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BFG (M249 SAW) in City Streets level:
Enter 5SQQ-5THA-ZFFV-7XEV as your profile name. Make sure you include the "-" symbol when entering the code (located next to the "!" symbol). After selecting "Done", you will be able to re-enter an actual profile name. This is how you know the code was accepted. When you begin the first level, you will have the BFG weapon.

Alternately, enter one of the following profile names:


Silver weapons:
Successfully complete the game under the normal or hard difficulty settings. All guns will now be silver and have unlimited ammunition. Note: The silver weapons will only be available for the difficulty setting you have completed and any lower difficulty settings. This does not include the Black Ops difficulty setting. You will always have silver weapons on that setting.

Black Ops difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting.

Successfully complete the game under the Black Ops difficulty setting to unlock the M16A2 (M16 with grenade launcher) for use on any difficulty setting.

Alternately, successfully complete the game under the Easy difficulty setting, then under the Normal difficulty setting, then finally under the Hard difficulty setting. Then, select Black Ops mode and you will spawn with an M16A2 in any game mode.

Hint: Faster M16A2 reload:
With the M16A2 in Black Ops mode. the lag-time on the reload for the grenade launcher is long. Immediately after you shoot a round, switch weapons then switch back quickly and it will be reloaded for you.
Greg Kuntz.

Hint: x5 zoom with the sniper rifle:
Press R3 to zoom in on x2. When you are in this position, press D-pad Up as if you were changing the firing method of your weapon.

Hint: Quick suppresser set:
When you are in the middle of putting a suppresser on your weapon and enemies appear, fire and the suppresser with be on with your weapon going instantly into firing position.
Cody Woodhouse.

Hint: No blur on reload:
To get rid of the blur when you reload, press X to reload then immediately hold Square.
James Apelian.

To get rid of blur in automatic reload, tap R1 and everything will become clear. Also when reloading the M16 MP5, etc. with X, some have longer reloads. You can stop a X reload and fire whatever is remaining in the magazine by pressing R1. You can also speed up reload by tapping R1.

To reload your weapon without the blur, press X to reload then tap Triangle.
Cody Woodhouse.

Hint: Defeating enemies:
Use destructive objects to your advantage to shock, hurt or even kill your enemies.
Jason Voorhees.

Hint: Defeating enemies with shields and body armor:
There is no real secret to use with enemies with full body armor. Head shots will not work; just shoot. For enemies with shields, use grenades or RPGs. Or, get behind them and kill them by shooting them in the back.
Joe Jiao.

To kill shield enemies without wasting a grenade, shoot them on their left. You might take a little bit of damage, but it is worth it.

Hide behind something firm such as metal, and not something that can be destroyed. After you are safe from incoming fire use a gun with a decent sight on it. Crouch down and slowly peek around the object you are hiding behind, just enough to see your target. Wait for awhile and he will peek his head up for a few seconds. While his head is up, shoot it a few times. A few hits are required to kill him because of his helmet.

Shielded troopers will often stand beside large stone pillars in rooms (for example, in the "Tivliz Asylum" level). Do not shoot at the troopers. Instead, shoot at the stone pillars above them. This will cause the stone to fall and crush them. If it does not appear to be working, you may need to aim higher.

Hint: Defeating RPG troopers:
Whenever you encounter an RPG trooper, the easiest way to take them out to is to wait until they fire a round (pop out then hides behind something). While they are reloading, shoot at his midsection. If successful, you will shoot and detonate the RPG he is trying to reload, blowing him up.
Rawle Becerril.

Hint: Naszran Foundry: Hidden M203:
In the Nazaran Foundry cemetery, after the you finish the third sniper position go behind that sniper building. There will be a house with an explosive drum next to a safe. Blow up the drum, then walk into the house to find a hidden M203.

Hint: Naszran Town: Medic kit:
After you get out of the basements and into the first set of trenches, kill all of the enemies. On far left side of the area in the collapsed house that overlooks the entrance to the trenches is a pile of rubble with a hidden medic kit. Note: This medic kit can still be found there even under the Hard and Black Ops difficulty settings.
Charles Thornton.

Hint: Naszran Town: Fences:
To knock down the fences in the cemetery section, shoot the oil tanks. They will take a few hits from your Uzi, but will blow the fence down.

Hint: Spetriniv Gulag: Easy completion:
When you get to the end of the mission and after the bunkers open and begin shooting at you, get to first balcony. There is only one balcony that you can get on to. Make sure you have a Magnum and a M249. Use the M249 (BFG) to kill the RPG enemies. They will only attack you one at a time and there are only four or five of them. After the RPG enemies stop appearing, take out your Magnum and slowly lean out of the room you are in. Kill the two bunker gunners with the Magnum, then get back into the room. Repeat the process with bunkers until they self-destruct. There only about four gunners in each so it will not take too long.
Charles Thornton.

Hint: Spetriniv Gulag: Unlimited grenades:
Wait until the door closes then turn to the right. Run straight to the staircase on the right-hand side. At the top of this staircase is a small room with a box of grenades. If you pick up this box and use all the grenades that you were given, it will reappear instantly. This can repeated as many times as desired by tossing grenades all over the room. The only enemies you will have to worry about are the ones on the top railing.

