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Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu

Note: This game is also titled Tamamayu Monokatari.

Free Mugwort:
Enter Beetle Forest for the first time. Koris is there, waiting to train you. Talk to him, and go to attacking and defending. He will give you a free Mugwort to start with. Disobey his commands while in training. He will make you start over, but you will still have the Mugwort. Repeat this process to get free Mugwort.

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game and save. Resume the saved game to unlock the Eternal Corridor.

Hint: Defeating the Earth Boss:
An Air monster with an Air-type special does good damage. Tail is the recommended Water/Air move wherever possible; keep Horn on a Dogle as your Fire move. Dogle has excellent HP. Merge it with something that has Tail as Fire if desired, but make sure you do not lose the HP or Mana. Avoid using merged Minions whenever possible unless they are purely one element and their family history has no element except the one you are attacking with.
Information in this section was contributed by Steaverize.

Hint: Defeating the Fire Boss (Beetle Forest second time):
Have a water minion that knows Vahlia (powerful water attack) at level 14/15 or higher.
Information in this section was contributed by PLSEDSON.

A Water Minion of at least level 13 and with a physical Water type attack does big damage. It is recommended that you have more than one of these Minions just in case; the Poison often wipes out a Minion in this battle.
Information in this section was contributed by Steaverize.

Hint: Defeating the Wind Boss:
Capture a Dogle (in the same forest as the Wind Boss). Do not merge it with anything, and although it does not hurt to do so. You do not need to level it up. Next, get at least five Excellent Liquors (you can use Special Liquor instead or use some of both) and the Little Bird Sword. At the start of the battle, summon Dogle. If you get the chance to attack immediately, just use the "Attack" command. When the Wind Boss summons a Minion, use the Horn attack on it until it either dies or you are nearly dead or do not have enough mana remaining to use Horn any more. You will encounter the middle at least twice unless you are highly leveled, but should never encounter the third unless you get lucky and dodge a lot of enemy attacks. If it dies, keep using Horn attack on the Wind Boss itself until you have too little HP or Mana to continue. When you run too low on HP or Mana, switch back to Levant, use Excellent or Special Liquor on the Dogle, then switch back. Due to the Little Bird sword, Levant should not be attacked even once, although you will hardly ever get to attack immediately once switched back to Dogle. Keep using Horn and eventually both the Wind Boss and his Minion will die. The trick is that Dogle's Horn is Fire type, which is the Minion's weakness, and that all of the end-of-forest Bosses (except perhaps Kikinak in the Dragonfly Forest the first time) have poor Physical Defense. This also applies to their Minions. Do not waste your time on magic, except Recovery type. Elemental-changers do not work.
Information in this section was contributed by Steaverize.

Hint: Easy defense:
When the monsters are going to attack, press Triangle(3) to defend yourself. Note: This only works on your minions.
Information in this section was contributed by wendyvantoor.

Hint: Capturing a Minion:
When you try to capture a Minion, hold Right and press X. When the gold ball, go around the Minion and hold X.
Information in this section was contributed by Gundamaster86.

Hint: View secret Minion:
When you have the list of your Minions on the screen, and are merging, select one of your Minions as the first, then go to a blank space and press the button to view Minion. It will show a secret Minion on the screen, even though the space is blank. This can be done repeatedly, although the game may freeze after awhile.
Information in this section was contributed by Matt M.

Hint: Minions:
Once your Capture Level has gone passed 30, you will be able to capture Minions immediately, without fighting them. You can also grow Minions instead of merging them. You should keep and train them for awhile/ You will notice a difference as they begin to grow. Once fully grown, you can merge them.
Information in this section was contributed by oriel.s.

Use the following trick for a free Minion. When you first start, ask Koris to help you with the capturing skills. When you are done, you will have a free Apratron but you first must purify it. It has a Water Element base and special attack. It also has a magic spell Water Element. This will help later in the game.
Information in this section was contributed by HyperMarioN128.

Hint: Non-Elemental Minions:
It is possible to get a Minion that has no Water, Air, or Earth, and does not have full Fire. To do this, merge Fire and something else (most likely Water), resulting in half Fire and half something else. Then get another copy of the half/half Minion and merge another element (a pure Minion obviously) into it, without erasing the two it already had. Then. merge the result with the half/half minion original. Next merge a pure Fire into it. You will get a Fire-only minion but without having full Fire. By continuing this method it may be possible to achieve no-element minions.
Information in this section was contributed by Steaverize.

Hint: Turn Mahbu back into a normal girl:
When Mabhu has been turned into a fairy, defeat Riketz. She will turn back into a normal girl.
Information in this section was contributed by Metal Greymon.

Strategy: by Felix Valentinus
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