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Dark Cloud

Demon Shaft dungeon:
After completing the North American version of the game, you will be prompted to save. After saving, reload your game, and a new location will appear on the world map. It is the Demon Shaft, an extremely hard dungeon, with 100 floors.
fueiior mivopmanand Dizzy_Anonymity.

Georama bonuses:
To get 100%, fulfill every character's request in an area.

Battle Ax: Get 100% in Matataki Village.
Macho Sword: Get 100% in Queens.
Mirage and Diamond: Get 100% in Muska Lacka.
Windmill Slash charge attack for Toan: Get 100% in Norune Village.

Hint: Defeating Captain's Chariot:
To defeat Captain's Chariot ("cannon" in shipwreck), when they shoot at you, try to dodge it. Select Goro if he is very strong, otherwise play as Toan. Target it and keep looking at it. Walk towards it and try to bring it to the wall (until you cannot go further). During this entire time he will not shoot you. When he is at the wall, keep hitting him until he is defeated.

Hint: Defeating Black Pendragon:
When fighting the Black Pendragon at the end of the Demon Shaft, only attack with one hit then retreat. If you attempt a combo he will counter and cause your sword, no matter how powerful, to instantly break. Save immediately before you attempt to battle him, to avoid losing any precious weapons such as a Chronicle Sword.

Note: When you defeat Black Pendragon, a light will shoot down on him. This is when you find the Chronicle 2 sword.
Darkgenniee Freeeakkk.

Hint: Defeating Dark Genie:
Note: It is recommended that you max out your Ultimate Weapons' stats before confronting this Boss. The Dark Genie's first form has a variety of attacks. One of them is an energy beam that can instantly kill a character. To dodge this attack, you need to constantly be on the move. Its other attacks are fairly easy to dodge. Start out with Toan and try to dodge the hand. Look and see what color of the eye on the hand is. For example, if the color is yellow, you would use Thunder as the element for your weapon. Go to your weapons menu and make the needed adjustments. You will need to do so several times. After enough damage has been done, the Dark Genie will change its attack pattern. It will no longer use the hand attack. Instead, it will stand up and blast energy beams. Switch to Xiao and use her sling shot. Lock on to Genie's head and fire. Be sure to keep on moving around the platform to dodge its attack. The Dark Genie's second form is much bigger but its attacks are almost the same. The target now is the bright orb that sticks of his mouth. Use Toan and apporach it and attack. Back away as he attacks, then repeat. Watch out for the two monsters that Genie calls out, however it is not required to kill them.

Stock up on Revival, Stand-In and Repair powders. It makes the battle easier if you find some Stamina Potions. Save the game, then go to the Dark Genie's lair. There are three important sounds you must listen to in order to figure out what attack the Dark Genie is doing. One is a "Hah" sound, which indicates he is using his wings to make an unblockable wind that causes major damage. Switch to the player with the highest defense. The second sound is a "Yar", which indicates his hand attack. Use the strongest weapon and set its attribute to "None". This causes a lot of damage, especially if you drink a Stamina Potion. The hands are easy to dodge; just run back and forth along the back wall. After you defeat his hands the third sound will happen. It sounds like "Her". When you hear this, run away from where he is aiming his instant killing energy beam and do a charge up Holy Shot with Ruby. Stamina potions help a lot here. Make sure to run around near the Dark Genie's pit this time. After you defeat him, you will meet his second form. This is extremely easy . It is easier if you have a Drans Feather or two. He has two helpers that do not require that much attention. He will shoot a instant killing energy beam which can be hard to dodge if you let his helpers get in your way. After he rests his head, move in for the kill. Use a strong sword with the Holy attribute. Run in and slash once and retreat, because he does an energy pound that chases you. Run away then quickly run back in and slash again. Repeat the tactic to defeat him quicker. If his helpers get in your way, run all the way to the back and lead them there. Then, get ready to press the attack on the Dark Genie again until he dies.

Get the Chronicle Sword for Toan. Power it up until it is very strong. After destroying Dark Genie's hands, Status Break Chronicle Sword to Ruby's strongest weapon. You will destroy his head very quickly. Then, kill his last form with Ruby. Save the game and turn off the PlayStation2. When you resume the game, you will have Chronicle Sword again.
Caleb Pereira.

Hint: Defeating Dran:
To defeat the first boss, Dran, run around the area and shoot him with Xiao's slingshot. As soon as you hit him, run up and attack him with your sword. Repeat this until he dies. Depending on the strength of your sword, this could take a long time.
Zack Mitchell.

Change to Xiao, then run around the edge (the part that does not crack) and shoot him. Then, switch to Toan and hit him with your sword. You may want to spend some time building up Toan's sword before you face Dran.
Daniel Wells.

Use Toan to run around the arena as Dran makes the holes. When there are a lot of holes, switch to Xiao and lock onto Dran. Wait for him to fly over one of the holes. When he gets over one, shoot him with the sling shot. This will cause him to fall down a hole and take a lot of damage without you having to risk your health by attacking him.
Sam "TheReaper" Edwards.

Go into the Divine Beast Cave and get around 2500 Gilda. Next, go back up to the Odd Gaffer's Buggy and buy twenty or thirty bombs.Go back down to Dran and have Xiao shoot his underbelly to get him to land. If you shoot him in the face, he lands and attacks with a type of headbutt. Once Dran is on the ground, have your character throw bombs at him repeatedly (use the "Ready Items" at the top of the screen) until he flies back up. Repeat this until he is defeated.
Michael Huff.

One of the easiest ways to defeat Dran without getting hurt is to use Xiao the entire time. Get over three Repair Powders for her slingshot before you go into the Divine Beast Cave. A Steel Slingshot +3 also helps, but is not required. When the fight begins, switch from Toan to Xiao. Put the target lock on Dran and do not take it off. This is crucial to not get hit. Target lock Dran and hit him in the face with the slingshot. He will charge you, but you will have plenty of time to get out of the way. By the time he lands your slingshot should be ready to go again, and you will hit Dran in the face (since you are target locked on him and know exactly where he is). Repeat this until he dies/snaps out of his trance.
Eboney N. Wilhite.

Buy about twenty bombs. When in the Battlefield use Xaio and shoot Dran to get him on the ground. Then, equip the bombs and throw them at him. It works very fast.

Use a weapon with a good amount of Ice attribute active. You can do 180 damage per hit.
Nicholas Wiersema.

Use Xiao first, then Toan. Use Xiao to bring him down, then have Toan charge up his attack and release it on Dran's side. It is recommended to use a Fire element. If you found a Baselord, use it. Have Xiao bring him down and Toan to attack, then repeat. If you have bombs, you can also use those.
Mike Kroll.

Hint: Defeating Ice Queen Saia:
Buy about fifteen Fire Gems from Joker's Store in Queens. If you need money, sell fishing bait. When the battle starts, use a Drans Feather to get very close to her while trying to avoid her shots. When you are close enough to her, get a lock and just keep tossing the gems at her. It is best if you can keep her trapped in a corner.
Zack Mitchell.

At the start of the battle, run back towards the door and switch to Xiao (easier to control) and get behind either of the pillars that are closest to the door. Lock on to the Ice Queen and get behind the pillar so that you cannot see her. The Ice Queen's Icy Blasts cannot hit you as long as you are behind one of those pillars. Take one or two steps out from behind the pillar after you see a bluish cloud, and attack with Xiao. Then, dodge back to your hiding place. If it says "No Effect" then switch to Ruby (make sure Ruby's weapon Attribute is on Fire) and repeat the same thing you did with Xiao. Then, switch back to Xiao, you can attack about five times before it says "No Effect". Once again, switch to Ruby and attack once. Keep repeating this attack pattern and you will defeat the Queen while remaining completely uninjured. If you get frozen, switch characters quickly -- the frozen character will sometimes break free. If a fireball shoots down, switch characters and run -- the fire ball will miss.

When the battle begins, use a Dran's Feather and get very close to her. Attack with a powerful sword and retreat. If your sword is strong enough, it will immediately break La Saia's shield. Next, attack with Ruby until she raises the shield then attack with Toan again. Keeping this attack pattern will defeat the Queen very quickly. Note: Make sure you take Cheeses and Throbbing Cherries, and set your weapon's attribute on Fire.
Artur Miguel.

