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Press L1, R2, X, Circle, R1, X, Circle, L1(2), R3, L3, X, Circle, R1 during game play.
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Hint: Hidden song:
Throw coins in the bard's tray in the center of town during a single player game.

Hint: Defeating Draak:
Reach the last Boss and watch his transformation. Immediately after the FMV sequence, cast the Magic Door spell and warp back to town. Buy about three invisibility scrolls and stock up on mana and healing potions. Instead of using the magic door to return to Draak's lair, use the start menu to visit last places. Select "Town Exit" and warp there. Continue to do this town by town, all the way back to Draak's lair. Once you are just outside of the gates, before Draak can see you, use the invisibility and the Time Orb. You will notice the magic door is still there. Walk up to Draak, and he will have his back to you . Get as close to him as possible then hold X and start attacking him. Watch the Time Orb's timer. Once it gets to about ten seconds, run back to the magic door and warp back to town. Use the menu to warp all the way back to outside level 29 and replenish the Time Orb. Reenter the level and repeat. Make sure to use an invisibility scroll to get the drop on Draak. As long as you only use the magic door to get back to town, it will stay there. This strategy will prevent Draak from being able to replenish his life and give you a easy win.
Information in this section was contributed by jd lang.

Before he transforms, use Magic Door and gather potions and equip the best fire resistance items then head back out. Let him transform, then equip a long range weapon (need to have at least 80 in Dex). Use the orb and belt potions and run back to the entrance until you cannot see Draak. Fire in the direction Draak was standing. After a short period of time, an intermission sequence will appear and you will have defeated the Dragon. Gather the key, scale, and hand then open the gate. Gather all the money (900,000 depending on the level of your character) and gate to town.
Information in this section was contributed by Justplayin00000.

Do not use the hammer given to defeat Draak. Instead, buy bows all through the game. Each time you buy a high power bow after a level or two, a new higher power bow will appear at Gunther's store. Buy that one, and sell the old one. Use a bow with 40% to hit or higher. With that bow, you can stand out of Draak's reach and kill him. First, equip you bow and get to a corner (by the gate of gold) where Draak cannot reach you. Start hitting him. Make sure the X Draak appears in your text box. He will groan each time you hit him. Thunder will sound when he re-energizes. Count the number of times you hit him before he re-energizes his power. If it is fifty or less, you are in good shape. Put the Time Orb on your belt. If he re-energizes at forty-nine hits, count up to forty-eight hits and activate the Time Orb. He will die at the forty-seventh hit the next time around.
Information in this section was contributed by MCLAUGHLINAUTO.

Hint: Casting spells faster:
When using a mage to cast spells such as Magic Missile, walk towards or away from your targeted enemy. While walking select the spell command as fast as possible to skip the spell casting sequence.
Information in this section was contributed by Casey Snead.

Hint: Level up faster:
Create a new character, then begin a new quest. When you are in town, equip the items you have. After you have done this, exit town and start to fight enemies. When you level up, save your attribute points. Keep doing this in Ardyl until you feel comfortable with the level you are at. You should reach expert level in about one hour. This will work as if you are at level two the entire time. Doing this trick can turn a warrior into a warrior/wizard. Note: If you quit the quest, this will no longer work; or if you are leveling up slowly again (after level 16 or 18) buy learning.
Information in this section was contributed by Neil Cameron.

Hint: Faster attack:
To increase the rate of attack of your character, move toward your enemy as you attack. Keep doing this and your rate of attack will increase. This trick works better with a Dual Shock controller.
Information in this section was contributed by Aaron Flocker.

Hint: Healing your character:
The best way to heal your character is to go to town (or select "Town" from the "Places To Go" menu) and talk to Madam Irma. Select "Cure". Not only will this heal your character and detoxify him/her from poison for free, but also conserve food for that character.
Information in this section was contributed by Rej72380.

