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Super Smash Brothers: Melee cheats: Characters

Dr. Mario:
Successfully complete the game in classic mode as Mario.
EvilBoris and Jabroni76 and mouthbinet.

Alternately, play 100 versus mode matches. The winner of the 100th match will fight Dr. Mario. Defeat him to unlock him as a playable character.
Fabio Lewis.

Instead of shooting fireballs like Mario, Dr. Mario shoots pills. Dr. Mario's cape is just the coat on his doctor uniform.

Falco Lombardi:
Complete the 100 man melee.

Alternately, play 300 versus mode matches.
Craig Whitaker and BigBro9716.

Alternately, play in adventure mode and defeat Fox in under 30 seconds. Watch the intermission sequence to determine if you will fight him next. If Fox talks, then get ready to fight Falco. You can do this under any difficulty setting with any amount of stock (lives). Just fight him as you would with Fox, because he is basically the same character.

Go to custom rules, change to "Stock", and change the stock to "1". Then, go to versus mode, then go to melee mode and choose any two characters. Immediately when the match starts, have one of your players go off the ledge and die. At the end, it will count as a versus match. To check on your progress, go to data, melee records, then misc. records. You will now see a list. In it will be Vs. Play Match Total, and how many matches you have.

The best character to unlock Falco would be Donkey Kong due to his Down + B attack, which basically obliterates them completely.
sou boa.

Complete event mode #29 (Triforce Gathering) to unlock Ganondorf.
EvilBoris and tommy hitman.

Alternately, play 600 versus mode matches.

To unlock Ganondorf easily, do Event #29 as Link. When you start the battle Ganondorf will fall down to the ground. Once he does this, use Z to grab him. While you are holding him press B + Up to hit him with your sword. He will fly and hit the roof. When he comes down press B + Up. You will do your spin attack and he will hit the roof if he has not touched the ground. If he touched the ground he will fly into Zelda, and Zelda will hurt him. Note: This only happens sometimes. Just do this a few times. When you face him, to get him use the spin attack (B + Up).

Ice Climbers: Items:
When playing as Ice Climbers, if there are two items of the same type (for example, two light sabers) near each other, Popo and Nana will both pick it up, resulting in 2x item power.
Joshua Wilson.

Jigglypuff (Purin):
Successfully complete the game with any character under any difficulty setting. Continues are allowed.

Alternately, fight 50 multi-player battles.

Complete the first stage of adventure mode with a time of 3:32:99 to 3:32:00. You will have to battle Luigi and defeat him in under one minute. Finish the remainder of adventure mode. At the end of adventure mode you will fight Luigi. Defeat Luigi and he will become a playable character.
EvilBoris, Corey and Ricky, and Jeran.

Alternately, finish the first stage of adventure mode with a time ending in 2 seconds, such as x:x2:xx.
Richard Manriquez, LittleDog077, and Lilcell2k2.

Alternately, playing 800 versus mode battles. After you have played 800 battles, the winner of the battle will be challenged by Luigi. Defeat him and he will become a playable character. If you lose, Luigi will challenge the winner of the next versus mode battle.
Craig Whitaker.

Alternately, play a four way multi-player game for five hours total.

Mewtwo will appear at random at the end of a multi-player match and challenge the winner. He will be unlocked as a selectable character after he is defeated. Alternately, in versus mode, play 700 battles or get a total of 20 hours of game play.
midarie, EvilBoris, and DDIGIMON911.

To unlock Mewtwo, play 20 hours in melee vs. mode (combined number of human players times the number of hours). For example, if you play 1 human player vs. 3 CPU players, play 20 hours; 2 players vs. 2 CPU players, play 10 hours; 3 players vs. 1 CPU player, 7 hours; 4 player vs., 5 hours.

To get Mewtwo easily, go into Custom Rules Melee and change "Stock" to "3" and "Item Flow" to "None", and "Stock Time Limit" to "Off". Choose two of your best characters (for fighting Mewtwo) and go into a match in the Pokemon Stadium level. Place both fighters on the Pokeball in the middle. Do not pause the game. Unplug the controllers, and leave the system on overnight to accumulate game time. Plug in the controllers again, and have one of the fighters die three times. If enough hours have been obtained, Mewtwo will challenge you. Defeat him to unlock him next to Jigglypuff as a playable character.

This trick is useful if you do not have a second controller and want to unlock Mewtwo. Enter the "Custom Settings" screen, and set up a versus game with a "Damage Ratio" of "0.5" and a "Stock" of "99". Start a Tiny Melee with a human as player one (preferably being a character you can defeat Mewtwo with) and three other players at a low CPU level of 1. Start the game at Hyrule Temple, then leave it idle overnight. For best results, have the three CPU players be Captain Falcon, Prince Marth, and Pikachu. About eight and a half hours later, the fight should just have ended. Repeat the process every night until you have accumulated twenty hours and can fight Mewtwo. However, the human player should be the winner of the final fight or Mewtwo may not appear. Note: You can see how many versus hours you have accumulated by going to the "Misc VS Data" section.
Kirby Supreme.

Set up a one life battle with as many humans as possible and no CPU players. Leave the game on overnight, then defeat the other players and Mewtwo.
Richard Soukup.

Set the stock to 1 and play in versus mode super sudden death melee 700 times. For easier kills, set the damage ratio to 1.9 (the highest).

Go to versus mode enable sudden death. Set the stock to 99 and die 99 times. Repeat this until you have died 701 times and Mewtwo should appear. If you lose to him, die once and he will re-appear.

Select versus mode and custom rules. Change the rules to "Stock" to "01". Play a special melee, super sudden death match. Fall off the ledge 700 times until you battle Mewtwo. If you lose, just play one more time in a versus mode battle and he will appear again.

Go to versus mode enable sudden death. Set the "Stock" to "99" and die 99 times. Repeat this until you have died until 701 times, then Mewtwo should appear. If you lose to him, die once and he will re-appear.

To unlock Mewtwo easily, set a time battle for 99 minutes. Next, do something else during that time. Then, keep playing or reset the 99 minute battle.

To unlock Mewtwo easily, go to past stage Yoshi's Island with Roy. Fight three Links at level 1. Get everyone at the bottom level. Then, do a double jump and Up + B then land in the middle of the top platform. If done correctlym you will never be hit because they will only double jump and never end up at the top level to reach you. If something done wrong, they will end up jumping on the side platforms and will just jump to the top easily. This is useful if you have one controller and need some hours to unlock Mewtwo.

Go to versus mode and set the timed battle to 99 minutes. Use four controllers and start the match with only one player. Kill the other three players as many time as possible until time expires. If you get over 700 kills, Mewtwo will challenge you. Defeat him to unlock Mewtwo as a playable character.
A Guy Somewhere.

To unlock Mewtwo easily, get four players. Then, play as much as you can as close to 20 hours as possible. Leave the game on overnight and unplug your controllers. The message 'please plug in slots 1, 2, 3, and 4" will appear. The next morning, plug the controllers back in and have the best person of all four players die three times. After that, Mewtwo should appear.
C Goodwin.

To unlock Mewtwo faster, go Into "Custom Rules". Set "Rules" to "Time Limit". Set "Time Limit" to "None", then go to Lighting Melee. Mewtwo will be unlocked twice as fast this way (one human in 10 hours, two humans in five hours, three humans in three and a half hours, and four humans in two and a half hours.
Jonathan Hidy.

