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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Cheat mode:
Hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press Start during game play. A cheat menu with "Invincibility", "Level Warp" options will be unlocked.

Play as Drizzt:
Hold L1 + R1 then press X + Triangle at the main menu. Alternately, select "New Game" at the main menu, select one of the three default characters, then hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 until the game completes loading. Another method is to successfully complete the game under the extreme difficulty setting.

Note: After this code is enabled and you save the game, when you try to load that game a message will state that you must complete the game under the extreme difficulty setting to load it.

Super character:
Hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press R3 during game play. Your character will speak to confirm correct code entry. Your character will now be at level 20 and have access to all feats. Your character will also have level 1 feats on all class-dependent feats and 75,000 more gold pieces. Note: It will take some time to get enough experience points to level up your magic or feats after this code is enabled.
Jacob Clark.

Note: If you enable the "Super character" code on Drizzt he will say "Very well, let the cheating begin."

Control loading screen:
Move the Right Analog-stick and the flames surrounding "Loading" will also move.
josh dees.

The Gauntlet level:
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting.

Extreme mode:
Successfully complete The Gauntlet level to unlock the extreme difficulty setting.

Play as Drizzt:
Successfully complete the game under the extreme difficulty setting.

Alternately, choose to play The Gauntlet. You will start as Drizzt. Enable the "Invincibility" cheat and complete The Gauntlet within 15 minutes. .At the end where you face the Onyx Golem, use the "Level warp" cheat to go to the Tavern. You can now play the game as Drizzt. Note: You cannot equip any other sword than the ones he has during The Gauntlet. Import a new character into the game and give him the Onyx Sword, since Drizzt cannot use it.
Austin H.

If you have not completed the game yet, enable the "Cheat mode" code, then level warp to the to the bottom (Tower). Defeat Eldrith, go to the Gauntlet level, then level warp anywhere desired.

Hint: Start with Onyx Sword:
After you have completed the game once and have saved the game with the Onyx Sword in your possession (for example, with the human), start a new game with a new character (for example, the dwarf) and save. Import the human, drop the Onyx Sword and any other good items, then import the dwarf and pick them up. Note you can do this with any character and any weapon.
Addy Dee.

Hint: Duplicate Onyx Sword:
Enable the "Cheat mode" code, then activate invincibility and level warp to the Hall of Remembrance. Go back into the Black Forge, kill the Onyx Golem and take the sword. Then, level warp anywhere.. Warp back to the hall and repeat as many times as needed.

Hint: Duplicate items:
Save the game, then drop the items to be duplicated from the inventory of your current character. Press Start and choose to change your character. Import your character from the previously saved game. The game will bring in your character with all items in inventory at the time of your save, and allow you to collect the duplicates that are on the ground.

Save the game and use a Recall Potion to return to the Elfsong Tavern. Drop all your expensive items, then import your saved player. Pick your items up and sell them. You can do this as many times as needed, have to save each time before you import again or you will lose the gold you have made.
Addy Dee.

Hint: Easy items:
If you have a high level character with many good items that you would like a new character to have, start a new game with the new character. Then, load the character with all the items as the second player. Then, drop the desired items on the floor to allow the new character to pick them up. Equip everything and sell off things that are not needed. Then, save the game and restart the PlayStation2. Play a new game with a new character and load the other new character (that has all the items) as the main character.

Hint: Getting good items:
Note: This is best done in the Onyx Tower. Before you open a treasure chest or search a weapon rack, save the game. Then, open the treasure chest or search the weapon rack. If you do not like what you get, reload from the last save and try again. Each time that you try, you will get a different item.

Hint: Easy money:
This trick can be used at any point in the game. Save the game near a shop. Drop all your expensive items, then load your saved character to the same location. After the loading screen, pick up all your items and sell them. Do this again in the exact same order. You will get a lot of money.

Use the "Duplicate Items" trick with your most expensive item or weapon. Keep duplicating it until you cannot hold anymore. Sell the duplicates and buy the most expensive weapon you can afford. Duplicate these even more expensive weapons and sell them back. Keep doing this to build an unlimited amount of gold. It gets easier when you can afford the more expensive weapons.
Eric Soltan.

Enable the "Cheat mode" and "Invincibility" codes and go to The Gauntlet level. Get the Onyx Sword, sell it, and repeat.

This does not award you too much money, but in the beginning of the game every coin counts. When you sell arrows, the value is the same, whether you are selling one arrow or a full set of twenty. This trick only works if you have a bow, as this is the only way to break up a set of arrows. If you are using the bow, then sell the used arrows (those of less than twenty), then immediately repurchase a set. This trick works best if you have less than 100 arrows, as the vendors only buy the last set of arrows. For example, if you have 1103 arrows, it would not be worth the time to go through all your arrows to get to your used set.