This Boss has a large amount of health, so use Goro if possible because he has a very high attack. It also helps if he has the Holy Judgment Hammer. Also have a lot of fire gems (at least 20 or 30). Start by attacking with Goro or a character with a high attack and break her ice shield. Then, attack her with Ruby;s Fire attribute attack. After you do this, her ice shield will reappear normally after doing a move that does a fair amount of damage in a big circle. It is easy to avoid, but sometimes it is faster to just take the damage. Repeat this using fire gems when you can. After doing this about fifteen or more times (depending on your attack) she will be defeated. Also have a lot of Cheese, Rival Powder, Repair Powder, and Stand In Powder for the battle.

Get about 2000 Gilda and buy ten Fire Gems. Attack her shield, then put the Fire Gems in the active item slot and attack her. It is possible to killer her with one powered-up fireball.
Evan Montella.

When the battle starts, run to the topmost pillar and switch to Xiao. Then, lock on to her and fire seven shots. Watch out for her ice blasts. When her shield is down switch to Ruby and use a charged up flame blaster fire attack. It will require twelve to fifteen hits to bring down the queen. If this does not happen, rush up and use Toan to break her shield, then use Ruby.
Matt McMillan.

Hit her with about fifteen Fire Gems and she will eventually die.
Darkgenniee Freeeakkk.

When the battle starts, use Goro and get close to La Sia and use his Magic Hammer. Set the attribute to Fire (because that is the only thing that will work) then go up and whack her shield at close range. It may do about 200 to 300 damage. Next, switch to Ruby and use her ring with the attribute of Fire and use a charge attack. However, make sure to dodge the ice bullets she fires and the tornadoes that she creates. Also make sure you have a lot of Revival Powder, about two to three Inferno Gems, and a lot of Repair Powder.
Matt McMillan.

Hint: Defeating King's Curse:
To kill King's Curse, first get Ungaga to blow away the smoke. Then, get out Ruby and make sure her attribute is Holy and attack him. It should take five to eight times to defeat him.

Hint: Defeating Masterutan:
Use Goro for the entire time. Select Goro's Battle Ax, keep attacking the big ape, and trap him against the edge of the battlefield. He will eventually die.
Zack Mitchell.

Use Toan and your strongest sword. You can also try this with the Wise Owl Sword with damage of 55, which is the maximum. Run towards him -- do not hang back and let him shoot the seeds at you. Get him to swing at you and evade the blow. When he becomes dizzy, run in, charge one blink (so Toan will do his jumping slash) and attack. His weak spot is his head, although it is not targeted when pressing Circle. He has around 500HP.

When fighting Masterutan, he will sometimes bounce away from you and eat some fruit. After he eats this, he will turn and spit seeds at you. Instead of trying to avoid them by running, hold R1 to block his attack. Your character will raise their weapon and block all the shots.
Wolfe Masters.

Before you fight him, make sure you have plenty of Repair Powders. When you first go in, use Toan to block the seeds that Masterutan will spit at you. Get close to him and switch to Xiao. Target Masterutan and keep him in target lock. Hit him about three or four times with your slingshot and move out of the way. Keep doing this and he will eventually die/snap out of his trance. You may also choose to move Xiao while hitting him with the slingshot, but this seems to result in a lot of "no effect" hits.
Eboney N. Wilhite.

Keep using Toan's special attack. If you do this about six times, he will die. Note: Try to get a Wise Owl Sword +5 attachment and equip it to the Serpent sword to get about a 65 attack.

Hint: Defeating Minotaur:
Use either Toan or Osmond. As the Minotaur runs around the arena, barrels will start to fall. The Minotaur will pick up a barrel and start drinking. Run towards him and attack, then retreat. Repeat this process and avoid his charge attacks for an easy victory. Note: The barrels count as Stamina Drinks to the Minotaur, so do not let him finish drinking, or one attack will probably kill you.

Switch to Osmond and when the Minotaur picks up a wine barrel and drinks it, get close to him, switch to Toan, and attack. Keep doing this until he is dead.

As soon as the battle starts, switch to your strongest character. When the Minotaur begins to grab a barrel and drink, get as close as you can and attack. Only do this once or he will knock you back. Repeat this until he is dead.
Daniel Wells.

Take out Ungaga and when the Minotaur chases you, lock on but back off. Lead him into a barrel, and before he finishes drinking it, attack him. Back off and lead him into another barrel. Repeat this tactic until he dies. Stock up on Repair Powders and swing away.

Use Goro for this when he has the Last Judgment hammer. Dodge the Minotaur until he goes to drink from one of the barrels. Then, smash his toes. He will stop drinking and it does a lot of damage to him.

Hint: Defeating the Sun Moon Temple Boss:
First, use Ungaga to clear the dark wind around him, then switch to Toan and hit with a charge attack. Repeat for about fifteen to twenty times. This Boss is extremely easy.
Jervaughn Solomon.

Hint: Defeating Rockonoff:
When you fight a Rockonoff in the first dungeon, use Xiao and any slingshot. Keep your distance from it with Dran's Feather. When you get far enough, press R2 to go into first person view and start shooting. It will not move if you position yourself correctly.

Hint: Extra damage as Ruby:
When Ruby is your chosen character, to get the same damage as she would with a charge hold Down. Release it before she glows. She should do more damage and take only 1 instead of 2 WHP.
Manley Young.

Hint: Invincibility:
Successfully complete every level up to the Gallery Of Time then return to any either of the first two levels. No damage will be done to you when someone attacks. You will loose life only when you go to back levels and when you get poisoned.

Hint: Boss clues:
When fighting a Boss, use Xiao with Steve. Steve will talk and give hints on how to defeat the Bosses.

Hint: Skipping duels:
Before you enter the duel, change to any character except Toan. Note: You still will have to duel to advance in the game.
chad poulin.

Hint: Easy money:
You can sell fishing bait and useless items such as Bombs, Fire Gems, Ice Gems, etc. However, fishing bait sells for more money.
Link Iscool.

After completing the Sunken Ship and getting all City Pieces, go to the Fish Shop. Buy the Flapping Fish and an Ice Cube. Use the map and go to Sunken Ship level 1. Run around until you find the entrance to the back floors. Use the Flapping Fish when you find the entrance. A big fish will appear. Get in the fish -- press X when next to him, and choose the option to get in. Once you get to the back floors, all or almost all treasures will be gems. You can either use them for attachments or sell them. This can repeated as many times as needed.

When you die in the dungeon without stand in powder, you have to pay half of your money. To prevent this, just use your money to buy gold bullion. They cost 1,000 and you can sell them for 1,000.
justin fiddler.

If you have over 10,000 in Gilda or bullion, step in a vortex and you get will get "increased money". Your Gilda will increase by 10,000.
JAMES GREENE and shawn wilks.

Go to the first floor of the Divine Beast Cave and kill some monsters. Use Xiao with her Bandit Slingshot. Sometimes, you will get a Crysknife, or a similar weapon. Get money by killing monsters and selling fishing bait and weapons.

Go to Muska Racka pond in Muska Rucka village. Wait until dawn and begin fishing. Use the poisonous apple as bait. Doing so will allow you to catch a Mardan Garayan most of the time. These fish easily give 200 to 500 FP. Once you catch one, choose the "Exchange FP" option. Buy a Mighty Healing, which costs 15 FP. Next, sell a Mighty Healing to any shop and get 150 Gilda. Stock up on poisonous apples at Lana's Shop in Queens. Likewise, if you catch a Mardan Garayan and get 300 FP, you can buy 20 Mighty Healing, which will give you up to 3000 Gilda once you sell them. Use only poisonous apples because only Mardan Garayans go for them. You can also fish at the waterfall in Matataki Villiage at night.

To get extra money in Norune, buy ten to fifteen bombs and go into a level in the Divine Beast Cave with a lot of stone monsters or dragons (nine to fourteen). Use the bomb to blow up the dragons or stone monsters (Statues, Rocknoffs, etc.). You should get a Stone Breaker or Dinoslayer. Sell those to Odd Gaffer for double the amount the you bought the bombs for.

If you run out of money, sell all the amulets you get. Sell all the fishing bait and all attachments except for gems. Sell Wind Gems, Fire Gems, etc. Also sell useless weapons, unless you want to status break them.

You need Goro and his Big Bucks Hammer to do this trick. Find an enemy that steals your money. When you defeat it, the game gives double or triple your money back because the hammer gives double Gilda.

Go to Norune Village. Make sure that Gaffer's shop is assembled completely. Enter his shop as if to buy some items. Change your side of the buy menu so that it is "Attachments" and scroll all the way down. Make sure the last two rows are empty in your Attachments inventory. Move the pointer over the "Ice" item as if you were going to buy it. Instead (this requires some good timing) , press X then quickly Right. If done correctly, the "Ice" should still be there, and you will have picked up what seems to be a broken dagger. Put this item in your attachments and exit Gaffer's shop. This attachment gives the weapon it is in MAX stats. You would think you could stop there with such an attachment, but to get gold you must attach it to a weapon you do not necessarily want. By attaching the broken dagger you have increased the sell value of the weapon by at least 4,000 Gilda. Sell the weapon to get gold or use it to kill until you receive enough Abs to upgrade it. You can build it up, then receive the most powerful weapons in the game after repeating this.
Dragon Master.