Mr. Game & Watch:
Complete the single player target test mode with all of the other 24 characters. Mr. Game & Watch will now be unlocked. If you lose to him, go to classic mode, select any character, and complete it to unlock him.
Craig Whitaker, Devilgrl558, and R2Dkoby.

Alternately, play over 1,000 versus mode matches.
Craig Whitaker and MikeyMoo91.

Alternately, unlock all the stages, then complete the game all the other 24 characters.

Alternately, Mr. Game & Watch can appear after you unlock every character except him, and complete every character's adventure mode.
Gabriel Barbosa Nunes.

Accomplish one of the following:
EvilBoris and Jeffrey Jones.

Unlock both Luigi and Falco to unlock event mode #37 (Legendary Pokemon). Complete event mode #37. After winning, Pichu will become playable.
Complete adventure mode as Mewtwo.
Play 200 matches in versus mode.

To do this easier, do a melee and set it to 25 lives.

Prince Marth:
Play with all 14 default characters in classic mode without continuing. Alternately, play vs. mode more than 400 times.
EvilBoris, Dpyles, Eric Smeak, Shortstuf605, goboom, and others.

Alternately, play versus mode with all of the default characters. Marth will challenge the last character you played as (if you won the match). If you lose against him, then he will reappear to challenge the winner of the next versus match.
Kirby Supreme and Max81088.

Successfully complete the game as Prince Marth in classic mode.
EvilBoris and AModlin.

Alternately, play over 900 versus mode matches.
Craig Whitaker.

Young Link:
Finish classic mode 10 times with different characters each time. One time must be with Link.
EvilBoris, Shenkai627, Jabroni76, Flameboy62089, and others.

Alternately, play 500 versus mode matches.
Craig Whitaker.

Random character:
To randomly select a character for battle, have all characters unlocked. Press A in the space below Falco and to the left of Pichu at the character selection screen. Your hand should throw the token at random to any character.

In a Winner Out or Loser Out tournament, you can select a random character. When you are on the five by five character selection menu, hold L + R and press A. A picture of a Ditto that says random will appear. You will now play in the tournament as a random character, from out of all of the characters available on your game.
Erik McLennan.

Daisy costume:
When playing as Peach, press X or Y to change your costume. One of the costumes (brown hair and a yellow dress) is that of Luigi's girlfriend, Daisy.
CAMMY CERRATI, Dawayne408, and TerrisWalter.

Nana costume:
Choose Ice Climbers and press X or Y at the character selection screen until Nana (the one with the mouth open) is in front of Popo (the one with the mouth closed). If Popo is hit too far, Nana will still be left (no lives will be taken away). If Nana is hit too far, Popo is unable to move and they will both lose (one life is lost).
Tiju O.

Wario costume:
When playing as Mario, press X or Y to change your costume until it matches Wario.

Captain Falcon's alternate costumes:
Press X or Y at the character selection screen until Captain Falcon's shirt is magenta. Position him so that his back is facing you and pause the game. Zoom in and you will see a different logo than his usual Falcon logo. The word is "Bloodhawk" and it features a skull with wings.
Fire King.

Press X or Y button to change his costume to gray. Play on any stage and pause during game play. Move the camera to the right and you should see a gun pouch.

Fight against Dark Link:
Compete in Event #18 to fight against Dark Link from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
KingBowser2 and StacyN1989.

Fight against Falco:
First, successfully complete 100 man melee mode. When you fight Fox in adventure mode, defeat him in 30 seconds or less. After you defeat him, instead of fighting Fox again you will fight Falco.
Rage and Corey and Ricky.

Fight against Giga Bowser:
Complete adventure mode in under eighteen minutes with any stocks, no continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. When you defeat Bowser, Giga Bowser will appear.
gabriel jean baptiste.

Fight against Master Hand and Crazy Hand:
Complete classic mode in less than fifteen minutes without using any continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. You will battle both Master Hand and Crazy Hand at the end.

To battle Crazy Hand, complete classic mode in less than twelve minutes with any stocks, no continues under a normal or higher difficulty setting. When Master Hand's stamina gets to half his points, Crazy Hand will appear.
gabriel jean baptiste.

Bowser: Combos:
Press Towards + B to grab your opponent. While you are holding on to your opponent press B(4) to bite them then press Towards + A to throw them.
Corey and Ricky.

Bowser: Crawl on all fours:
Bowser must get knocked down on his back. Have Bowser move towards his tail with the Analog-stick. He will crawl on all fours for a small period of time.
Corey and Ricky.

Bowser: Japanese name:
Set the language to Japanese and choose Bowser. The name will be Koopa.

Captain Falcon: Second hit:
Captain Falcon cannot charge his smashes when he is using an item. However, if you hold A, he will hit a second time with it.
Zachary Parker.

Captain Falcon: Defeating Giga Bowser:
Use his Aerial Thunder Knee attack on him. This should send Bowser flying and do about 25% to 30% damage. You must time the attack correctly or you will do barely any damage and Bowser will not be staggered. This will leave you vulnerable to one of his powerful attacks. This trick is also useful on the last event, "The Showdown", but if you are unskilled with Captain Falcon, defeating Mewtwo and Ganondorf will be difficult. Fox's attacks can be used also against them, considering that his attacks are fast.

Captain Falcon, Falco, Fox, Link, Young Link, Pikachu, Pichu: Super combos:
With one of those characters, go to Peach's Castle and move to the middle of the tower (just below the top). Pin someone such as Samus against the wall with their rapid strikes. It is possible to get more than 800 hits with certain characters before Bullet Bill interferes.
Evan Hickey.

Donkey Kong: Easy win:
Go to Hyrule Castle. Lure your opponent under the green castle. When your opponent gets there, hold Down + B and until your opponent's % is very high. You can now most likely take them out with one hit.

Dr. Mario: Change pill colors:
Press Up to do his pose. He will toss a pill into the air and catch it. Every time you do the pose, the pill color will change.

Dr. Mario: Defeating Kirbys:
With any other character it seems impossible to defeat all the Kirbys before you are pummeled to death and knocked off. Even though Dr.Mario is the equivalent to Mario his third jump attack (B + Up) is much more powerful. Use this attack and you will instantly send the Kirbys flying off the stage.

Dr. Mario: Instant kill:
After your opponent returns with their third jump, stand on the edge and smack them the other way with Dr. Mario's cape. This works most of the time.

Dr. Mario or Mario: Five jumps:
Do the Cape move and repeat it again, then do the Super Jump Punch.

Falco: Japanese taunts:
Falco has two Japanese taunts: Set the game language to Japanese and choose Falco. During game play, do your taunt. Instead of what he normally does, he will still spin around but say either one of two things.

Falco or Fox: Double image:
Press Forward + B to do the dash attack and pause game play. Move the camera around for one or two images of them to appear.

Falco or Fox: Reflecting Pokeballs:
When Falco or Fox use their Reflect move on a tossed Pokeball, the Pokemon that appears will attack the person that threw the Pokeball.

If you play as Fox or Falco you can reflect certain Pokemons' attacks. The list of Pokemon include Charizard, Chikorita, Staryu, and most projectile attacks from Pokemon except Blastoise. You can also reflect Pokeballs and the Pokemon inside will be yours. All items can be reflected, as well as the blast from the scope weapon. When your enemy charges up the scope weapon, put on the reflector to bounce it back at them. This usually kills them, unless they have a low damage percent.
Ruby Tatsuno.

