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Marvel's War of Heros

Discussion in 'Computers, Smartphones & Tablets' started by seth-magic, May 22, 2013.

  1. seth-magic

    seth-magic is best-magic Premium Member

    Feb 22, 2002

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    Does anyone play this?

    I got it, not really knowing what it was - but in the mood for something super-hero-y - and, I'll be honest with you: I'm addicted.

    Not in the 'spend money' kind of way, yet...but I max out my free entertainment on this app daily.

    Essentially, it's a card game that has 2 main modes: Mission and Battle.

    In Mission, you choose one of your cards as a base card, and go through the SP part of the app. Each mission is setup in sections, ending with a boss-fight. Prior to this, you face off against thugs 1x1. To attack, you just tap the 'Attack' button, and a certain amount of your (upgradable) energy is spent, you gain XP, and the mission's progress meter fills.

    For every three successful attacks in a row, you get rewarded with a chest - containing either silver (in-game currency used for boosting/fusing), a card (to boost/fuse with other cards, add to your collection, or sell), or an item/resource (which is part of a set that you try to complete for another reward).

    Cards vary in degree of rarity, and feature most (if not all?) of Marvel's heroes and even villains.

    Battle Mode is where you comprise a "deck" using a maximum of 6 cards (each requiring a certain amount of power - the amount of power you have to play with is upgradable, too) and you battle other app users for silver, resources, and fun. I think you might also be able to battle for cards, too. I'm torn on that subject, as I desperately want a Spider-Man card to boost up...but my Wolverine is Super Rare and straight beef-cake.

    The battle mode allows you to search for opponents based on rivalry, resources, or level - and doesn't have any interaction between you and your opponent. You don't get to see their complete stats before attacking, which makes it a gamble, for sure. Basically, you attack them...the app determines whether or not you're successful, and they get a notice in their main page when the dust settles. This is also a little nerve-racking, because if you decide you want to eliminate the possibility of losing your battle to snatch a quick resource...you run the risk of tanking your available attack power, and some of your defense power. Now, you're weakened - and they might not like the idea that you stole their ****!


    Also, the stats you do get to see beforehand could be misleading. They might have a current deck set as default, toned way the eff down - and they could be sitting pretty on the mother of all decks just waiting for people to come snooping around for resources, silver, etc.

    In addition to all this stuff - which has recovery time built-in (with the option to purchase energy and power packs with real-life money), they also have an entire separate game's worth of pay-to-play fun.

    Ultimate Cards, Events, Seasonal Cards, etc. allow you to pay a small fee in exchange for significantly increased odds of nabbing the super to ultra rare cards. For collectors, the allure is all too great. Specifically for seasonal and villain cards right now, as they're only available through the non-free options.

    Anywho - I don't fully understand the game, and it's annoying to wait through the recovery periods, but it's addicting as hell! I'd love to hear what you guys think, if you've played it - still play it - or want to play it. We can be teammates, even.