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Super Smash Brothers: Melee

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Rotate menu screens:
On any menu screen (including the character selection screen), move the C-stick in any direction to rotate the screen in three dimensions.
Martine Côté.

Alternate stage music:
Hold R while a stage is loading. Note: Not all stages have alternate music.

Glitch: Flying Bowser:
Begin the game with a player as Zelda or Mewtwo and another player as Bowser. Go to the bottom half of the stage, and start pounding at Bowser until he gets to about 300%. Next, have Bowser jump over Zelda or Mewtwo, and have Zelda or Mewtwo use their Smash Up A attack. Bowser will be taking a massive amount of damage in that smash. Then as he begins his really fast ascension to the ceiling covering the bottom part, have Bowser quickly use a Wall Recovery (press L or R just before you hit the wall). If done correctly, Bowser should be flying for about six seconds, allowing him to attack, and do anything desired. Basically Bowser is being smashed into whatever his head touches -- if you move him out of the ceiling area covering the bottom half of Hyrule temple, he will actually fly away into a death.

Glitch: Stuck Bowser:
In Adventure mode as Bowser, go under the bridge in stage one. Jump to the side where the land and the bridge connects. Make sure you are still under the bridge. Get close to the wall and do a Ground Pound. You will get stuck.

Glitch: Tingle does not drown:
In the Termina Bay stage, when you pop Tingle's balloon he falls to the ground. Usually he is on solid ground, but occasionally he is over the turtle. Pop his balloon and he will drown, but return to life again.

Glitch: Falco disappears:
Falco can disappear in air by jumping, then pressing B + Analog-stick Left and pausing when he is moving. If done correctly he will disappear.

Glitch: Fox costume change:
Choose an alternate costume for Fox. Select any stage (Final Destination recommended), and do Firefox. Quickly pause game play. Rotate the camera and you should see that Fox is wearing his normal outfit instead of the alternate costume.

Glitch: Fox accent difference:
Fox's accent differs from Adventure mode during the wingmen sequence when Fox's friends are communicating and Fox says his part. Note: Fox can only talk in the sequence if you play Falco. He speaks complete English, however once you defeat Bowser as Fox and do a pose, or win a Vs. match with anyone as Fox, his accent sounds French or Russian.

Glitch: Dancing Mewtwos:
Choose three Mewtwos in training mode and go to the stage with three bricks. Make them walk, then push them into the bricks. Do not touch them and they should start dancing.

Glitch: Floating Peach:
Play as Peach on the Corneria stage. Go to the top of the airship, and immediately quickly press Left and Right alternately. If done correctly, Peach should float. She will do this until she dies or gets hit with an item.
Ian McKeigue.

Glitch: Floating Pokemon:
Start a game in the Fourside stage. Pick up a Pokeball and wait for the UFO to appear. Once it appears, wait about fifteen seconds, then throw the Pokeball down onto it. When the UFO disappears, the Pokemon will be floating in mid-air.
Scott Jamieson.

Glitch: Toad bigger than Peach:
You can make Toad (Peache's B move) bigger than Peach. First, either play as Peach in Giant Melee, or get a super mushroom as Peach. When someone hits you with something (for example, Doctor Mario's B move for the pill), Toad will grow bigger than her. Try playing Giant Melee with a super mushroom then hit Toad. He will become huge.

Glitch: Spinning Pichu:
Go to training mode. Select Pichu as a training partner. Select the Yoshi's Story stage and begin. Set the Pichus on walk. Once they get on the block, push them and it will start spinning until you hit them off.

Glitch: Confused Staryu:
Go to Training mode and choose any character. Go to a stage in which you can jump freely to platforms (for example, Hyrule Temple). At the pause menu, set the CP damage to 999% and spawn a Pokeball and throw it at him or her. Create and throw Pokeballs repeatedly one after another. Once a Pokemon stops attacking or if it is useless like Marill or Goldeen, just spawn and throw another Pokeball instead of waiting for the current Pokemon to disappear. You must throw them at or near the CP to "show no mercy". After awhile, when you spawn a Staryu it will be "confused". You can jump to any other platform and it will follow you and attack as if someone else threw the Pokeball. It does not cause damage.

