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Mega Man 2

Select a starting level, press Start, then immediately hold A and press the D-pad in the direction of the displayed Boss. The stars in the background will change into birds.
Information in this section was contributed by Robert Friese..

Longer jumps:
Rapidly tap Start when jumping to remain in the air longer.

Super passwords:
Enter A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2 as a password for all weapons, items, and four energy tanks.

Enter A5 B1 B3 C4 D2 D3 E1 E4 E5 as a password for the maximum number of energy tanks.

Quick Boomerang:
Enter A1 E1 D2 C3 B4 B5 E2 E4 D5 as a password to obtain the energy efficient Quick Boomerang. The letters "P" and "Q" should appear to the right of the password.
Information in this section was contributed by James Jackson.

Custom passwords:
First, select how many energy tanks you want by putting a dot in the appropriate "A" box, then follow that column down and decide how you want each stage Boss (dead or alive):

0 12 34
Energy TanksA1 A2A3A4 A5
Bubble Man deadD1 D2D3D4 D5
Bubble Man aliveC3 C4C5D1 D2
Air Man deadE3 E4E5B1 B2
Air Man aliveD2 D3D4D5 E1
Quick Man deadB4 B5C1C2 C3
Quick Man aliveC4 C5D1D2 D3
Heat Man deadB2 B3B4B5 C1
Heat Man aliveD5 E1E2E3 E4
Wood Man deadD3 D4D5E1 E2
Wood Man aliveB5 C1C2C3 C4
Metal Man deadE5 B1B2B3 B4
Metal Man aliveE1 E2E3E4 E5
Flash Man deadC1 C2C3C4 C5
Flash Man aliveE4 E5B1B2 B3
Crash Man deadC5 D1D2D3 D4
Crash Man aliveE2 E3E4E5 B1

For example, to start with three energy tanks as well as Bubble Man, Air Man, Quick Man, and Heat Man dead and the other four Bosses alive, you would enter the following password: A4 D4 B1 C2 B5 C3 E4 B2 E5. When choosing which Boss you want dead or alive, you need to make sure that you stay in the same column as your energy tank selection.
Information in this section was contributed by K Bramlett.

Alternate stage select music:
Select your difficulty setting at the title screen then press Start. Just before the "Start/Password" screen appears, press Start again. If timed correctly, you will hear the music for the "Start/Password" screen instead of the usual stage select music.
Information in this section was contributed by Todd Schoolcraft.

Hint: Defeating Heat Man:
After acquiring Crash Bombs, get to Heat Man's lair. As soon as you hit him with the plasma cannon and he turns into a fireball, switch over to crash bombs and hit him with one. He will stop, open up his top, flame up, and go back and forth in the explosion one time, then go all the way over to the corner you are standing in. Watch him and make the jumps necessary to dodge him. This trick of hitting him when he is a fireball will inflict damage on him. However, if you hit him with a Crash Bomb when he is throwing fire, the bomb will replenish his life. Damage to him depends on how well he travels through the explosion.
Information in this section was contributed by sean wetgen.

Hint: Defeating Quick Man:
The enemy robot clones operate on flat, uninterrupted rooms in the fifth Skull Castle Stage. Quick Man was specifically programmed for this room. His room in his own stage has two 2-stage rises. Due to this, he seems to run in place for about three seconds on the upside of a step or wall. Use this as an opportunity to deliver a few well-placed Arm Cannon shots.
Information in this section was contributed by James Jackson.

Hint: Defeating Dr. Wily the first time:
When fighting Dr. Wily the first time when he is in his ship, use the Atomic Fire to take out the first section of it. For the second section, use a crash bomb and aim it directly at the lower gun of the ship just below the cockpit. One perfectly timed shot will take out the ship, and the one-on-one battle with Wily can begin.
Information in this section was contributed by Carl Mosier.

Hint: Defeating Dr. Wily the second time:
Most weapons such as the Mega Buster will not work on Dr. Wily during the second battle with him. Hit Dr. Wily with the Bubble Lead until he is defeated. Once he is defeated, the game will end.
Information in this section was contributed by marioparty2.

