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The Sonic Adventure! (Section III)

Discussion in 'General Game Help & Discussion' started by Sega=Best, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. Tykan

    Tykan Earthbound Prince

    Jul 23, 2003

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    Aithin stumbled into the room, once again awakened by a loud noise.

    Aithin:What's all the racket?

    MEGA-SHORT, but I don't know where else to go.
  2. Compufreak99

    Compufreak99 Hero of Man

    Apr 28, 2002

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    Kaine: "I guess I owe everyone here an explanation. Shal we give the new commers a run-down?"
    Solar: "Sure... I guess. You do most of the talking, I'm still out of it."
    Apox: "I'll go gather everyone."
    When they were all assembled, Kaine went through and explained everything that had happened up to his point:
    Kaine: "First, for thouse that don't know, Solar, Shadow, Apox and Myself are from a future. One controled by a former Scientist named Robotnik. From what I gather, he got exposed to an overdose of Chaos Energy and went toatly off his rocker."
    Apox: "For thouse that don't know, it means he went insane."
    Kaine: "Apox, grroof rawr woof."
    Apox: "Sorry, sorry... continue..."
    Kaine: "A serris of bad things happened. Robotnik's orginization was more corrupt than he knew, and a pair named Raf and Xanth overthrew him. Sent him and his daughter back in time."
    Shadow: "To stop him from altering the future, we, as Doma Gaurdians, came back in time to re-write history."
    Solar: "But everytime someone comes back, history changes in bizzare ways."
    Kaine: "A group of our friends have a camp outside the Palace and are trying to track Robotnik. We have no word on where he is."
    Death: "What is this place anyways?"
    Tej: "This is a completely different continent to us."
    Kaine: "The Diamond Empire is the government of sorts. They had a huge war along time back with "Galvatrons" or some such. The Doma Emerald that they kept got shattered durring the last battle. These Shards entered the possession of Raf and Xanth of the future."
    Solar: "If we can recreate the Doma Emerald, they won't get the shards and history will re-set itself."
    Shadow: "So we hope..."
    Kaine: "As Doma Gaurdians, you are our offical guests. We will protect you from harm."
    Tej: "I know this may sound kind of silly but..."
    Kaine: "let me guess: 'Teach me how to use Chaos Emeralds'?"
    Tej: "No. Can you take them...?"
    Kaine: "What? Good. You wouldn't be able to truly use them if you tried."
    Tej: "What...!?"
    Kaine: "Only Hedgehogs can use Emeralds without being corrupted totaly. Even then, a build up of too much chaos energy from the Emeralds or chaos rings causes them to... evolve into something else. Like what happened to Solar."
    Tej: "How do YOU use them then?"
    Kaine: "I... I'm complex... Here, let me see thouse."
    ||Dragoon Powers Have Evolved:||
    || "Air Razor" ||
    || Ice Form: "Arctic Razor " ||
    Kaine: "Hmm... Air Razor?"
    As if out of control, Kaine twisted his torso with his wings horizontal to the ground. He moved fast enough to create a sonic wave with his wing that deafened everyone and cut a half inch think line through the stone wall across from him.
    Kaine: "SORRY! Bad Habbit to say my evolved powers aloud."
    Tej: "Evolved powers? what?"
    Kaine: "Never mind."
    ||Fire Emerald Already Absorbed.||
    ||Redundent Power Not Evolved.||
    Kaine: "Already have the Fire Emerald power. Here, you can have these back."
    Tej: "But... how did Death..."
    Aithin: "What's all the racket?"
    Solar, Shadow and Kaine: "...."
    Kaine: "Do I really have to go through that AGAIN?"
    Aithin: "Go through what?"
    Solar: "Yes... yes you do."
    Kaine: "Sigh..." Kaine repeated the whole story to Aithin before everyone moved on.
  3. Ryker

    Ryker Sinaldra's Last Hope

    Sep 22, 2002

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    After evryone had left, Solar sighed and fell into a big chair.

    Solar: Well... I guess it's time to go home huh?
    Kaine: It seems so.
    Shadow: ...
    Solar: I wonder what it will be like. I mean, we're about to go at least 1000 years into the future...
    Apox: It'll probably be fine.
    Shadow: Actually, it won't be just fine. It may just be worse.
    Solar: Huh?
    Shadow: If we go forward into time, there's no telling what will happen. We might not exist in the future...
    Solar: It's a risk we need to take.
    ???: You're not going without us!

    The four turned to see Tej, Death, and Aithin, standing in the hallway with all their stuff.

    Tej: We want to see what the furture is really like.
    Aithin: Yeah. We're going with you.
    Solar: Guys...
    Death: We're going, and you can't stop us.
    Shadow: I guess... It's time then...
    Kaine: Let's go then...

    Kaine put his shard onto the Doma Emrald and Solar handed the almost complete emerald to Shadow. The Emerald went from multi-colored back to black, and it started to glow.

    Shadow: Hold on everyone. Because this is the final... Doma Control!

    In a flash, the group was gone, never again to return to the Daimond Age. The plan had worked. The future wasn't ruled by Robotnik anymore, and the future was peaceful again. Kaine and Apox returned to their peaceful life at Emerald Hill. Shadow returned to his village to see it was no longer destroyed, and better yet, his family and friends knew who he was, and he returned to his niece, Rose and his best friend Sereth. Solar took Tej, Death, and Aithin to see the world and it's new technology, then finally married Sephrina, and moved out into the country. The world was at peace for ten years, and Solar, Shadow, Kaine, and Apox remained friends. The peace would stay, but only for ten years...

    Chapter 2

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