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Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom

Gold Coins:
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A (the "Konami code") on an empty piece of land while playing a mission. The game will laugh at you and say "Yu, Yu". You will get more Gold Coins every time this is done.
Matt C.

Joey Weeler as main character:
Successfully complete the game as Kaiba and Yugi to unlock Joey as a selectable character when you load your game.
Ed Mitchell.

Jim Bob, Iivetogore, XxLMitchellxXL, YuGiOhNumber1FAN, and BJPamp699.

B. Skull Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Summoned Skull
Barbarian Double Impact = Swap + Lava Battle Guards
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon = Blue Eyes White Dragon X3
Cosmo Queen = Dark Elf + Mystical Elf
Crimson Sunbird = Mavelus + Faith Bird
Dark Burning Magic = Dark Magician + Dark Magician Girl
Gaia The Dragon Champion = Gaia The Fierce Knight + Curse of Dragon
Gate Guardian = Sanga of the Thunder + Suijin + Kazejin
Gemini Double Radiation = Both Gemini Elves
Illusionary Beast = Gazelle + Berrformet
Magician Of Black Chaos = Dark Magician + Chaos Ritual
Magnet Valkyrion = 3 Magnet Warriors
Meteor Black Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon
Rabid Horsemen = Mystic Horsemen + Battle Ox
Thousand Dragon = Time Wizard + Baby Dragon
Triangle Ecstasy Spark = All three Harpy Ladies
Twin Headed Thunder Dragon = Thunder Dragon + Two Headed King Rex

Available monsters:
The following lists most of the monsters in the game.
Jim Bob and Iivetogore.

Alpha The Magnet Warrior
Aqua Dragon
Aqua Madoor
Armored Lizard
Axe Raider
Baby Dragon
Barrel Dragon
Basic Insect
Battle Ox
Beast Tamer
Beaver Warrior
Beta The Magnet Warrior
Bickuri Box
Black Land Fire Dragon
Black Luster Soldier
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Buster Blader
Castle of Dark Illusions
Celtic Guardian
Cosmo Queen
Crawling Dragon
Curse of Dragon
Cyber Commander
Cyber Saurus
Dancing Elf
Dark Chimera
Dark Elf
Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Dark Plant
Dark Rabbit
Dark Witch
Dragon Piper
Dragon Seeker
Dunames Dark Witch
Dungeon Worm
Enchanting Mermaid
Evil Dark Magician
Fairies Gift
Faith Bird
Feral Imp
Fiend Kraken
Flame Cerebrus
Flame Swordsman
Fortress Whale
Gaia The Fierce Knight
Gama The Magnet Warrior
Gazelle King of Mythical Beasts
Gemini Elf (Blonde)
Gemini Elf (Brunette)
Giant Insect
Giant Red Sea Snake
Giant Soldier of Stone
Giltia The D. Knight
Great Moth
Gyuketenno Megami
Harpie Lady (Blonde)
Harpie Lady (Blue)
Harpie Lady (Red)
Harpie's Pet Dragon
Hercules Beetle
Hitotsume Giant
Horn Imp
Hunter Spider
Illusionary Gentlemen
Ilusionist Faceless Mage
Insect Queen
Invitation to a Dark Sleep
Jelly Fish
Judge Man
Kaiser Dragon
Kanan The Swordmistress
King of Yamimakai
Labyrinth Tank
Larvae Moth
Launcher Spider
Lava Battleguard
Lord of D.
Machine King
Magician of Black Chaos
Magician of Faith
Man Eater Bug
Meteor Dragon
Millennium Golem
Moisture Creature
Mountain Warrior
Mystic Horseman
Mystical Elf
Neck Hunter
Obelisk the Tormentor
Panther Warrior
Parrot Dragon
Penguin Knight
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
Pumpking the King of Ghosts
Queen of Autumn Leaves
Reaper of the Cards
Red Eyes Black Dragon
Red Eyes Black Dragon
Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon
Rocket Warrior
Rogue Doll
RyuKishen Powered
Saggi The Dark Clown
Sanga of Thunder
Serpent Night Dragon
Shadow Ghoul
Silver Fang
Slifer the Sky Dragon
Slot Machine
Spike Seadra
Stuffed Animal
Summoned Skull
Swamp Battleguard
Sword Stalker
Tao the Chanter
The Ghoul with a big appetite
The Snake Hair
The Winged Dragon of Ra
Three Headed Geedo
Thunder Dragon
Tiger Axe
Time Wizard
Twin Headed King Rex
Water Girl
Winged Dragon Guardian #1
Zombie Warrior

Hint: Defeating Egyptian God monsters:
Send all Marshals against DarkNite (Nitemare). Have the first two monsters attack and have the third monster use escape (L). Repeat until the monster faints.