Hint: Defeating level 4 Boss:
There are two ways to kill the Dr. Willy level 4 Boss. One way is to use Clash/Crashman's weapon on the walls and the Boss, but you will not have enough left to defeat the Boss (you must keep getting hit and die). When you start back at the check point, find some more weapon energy to fill up Clash/Crashman's weapon. Return to the Boss. The ones you destroyed are gone, but the walls will remain. You now should be able to defeat the Boss. The other way is make sure you have some #1 and #3 remaining. Use #1 to fly up, shoot the one on the right, jump down, shoot that one, use #3 on the wall, go up, head to the bottom right, use one on the wall and the Boss, shoot the ones on the left, then use #1 and fly up. Use the last bit of energy remaining on the last one.
Information in this section was contributed by GAMEBOY143.

Hint: Robot Masters' weaknesses:
As with all Megaman games, each Robot Master can take a certain number of hits from each weapon. Some are impervious to other weapons (bullet, missile, Atomic Fire). In the fifth Skull Castle stage (or throughout the game), learn what weapons do the best damage to a specific Boss.

Metalman can be defeated with one hit from his own Metal Blades (which only use half of an energy unit each). Metalman is also easily defeated by about six to fourteen Quick Boomerangs.

Crashman can be defeated by running in an infinity symbol pattern (an elongated sideways figure 8) and shooting him with either an Arm Cannon or Quick Boomerang shot fourteen times or the Air Shooter twice.

Airman can only take two to three Leaf Shields into his intake valves. Wait until he fires his salvo of 3 Air Shooter attacks. He then jumps to the other side of the room to continue his assault. Hit him from behind. His tornadoes are bulletproof.

Flashman can be fooled into walking into a Crash Bomb placed into the left wall. Wait on the upside the until he reaches you. Place the bomb when he is two thirds of the way there. If he reaches you, stay there. Even with the Time Stopper on, the damage you do to him will more than make up for what he does to you. If it works on time, it will only take one Bomb. Otherwise, It may take two or three attempts.

If you make a direct hit with Crash Bombs on Woodman's orbiting Leaf Shield, you will take him out faster than you would with the Metal Blades. One to two hits on the shield itself will defeat him. If you hit him through the leaves, it will take more hits and weapon energy. If you use Metal Blades, it will take more than two weapon units worth to blast an unshielded Wood Man.

If you do not mind being birthday cake pink, Quick Boomerangs will easily take out Metal Man and Bubbleman. Bubbleman can also be taken out by Metal Blades as he descends from his swim.

Heatman (the giant yellow flip-top lighter) can be cooled off with the Air Shooter, Arm Cannon (P), or Bubble Lead. Use him as a toreador or matador uses a bull. After a direct hit, he flames up and turns into a three-stage fire missile, aimed at your last spot before his conversion. Leap over him and counter his attack with an immediate direct hit, which forces him to perform the same feat again. Continue this bullfighting technique until this "heat wave" dies down.

Quickman can be defeated by using his weakness (see "Quickman's Flaw") against him and/or using the Time Stopper (F) in the room. It hurts him to be slowed down or have his program halted. If you can successfully "super-charge" up (hold B until the flashing weapons meter changes from a yellow flash, to a light blue flash, to an intense white flash) the Atomic Fire (H) and hit Quick Man with it, he can be defeated in two hits, removing eight units of white-hot weapons energy each. Do not worry, as you have twenty-eight energy units in all.
Information in this section was contributed by James Jackson.

Hint: Weapon recommendations:
Information in this section was contributed by Lucky72999.

Metal Man: Plain
Flash Man: Metal blades
Bubble Man: Metal blades
Air Man: Plain
Crash Man: Air shooter
Heat Man: Bubble lead
Wood Man: Atomic fire (one shot fully charged, leaf shield is down)
Quick Man: Time stopper/plain

Hint: Recommended order:
The other NES Megaman games have a easiest order in which to defeat the marauding robots. This one is no exception. The order is as follows:
Information in this section was contributed by James Jackson.

Flashman: With two to three Bubble Lead (B) hits.
Quickman: With all of the Time Stopper (F) and approximately seven Arm Cannon (P) shots.
Metalman: With approximately seven or so Quick Boomerangs (Q).
Woodman: With approximately seven Metal Blades (M).
Airman: With two to three Launchable Leaf Shields (W).
Crashman: With two direct Air Shooter (A) hits.
Heatman: With about four to seven Bubble Lead (B) hits or four Air Shooter (A) hits.