Falco or Fox: Easy kills:
Get near the edge of the stage and do not fall off. Have Falco or Fox sway on the edge. Lure your opponent to you. Grab them (Z or L or R + A) and press Down to throw them down, then shoot them with the blaster. If done correctly, your opponent should shoot down, depending on the level, until they die. If it is high up, they may be able to jump up but not quite make it. Note: This trick is difficult until mastered. Until then, it requires a few attempts rarely works every time.

In a All-Star game under the very easy difficulty setting, get very close to your opponent and press Down + B. If it does not knock the opponent out the first time, do it a few more times. If you do not do it too much, you will not get Stale Moves and lose 2000 points.
Shin Pinoy.

Go to the Corneria stage and weaken your foe to about 30. Then, go to the cockpit end and get directly on the edge. Grab your foe and press Down.

Grab any opponent besides Pichu and throw them straight up. This works about 70% of the time, and if it does not instantly kill them, it will almost always kill them the second time.
Matthew Blanke.

Falco or Fox: Secret taunts:
Go to the Corneria Stage (Great Fox). Go to either edge of the level, (the jets in the back or the cockpit side) and quickly press Left, Right, Left, Right. After awhile, he will pound his fists into the ground for about ten seconds. When he lifts his hand up, Slippy, Peppy and Falco (or Fox)will start talking during game play.

Falco or Fox: Combo:
Go to versus mode and choose either Mario, dr. Mario or Luigi as an opponent. Get them to at least 50% damage, then press Up + A (backflip). Next, jump up, kick him with Left or Right + A. If successful, you should have kicked him the way you attacked. Then, quickly do Fox's Illusion or Falco's Phantasm. You should have knocked him down (without killing him). Keep trying if you are not successful. Note: This works better with Falco.
Robert Maravilla.

Falco or Fox: Long distance quadruple jump:
Do a double jump, and then quickly press Analog-stick Right or C-stick Left + B. You will do the move and fall a short distance. Then, press C-stick Up + B to fly upwards. Note: This trick is dangerous and sometimes will not work. You can also do it to get a combo. Press C-stick Right or C-stick Left + B then C-stick Up + B and quickly switch to the direction of the enemy to hit them again.

Falco or Fox: Save yourself from falling:
If you fall off the stage and are going down, have Fox or Falco use the Reflector, then use the Recovery technique.

Falco or Fox: Big gun:
Go to versus mode, enter the options menu, and choose item select. Set it to all poison mushrooms and put it on high. Then. play the Tiny Melee with either Fox or Falco. Choose any stage, then get a poison mushroom and press B to shoot your gun. The gun will be about three times as big a Fox or Falco.

Falco or Fox: Secret pose:
While playing as Fox or Falco in either of their stages, press Right and Left a few times. If done correctly they should spin around and hold it for a few seconds, then release it with a light in their hand before posing. Slippy and Peppy should then start speaking. This will not work if both Fox and Falco are on the stage.

Fox: Summon wingmen:
Use Fox and play on either of the Star Fox levels. Repeatedly press Left and Right to see Fox summon his wingmen. They say something different each time.
Dark Ninja.

Fox: Defeating Bowser (adventure mode Boss):
Continue doing your B attack (recommended from a distance). Most of the time he will hold his shield up and it will break. This may not work on harder difficulties, but also may work when playing as Falco.

Fox: Do a split:
Press Down + B to have Fox do a split.
Steve Bennie.

Fox: Easy KO:
Play as Fox in any level except Big Blue. Select any opponent, start the match and start to rack up the damage. Stop when your opponent's damage is at 60 to 70%. Then, grab him or her, throw them up in the sky, and press Up + B. if done correctly, your opponent should be KOed. If it does not work, rack up the damage more (between 75 to 80%).

On Corneria, when fighting against any CPU character except Falco or Fox, quickly run to the left end of the ship. As the enemy approaches, fire your blaster as fast as possible. The enemy should shield, and eventually their shield will break. When this happens, run up and charge your up smash move. This should result in a KO.

Fox: Red turtle takes about 60% damage:
Use Fox on any stage against any player. Make a red shell roll and keep reflecting it with Down + B until your shield pops. When you get hit, do the same thing again until your shield pops. Then, get your opponent to hit the turtle. They will take damage up to like 60% if done correctly.

Gannondorf: Defeating Mewtwo:
When you face Mewtwo (after the message "Challenger Approaching" appears), kick him three times then punch him three times. Both the Warlock Punch and the Volcan Kick are extremely effective.
andrew hawk.

Gannondorf: Combo:
While playing as Gannondorf against any opponent, you can execute a few easy, but powerful, combos. Press Analog-stick + B to do an elbow jab. After that hit, they will slightly go up in the air. When that happens, use the recovery move. Your opponent will then fall down. Then, use the Down + B move. You will fly kick into them. By now their damage will be high. For the final blow, walk up to them and use his B move. This will cause Gannondorf to use a very powerful punch. After this combo, this will deliver a k.o. This works best on the Final Destination stage.
Ryan Gallagher.

Ice Climbers: Use multiple weapons:
Get a beam sword, fan, home-run bat, lipstick, star rod, or parasol. You will only need one of these items. Do a Smash Attack and Popo will use two items (one of those listed previously and his hammer).
Corey and Ricky.

Have Nana and Popo each pick up different items. They will both use their items at once (for example, beam sword and star rod). You can also use two of the same items at once (for example, two super scopes or fire flowers).
Evan Hickey.

Ice Climbers: Throw hammer head:
Go to training mode and select the Ice Climbers. Go to the start menu and have two hammers appear. Press A near them to make both Ice Climbers pick them up. As soon as you pick them up, press Forward. Nana should throw the head of the hammer and swing the handle around. As soon as the handle goes away, pick up the hammer head. You can now throw it.

Ice Climbers: Avoid falling when alone:
When there is only one of the Ice Climbers duo in the fray, you cannot use belay to return to the arena once knocked off. Instead, press Toward and rapidly tap B to spin toward the arena with a helicopter like effect.
Evan Hickey.

Ice Climbers: Partner never dies:
If your partner is about to die press Up + B to attack and it will come back up and battle with you.

Ice Climbers: Double blizzard:
When in the air, using Blizzard (Down + B) will make both Ice Climbers cast Blizzard in the same direction. This also increases the chance of freezing an opponent.
Evan Hickey.

Ice Climbers: Guaranteed freeze:
Try to touch an enemy with your body when using Blizzard (like Jigglypuff's Rest). If done correctly, you will instantly freeze opponents.
Evan Hickey.

Ice Climbers: Combo:
When you have both Popo and Nana, you can do a double damage combo, unlike some other characters. Have Popo grab your opponent and keep tapping A about four times, press the D-pad in any direction then press A. You will hit your opponent and also throw them. Also, when tapping A, Nana will be hitting the enemy at the same time.

After you grab someone, repeatedly press A + Z. Both Ice Climbers will hit the person that is being held. You do a lot of damage before throwing them. If timed correctly, you can also grab them again with your helping Ice Climber.

When the Ice Climbers are used, you can get more than one item. The Fire Flower and Super Scope is the best. Hold A for the best results. Also try two Bomb-ombs, Star Rod and Beam Sword, and two Home Run Bats. There are other good ones.

Ice Climbers: Escaping holds:
If Popo is being grabbed by someone, Nana will usually smack the opponent and release Popo. Note: This is very useful against Mewtwo's hold.
Mark Martin.

