. It will then detonate.
Travis Bong.

Hint: Defiance on Dantooine: Tech upgrade:
When returning to the landing site with Tycho, veer left past the guns after the second chasm jump and pick up the upgrade.
Jason McMullen and Travis Bong.

Hint: Escape From Hoth: See Darth Vader:
You can see Darth Vader twice in this level. The first time is when you are at the broken bridges. He is on the left broken bridge directly in front of you, if you just came out of the tunnel. The second time is when you turn to go to your ship. Get to the point just before you make the turn to go to your ship. Do not make that turn. Instead. go to the left of the turn. Keep walking forward and you should see Darth Vader coming towards you. Keep walking; he will not do anything to you. Just before you reach him rocks will fall from the ceiling, blocking both of you.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Hint: Extraction From Ralltiir: Tech upgrade:
After the second turn (first right) in the mission, you will find the homing proton torpedoes upgrade lying on the ground by a broken section of wall.
Jason McMullen.

Hint: Extraction From Ralltiir: Jedi Outcast reference:
In the large area at the end of the AT-ST portion of the mission, there is a statue and a flame in the middle of the area. The orange platform on which the flame is resting has the Jedi Outcast lightsaber symbol on it.
Mark Davis.

Hint: Fondor Shipyard Assault: Use the Slave 1 without failing the mission:
After the transport crashes into the deck, you can turn and change to an A-wing on the Redemption (medical frigate). This will allow you to complete the mission.

Hint: Guns Of Dubrillion: Tech upgrade:
After walking up the ramp at the start of the mission and facing a few AT-STs, veer left and snatch up the advanced concussion missiles upgrade.
Jason McMullen.

Hint: Guns Of Dubrillion: Gold medal:
To defeat the AT-STs faster, attack the boxes they arrive in. The boxes will explode, taking the AT-STs with them. While taking the alternate route though the bridge, you can shoot down some TIE fighters that swoop down over you. While walking down the corridor with the AT-AT, you can shoot down the turbines before General Madine tells you to do so.

Hint: Raid At Bakura: Tech upgrade:
To get this tech upgrade you must meet the silver medal requirements for the first two mission objectives. At that point, the third objective will be unlocked. Mission objectives are 1: Disable fleeing Imperial transports, and 2: Provide cover for the Rebel recovery crews. The Silver Medal requirements are: completion time: 13:20, enemies destroyed: 45, shot accuracy: 3%, friendlies lost: 1, lives lost: 1, targeting computer efficiency: 3%. Once on the surface in the TIE bomber, the advanced proton bombs upgrade will be in the last domed tower once you bomb it. Swoop down and recover it.
Jason McMullen and Janricaar.

Hint: Raid At Bakura: Extra shot accuracy:
Shoot the turrets after you have disabled the last two fleeing Imperial transports.

Use your lock-on missiles in the first part of the mission to destroy the turrets on the battle station's rings. You can also use your B-wing's lock-on missiles to destroy fast TIE fighters. You will be guaranteed a high percentage in your accuracy rating.

Hint: Raid At Bakura: Crashing TIE fighter:
When Rescue 1 calls for help, follow a TIE fighter to the ship. The TIE will crash into Rescue 1.

Hint: Relics Of Geonosis: Tech upgrade:
Once on the surface of the planet, look inside the third crashed escape pod for the homing proton torpedoes upgrade.
Jason McMullen and Janricaar.

Hint: Revenge Of The Empire: Tech upgrade:
Allow the last Imperial transport of the first group to land and open its rear hatch. Fly through slowly and pick up the advanced shields upgrade.
Jason McMullen and Travis Bong.

Alternately, fly inside the fourth Imperial transport instead of destroying it. You will find the upgrade on the ground.
Travis Bong.

Hint: Speeder Bike Pursuit: Tech upgrade:
Slightly more than halfway through the mission, you will find a noticeable fork in the path. Turn left and keep to the left side of the path. You will find the homing concussion missiles upgrade between two trees.
Jason McMullen.

Hint: Rebel Endurance: Tactics:
In order to save health in the level, jump when you are assaulted by a lot of Stormtroopers at once while firing. This way, the Stormtroopers will fire in the space where you just occupied, missing you. When you fire your shots in air, they will still aim down and kill the Stormtrooper It is also much easier to complete the level if you have a controller with an auto-fire feature set to A.

Hint: Tattoine Training: Easy race:
Under any difficulty setting, crash your craft in the canyon. When you restart, your will be in the "Paralyzed" at the start. You can then race without any pressure from opponent, and still win.