Get to the Wise Owl Forest and find a big chest that contains a Bandit Slingshot for Xiao. Once you have that, equip it and go to an area that has the Earth Diggers (level 10). Make sure you have a Sun Dew in your inventory and ready to use. Stand very far back from the Earth Digger and start attacking him with the Bandit Slingshot. It should do about 12 damage per hit. More often than not you will steal a Minon (fish bait) once you have killed everything with the slingshot. Note: You will acquire more sellable things such as Poisonous Apples, etc. Use the Sun Dew to go into the back area, round up all the chests, and kill everything as desired. Go back and repeat as desired. Once done, go back to Matataki and sell all the items that you acquired in the dungeon that was not useful to you.
Kyle Faussett.

Start fishing and acquire a good amount of points (400 or more if desired). Trade your points in and buy the Holy Water, Soap, or needle thing. The Holy Water will sell for 60, Soap for 50, and needle for 150 at a shop. Keep in mind that you will also need these item when you are battling creatures. Keep some and sell about half of them. If you want a lot of money and you have enough points to use, you can get thousands quickly. As tempting as it may seem, do not sell your gems, attachments, or fishing bait. You should upgrade those weapons and make them stronger against all monsters.

Hint: Easy experience:
Once you get to or past the Sunken Ship, go to the Fish Shop. buy the Flapping Fish and an Ice Cube. Go to the Sunken Ship level 14 find the "?" mark on the map. Use the Flapping Fish to get to the back area of level 14. There are 8 monsters each that give 24 EXP -- A total of 192 EXP each time you enter the level. You do not have to leave the dungeon once you have defeated all the monsters. Just go back to level 14 and return to the level 14 back area and they will appear again. If you have a new weapon that you want to build up, switch to another character that is more powerful. Get the monster's HP low, then switch to that new weapon and kill with one hit. Your new weapon will get the EXP.
Death Monster.

Hint: Easy battles:
Find a shop that has bombs (for example, the first shop in Norune Village). Ask the person that is running the shop if you can shop there. Trade in all fish bait and sword gems (Garnet, Sea, Pearl, Ruby, Diamond). Buy as many bombs, water, and bread as possible. Go to any dungeon and put nine bombs in one pouch. When you see a monster, lock on and throw it. Most monsters take one bomb, but the big Mimic takes two or three. Repeat this to all monsters in all floors of the dungeons and it will be a lot easier, especially when you can only use a certain character on some floors.
luke lucero.

Hint: Easy Abs:
For a good amount of Abs, find a group of Sun Dews and go into the back area of the Wise Owl Forest: Level 10. The Werewolves there give 24 Abs for each kill.

When fighting the Werewolves to build up your weapons, equip a strong weapon that can kill the Werewolves in two or three hits and does not get damaged in the process. As you score the last hit that kills the Werewolf, quickly press Triangle. Equip the weak weapon you are trying to build up and exit out of the menus. The werewolf should turn gray, drop to the ground, and disappear. The weaker weapon you equipped will get the 24 Abs without having to land a blow or take any damage. Switch back to your powerful weapon and repeat.
Rene Boudreault and Bigpat374.

The best way to upgrade a weapon is in the back floor of DemonShaft on 21. They result in 40 Abs for each kill. This is very useful when upgrading Toan.

Get a very strong sword (for example, Chronicle, Seventh Heaven, etc.). Then, kill an enemy and while it is fading, change to a weak sword. It will gain the Abs instead of the strong sword.
Canucks in SA.

To quickly power up lower level weapons, slay an enemy with a different arm. Before the enemy body vanishes, switch to the weapon you wish to enhance. the experience will be issued to the weapon that is currently equipped. The harder the foe, the more experience you will receive.

Switch to a strong character and attack an enemy, but do not kill it. When the enemy's health is very low, switch to a weaker character and kill it. The weaker character will get the Abs instead of the stronger character. Note: You may want to do this in the Moon Sea, Gallery of Time, or the Demon Shaft.
Daniel Wells.

When you enter any back floor, kill all monsters then, leave using the secret entrance (the ? on the map). Then, kill all back floor monsters again. Every time you leave and return, new monsters will appear.
Kyle Williams.

Go to the Wise Owl Forest and get a Sun Dew. Then, go to level 10. Once you have the Sun Dew. go in the back room, collect the gems, and kill the monsters. Exit the back room and re-enter it again. The monsters will be there again, but the gems will not.

If you are trying to build up a weapon that is very weak, attack a monster with your strong sword, slingshot, hammer, etc. Before it disappears quickly switch to the weapon that you want to build up. If done correctly, Abs should go to that weapon and not the one you used to killed the monster with. Note: This will not work for Bosses.
Ben Hopf.

Hint: Keep Abs:
Decrease Abs Limited Zones can get very annoying, especially when your weapon is near upgrade. However, there is a way to avoid this. When you kill an enemy, immediately before his body disappears and you lose the Abs, switch to an ally. Neither the person who killed the monster, nor the ally, will lose any Abs.

On the floors that reduce Abs while fighting, there is a way to avoid this. Abs are only reduced after the monster has been killed. Immediately after the monsters health reaches zero, press Select and change to a different character. Neither characters will lose Abs.

Hint: Easy attachments:
Go to Queens, buy a fish, then go to the shipwreck. Access the back floors and open the treasure chests to get useful gems and attachments very easily. Make sure you buy an Ice and put it next to the fish so that it does not go bad when you use it to get in the back floors.
Willsk84slipknot, Kujaunlimited.

Use a bomb to destroy a monster. It will give you an attachment that repels the monster's type.
Artur Miguel.

If you buy bombs and throw them at the enemy in the first floor of the Divine Beast Cave you will get attachments. You can keep or sell them. This is a way to get easy money.

Hint: Almost max attachment:
When you try to get the max attachment, you might get a fixed dagger instead of a broken one. This version gives the weapon that has it equipped different statuses (Thirst, Critical, etc.) and it will not max all your weapon's stats. Technically, it is not a max attachment, but an "almost" max attachment.

Hint: Free items:
If you do not build Old Gaffer's Buggy, you may still get free items from the mayor and build your weapons up very high to get ready for the second village, Matataki Village. Note: This will take some time, but is worth the effort.

When you get low on health and your sword is about to break, from the Divine Beast Cave go to the mayor's house in Norune village. He will give you some items to help you. When you build the hag's house she will store items for you. Get the items from the mayor and store it in the hag's house. Keep repeating this until you are ready for Matataki village. Note: If you build Old Gaffer's Buggy then you cannot get any more items from the mayor.

To get better things from those circles, equip a weak weapon (with any character), then walk into the circle. The chances of getting something bad is very slim.

Hint: More items in Old Gaffer's Buggy:
In Norune Village, you can get more items in Old Gaffer's Buggy. To do this, you must build Pike's house before building Gaffer's Buggy. Then Pike will help Gaffer put up the sign, he will not break his back, and he will have a lot more items in the store. However, if you do not do this and Gaffer breaks his back, his store will only contain a few items.

Hint: Early guns:
When you reach Yellow Drops and are told about the Moon Sea, you can shop at the store. You can buy Osmand's guns before you even get Osmand as an ally. You will not have to waste more time going all the way back and buying them. You can buy a "Snail" and a "Jakal".

Hint: Finding treasure chests in villages:
Once you are in a village, choose Georama mode and skim through the area. You can spot treasure chests around the area quicker this way.

Hint: Big chests:
When you see a big chest, walk up to it and force it open. When you guess the trap, it is the next one down from what the last chest was. If you guess wrong, look at the bottom of the screen and it will say what the trap was. Walk up to it again and when it asks you to guess, guess what it said at the bottom.
Colten J.S.

When you open a big treasure chest, guess wrong, and the trap is explosion, run away as soon as it happens and you will take no damage.

There is a easy way to guess what the trap is, even if you have keys. To avoid getting poisoned, explosion, curse, stinger, spell (the last two are in the Demon Shaft only), you must have Toan's Mardan Ein's sword.You can then keep the keys or sell them for 400 Gilda. Note: In order for this to work, he must have this sword in his lineup. You do not have to equip the sword; just make sure you have it. When you go to the chest, press X. The three choices will appear. Go down to the last choice that reads "Force the chest open by guessing the trap". A window will appear, stating "Mardan Garayan shows the right path". Four choices will appear. Go to the one that is flashing red. There will also be a Mardan Garyan fish icon next to it. You do not have to play as Toan to do this trick.
Daniel Ross.