Hint: Easy experience:
Note: You must constantly save your game in order to do this trick. At any time when you encounter a Boss, immediately save the game to a new file after defeating them. Press Start and load the game file that was saved immediately before you fought the Boss. After the game has loaded, press Start and go to "Characters". Import the character from the file that was saved when you defeated the Boss. You will now have a character with more experience, but will be able to fight the Boss again which results in lots of experience. Keep doing this every time you defeat the Boss to gain levels faster.

After you are in to the game a short amount of time, talk to everyone in the tavern for easy experience. Also check periodically; as you complete more of the first part, there is more experience to be gained in the tavern.
Russell Reeves.

Use the "Level warp" cheat to go between Acts. Every time you go to another Act, all enemies and Bosses will respawn. Warp to the Throne Room, Ice Cave 3, and the Tower before the final stage and defeat those Bosses. Repeat this to level up quickly.
Dan Meinhardt.

When in the crypts and fighting the zombies, you can get double experience. If there is a zombie with two arms, slash him once without cutting his arm. Then, kill him by arrows or spells. His top half will come off and chase after you. Kill it, and you will get experience as if you killed two zombies.

Once you have unlocked the Extreme mode, create a two player game on easy difficulty. Then create a two player game on extreme mode and import the two easy mode characters into it. Use the "Level warp" and "invulnerability" cheats and go to "towerh". Head down to the "Black Forge" level and defeat the Onyx Golem. The character who kills the Golem will become level 32, and the other will become level 26.
Dan Talons.

Use the following trick to get an instant level 40 character. Start a new game under the easy difficulty setting and save it without gaining any experience. Start another game under the extreme difficulty setting and press Start. Go to "Import Character". Import the character that you saved in easy mode. Enable the "Cheat mode" code and turn on the "Invincibility" cheat. Then from the same cheat menu, level warp to the "Hall Of Remembrance". Once there, go to the "Black Forge" but not through using level warp; go to the down left corner of the screen. Kill the Onyx Giant. Press Select to go to the points screen. Do not distribute any points. Instead, keep going in and out of the points screen (pressing Select, then Triangle). For every four levels you gain, you will be prompted to enter a stat point toward Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, etc. Put those points in or the game will not let you continue. Keep going in and out of the point screen and distributing the stat points until you are at level 40. Once there, you will not be able to go up any more levels. Distribute the feat points to get maximum feat stats with some left over.

Start an extreme difficulty file, then load a first level character from an easy difficulty game. Have them kill the Onyx Golem, but do not spend the feat points as they level up to 40. Once the character has finished leveling up, do the "Super 20th level character" cheat. The feat points will transfer over, but the hit points and energy will be at 1000/1000. Your character should now have max stats and enough feats and magic points to max out all feats and magic.
Hans Schmidt.

Complete The Gauntlet level to unlock extreme mode. Start a new game under the easy, normal or hard difficulty setting. Do not import anyone when starting the new game. Save the game to new saved game slot in the tavern. Exit and start a new game under the extreme difficulty setting. Choose the game you just saved for extreme mode to transfer. You should be at level 1 with clothes and no weapons. Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Select the "Invincibility" option and warp to "Towerh". Save the game and enter the Black Forge to the Onyx Golem with the Onyx Sword. Search the treasure chest and weapon rack for a weapon to attack the golem with. You cannot get injured with the invincibility cheat on. Defeat him and you will jump to level 40 with about 870,000 experience points. However, to level 41, you need to get the 100,000,000 experience points.

Hint: Carry more items:
The game only checks how much you can carry when buying and picking up items. You can put on Rings Of Strength and an Amulet Of Strength, pick up man items, then take off the strength items and put on Rings Of Constitution for more HP or other rings and amulets to boost other stats. This works well when duplicating Extra Healing Potions so you can carry a large number of them through tough areas and to face end Bosses.
Ben Hanes.

Hint: Lighter load:
When you first begin the game, you are dressed with boots, gloves, and clothes - none of which have any defense value. Sell them to lighten your load by about 15 lbs. You may look a little funny without any clothes on, but your defense (Armor Class) will have remained the same.

Hint: Move faster :
To move faster, you can jump everywhere instead of walking. It will make the journey about one and a half times faster.
sq4myvw's son.

Hint: Easy targeting with a ranged weapon:
When using a ranged weapon such as a crossbow, press the Right Analog-stick Forward, then rotate it around to aim, all the time leaving it on its furthest axis.

