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Tales Of Destiny 2

Note: This game is also titled Tales Of Eternia. Also: This is the PlayStation game by Namco, not to be confused with the PlayStation2 game titled Tales Of Destiny 2.

Save the game after completing it. Restart with the old data and you will have access to the hardcore difficulty level. On the Orbus Barrier, you will find a new dungeon, Neired's Labyrinth. On each level you can use only one character and can only use items in battle.
Information in this section was contributed by Number1Sephiroth.

Hint: Nereid's Labyrinth:
Use the following trick to unlock Nereid's Labyrinth without playing twice: This method poses no risk of file corruption and no need for any file manipulation. After doing the six elemental pillars in Shizel's Castle and activating the lift, enter but do not go any further in the dungeon other than the first screen. It looks like a purple stairway. Simply leave Shizel's dungeon the way you entered and your game will be in Continue+ mode.
Information in this section was contributed by Roy Yelverton.

Hint: Quick recovery:
If someone in your party falls during a battle, have that character use an item. The sequence of them using the item will take up the time normally wasted on his or her recovery.

Hint: Changing Luck:
The Luck status of all your characters changes every time you camp or rest at an Inn. You can continuously camp and check your Luck until it reaches a desirable number. Depending on your Luck, you might get attacked less frequently (even with Holy Bottle). You can also use your Luck to win the Whisk at the gambling house (better cards), as well as to receive a high bid on your auctions at Jini. You can raise your Luck even further with the Rabbit's Foot accessory (+30 luck).
Information in this section was contributed by Siddi-chan.

Hint: Manual control:
To get manual control for your character, talk to the monk in the third room from the left in Regulus Dojo. Tell him that you like to fight in manual mode and he will give you the ability to use manual control. Press Select during battle to switch to different modes, or access the skills menu and change to manual mode.
Information in this section was contributed by twinbarge.

Hint: Shizel's Castle:
When you are in Shizel's Castle on Disc 3, you have to free the powers of your Craymels to use the telporter. In the fire trial, you have to get the fire ball to the door. To do this you must activate the object near the door and push the walls down as the ball travels. At the end, you must press the button to move the stand, and when the stand goes back to its original position, press the button again. In the water trial you must get the three ice cubes into the hole. Push the upper-right hand cube down, left, up, left, up. The middle cube is pushed against the left cube. Once the middle cube is against the left cube, push it down, right, up, left, up. Push the left cube up, left, up. It must be done in that order. The rest of the trials are fairly easy.
Information in this section was contributed by Number1Sephiroth.

Hint: Indignation extension:
There is a rather fun "extension" to Indignation. It can only be executed against Sekundes apparently, and only when he is at 1/2 hp in normal mode, 1/3 hp in hard, and 1/4 hp in hardcore. You will know when it is done correctly when whoever is using Indignation says "Heaven's Light, Shine!". This will activate it.
Information in this section was contributed by Randy.

Hint: Finding Pirate hideouts:
Instead of trying to find hideouts by the grid, just look for schools of glowing fish. When you find them, there is always a hideout or something you can go into nearby.
Information in this section was contributed by Hector_the_soft.

Hint: Shooting Star Witch:
This trick requires the attack "Shooting Star". The player must use Meredy. Get Maxwell at maximum vitality. Do not summon him. Use Shooting Star at maximum vitality and you will be able to summon the witch. She should look like a woman on a broom with a pink outfit and orange hair. You can move up and down and back and forth. Hold X to attack. You cannot move while you are attacking.
Information in this section was contributed by Shining Flare.

Hint: Cheap inn:
If you do not stay at an Inn for the entire game it will always cost 10 gold.
Information in this section was contributed by tension_boi.

Hint: Location of the Pirate's Hideouts:
Information in this section was contributed by Dark Owen.

Hideout # 1 (56,112)
Hideout # 2 (153,164)
Hideout # 3 (168,111)
Hideout # 4 (228,41)
Hideout # 5 (3,150)
Game Picture (167,80)
Aifread Dome (98,92)
Jini's Entrance (130,118)
Shadow Cave (5,12)
Hideout # 1 (76,125)
Hideout # 2 (121,122)
Hideout # 3 (142,1)
Hideout # 4 (225,131)
Sunken Ship (34,3)
Meredy's Picture (62,90)
Seyfert Secret Garden (166,18)

Hint: Power up spells:
When casting spells with Kelee, Max, and Maredy, look down next to the Characters Health and TP to find a mini-D-Pad. Hit the direction the mini D-Pad indicates before your character casts the spell to get a more powerful version of it. Note: While other characters are casting spells, you will not be able to enter any of the commands.
Information in this section was contributed by Minimog1.

