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Impossible Creatures

Discussion in 'Competitive & Co-Operative Gaming' started by Major Isoor, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Major Isoor

    Major Isoor Dynamite with a laser beam Premium Member

    Jan 6, 2005

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    Alright well, just thought then that Impossible Creatures may be good to play, even just against each other, as opposed to us against another group. If anyone's interested (I'll explain a little about the game below) I'd advise you to order/download (can't off Steam, but I'm sure there are other online distributors out there with it) it, followed by updating the game to v1.1, I think (should actually be the only patch for the game) which will give you a mod interface where you can enable/disable different mods. Then you should get the latest "Insect Invasion" mod (v1.4 I think) and download and install that - after updating the game - as it adds many more animals to use.

    So yeah, I personally reckon Impossible Creatures could be very fun to play with you guys, as there are no factions as such, but rather you can make a sort of faction of your own, and custom-create nine different creatures (that's the max different ones allowed per "army") created from any two animals merged together, with you being able to select which parts from which animals are used in the final product, with different abilities and stat-changes for each individual part.

    Oh and uh, I'm claiming the sole use of my beloved moose-lobster :p