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ATV Offroad Fury

All ATVs:
Select pro-career mode, then enter CHACHING as a name. The game will return to the main menu to confirm correct code entry. Enter the name of your choice, then begin game play.
htsnvi tgtys fayiw, Blakejustn, AliensNArea51, LinkinPrk97, BIGK0569, and Mattatatr.

All tracks:
Select pro-career mode, then enter WHATEXIT as a name. The game will return to the main menu. Enter the name of your choice, then begin game play.

Expert mode:
Select pro-career mode, then enter ALLOUTAI as a name. The game will return to the main menu to confirm correct code entry. Enter the name of your choice, then begin game play. After a few wrecks, it will become a challenge to attain first place.

Fast racers:
Select pro-career mode, then enter ALLQUIKI as a name. All racers will have the speed of the Ravage1000cc Quad ATV.

Ravage 1000cc Quad ATV:
Successfully complete the game in pro-career mode.

Finish pro-career mode a second time to unlock another skin for the Ravage.

Normally, when the "All ATVs" code is enabled you cannot save the Ravage 1000 bike and the code must be used again each time you want it. Use the following trick to have the Ravage 1000 in every mode. Go into career mode and enter CHACHING as a name. Exit, then start a new career. Do the first race and get first place. Save the game and exit. From now on, every time you start the game you will be asked if you want to load. Answer "Yes", and you will have the Ravage 1000 in every mode.

To preload, press Down at bottom of a jump then press Up and to fly like a jet.

To do tricks, hold Triangle or Circle and move the Left Analog Stick or D-pad in any direction.
Andy Castle.

Quick resume:
Press L1 + R1 if you go off-track or crash to quickly resume the race.

Zoom out:
Hold L1 + R1 and press Right Analog-stick Down. The camera will zoom out until your rider and ATV are a tiny speck on the screen.
Matt Someone.

Hint: Easy wins:
On any race, stay directly behind everyone else for an entire lap. When you get close to a finish line, cut off all of them quickly, then cross it.

Hint: Canyon Country: Jump on the train:
Go near the bridge that the train travels on. Go on the right side of it so you can see the train. When the time is correct, hit the gas and jump diagonally to try to land on top of the train. Watch your speed, preload meter, and the angle that you are jumping. Note: This trick is very difficult, and requires practice.
Jeran Lefebvre.

Go to the train station (located near the beginning, just follow the tracks), and go to the back of the station. There should be a wide stairway up to the first floor of the station. Go to the right and there should be another stairway. Go up this stairway and stop about half-way up the stairs (hold Brake to stop). Wait for the train to appear go forward fast and try to land on the train. Note: This may require several attempts. Once you get on, make sure you stay on by holding Brake. Also be also to be careful how fast you go on the stairs as you may fall off.

Hint: Canyon Country: Unlimited tricks:
Follow the train tracks until you see a large canyon on the left. Go into the canyon and make a left into the cave. Go to the end and you will see a pueblo house. Go slowly up the stairs, then make a right. Get on one of the ladders. You can balance on them to do unlimited tricks.

Hint: Chesapeake (Stadium Supercross): Shortcut:
On the fourth turn, launch off to the right to go over the boundaries and get ahead of the other riders.

Hint: Crater Park: Unlimited tricks:
Go to Crater Park in freestyle mode and find one of the triangular tents. Slowly go up one side of the tent until you are stuck on top. You can now do as much tricks as you want. To get off, simply go forward very slowly.
Bryce Wallis.

Hint: Crater Park: Jump the tents:
Go slowly up the tent, then hit the gas when you get to the top.
hoosh fanatic.

Hint: Fort Roberts: Lookout tower:
Select "Cross Country Enduro" then choose the "Fort Roberts" level. Also choose the "Lap Attack", and "Long Race" options for the waypoint track. Choose a character and being game play. There should be a gray building in front of you at the fourth gate. Enter the open door. And as soon as you go in, turn right and go up the stairs. Go slowly, and when you get to the top, you will be in a hallway. Keep going until you see more stairs. Go up them very slowly. At the top, go straight to get to the lookout tower. Go slow and do not fall. Go through two doorways. Keep going straight, then go up one more staircase. You will now be up in the lookout tower. Remember, go slow as you can fall easily up there. If you fall, you will have to start all over.

Hint: Harp Valley: Pipe jumps:
Go to Harp Valley and turn right. You should see two wooden posts. Go through them and you should a massive pipe. Ride over to it and go through it. Be careful; you must go fast, but not too fast or you will wreck. Pre load at the very end and try to jump to the next pipe. Do this again to get to the third pipe. This is very difficult to perform.

Hint: Yardley Station: Dirt fountain:
When you start, go to one of the little loaders. Go up to the side, then lean forward and hold X to make a huge fountain of dirt.
Joe Pavone.

Hint: Setup for any ATV in Enduro and Free-Style Competition:
When selecting your ATV, be sure to customize your bike settings in the "Garage".
Thomas Stephenson.

Tires: Low Friction for higher speeds
Shocks: Maximum Stiff for better landings (far right)
Spring: Maximum Soft to jump higher (far left)
Acceleration: 3 moves to the left (faster top speed) of the default (center)
Steering: 2 moves to the right of the default (center)
Braking: 3 moves to the right of the default (far right)

Hint: Setup for any ATV in the Maxxis and Stadium:
When selecting your ATV, be sure to customize your bike settings in the "Garage.
Thomas Stephenson.