Hint: Skill extensions:
Information in this section was contributed by Nforcr.

Use Reid's Rising Phoenix Skill over 250 times. Then, press Skill just when Reid passes through the foes to execute Burning Phoenix.
Use Reid's Omega Demon Chaos skill over 250 times. Then, press Skill just when the eighth hit of Omega Demon Chaos lands on the enemy to execute Dragon Demon Chaos.
Use Reid's Omega Seal over 50 times. Then, press Skill when Reid is about to slash the enemy to execute Quasi Seal.
Use Farah's Chi over 300 times. Then, when Farah is about to unleash the concentrated energy, press Skill to execute Maximum Burst.
Use Farah's Eagle Rage and Chi over 250 times. Fatal Fury will appear in Farah's skills list.
Put Farah as the lead player for over 300 battles. Deadly Force will appear in Farah's skill list.

Hint: Farah's Flame Dance:
You need to have Deadly Force to do this trick. As you hit the enemy with Deadly Force. the screen will turn black and the background music will stop. While the screen is still black, run to your opponent and punch it two times. Then, perform a rising skill (either Rising Dragon Strike, Swallow Dance, or Super Swallow Dance) and link it with a diving skill (either Death Blossom, Eagle Dive or Eagle Rage). The screen should remain black while doing this. If the diving skill hits the enemy and it is still alive, you should successfully do Farah's Flame Dance.
Information in this section was contributed by Vash Stampede.

Hint: Team skills:
Set the caster's magic (either Keele or Meredy) on the shortcut button (either L2 or R2). Hold the shortcut button and after a moment and the word "READY" should appear on the caster's display at the bottom of the screen. If you would execute the attacker's skill (either Reid or Farah) and release the shortcut button with the caster's magic simultaneously (perfect timing required), you should hear a weird whistling sound. You should now be able to do a team skill. The team skills are as follows:
Information in this section was contributed by Vash Stampede.

Flaming Sword: Keele's Fireball + Reid's Demon Hammer
Serpent Knuckle: Heal + Farah's Rising Dragon Strike
Lightning Strike: Thunder Blade + Farah's Twin Palm Strike
Earth Divide: Cyclone + Reid's Spiral Attack

Hint: Easy Jini:
When you're at Jini's (City Of Joy, GPS 35,14) Auction House, make sure to still have Aifread's Hat in your list of items. Do not sell it at any cost. The usual yield at a regular store for the Aifread's Hat is not that great. However, if you were to enter it in the auctions at the Auction House, you can get over 200 Jini for it. That should be more than enough for retries at both the gambling house with Reid as well as the dance contest with Meredy.

Follow the "Ogre Sword" hint to receive the 200,000+ Jini from the auction house.
Information in this section was contributed by Siddi-chan.

Hint: Avoid staying at Inn:
Wait at the overhead world map screen beside Jini until it turns dark and the lights in the houses turn on. You can avoid paying to stay at the Inn and instead arrive at the beautiful night-life Jini is known for.
Information in this section was contributed by Siddi-chan.

Hint: Getting the Aibird:
After returning to Inferia, go to Aifread's Tomb (88,63); complete the puzzles to get the Sphere of Light. Then at Shizel's Castle, when you find the elevator, go up and locate the Sphere of Darkness. Return to the Relay Point, and inside the Conversion Dock put both Spheres next to the Aifread Statue to get the Aibird.
Information in this section was contributed by Dark Owen.

Once you get the Aibird, talk to Keele and he will tell you that there is an island south of Morle (Inferia). The Glimmer Spire (107,22) is located on this island. You must reach the top floor and defeat Valkyrie in order to get the S.D. Sword at Celestia Pirate's Hideout #1 (55,11). The S.D. is certainly not a common sword -- it cannot be equipped but summons Destiny every 30 minutes of game play. The Craymel Hot Spring(208,108) can be reached to complete the Rasheans's Elder side quest. Also at Celestia, you can find the Katz Village(120,109).
Information in this section was contributed by Dark Owen.

