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Vote: Best Final Fantasy Games

Discussion in 'GameWinners Picks' started by Rick52, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. Rick52

    Rick52 ... Super Moderator

    Jan 2, 2002

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    In this thread, you may nominate any game in the Final Fantasy series.

    1) Any Final Fantasy is eligible for voting. This includes:

    a) direct prequels/sequels (X-2, Crisis Core)
    b) spinoffs (Tactics, Crystal Chronicles)
    c) games given the Final Fantasy name overseas even though in Japan they aren't FF titles (the GB Legends games)
    d) games featuring Final Fantasy characters (Ehrgeiz, which you now remember; the Chocobo games)

    Different versions:
    Several Final Fantasies, most notably the first few, have several remakes and/or ports availble for multiple systems. When voting for these, please do not nominate a specific version (eg voting for the SNES version of IV and then the DS version of IV). Just nominate each version one time, using whichever version of the game you believe is the best version of it (so, just "Final Fantasy IV" would suffice).

    Also please remember: the SNES "Final Fantasy II" is really Final Fantasy IV, and the SNES "Final Fantasy III" is really Final Fantasy VI. I'm sure you're aware of this, but just in case.

    2) You can nominate as many Final Fantasies as you'd like, however:

    3) Please rank only the top 10 games that you nominate.

    For example,

    1) Final Fantasy
    2) Final Fantasy II
    3) Final Fantasy III
    10) Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy XI
    Final Fantasy VII

    I will assign a point value to each rank you give, as such:
    #1: 20 pts
    #2: 15 pts
    #3: 10 pts
    #4: 8 pts
    #5: 7 pts
    #6: 6 pts
    #7: 5 pts
    #8: 4 pts
    #9: 3 pts
    #10: 2 pts
    Unranked after 10: 1 pt

    If you forget to rank your games, I will assume the first game you listed is your #1, the next game after that your #2, etc. If you only rank, say, six games but list more after that, I will assume they are your #7, #8 and so on.

    4) You can change/edit your choice anytime within the week. If, after you've made your choices, someone else comes along and nominates a Final Fantasy you had forgotten about, you are more than welcomed to add that game to your list. I will not do any tallying until the end of the week.

    5) You don't have to post your list here; you can PM me your list instead. I understand if you don't want the general populace to know you think Final Fantasy II is your favorite Final Fantasy, or if you don't want people to see you're posting again or whatever. Just PM me your list instead, and only I'll know your secret shames. Don't worry, your secrets are safe with me! *wink*

    6) At the end of the week, I will tally all the votes and points together, and I will release a final top ten list of how everyone voted. This will be GameWinners' official top ten Final Fantasy games, so choose wisely! Bring your friends here to nominate if you can!

    So, you have until about noon (EST) next Saturday to get your votes in. Don't forget to vote in the other threads, if you're able!
  2. Rick52

    Rick52 ... Super Moderator

    Jan 2, 2002

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    Gonna get this thread started right off the bat

    1) Final Fantasy V
    2) Final Fantasy X
    3) Final Fantasy VII
    4) Final Fantasy VI
    5) Final Fantasy IX
    6) Final Fantasy Tactics
    7) Final Fantasy VIII
    8) Final Fantasy XII
    9) Final Fantasy III
    10) Final Fantasy
    Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy Legend II
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  3. Operative #19

    Operative #19 Kept ya waiting, huh? Premium Member

    Aug 3, 2005

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    1. Final Fantasy VI
    2. Final Fantasy IV
    3. Final Fantasy VII
    4. Final Fantasy Tactics
    5. Final Fantasy IX
    6. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    7. Final Fantasy VIII
    8. Final Fantasy X
    9. Ehrgeiz
    10. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
    Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
  4. Rachel

    Rachel Dragonfly Catcher

    Dec 27, 2001

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    1) FFT
    2) FFX
    3) FFIX
    4) FFVIII
    5) FFVII
    6) FFXII
    7) FFVI
    8) FFTA
    9) FFTA2
    10) FFIV

    My Dissidia has been sitting on the shelf now sooo maybe when I play that it might make an appearance (but probably not if we're being honest)
  5. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights Perfection '11 Moderator Premium Member

    Apr 16, 2001

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    Unfortunately I haven't finished 9 yet, so can't rate it any higher.
  6. wearingoddshoes

    wearingoddshoes Registered User

    Apr 6, 2009

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    What is the final fantasy?
  7. Crazy Jamie

    Crazy Jamie First recipient of the Amaloo Award Administrator Super Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 1, 2001

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    Haha. This is an inside joke from when we were at school, by the way. Just so no one thinks that he doesn't actually know what FF is.
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