Another order to use is as follows:
Information in this section was contributed by Robert.

Metalman: Use regular shot and dodge his blades. Learn his pattern.
Bubbleman: Four hits from the Metal Blade.
Heat Man: Two hits from the Bubble Lead.
Wood man: One hit from a fully charged Heat Blast. Hold down the button and wait until he throws his leaves at you. Jump over it and hit him as you come down.
Air Man: Two shots of the Air Shield.
Crash Man: Two shots from Air Blast.
Flash Man: Four Metal Blade hits.
Quick Man: Use Flash Stopper to knock off half of his energy, then fire a regular shot. Be quick and watch his pattern. The same works for the fifth level of the Dr. Wily stage, when you fight them again. When you fight Metal Man, one shot from the Metal Blade will suffice.

The recommended order for defeating the robot masters is as follows, if you want to get 100% in this game by getting all 1-up Mega Man lives, all Energy Tanks, all weapon pellets and all energy pellets.
Information in this section was contributed by marioparty2.

Air Man (uses Air Shooter): Use the Mega Buster.
Crash Man (uses Crash Bomber): Air Shooter.
Metal Man (uses Metal Blade): Mega Buster.
Heat Man (uses Atomic Fire): Mega Buster or Air Shooter.
Bubble Man (uses Bubble Lead): Metal Blade.
Wood Man (uses Leaf Shield): Metal Blade or Crash Bombs.
Flash Man (uses Time Stopper): Mega Buster or Crash Bombs.
Quick Man (uses Quick Boomerang): Time Stopper and Mega Buster.

Another order to use is as follows:
Information in this section was contributed by John Lane.

Bubble Man: Use your average weapon (Mega Buster).
Heat Man: Use Bubble Lead.
Wood Man: Charge up Atomic Fire to full and kill him in one hit.
Air Man: Use Leaf Shield.
Crash Man: Use Air Shooter (two hits).
Flash Man: Use the normal Mega Buster.
Quick Man: Use Time Stopper which will drain half his life, then pelt him with Mega Buster shots.
Metal Man: Use Quick Boomerang.

Another order to use is as follows:
Information in this section was contributed by Ryan.

Metal Man Use MegaBuster
Wood Man Use Metal Blades
Air Man Use MegaBuster
Crash Man Use Air Shooter
Bubble Man Use CrashBomb
Heat Man Use Lead Bubble
Flash Man Use MegaBuster
Quick Man Use TimeStopper and Megabuster

Alternately, use this order, using each Boss's weapon after another.
Information in this section was contributed by Ryan.

Flash Man: Use MegaBuster
Quick Man Use Time Stopper and MegaBuster
Metal Man Use Quick Boomerangs
Wood Man Use MetalBlades
Air Man Use MegaBuster
Crash Man: Use AirShooter
Bubble Man: Use CrashBomb
Heat Man: Use Lead Bubble

Alternately, use this order:
Information in this section was contributed by Alex Myers.

