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Friday The 13th

Hint: Avoid wolves while in the woods:
The wolves will appear only after all the zombies are gone. Just leave one zombie alive when you are in the woods. Allow it to follow you until you reach the path you want to take. Just repeat this trick when more zombies appear. Note: If Jason attacks in the woods, all the zombies will disappear, making it quite likely that a wolf will appear afterwards.

Hint: Getting torches:
It is possible to get the torch on the first day of wandering around Camp Crystal Lake. Using Mark, wander around the camp for awhile, collecting potions and lighting all the fireplaces. In one of the cabins in the camp, you should find a letter saying "You will find a torch in one of the cabins by the lake". Once you find that letter, go into the trail that circles the lake. Look in one of the two big cabins, you will find the torch there.
Information in this section was contributed by Ricky Cruz.

To get a second torch on the first day, go into to woods at the top of the screen. Then, go into one of the cabins inside the woods. Search inside the cabin until you find the axe. Take it, then go to the cave and fight Jason's mother. When she is defeated with the axe she will leave behind the torch.
Information in this section was contributed by Captainodo.

Hint: Getting the flashlight:
Light all the fireplaces inside the big cabins first. Light the ones around the cave area, then the ones outside of the of the cave and lake areas. Then, go into the lake area and light the fireplace in the bottom big cabin. Then, light the fireplace in the top big cabin at the lake area. The flashlight is located in front of the fireplace. Take it. The flashlight lights up the cave.
Information in this section was contributed by Captainodo.

Hint: Getting the machete:
Even though the torch is the most powerful weapon in the game, the machete is still a weapon that will cause some damage. You can get it by selecting Mark and roaming around until you get a key. Once you have the key, go into the cave. From there, you will go left just two land bridges over. Look at the background in the rocks. You should see a sort of crumbled rock that stands out from the rest. Go over to that rock and press Up. You will reach a door. Go through the door and defeat Jason's mom. After you defeat her, the machete will be revealed.
Information in this section was contributed by Ricky Cruz.

Hint: Getting the machete, axe and torch:
Choose your first character, preferably Mark or Chrissy, then go to the lake area. Kneel and shoot some zombies then get a lighter. A key and knife should appear soon afterwards no matter where you started. If not, begin jumping around in a direction and you will eventually get one. Go to the top left/center large cabin on the circle of the path where the lake is located. Enter the large cabin. Move up once, then right once. You will see a note. It reads. "GO INTO THE WOODS." Note: You will not be able to see the note unless you have a knife. Exit the large cabin. Move left then take the first path down. You will be now in the woods. Move to the right until you see the first path leading up. Press Up(2). You will see a door. Do not enter the cabin. Exit by pressing Down. Go back up and enter the cabin. Turn to the right. You will see a note which reads, "FIRE WILL DAMAGE JASON THE MOST." This is actually not true. The torch is the second best weapon. The pitchfork is what harms him the most. Turn right again to exit the cabin. Go towards your right then go down the first path leading down. Continue to the right and go down the next path. You will be back at the lake area. Go back into the woods. This time, turn left and go down the first path. Then, move right and go up the first path. You will be at the second cabin in the woods. Go inside. Turn towards the door and you will see a machete. Exit the cabin. Go towards your right and go down the first path twice. You will be on the other side of the woods. Find a counselor and give the machete to them. Go back into the woods the same way done the first time by the lake. Go into the first cabin (right, up, up). Exit the cabin. You will see an axe. Take it. Exit the woods again (right, down, right, down). Give your axe to another player. Go back to the large cabin by the lake. Go up, then right, then right (or left, left if you prefer). You will see the torch. Note: For Jason alarms, you can use another counselor. You must use the same counselor to get all three weapons. Also, take your axe to Mrs. Vorhees on the first day. After defeating her you can trade your axe for a torch.
Information in this section was contributed by OnnaVidel.

Hint: Getting the sweater:
There is a sweater you can get on the second day that will boost your defense against attacks. In order to get it, you must defeat Jason's mom in the cave once again. This time she is not so easy. Try using the torch to defeat her. Once defeated, a sweater will appear and boost your defense.
Information in this section was contributed by Ricky Cruz.

Hint: Getting the pitchfork:
To receive the pitchfork, the most powerful weapon in the game, defeat Jason's mother again for the third time after you have already knocked out Jason twice. She more difficult then ever -- use the torch against her. When defeated, she will grant you the pitchfork.
Information in this section was contributed by shane heiser.

Hint: Weapon recommendations:
The torch and the pitchfork are the best weapons in the game. The pitchfork is useful during the third night. You can easily kill three zombies with one shot and can rapidly shoot these weapons. However, after visiting the cabin in the woods, you will discover a note that says similar to "Fire is the best way to defeat Jason." It is true -- the torch works better against Jason. However, it is slow.
Information in this section was contributed by Ricky Cruz.

Hint: Smart Jason:
Sometimes after you defeat Jason either on a trail (mostly around the lake) or in a cabin, and you go into a big cabin to light a fire, he will be there. On top of having to fight Jason in a cabin, you have no choice but to go outside and face him again . This will seriously hurt your weaker counselors (this seems to happen to counselors with half or less health).
Information in this section was contributed by Kris Spala.

Glitch: Invincible Jason:
On the first day after getting the torch, go to woods looking for Jason. Have ten bottles of medicine and the torch. Go down a trail and stand directly over a trail that is going down. Keep hitting Jason with the torch until he dies and starts to disappear. As soon as he begins to disappear, go down the trail and the day will not finish. Jason will have full strength the next time he is encountered and will not lose any power when hit by the torch.
Information in this section was contributed by Ricky Cruz.

Glitch: Slow music:
Go into the cave. Go right until you reach the first path going down. Stand in front of the path and press Down repeatedly. The music will play about one fifth of its normal speed.
Information in this section was contributed by Kadin Haines.

Strategy: by Aaron Illingworth
Strategy: by Mark J. Popp
Strategy: by Trunks
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