Hint: New pocket:
After you defeat Dran, go to the mayor's house. Open his closet, turn left, and press X. You will get a new pocket.

Hint: Easy Minions for catching Baku Bakus:
Go to backfloor of Wise Owl Forest Floor 11, 13, or 14. Use Xiao with her Bandit Slingshot. The only thing there are treasure chests and ground diggers. Keep attacking and kill them all. Almost all of them give you a Minion, which are good for catching Baku Bakus worth about 30 to 60 points apiece. You can exit the backfloor and return without leaving the dungeon. They will be there again. Repeat until you have a group of them. Go to the waterfall and peanut pond to catch fish. They will usually bite very quickly. Repeatedly pause and resume the game to see when they bite, then press X when the game is resumed.

Hint: Back areas:
When you first complete a dungeon, play through it a second time and try and get "Special Keys". These keys provide access to "back areas" which have more difficult monsters in them, but the have really good items. Since you have played through the dungeon once, the difficult monsters will be easier to defeat. This is the easiest way to get gems. The key changes in each town/zone.
Zack Mitchell.

Hint: Endless back area training:
Enter Matataki's Cave level 10 back area. When all the werewolves are destroyed, go on the boat to return to the normal cave, then go to the back area again. All of the monsters will have respawned, but the items will not have. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Hint: Mystery Circles:
Do not be discouraged when stepping on these circles. Stepping on them will sometimes double your money or instantly fill up your Abs. meter.

Stepping into one of the blue mystery circles in a dungeon will cause one of the following things to happen:

Increase your amount of money.
Decrease your amount of money.
Fill your equipped weapon's Abs.
Decrease your equipped weapon's Whp to about 10.
Fill your equipped weapon's Whp.
Decrease your equipped weapon's maximum Whp.
Increase your equipped weapon's maximum Whp.
Change the stats of your equipped weapon.
Monster is pumped with energy.
You become pumped with energy.

Sometimes when you step on the blue mystery circles, it says "Status Of The Equipped Changed". This means that either the Attack, Speed, Endurance, MP, Attribute, or something in the anti-screen went down. This can be bad when you are close to building up something. If you get that, you now need to bring up something else.
Jonathan Grossman.

Hint: Building the Moon Factory:
Look on page 34 in the instruction manual for a picture of how your completed Mecha should look like. Building it otherwise will not let you advance through the story.

Hint: Snake duel:
To successfully win the duel at Wise Owl Forest, equip the Serpent Sword. Note: You will acquire the sword after connecting the Waterfall to the Tree Fairy via River. You will also get the Battle Axe for Goro.

Hint: Avoiding Mimics:
Bring Pau with you when you enter a dungeon. He will tell you when you are about to open a chest with a Mimic. He will also tell you who has the gate key for the next level.
Shawn Burdman.

Hint: Sun Giant:
Put his feet at the platform so that his head is not facing towards the platform
Darkgenniee Freeeakkk.

Hint: Duels:
There are only six places where you can duel.
Alan Mitsugi.

Divine Beast Cave : Floor B4 and B8
Matatiki Village : Fight Goro
Wise Owl Forest : Territory 9 (Werewolves; have Toan as active character, then Serpent)
Sun And Moon Temple : After Defeating Boss getting onto Moon Ship

Note: You have to get all the actions done correctly (says "Cool" each time). If you do that, you will get an "Excellent" rating. Doing this will net you one of the twelve gems at random.

Hint: Cure status ailments without their specific items:
All status ailments have specific cures; Poison cured by Antidote Drink, Goo by Soap, Curse by Holy Water, and Freeze by Throbbing Cherry. All of these can be cured by a Mighty Heal. However, there is another way. A bug in the game will allow status ailments to be removed from a character, if that character is affected by Stamina. This is a timed status which automatically disappears after a few seconds and, when it goes, takes any other ailments with it.
Peter Roach.

Hint: Healing with Fruits Of Eden or Gourds:
When you obtain any Fruits Of Eden or Gourds, use them like healing items. Although you will not get your +10 life or 1 extra thirst point immediately, if used as healing items they heal and revive thirst completely.

Hint: Fishing:
Fishing can be very confusing The way to do it is this, select a bait, then cast. Get ready when a fish starts nibbling. When the controller vibrates very hard, press X as fast as you can. If you are lucky, Toan will bring in a fish. If you cannot get it for a while, do not be discouraged as it is very difficult. If a fish is nibbling and the hook and bait disappears, press X as fast as possible.
Zack Mitchell.

Fishing can be very easy or very difficult. The way to fish properly is cast your line directly in front of the fish and wait until it nibbles. Get ready, and hold X when the floater goes under the water. He will automatically pull it up. If you misjudge when the floater goes underwater you will most likely lose your bait. Just wait it out and be sure when you are going to try to pull it in.
Mel Matsumoto.

When fishing, what until the bobber goes under. The controller will vibrate roughly. Quickly press X as soon as it does. If you want to practice, fish in Queens.
sisi.dederangel and bobcat88.

Some little fish like those in the Muska Ruska and Matataki village (or somewhere similar) are worth more fish points.
allen chaisson.

Hint: Baits:
William Blair.

Regular bait: Battan, Prickly, Minon, Carrot, Mimi, Evy, Petite Fish, and Potato Cakes.
Other bait: Heart-Throb Cherry, Mellow Banana, Bomb Nut, Gooey Peach, and Poison Apples.

Hint: Baron Garayan fish:
Once you have gotten the hang of fishing, try your luck at the really rare fish, such as at the Muska Lacka Oasis at dusk. You can catch a Baron Garayan 127cm which is worth +655FP. They seem to like Potato Cakes, but it does not enable any new weapons on the FP exchange screen.
Ryan Lamonte.

Though they are very rare, Baron Garayan can be easily identified since they are huge, usually bigger than Toan, but are sometimes disguised as normal-sized big fish. Netting a 246cm Baron easily gets you 800+ FP. Finding one is usually a problem, since when you find a big fish and toss in a Potato Cake, chances are you will catch a Den or Neggie. To avoid this, when you find a large sized shadow of a fish, toss in a Gooey Peach, Throbbing Cherry, or Bomb Nuts. See if they get interested in the bait. If they are, reel in the bait, and move on to the next big fish. Baron Garayans are only interested in Potato Cakes.

Hint: Marayan Garayan fish:
There is a fish called Marayan Garayan which is difficult to catch. It can be caught at the waterfall in Matataki Village at night. You must use a Poison Apple. It can also be caught in the oasis in Muska Racka at dusk. If it does not appear, keep quitting and tray again. It brings in about 200 points each time.

Use the following trick to get around the Trap Treasure Boxes where you have to guess the trap to open it or use one of those Treasure Box Keys. Go to Matataki Village and fish at the waterfall at night. Use a Poison Apple as your bait to catch a Marayan Garayan fish. This fish look strange, but is worth many fishing points. After you catch this fish, the next time you encounter a Trap Treasure Box, the screen will say, "Maraya Garayan shows the path" and will highlight the correct trap every time. This is also helpful because you can now sell all those Treasure Box Keys for extra money.
Alex Miller, MHBlockMH, Jeremy Portner, and Artur Miguel.

If you are a good fisher, you can catch Baron Garayan. However, you should catch Marayan Garayan. Save up the points and buy the Marayan Eins. Then, make all of its stats go up by Status Breaking a weapon to it. Then, you must catch a lot more Marayan. When you have enough, you can build up. Repeat this process until you get Arise Marayan. This sword can be very strong. The maximum attack for Arise Marayan is 250. If you do not want to fight to build up your weapon, fish instead. Marayan Garayan only like Poison Apples. When the bobber goes under, immediately pull in the fish. Always carry a Gooey Peach and a Potato Cake. When you see a big fish, throw in the peach. If he goes for it, pull it out. If he does not, he is either a Marayan Garayan or Baron Garayan. Baron's only like Potato Cakes, which you can buy at Brooks; and Poison Apples at Lana's store in Queens. Note: It is recommended that you are at least at the Muska Raska.

Hint: Mardan Garayan sword:
Catching Mardan Garayan for the first time will unlock a new sword, Mardan Eins, in the "Exchange FP" section of the fishing menu. To get it, you must have 2500 FP. However, building it up is completely different. You must catch enough Mardans for each build up. The final Mardan sword can be maximized to be a bit stronger than the 7th Heaven.