Hint: Tattoine Training: Stop narrator's instructions:
Press Start when the narrator is explaining the commands. When the game is resumed, he will instantaneously say "Try it now" or something similar. You can execute the respective command without delay.

Hint: Trials Of A Jedi: Ultimate medal:
Chop down the spiders houses, but quickly kill more spiders when they come out before you destroy the house.

Hint: Triumph Of The Rebellion mission:
Once you unlock the Speeder Bike Pursuit mission, complete it and you will be able to play Triumph Of The Rebellion.
Chris Ewok.

Hint: Triumph Of The Rebellion: Tech upgrade:
Coming up on the first deep end, turn right and head all the way back to the corner of the map. You probably will not be able to see the homing cluster missiles upgrade, but a voice cue will alert you when you pick it up.
Jason McMullen.

Hint: Arcade TIE Bomber:
As in Rouge Squadron 2: Rouge Leader, look up to the ceiling between Darth Vader's TIE Bomber, and the Lambda Shuttle in the Imperial hanger (arcade) to see a TIE bomber which you pilot in the Raid At Bakura mission.

Hint: Imperial March:
The Imperial March can only be heard in the arcade, however it is not the complete song.

Hint: Boba Fett battle:
Reach wave 52 on Rebel Endurance to fight Boba Fett.
Travis Bong.

Hint: Jango Fett's Slave 1:
After unlocking Slave 1 and the Jedi Starfighter, play the Geonosian Asteroid Belt in dogfight with two Slave 1s. The appearance of one will change to Jango Fett's color scheme.

Hint: Ultimate weapon:
Fly a ship that has Seismic Charges, like the Jedi Starfighter or Slave 1. Fire all your Seismic Charges while spinning using Z. This works better with the Slave I because it has more Seismic Charges.
Pieter Moonen.

Hint: Easy endurance mode:
To easily defeat waves of enemies in endurance mode, constantly jump while shooting. This will make it nearly impossible for you to get hit, especially if you are also jumping side to side. You should have no problem getting to level 52 without losing a life.
Kyle Michelson.

Hint: Shot accuracy:
When going for a higher medal it is critical to acquire a high percentage in shot accuracy. To get a great shot accuracy score (not on -foot missions), keep going in the same direction without the use of your boost. By doing so, you should attract Tie Fighters. Once they get close, they should be flying directly towards you, making it extremely easy to shoot them down.
Nicholas T. Mihaila.

Glitch: Attack on the Executor: Wrong ship:
During this level, the main battleship in the Rebel fleet is the wrong ship. It is supposed to be Home One, but is instead the ship that gets destroyed by the Death Star's laser.

Glitch: Attack On The Executor: Wrong ship in intermission sequence:
Watch the intermission sequence with Admiral Ackbar saying to attack the Super Star destroyer's bridge. At the end of the sequence, it will slowly zoom in on an A-wing. This is supposed to be you. However, if you choose any other ship to play this mission with, you will see that your ship is actually the one above the A-wing that it focuses on. The best way to see this is to use a ship that is not rebel, such as an N-1 or tie Hunter.
Dylan Barrientos.

Glitch: Attack On The Executor: Wrong wingmen:
During the intermission sequence, you will see two X-Wings on both sides of you. A few seconds after the intermission sequence ends, tell your wingmen to form up. You will notice that they are now A-Wings.

Glitch: Attack On The Executor: Y-Wings using secondary weapons in space:
Try to use the Jedi Starfighter to take out all the Ions on the Stardestroyers quickly so that you have time to look around. Look for the only Y-Wing squadron. They can be found around the area that the first Star Destroyer was located at. Follow them for awhile and you will eventually see them try to use their secondary weapons to kill the TIEs. However, because they are Y-Wings, all they do is drop them in space. They never hit anything and always just fall towards the planet.
Dylan Barrientos.

Glitch: Attack On The Executor: Destroy the Independence (Home One):
On Attack On The Executor, your objective in the first portion of the level is to protect the Independence (Admiral Ackbar's flagship) by destroying the Ion Cannons on several Star Destroyers. If you do not destroy these in time, the Independence will be disabled, not destroyed, and you will fail the mission. However, with some luck, it is possible to destroy the Admiral's flagship and continue flying the mission until roughly 18:40 of time has gone by; depending on when you skip the initial intermission sequence.

