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Dragon Warrior 7

Note: This game is also titled Dragon Quest 7.

Bonus dungeons:
Successfully complete the game to unlock two additional dungeons that can be explored.

Hint: Easy experience:
On the second island that you reach when you are about the fight the Giantman, you will discover a healing light. When you are about to fight him, wait and stay in the area with the healing light. After every battle, go back and forward to heal there. When you are done you can return any time and do this.
Information in this section was contributed by HellDragon121.

On the Disc 2 after the Demon Lords Castle has emerged, go to the town of Krage. The random battles there will be MetalKings, Metababbles, MetalSlimes, and GoldSlimes. Some of the battles will also be with lower level creatures. You must have the MetalCut, RockThrow, and PuffPuff skills. RockThrow will take care of any of the weaker creatures you run across. The MetalKings have a weakness to the PuffPuff skill. Use it to keep them from running and take them out for any easy 33,000 experience.
Information in this section was contributed by Matt Spencer.

After completing Hamelia in the past, return to the present and enter the tower across the bridge to the northeast. Once inside, run around in circles to get in battles. If one of your characters knows the Whistle technique, then use that for instant battles. Nearly 70% of the time you will encounter level 8 Slimes (groups of three). Attack so that you take moderate damage off all three. Instead of forming a King Slime when they call for help, they will stay separated. Use whatever you desire to kill them as fast as possible. Firebolt or Defeat work well. You will get at least 1000 experience for defeating them all.
Information in this section was contributed by Zach Taylor.

After you go through reviving all four of the different elemental spirits, there are wondrous battles to be fought around Krage. However, a lot of the enemies you will meet there tend to run away from you. Use the EvilSlash skill on them. It hits relatively enough times that you will kill more of the MetalKings than will run away. As long as you have all of your party equipped with this skill, you will get that many more chances of having it succeed. It does not matter what level you are at when you reach this stage of the game. The hits with EvilSlash are all critical, and will kill the MetalKing if you hit it for 33,000 experience each.
Information in this section was contributed by BigLII.

Go to the island where the people were turned to animals and animals to people. Fight until your characters are low on HP, then go to the Inn and stay there for free.
Information in this section was contributed by Billy Bob.

After you have unlocked many towns with shards in the past, you may encounter a monster called the Metaly, which is a slime. Defeat it to get 1000 experience and some gold. Every time you hit it, only 1 point of damage will be given. It takes about four hits to defeat it. Note: They run away frequently, so attack quickly.
Information in this section was contributed by Andrew.

Find a pair of LuckShoes and equip them. You can now gain experience while you walk.
Information in this section was contributed by cody.

In Bonus Dungeon 2, encounter a Platking with a DarkMage. Use the Berserker attack on the Platking. Note: The attack stat needs to be very high; about 600 points (Budoo or Godhand class recommended). Wait for the DarkMage to cast Revive on the Platking, then kill the Platking once again. DarkMage will more than likely continue to revive the fallen Platkings until he runs out of MP (about six times). You will get credit for killing all six of the revived Platkings, plus the original (65,000 experience points each). Note: You need to have the Starry Bracelets equipped for this to work, as the Platkings are very agile.
Information in this section was contributed by MrGizzard2802.

Hint: Easy class mastering:
Find a spot where you can encounter enemies and use the spell titled Whistle to have instant battles.
Information in this section was contributed by Zach Taylor.

Hint: Unlimited World Leafs:
Any time your party runs out of the hard to find World Leaf; go to the World Tree located in north present-day Krage. A small bird will fly down and drop a World Leaf on the ground for your leader to pick up. The World Leaf must be used before the bird will give another one.
Information in this section was contributed by bob.

Hint: Free Mystic Nut:
In the Orph region, before getting the woodsman to join your party, go to the back of his shed. Talk to the squirrel to get a free Mystic Nut.
Information in this section was contributed by SoCalian.