Ice Climbers: Japanese name:
Set the language to Japanese and choose the Ice Climbers. Their name will now be "Ice Climber", without the "s" at the end of the name.

Jigglypuff: Moves:
To use Jigglypuff's Down + B move, you must be directly next to your opponent. It is easier if you are falling from the sky on top of your opponent.

Use Jigglypuff's Down + B smash move directly on top of an opponent. If done correctly, they will be shot off the screen.
Raub Himself.

Press R to throw the enemy up, jump, then press Down + B to sleep smash your opponent.
Ian McKeigue.

Jigglypuff: Boost from fall:
If you are falling with a character such as Jigglypuff and you are on your last jump, press R and the direction that you want to go. You will be given a slight boost. This also works with a Nana-less Ice Climbers team.
Ian McKeigue.

Jigglypuff: Move forward when flying:
When playing as Jigglypuff, notice that her Up + B attack does not make her go higher. If you are sent flying, save your jumps and keep pressing B and a direction while in the air. You will move forwards. When you are near the stage, use up your five jumps to get back up. This is a useful way to maximize Jigglypuff's five jumps.
Pierre Emond.

Jigglypuff: Finishing Big Blue (adventure mode):
Hold B to do Rollout. When at its maximum, release B. You will soon be farther than normal, but will eventually stop.

Jigglypuff: Easier Target Test:
If you are having trouble completing the Target Test with Jigglypuff, destroy the first two at the bottom. The last two are hard to get. Destroy both of them at the same time. Do not try to get to the top of the ground after you destroy one of them, as you will not make it.

Jigglypuff: Japanese name:
Set the language to Japanese and choose Jigglypuff. The name will be Purin.
PartidaEd and TrainingMaster.

Kirby: Defeating five men in Cruel Melee:
When the match starts, jump up three to five times and press Down + B. This may take a few attempts.

Kirby: Defeating: Master Hand:
To keep the Master Hand from hurting you a lot, when he goes to make a huge attack turn into a rock by pressing Down + B. He will attack you, but his moves will have little to no effect.

Kirby: Stealing moves:
Kirby can hold all characters in its mouth. Well, if you suck up any character (press B) that you are playing with or against (not including fellow Kirbys) and spit them out, you can become them, partially. Once you are half the other character, you can do some of their moves (press B again). You can keep this special move until you yourself are sucked up, die, or are hit incredibly hard.

Kirby: Suicide attack:
Suck up an enemy, jump off the edge, and come back on. If done correctly, you will kill the enemy and live.

When playing with Kirby, stand close to a ledge, with your back facing it. Whenever your opponent enters grabbing range, press Z to grab him/her then tap the Analog-stick in the direction of the ledge. Kirby should quickly jump off the ledge, still holding your opponent. Your opponent should lose a life first. Note: It is best that you weaken the opponent before doing this.

Go to an edge that will deliver a death fall. Find an opponent, grab them, and throw them backwards. You and the opponent will go over the edge and die. If on Samus' stage with the organ in the background, if you have a low % of damage, and your opponent has a high % of damage, you should be able to bounce back up, and they will fly to their doom. This does not always work. Sometimes they will counter you and throw you away. Be careful, it is always best to K.O. a shield first.

Kirby: Steaming block:
Select Kirby as your character and Donkey Kong as your opponent. Select any stage. Suck up Donkey Kong's power and charge a punch, but do not punch. Your head should be steaming. Ground Pound, and whatever you turn into also should be steaming.
Nindo Fantic.

Kirby: Chicken appearance:
This trick requires Falco to be unlocked. Select your character as Kirby and change his color to white. Have player two choose Falco, but do not let anyone control him to make this trick easier. Once in battle, have your white Kirby suck up Falco. When you get his powers, Kirby's face should resemble a chicken.

Kirby: De-Flower:
After getting hit with a Lip's Stick, hold B and Kirby will suck up the flower on your head.

Kirby: Damaging in rock form:
When Kirby turns into a stone, there is a way to attack him. Press Z button to grab Kirby. He will turn back and you will be able to throw him.

Link or Young Link: Double Smash attack:
After doing a Smash attack to the left or right, press A again to do another attack. Young Link's Smash is not very strong, but his second smash is.
Zachary Parker and Evan Hickey.

Link or Young Link: Double Smash attack:
Go to Vs. mode, then go to Special Melee and choose Tiny Melee. You can play as Link or Young Link. Note: The CPU players can also do this. During the match, do a double jump and press B + Up (the third jump. You will jump very high. It looks better when done on the Mushroom Kingdom 2 stage.

Link or Young Link: Shield:
Link's shield is more than just a decoration. It can also be used to block projectile attacks. Make sure your standing still when the attack is approaching. It will just run into the shield without any damage being done to him. However, there is a knock back from the impact, so make sure you have plenty of ground.

When playing as Link, if a fireball, object, or anything that can be thrown is coming towards you, press B button at the correct moment before it hits you. If done correctly, it will bounce back and usually hit your opponent. This also works with Mewtwo's energy balls.
Jason Walsh.

Link or Young Link: Hylian Shield block:
Select Link and start the game in any mode. When you battle, remain still with Link's Hylian Shield and watch an enemy get any kind of gun. Wait until he fires it to see the Hylian Shield block it instead of the round shield. This will not work on physical attacks.

Link or Young Link: Hanging on walls:
You can hang onto thick ledges by holding Z or R + A while falling to do the hook shot and grab onto a wall. Then, release Z and quickly press A to zoom to the edge. Note: This must be a thick and long wall for this to work. It will not work on some stages. Also, Link's grab is longer than Young Link's. This trick does not work on raised platforms.

Link: Hook Shot through wall:
Press Z while in midair to Hook Shot through a wall. Note: Some walls (such as the pipe in Yoshi's Island) are not Hook-compatible. Also, make sure that you are not touching the wall.
Christopher Deane.

Link: Grab save:
You can use Link's Hookshot to grab on to the ledge. Press Z to hit the edge of the stage and A to pull yourself up. Note: This also works with Samus' Aran.

Link: Quintuple jump:
Link has five jumps when coming back to an edge. First, you have the two main jumps. You can then do a midair dodge and direct it up (R + Up). Immediately after this, dodge and press Z. He should use his Hookshot to grab the edge. Press A or Z to launch yourself up after hanging with the Hookshot, and in midair, do his Up + B attack. If done correctly, you should have jumped five times in midair. A good place to practice this is in Final Destination. Do a backflip off the edge, then another jump, then the dodge and Hookshot, then the A, and finally Up + B.

Link: Easy training mode:
This trick requires two controllers. Choose Link and set the CPU player to Bowser. Go to Princess Peach's Castle, and on the pause screen, set the CPU player to "Human". Use controller two to put Bowser on the ledge just below the tower in the center of the stage. Make sure he is as close to the tower wall as possible. Next, use the controller one to place Link on the ledge with Bowser, so that Bowser is in between the tower and Link. Then, tap A repeatedly on the controller one. The combos will just keep adding up. This is the easiest way to earn the Bunny Hood trophy. The only thing that could possibly interrupt your combo is the occasional Bullet Bill.
Zachary Parker.

Use Link or Young Link in the Fourside level in training mode. You can get all three trophies with one shot. Place your opponent against the big building in the middle of the stage. Stand in front of the CPU player with Link facing the building, and rapidly press A until Link does Illusion Stab (very fast sword stabs). Continue pressing A button until you surpass 125 consecutive hits then quit training.