Make sure Ace Mode is off. When the mission starts, skip the intermission sequence. Do not destroy any of the Ion Cannons on the first Star Destroyer. Just fly towards the second Star Destroyer and take out all of the Ion Cannons. Then, do the same for the third Star Destroyer. When done, position yourself behind either of the flagship's wings and make sure that TIE Fighters are chasing you. When you are in position, evade the TIE's laser fire and let them hit the Independence. If you can manage to survive, eventually the Imperial laser fire will destroy the Independence.

With Ace Mode on, destroy two of the Ion Cannons on the first Star Destroyer, three of them on the second Star Destroyer, and all of the cannons on the third Star Destroyer. Even after the second Star Destroyer has stopped shooting its remaining Ion Cannon at the ship, the Independence will still have a small amount of shields remaining. Just use the previously described method with the TIE Fighters and Ackbar's ship will soon be destroyed.

With your flagship gone, it is impossible to fail the mission since technically it must be "disabled" to allow failure of the mission. However, you will not be able to fly indefinitely. Once the 18:40 time mark is reached, the second intermission sequence will be triggered and you will continue with the mission. The whole point of this glitch is to enable a "free flight mode". The first portion of Attack On The Executor now has a much longer time limit. To keep you occupied, there is an infinite number of TIE Fighters waiting to be destroyed.

Glitch: Battle Of Endor: Star Destroy does not die:
You can destroy a Star Destroyer, but it will not die. Go to the versus menu and select "Dogfight". Then, choose the Battle Of Endor. Give yourself sometime to destroy it. When you start, you should see two Star Destroyers. Choose anyone and start to destroy the big spherical shield generators on top of the ship. When you destroy them, take out the shield generator on the bottom of the ship. After you destroy that, take out the small cockpit in the middle of the ship. When you destroy all those things, the Star Destroyer should go down but it will not. Note: It may seem like the parts cannot be destroyed, however you must shoot at them for a long time.
Adam M..

Glitch: Battlefield Hoth: Falling over AT-Ats:
In the second stage of Battlefield Hoth when you are on a Taun-Taun crossing the battlefield, look closely at the AT-Ats. You will notice that they simply fall over for no reason; there will be no Snow Speeders or anything else around them.

Glitch: Death Star: Extra guns:
Play the Death Star level in co-op mode (the very first level). After you destroy all the deflection towers you must fight TIE Fighters. However, there are also guns all over the floor of the Death Star. Destroy them all, then destroy all the TIE Fighters. Once you are in the trench you must stay low otherwise you will be shot down by guns, even though you destroyed them all.

Glitch: Death Star Rampage: Shuttle Tyderium:
When playing in versus mode, normally you can fight until you get 2000 points. In cooperative mode, Shuttle Tyderium cannot be in Deathstar Rampage, but it is. If you kill it ten times, you will receive double the points of the Tyderium (1000 points), and Darth Vader will appear only if you killed five Tyderiums.
Millenium Falconner.

Glitch: Death Star Rescue: Trapped:
Get to the part when you see Darth Vader defeating Obi-Wan and the troopers attack. Run back to the door that you came in and let the troopers kill you. You should be back behind the door that you used to enter, and there is no way to get back to the Millennium Falcon.
Darth maul2.

Glitch: Deception of Distrillion: TIE Hunter crashes:
When you reach the chamber where you have to fight the TIE Hunters, follow a group for awhile. They will eventually crash into the chamber walls. If you follow a group of the TIE Hunters for awhile and they do not crash, go to another group. Also try to do it exactly when you get into the chamber. Try to use a ship with high shields.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Deception of Distrillion: Wrong exit:
When you are about to exit out of the first chamber and see the red electric bars that look like an asteroid, go to the bottom left corner. When you see the intermission sequence where Wedge says that the TIEs are nothing like he has seen before, it will show your ship coming out of the top right corner. This will also work when you exit from the second camber in the second intermission sequence.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Fondor Shipyard Assault Faster completion:
Choose either the Jedi Starfighter or the Slave I. When you start the level, destroy the Imperial Escort carrier first, then fly over to the platform which the Rebel ship is going to crash into. Level yourself with the middle of platform were the generator would be. Then, fire a few Sonic Mines at it. If done correctly, the blast waves will pass though the platform, hit the generator, and destroy it. This will also skip the intermission sequence featuring the Rebel ship crashing and the part where you destroy the generator next to the Super Star Destroyer trench run. However, it is impossible to complete the mission in the Slave I since it is too big to fit though the gaps in the trench run.

Glitch: Fondor Shipyard Assault: No hyperdrive:
Select the Jedi Starfighter. When the intermission sequence begins, Madine will brief them and they will blast off to hyperspace. However, Jedi Starfighter needs the hyperdrive ring to jump to hyperspace, but it is missing in the sequence.
mike sums.