Hint: Selling equipment easily:
Play as a mage with the spell Magic Door. When you cannot carry anymore items, use the Magic Door spell to return to town. While at town sell all of the equipment you need to sell and rest for 100 gold. Go back through the gate and get the items you need. Repeat this as needed.
Information in this section was contributed by Casey Snead.

Hint: Easy money:
You will usually get more money for selling items if you repair them first.
Information in this section was contributed by Neil Cameron.

Play in beginner level 20 or under and get fairly far in the game. Completing it would be best. Then, play through the game as a beginner again, but with the same weapons, armor, and items from before. You can sell all the objects you do not need and you will not have to buy anything.
Information in this section was contributed by Kwijeeboarder.

Immediately buy a level 1 Repair skill and leave the town. Start battling monsters and getting the equipment that they drop. When you get to the point that you cannot get anymore equipment, start repairing your inventory. When done, go to the town and sell all the equipment to gain more gold. Every time you get enough gold, raise your Repair level up by one.
Information in this section was contributed by Richard Knox.

Get enough money then buy as many maces you can hold. Note. If you hear the sound of the wind, you will drop all of the maces that do that noise. Sell the maces. You will make a profit of 600 gold.
Information in this section was contributed by CJVHTE.

Hint: Buy multiple unique items:
When you have a decent amount of money, you can purchase more than one of any item, even one-of-a kind items such as strength potions, spell books, etc. Fill up your inventory to the maximum before buying anything. Then, simply purchase the item and instead of it disappearing from the shop window, it will stay there and the item you purchased will merely fall to the ground.
Information in this section was contributed by chris Phel3.

Note: You can avoid having to keep your inventory full (eat those mushrooms and sell that armor) to purchase more than one "unique" item, such as that ring that gives you +15 to all attributes. When the item disappears from the magic shop listing after buying it, simply exit from the magic shop, then talk to him again. The "unique" item will be there. The other tip may be quicker if you want something such as Dexterity Potions, but for powerful rings or spellbooks, this method is much quicker and allows you to sell your dungeon loot for extra money beforehand.
Information in this section was contributed by curtisz.

Hint: Extra food:
In the scenario were you have to get the Horn Of Plenty, keep using Abundance to continue getting chicken legs.
Information in this section was contributed by the lukster.

Hint: Extra money:
When you get far enough into the game, buy a mace from the priest section of the "Buy" menu, then sell it. You will get more money than what you bought it for.
Information in this section was contributed by Nick Green.

Hint: Easy Lycanthropy:
While in Lycanthropy, press Magic Spell Button 1 or Magic Spell Button 2 (whichever it is set to) to reset the timer. This is very useful for walking faster and keeping your attack power high.
Information in this section was contributed by Casey Snead.

Hint: Playing as a thief:
When using a thief, always uae a throwing weapon. Hold X and it will keep throwing. Buy Magic Doors and keep replenishing those instead of going back through all of the levels. Do not learn any spell books. Thieves do not need them, and you will not have to carry any mana. When fighting a difficult opponent, run until they are just out of sight then start throwing your weapons. You will still be hitting them, but they cannot hit you. This also works with Draak. Never pay money to rest. Instead, use the "Rest" option when you are in town. Then, just eat a piece of fruit or something else; it is cheaper.
Information in this section was contributed by Pam K..

Hint: Stat maximums:
There is a maximum value for Strength, Magic, Dexterity and Vitality, and depending on which class you are using. Each stat will have a different maximum cap.
Information in this section was contributed by Bob Hand.

Strength: Unlimited
Magic: 50
Dexterity: 100
Vitality: 150
Strength: 50
Magic: Unlimited
Dexterity: 150
Vitality: 100
Strength: 150
Magic: 100
Dexterity: Unlimited
Vitality: 50
Strength: 100
Magic: 150
Dexterity: 50
Vitality: Unlimited

Hint: Soundtrack:
Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two and above to hear nineteen tracks of music from the game.
Information in this section was contributed by Kali Kloud.

Strategy: by Reuben Kee
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