Mardan Eins: 2500 FP
Mardan Twei: 20 Mardans caught
Arise Mardan: 15 additional catches

Catch one Marden Garayan fish at Muska Laska at dusk or at Mataki Village waterfall at night. Trade in your fish points for the sword "Marden Eins". Catch five more Marden Garayan fish to build up to "Marden Twei", then catch fifteen more Marden Garayan fish to build up to the final form "Arise Marden". Note: Use Poisonous apples for bait.

Hint: Attachment gems:
To get a few rubies, diamonds, opals, and others gems, go to the Sun And Moon Temple. Get a secret path key and go to the back area on level 16. You should get at least one gem attachment, and the monsters are always Mimics.
CA Kline.

When you enter Dark Heaven Castle, the first time you enter Gallery Of Time you can buy gems from the Fairy King for 3000 Gilda each.

Catch the Marayan Garayan and exchange the points for a gem instead of paying the Fairy King.

If you get a "Perfect" in any duel, you will be awarded a gem attachment from the Terra Fairies. To get free gems, before you do any duel, save the game. As you duel, try to push the button when the symbol is on the thinner white bar. It will flash "Cool". If you get all "Cools", a message will appear stating that the Fairies of Terra rewarded you. The following are some of the gems that can be obtained.

Skeleton (Beast Cave 4): Topaz
Goro (Matatiki Village): Opal
Werewolves (Owl Forest 9): Pearl
Killer Snake (Owl Forest 9): Ruby

Hint: Free Bigbucks Hammer and Platinum Ring in Queens:
Assemble King's hideout prior to assembling Jack's store. Once you get Ruby, go to Jack's store. Ruby will get Jack to give you a Bigbucks Hammer and a Platinum Ring for free.

Hint: Baron Garayan:
Get at least fourteen Potato Cakes from shop owner in the desert, at least five Gooey Peaches, and at least fourteen Poisonous Apples from Laura in Queens. Start fishing in the oasis in the desert at dusk, using one of the Gooey Peaches. Check all the fish in the water. If all of them go for the peach, stop fishing then start again. Do not catch any fish that go for the peaches, no matter how big they are. When you find a fish that ignores the peach, throw in an apple. If it goes for it, it is a Marden Garayan. If not, then throw in a Potato Cake. The fish will nibble more than it will pull the bobber down. On the second cake it will more likely bite because it becomes over confident. Reel in the fish and you should have caught a the Baron Garayan.

Hint: Candies:
To get two Candies, you will need to have finished Claude's (fat man that likes food) house in Norune village, but not have triggered the event to his house. Go to his house in the morning, and instead of giving you Soap and Cheese, he will give you Candy. The other candy you can get is the one from Couscous' (mysterious big creature) house. When you finish his house and trigger the event, he will ask if you want Candy. You will now have two Candies. Note: This way you can get the Candy from Claude and still get the Turtle Shell (Goro's weapon) without risking the process of getting the Sun Gem.

Hint: Carrots:
Have a weapon with the Steal ability. Go to Wise Owl Forest levels 5 and 6 or higher. Use the weapon on the Haley Holies. Every once in a while you will get a carrot. Levels 5 and 6 are the levels where you are more likely get Sun Dews. If you get enough Sun Dews, you can go to all the back floors and find the floor with Hally Hollies on it. You can get unlimited Carrots and training for your weapons. After you get all the Carrots desired, go to Peanut Pond in Matataki. Fish with a Carrot. If no fishes bite, stop fishing, then start again and use the Carrot. When a fish is interested, catch it. It will be the easiest to catch rare fish, Umadakara.

Hint: Chronicle sword:
This is the second best sword in the game. You can get it early when you get to Matatiki village. Build the Wise Owl shop then save 2,500 Gilda. Then, buy the Wise Owl sword build it up to the Lambs sword, then the Altima sword, then the Chronicle sword.

Hint: Chronicle 2 sword:
If you get a Chronicle sword, get max stats for everything and it should be a Chronicle sword +30. When you complete the Demon Shaft, make your Chronicle sword into a synthshpere, then put it in your Chronicle sword. If it is not the maximum in everything, try completing Demon Shaft levels until it is. Note: Do not step in any blue circles; it will decrease your things on your sword.
Dark Cloud Master.

Hint: Use the Chronicle sword to get the better Chronicle sword:
Fighting the Black Penadragon will be easy if you have everything maxed on the Chronicle sword. When you defeat him, you will be awarded the Chronicle Sword 2. This new sword is better then the first and is the best in the game.

Hint: Clay Doll:
If you have a Foundation Vase from Terra, go to Jibubu's house in Muska Racka and give it to him. He will then give you a Clay Doll.
Spree Utley.

Hint: Coliseum Tickets:
Go to the Moon Factory and walk under the Sun Giant. A short intermission sequence will start.

Hint: Dran's Feather:
Once Dran's Feather disappears, it is still possible for you to get boosts of energy. Immediately after Dran's Feather has disappeared, hold Square and about every few seconds you will get a small boost of energy. Note: This can only be done in the dungeon in which the feather disappeared. This will not work if you leave or enter a new dungeon.

Hold R1 and get a Dran's Feather. You will start to walk sideways, but can move very fast.
kevin schuh.

Hint: Lamb's Sword:
Buy the Wise Owl Sword and build up to the Lamb's Sword. It gets more powerful if its WHP are low, but gets normal when repaired.
Artur Miguel.

Hint: Mage Slayer:
Buy any type of bomb (bombs, bomb nuts) and go to the Sun And Moon Temple. When you find a bomb man, throw one of the bombs at it. You should see a bag after its destruction. Inside should be a Mage Slayer.

Hint: Mimic Breaker:
Throw a Bomb Nut at a Mimic to receive a Mimic Breaker.

Hint: Steve The Slingshot:
Steve the Talking Slingshot, can usually be found in about any dungeon, at any level. However, he can be found most often in Wise Owl Forest, in the earlier territories. Try running through all of Wise Owl Forest repeatedly, opening every weapons (large) chest found. This may take a while, but it is worth it. Steve talks whenever you are locked on to an enemy, and may tell you its weaknesses, how cool he is, or just make funny comments about the enemy. This also works with Bosses.

Hint: Sun Gem:
When you finish Couscous' House, take the candy that he offers you. Once you finish Kye and Momo's House, give them the candy. They will give you an Ointment Leaf for medicine. When you finish Basker's House, give the Leaf to him. He will give you some Foundation (strange powder). Give it to the Chief. The Chief will give you a Clay Doll. Give the Clay Doll to someone in Yellow Drops. They will give you the Sun Gem, which has +10 Attack, +10 All Elements, +3 All Anti-Creature Stats. Note: You can only get one of them.
ben baillargeon.

To get the Sun Gem, get candy from either Claude or Couscous. Give it to the man who has a raccoon mask in Matataki Village. He will give you an Ointment leaf. Give this to Basker in Queens. He will give you Foundation. Give the Foundation to Jibubu in Muska Lacka. He will give you a Clay doll. Give this to the moon person who collects things. He will give you the legendary Sun Gem. It is a powerful attachment.

Hint: Super Serpent Sword:
Upgrade your initial Dagger to Dagger +11. Create a SynthSphere for it, and attach it to the Serpent Sword. You get the Serpent Sword after connecting water to Treant by River. Upgrade the Serpent Sword to Serpent Sword +4. You should get a Super Serpent Sword. Note: The sword does not actually change its name.
Artur Miguel.

Hint: Sword Of Zeus:
The Sun Sword is the best weapon to use to get the Sword Of Zeus. You only have to evolve it twice (Sun Sword to Big Bang to Sword Of Zeus). You acquire the Sun Sword when you complete Toto's house in Muska Racka.

Hint: Synthsphere:
Build up the weapons that have a special skill (for example, The Scorpion and its Poison skill) until they can be turned in to a Synthsphere. You can then give that weapon's special skill to any other weapon you want. For example, you can have a 7th Heaven sword with the Thirst skill, Poison skill, and Bandit skill.

Use the following trick to get unlimited Synthspheres. Status break the Dagger and put it on another weapon, such as a Bandit Slingshot. Then, upgrade the Bandit Slingshot and there will be another dagger. Because the Dagger is a default weapon, it cannot break or disappear. You can do this with any other character's default weapon. Note This trick usually is better at the start of the game because default weapons do not give very good stats, especially when they are status broken.