Glitch: Imperial Academy Heist: Wrong laser color:
Note that there is a TIE fighter you can use in this mission. Do not use it. Instead, get to the shuttle and have whoever drives go to the TIE fighter. If done correctly you will be able to fly a tie fighter with an automatic turret, if you can aim correctly. TIE fighters usually have green lasers, but when using the turret of the shuttle you will fire red lasers. You can still complete the mission by doing this.

Glitch: Jedi Training: Double jump early:
You are not able to double jump at the beginning of the level, but can double jump just after you deflect the laser. The glitch is that you can double jump before Yoda tells you to.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Raid At Bespin: Cannot return in co-op:
Before completing the level, unlock the Jedi Starfighter. Select the Raid At Bespin level, and you will not be able to choose the Jedi Starfighter. Thus, you cannot do the mission unless you use a new saved game.

Glitch: Relics Of Geonosis: Missing R-5:
Choose the A-Wing or a ship without an R-2 unit. When you destroy the first escort carrier, a short intermission sequence willplay. In that sequence, Wedge will say "R-5 can you lock down that stabilizer", however an A-Wing does not have an R-2 unit.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Relics of Genosis: Wrong ship:
Choose a ship other than the X-Wing. When you see the intermission sequence that shows the ship crashing into the planet, you will see that it is an X-Wing and not the ship that you chose.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Relics Of Geonosis: Levitating ship:
When you find the Jedi Starfighter, you will see a clip of R-5 "fixing the Jedi Starfighter". However, R-5 is not even on the ship, and neither is Wedge. The ship just levitates by itself.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Relics Of Geonosis: Distant bomb explosions:
After getting in the Jedi Starfighter and you are about to get on its hyperdrive unit, fire all of your bombs. When the intermission sequence showing you arriving at the hyperdrive unit starts, look in the background. You will see all of your bombs exploding from far away instead of directly in front of you.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Revenge Of The Empire: Disappearing rocks:
Reach the hangar at the end of the level. If you try to exit the hangar, there will be rocks blocking you from getting out. However, when you finish the level and see the intermission sequence of the AT-STs shooting at you, the rocks will not be therem allowing the AT-ST's to close on to you even though they are destroyed by Sarkili.
Giovanni Ocasio.

Glitch: Tatooine Training: Dying Banthas:
In the first part of the mission with the T-16 Skyhopper, kill the Banthas closest to the homestead on the slanted hill. The Banthas that died will fall from the sky and land on the same slope. For some reason the Banthas that fall will die when they hit the ground.

Glitch: Tatooine Training: Unable to complete level:
If you turn on the audio commentary during the mission, when you walk into a lesson, the message on the screen will stay there and will not disappear.

Glitch: Death Star disco-ball refection:
Look into the Death Star disco ball's refection on the floor of the arcade. The ball will be a dull gray and non-reflective.

Glitch: Naboo Fighter thrust:
Look out the side of the cockpit of the Naboo Fighter. You will see no blue thrust coming out of the thrusters, although you do see them when the view is outside the craft.

Glitch: Tie Interceptor: Wrong lasers:
If you choose the TIE Interceptor in multi-player mode, it will have double lasers like the TIE Fighter, but in single player mode it has four lasers at the tips of its wings.

Glitch: Return Of The Jedi arcade game: Death Star cut in two:
Go to the arcade. Play the Return Of The Jedi game. Select easy mode. Complete the speeder part. Note: Pressing R will shoot two lasers. After you completing the speeder part, you will be in the Millennium Falcon. Destroy the power generator, then you will have to get out of the Death Star. You can not die during this part. Once you make it out, during the intermission you will briefly see the Death Star in two parts before it blows up. Note, the Death Star will not be in two parts very long.

Glitch: Hovering pilot:
At the hangar in cooperative mode, have one player hold Look while the other player just pushes him around. The player in look mode will hover.
jean-pierre arteau.

Glitch: No music in intermission sequence:
Immediately before an intermission sequence starts, fire a Sonic Mine from the Jedi Starfighter or Slave 1. When the intermission sequence starts, there will be no music for the first few seconds because of the mine.
Dylan Barrientos.

Glitch: See rock or tree:
In verse mode, chose the Endor Forest race or Beggar's Canyon race. Enter cockpit view and crash into a tree or rock. Before you come back in the race, you will see for a split moment an image a tree or a rock, depending on which one you crashed into. Note: You must have at least two controllers plugged in and at least two lives.

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