Tires: Higher Friction (makes the tires bite into the dirt)
Shocks: Maximum Stiff for better, faster landings (far right)
Spring: Maximum Hard for lower, faster jumps (far right)
Acceleration: 4 moves to the right (faster take-offs) of the default (center)
Steering: 2 moves to the right of the default (center)
Braking: 3 moves to the right of the default (far right)

Hint: Setup for Ravage 1000:
Josh Schardt.

Tires: High Friction
Suspension: stock
Acceleration: High
Steering: Low
Braking: High

Hint: Setup for perfect four wheeler:
When selecting your ATV, be sure to customize your bike settings in the "Garage.
devin esposito.

Tires: High Friction
Front Spring: Two click to the left
Front Shock: Two clicks to the left
Rear Spring: Two clicks to the left
Rear Shock: One click to the left
Gear ratio: Two clicks to right
Steering: Two clicks to the right
Braking: Two clicks to the left

Hint: Worst four wheeler:
The worst four wheeler is the Lime Green Kawasaki.
Samuel Sears.

Hint: Recommended four wheelers:
The best four wheeler, besides the bonus vehicle, is the Polaris 500.
Samuel Sears.

The best four wheeler is the Havoc Razor. It is better than the Polaris 500 but worst than the bonus vehicle.
Bmxer0690 and hellzgate.

The best ATV is the Honda 400ex, but if you want a lot of power for the freestyle competition, you should use the Polaris 500. For racing you should choose the Yamaha Banshee.
J.R. Erickson.

The best ATV beside the bonus vehicle is the Havoc Proformer.

The best quads on the game are the Havoc Razor and the Polaris 500. The Ravage 1000 will beat those two in the long run, but the Havoc Razor and the Polaris 500 will beat the Ravage from the start to top end.

Hint: Getting new four wheelers:
Go to any race and win a championship. Go back to the championship you just won and go to the pro races. Two new quads will be unlocked.

Hint: Front wheelie:
Do is a regular wheelie, but immediately before you are about to flip over, press Clutch, Brake, and Forward on the Analog-stick or the D-pad. Note: This works best with the Ravage 1000.
little pluto.

Hint: "Walk" your four-wheeler:
Do a regular wheelie, but press Down/Left or Down/Right. You should go up on one wheel. Then, start rotating back in forth Down/Right or Down/Left (depending on which way you started), while always watching your speed. It is a little tricky at first. Note: This works best with the Banshee.
little pluto.

One wheeler:
Turn as sharply as possible without braking. You should now be skidding. Do a bicycle and a wheelie at the same time. If done correctly you should be doing a one wheeler.
Dusti Ledsome.

Hint: Explode off your ATV:
Go off a jump and get big air. While airborne, do the Scissors move (Down/Left + Triangle) then hold that so you continue to go in the Down/Left motion. When you are far enough into that motion, you will launch off your ATV.
Andrew Spock.

Hint: Split-X:
Press Right + Triangle to do the Split-X trick.

Hint: Quick turns:
Take the inside and use the clutch (L1) for a quick turn.

Press Up and the direction you want to drive while accelerating.

Hint: Burnout:
Go in reverse then release Square (Brake). You will see the dirt in the air. This works best with the Havor Razor.

Hold the clutch and hit the gas. Then, hold the gas and release the clutch. You will see the dirt fly up.

Hint: Return to track at high speed:
Go to freestyle mode and on any level go off the track and keep going. You will eventually find a huge fall and then a hill of about the same size (do not fall off). After the hill you should notice that the landscape turns flat. Drive along here and after a short time you should be sent flying back to the track at high speed.
Goat licker.

Hint: Big air:
If you drive your four wheeler to the boundaries, you can fly a very long way back down to the ground.

Hint: Wrecking other racers:
When launching off a jump when you are over a racer, press L3 and land on them. This may require a few attempts.

Hint: Unlimited stunts:
You can do unlimited stunts on all rails in freestyle competition.
travis cox.

To do an unlimited (five maximum) amount of stunts, play a two player freestyle game. When you start the freestyle, go in front of your opponent's vehicle and stop. Next, do a wheelie and hold Forward. You should now be on your opponents vehicle. Note: This works best if your opponent is not moving or controller two has Square held.
bern healey.

At Fort Roberts, turn around 90 degrees to the "training" area and go on the three bars. Straighten up with the lower bars. Lean back, accelerate, then lean forward. You should be able to land on the middle or top bar and balance. If you want to end that trick and get points, lean back and the trick should turn yellow. Then, lean forward to do it again.

Hint: Always land stunt:
When you hit a high stunt that is very hard to land, press R1 before you land. You will always land the stunt, as long as you land flat on the ground, leveled out, and still not doing the stunt.

When in the air and doing a trick, use the D-pad or Left Analog-stick to level yourself out and/or to line up with the landing.
Branden Wright.

Hint: Fast travel:
On any level with a train, do a wheelie on the back of the train. If done correctly you should be hooked on the train.
John Dietz.

Hint: Dolphin:
Enable the "All tracks code". Then, go to the collection of islands around the ocean. You can see a dolphin jumping around in the water.

Glitch: Odd camera angle:
Hold R1 + L1 + camera Analog-stick Forward. The view will zoom in to about six inches away. It is difficult to steer, so exercise caution.
joedood and zamman123.

Glitch: Unlimited stunts:
Go to the freestyle competition area and play on Crater Park. Get to the arch and find a lookout deck with two scopes. Go over to the deck and do a wheelie onto the bar. Keet it balanced and your wheels will be off the ground. Do stunts while on it and they will last forever.
travis cox.

Glitch: Teleport:
When a rider is coming close to you (or you just wiped out), press L1 + R1 to teleport to a random location. This is a good trick to do when you are in front of an object and a rider is coming after you at full speed. You will disappear, leaving the rider crashing into the object that you were in front of.

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