Play as Toan and select a good weapon (preferably 7th Heaven or Chronicle 2). Go to a dungeon where it takes only one hit to kill monsters. This works well in the Divine Beast Cave or Wise Owl Forest. You must also have a weaker weapon, such as the Baselard or Gladius. Kill the Monster with the good weapon and quickly press Triangle and switch to the weaker weapon. Resume the game and the weaker weapon will get the ABS instead of the Higher weapon. This trick can also be used with other players.

Hint: Tram Oil:
You can find Tram Oil on the first level of the Divine Beast Cave. It is in a chest and only appears up after repeating the level many times.
Edzo II.

Hint: Toan's Ultimate Blades:

Use the Bone Rapier and Build-Up to the 7th Heaven.
Use the Wise Owl Sword and Build-Up to the Chronicle Sword.
Use the Macho Sword and Build-Up to the Sword of Zeus.

Hint: Ultimate weapons:
Use the Build-Up command instead of Status Break to get the best weapons in the game. Status Breaking will only take away 40% of your weapon's power. Use the Status Break only when getting special abilities for your main weapon.

Note: Have the shipwreck level unlocked and have a good weapon. This trick actually works for any dungeon's back floor, but it is easiest with the shipwreck level as you can just buy the Flapping Fish for the "Master". When you get the Flapping Fish (make sure it is next to some ice), press Triangle, and if possible go to the button that reads "Go To Other Area". Go to shipwreck. Go to floor 1 and do not bother with the enemies, as your ice will probably melt before you get to the "Master". Note: The Master is the purple question mark. Once you go to the back floor, have fun with your treasure. Do not get discouraged if you do not get any gems because it is not guaranteed that you will. However, if you are lucky you can get two or more gems. Once you defeat all the enemies in the back level, go to the button that reads "Leave Dungeon" and press Queens. Once you are in Queens, go to Ruty's Washery (or something similar) and buy another Flapping Fish, and if needed, more ice. Again, this works with the back floor of any dungeon, but is best with the first floor because the enemies are weaker, and the chances of finding a gem seem to be increased.
Michael Chamberlin.

Hint: Weapons upgrade:
If you encounter a duplicate weapon, rather than selling it, you can actually status break your original weapon to it. This eases the build-up process. This is very useful if you are building up weapons with a low WHP and Endurance, such as the Bone Rapier, Bone Slingshot, etc.
Tony Vaughan.

Upgrade your dagger eleven times then status break it. Put it on to a Shamshir and upgrade that five times. Put that on a Macho's sword. Put that on a Crysknife. Put that on a 7th Heaven. If done correctly, the 7th Heaven should have 99 Attack, 99 Speed, etc.
Erik Fisher.

Hint: Building up weapons faster:
When trying to build up weapons, upgrade your default weapon to +5. Use Endurance +1, +2, etc. When at +5, Status Break it and put it on the weapon you want to build up. 60% or the default weapon's stats will be on the more powerful weapon. Also, use gem attachments (Ruby, Emerald, Opal, etc.) whenever you can. You can find them in back floors of dungeons and the Fairy King in Dark Heaven Castle (for 3,000 Gilda each).

Get everything for Gaffer's Buggy (Norune), then go to your attachment bag. Go all the way down in the bag and leave two empty slots. Pretend that you are going to get the ice attribute, instead press X + Right quickly. There should be something that looks like a broken dagger. This maximizes all stats. Get about four or of them just in case, for a ally.

Go to the Divine Beast Cave at Norune Village. Once you have defeated Dran, the boss at the Divine Beast Cave and king of all beasts, finish all the houses. Go back to the cave once you have stocked up on weapons and Repair Powder and enter the second floor (recommended because the floors after this have stone monsters that do lots of damage to weapons). Once there, defeat all monsters and open all the chests. Then, leave the dungeon and go back to the village. Go to Hags house and store your valuable items there. Go to the Odd Gaffer's Buggy. Buy more items there. Take those items to Hags house also, but leave some supplies in your inventory so you can survive the second floor again. Repeat this until Hags storage is full. Do not forget to use a different weapon each time in the cave so that you get an equal amount of ABs among your weapons. Every time a weapons ABs are full, do not hesitate to upgrade it. Note: You do not have to defeat Dran to do this, but it is a lot easier.

Go to Gaffer's Buggy in Nurone village. Go to attachments and make sure the bottom rows are empty. Select ice and quickly press X then Right to get a broken dagger. Leave, then put the broken dagger on a weapons attachment slot. Do this a few more times to get more broken daggers. Then go to the first floor of the Divine Beast Cave. Fight your way down to further floors to get more ABs to upgrade your weapon.
Weldon Campbell.

Hint: Best weapons:
The following are the best weapons that you can acquire for your characters.
Suh Y Hong.

Toan: Chronicle 2
Xiao: Angel Gear
Goro: Inferno
Ruby: Secret Armlet
Ungaga: Babbel's spear
Osmond: Super Nova

The following are weapons that are built up completely, but are not the best weapons.

Toan: Chronicle sword, 7th heaven, Zeus sword
Xiao: Super Steve
Goro: Tall Hammer
Ruby: Mobius ring
Ungaga: Hercules' wraith
Osmond: Star Breaker

Hint: Goro: Weapon buildup:
willsk84slipknot, kujaunlimited.

Frozen Tuna > Turtle Shell > Battle Ax > Satan's Ax > Inferno (350 AT, 300 MP)
Frozen Tuna > Turtle Shell > Magical Hammer > Gaia Hammer > Tall Hammer
Frozen Tuna > Turtle Shell > Magical Hammer > Last Judgement > Tall Hammer
Steel Hammer > Plate Hammer > Magical Hammer > Gaia Hammer > Tall Hammer
Steel Hammer > Plate Hammer > Magical Hammer > Last Judgement > Tall Hammer
Big Bucks > Gaia Hammer > Tall Hammer (260 AT, 200 MP)

Hint: Osmond: Weapon buildup:
willsk84slipknot, kujaunlimited.

Jackal > Blessing Gun > Skunk > Hexa Blaster > Supernova (256 AT, 128 MP)
Jackal > Blessing Gun > Snail > Hexa Blaster > Supernova
Jackal > Swallow > G Crusher > Star Breaker (120 AT, 45 MP)

Hint: Ruby: Weapon buildup:
willsk84slipknot, kujaunlimited.

Platinum Ring > Crystal Ring > Goddess Ring > Athena's Ring > Secret Armlet (155 AT, 300 MP)
Thorn Armlet > Crystal Ring > Goddess Ring > Athena's Ring > Secret Armlet
Bandit's Ring > Crystal Ring > Goddess Ring > Athena's Ring > Secret Armlet
Thorn Armlet > Crystal Ring > Satan's Ring > Mobius Ring (99 AT, 250 MP)
Thorn Armlet > Fary's Ring > Destruction Ring > Mobius Ring
Bandit's Ring > Crystal Ring > Satan's Ring > Mobius Ring
Bandit's Ring > Pocklekul > Destruction Ring > Mobius Ring
Platinum Ring > Crystal Ring > Satan's Ring > Mobius Ring
Platinum Ring > Fairy's Ring > Destruction Ring > Mobius Ring

Hint: Toan: Weapon buildup:
jonathon and willsk84slipknot, kujaunlimited

Kitchen Knife > Chopper > Choora > Heaven's Cloud > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven (240 AT, 110 MP)
Kitchen Knife > Chopper > Choora > Maneater > Atlamillia Sword > Chronicle Sword (260 AT, 150 MP)
Kitchen Knife > Chopper > Dusack > Brave Ark > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Kitchen Knife > Chopper > Dusack > 7 Branch > Atlamillia > Chronicle Sword
Kitchen Knife > Sax > Dusack > Brave Ark > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Kitchen Knife > Sax > Dusack > 7 Branch > Atlamillia > Chronicle Sword
Gladius > Small Sword > Tsukikage > Heaven's Cloud > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Gladius > Chopper > Choora > Heaven's Cloud > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Gladius > Chopper > Choora > Maneater > Atlamillia Sword > Chroncile Sword
Gladius > Chopper > Dusack > Brave Ark > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Gladius > Chopper > Dusack > 7 Branch > Atlamillia > Chronicle Sword
Baselard > Shamshir > Dusack > Brave Ark > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Baselard > Shamshir > Dusack > 7 Branch Sword > Atlamillia > Chronicle Sword
Baselard > Sax > Dusack > Brave Ark > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Baselard > Sax > Dusack > 7 Branch Sword > Atlamillia > Chronicle Sword
Crysknife > Small Sword > Tsukikage > Heaven's Cloud > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Crysknife > Sand Breaker > Antique Sword > Brave Ark > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Buster Sword > Claymore > Cross Hinder > Big Bang > Sword of Zeus (199 AT, 176 MP)
Wise Owl Sword > Lamb's Sword > Atlamillia Sword > Chronicle Sword
Bone Rapier > Evilcise > Drain Seeker > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Serpent Sword > Tsukikage > Heaven's Cloud > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Serpent Sword > Evilcise > Drain Seeker > Dark Cloud > 7th Heaven
Macho Sword > Aga's Sword > Atlamillia Sword > Chronicle Sword
Macho Sword > Cross Hinder > Big Bang > Sword of Zeus
Sun Sword > Big Bang > Sword of Zeus
Mardan Eins > Mardan Twei (catch 10 Mardan Garayan) > Arise Mardan (catch 15 more Mardan Garayan)
Chronicle 2 (defeat Demon Shaft's Boss)

Hint: Ungaga: Weapon buildup:
willsk84slipknot, kujaunlimited.

