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Champions: Return To Arms

Level 20 character:
Start a new game with a Champions of Norath saved game file that has a quick level 20 character. To do this, start Champions of Norath, then hold L1 + R2 + Triangle + R3. Save the game. Start a new game on Champions Return To Arms and import the new character from Champions Of Norath. The character should be level 20 with 999 skill points. This does not work for the new classes and races.

Hint: Quick Gate Scroll:
Instead of pressing Start and going to "Gate Scroll", hold Square then press Select.
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Hint: Item duplication:
You can duplicate any number of items and give them to a character just starting out in the campaign. To do this, you must first have a saved game file that has the character with the item that you want to duplicate. Start a new game with up to four characters and import the character with the item desired to be duplicated into each of the characters (up to four). Give all of the items to be duplicated to one of them and save the game. Then, create a new game and repeat the same procedure; but this time use the character from the newest saved game which should have multiple items already. Note: To save memory card space, just keep saving over the duplicating file. Continue doing this until the number of items duplicated is reached. Start a new game creating the character you want for the mission, then import the character that has been duplicated and give the items to the character that is actually being created for a game. Finally, create a new game and import the character that you created and then gave the duplicated items to in order to start the game with whatever items desired. Note: This can also be done to generate more money by selling the duplicated items instead of keeping them with the character that was created for the new game.
Mystical Realms.

This trick requires at least two controllers and enough space on your memory card for two files (about 800K). Go to "Create Game" under the adventurous level, and choose how many players you want. For example, if you have four controllers, choose four players. When you get to the player selection screen, import the character who has the items to be duplicated to every player and start the game. You will now have copies of your character. Have all but one of your extra characters drop the desired items. Then, pick them up with your primary character (that did not drop the items) and save the game. Then, exit the game and go to the main menu. Start a new game under any difficulty setting. At the character import/selection screen, and import the character that picked up the dropped items. You have now duplicated those items.

This trick requires all eleven Bloodstones. Having a keyboard or microphone is also desired, so that you can tell other players what you are doing so that they will not pick up what you drop. When you get to the end of the Bloodstone Passage, the game auto-saves. Do not go in yet. Enter your inventory and drop a few items, such as eight Perfect Bears or some gems. Go into the Twisted Nightmare and intentionally die. The items will remain on the floor where you left them and you still have the bears that you had before you dropped them, because the game saved when you had them. Drop eight more, go in, and die. There should be sixteen on the floor. Be on the safe side, and do not drop all twenty five items. If you pick up the items then die, you will lose out -- the game does not save again after that first save. Do this two times and exit the mission, just for caution.

Hint: Better weapons and items for weaker characters:
Start a new game and save it. Start a new game and import the character that you just saved and your strongest character in Two Player mode. Have the strong character drop everything. Have the weaker character to pick it up. Either sell the items for more money or save it for later use. Save over the game with the weaker character, then start a new game with the weaker character. Save over the other game with the weaker and stronger characters. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Hint: Easy arena levels:
You must have a Shadow Knight with Raise Army. When playing the arena in single or co-op mode, in round two of every board once your score appears cast Raise Army. You must have characters alive when you move onto the next round. When the third round comes up, every enemy will die. This is helpful because the third round is always the most difficult. This trick works on the second round as well, but it is better to save it for the third round.
Adam Thornhill.

Hint: Defeating Cyclops:
In order to find Kerriel's conch, you must fight and kill three Cyclops. The easiest way to do this is to run in circles, occasionally slowing slightly and going past them so that they take a swing, but stay out of range. Then, fling exploding potions, or bash/slash with your best weapon. Then, back off and keep running, or he will fart and poison you, or hit you with his club.
John Doe.

Hint: Defeating the Dragon:
In the Plain of Fire you will fight an extremely difficult Boss. An easy way to defeat him requires two players. Have one player hit the dragon so it will chase him or her. Have the player who hit the dragon stay a few inches away from it. The dragon will then breath fire on that player. Have the other player kill the dragon. The dragon will not turn on the other player. You should have a weaker player kill the dragon so that they get more experience. You can also try using the player with the best melee damage, although a single player can do this trick as well. You must wait until the Dragon begins to take in air. When this happens, attack the dragon's side. Never attack the face or back of the dragon, as it has a powerful bite and tail wipe attack.

In the Plane of Fire when you have to kill the dragon, the key is to not stop moving until he does, and even then not for a long time. Throw things at him or get him in the side. However, this takes a very long time to be effective. This trick will only work if you have lots of ammunition. It is best used with the Vah Shir Berserker, or if you have hundreds of arrows for a different class. While running away from the dragon, try to run in a counter-clockwise direction. When you come to the portal, run behind it but stop a few feet after. Do not under any circumstances go out into the open. The dragon will be stuck on the other side of the portal, leaving you free to shoot or throw things at him. The choice is a Vah Shir Berserker with the Summon Axe ability. By doing this, you will not run out of ammunition as long as you have mana.
John Doe.

