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Major Isoor
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Oct 16, 2017 at 10:54 PM
Jan 6, 2005
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Dec 16, 1990 (Age: 26)
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Burned into everyone's retinas
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Major Isoor

Dynamite with a laser beam, 26, from Burned into everyone's retinas

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Welp, after noticing my post count earlier, I'm hoping Al will keep GW running until I (finally) hit my 5,000th post, at the very least! :P Oct 16, 2017 at 8:37 AM

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Viewing thread Thunderdome, Oct 16, 2017 at 10:54 PM
    1. Major Isoor
      Major Isoor
      Welp, after noticing my post count earlier, I'm hoping Al will keep GW running until I (finally) hit my 5,000th post, at the very least! :P
    2. Major Isoor
    3. Major Isoor
      Major Isoor
      Yeah, it just feels so strange! I know I haven't been very active the last few years, but it just feels like such a loss, to lose GW
    4. Major Isoor
      Major Isoor
      Could always do one in the FB group when it suits everyone, I suppose?
    5. Major Isoor
      Major Isoor
      Time for one last game of wolf? ;P
    6. Major Isoor
      Major Isoor
      It's been great knowing you all, over the last 12 years! Best wishes, and I hope we meet again
    7. Apollo
      Yeah, I imagine a brand new copy will be near impossible to find, but I've got a few used book shops around here that delve a bit more into the fantasy side of things than the mainstream shops, so there's some hope. If not, it is available for the Kindle on Amazon, so I could just go that route.
    8. Apollo
      Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous that people still believe most of the old stereotypes about leprosy, but I suppose it's not really all that common (or rather, not commonly discussed). Still pretty silly some of the things people buy into :D.
    9. Apollo
      I love stories that go off the standard story arc, so if this is one of those series, sign me up! I'll try and find the first book and give it a go, hopefully pretty soon. Doing some research on the series, I think I might have stumbled across that certain event you mentioned in the first book. Sounds...interesting...but obviously I didn't want to get too far into spoiler territory without actually reading the book. It certainly seems to have some discussion points, which is great :D.
    10. Apollo
      I've thought about either watching or reading Game of Thrones, but I just don't seem to be all that interested in it. I'll probably give it a try at some point, no doubt, but not as yet.

      I've never heard of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, but it sounds interesting. Took a look on Amazon, and there seems to be a few books in the series, so I might give it a go, since literally all I've had to read lately are the Halo books and a few independently published trainwrecks. Would you recommend it?
    11. Apollo
      In a nutshell: Nope. Life's as constant and boring as ever! :D
    12. Apollo
      Not bad, and you?

      I'm not sure about disabling images in rep -- I'll look into it, but offhand I'd have to say it most likely won't be possible. In the short term, I'd suggest collapsing the rep tables and keeping tabs on the numbers. Would give you a bit more flexibility, and you could expand it when you see a new comment has been posted. ;)
    13. TD Jr. Returns
      TD Jr. Returns
      TMNT Mafia is now taking signups. Come play. Please?
    14. The Flame
      The Flame
      Clear your PM box so I can reply about the RP.
    15. The Flame
      The Flame
      hey, go post in prpg :P
    16. Cpezo
      Unless you're Klowny, remove your vote in GW Wolf.
    17. Apollo
      I've been meaning to buy it, just haven't had much of a chance in recent weeks. I love war stories, and it's been on the radar for some time. The Pacific was theirs, too? Need to have a look for that.
    18. The Flame
    19. Undead xP
      Undead xP
    20. Undead xP
      Undead xP
      I'm beating you in posts, page views AND awards... You're slacking, Isoor! :P
    21. The Flame
    22. The Flame
      The Flame
      I believe you mean all the nerds do. The thing's a huge eyesore.
    23. The Flame
      The Flame

      Only because you guys have more blue and a constellation on it. You're still hindered by the brit cross being on it.
    24. The Flame
      The Flame
      Way to screw over any competitive Steam users on GW with your custom url suggestion :P. It's not like clicking Add Friend isn't 10x faster or anything.
    25. The Flame
      The Flame
      That's why ours kicks ass...even if none of us know the meaning of the colors at all.
    26. The Flame
      The Flame
      You know, that Australian flag in your sig looks pretty cool to me :-\...
    27. Apollo
      Lately I haven't had much time to watch anything, so when I do eventually watch something, it's usually reruns of things I've already seen (right now: Futurama and Top Gear). So, at this point, it's safe to say I don't have many outstanding recommendations :D.

      The most adventurous thing I've watched lately is Lockdown, a National Geographic documentary series that goes inside American prisons...yeah, absolutely thrilling...:D. As far as new series that focus on one overall plot, rather than a new plot each episode, the ones I've heard the most about are ones like Chuck and Breaking Bad, but I haven't actually watched either of them. You might also look at Sons of Anarchy, or something along those lines, but I've got not genuine input on that, either :D.
    28. Klowny
      So where is your album, now that you can have one? :hmm:
    29. The Flame
      The Flame
      Mario Party started. You just need to answer a quick question.
    30. Undead xP
      Undead xP
      Haha exactly! :P

      I don't actually... :/
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