Javelin > Desanga > Cactus > Terra Sword > Babels' Spear (321 AT, 80 MP)
Javelin > Partisan > Cactus > Terra Sword > Babels' Spear
5 Foot Nail > Partisan > Cactus > Terra Sword > Babels' Spear
5 Foot Nail > Scorpion > Cactus > Terra Sword > Babels' Spear
5 Foot Nail > Scorpion > Mirage > Terra Sword > Babels' Spear
Halberd > Scorpion > Cactus > Terra Sword > Babels' Spear
Halberd > Scorpion > Mirage > Terra Sword > Babels' Spear
Halberd > Scorpion > Mirage > Hercules' Wrath (256 AT, 50 MP)
5 Foot Nail > Scorpion > Mirage > Hercules' Wrath

Hint: Xaio: Weapon buildup:
willsk84slipknot, kujaunlimited.

Bandit Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Double Impact > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter > Angel Gear (256 AT, 103 MP)
Bandit Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Matador > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter > Angel Gear
Steel Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Matador > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter > Angel Gear
Steel Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Double Impact > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter > Angel Gear
Bone Slingshot > Flamingo > Dragon Y > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter > Angel Gear
Bandit Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Double Impact > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter (182 AT, 99 MP)
Bandit Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Matador > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter
Steel Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Matador > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter
Steel Slingshot > Hard Shooter > Double Impact > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter
Bone Slingshot > Flamingo > Dragon Y > Divine Beast Title > Angel Shooter
Steve > Super Steve (130 AT, 80 MP)

Hint: Charge attacks:
Note: Charge attacks work only in dungeons. To release one, hold X when you have your equipped weapon out.

Goro: Spin Smash
Osmond: No charge attack
Ruby: Charged Magic Bolt
Ungaga: Tornado Spin
Xiao: No charge attack
Toan: Jump Slash, and Windmill Slash (You receive the Windmill Slash from completing all the requests in Norune Village. Dran gives it to you)

Hint: Favorite foods:
After completing a town 100%, search everywhere one final time in every house, pond, and even edges of the map. There are a lot of items in the corners of Queens. Most of the time you will find "favorite foods" specific to each character, which boosts their defense.
Zack Mitchell and LionBlade28.

Goro: Grass Cake
Osmond: Carrot Cookie
Ruby: Witch Parfait
Toan: Fluffy Doughnut
Ungaga: Scorpion Jerky
Xiao: Fish Candy

Hint: Max HP for characters:
Banjo46 and Alan Mitsugi.

Goro: 170
Osmond: 160
Ruby: 140
Toan: 170
Ungaga: 180
Xiao: 140

Hint: Gems:
The following is a list of Gems (weapon attachments that take one space but do multiple things) and what each does.
Zack Mitchell.

Garnet: +10 Animal, +10 Rock, +10 Fire, +5 Attack
Pearl: +10 Undead, +10 Thunder, +10 Endurance
Ruby: +10 Mimic, +10 Fire, +10 Speed
Sapphire: +10 Flying, +10 Wind, +10 Magic
Amethyst: +10 Mage, +10 Dino, +10 Ice
Opal: +10 Mage, +10 Steel, +10 Endurance
Peridot: +10 Plant, +10 Animal, +10 Holy, +5 Attack
Aquamarine: +10 Sea, +10 Flying, +10 Ice
Topaz: +10 Undead, +10 Flying, +10 Speed, +5 Attack
Turquoise: +10 Rock, +10 Mimic, +10 Ice
Emerald: +10 Dino, +10 Plant, +10 Magic
Diamond: + 5 vs. All Creatures, Extra +5 vs. Steel

Hint: Back Floor Keys:
Banjo46, Cruentas, and Kevin Smith.

Divine Beast Cave: Tram Oil (lubricates the tram)
Wise Owl Forest: Sun Dew (speeds up plant growth)
Shipwreck: Flapping Fish (lures the "master")
Sun and Moon Temple: Secret Path Key (opens secret door)
Moon Sea: Bravery Launch (gives courage to jump)
Gallery of Time: Flapping Duster (raises magic carpet)
Demon Shaft: Crystal Eyeball (completes the eyes)

Hint: Enemies:
De plane.

Canibal Plant: Try using Dran's feather to get close,then do a quick combo. By using this tactic, it will not have enough time for its poison attack.
Cave bat: Very annoying. Use projectiles whenever possible. If not available, lure them to you and do a charge attack.
Dasher: A skeleton soldier with fast legs and fast attacks. It attacks the same; guard and combo.
Dragon: Use projectiles or bombs the entire time, as it will keep knocking you down at close range. Just kepp dodging the fire.
Fli Fli: It tries to body slam you with its fungi-like head, then gives you a lethal dose of poison. You can stun it away from its body slam, but it can initiate its poison attack even if you are attacking it.
Ghost: Unless you have good melee weapons, only use projectiles to avoid its unguardable spin attack.
King Mimic: Try to get behind and hit them before they turn. Keep doing this.
Master Jacket: This is a skeleton soldier that guards and dodges more frequently. Guard its attack, hit it, and when it starts guarding, stop, and guard again.
Mimic: Easy if you have Mimic Busters on your weapons. If not, use projectiles.
Monday: They have spears that steal your money and induce poison. Do not bother guarding. Use projectiles to avoid its horrid attack.
Opar: A fish that escaped the ocean. It will first use its poison attack. Dodge it, then hit it once with Toan's dagger or a Shamshir. It will turn and sumo smash you. Dodge it, then hit him two more times.
Rockonoff: If you are far enough and go into first person mode, you can fire projectiles at them without them noticing.
Saturday: Of the seven fairies, this is the least dangerous. Block its punch and use combos.
Skeleton Soldier: Not very deadly. Just charge to it and do a combo.
Statue: Projectiles do not do enough damage, and using a melee weapon will bring its WHP down. Also, it has an unguardable, un-stoppable ax attack. As soon as you see one, change your crystals and attributes to anti-stone and anti-metal.
Tuesday: It uses knifes that have poison on them, along with poison apple projectiles. It has a bad aim; use projectiles whenever possible.
Wednsday: Do not bother guarding. It has as much HP as Saturday.
Yamchei: Annoying because you cannot guard against its attacks. If you are without Ruby, Osmond, or Xiao, use Dran's Feather to approach it with speed and finish it off with a well-timed combo.

Hint: Red boxes in towns:
After you "complete" a level in a dungeon you will see red boxes in different places in a town. These red boxes contain items that are hard to buy or find (for example, Fruit of Eden). The red boxes are sometimes on the walls of the village, or around each house. They also can be found in houses. When looking in houses, search every corner and place where the camera does not view. Note: The red boxes only show up on the village or town you are trying to restore from the Evil Genie. Additionally, do not repeat the same level in a dungeon thinking that you will get red boxes. They will appear only after you complete levels you have done earlier.
Paul Xiong.

Periodically check along the dock (Queens) for red treasure boxes scattered about. The same goes for the Sun And Moon Temple. Upon leaving the dungeon, (before proceeding through the "tusk" entrance way to Muska Lacka) do an about-face. Turn around and check around the entrance of the temple for any red boxes.
Patrick Shiiba.

Hint: Wise Owl Forest token:
Use the following trick when in Wise Owl Forest. When you enter the forest, on almost any level the second token you pick up (for example, the pointy acorn, "red berry", or shiny stone) will be the token that the owl at the exit will want. If you have to play a single character limited zone with a weak character, throw items until you find the second token then get out of there.
paul fernandes.

Hint: Get across a town faster:
If you want to get to a place in walking mode faster, enter edit mode. Move the pointer to your destination and exit edit mode.