Start by having every one of your units, except Kaiba or Yugi (depending on which story you are playing.). Have all of your units focus on the Egyptian God Monster you are fighting (Obelisk-Yugi or Slifer-Kaiba). Both of them will put up a tough fight. Do not hesitate to use Kaiba or Yugi if all your units fall, but use healing items and reviving items if you are caught in battle with Kaiba or Yui and you will do fine.

Hint: Egyptian God monster use:
You may only use the Egyptian God monsters once. Think carefully about when you want to use them. When you get an Egyptian item (Slifer's Orb, Soul of Obelisk, and the Eye of Ra), be careful when you want to use it, because you cannot buy it again from the trader.

The items used to summon the Egyptian Gods cannot be replenished at any base and can only be use once per mission, but are refilled after every mission. However, only a Marshal with the ability "Master Of The Egyptian Gods" can use the Egyptian God items. If any other Marshal does, it will not appear .They are best saved for enemy Marshals that you must defeat at the end of each mission.

Hint: Larvae Moth, Queen Autumn Of Leaves, and Insect Queen:
On Kaiba's story "Bandits Again", fend off the enemies and go around each part of forest.

Hint: Cocoon Of Evolution:
In the Yugi campaign play the mission that is two before Face Off, when you first see Joey as a bad marshal. It is in the base far to the northwest. You must build a trade union in order to get it.

Hint: God items:
If you complete the game more than once, you may get more than one of the God "items" (Obelisk's Soul, Slifer's Orb, Ra's Eye). If so, you can use the God once for every God "item" that you have.

Hint: Rare items:
To get many rare items you must do the following. Have at least three of each god monster; have Dancing Elf, Magician Of Black Chaos, and Dark Magician Girl; and enable the "Gold Coins" code many times.

Hint: Great Harpie team:
The Harpie Ladies make a great team after they learn their special combo move. Also, if you give each of them an Electro-Whip (no power-up, but they paralyze the enemy almost every time they attack), a Monster Reborn, and a Red Medicine, they can be unstoppable. The best part is that you can find them all on Yugi's campaign and none of them fight you. Find them by doing the following. For Harpie Lady (Airo), when Mai joins you on Badlands mission in Yugi's campaign, it is on her team. For Harpie Lady (Ocupete), send any Marshal southwest of Ce-Reizo on Break Free mission in Yugi's campaign with another Harpie Lady as the middle monster on the team. For Harpie Lady (Keraino), liberate Kaepe-Town on the Banishment mission in Yugi's campaign. Note: Whenever you replay Yugi's campaign on the mission where Mai joins you, you cannot use Harpie Lady (Airo) because she is on Mai's team. However, this only happens for that mission and when you get her back she will be just the way you left her.

Hint: Defeating the Boss:
Choose your best team/marshal, unless you want to use him to guard your base. If that is the case, choose your second best. Have your marshal move out of the way of your enemies until you get to the Boss.
Michael Mann.

Hint: Alpha Magnet Warrior:
Defeat the opponent at Memory-Bridge in the Dream World mission on Yu Gi's campaign to get Alpha The Magnet Warrior.
Harry Dyer.

Hint: Armored Lizard:
Start the game with Kiaba. One of Kaiba's starting monsters is Armored Lizard.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Baby Dragon:
Before Tea gets to you in the Refugees mission in Yu Gi's campaign, send Joey southeast to where the mountains bend. Once there, Baby Dragon joins without a fight.
Harry Dyer.

Hint: Beformet:
On the first level, wait until it gets dark then walk around in tall grass. It will say that you have found a wild monster. If you defeat Beformet he will join your team.

Hint: Beta The Magnet Warrior:
On Yugi's campaign, play the mission Secret Power. Go and liberate Phyo-Rente. After you liberate that town, a message will appear, stating "Beta the Magnet Warrior" is in some ancient ruins.
Troi Williams.