Glitch: Throw exploding Electrode:
When you see an Electrode come out of a Pokeball, just before it explodes you can pick it up and throw it. You have a two second window to pick it up and toss it, but it is sometimes useful.

Glitch: No character at ending scene:
Play as Mewtwo or Zelda (Shiek) and fight in a versus mode game. Win, and immediately before the final person dies, press B + Up. They will disappear, then it will say "Game" with no one on the screen.

Glitch: Announcer mistakes:
Play as Zelda and turn to Sheik before the announcer says "GO". After the beginning of the fight, turn into Zelda and win the fight. If done correctly, the announcer will say "This game's winner is Sheik!", but Zelda will be doing the victory dance.
ftwyweo wdonh rowugrenbay awnoirrJDeSarno86.

Go to the "Sound Test" menu and choose Narrator #29 (or somewhere around there). He will say "Giga Koopa". Switch the language to Japanese and go back to the same narrator number. He will then say "Giga Bowser".
Michael Madura.

Glitch: Floating weapon:
Select Yoshi, and put all items on. Go to a level and wait for an item that you can hold on to appear (not food or bunny hood). Turn on your Egg Shield by holding Z and pausing the game. if done correctly, the item will be hovering in front of the egg.
ivan fischer.

Glitch: Floating character:
Go to training mode and press Start. Hold A over "Reset". You will keep resetting but actually float.

Glitch: Frozen opponent:
Play in training mode and select Mewtwo. Choose Bowser or Donkey Kong as your enemy on battlefield and make a red shell. Mewtwo must be under the left platform. Bowser/Donkey Kong must be on the left platform. Mewtwo must have the red shell. Throw the red shell and use Forward + B on the red shell five times. Have Bowser/Donkey Kong drop through the platform. Use Forward + B on the red shell a sixth time. If done correctly, Bowser/Donkey Kong will be stuck to you. Make another CPU opponent and on either edge of either platform, grab the opponent that is not stuck to you and throw down. If done correctly, the opponent that was not stuck to you will be frozen. For an infinite combo, do the above then do a Shadow Ball next to the frozen opponent. This will rack up combos. Set the game speed to 2x and after you get 32767 combos with this, the consecutive hits counter will be at 900.

Glitch: Frozen game:
Go to the Green Greens stage in training mode and wait for all the star boxes to fall. Destroy just the star boxes in the middle, but do not break the bottom one. Once you are standing in the center of the boxes, pause game play and choose the red shell. Lay down as many as you can, then jump straight up and fall on them. As soon as you hit them, the game should freeze. This trick also works with Bomb-boms. This glitch does not work in the Greatest Hits version of the game.

Glitch: Hit through wall:
You can often hit an enemy though a wall such as at the middle tower on Princes Peach's castle, the center building on Fourside, and many places on Hyrule Temple.
Michael Sanderson.

Glitch: Character through building:
Play as Mewtwo and set the damage ratio to 2.0 and CPU to level 1. Go to the Corneria level and run as fast as you can to your opponent. Press Z to grab him and throw him straight up. If timed correctly, your opponent will go through a skyscraper. This also works if your trying to rack up versus mode battles.

Glitch: Character through platform:
Choose versus mode and select a level 1 CPU opponent with no handicap. Go on top of a platform and tap Control-stick Down. Pause game play as soon as you tap Down. Your player will appear as if he or she is sinking through the platform.

Glitch: Same costumes:
Go to a normal melee battle and have player one choose any character. Next, have player two highlight player one's character. Make sure that player two has the costume selected that is just before the costume that player one has. Next, have player one deselect their character and at the same moment have player two change the costume color. If done correctly, you should be able to play against an exact copy of that character.

Glitch: Fox or Falcon communications:
Select Fox and Falco in two player mode. Set the time to unlimited and play on the Cornelia or Venom stages. Get them to do a special taunt, and make sure that they do not get hit until the team responds. You will see the communications show Fox or Falco talking, even though they are on the Great Fox fighting themselves or fighting CPU players.