Hint: Quick stop for the Aibird:
The Aibird normally stops slowly, making it difficult to put in the exact position intended for landing. When you want to stop, tap Circle so the Aibird moves very slightly backwards. You will be at a complete stop in less than half a second.
Information in this section was contributed by twinbarge.

Hint: Getting Maxwell:
After returning to Inferia, go to Farlos Sanctuary (93,110) and check behind the altar.
Information in this section was contributed by Dark Owen.

To get Maxwell easier, when you have the Seyfert Key, go to Seyfert's Church. Go behind the man, then open the doors. Go to Shizel's castle and get Sekundes (Time Craymel). Return to Seyfert's church and battle Maxwell. Use "Distortion" from Sekundes and every time he will get hit for 5,000.
Information in this section was contributed by Andy L..

Hint: Getting Sekundes:
At Shizel's castle, find the first elevator. Choose down, then make your way to the second elevator. Take it, wait until the elevator stops, then take it again. Choose to go down and follow the path to find Sekundes the Craymel of Time. He will join you without a fight. If you wish to fight him, return and take the challenge. He is very tough.
Information in this section was contributed by Dark Owen.

Hint: Getting S.D. (Summon Destiny):
Note: Aibird and Aifish are required for this. Look on the Inferia map and find Morle. Go to it, and once you find it, go south to an island that is completely blocked by mountains. This is where you need Aibird. Fly over it to find what appears to be a spire/tower. Land and go inside. Complete the puzzles and get to the top. This thing called Valkyrie will apear. She will challenge Reid and you will fight. When you defeat her, she will give you a key called "S.D.". Take the treasures and leave. Go to Celestia. This is where you will need Aifish. Go underwater and find hideout 1. The key "S.D." will start reacting and you will get it. You can summon it every thirty minutes. It is a "Very Powerful" summon.
Information in this section was contributed by Andrew Burrington.

Hint: Recommended moves:
The best move in the game is the Omega Demon Slice. The Demon Slice hits 8 times. To learn the Omega Demon Slice, you have to use Demon Hammer hundreds of times.
Information in this section was contributed by Number1Sephiroth.

Hint: Eternal Sword:
Use the following trick to get Reid's most powerful sword (more powerful than the Last Fencer). Go to Inferia City and finish the side quest with the old man's lost Grip Sword to receive the Smash Cape. Then, go inside the stadium and participate in the tournament. You must win the City Championship, National Championship, and World Championship. Immediately after winning the World Championship, a person named Cress will challenge you. It is a very tough one-on-one match with no items available. If you lose to him, you can always go back for a rematch -- ask the second lady at the left side counter. A rematch with Cress is free of charge. After you defeat Cress, you will receive the Eternal Sword (with the Time Craymel as its attribute, unlike the Last Fencer which has no attribute at all to any Craymel) and Cress' Bandana (also has the Time Cramel's attribute).
Information in this section was contributed by JAM.

Hint: Ogre Sword:
The best thing you can auction in Jini is the Ogre Sword. Although it does not give that high Jini, it is an item that is not rare -- you can buy it at Tinnisa weapon shop. It is possible to push it to 200,000+ Jini. To do this, auction the Ogre Sword then save the game. Raise the reserve price to any of the three you like (maximum suggested). Exit the town, then re-enter and sleep at the inn. Go to the auction hall and check the price of your item. If the auctioneer says something, it means that your item did not sell. Reload your game and resume from the "Raise the reserve price" step. If it fetched a higher price and you want to make it higher, tell the auctioneer that you would like to wait, save the game, then continue from that step. If the Jini value is enough for you, collect your earnings in exchange for the item (which is the Ogre Sword).
Information in this section was contributed by twinbarge.

Hint: Collector's Book:
To get the Collector's Book, go to the second floor of the elder's house in Rasheans. Examine the books and you will "borrow" the Collector's Book. Using this, you can check how many items you have gotten so far and your completion percentage.
Information in this section was contributed by twinbarge.

Hint: Monster Collection book:
After defeating Undine in Undine's Stream, return to Morle and talk to Professor Mazet. He will give you the Monster Collection book. You can now check the stats of monsters you have previously fought.
Information in this section was contributed by twinbarge.