Hint: Blue Eyes: Level up quickly:
This trick works best if you are going through Kaiba's campaign after Yugi's. On the mission "Guidance", give Kaiba all three Blue Eyes. Give all of them a Red Medicine and a Polymerization. Give two of your Blue Eyes a Blue Medicine. If you have Soul of Obelisk, give it to your remaining dragon. At your base, build an Anti Ground Cannon and Replenish. Have your enemies attack you there and use Blue Eyes to attack until you have one action point. Use Polymerization to fuse your Blue Eyes and finish off your enemy. If you use up your Polymerizations or other items, just use the Replenish command. Repeat the process until you feel ready to finish the mission. If you die, do not worry -- you will keep your gained stats.

Hint: Bonz:
On the level when you fight Bandit Keith and his bandits, Bonz will atack you. If you have enough experience he will not give you much trouble. As soon as you defeat Keith, he leaves Bonz behind and Kaiba will ask if he would fight for him. He will accept. Bonz's best monster is the Snake Hair.

Hint: Dragon Piper:
In Yugi's Secret Power mission, walk south from Jenonnva. You will find him between the two bottom castles in the daytime.

Hint: Enchanting Mermaid:
Play Yugi's mission where you get Mako in the end. From Van-Lova, go south to the edge of the beach. Then, go east to the edge of the map. It is in the water on the edge.

Hint: Gaia:
When you play as Yugi and you get to the Face Off stage, go to the city to the north, but travel across the river and stop in the middle of it. Then, proceed to the north. Before you get to the city, Gaia will challenge you. Defeat him and he is yours.
gary dubose.

Hint: Gamma The Magnet Warrior:
On Kaiba's campaign on the Framed mission, go by the mountains on the left of Beyzon near the river. Walk around and a message will appear, stating "Alpha The Magnet Warrior" in some ancient ruins in the mountains. However, you will really get Gamma The Magnet Warrior. Not: Wait until it gets dark.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Gemini Elf:
On Joey's Story, play the level were you fight Marik on Badlands. Take over the base two your right and Gemini Elf will appear. You do not have to fight her. For the second Gemini Elf, on Yugi's Story on Crucial Battle, liberate the base at the top right hand corner or the one straight to the left of your main base. Note: You must have the first Gemini Elf from Joey's Story or the one on Yugi's Story will just talk to you and you will not get her.

A second Gemini Elf can be obtained in Yu-Gi's Crucial Battle after getting the first in Joey's story. She is in the bottom right-hand base.
Harry Dyer.

Hint: King Of Yamimaki:
When you play the Badlands mission in Yu-Gi's campaign and have both The Dark Magician and The Magician Of Black Chaos, defeat Darkness (the Boss on this mission). You will get King Of Yamimakai "The Reaper of the Cards".
Harry Dyer.

Hint: Labyrinth Tank:
In Yugi's Secret Power mission, he is to the west behind/between Myilluno and Phyo-Rente at night.

Hint: Metal Red Eyes Black Dragon:
Combine Red Eyes with a Metalmorph bought from a trader in the missions of Yugi.

Hint: Moisture Creature:
The Moisture Creature is on Kaiba's mission, Sever The Supply. Send a team to Sweit, build a watch tower, then trace the circle. Search the east side of Sweit. You might him in a small pass between mountains. He is rumored to move around sometimes. Keep searching in that area and you should find him.
Jeremy Brock.

Hint: Octoberser:
In Yugi's Story on the Turbulent Waters level, send someone down towards the base called Thor-Mount. About half-way down you will encounter the monster Octoberser. Win and it will join your army.
Goku Morris.

Hint: Rex Raptor:
You can get Rex Raptor is after the battle with Weevil. He sends out about four warriors. After you defeat them, take him head on with two of your Marshals. He carries a Two Headed King Rex, Megazowler, and Uraby with him.

Hint: Ryukishin-Powered:
Play as Kaiba. After you complete the first level, if you liberate every village, you will have unlocked him.

Hint: Weevil:
On the level when Kaiba is recruiting new soldiers he encounters Weevil. He asks Weevil to surrender and fight for him. Weevil says no! So you start fighting his soldiers send out your best marshal and take him head on. He has with him a Hercules Beetle, a Giant insect, and Basic Insect.