Glitch: Disappearing Fox:
In special melee, pick camera mode. Then, choose Fox and any CPU opponent. Start the fight, use Fox's side B attack, then take the picture. If done correctly, Fox should be invisible in the picture.

Glitch: See Fox:
Go to one player matches then go to All Star mode. Note: You must have all characters unlocked to get this mode. Select Falco. Once you are in the grass-like area and stand directly where the middle heart container is located and perform your Right or Left + B attack. Look closely and you can see the character Fox McCloud.
Hector Mackinnonhn.

Glitch: Shadow Link's shield:
In Event #18 (Link's Adventure), Shadow Link never uses his Shadow Shield only the original (bubble) one.
Jeff Dew.

Glitch: Large Mario taunt:
Go to Special Melee and choose all of the items as Super Mushrooms. Then, pick Mario. Once you are on the stage, pick up a super mushroom then do his taunt. He will be gigantic.

Glitch: Nana does not die:
Choose the Ice Climbers and any stage. Begin to fight . If Nana begins to fall to her doom, use the B + Up attack. If you are close enough to her, she will magically appear next to you, and do the jump with you.

Glitch: Electrified Ness:
When you choose Ness, go to the very edge of either side of a level. Use your PK Thunder and have it hit you on the very top of the head. Ness should then just fall to the ground, but will have electricity coming from his body. You can walk around and it lasts until you use your shield, PSI Magnet, PK Thunder or if you die.

Glitch: Peach stuck in the ground:
Play in adventure mode as Peach. When you are about to be teleported, walk to the left. Notice that the farther left that you go, the further down the land goes. Jump into the air and hover. Hover towards the teleporter. On the way, it will appear as if Peach is stuck in the ground.

Glitch: Magical Mr. Saturn:
Go to train as Peach with DK as your opponent. Go to Termina (Great Bay) and move DK onto the main upper platform (the one with the building on it). Pull turnips (Down + B) until you get a Mr. Saturn. Make sure that DK is at 0 damage and you are about a foot or two away. Then, start tapping A repeatedly to throw him then pick him back up. Do not move or stop pressing A. Eventually when DK gets enough damage to where he gets knocked backwards, notice that even when you throw Mr. Saturn over the water and out of your reach, you will still pick him back up when you press A again. DK is there because he can take more damage before flying backwards. You can also throw Mr. Saturn anywhere (except down) then pick him back up, provided he is still there.

Glitch: Hold needles:
Choose Zelda and an opponent. Then, choose the stage. While the stage is loading, hold A. You will start out as Sheik. Start charging your needles, and when Sheik starts flashing press R, L, or Z. You will now be able to move with your needles charged.
smash freak.

Glitch: Dumb CPU in Poke Float stage:
This trick works on all level 9 CPUs on the Poke Float stage. If you are a medium or fast speed character facing one level 9 CPU, there are a lot of points where CPUs can get confused. When your on the blue turtle, keep jumping over his head to each arm, dodging the enemy. Eventually the enemy will stay in a location and fall to his death. On the person that is fat, make the CPU follow you to his head. When the dinosaur arrives, stay on the head for awhile, blocking the CPU's attacks, then jump up to the dinosaur and go to the end of it. Finally, when the black symbol things come keep jumping from one to another, the CPU will die a few times.
Omar Field-Rahman.

Glitch: Sound test music in trophy gallery:
After you unlock the sound test, go to it and play any track. Do not stop it before returning to the menu screen. Then, go to the trophy gallery and it will play the track you chose at the sound test screen.

Glitch: Dr. Mario sounds:
When playing on the Green Greens stage in adventure mode as Dr. Mario against the team of Kirbys, use the Megavitamins (B) and they will sound like regular Mario's fireballs.

Glitch: Jigglypuff sleeps with eyes open:
Play as Jigglypuff on the Fountain Of Dreams stage. Go to the very bottom of the stage, so that you can see your reflection. Put yourself to sleep. Jigglypuffs eyes will be closed, but the reflection's will be opened.

