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Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider

Note: This game is also titled Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf.

Level skip:
Press Up, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Up during game play.
Information in this section was contributed by Conor.

Play as Sam:
Go to the sheep pen in the Starting Studio. Then hold L2 + R2 and press Down, Circle, Left, Square, Up, Square, Left.

Hidden Back In Time level:
To enter the hidden level in Back in Time, enter the Back In Time level door from the opposite side.
Information in this section was contributed by Paul Yuen.

Hidden Autumn level:
Go to the Autumn level hallway and go to the right to find a black wall. Double jump through the wall into a hidden hallway, and enter the door at the end of the hall.
Information in this section was contributed by Paul Yuen.

Clock bonuses:
Collect the clocks during the game to get bonus points. The points can be used to unlock the following bonuses.

Character Sketch (1 point)
Background Sketch (2 points)
Storyboard (2 points)
Backgrounds And Characters (1 point)
Behind The Scenes (2 points)
Intro Storyboard (3 points)
Hidden Autumn Level (3 points)
Hidden Past-Present Level (3 points)

Hint: Defeating the Red Hairy Monster:
Leave the sheep in the Annex and walk into room where the Red Monster (Sherman) is located. Immediately speed past the Monster on the left side. Sync your jump with his, and jump towards him and over his ring. He will chase you, but do not let him squash you. Speed around him in tight circles until he gets dizzy and falls down. If you do get squashed, just run away from him until you pop out of it then try again. After he falls, quickly grab the sheep and lay him on the button. When the quadra-platform cools, jump on it and continue to jump onto the platform on the right until it spins clock-wise enough times to lower the lens over the torch (and shine a beam on the Red Monster). Repeat this step two more times with the other lenses until Sherman falls across the lava and creates a "bridge." Get your sheep and walk over him to the goal.
Information in this section was contributed by Paul Yuen.

Hint: View all bonuses with only a few time clocks:
To view all the bonus materials and hints without having to collect all of the time clocks, do the following. First, disable autosave then collect at least three time clocks throughout the game. Once you have done those things, go to the bonus section in the studio and purchase a bonus with the clocks you have. View the bonus material, then exit out of the bonus section back into the studio. Press Start and exit the game without saving. Reload your game and when you reach the studio again, go back to the bonus area and purchase a different bonus. Continue to exit without saving and purchasing new bonuses until you have seen them all.
Information in this section was contributed by Paul Yuen.

Hint: Defeating Daffy:
if you do not want Daffy to turn the duck/rabbit season sign, do the following steps. First, go to the Swamp level and see Daffy. He will say, "Oh brother. Duck hunting season again. Good thing I'm wearing this Robin Hood costume, so those pesky hunters won't find me." Then, get your elastic and go to the second tree that is southwards (the one that does not have the mine next to it). Attach your elastic on the tree, then attach yourself on the vine on the ground when you land. Watch out for the alligator. At the end of the vine is a letterbox. Press Action to get the remote control for the robot. Afterwards, Ralph will let go of the vine, and will detach the elastic from the tree. Then, go to another tree. It will have a mine next to it. After the shockwave disappears, use the following sequence to deactivate the mine. Note: You will have four seconds to dial one of the sequences. There are four sequences. This is the correct order is X, Circle, Triangle, Square. Note: The part of the sequence that you have already done was the green sequence. You must do the sequence again on the red sequence, but it is the exact same thing as the green sequence. Dial the sequence, then put the mine in your inventory. Go to the place where the robot is located. Put the robot on the bi platform (or Teeter Totter) and jump on its end, which is on your right. Then, control the robot and lead it to the platform. Press the button. Once up, the robot will activate the letterbox, and you will get Bugs Bunny's costume. Note: This is the part where you kill Daffy. Do not put the costume on yet; if you do, Daffy will spin the sign, and change it to Rabbit season. Then, Elmer Fudd will jump out from a tree trunk, and will shoot you. Instead, get the mine from your inventory and put it next to Daffy. Notice that Daffy usually turns black when the bomb explodes, but when the shockwave touches Daffy, he will instead be killed.
Information in this section was contributed by Jay Friesen.

Hint: Defeating the Dragon:
Go to the one weird Lost In Time level. Get the clock and go back in time near to where Sam the sheep dog is found. A Dragon should be in front of you. Go back to the future, and the Dragon will go with you. Sam will know that the dragon will try to burn the sheep. Sam will run down to the Dragon and punch him away. This trick will not work if you are not in Sam's area.
Information in this section was contributed by Patrick.

Glitch: Fly over Sam:
Enter the secret fall level and get the fan. Ride the raft over to the land area where you can see Sam and his sheep. Use the fan to push the raft against the land. Then, jump on the raft several times. Next, use the fan again. Repeat this until you are on land. After this, you can use the fan and fly over Sam's head.
Information in this section was contributed by Seth.

Glitch: Sam cannot see:
In the time level, sneak very close to Sam. Then, go back in time and bring the dragon into Sam's flock. When you are out of the time age, run into Sam and you will not get beaten up. You will be seeing the movie. Run into Sam's flock, and Sam will not see anything. You can pick up any desired sheep and put it inside the goal
Information in this section was contributed by Fred King.

Glitch: Ralph swims in air:
In the pirate level, swim to the rock that is near the mine field. Jump on the rock. You will turn black and be swimming in the air.
Information in this section was contributed by Fred King.

Glitch: Level 12 music:
Go to the training level and cross the white line. Daffy will appear. He will give you instructions. After you cross the white line, press X repeatedly. This may not work on the first time when Daffy stops talking, but it will work on the second time he talks. Keep pressing X and you will hear the level 12 music. Note: Skip all of the introductions that Daffy is trying to tell you, or this will not work.
Information in this section was contributed by Jay Friesen.

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