Hint: Black Luster Ritual:
Defeat the Shadi who has Black Luster Ritual.

Hint: Black Luster Soldier:
Use Black Luster Ritual on Gaia the Fierce Knight.

Hint: Machine King:
You can find Machine Kind on the mission where Yu-Gi has to fight the Shaddis. He is in Jenonnva when you defeat the Shaddi there.
Harry Dyer.

Hint: Magician Of Black Chaos:
Use Black Luster Ritual on Dark Magician.

Hint: Meteor Dragon:
In Kaiba's campaign, play the Dragon Lair mission. Defeat Lord Of D. at Fort Den to get Meteor Dragon.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Sanga Of The Thunder:
In Yugi's campaign, play the Break Free mission. Start from your base and walk south in the middle of the mountains all the way down to the left-hand corner of the map. You should encounter Sanga Of The Thunder.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Serpent Night Dragon:
Play the Joey campaign. Go to the mountains behind the main castle. Note: Only one castle is occupied. Wait until it gets dark then walk up behind the occupied castle and near the highest mountains to find Serpent Night Dragon. After defeating him, you also get a Swordstalker and an Invitation To A Dark Sleep.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Seiyaryu:
On Kaiba's campaign, play the Dragon Lair mission. Defeat Lord Of D. at Fort Hall to get Seiyaryu.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Slifer's Orb:
Successfully complete the game with Kaiba.

Hint: Silver Fang:
In the first level on the Yugi story mode, wander around in the trees. You will be ambushed by a Silver Fang. It has about 750 health and should not give you trouble. When you defeat it, it joins your army.
Sapphire-Eyes Silver Dragon.

Hint: Soul Of Obelisk:
Successfully complete the game with Yugi.

Hint: Thunder Dragon:
In Kaiba's Campaign, play the Dragon Lair mission. Defeat Lord Of D. at Fort Nest to get Thunder Dragon.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Tiger Axe:
You can get Tiger Axe by liberating a town while fighting Rex Raptor's army.

Hint: Time Wizard:
In the Spellcaster mission in Yugi"s campaign, liberate the town research guild.

Hint: Winged Dragon Guardian Of The Fortress #1:
In Yugi's campaign, have Yugi wander around in the middle of the mountains north of Dyethruo during nighttime, before the bomb blows up in Dyethruo. You will meet the Winged Dragon Guardian Of The Fortress #1 and he will join your team.

Hint: Winged Dragon Of Ra:
Successfully complete the game with Joey.

Hint: Summoned Skull, Beast Of Gilfer, Illusory Gentleman, and Neck Hunter:
In the Yugi campaign's Badlands mission, go to Tower-Pegasi. Defeat Summoned Skull then make a trip to Tower-Deneb. In the wasteland in between the towers, you will find this team: -Beast of Gilfer, Illusory Gentleman, and Neck Hunter. Defeat them and they will be yours.
Javier Eduardo Vázquez Fernández.

Hint: Barrel Dragon, Slot Machine, and Launcher Spider:
On the Bandits Again mission in Kaiba's campaign, defeat Bandit Keith to get Barrel Dragon, Slot Machine, and Launcher Spider.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Battle Ox, Dragon Seeker, Swamp Battle Guard:
In Joey's campaign on his second mission, walk to the mountains on the left side of your base, at the bottom of the mountain near the valley. Keep walking around where the mountain meets the valley and your should encounter Battle Ox, Dragon Seeker, and Swamp Battle Guard
yugioh fan.

Hint: Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Lord Of D.:
On Kaiba's campaign, play the Dragon Lair mission. Defeat Lord Of D. at Fort Burrow and three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and Lord Of D. will join your team.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Garoozis and Mountain Warrior:
In Joey's Sever The Supply mission, have a team east of your main castle at outer edge of forest (at 3:30 on the game clock) closest to the mountains. It is easier to go from the castle to bottom right corner part of the map.

Hint: Hane-Hane, Mystic Horseman, Man-Eater Bug:
In Yugi's second mission, go south under Croethe near tree line. is They can be found at pre-dawn.

Hint: Jinzo, Giant Mech Soldier, Cyber Saurus:
Defeat Bakura in mission 15, then Espa Roba will join your party with Jinzo, Giant Mech Soldier, and Cyber Saurus.