Hint: Recover from Ultimate Identity Destroyer:
If you are hit by the Ultimate Identity Destroyer at the end of the game, rapidly hit X, Circle, and Square until the attack completes. You should see the background turn into psychedelic colors and Reid will perform the Ultimate Identity Reviver. This will restore the entire party to full HP and you will have seen the two best attacks in the game, and still win.
Information in this section was contributed by charlesmagovern.

Hint: Defeating Cress:
Raise Reid's level to 75 and arm him with the a Golden Helmet, Golden Armor, Beam Shield, Faerie Ring, Holy Symbol and Mystic Sword. Stay close to Cress. Do not distance yourself from him because he will use his Sonic Blade. Just keep close and give him a thrust or a slash followed by a Spiral Attack to give him at least 500 damage. Repeat this strategy again until he is defeated. Keep close, attack continuously, and do not let him do any moves -- if that happens, try to get out of the way. Any moves he does is very devastating.
Information in this section was contributed by JAM.

Equip a weapon with a high piercing ability. If you are playing a Continue+ game with Neired's Labyrinth, you can get the Gungnir spear from the first or second floor. It has a Thrust of 999. Equip this, the Faerie Ring, Golden Armor (which reduces damage from his Phoenix attack), Beam Shield, and Gold Helmet. Also equip the Double Spiral Attack Skill so you can use it easily. When you fight Cress, run up to him and do two Thrust attacks, then the Double Spiral Attack skill. This will wipe a lot of HP from Cress quickly. Repeat this pattern until he is defeated.
Information in this section was contributed by Jonathan Weiterman.

You need the Last Fencer, Omega Shield, two Black Onyx, Elven Boot, faerie Ring, and the skill Megasonic Thrust. First, equip the shield, Last Fencer, and two Black Onyx. Run at Cress and slash him twice. Then, quickly do a Megasonic Thrust. This will do roughly 500 damage. Run away or do it again quickly. If he does Sonic Blade, run away so that it cannot reach you. He will realize he is out of range and start to walk towards you. After reaching 4000 damage, he will begin to use a time skill that does 600 damage, makes you fall over without getting moved back, and is almost impossible to dodge. After going down below 1000 HP, when you next hit him, he will use a move called Albain Finality, This makes your HP go down to 1. Change your equipment to the Faerie Ring and Elven Boots while he is doing this. Then, counter it quickly using Aurora Wall and Aurora Slash. Note: If your HP drops below 4500, take off the Black Onyx and put on the Faerie Ring and Elven Boots to save TP and run away from him while your HP regenerates.
Information in this section was contributed by inky winky chinky.

This trick requires an average sword, an Omega Shield, about 7500 HP, and the first two Aurora Skills. Before the battle, have Megasonic Thrust on one of your skills (not a shortcut). Enter the battle and run at Cress. Use the skill directly next to him. Since you ran at him, he will not hit you. Repeat this for awhile. Every time you hit him it does about 750 damage, but he can hit you afterwards. The effect of the Omega Shield should help gain back most of the life. Both of you will be worn down after awhile. He should be around 3000 HP and you should be able to use your Aurora skills and do about 3500 damage and defeat him.
Information in this section was contributed by Andrew Stephens.

To defeat Cress with Arche, you must fight him in hard or hardcore mode. It is far more difficult than if you fight him in normal mode because you will fight two enemies. To defeat them, you will need lots of Luck (you and Reid), Pray level above 70, the skills Rising Phoenix, Omega Demon Chaos, Omega Tempest Strike, and Megasonic Thrust, the Last Fencer, Omega Shield, your best armor, Reverse Doll (15), Resume Ring, and Faerie Ring. You can get Reverse Doll and Resume Ring in Jini auction hall by using Ogre Sword trick to get 200,000+ Jini. Note: First cook Tuna Paela (if you do not have it, cook a recipe that increases your defense), then make sure you are at full HP/MP. Equip Reverse Doll and Faerie Ring. Set the battle in the customize menu into hard or hardcore. When the battle starts, focus your attack to Arche first by using Omega Tempest Strike. Avoid Cress' attack and keep attacking Arche so she cannot cast any magic. After you defeat her, focus your attack to Cress. If he use Dimensional Strike, quickly press X(2), Down + X + Megasonic Thrust after he uses that strike. If you are far from him, he will use Sonic Blade repeatedly. When this happens, quickly jump and do Omega Tempest Strike to avoid his Sinoc Blade and attack him. Remember to equip another Reverse Doll when it is used. If your MP has run out, change Faerie Ring into Resume Ring and keep away from Cress to keep your HP while restoring your MP with the Resume Ring. If your Reverse Doll has run out, equip Resume Ring and Faerie Ring and Pray so Resume Ring can resurrect you from death.
Information in this section was contributed by Khandar William.

