Breath of the Wild season pass and DLC Bullshit

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Jawneh, Feb 14, 2017.

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    Really Nintendo? Out of all the things you can do, you choose season passes, paid DLC and pre-order bonuses?

    In case people haven't heard yet, Nintendo really did announce this. (I'm on my phone so I can't easily post a link here). I feel cheated to be honest. This is something you expect EA to do and abuse for all the pennies, but not Nintendo. I don't even know if I want to get the game anymore. I don't want to pay 60 bucks and then whatever the DLC are priced at on top of that. As much as I love the series, idk if there's enough content to warrant all that, especially for a single player experience

    Some stuff I read priced the season pass at 20 bucks. Two DLC were announced and a pre-order deal thing. The pre-order is like a cosmetic shirt and two other chests that have supposedly helpful stuff in them. The DLC themselves, the first one has a hard mode as the more interesting part and a challenge thing, and the second DLC has a new story thing going for it with a new dungeon.

    I didn't read anything about how much the DLC are individually. Maybe combined they're worth the 20, but this still sounds and feels like robbery. I want my Zelda at a flat price and if Nintendo wants to give more stuff, the millions of millions copies they sell should be enough to develop and ship the DLC free.
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    Can't complain about whether or not it's "robbery" until the game comes out at the least. We don't even know how much content is supposed to be in the game.

    Also, Smash Bros, Super Mario Maker, and Mario Kart all came with a shitton of content and had DLC later on.

    Honestly, the fact that Nintendo is supporting their games after they go gold is just astounding to me. They're so far behind the curb when it comes to expansions and DLC. Console DLC dates back to the original Xbox with Halo 2's map packs and Nintendo is only just now getting around to DLC.