Glitch: Flying Luigis:
Have two characters select Luigi. When the match starts, have the first Luigi jump above the other one and press Up + B. As soon as he does this, have the second Luigi jump directly below the first one and press Up + B. Immediately after being hit by the Up + B move, have the first Luigi use Up + B to damage the second Luigi. Continue this process and both Luigis will go up. They will not go flying off into the background unless they are damaged by anything other than Up + B.
Adam Green.

Glitch: Wrong Triforce:
Look closely at the introduction sequence. After the pictures of Link, it will show Ganondorf's, Link's and Zelda's hands with the Triforce an them. It shows Link's as the Triforce of Wisdom in the bottom right of the Triforce, however he is the Triforce of Courage in the bottom right of the Triforce in the Zelda games.
Justin Ladd.

Glitch: Teammate shades:
Go to a regular Melee. Switch it to team mode. Pick your character, and for your two teammates select that same character. Make sure they are on the same team. Choose any opponent and make sure that their color is not the same as your team. When the match starts, your character will be a normal shade. One of your partners will be a lighter shade, and the other will be a darker shade. When you win the match, at the winner sequence, all the characters will look the same.

Glitch: Play catch by yourself:
Choose any character and select a stage that has a wall you can go through (for example, Corneria). Find a capsule and take it. Go to the wall, and stand about two feet away. Throw the capsule, and it should bounce off and return to you, If timed correctly, you should catch it.

Glitch: Frozen briefly in classic mode:
When the Crazy Hand starts to come in on normal mode, pause game play, then press Start again. You will be at the normal battle screen again, will not be able to move for a short amount of time.

Glitch: Exploding arrow:
Press B + Down to pick up a bomb. Then, hold B while still holding the bomb. The bomb will disappear. After about five seconds you will explode. Note: This does inflict damage.

Glitch: Powerful red shell:
If you use Confusion (Forward + B) with Mewtwo on a red shell a few times, it will do up to 72% damage. Note: The opponent will still fly the same distance when hit.
Arthur Lee.

Glitch: Wavedash:
Jump with X or Y. While in the air hold Analog-stick Down/Right or Down/Left + R or L. This will move your character along in a sort of glide. The movement will (if used fast enough) make all of the characters much faster. Note: They will be faster than Fox or Captain Falcon.

Glitch: Using double jump twice:
Captain Falcon or Ganondorf may use their double jump twice. Select any stage and go to an area that has a lot of height. It can be the bottomless part of the screen. Do your first jump, your double jump, then use your B + Down move. You may be able to do your double jump again.
alfredo zapata.

Glitch: Unlimited shots for the Super Scope:
With the Super Scope, tap A(5) fir five 3-round bursts. After doing this, charge up the Super Scope. Just before you are about to shoot, have someone hit you with a simple A attack. You will have unlimited ammunition for the weapon. Also, the gun will not disappear if you drop it.

Glitch: Get "boxed in" at Dreamland's Green Greens:
Get Kirby in training with Fox or Falco as your opponent. Go to Green Greens and absorb their power. Next, go to either side with the falling boxes. Once they have stopped falling, shoot the second block up, then stand where it was and shoot the middle block (still in the second row). Next, carefully eliminate all blocks above the one you shot first. Only the blocks in that column should go. If the blocks are not falling, shoot the block that is highest up to get them appearing again. Then, quickly run back to that middle block you shot and hold the Analog-stick in the direction that still has a block so that you just walk at the block. This prevents you from getting pushed out by falling blocks. Wait until all the blocks are filled in and you are boxed in. Something fun to do afterwards is to put as many red shells as you can, then jump and hit them. They will make a loud version of the usual shell noise, and all the blocks under you will disappear, while the shells fall and continually hit each other. The music will go out for a few seconds and you will have 999 damage.

Glitch: Easy kill on Pokefloat stage:
On the Pokefloat stage, when you get on Snorlax and Venusaur, stay on Snorlax until the screen scrolls. Then Snorlax will start to descend and Venusaur will begin to go left. Before this happens, the CPU character should be down there with you on Snorlax. Attack once and jump to Venusaur as it starts moving towards the left. The CPU player will just stay down there walking, as if walking on the bottom on the screen. It will then fall, costing a life.
Zachary Goodwin.

