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Super Mario Brothers 2

Kill yourself:
Pause game play, then hold Up + B + A on controller two and resume the game.

Hint: Fast ending:
On World 4-1, get the princess. Go up the vine, but go left, run, and fly to a secret door. Go through the door and use the bombs to blow up the wall. Then, jump over the top of the screen and run left.
Information in this section was contributed by Anthony Simon.

Hint: Alternate ending:
To see an alternate ending, you must play the game using each character equally. To avoid confusion, use Mario, then Luigi, then Toad, then Princess. Repeat until you complete the game. Also, you cannot warp past sections and must play every level. To make this easier, the following is a list of Bosses and who fights them to end the game balanced.

Toad vs. Mouser
Luigi vs. Triclyde
Mario vs. Mouser
Princess vs. Fryguy
Toad vs. Clawglip
Luigi vs. Triclyde
Princess vs. Wart

If you are successful, the game will state that you used each character five times, and under the word "Contributor," it will show the names of all four characters.
Information in this section was contributed by Trashman2035.

Hint: Finding Fry Guy:
Use the Princess in World 4-3. A castle will appear after crossing the lake. Do not enter the castle. Instead, fly further across the lake to find another part of the castle. Go through the second door to fight Fry Guy.

Hint: Defeating Wart:
Instead of tossing vegetables into his mouth, simply wait until he stops spitting bubbles and jump on back of him. While here, you can throw a vegetable at his back at any time and it will count as if it went into his mouth.
Information in this section was contributed by Jason Hogan.

Hint: Super jump:
With any character, hold Down for two seconds, then press A. Note: If you get hurt by an enemy, the flashing will disappear.
Information in this section was contributed by Thunder2056.

Hint: Riding on vegetables:
Run very fast and throw a vegetable, and you can ride on it.
Information in this section was contributed by Jason Hogan.

Hint: Reuse your own vegetables:
Pick up a vegetable then find an enemy, preferably one in the air near the height of your character (such as the jumping Ninji in the cave of World 1-1). Get directly next to him, wait for him to get to the top of his jump, throw it, then immediately run after it. You should end up catching it. Also, you can sometimes get on top of thrown vegetables after hitting an enemy or two with them and pick them up.
Information in this section was contributed by Death.

Hint: Maximize your coins:
When you use the magic potion to get the mushrooms, do not pick up the surrounding vegetables (which are coins in the magic door) immediately. Find the location in each level where there are the most vegetables that are close together. Drop the magic potion and go in the door. Pick up as many coins as possible. Repeat this once, after doing something that will make the potion reappear (such as climbing a vine, going down a pipe, or entering a door).
Information in this section was contributed by Meri.

In World 3-1, take Toad (because of his lifting power). Fall down the waterfall onto the platform where the door is at the bottom. Enter the door and get the magic potion. Drop it anywhere there is a continuous stream of coins. Enter this door, and grab as many coins as possible. Go out the door you came in, then return, and repeat once.
Information in this section was contributed by Meri.

Hint: Extra lives:
Each time the spinners start in the bonus round, the second symbol in the first slot is always a cherry. Do it correctly, and you can guarantee yourself an average at least one extra life per coin.
Information in this section was contributed by Meri.

When you reach the jackpot-like game after completing a stage, you can use the coins that have been collected to gain extra lives. Rapidly press the buttons and depending on your technique, you can get an extra life once out of every three tries.

Hint: "WOP" block:
To find a block that says "WOP", take a potion to any block that says "POW". Use the potion. When in the world behind the door (sub-space), pick up the block where the "POW" block was. It should now say "WOP." Also, hang on to the block until you automatically leave sub-space. Then there should be a block in your hand, and a block in the space where you picked it up. Both blocks will say "POW."
Information in this section was contributed by Trashman2035.

Hint: World 1-1: Shortcut:
Immediately after the falling part, you will eventually reach a door that leads to a cave with a waterfall in it. Go up the vine, then run and jump to the left side, where you will super jump to reach the ledge. Throw the little guy into the hole with the ladder. Next, pick up one of the bombs and jump into the hole. Hold it to break the wall. Go through the door and climb the ledges (super jumping when needed). You will fight the Boss early. Note: You will lose a hit when you use the bomb; make sure you have more than one.
Information in this section was contributed by Chicobuddy250.

Hint: World 1-2 shortcut:
In World 1-2, select Luigi, get the carpet, and fly to the land. Instead of getting the key, pick up the hopping ninja and throw it in front of the door. Then, prepare a squat jump and wait for him to jump high. If done correctly, you should jump and reach the hill above you. Then run past the first door and go into the second one to fight the Boss.
Information in this section was contributed by William Colbert.

Hint: World 1-3: Warp:
At the end of the outside part, there is a vase object. If you carry a red liquid in a bottle and throw it there, you will go down.
Information in this section was contributed by dabomb.

Hint: World 3-1: Warps:
Fall down the waterfall and stay in the middle. At the end, there will be a cave. Enter it and pick up all the plants. In one of them is a potion. Do not throw it. Hold it, and at the end of the cave will be a vase. Face it and stand directly next to it. Then, throw the potion. It should land on top of the vase. Go on the vase and go through the door that the potion created. When you are in the door's level, go down the vase and it will warp you to World 5
Information in this section was contributed by michael spinelli.

After you go into the first door, walk into the hole. There is a piece of land with another door. After you are in the door, go to the end. Then start picking weeds. The red stuff is placed at random but its usually near the back. If you want a lot of coins, just throw it where you found it. If you want to warp, just throw it near the vase object.
Information in this section was contributed by dabomb.

Hint: World 4-2: Shortcut:
When you get to the room with the whales, pick up the potion but do not throw it. When you find a pipe, get to it. Throw the potion and enter the door. Jump on the pipe and press Down to warp.
Information in this section was contributed by Mickeymouse246.

Hint: World 6-3 shortcut:
In World 6-3, climb the vine or go through the door to get to the next area. Then instead of going right through the world, go left into the quicksand, holding Left. As soon as you see your character's head disappear start jumping to the left. Keep going until you reach a door. Go through the door. You should then be on a cloud. Keep jumping from cloud to cloud until you see the door go and enter the door.
Information in this section was contributed by Jason Ekberg.

Glitch: Change music:
Get a potion but do not throw it, then get a Starman. Throw the potion and go in. Once in there, stay inside until the Starman time is almost expired. After the time is almost expired, leave Subcon. If done correctly, the game should start playing the Subcon music instead of the level music. This effect will continue until you enter a door, go in a pipe, or lose a life.
Information in this section was contributed by Scott.

Glitch: Ostro and Birdo switched in credits:
After you complete the game with any character, there will be a screen that shows all of the characters and enemies in the game. Notice that Ostro and Birdo are switched.
Information in this section was contributed by MelloProto.

Glitch: Float in air:
Jump on to any piece of ground sticking out (for example, a tube) at the correct moment to and you can hit the side of it and be standing on the side. Note: This makes it appears as if you are floating.
Information in this section was contributed by Jacob Walker.

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