Hint: Safe stash:
If you drop items in a place populated by friendly people (in other words, people you are not allowed to attack, such as in the Elfsong Tavern), some if not all of the items dropped will be gone if you leave the screen and return later. However, items left in the company of monsters (such as in the Sewers) will always be there when you return. Apparently, the monsters are more trustworthy than the patrons of Baldur's Gate.

Hint: Resurrection in multi-player mode:
If a player dies during multi-player mode, have the surviving player go the previous save point. Walk in the light surrounding the save point and they will be brought back. The character will be resurrected with all items, but at half hit points.
Rick Hansen.

Hint: Get to level 40 quickly:
Use the following trick to get a new character to level 40. You first must have a character saved under the extreme difficulty setting. Then, start a new game under the easy difficulty setting with a new character, (Dwarf, Human or Elf). As soon as the new game starts, save the character data at the tavern immediately. Then, exit the game and return to the main menu. Load up the character that is in extreme mode. Then, import the new character you just created over the your old extreme mode character. Enable the "Cheat mode" code and turn invincibility on and level warp to the Hall of Remembrance. Take the character downstairs to the Black Forge and kill the Onyx Golem (the monster with the Onyx Sword). Your character will level up to level 40. Note: This has only been tested in one player mode.
Marcus Debenham.

Hint: Sorcerer supermodel:
Choose the Elven Sorcerer, then talk to the bar owner and finish. When you are done, go to the menu and remove her clothes to see her in her underwear.

Hint: Naked Sorceress:
Start a game in easy mode as the Sorceress. Enable the "Cheat mode" code and activate the "Invincibility" option. Take off the Sorceress' clothes and play the game as usual. After you defeat an enemy such as Xantem, Drow Underworld Witch, Karn, or Eldrith, the camera will move. If the camera comes close to her, you can see her naked. This is best seen after defeating the Orb of the Dead.
Brett Heininer.

Hint: Crypt vase combination:
In level 1 of The Crypt, the combination for the vases are: blue, green, yellow.

Hint: Freeze ghosts:
When you are in the Crypts or Hall Of Remembrance as Adrianna or Drizzt, use the Ball Of Ice. Wait until a ghost is next to a wall then shoot it at the wall. The ghost will freeze and keep going straight without moving.
Grant Ryan.

Hint: Act 2: Easy experience and gold:
After defeating the Drow dark elf in Act 2, talk to the Dwarf in the cellar. Then, recall to town and immediately save the game. Talk to the another dwarf other than the one where you can buy and sell. He will thank you and give you 2000 experience and 3000 gold. Save this as a new game. Load the old game and import your character from the new game. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Shirt Ninjay.

Hint: Defeating Eldritch:
As Adriana under the easy difficulty setting, it is possible to defeat Eldritch with Magic Missile and blocking. Stock up on Rejuv and Healing potions, which are plentiful. Have a 2:1 ratio of Rejuv to Healing Potions. Set Magic missile and save at the stairs of Hall Of Remembrance. When you face Eldritch, keep her just on screen and set shield to block to a button. After she has sent her sword to attack and it has hit your shield, fire two rounds of Magic Missile for each attack of Eldritch. She will stay put, and towards the end will try and attack with Spears Of The Tower. Stay put and carry on. You will use no more than two Healing Potions, but will kill her without needing stronger spells, such as as Lighting which does not work on her.

Hint: Best sword:
The best sword is not the Onyx Blade. It is the Shocking Burst Adamantine Bastard Sword +3. It does 48-180 damage, as well as electrical damage.
Jake Hancey.

The Shock Adamantine Great Sword +3 does 56-204 damage. It can be found in the Onyx Tower in extreme mode. You cannot buy this sword.

The best weapon found so far is the Shocking Burst Adamantine Great Sword of Defense +5. The damage is 64-212 and can be found in the Onyx Tower. You cannot buy this weapon.
Joel Jackson.

Hint: Recall back to saved point:
A simple way to transport yourself from any level is to use the Recall Potion. The manual states that you can use the Recall spell to warp you to the safety of the tavern, but it does not mention that if use it a second time from the tavern, it will warp you back to your last saved point. This can save lots of time and aggravation, and can be useful to unload items, sell them off, or load up on upgrades without having to work your way back to the same level point after you are done.
Bobby Knight.

Hint: Character choices:

Vahn (Human) : High carrying capacity; starts with accuracy and targeting.
Adrianna (Elf): High charisma; starts with burning hands; more active spells

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