To get over 1000 consecutive hits in training mode, choose Mewtwo as your character and Bowser for the CPU. This is easier if you set it on human after you enter the match. Go to the Eagle Land stage. On the right side of the middle building, set Mewtwo in the corner and charge up his B attack. Have Bowser jump on top and press Start so his damage will go down to zero and he will not fly off. Note: You have to press Start fast enough so he stays on you.

To get over 800 in one combo in training mode play as Young Link. Set the speed on the slowest setting. Get your opponent backed into a wall. Do the fast sword stab quickly. Keep doing that continuously to get over 800 hits in one combo.

Link: Throw boomerang farther:
Press Analog-stick Left or Analog-stick Right while pressing B.

Link: Throw boomerang up or down:
Throw Link's boomerang and just before he releases it, press Up or Down. This is useful for hitting enemies that are airborne or that are below you. It will bounce of walls and the ground. If you are skilled at aiming, you can do some ricochet hits for damage.

Link: Easy kills:
Set the battle to stock and play as Link. Damage your opponent until he has 110% damage. For heavy opponents, for example, Bowser, wait until 150%. Jump up directly above your opponent. Make sure there are no floors blocking your way. In mid-air, press C-stick Down. The sword will hit your opponent's head and he or she will go flying.

Link: Defeating: Gannongorf:
Take him down to where there is a top on the stage. Hit him until he is at about 150% damage. Then, grab and fling him. Face away from the edge and shoot him backwards. Do this once more to defeat him. It is more difficult to defeat him the second time. Get to a part where its easy to kill him at, such as the right side. Do not jump up to attack him; just run straight through then turn and sword charge to deal some damage.

Link: 1000+ combo:
Go into training mode as Link against Bowser in Fourside. Enter the training mode menu and set the number of CPUs to three. Stand on the right side of the center tower, facing left, with one CPU player in front of you and the other two behind you on the platform. Perform Link's Multi Slash (press A repeatedly). The CPU players that are behind you will keep you on the platform, and the CPU player against the wall will take 1000+ hits in a row.
Ryan Cerniglia.

Link: Big air:
Select Vs. mode then go to "Special Melee". Choose the "Tiny Melee" and Link as your character. Go to the Pokemon Stadium. When the battle, starts press Y then Up + B. You should get high in the air after you do this move.

Luigi: Cyclone:
Press Down + B to perform the Luigi Cyclone. While Luigi is spinning, press Right or Left to make Luigi rapidly move about the stage. Colliding with enemies while this move is active will send them into the air. This move can KO enemies if they have high damage.
Evan Hickey.

When using Luigi' Cyclone, you can move him by pressing Down + B, then Left or Right. Mario and Dr. Mario can also do this, but it is a much shorter distance.
Russell Hamrick.

Luigi: Instant kill:
Walk over to the edge of the level and wait for your opponent to approach.W hen he does so, grab him or her and use the opposing throw to the way that you are facing. Once he or she tries to recover, charge your green missile. Immediately before they grab on to the ledge, release the green missile and slam into your opponent, which gives you enough time to recover. This requires practice, will result in an instant kill.

Luigi: Harmful taunt:
Have one person as Luigi. Have another character of your choice hang on the edge. Then, let Luigi stand on the other character's hand and use his taunt. He should kick the hanging character off the edge.

Play As Luigi and select any mode. Do his taunt, and e will kick someone if they do not interfere. This will only do 1% damage. At the end of the game, go to your bonus points. There will be something called "Poser Power". It is 700 points and can only be done with Luigi.

Mario: Giant:
Go to special melee, do a giant match, and turn on only super mushrooms. Play as Mario. Once the match starts, get a super mushroom, making you twice as big, then do your cheer. This will make you three times as large. You can also do a tiny match and put on poison mushrooms, making everyone incredibly small.

Go to special mode and choose Giant Melee as Mario. Set only Poison Mushrooms and Super Mushrooms. Try and get a Super Mushroom and do your taunt. Mario will become huge. Note: If your opponent gets a poison mushroom you will be gigantic compared to them.
Grant Newkirk.

Go to Giant Melee. Select Mario, and make the only items a metal box and a giant mushroom. Make sure Mario gets one of the mushrooms, then make him do his taunt. This will make Mario three times his own size. To make him look better, before you do his taunt give him a metal box. Note: You cannot attack while Mario is doing his taunt.

Mario: Tornado:
Press Down + B to perform the Mario Tornado. While Mario is spinning, rapidly tap B. This will make Mario rise into the air while this move is active. This also can be used for a recovery move.
Evan Hickey.

Mario: Four jumps:
Double jump. After two jumps, press Forward + B for the Golden Cape. When he does the cape move, he goes slightly higher. Then, press Up + B for his Super Jump Punch. This is useful for getting back to stages.

Mario: Instant kill:
After your opponent returns with their third jump, stand on the edge and smack them the other way with Mario's cape. This works most of the time.

Mario: Cape:
Mario's cape has the special ability to flip opponents around, usually making it impossible for a recovering opponent to reach the ledge. However, when certain characters use their Up + B move, you can time the cape correctly and force them to do it in the opposite direction. The characters you can do this to are Marth, Roy, Falco, Fox, Dr. Mario, Mario, Peach, and Kirby. For example, when Fox does his Up + B move, wait for him to get close to you, swing your cape, and send him in the opposite direction. For others like Peach and sometimes Captain Falcon, you will have to jump out, spin them around, and hope they do not have enough air to make it back.
Turd Fergusen.

Mario: Gliding:
When you get knocked off the stage to the point where you think that the Coin Jump (Up + B) will not save you, use the cape swing (Left/Right + B depending on which way land is) to hold yourself in midair for a second or two, although you will move slightly. Most of the time, you will need to swing your cape more than once, although you will not stay in mid-air as long after each swing of the cape. Finally, when you think you are close enough, or it is your last resort, use the Coin Jump to attempt to save yourself.

Mario: Matrix move:
Play as Mario and have a friend choose Samus. Do the Mario Tornado, and as you are finishing the attack, have Samus fire a missile. If done correctly, Mario should be at the part where he is stretched out with his head leaned back. It will appear as though Mario is doing the Matrix-style defense to avoid the Missile. Note: This can also work with Dr. Mario and Luigi.

Marth: Dancing Sword combo:
Marth has a Dancing Sword move that is executed by pressing the Analog-stick either Left or Right and tapping B. You can create a combo of up to four moves by tapping B several times, if you time them correctly. However, the last three of those four moves may be varied. For example, most people know the Over + B, Over + B, Over + B, Over + B combo will make Marth swing, stab, swing, and lunge. However, instead of pressing Over + B each time, you only have to press it the first time. For example, Over + B, Down + B, Up + B, Down + B will make Marth swing, stab down, jump, and then do a quick barrage move. Many combos can be made from this trick. Here are some of them:
Zachary Parker.

Over + B, Up + B, Over + B, Up + B.
Over + B, Down + B, Down + B, Over + B.
Over + B, Over + B, Up + B, Down + B.

If you are having trouble doing the full Marth's Left + B attack (Dancing Sword), instead of trying to press Left + B four times as fast as possible, press Left + B once he is finished with his first attack. Keep pressing Left + B after each attack until he has reached four attacks. If done correctly, you will be doing the full Dancing Sword.
Jacob Torrey.