Hint: Skull Night, Kazejin, and Pumpkins The King Of Ghosts:
On the mission where you fight Kaiba (the last mission in Joey's campaign), walk around at the bottom of the mountains closest to Kaiba near Fort Ru-Ma-Pann to find Skull Night, Kazejin, and Pumpkins The King Of Ghosts.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Suijin, Fortress Whale, Aqua Dragon:
On Yugi's Campaign, play the Scorched mission. Travel right toward the mountains where the ocean sticks out the farthest on land. You will meet those three monsters.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Buster Blader and Cyber Commander:
On Kaiba's campaign, play the Dragon Lair mission. Walk straight from your starting fort to Fort Den. You will be challenged by A Buster Blader and Cyber Commander along the way.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Judgeman, Kaiser Dragon:
On Kaiba's campaign, play the Dragon Lair mission. Defeat Lord Of D. at Fort Lair to get Judgeman and Kaiser Dragon
yugioh fan.

Hint: Sengenjin and Flame Cerebrus:
On Joey's campaign, play the Quick Attack mission. Wander around the mountains to the right of the base Beyzon and you should encounter Sengenjin and Flame Cerebrus. There are only two of them.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Zoa, Kryuel, and Castle of Dark Illusions:
In Yugi's Banishment mission, as soon as you are able to control all of your Marshals go straight south from main castle. You will find them between the bottom of the map and the main castle.

Hint: Recommended Challenge mode characters:
Go to challenge mode and select the Yugi side. Select Mia as your character. Then, select all three Harpie Ladies. Give them all Electro Whip. Use your special every time and your opponent will die in two turns.

First, get the Swamp Battleguard, then the Lava Battleguard and choose one other monster. The Swamp Battleguard and the Lava Battleguard work together. Use their special twice and you will not lose unless you did not bring along a Monster Reborn or Red Medicine.

The best "Challenge" team is a Dunamas Dark Witch with two Gift Of The Mystical Elf and a Mirror Force, a Kuribo with three Multiplies, and a Summoned Skull with three Hinotamas.

Hint: Level up:
Get your monsters to level up as much as you can, then die. You will still have the same stats. Do it again.

Hint: Faster recharge for cannons:
After you use a cannon, it starts back at the beginning. If you switch it to something else, then switch it back, it will turn halfway.

Hint: Stop opponent from using blue/red medicine, etc.:
Use this trick when facing a Boss marshal that keeps healing his monsters every time you do damage to them with a never-ending supply of red/blue medicine. Keep pressing B when it is your turn to make a monster do something, so that you save your yellow ability power stars. When all of your opponent's monsters are done attacking, focus on defeating one monster of theirs and keep attacking it. With no action points remaining to heal with, you will have a distinct advantage even over the toughest of foes.

Hint: Good attack force:
Every time you encounter a new marshal and add him/her to your team, they will most likely have a powerful monster in their first slot, and two underlings beside it. Take all of the powerful monsters from your marshals and give them to Yugi, or another important marshal on your team. Then when you attack someone, you can do heavy damage with three powerful monsters instead of wasting two attacks by doing small amounts of damage.

Hint: Get compatibility balls matched up:
Go through your sets of monsters and put the monsters with the closest colored computability balls to a specific marshal on their team. By doing this, sooner or later all of your monsters will have a power-up boost.

Hint: Easy experience:
After you complete Yugi's, Joey's, and Kaiba's story modes, go to any of the three. For Yugi, make the Dark Magician into the Magician Of Black Chaos. Then go back to the Beastly Badlands. Get the Dark Magician and it will be at 2900 ATK instead of 2500. This works with any monster that has a ritual transformation.

Put a team of monsters with either Yu-Gi or Kaiba, then use the Gods in a fight. When you win, the monsters' levels will go up instantly and saves having to fight many times.
Harry Dyer.

Hint: Easy coins:
When playing Yugi's Story on the first mission, you can get rich easily. First, liberate the first two towns then venture around. While venturing do not go to the castle and battle or you will end your mission. Enable the "Gold Coins" code. Have one of your characters to walk around everywhere. Repeatedly enable the "Gold Coins" code. End the mission when desired and you will still have the coins.