Metal Man
Flash Man
Quick Man
Wood Man
Air Man
Crash Man
Bubble Man
Heat Man

Use the following trick to complete the game under 45 minutes. First, start at Flash Man's stage. Defeating Flashman is easy with your Arm Cannon. Next, go to Airman's stage. For the big things that appear out of nowhere and the mini version of them come out of their ears, when you get to the second place where they appear use Time Stopper. They will appear, but will not harm you. Killing Air Man will be easy with your Arm Cannon. You should now have Item 2. Go to Metal Man's stage and proceed through it. About halfway through there is a conveyer belt that you cannot jump on that has an extra life at the end of it. Use Item 2 to get it. Metal Man should be easy to defeat with your Arm Cannon. Next, go to Bubble Man. His stage should be easy with the Metal Blades. When you get to the falling crab part, use Time Stopper. Bubble Man goes down with two to four hits from the blades. Then, go to Wood Man. Wood Man's stage is also very easy with the Metal Blades. When you get to the jumping chickens, use your Arm Cannon (Metal Blades just bounce off). Wood Man goes down very quickly from your Metal Blades. However, watch out for his Leaf Shield. Next, go to Crash Man's stage. His levels slightly difficult than the other ones. When you get to a part with a platform going on a track, use Leaf Shield. Crash Man is an easy kill; just use Air Man's weapon. Go to Heat Man's stage. His level is slightly tricky. Go through it with Metal Blades until you reach the small things that are like pop up springs. You may have seen them earlier in Metal Man's stage. Kill them with Bubble Lead. When you get to a big vertical wall with blocks that appear and disappear, use Item 3. After that, this next part should be easy with Crashbomb. When you get to a part with a long stretch of lava, just use Item 2. There is an extra life there. If you are brave enough, get it. Lighter Man should go down after a few bubbles. Finally, to to Quick Man. Blast through his level until you get to the vertical drop with the big lasers blasting from the sides. Use Time Stopper here. It will not last the entire length down, so you will have to rely on your own skill from there. After that, Quick Man is a quick jaunt away. He is slightly difficult. If you have any Time Stopper remaining, that will do some damage. Finish him with fire or Arm Cannon.
Information in this section was contributed by KryonMaonaki.

Hint: Alternate versions:
There are two versions of Mega Man 2: Version 1.0 and Version 1.1. Version 1.0 features Crashman in the stage selection screen but erroneously refers to Clashman in the instruction booklet. There is a flaw in Japanese-English translations where Japan has no equivalent for "R" or "V", forcing them to occasionally use "L" or "B" as replacements. This is why in Version 1.1 Crashman, who wears a crash helmet and whose stage consists of crash stunt-oriented robots, is referred to as Clashman. This mistake is also made in Mega Man 2 for the Game Boy.
Information in this section was contributed by James Jackson.

Hint: Unlimited Atomic Heat in Crash Man's stage:
After you defeat Heat Man, or if you happen to have his weapon, go to Crash Man's stage. In the very first area where you are teleported, climb the first two ladders, jump on the highest pipe, and select the Atomic Heat. Run to the wall and begin pressing A + B rapidly (try not to charge), jumping and shooting facing the wall. You must have some Atomic Heat weapon energy in order for it to work. If it does not work and you cannot fire anymore, just get a weapon refill from the enemies around that area and try again. If done correctly, your Atomic Heat will automatically refill itself and you will never run out no matter how long you charge. This trick will not work on any other stage or using any other weapon.
Information in this section was contributed by Roberto G..

Hint: Effective weapon use:
The following videos can be used as a guide to demonstrate each robot masters weakness (referring to the recommended weapon the player should use to easily defeat each Boss). Although the fights are not perfectly executed, they do effectively demonstrate how to utilize each weapon at Megaman's disposal. They are a compilation of all original 46 robot master fights, in no particular order. [Video part 1] [Video part 2] [Video part 3]
Information in this section was contributed by Sliider.

Level Password
Air ManA1 B5 C3 C4 C5 E1 E2 E3 E4
Bubble ManA1 B2 B5 C3 C4 E1 E2 E3 E4
Quick ManA1 B2 B5 C3 C4 E2 E3 E4 E5
Heat ManA1 B2 C3 C4 D3 E2 E3 E4 E5
Wood ManA1 B2 C4 D1 D3 E2 E3 E4 E5
Metal ManA2 B1 B3 C1 C4 C5 E3 E4 E5
Flash ManA1 B2 B4 C1 D1 D3 E2 E3 E5
Clash ManA1 B2 B4 C1 D1 D3 E2 E3 E5
Dr. WilyA1 B2 B4 C1 C5 D1 E3 E5

Glitch: Hidden area in Airman's stage:
Go to the Airman stage. Reach the Boss, and make sure you are equipped with Item 1 (obtained by defeating Heatman). Instead of fighting him, use Item 1 to touch the door you entered from. The gate on the other side will open, and you will appear in a level. It resembles a pixilated combination of the Airman level and Dr. Wily Stage 2. You will still be fighting Airman. Be careful; it is very easy to die afterwards. If you die, you will return to the location just before the Boss. Do not worry about losing your progress.
Information in this section was contributed by Luigidude124.
Strategy: by Colin Moriarty
Strategy: by MetroidMoo
Strategy: by Procyon Lotor
Strategy: by VirgilKX
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