Hint: Defeating Sekundes:
Your party should be at level 70 or higher. Equip Reid with Voltic Sword (Volt damage; Sekundes is weak against Volt), Resist Ring and Fairie Ring, Gold Armor, and Cress Bandana. Your Craymel Mages must have the all healing spells, Resurrection, Holy Bliss, Holy Lance, and Indignation. You can also have Gnome's power-ups such as Life Rescue and Mental Supply. When the battle begins do not let Sekundes damage your Craymel Mages, especially the one with the Healing and Resurection or Farah (another useful healer and life giver). Beware if he is near them or is casting Sekundes Laser. Your other Craymel Mage should cast Holy Bliss on your party. Also, constantly hit him with Holy Lances. When it hits, it will give time for others to heal and recover. Indignation cast successfully is very strong, and it is also best used when Sekundes' life is less than half. You will get a Derris Emblem (+100 Accuracy) and a nice amount of experience points for defeating him.
Information in this section was contributed by Alvin Bocacao.

Make sure you are over level 70. Equip the Voltic Sword, Cress Bandanna, Golden Armor, Beam Shield and any two accessories of your choice. Be reasonable -- you can chose to equip Black Onyxes on Reid until his health becomes 9999. Equip the other characters with their best equipment. Make sure that you have Indignation, Restore, Resurrection and a few other healing, offensive, and defensive spells. It is best to have every spell. Also have Reid learn Megasonic Thrust. Also make sure that you have a few Lemon, Pine Gels, Life Bottles and an All-Divide. When the battle starts, use the All-Divide. Your offense may be halved, but this is a small price to pay compared to how much Sekundes's attack actually drops. After that, attack relentlessly with Reid. Megasonic Thrust can do about 2,000 damage and Indignation about 4,000 damage. When your health is low, cast Restore or Nurse (you can choose to use the Gels). If anyone dies, cast Resurrection or Farah's Life (if available) or waste a Life Bottle. When his health is below half (less than 100,000), cast Indignation. The caster should say "Heaven Light, Shine" and you will see a short intermission about the casting of the spell. When it is over, you should inflict lots of damage on Sekundes.

Hint: Defeating Sylph, Volt, Efreet, Maxwell, and Celsius:
Some of the Greater Craymels are flying enemies. To defeating them easier, have at least one person in your party "Attack Flying Enemy" in the strategy menu. This will prevent them from casting poweful spells such as Air Thrust and Meteor Storm. Preferably have Farah attack the flying Craymels, while having Keele or Meredy cast healing spells, such as Nurse.
Information in this section was contributed by Monch B.

Hint: Tales of Destiny and Tales of Phantasia references:
Cress Albein (the character you fight in the coliseum was also the star of the first installment of the Destiny series, Tales of Phantasia (never released in North America). Another character from Tales of Phantasia makes an appearance is Arche Klaine, the powerful half-elf. He appears if you fight Cress under the hard or hardcore difficulty setting. Not only is the fight tougher with Cress being smarter, but now he has a magician by his side casting spells like Indignation. Finally, for those of you who got the S.D. Sword and noticed how powerful it was, those are the main characters from Tales Of Destiny. Each person makes an appearance with their Swordian as well.
Information in this section was contributed by Jonathan Weiterman.

Glitch: Get the Continue+ without replaying the game:
Note: Copy your saved game file to another memory before trying this trick. Finish the game and save the Continue+ in a new slot. Insert Disc 1 and start the new game. Save the game in the slot you saved the Continue+ (marked with the star). Press Select + Start + L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 to return to the main menu. Next, load the game which was not with the Continue+, and insert Disc 3. After starting the old save game (which was without the Continue+), save the game one more time in the save slot without the Continue+. The star will appear beside game that you just saved. If done correctly, the game has just unlocked the secret dungeon (Neried's Labyrinth) without you having to restart the game twice. Also, you can use the hardcore mode at the same time. Note: Do not reset the PlayStation while doing this or it will corrupt your saved game.
Information in this section was contributed by Sent|neL.

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