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Wild Arms

Multiple items:
This trick works when only one of the item to be duplicated is present. Enter a battle and perform the following actions.

  1. Have the first character (typically Jack) use a healing item, such as a berry or medicine.
  2. Have the second character (typically Cecille) also use the same healing item.
  3. Have the final character (typically Rudy), exchange the positions of the healing item and the item to be multiplied in the inventory. Then, have Rudy use the healing item.

After winning the battle, the inventory will contain 255 of the item that was multiplied.
Information in this section was contributed by RLF44333.

Hint: Chicken attack:
Bomb the memory bird in Surf Town and the chickens will attack you.
Information in this section was contributed by Threefiddy350.

Hint: Light Shrooms:
Pick chickens up in Surf Townand throw or bomb them. Some will turn into Light Shrooms.
Information in this section was contributed by Threefiddy350.

Hint: Temple Of Memory:
After you have your party, but befoer you lose the Tear Drop, go to the Temple Of Memory. Enter your name "Emiko" when needed. There will be two Creast Graphs and a Magic Parasol inside.
Information in this section was contributed by Silarrow.

Hint: Fighting Boomerang Flash:
To fight the final Boomerang, pick up the boomerang he leaves outside when he fights the demons so you can you enter the Ka Dingle tower (immediately after entering if desired). Read the inscription on the boomerang by pressing Triangle in the item menu (it says "I'll be back..."). Go to the Arena. If you have not been through the arena battles entirely, he will not appear. After you have won every arena battle and enter the arena again with the boomerang, you will fight Boomerang Flash. If you defeat him you will receive Rudy's best sword.
Information in this section was contributed by Threefiddy350.

Hint: Fighting Angol Moa:
Get Rudy's Punch Glove and five Duplicator Keys then go to the Arena. Smash the mirror in the room behind the Duke with the Punch Glove and use all the Duplicator Keys on the doors. You will find Angol Moa and fight him. If you win, you will get Jack's best sword.
Information in this section was contributed by Threefiddy350.

Hint: Finding the Abyss and Ragu Ragla:
To find the Abyss and fight Ragu Ragla, you must have Rudy's Punch glove and Jack's Mayan Guitar. First, go to Baskar Village's Elw Teleporter up north (it has to be the one to the north). When inside, have Rudy punch repeatedly (until the whole screen shakes) the glowing green platform you would normally step on -- do not step on it yet. Then, quickly step into it. You will know if this was done correctly if the beam goes past the satellite and the screen flashes red. Note: Sometimes it does not flash red -- if you end up at another teleporter, do the same thing to it (if you end up back where you where, do the same again). When you get there, go through the dungeon until you reach a big circle. Play the Mayan Guitar and Ragu Ragla will fight you. Bring Goat Dolls, as he will kill anyone under level 80 with his Volcanic Bomb. Do not use any element attacks because they only heal him. When you win, you receive the Sheriff's Star which boosts the wearer's stats.
Information in this section was contributed by Threefiddy350.

Hint: Fighting Monster Z (Zed's final form):
Go to Saint Centour and find the blind girl in the lower left corner of the town. This cannot be done until just before entering Ka Dingle. Have each character talk to her and leave town. She will talk about a swordsman she is meeting, if done at the correct time. Zed will then stop you immediately before you leave and you will be given a choice to fight. If you did not want to fight at first, leave and do the same thing and he will return. Select to fight and he will turn into Monster Z. If you defeat him, you will receive Rudy's second best weapon and have the choice of sparing him or killing him.
Information in this section was contributed by Threefiddy350.

Hint: Defeating Ragu O Ragula:
While your in the Abyss, you will encounter a green frog-looking monster named Wojanoid. Have Jack use Trickster on him and steal the item Frog Badge. This will absorb all fire elemental attacks, such as Ragu O Ragula's Volcanic Bomb which does about 7000 damage to all your party members. That one blast will most likely kill your entire party and end the game, but with this item it will do 0 damage. Try to make sure you steal at least three, one for each party member. This makes the battle with Ragu O Ragula'one of the easiest in the game. The only other way to defeat him is to have a large number of Goat Dolls and always have them equipped.
Information in this section was contributed by Jeff Daugherty.

Hint: Defeating the early Bosses:
Go back to the Memory Temple with at least Jack and Cecilia. Type in the name Emiko. Get the Magic Parasol. Use the item duplication trick on it. Sell all but one of the parasols. Max out Rudy's Hand Cannon. You will be able to take down Bosses such as Magtortus and Belsek in two turns.
Information in this section was contributed by Mitchell Stark.

Hint: Easy Prologues:
When you start the game, choose to play through Jack or Rudy's prologue and complete it. The next time you are prompted to choose a character, select the same one that you just completed. Go to Adlehyde and buy the weapon and body armor for the next character. Before you go into their dungeon, equip them with it and they will hit for more and take less damage. With this trick, you will not have to waste MP on flame spells to destroy the Blue Books.
Information in this section was contributed by Mitchell Stark.

Hint: Necronomicon:
Use Cecelia's Hi-/Prison magic when you encounter a Necronomicon in De La Metallica, then use Mystic+ Bone to trigger Lucky Shot. This will kill the Necronomicon (with 0 damage) and cause it to drop one. The Necronomicon is the best magic book for Cecelia. Note: the Bone is found in St. Centour after it is abandoned.
Information in this section was contributed by A7ftGoof.

Hint: Jack's Phazer Zapp sparks:
The sparks around Jack when he starts his Phazer Zapp are usually a golden orange. You can make them purple/violet by equipping Jack with a Lightning Ring.
Information in this section was contributed by Ben.

Hint: The Legend Of Zelda series reference:
In Cecilia's room inside the castle, on top of the bookcase near her bed is a doll with a striking resemblance to Link from The Legend of Zelda series, in pajamas [Screenshot].
Information in this section was contributed by Jimmy Hernandez.

Glitch: Footprints when riding the skates:
Use Rudy's skates in puddles of water. The marks they leave behind will be footprints instead of skating marks.
Information in this section was contributed by Threefiddy350.

Glitch: Music box:
Note: There is a small chance that this trick will prevent the game from continuing normally. Get a Full-Revive Fruit. Have Rudy, Jack or Rudy and Jack get killed in a battle, and use Cecilia's Mystic Force ability. Select Full-Revive Fruit. When she uses it, the game will freeze and music from around the game will be played.

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