To do five or six attacks with a Dancing Sword combo, do B + Forward, B + Forward, B + Up, then rotate the Analog-stick 90 degrees around from Up in the direction you are attacking. Marth should lunge another three times.
Matt R.

Marth: High damage attack:
Marth's B attack is a good kickback to your opponent, but charging the B attack will send your opponent flying and could also K.O. your opponent if they have a high percentage.

Marth or Roy: Mastering moves:
Marth is mostly speed and some strength. He is a wind-type character, unlike Roy who is mostly strength, fire, and little in speed. Do not rush on both characters. Some things like the Dolphin Move, which Marth does with Up + B will make him open for an attack. As for Roy, that move is shorter. Mastering Air attacks are mostly for Marth, as Roy is better on ground using the C + Up or the charge move Up + A will send opponents up. When that happens, use the Fire Blade (Up + B) to almost double the damage. For Marth, its best to stay away from the Dolphin Strike. Use Down, Right, Left, or Up + C or A and the damage will be more or at least stronger. When mastering both, Jump + Z or A will result in a 360 move of the sword swinging. When mastering the grabbing and performing Sword Dance, do not rush. Timing is also important. Press Forward + B, then again choose a direction and press B until he does four swings. Alternately, you can do the strongest move, which can do up to 30% damage and is guaranteed to K.O. an enemy if he or she is at 80% damage or higher. Remember, you must wait until he finishes the first move before performing the second.
Richard Bidermanis

Marth or Roy: Double Smash attack:
Get a beam sword, fan, home-run bat, lipstick, star rod, or parasol, then use a Smash Attack on your opponent. You will have used one of those items in addition to their sword.
Corey and Ricky.

As Marth or Roy, pick up a Beam Sword (works with some other weapons, but this is best example). He will then swing his sword, and follow with the Beam Sword.

Marth or Roy: Combos:
Press Forward + B to activate their combo after the initial swing. You can press either Forward, Up, or Down or either diagonal direction with B again to create damaging combos. It is possible to get a four-hit combo with over 30% damage. Wait until the previous strike is done before he puts his sword down to initiate the next one. Timing is important.
Evan Hickey.

When executing the Right + B combo, continue by using the Right + Z to execute faster combos. The speed will be to your advantage.Note: Right + A also works.
bob ada.

If you go to Lightning Melee, choose Marth or Roy 's Right + B move. If you use it in regular melee, it is very devastating . It is the same with their B move; when someone attacks press or tap B to "parry", then attack.
NAME.there great moves once you master MMBICKER!

Marth or Roy: Quadruple jump:
Go to the Great Bay stage and jump until you need to press B + Up. Then, pop Tingle's balloon and use press B + Up. You should now have jumped a fourth time.

Marth or Roy: Jump farther:
As Roy or Marth, you can go farther distances when you jump. Do as many midair jumps as you can, then before doing your B + Up move, press B + Toward in the direction you want to go. You can do this as many times as needed, and is useful if you need more distance, not height.

Marth or Roy: Get back to platforms:
If you are sent flying off the screen, do your second jump (if you have it), then do the B Smash Attack. Do not finish it (because he does not move) enough times and you can reach the platform with your third jump.

Marth or Roy: Sword clang sound effect:
Get Roy and/or Marth and use their swords (A) simultaneously. Both swords will hit each other at the same time and make a sword clang sound effect.
Corey and Ricky.

Marth or Roy: Speaking Japanese:
You can hear them speak Japanese in the following situations: Marth's taunt, Marth's pose after winning a versus mode match, or Roy's pose after winning a versus mode match.

After a battle, or in the battle when you pose (press Up), Marth and Roy will speak Japanese. The translations are
The Zelda Master.

Says: "Boku wa makeru wake-ni wa ikanainda!"
Translated: "There's no way I can lose."
Says: "Konkai wa boku no kachi da ne?"
Translated: "Doesn't it seem I am the victor?"
Says: "Kyou mo ikinobiru koto ga dekita."
Translated: "Today, I have survived."
Says: "Minna, miteite kure!"
Translated: "Everyone, look at me!"
Says: "Mamoru dekimono no tame ni... makerarenai!"
Translated: "For those I protect... I can't lose!"
Says: "Kurushii tatakai datta."
Translated: "It was a tough battle."
Says: "Shin no tatakai wa... korekare da!"
Translated: "The true battle... begins here!"

Mewtwo: Shock attack:
Tap B to charge up Mewtwo's Shadow Ball. If any enemies touch the ball while it is charging, they will get shocked.

Mewtwo: Easy attack:
Press Down + B to shoot a small beam ball. If it hits your enemy, they will fall asleep. You can then use an attack on your them.

Weaken your opponent by rapidly tapping A. Then, do his Confusion attack (Down + B ) to stun your opponent. Then, do Confusion again to send them flying. This works well on light characters such as Pichu and Jigglypuff. It will be more difficult on heavy characters such as Bowser or Donkey Kong. Note: Disable always does 1% damage.
RMathspawn and acecombat4 mac.

Do Mewtwo's B + Down attack, then do it again. It will only do 1 damage, but will send the enemy flying/ Do this repeatedly until your win.

Mewtwo: Combos:
In training mode, select Mewto and battle any character of your choice. Choose the Fox stage (not Venom), and knock the opponent near the hanger. Have Mewto's back near your opponent and use his B move on him. Press Start every so often to reset his damage and the combos will still count.

Mewtwo: Easy win:
Grab any opponent besides Pichu and throw them straight up. This works almost all the times.
Matthew Blanke.

Grab your opponent then press Up. Your opponent should fly straight off the top of the screen very rapidly. You should not need to damage them much for this to work.

Mewtwo: Invincible shield:
When Mewtwo is tiny, use the Shadowball move. It will completely cover Mewtwo and will cause anyone near to be shocked. Note: This works better in Tiny Melee.

When playing as Mewtwo in tiny melee, use your B attack and let it charge. Do not do anything else. You will have a shield as long as they do not throw anything at you, or do an attack like Zelda's over B.

Mewtwo: Moving items while held:
You may have noticed that an item being held by Mewtwo floats. When you are holding an item (for example, a Poke Ball or Super-Scope), if you do the fighters stance (press Up), the item will spin along with Mewtwo. If you do the Confusion move (Left or Right + B), the item will flip over.
Dragon 7.

Mewtwo: Deflector:
Press Right + B while something is being thrown at you and Mewtwo will deflect it.

Mewtwo: Defeating Fox:
On the Corneria stage in adventure mode, first fight with Fox. Wait for him to come up to you. Grab him, then throw him straight into the air. He should fly off the screen and die.
Becki's Brats.

Mewtwo: Japanese Victory Pose:
Set the game language to Japanese and win a match. Instead of laughing, Mewtwo will say a phrase in Japanese. The other victory pose will remain the same.

Mr. Game & Watch: Revive yourself:
If in All-Star mode and you do not have any more heart containers, use Mr. Game & Watch's hammer to spit out food to revive yourself. Note: Mr. Game & Watch's hammer only spits out food sometimes, but it will never run out.
Mark Martin.

Mr. Game & Watch: Oil Panic:
To do the Oil Panic move, press Down + B to catch a projectile attack, such as Fox's Blaster or Mario's Fireball. The bucket will fill up after three attacks that are caught. You can then throw the oil on your opponent by pressing Down + B again.