Hint: Easy items:
If you want a lot of items, enable the "Gold Coins" code. At every new town, city, castle, etc., you encounter, buy a Trade Union if one is not already there. Different Trade Unions usually have different items for you to buy. Note: You only have a limited amount of room and cannot hold anything more once you reach that point.

Hint: Second chance at defeating wild monsters:
When you lose to a wild monster and you want to defeat it, let the timer run out or lose with Yugi, Kaiba, or Joey (only Joey in Joey's story). The message "Our forces are falling apart; we can't keep fighting" will appear. You will return to the map. Press Start to start the stage again, then go to the same location where you found the monster. The monster will appear again.

Hint: Magic start:
Start the Joey campaign. One marshal has Dharma Cannon and Illusionist Faceless Mage. Have level 1 or 2 magic ready for Dharma Cannon or have levels 1-4 magic ready for Illusionist Faceless Mage.
Niko Fish.

Hint: Challenge mode:
Defeat everyone at least once. When you go to "Load Game", there will be a challenge mode with all of your items from the three stories.

Hint: Completing challenge mode:
Have Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and Dark Magician #2. Level them up so that the Dark Magicians can use Dark Burning Magic. Equip Rageki and Mirror Force and Red Medicine or a Dien Keto Cure Master. You should not have a problem with challenge mode.
yugioh fan.

Hint: Recommended challenge mode team:
Use the following monsters and items. Note: Level up Dark Magicain and Magician Of Black Chaos so that they both can use Dark Burning Magic.

Yugi Challenge Mode
Dark Magician
Soul of Obolisk
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Dark Magician Girl
Orb of Slipher
Gift of the Mystical Elf
Magician of Black Choas
Eye of Ra

Get two monsters that have a combo together (for example, Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl; both Gemini Elves; or Swamp and Lava Battleguards), plus a creature with a special attack that hurts all enemies. Note: some creatures need certain items to use their abilities (for example, Kuriboh needs the item Multiply). Then, equip each character with a Red Medicine and Monster Reborn. Give one of the monsters with the team attack a Dragon Capture Jar. Note: This will be helpful with Kaiba and Joey to keep them from attacking and fusing. Give the other monster with the team attack another Red Medicine, just in case, and give the last character an item that will not make anyone berserk or confused because they will lose their special.

Note: The following teams will only be helpful once you have these monsters. They are "beginning winning teams" in Yugi's Story.

Yugi's team
Dark Magician (Book of Secret Arts x3)
Dark Magician Girl (Book of Secret Arts x3)
Illusory Gentleman (Book of Secret Arts x3)
Joey's team
Giltia The D. Knight (Legendary Sword x3)
Flame Swordsman (Legendary Sword x3)
Celtic Guardian (Legendary Sword x3)
Tristan's team
Ansatsu (Legendary Sword x3)
Silver Fang (Beast Fang, Monster Reborn x2)
Gezelle The King Of Mystical Beasts (Red Medicines x3)
Tea's team
Dancing Elf (Blue Medicines x3)
Dark Elf (Book of Secret Arts x2, Red Medicines)
Gyakutenno Megami (Monster Reborn x3)
Mai's team
Harpie Lady Airo (Beast Fang x3)
Dark Witch (Silver Bow and Arrow, Blue Medicines x2)
Harpie's Pet Dragon (Blue Medicines x3)
Shimon's team
Feral Imp (Black Pendant x3)
Blackland Fire Dragon (Blue Medicines x3)
Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Deal of Phantom x2, Blue Medicines)

Glitch: Incorrect text:
On Kaiba's "Framed" mission, when you find Gamma the Magnet warrior a message will appear on the screen. It states that you have found Alpha the Magnet warrior in some ruins in the mountains.

Glitch: Incorrect grammar:
After Kaiba's "Suprise Attack" mission, you will have a conversation with Scott. Notice that after the first few sentences Scott says, "I'm realize this must be quite an emotional reunion, but I can't hand him over to you just yet."

Glitch: Misspelling:
Speak with Shimon in Yugi's Story. When Shimon is talking about your mission he says: "Just remember than none of your other Marshals...", instead of "Just remember that...".

In Yugi's Story, notice when Silver Fang attacks it says "Wild Sonic Storn" instead of "Wild Sonic Storm".

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