Hint: Defeating The Four Horsemen:
The Four Horsemen can be difficult to defeat. Use a Vah Shir Berserker with a high Summon Throwing Axe spell and a decent melee weapon and armor. When the battle starts with each horseman, run as close to them as possible. When you get close enough, their horse will stand on two feet and try to knock you down. When this happens, run around them. When the horse is on all four, hit it with your strongest melee weapon. After a while of taking a beating, the horse will leave. Next, you must defeat the rider. Each rider has a different spell. To defeat the riders, run around and throw your throwing axes at them. This will take awhile. If you run out axes, use the spell Summon Throwing Axe. You can use mana potions, just not health. If run out of mana potions, run around until your mana regenerates. An easy way to know if the rider is about to use his spell is when he lets out a loud scream. It is a good idea to use a Vah shir Berserker at level 10 or higher. By using a Berserker, you will not have to use a single potion unless you get hit bad. Remember, in order to win the challenge you are only allowed to use no more than four health potions.

To defeat the Four Horsemen (War, Death, Disease, and Pestilence), have decently fast attack speed (two-handed weapon with a Misty Globe on it, duel wield, etc.). When you knock any of them off their horse, they will fall on their face. Walk up behind them and start attacking. When they get up, they will start walking around as if looking for you. If you can stay behind them it is a very easy win.
Nathan Gerrity.

Hint: Defeating the Iron Guardian:
This works best with two players. Throw exploding potions at it. They will do lots of damage. Have at least 20 potions each. If you run out of potions you can also cast spells at it (best with Erudite Wizard) or wait until it does an attack where it swings one arm in front then the other one. Go behind it when it does this and melee attack. Get out of there really quickly because it will swing around and kill you in one hit.

Hint: Defeating Minotaurs:
Minotaurs will first appear in the Plane of Torment. They can be very difficult to defeat, especially if you do not have much life or health tonic remaining. Stock up on gas/fire potions. If you know a Minotaur is ahead of you, equip a gas/fire potion. When the Minotaur is coming towards you, throw the potion. When the Minotaur becomes green, or lights on fire, run. He will chase you, but the potion will make him stop and jerk every few feet, giving you an opportunity to gain some ground and take pot shots with your bow, throwing axes, or whatever you have to fling at him. Do not waste any potions while he is already incapacitated, as they do not do enough harm to make much difference, and you will need them later. The fire potion may be a little stronger, but the gas potion lasts longer, giving you more time to assault your foe. Note: Gas potions do not work on the little black enemies (ghouls?), but fire will; although it is generally easier to just chop them to bits and guard when needed.
John Doe.

In the Plane Of Torment, you will encounter Minotaurs that are very strong and fast. Note: The methods to defeat them also work on the Tormentor. One way is to get them trapped behind the various crates and then shoot magic at them. Use your strongest spell. The second method is to block their attacks until they do a blockbreaker attack. Once they have done the blockbreaker, they will pause for a moment. Hit them with your melee weapon or magic, whichever is stronger.
Jacob Agee.

Hint: Defeating Mithaniel Marr:
To kill Marr easily, develop a good male or female ranger, then just range him. From the start, make sure you have a bow that can do at least 90 to 120 damage. If it has two sockets open, put any Whetstone in it and any type of Misty Globe. If you have a lot of points on Dexterity and Strength, your damage should now be about 250 to 400 points. Make sure that your Cold Arrow is at least level 3, your Mana is at least 250, and your Critical Hit is at level 5, 6, or 7. When the match starts, get on a good camera angle, put on your Critical Hit, and range him until he dies with your Cold Arrow. When you start your ranging, he will try to block your arrows, but unlike the normal arrows the Cold Arrows will always hit him.

This is directed specifically to classes that can summon an ally and can use a decent projectile (magic recommended because it does not run out). Summon the ally immediately at the start of the battle and turn on the map so that you can see the Planar Portal Arc located to the south. In the short time it takes for him to kill your ally, run to the arcs and get behind it. Because the middle of the arc is open, you can shoot him without getting hit once. Be careful, as he will attempt to run around and catch you. Just keep shooting him until he dies.

Hint: Defeating Reapers:
If you have just created a game and are in the Plane Of War, use the following trick to defeat Reapers. At first they will do a cold punch, which will always work. It does very little damage, but does slow you down. They will then attack once and wait briefly, giving you an opportunity to attack. They will do this pattern every time in melee combat. If you have a bow or are throwing things, that tactic (as well as magic), also works.
Jacob Agee.