Hint: Spetriniv Gulag: Final battle:
The M249 SAW, RPG (with at least four rounds), and at least two grenades (not those at the room entrance) are required for this trick. Do not enter the room. The door closes and it becomes difficult. Do not use any RPG rounds as you will need them later. Crouch at the door entrance and shoot the man with the flak armor in the back of the head. Then, shoot the others on the ground. To kill the men on the walkways, shoot the red object on the right side (on the walkway), then shoot the objects around the bottom of the left walkway. These will cause big explosions. Once those men are dead, kill the next few in any order that keeps you alive. Do not forget the ones on the walkways. This will repeat until two appear on the walkway which is nearest to you. Kill them, then throw a grenade at each doorway at either end of the walkway. This should kill a few people (you will hear screams). If successful, more enemies will appear on the walkways and on the ground level. Enemies will keep appearing until the two bunkers open at the far end and RPG troopers. Do not worry, as only RPG trooper appears at a time; there are three or four of them. Move back and wait for any last enemies or RPGs fired. Get out the way (or kill the enemies), then slowly go to the doorway until you can see a bunker. Take out your RPG and shoot it until the whole back wall explodes. Use this time to take out the last of the enemies. Watch out, as the RPG troopers will probably still be around, along with flak armored shotgun wielding men. This depends on how close they were to the back wall when it went up. Once everyone is dead and you have destroyed the safe on the walkway, go through one of the destroyed bunkers and complete the game. Sometimes this will not work out correctly and you will have to hide on the walkway (for example, if the door closes) and shoot them as they come.

You will need the magnum with as many shots as possible, the M249, and multiple grenades. Before you enter the room, crouch down in the archway and do your best to get head shots with the magnum. Use the magnum to blow up as many explosives as possible. After you are out of ammunition or when there are not any enemies remaining, take out the M249. Reload if needed, then run forward. When the shotgun and shielded enemies come out, keep moving and drop grenades at their feet. When they are cleared, shoot when possible and go up the stairs. Once up there, go into each room. Collect the armor and go into the other room. Once there, crouch down and take out the magnum (if you have ammunition), or use the M249 and wait for the enemies to come after you. After the enemies stop to appear for about two minutes, use the M249 and go down the stairs. There is a machine gun nest at the wall; subdue him and destroy the nest with grenades preferably, and enter it. When you do so, move around the corridor to complete the mission.
Jarred Bake.

Hint: Treneska Border Crossing: Posters:
In the first border camp, there are houses on the right side of the road (as you enter the camp). Inside the houses are bulletin boards on the wall. Posted here are two pictures. They are the actors who portray Sgt. Kellar - Marty Papazian (unconfirmed likeness) and his interrogator, played by Paul Pape.
John Bouras.

Hint: Trenska Border Crossing: AK-47 supressor:
When you first start out and after you kill the first enemy, there is a cave to the right of where you are standing. Inside will be an AK-47 suppressor. Try pressing various buttons until you get the suppressor.
Jarel Bobola.

Hint: Vratska Dockyard: Rocket launcher:
Once you get to the part where someone with a rocket launcher shoots at you from a ship tower, blow him up. Go down by the bottom of the ship. On the side of the steps, you will be asked to switch weapons for an RPG.
j souder.

Hint: Recommended weapons:
The Magnum kills in one shot where ever it hits, unless your target is one of the men carrying shotguns with masks and full body armor.
Kevin Murphy.

Hint: Save health and ammunition:
If your temporarily low on health and ammunition, take the time to shoot everybody in the head. This usually brings them down in one shot and helps keep you alive. Because there is a smaller chance of you being killed by others if you do this, you will not need to repeat the level from the checkpoint and have to kill everyone again.

Hint: Aurora stealth plane reference:
In the first mission, under any difficulty level other than easy, you can destroy Intel as a secondary objective. One of those Intel-containing laptops once destroyed holds information on an "Experimenting aircraft code named "Aurora"." The "Aurora" is supposedly a real, yet secret, aircraft. Most of the Intel is real or based on real world information.
Ross Reelachart.

Hint: Burnout reference:
During the final battle there is a safe (one of the secondary objective items) on the left walkway. If you destroy the safe, a message similar to "'You have destroyed Secret Burnout Renders" will appear.

Hint: The Terminator reference:
In the "Nahzran Foundry" mission, inside the foundry building is a red intel folder on the wall located next to the bottom of the stairwell (in the room with the four weapon machines that you need to destroy). After destroying the first machine, go to the stairs and collect the folder. It will give a message stating "You have discovered blueprints for Phased Plasma Rifle (40W Range)." In the movie The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character goes to a gun shop and asks the clerk for several weapons. One of the weapons he asks for is a "phased plasma rifle with a 40 watt range."

Glitch: Red and black shells :
When you reload the Remington shotgun, the shells are red. However, sometimes the shells are black, and there are no black shotgun shells in the game.
Jamie Perry.

Glitch: Larger ammo numbers:
Press Circle while reloading a gun that is a machine gun type weapon while meleeing an enemy. There is a slight chance that your ammo count may be larger.
Novice unknown.

Glitch: Mystery light:
In the "Trenska Border" mission, shoot out all the lights then look at the ground. The ground will still be lit.

Glitch: AK47 bullet casings:
When you fire the AK47, the bullet casings are ejected from the wrong side of the gun. The bullet casings should come out of the right side, away from your face.

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