Hint: Lost WindShard:
Place all of your shards as soon as you get them. At the point where Maribel leaves your party, she will take all of her items with her (including any shards and other important items). If you are not careful, you will have to restart your entire game.
Information in this section was contributed by 3ternal.

Hint: Temple of Time:
When you get all of the Saints Parts ( Armor, Shield, Sword, and Helmet) go back to the entry and you will see the four Saints statue. In the first one, place the armor. In the second one, place the shield. In the third one, place the helmet. Finally, place the sword in the last statue. The seal door will open and you will enter. When you go forward you will see a book. Save your game now and proceed. You will see two torches, and the right one is blue. Take it, go on top of the big statue, and light that up. Do the same thing to the red torch, and next to both of the statues. It will tell you the whole puzzle to proceed on. In the next room, pick up the shard. Explore the area and pick up all the shards. Then, go to the northwest room. Fit in all the shards in the top left pillar and you will teleport to an island.
Information in this section was contributed by HellDragon121.

Hint: The new village:
If you are looking for people to join your village, go to the inns at all the villages. Walk in and out until you see someone walking around. In Falrod, they are in the church and in the inn. This will soon progress your village far, but do not forget to check on it every once and a while. You can find three priests, two nuns, three normal people, one cat, two fighters, one pig, two old people, and one musician. There is also a person that will make special statues of your people in the sixth village you go to. However it takes a while to find him. He is not at the inn -- he is around the village.
Information in this section was contributed by Simfan16.

Hint: Defeating God:
It is possible to defeat the Almighty One in just two rounds. All characters should be at Level 99. Also, master the Rosevine class (for the skill Megamagic) and the Woepriest class. Note: Use Hero, Aria, Melvin, and Maribel -- they have the highest MP points and Woepriest has the highest MP points of all classes. Equip everyone with the best attack weapons possible. Equip all characters with the Starry Bracelet (to ensure that everyone gets to attack first -- they are acquired in the Grand Slum casino). If you have the Memento, give this to Maribel (or the weakest physical attacker). Go into battle as Woepriests and cast Megamagic with all characters the first round. Note: The formula for the Megamagic skill is for every 1 MP you have, the enemy (in this case, God) will take 3 HP damage. At least two of your characters (at level 99) should have 999 MP, and the other two should be close. 999 HP times 3 equals 2,997 HP damage. After all four characters cast Megamagic, have Hero, Melvin, and Aria cast Sworddanc. Have Maribel use the Memento (although it is not really necessary; if you do not have it, cast Sworddanc or Ultrahit). God should fall within the second round. Note: Due to uncontrollable status ailments such as Sleep, Laughter, etc., this trick will work most, but not all, of the time.
Information in this section was contributed by Mr. Gizzard.

Hint: Defeating metals:
Use Evil Slash. It will hit them roughly 50% of the time, and do half damage. This is still enough to kill almost any metal in one hit.
Information in this section was contributed by Draq.

Hint: Never ending battle:
Make sure you have the Time Sand in one of your character's item inventory. When you are about to lose a battle, you can use the Time Sand to reset the fight and continue with the same HP and MP that you started with. This even works when fighting Bosses, which is very helpful.
Information in this section was contributed by BJCM335.

Glitch: Lost RainbwDew:
When first visiting Coastal in the past, you need to extinguish the black flame in the lighthouse by using the RainbwDew, which you should have acquired earlier in the game. However, if the RainbwDew item is being carried by Maribel when she leaves the party to sit with her sick father, you will be unable to complete the Coastal quest. There is no way to obtain the RainbwDew item from Maribel after she has left the party. Do not let Maribel carry the RainbwDew item at any time.
Information in this section was contributed by Warheart.

Glitch: Misspelling:
When you reach Madra for the first time, there should be a person in a purple robe near a two story house. If you talk to her, she says " man young ones want to become magicians...", instead of " many young ones want to become magicians..." [Screenshot]
Information in this section was contributed by gaga.

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