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Dialup and TCP ports

Discussion in 'Computers, Smartphones & Tablets' started by Sombra, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Sombra

    Sombra Too selfless to care about others!

    Nov 4, 2005

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    I know y'all probably get annoyed on the rare occasions that I come on here with dialup questions, and yes, I realize dialup is dialup and realistically, it has no business existing in the modern telecommunications world, but such is the torture chamber that is my current occupation :tease:

    On the host side, we have an old IBM RS6000 server running AIX Unix. Presumably, there is some sort of router attached to said server providing TCP/IP and PPP capability. A third-party server-client application suite is used for the software handling of all protocol interaction type stuff. We use a completely closed network.

    In the past, we've had issues with certain ranges of our TCP ports failing and basically not being able to pass traffic through them. Lately, we've been having a lot of trouble getting our dialup modems to even attempt to handshake over TCP/IP when all other dialup factors check out perfectly fine (the modems are intercepting the lines, tone is clean, etcetera). This forces us to use what few TTY ports we still leave open, which we obviously HATE! Let's assume that our TCP ports are being problematic, would that cause our modems to not even handshake? If so, is the it the router, the config of the client-server application, or the server that would be more to blame? Or a combination of all three?