Hint: Getting Jibubu in his house:
Go to "Move" or "Delete" then select anyone's house and press Circle. Jibubu will be in his house. You must do this before you finish the village.

Hint: Atla locations:
Every time you go in and out of one dungeon, floor, or territory the Atla will be in different places.

Glitch: Names:
In the intermission scene after defeating the Ice Princess you get called Toan, even if you changed your name.

Glitch: Cat name:
When choosing the name of the cat, if you click on "Description" it reads "Cat Girl" and not cat (when she is only a cat).

Glitch: Mispronunciation:
When you look on your world map, the city of the sun and moon temple is pronounced "Muska Lacka". However, when you enter the city it is spelled "Muska Racka".
Chris Holsinger.

Glitch: Misspelling:
In the Gallery Of Time. you can get crowns out of the Atlamillia. Upon getting a crown and section of history that requires a crown, look at the slot for the crown. It reads "Crow's slot".

The location "Muska Lacka" appears on the map as "Muska Rocka".

In Maska Lacka, "Jibubu's House" is misspelled as "Jibubu's Hose".
UltaHoly Dragon.

In the instruction manual, at the section on the Georama Menus and how they work, the screenshot will read "Diorama Parts" instead of "Georama Parts".

Glitch: Wrong explanation:
When you are in the Wise Owl Forest, note that some doors need to be opened by Goro, by smashing it. If you press X when the "!" is over your head (while playing as Goro), the game will say that the stump needs to be smashed . When you are on the shipwreck and find a door that has a red button next to it, press X when "!" is over your head. The game will still state that you need to smash a stump, even though what you need to smash is a red button.

Glitch: Reappearing Atlamillia:
After defeating the Dark Genie for the final time, you will save Sophia by breaking your Atlamillia. It will never be show on your wrist again, unless you go fishing.
Rick Petersen.

Glitch: Wrong shadow:
When you fight in the dungeon, you will see a shadow of yourself. However it will sometimes glitch be something else.
James McGee.

Glitch: Disappearing Rando:
Once you get to Queens, Rando shows you how to get to the shipwreck. If you go back into his store, you will notice that he is standing in front of the counter in the front room. Enter the back room (where the boat is located). Press R2 to enter first-person view. Look through the window between the two rooms, and Rando is no longer there.

Glitch: Disappearing Toan:
In the Shipwreck area, the General Fish (the fish that takes Toan to the back floors) puts Toan in his mouth for transportation. However, while he is taking you to the back floor, he has his mouth open and you can see that Toan is not there.
willsk84slipknot, Kujaunlimited.

Glitch Flying and water breathing Toan:
In Queens, go to the dock. You will see a small boat by the side of Rando's store near the submarine. Walk over to the boat and keep pushing towards the boat. Walk around it until you fall off the dock. If done correctly, you will wall into the space between the building and the boat under the dock. A few steps and you will begin falling through the bottom and come back out from the top. If you move Toan as he is falling, you can move him over the water. Smoving him and he will stop under the water, where you can look around and see the bottom of the submarine. You will also see the outline of Queens. Depending on where you stop moving Toan will determine if you land on land or in the water. To exit, select "Move to other areas".

Glitch: Disappearing chest:
When you open a big chest with your sword and get it again, it will not be there.

Glitch: Vanishing Fairy Ring:
After you get Goro, but before Ruby, you can see her Fairy Ring in the Fishing Points exchange screen. Go to any pond sign, and select "Exchange FP". Use R1 or R2 to scroll down, and the Fairy Ring is there, in front of your face. Note: You cannot select or buy the ring, as you cannot move down to it. Pressing Left or Right makes the ring vanish.

Glitch: Stuck fishing pole:
Begin fishing in any pond. When you reel your line in, stand in front of the fishing sign. Once Toan reels the line in, the bobber will get suck to the sign.

Glitch: Invisible fishing pole:
Go fishing and look at Toan's shadow. His pole will be gone, and it will appear that he is holding air.

Glitch: Fishing delay:
Go to any pond to fish. Throw the line on the ground and watch Toan's hands when he reels the line in. Quickly look down at the shadow of his hands to notice that they are delayed by one or two seconds.
Spree Utley.

Glitch: Dirt fishing:
Go to the pond in Norune Village and face the fishing sign. Walk to the left until you cannot move any further (to the corner of the dirt outline). Position Toan facing the corner, then throw your line out. It should go into the ground and make a splash as if you were fishing in the pond. Depending on where you have your pond at, it may not work. Try it a few times in each corner of your pond. For example, if facing the dungeon, the pond is positioned in the southwest corner of the village (near the entrance to Matataki Village), with the pond's sign on the left.
Spree Utley.

Glitch: Unlimited FP with enough bait:
When you catch a good fish, you should be able to catch it again because Toan throws it back into the pond with a splash.

Glitch: Get stuck in bike:
Reach Queens and complete a part of the mayor's place where you put the bikes in. Go straight into the bikes from the map when pressing Select, close to the building where you think the bike is standing. Upon doing this, you will appear to be stuck with no way out. The only way to exit is through edit mode.
Black SkullDragon.

Glitch: Stuck pipe:
When you go to the shipwreck, get a flapping fish and go to the back. When the general opens his mouth, his pipe will not fall out. It will stay on his bottom lip.

Glitch: Changing stats:
Every time you roam around in the dungeon and find "Atla's", touch to gain a road, trees, people, etc. However, look quickly at your HP and WHP when you touch them -- they will change to different numbers then change back.

Glitch: Leave dungeon with less WHP in bar:
Kill all monsters in any dungeon. Make your WHP full. Then leave from the menu. Look at the bar. It will go down, but when you return it will be the same.
Caleb Pereira.

Glitch: Crawl under windmill:
Go to Norune village and enter edit mode. Put the pointer directly on the edge of Dran's windmill, on the side with the blades. Make sure that the yellow arrow at the bottom of the screen is there, and not a red X (or you cannot enter walking mode). You may need to try a few times before it eventually works.

Glitch: Moon Signet clone:
When you are trying to get the max attachment/broken dagger attachment, you may end up with another signet. You cannot get rid of them unless you saved the game before got it.

Glitch: False mask:
When you show the Bone Pendent to Goro, his father will appear with a White Tiger mask, even though the greatest monster he killed was the Death Monster.

Glitch: Lana's Store's item:
When you see the description of Lana's Store in Queens, it says that she sells sweet and fresh fruit. However, she also sells Poisonous Apples.
Artur Miguel.

Glitch: Norune names:
Go to Laura's house in Norune Village. Talk to Laura and she will tell you about her daughter Gina. When you find Laura's daughter, you will find that the name above her head reads "Xena" instead of "Gina".
Eboney N. Wilhite.

Go to Pike's house in Norune Village. If he is there, his name will be "Dike" instead of "Pike".

Glitch: Wrong instructions:
The forest fairy tells you to hold the "O" button to do a charge attack, but it is really the "X" button.
James McGee.

Glitch: Reincarnation:
When you are defeating Masterutan, buy a large number of bombs. When he is about to die, if your health is down very low and timed correctly, give him one last blow. You will be killed with him, but when the intermission sequence begins you will be alive again.
ian cooper.

Glitch: Early Demon Shft:
You may be able to access the Demon Shaft before you complete the game. You can get it when you go to the Gallery Of Time.

Glitch: Early Boss reference:
When in Yellow Drops, go to Ledan's item shop. Select the "Can I Shop Here" option, then exit the item list. Ledan will say "Please take care of the Boss", when you do not have the Boss yet.

Glitch: Sword damage:
When in a dungeon with Toan, equip the Lamb's sword. Put an Auto Repair in your active items. Let the Auto Repair fix the sword. The sword will appear to remain in Wolf mode, but will do normal damage. Bringing up the menu will change it back to Lamb.

Glitch: Stuck in prison:
Go to Muska Racka, and go to where the prison is located. Press Select and go to the edge of the prison. Press Select. You should be in the prison. This should take awhile. Once you are in there, you will not be able to move.

Glitch: Max attachment:
Go to the store in Yellow Drops. Make sure the bottom two rows of your attachments are empty and you have less that 65,000 Gilda. Buy something, then go to the bottom of your attachments list. Hold the pointer over the Gold Bullion and press X + Right very quickly. If done correctly, the bullion will still be there and you will have what appears to be a broken dagger. Drop it into your attachments then leave the store. Attach it to a weapon. Repeat the process if desired, but make sure you do not have any of the broken daggers in your attachments when you try it. Note: Save the game before doing this. Sometimes you will get a clone of the Moon Signet. The only way to get rid of it is to reset the PlayStation2. Also, the game might freeze.

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