Glitch: Stars on wall:
Go to adventure mode and play the first level. Swallow a enemy as Kirby, then go to a wall. With your back to the wall, as Kirby moves stars will appear, as if you were running into the wall.

Glitch: Slow down match:
Note: Do not play any of the Special Melees for this; only regular Melee. Play a Coin Match. For items, only use Poke Balls. Set the Poke Balls on "Very High". You can pick any number of characters. Go to any stage and start throwing Poke Balls repeatedly. Eventually some Pokemon will cause so much to happen at once that the battle will slow down for a short time. Pokemon such as Zapdos, Unown, Ho-oh, and Weezing can cause the game to slow down if there is more than one Pokemon on the field.

Glitch: Exploding car:
Choose any character, go to the stage selection screen and choose Mute City with a partner. Choose the item Motion Sensor Bomb and select maximum falling in abundance. During game play, immediately pick up a bomb and set it on the road moments before the racing cars appear. If you are lucky, one of the cars might race into one of the bombs and will explode. You can do the same thing to a car if you wait near the side of the road and strike one of them.

Glitch: Danger:
Go to the Mushroom Kingdom I stage as any character. When the match begins, press Start. Move the Analog-stick so that you can look behind your character. You will see the word "Danger" inside a circle.
Joseph Summerhays.

Glitch: Audience gasps for no reason:
In the Battlefield and Final Destination stages, jump up then do a downward air dodge once you get to the top of your first jump. Sometimes the audience will gasp, as if you had just survived a powerful hit. This works best with Luigi. Note: Try jumping at different heights. If you jump at just the correct height and dodge downward, they will gasp. This may require several attempts.

Glitch: Survive multi-player team mode:
Select four player mode and chose anything but camera mode. then, make any color team desired, but make sure one of the teams has two of the same color from the stage you chose to fight in. Set the mode to 10 lives and whoever dies must quickly unplug their controller, put it back in, then press A. If done correctly, you will have one life and can die a number of random times with it. This can only be done once per battle.
Steven Dennie.

If there are at least two or more CPU characters or players on the field fighting and you lose your last life, press Start. You will return with one extra life, even if the announcer says "Player 1 Defeated!". Note: You may do this as many times as desired, instead of doing it once in each melee team-battle/free for all.

Glitch: Piggyback sand bag:
Go to the homerun contest and choose Donkey Kong. Do not bother getting the bat; just go up to the sand bag and grab it with Z. Then, press Right and you should now have the sand bag on your back. You can now run down the field with the sand bag on your back, and the distance will go up. However, when time runs out you will get "No Distance".
Chris Adams.

Glitch: No Pokemon in Pokeball:
Choose training mode. Quickly create a lot of Pokeballs (between ten and twenty) then very quickly throw the first one you can. The Pokeball should open and nothing will appear inside.

Glitch: Weird shadings:
When you start the game, go to trophies, then go to gallery.

Ganondorf: Scroll to the Ganondorf trophies (if unlocked). Notice that his eyes are a hazel color. Change the background to black with Start. Zoom in on Ganondorf's eyes and they will be red.
Paper Mario: Change the background to blue and the trophy will start glowing strangely.

Glitch: Freeze game:
Get four players and have them choose Fox, Falco, Ness, and Peach with no CPU characters. Then, turn off everything except for Starman and Super Scopes. Go to Hyrule Temple and have Fox on the little brick in the middle (to the right of where you can go down), Falco to the left of Fox on the big stage (to the left of where you can go down), Ness anywhere, and Peach in the middle of Fox and Falco down below (but not all the way down). Then, have Fox and Falco hold down their B + Down reflective shield moves. Do not release the move. Then, have Ness get a Starman and a Super Scope and get in front of Falco, but do not fall off the edge to where Peach is located. Shoot the Super Scope repeatedly until just before the star runs out. Repeat the process until the Super Scope bullets look larger than usual. Finally, get Peach to pluck vegetables from the ground using her B+ Down move and throw them up into the giant super Scope Bullets. Keep throwing vegetables in the Super Scope bullets until the game freezes.

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