Ness: Infinite combo:
On Eagleland, get your opponent on the small platform roof on the left-most house (the one that you can fall through). Down smash them followed by rapid, weak low-kicks. The character should not bounce, but should flap like a fish out of water. Note: The opposing character should be as tall as Luigi. Pichu is too short for it to work.
Kyosuke Shingure.

Ness: Deflect projectiles:
When playing as Ness, just when a projectile type special is used towards you (for example, Pikachu's Thunderbolt or Mario and Luigi's Fireball), hold Forward + A (Bat Smash attack. . If timed correctly (it must be fairly close to you), Ness can send it hurtling back at the opponent.

Ness: Third jump:
Jump in the air and press R. You will float. Press any direction and R to float in that direction. This will not work if you performed the Up + B move or have attacked.

Ness: Defeating Fox:
Use the following trick to defeat Fox in one hit in adventure mode. When you fight Fox, as soon as the fight starts run at him and press A . Note: This may not always work.

Peach: Hover on the ground:
Press Down + Jump to have Peach hover on the ground. Use this to sail over small gaps, or float off an edge and float back. Also press Down + A when near an enemy to lead into a combo.

Peach: Hover attack:
Jump in the air, then press Jump again. Then, hold Jump to hover. While hovering, you can do a few attacks while floating over your enemies' heads, such as punching or kicking downwards. This works very well if you wait a while before holding Jump so you are hovering just slightly over the enemy.
PoochyKitty and Christopher Deane.

Peach: Glide:
Press Y (Jump) and Y again. Then quickly hold Analog-stick Up and tilt to the left or right to move in that direction.
Neil Vadhar.

Go to a stage with lots of space such as Hyrule Temple. Jump, and when you are in the air turn left or right. She will fly across the board.

Peach: Underwear:
When as Peach or fighting against her and she falls, quickly pause game play. Cycle through the characters onscreen (while the game is paused). When you land on Peach, switch the camera view. If correctly, you can look up her skirt and see that she is wearing red shorts with tiny mushrooms.

Peach: Items instead of vegetables:
Peach's Down + B attack, Vegetable, makes her pull out a turnip from Super Mario Bros. 2 from the ground. This attack works only if you are in the ground. However sometimes you will pull out items instead of turnips, such as Beam Swords and Bob-ombs. Note: This may take awhile.

Peach: Hit opponent with crown:
Jump then press Forward, A. She will take off her crown and hit your opponent with it.
Yemisi Onabote.

Peach: One hit kill:
Select Peach as your character. Use her A attack, or sometimes a Frying Pan or Tennis Racket. Also, try her B attack. She will spin around until her hip comes in contact with the other player. It can be a one hit kill, no matter how much their damage percentage is at.

Peach: Turnip expressions:
Play a match as Peach. Fight against any character such as Bowser. Use the turnip attack. Each turnip has a different expression.

Happy face: Weak.
Eyebrow and wink face: Strong if close to opponent.
Excited face: Strong and can fly farther.
Sleepy face: Trips opponent or knocks them on their backs.
Tiny eyed face: Knocks opponent clear across the stage if the opponent is close to you.
Big eyed face: Weak only if opponent is too far.
Sad/stitched mouth face: Rare face to pluck, KOs opponent.

Pichu or Pikachu: Dark cloud:
Go to the Homerun Contest with Pichu or Pikachu. Hit Sandbag with a thunderbolt attack (try to knock him straight up). When he goes flying upward, you can see a dark cloud over your character. This can also be seen on Pichu's Target Test.
Alex Cyr.

Pichu or Pikachu: Good combo:
Go up to an enemy and press Z to pick them up. Then, throw your opponent straight up and use a Thunder attack to send them flying. Note: This trick does not work on Bowser or Donkey Kong.
C Goodwin.

Pichu or Pikachu: Recover move:
If you are falling off of the edge, use a Quick Attack to shoot back up to the battlefield and destroy all of the players on the field. This move is also useful when attacking from below.
C Goodwin.

Pichu or Pikachu: Thunder attack:
Whenever you are under a platform that ends on the side of the screen, when someone is back there like a dead end they will try to come back. However, when you are under the platform that they are walking on, your Thunder attack is sure to hit.
C Goodwin.

Use the following trick if you are going to use the Thunder move and do not want to get hit. Jump first, then while moving your Pika in the direction away from the desired Thunder target, use the Thunder move and move away from the Thunder. If done correctly, you will not get hit by the Thunder. It will hit the ground below instead of stopping in mid-air. This is especially helpful with Pichu, as when he gets electrocuted by his own Thunder, he gets damaged.

Pichu: Taunts:
Pichu has two taunts. The first is where he lays on his side, says his name, and flails his legs. The other is where he jumps up and down excitedly and says his name. Press Up to make him do one or Right to do the other.

Pichu: Bubbles when sleeping:
Play as Pichu then hold Analog-stick Down to make him fall asleep. Bubbles will appear from his mouth.

Pichu: Do not get hit by thunder:
If you jump left or right , hold Left or Right while in air and use thunder.
jennifer lai.

Pichu: Super fast feet:
This trick has to be made in Tiny Melee or with the Bunny Hood. Select Pichu as a player and go to any flat arena to see clearly (Final Destination recommended). You must fight a CPU player. Zoom in with the C-stick and run as fast as you can. You will see another set of feet running slower.
Pavlova Bigsby.

Pichu: Microscopic :
Set a match to "Tiny Melee". Choose the smallest character avaliable (Pichu). Go to the "Item Switch" menu and select the poison mushroom so that you will have it in the match often. Once you start the match, Pichu will be very small. Once you get a poison mushroom, you will be even smaller, almost like a grain of sand.

Pikachu: 25-hit combo in training mode:
This trick works best with two controllers. Choose Pikachu and set your opponent to be Samus. Choose the Princess Peach's Castle stage. Set the CPU to Human, so the second controller can control it. Position Samus against the tower, one floor down from the very top of it. Press Start and select "Bunny Hood" for an item. Get the Bunny Hood, crouch, and rapidly press A. Pikachu will start headbutting Samus, and rack up a lot of hits. It may take a few attempts, but eventually you will get over 25 and unlock the Lip's Stick trophy.

Pikachu: Easy KO:
An easy way to defeat your opponent is to use filler moves, such as Skull Bash (partially charged if necessary), a few Thunder Jolts, or some strong A attacks. Then, grab your foe and either throw him up or down. Immediately use Up + A Smash (charge it as much as you can), then Thunder. If the opponent is weak enough, he should die. Note: Try to use Thunder again for a Bubble-Blast KO if the target flies off the screen. A first Thunder sometimes is not needed.

This trick only works in Classic mode. On every stage, make your first attack by holding the Analog-stick toward the direction of your opponent. If done correctly, your opponent should be KOed. If you miss, the trick will deactivate for the rest of Classic mode or until next stage. This does not effect Bosses and some other opponents.
Joshua Alexander Soto.

Roy: Combos:
Do a Smash Up (A + Up) and hold A. Your opponent should fly into the air while on fire. While he is in the air, press B + Up and you will hit him.
Corey and Ricky.

Hold B while near your opponent (as if you were about to hit him with your sword). Roy and his sword will start to glow red, then white. After you have held B for about four and a half seconds or until white, release automatically and the attack will explode.
Corey and Ricky.

Press B + Forward and Roy will not set your opponent on fire but will only hit the opponent with his sword. When he has completed the first B + Forward press only B again. When he has completed the second attack press B yet again. When he has completed the third attack, press B one more time. After the fourth hit you will set your opponent on fire. This trick may require some practice.
Corey and Ricky.