Hint: Negating enemy attacks:
Because the Shaman is a weak class, an effective way to avoid being hit with a melee attack or being shot with an explosive arrow is to shoot "Tagar's Insects" at the enemy. The spell is not good for damage but the enemy cannot attack you because it constantly hurts them, depending on what level you are. Use this time to kill them. Also, the spell can go through walls and hit enemies on the other side.

Hint: Massive Bear strength:
Use the "Item duplication" cheat and duplicate as many perfect bear figurines as possible. Barbarians with high strength are best for this trick. Equipping a bear not only increases your attack, but it allows you to carry more weight. Ultimately, each bear will weigh 1.5 pounds in your inventory. Empty out your inventory until you have your ideal weapon(s) and equipment with you. Put the bears into your inventory (usually over 250 bears should be in there) and watch your strength skyrocket. Then, set Critical and Ancestral Call on your markers and go up to any enemy of your choice. Activate both, and hit them for at least 70,000 damage, depending on your stat distribution.
Roger Snow.

Hint: Wear two earrings:
Unlock the bonus levels for the Plane and Torment and Plane of Fire. To get the special ability, you must retrieve the Twisted Key from the Plane of Fire's bonus level then go to the Plane of Torment's bonus level. Behind the portal which teleports you to the neutral plane is another cell door which requires a cell key to get open. Open the cell which requires the twisted key. You will talk to Sylea, who helped you in Champions of Norrath: Realms Of Everquest and because of that was imprisoned to that cell. Now that she is saved she wants the Bloodvine. Go to the Pit of III Omen where Kerriel wants her Conch. Ignore her and track onto Gnomes Island. Save all of the gnomes at Babik's request. Babik was also in Champions Of Norrath: Realms of Everquest. In that game he brought you to the Vampire Castle. After saving the gnomes he will bring you to the Vampire Castle. After some searching of the grounds you will find the Bloodvine. Return to Sylea in the Plane of Torment's bonus level. Give the Bloodvine to her. You will get your reward of being pierced in the other ear, and now be able to wear two earrings.

Hint: Bloodstones:
Search the following locations to find the corresponding Bloodstone.

Bloodstone of Disease: Hidden in the Labyrinth.
Bloodstone of Faydark: Get the Archaeologist's Shovel (found in the first part of the map; Elf town or Orc cave) and the Words of Spiritual Harmony (found in the Plane Of Nightmares dungeon). The Bloodstone can now be found in the unexplored tomb at Faydark.
Bloodstone of Fire: Obtained in the Medallion Round.
Bloodstone of Innovation: Located in the Betting Room after the fourth round.
Bloodstone of Isle: Return to Babek after saving the Gnomes. It can be found on the hidden island.
Bloodstone of Torment: Obtained in the Medallion Round.
Bloodstone of War: Obtained in the bonus round after the Four Horsemen.
Bloodstone of Water: Obtained during the Medallion Round.
Bloodstone of Isles: Save all eight gnomes on Gnomes Island then go to Vanarost Castle. It is hidden in a barrel before or after the Boss, depending the path selected.
Bloodstone of Faydark: Located in the "hidden tomb". First, get the Archeologist's Shovel (found in the first part of the map; Elf town or Orc cave) and the Words of Spiritual Harmony (found in the in Plane Of Nightmares dungeon). Then smash all the crates and barrels and open all chests in the "hidden tomb". Its container is random.

Hint: Penguin:
In the Plane Of Torment just north of the Shadowelf and south of the teleporter is a castle of to the left side. There will be a penguin waddling around on the castle. He is difficult to see until he turns and you can see its white belly.

Hint: Reference to Samurai history:
In the Plain Of Valor, you will end up fighting an army of Samurai. There not generally difficult to defeat. If you watch one after defeating him there is a chance that you will see him on his knees. He will then stab himself with his own sword. Real Samurai did this to avoid bringing shame and dishonor to their family and/or lord.

Glitch: Unlimited attribute points at Four Horsemen:
When you start a new game and level up, do not place your points. Instead, save them. By the time you defeat the Boss for the Plain Of War you should be at level 6 and have 15 attribute points. Go to the side mission with the Four Horsemen. Before you start the fight with them, add all 15 of your attribute points. Because this does not work with players abilities, do not worry about upgrading them. Resume the game and die. You will be prompted to try again. Do so and follow through the same process. When you go back to level up the attributes, the 15 points you placed earlier will be there, plus you will have 15 points to spend again. Do this as many times as desired.

Glitch: Examine Cazic Thule:
Exit the mission immediately after depleting Cazic Thule's life bar (light) and re-enter the Plane of Fear without going to any other plane. You can see him floating face up in the air with his arms and legs outstretched. This lets you get a good look at him.

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