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Beyond The Beyond

Hidden introduction (US version):
Press Up + Triangle at the Camelot Software logo to see the FMV sequence at the beginning of the game.

Bonus party members and items (Japanese version):
Hold Right and press Circle, Triangle, X , Square, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Square, Start when "Press Start" appears during the opening sequence.

Hint: Getting Percy back:
You will fight the Black Knight near the end of the game in the Sand Caves just before the exit, . This is really Percy. When he attacks, run away. Keep running until the curse is broken and Percy will join the team again.
Information in this section was contributed by JP M.

Hint: The Light Orbs:
Ever wonder what those light orbs given by the god's assistant were good for? The orbs can also be used for Speed Traveling: When you've cleared Arawan's Tower and have gotten at least 6 characters, you can travel very quickly to towns and places you've visited. Put the unwanted 6th player in the town you've visited and want to visit. Then get one of your players to use his/her Light Orb. Teleport to the town instantly.
Information in this section was contributed by Iwata Shoji.

Hint: Revive:
Get Domino and go to Marion Castle. Directly above the castle are mountains. Get in the boat and go in the mountains. There will be a priest who will let one of your characters learn Revive. It is best taught to Finn, as he should live the longest and does not really need magic.
Information in this section was contributed by vivi1000.

Hint: Easy level up:
Have Tont (secret character), high levels on everyone (16-18), be at Marion Castle after freeing the guards from the bridge, at least enough to buy herbs (10 each) and rest at the inn (50). For magic, have you at Fire Lv2, Sampson just attack but must hit, Annie Holy Light Lv2, Edward: Ice Lv2, and Tont Titan Lv1. You have to be in manual and fight in the order you see the character's name. After you meet those requirements, Go in to the castle and stay on the first level. Walk around the room until you fight someone, but do not get too far from the door outside. You may have to go into a room to get a battle. Make sure you can win the battle with one round of your characters. Then, fight two battles and do not get killed. Go into the town and rest for 50. The battles will give you several hundred. Then, return to the castle and repeat the process until you are at the level you wish to be at.
Information in this section was contributed by Josh, Chris, and Dustin.

Hint: Access to treasure chests:
Remember all of those treasure chests that you could not access without a certain key? Well, it just so happens that the key is located in the cave of the sleeping dragon. Go get the key and you now have access to all of the treasure chests and the mighty dragon sword. But note that the key will not be there until you have reached the enclosed valley.
Information in this section was contributed by Iwata Shoji.

Hint: Treasure chest locations:
Information in this section was contributed by Iwata Shoji.

In the cave of the sleeping golden dragon. Go to the house where a treasure chest with the sword awaits you.
There are two chests in Bandore. One is in the upper floor of the inn. The other is located in the dungeon cells of the castle.
There is one in the magical village of Simone. Go in the tree and there will be a treasure chest on the bottom second floor.

Hint: Secret merchant:
There is a secret merchant on the second level of the deserted castle west of Leave village.
Information in this section was contributed by ajpeters.

Hint: APS (Active Playing System):
Your characters may be able to perform special attacks by pressing special button sequences. The only reliable one is rapidly pushing X either:

Before a character is about to attack (resulting in a double attack)
Before a monster is about to attack (resulting in a guard or counterattack)
Before a character recovers from grogginess (resulting in gaining more VP).

Another suggestion is to hit X repeatedly while either holding Up or Down. Holding Up when a blue diamond appears result sin the double attack and Down when the diamond is gold results in the super attack.
Information in this section was contributed by Iwata Shoji.

Hint: Running away:
Tired of fighting those monsters every 3 steps? Then run! Running is quite easy to do in this game and you are not penalized anything for it (except that you gain no exp. points, of course).
Information in this section was contributed by Iwata Shoji.

Hint: Making More Money (Japanese version):
If you are equipped with any of the magical rings, go ahead and sell it. However, make sure that it is equipped first. Once you sell it, you will notice that you are still wearing it and you are 7,500 gps richer. Keep on repeating the process until you reach 99,999 gps. Go out and buy stuff.
Information in this section was contributed by Iwata Shoji.

Hint: Items:

Resist Jewel
Magic damage halved. NOTE: Most jewels seem to only last for one battle, but this one, for some reason or other, lasts for the ENTIRE GAME. Be sure to use this one on all members as soon as you can - they can be bought from the "hidden merchant" in Bandore.
Mage's Potion
Gives back 20 MP - one person.
Healing Potion
Gives Back 30 VP - one person.
Reviving Herb
Revives one dead party member.
Smoke Bomb
Let's you escape a battle. Won't work on bosses.
Critical Jewel
Increases critical hit % - one person
Critical Orb
Increases critical hit % - all members
Counter Jewel
Counterattack % increased - one person.
War Amulet
DF/AG up - all members.
Tempest Jewel
Double attack % increased.
Mage's Jewel
Full MP - one person.
Healing Jewel
Full VP - one person.
Angel's Orcana
Full VP - all members - reusable, but will break (can be repaired by merchant).
Unicorn Horn
Unknown - one person - reusable, but will break (can be repaired by merchant).
Ring of Power
Increases Attack by 5 and casts Attack Level 1
Seraphic Ring
Cast Heal Rain Level 1.
Tempest Ring
Increases speed.
Slow Card
DF/AG down for enemies.
Wind, Thunder, Tornado and Flame Vase
Magical attack for ONE group of enemies.
Wind, Thunder, Tornado and Flame Card
Magical attack for ALL enemies.
Confusion Feather
Confuses enemies.
Confusion Powder
Same as Confusion Feather.
Illusion Powder
Increases chances of enemies attack missing.
Vision Crystal
Increases field of view (When traveling in overland).
Guiding Branch
Warps you to the exit of cave/temple.
Monster Bait
Increases your chances of fighting monsters for a short period (like you need that!)

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