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Cricket 07

Ashes 05 movies:
Complete all objectives in the 05 Ashes scenarios under any difficulty. There is a set for England and a set for Australia.
Rocky Mak.

Hint: General strategies:
You can make batsman out by bowling with a slow medium bowler and bowling shot of the length bowl (slower delivery)
Sameer Karkhanis.

With fast bowler you can bowl the good length bowl. The keeper will have no problems catching it. Keep the speed to almost full, but not full. Also, any swing will do.
sriu hmhufptr, tSameer Karkhanis.

Play Straight and hit the Six hit shot only when the bowl is near your half crease length or else see your stump flying towards the keeper.
Sameer Karkhanis.

Play in New Zealand's stadiums (specially Auckland). The grounds are small and it is easier to hit sixes there than anywhere else.
shawn micheales.

To get batsman out, just bowl a short pitched delivery with a medium pacer (Ganguly, Ponting) and keep the speed at not more than two or three lines. Keep the bowl in line with wickets. The batsman will eventually get bold or LBW.
shawn micheales.

If you are batting, be positive. If it takes you 15 overs to score a run, you will fail. This is applicable even when it was just for Michael Clarke to score a 50. It would be nearly a must in the final Australian scenario when you have about 17 overs to score about 24 runs per over. Try to get at least a run or two per ball, and at least a four or six every over. Lower-order batsman almost have to adopt a "whack and go" strategy because an on-drive could be weak and become a pop-fly to a fielder.
Rocky Mak.

If you are bowling, vary the length and go around the wicket and off-cut the ball often; Glenn McGrath and Simon Jones cannot swing the ball. For a spinner, vary the pace.
Rocky Mak.

Hint: Hidden trophies:
There are trophies that you can only win from completing tournaments within the respective tours rather than a separate tournament.

Sharja One-day tournament: Complete One-day circuit tour. The particular trophy will be won in the third tournament.
The Ashes Urn: Full English or Australian-hosted Ashes tour; the full series (not scenarios).

Hint: Special balls:
Fast Medium bowlers (for example, Flintoff and McGrath) cannot reverse swing, even when they actually can. Fast bowlers do not have a slower ball special delivery.
Rocky Mak.

Hint: Getting all English domestic trophies:

English Domestic Trophies: Complete two seasons of English Domestic seasons as a Division 2 side using 2006 division sets (Essex, Surrey or Somerset recommended). By doing this, you can win the first season and be promoted to Division 1, and win season 2 to attain the remaining Division 1 titles.
Tour Bats: Complete each tour with at least 50% tour success, which is determined by matches won and sub-series finals won.

Glitch: Bald batsmen or fielder:
If you create a player, even when you are updating stats for a batsman already in the roster, he will be bald when he wears a hat, cap, or helmet.

Glitch: Batting milestones at the end of the over:
If you score a 50 or 100 at the end of the over, the batting stats will be for the next player on strike. For example, Brendan McCullum scores a 50 at the 8.5th over against Australia, and he is partnering Ross Taylor. McCullum will still celebrate, but the batting stats you can see is Ross Taylor's because Ross will be the next man on strike at the start of the 9th over. To overcome this, try to get to 49 runs, 99 runs... and get the milestone by scoring a single at the x.5th over to stay on strike for the next over.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Getting a wicket at the end of over:
The commentator will announcement how many wickets the next player expected to bowl, unless if he has not taken any. For example, have Australia vs. England in a Test. The opening bowlers are Brett Lee and Gleen McGrath. Brett Lee just got his third wicket, but Glenn McGrath has fourth as well, then Richie Benaud will say how many wickets McGrath has taken. As the game progresses, and your bowling tandem changes, and you will be hearing who is expected to bowl next (based on the asterisk next to a player's name on "Change Bowler" screen). Changing your next bowler between overs does not help. It could be very wrong if you are in a one-dayer if you have claimed a wicket at the final ball of the innings because there is nobody else bowling next.
Rocky Mak.

Glitch: Manual run-outs denied:
Use manual fielding controls and bowl with a fast-medium or fast bowler. Throw and smash the unguarded non-striker's wicket (R1 + X) while the non-striker nonchalantly strays away from the popping crease without a run being called, the umpire will lift the finger, and the player will walk away. The total number of wicket will not increase, and he will be back with another life.
Rocky Mak.

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