There are many different B + Forward combos. The best attack combo to do using this move would be Forward, B + Forward, Up, B + Forward, B + Forward, Down, B. Do not do it too quickly or it will not work.

Roy: High damage attack:
Roy's B attack kicks back your opponent in a blaze of fire. Charging the B attack will instantly (if in an open area) K.O. your opponent in a blaze of fire. Be careful though; Roy's charged B attack will damage him by 10%.

Roy: Defeating Giga Bowser:
When the fight starts, walk up to Giga Bowser and hold Down and press A continuously. He will fly up a little bit. Repeat until damage is about 250 to 300. During that damage range, charge a smash while Giga Bowser is in the air. When he lands, do not let go. As soon as he gets up, your smash should be charged fully and it will kill him. Giga Bowser cannot reach you while you are crouching.

Roy: One hit KO:
Charge up Roy's B attack all the way for a one hit KO. If done correctly, there should be an explosion. Roy should take 10 damage and your opponent should die.

Samus: Super throw:
While using Z to throw, and while her throw is still on its way out, very quickly rotate the D-pad counterclockwise repeatedly. This may require some practice, so try this at first in training mode or use a human opponent. If done correctly, Samus' throw will have twice the range and will continue to be this long until you die. However, there is a disadvantage. When the throw reaches your opponent, you have to press Z again for it to grab them. However, if you hold L before you press Z, the throw will become heat-seeking. You can grab someone that is standing behind you with this, and you can even grab them out of the air. Try using this trick on a stage such as Final Destination or with Giant Melee on and you will be surprised at how far it reaches.

Samus: Special throw:
Use the following move to double the length of the grappling beam used to grab opponents and edges of the stage as a recovery. Tap Z fast enough to continually shoot the grappling beam, but not so fast as to turn on your shield. While doing this, simultaneously rotate the D-pad clockwise. After a few times, the grappling beam will double in size. It will not grab anything unless you press A or Z when it touches an enemy or an edge. This is much more useful when returning to the stage rather than the Screw attack (Up + B).

Samus: Extended grab:
Press Z multiple times and quickly sweep the D-pad counter-clockwise.

Samus: Recover from fall:
If you are knocked off the platform, toss out your Grapple Beam near the ledge. If lined it up correctly, your beam will latch on to the ledge and allow you hang from there. Note: If you hang too long, your beam will dissipate and you will fall.
Chet DeMello.

Samus: Return to platform:
If Samus is knocked off the platform, you can easily return by using the second jump, a Bomb Jump, the Grapple Beam and the Screw Attack (Up + B). To do the Bomb Jump, while in midair launch two bombs (Down + B) one after another. Then if you are next to the platform, press the R or L + Analog-stick and while holding R or L press A to do her Grapple Beam and grab the platform. When grappled, press A to do a little jump then return with the Screw Attack (Up + B).

Samus: Avoiding her missiles:
If Samus fires a straight missile, several characters can avoid it simply lowing on the ground. Mario, Dr. Mario, Marth and Roy can do their running attack to avoid it. Link and Young Link can just stand tall so their shields will protect them.

Sheik or Zelda: Transform before battle:
Select classic Mode and choose Sheik or Zelda. Hold Analog-stick Down + A or D-pad Down + B at the match-up screen to transform into Zelda or Sheik before the match begins.

If you want to begin the battle with Sheik, choose Zelda, select any stage, then hold A. If done correctly, a chime will ring and you will be able to begin the battle with Sheik.
Sho Murooka.

Sheik: Double swing:
When using a clobbering item such as a Beam Sword or a Homerun Bat, he will swing it twice. This can sometimes be useful. For example, if he has a Star Rod he will shoot two stars.
Zachary Parker.

Hint: Sheik: Chain:
Press Forward + B to make Sheik's chain to appear. Then hold B and move the Analog-stick to aim it.

Sheik: Easy win:
Use the Chain (Forward + B) and hold it (as featured in the scene with Donkey Kong and the banana). Then, swing it with the stick. Next, smash them when they have high damage. This is an easy way to complete All-Star, as the enemies are lighter than normal.

Young Link: Defeating Luigi:
Go to Mushroom Kingdom II, KO Luigi once, then stand on the left side of the stage, just behind the left small pink plant on the left hand side. Continue pressing B and firing arrows at Luigi while he is regenerating on the angel platform. If done correctly, he should try to hit you with his missile attack and fail, thus falling into the pit and dying again, thus killing himself.

Young Link: Easy wins:
Use the following trick to unlock characters faster by playing lots of matches. Choose Young Link and have the CPU as Ness at level 3. Go to the stage where you see Kong (Donkey Kong's friend) walking in the house and rocking in his chair. For some reason Ness will try reaching you on the platform that you start out on. Do not move around the stage. Remain on the platform you start out on. Ness cannot reach you, but will try to double jump over to the platform. He will fall in the water and kill himself. Keep doing this as many times as desired, and it will count as a fully fought round.

Young Link: Get the target surrounded by the bricks and logs:
Go to the log that has the target going from side to side. Face the log going up and down. Wait until it goes up, then when it goes down quickly shoot the boomerang. When it hits the log, jump up. When it gets close to you, jump again. If done correctly, it should go through the bricks and hit the target.
nicholas garcia.

Young Link: Fiery opponent death:
As Young Link, if someone touches you from above at the beginning of your midair Down + A attack (down thrust sword attack), they will explode in fire and hurtle to their doom, downwards.

Young Link: Lon Lon Milk:
Press Left and Right on the D-pad and Young Link will drink his milk.
Lucy Marskell.

Yoshi: Defeating Big Blue (adventure mode):
Do his Smash B move and he will egg roll across the course non-stop. You should be able to get farther than halfway before having to stop.

Yoshi: Third jump:
After you use Yoshi's Flutter Jump (his second jump), press Z with the Analog-stick in whatever direction you want to go. He should do a short dodge and move a bit. Note: This works with any character, however after doing this you cannot do another move without landing, getting hit in mid-air, or taking a KO.

Jump in the air and press R. You will float. Press any direction and R to float in that direction. This will not work if you performed the Up + B move or have attacked.

Yoshi: 2-D Egg:
When playing as Yoshi on the Flatzone stage, use the Forward + B attack. He will start to roll around. Turn him in any area of the level and look. Yoshi's egg should be 2-D for a moment.

Zelda: Floating:
If you use Din's Fire as Zelda while moving in the air, she will float down to the floor instead of falling normally as long as the ball is in the air. This can be useful for getting back to the platform and getting a good shot on an unsuspecting opponent. It can also be used to prevent leaving yourself open to oncoming attacks, unlike when you use it on the ground.

Easy wins:
The following trick works for Mario, Luigi, Link, Young Link, Fox, Falco, Roy, Marth, and Mewtwo, After your opponent is hurt slightly, grab them (Z or R + A), then throw them up. Jump directly under them and press Up + A or Up + B. This is useful in 1 vs. 1 Melees.
**Agent Tigger**.

Hint: Easy points:
Go to single player mode and then to Adventure, All-Star or Adventure mode as any character. Before you kill your enemy (while he or she falls or goes flying) use the D-pad. You should get 500 extra points entitled as "Fighter Stance".
alfredo zapata.

Japanese speaking characters:
Set the language option to Japanese. Go to the Sound Test, and almost every character who speaks will have their lines translated into Japanese.
The Zelda Master.

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