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Cheat mode:
Select the "VIP Manager" option, then enter one of the following VIP names to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Unlock everything:
Enter CribMax as a case-sensitive VIP name. The go to Franchise mode. Go to manage your VIP. Rename your VIP to MadSkilz. Press Start then wait for Stevie-o's video in the Boom Boom room of the Crib to appear. After that, save the profile.
Chris Kapulka.

All crib items:
Enter CribMax as a case-sensitive VIP name.
Mark Stallion.

One million crib points:
Enter PhatBank as a case-sensitive VIP name.
Mark Stallion.

All milestones completed:
Enter MadSkilz as a case-sensitive VIP name.
Mark Stallion.

Air hockey table:
Win the Super Bowl.
brandon plunkett the colony texas.

Cheesesteak Dome stadium:
Defeat Jamie Kennedy.

Dream Superdome stadium:
Defeat Steve-O.

Electra Coliseum stadium:
Defeated Carmen Electra.

Loco Arena stadium:
Defeat David Arquette.

Funk Field stadium:
Defeat Funkmaster Flex.

Hint: Fantasy stadiums:
Choose your teams, then go to the "Options" menu. Scroll through the stadiums until you reach Aloha Stadium, then press Right. You will see stadiums with names like Royal Arena, Gold Coast Dome, Cobra Field, etc. Note: All of these are indoor stadiums.
Gerard Landry.

Hint: Easy crib credits:
Create a team of the worst players ever, then play them with the NFL team or a team of your choice. The opposing team will be easy to crush under any difficulty setting.
Chris Whelihan.

In franchise mode and you are about to play a game, go to "Gamecast Live". Let it simulate the game, then take control in the fourth quarter before time runs out. You will be credited with everything that happened during simulation, and everything you did while actually playing.
Yung Cam.

During a game, turn off the penalties and when your on defense, go near the QB on their side. When they snap the ball, sack him for lots of crib credits.

To earn some crib credits, simply browse the game's menus. The best menu is the "Game Manual" in the "Extras". It tells you how to blitz defenders, assign tight coverage, juke, etc.
Darryl "D-Dogg" Smith.

Note: This trick requires some time, two players, and two controllers. Select a created team or a very good team and a very bad team. Play in quick match with the good and bad team and select "Play". Go to the options menu and change the time from 5 to 10-15 minutes long. Have the second player control the bad team and intentionally lose. Have the good team always choose the Hail Mary and the bad team choose Field Goal Block. Also, always get safeties. If done correctly, at the end you should get 5,000 to 10,000 or more crib credits.

After you have made a 100% team, save your roster and start a new franchise mode game. Do not go into pre- season. Select "No" when you first start, or the game will say that you need to toggle your salary. Simulate every game with your good team (do not do training) and watch the primetime points and franchise points increase. Note: You may want to set penalties all the way up and the difficulty, to see what happens. After you are done with the entire season, the Super Bowl, and the extra games, go into your crib. Buy as many things as desired, then only save your V.I.P. Exit your crib then exit the franchise mode without saving. The game will restore the default roster. Load your roster from within the "save/load" screen and you will have gained over 6,000 crib credits.

Choose the NFL All-Stars as your team. You can also pick some other team with perfect stats. Then, for the CPU, pick the Cardinals( or another bad team). You should be able to score a lot and get some milestones.
Tyler Higaki.

Hint: Easy milestone completions:
Create a team with 42 of the absolute worst players. Then, make them even worse by selecting each player individually and setting their attributes at 0. Note: This is very time consuming. Then, save the team, load it, and play against them with any NFL team of your choice. Make sure you have the game set to five to eight minute quarters, rookie or higher difficulty setting, and penalties at default (or higher). An easy way to complete the yardage milestones is to run out of bounds at your one yard line and start your play from there.
Adam Kenney.

Use the following trick for an easy passing game and break franchise milestones in passing. Use the Colts in franchise mode and go to "Game Options" at the pause menu during a game. Turn on "Multiple Hot Routes" (use the Right Analog-stick to change a pass route for a specific receiver; press Up for a go, Up/Left for a post left or corner left, Up/Right for a post right or corner right, Left for an 5 yard out to the left or 5 yard in to the left, or Right for a 5 yard in to the right or 5 yard out to the right, Down for a quick hitch, Down/Left for a route that is a small drag to the left, and Down/Right for a small drag to the right). Using the multiple hot routes, go to the formation that has five WRs, no TEs and an empty back field. Make the receiver closest to the sideline on each side do a go route, the receiver on each side next to them do a route to the corner, and the other receiver (on the left or right) go over the middle, and throw a rocket pass to the receiver going over the middle once he breaks past the linebacker. This should result in a first down every time if he catches it, and he should always be open. Touchdowns also occur frequently. Make sure you use the Colts' playbook. This can make the passing milestones in single game or franchise mode very easy.

Hint: Easy sacks:
To get an easy sack, use the 4-3. Then, go up until you find the play "All Blitz O". Take the left DE and keep moving left until you get past the left OL. After the snap, run towards the QB and you should get the sack.
Big T.

Turn off all of the penalties (while playing), then on the next play get the defender to go up to the quarterback without touching any of the players. And wait for him to hike the ball. Once it has been hiked, tackle him for a loss of yards.
G MoNeY.

This is risky if the opposing team tries for a passing play, however if you are on defense and select "FG Defend", chances are you will rush in and either sack them for a loss, stop them at the line of scrimmage, or rarely the get the pass off and run if for a TD.

Turn off penalties and get behind the O line to tackle and sack easily.

Hint: Easy onside kicks:
Move your meter as far right and as high as it can go. Then, barely kick it. Your player should run under it and catch it. However, make sure if you select the player running towards the ball that he does not hit the player on their team -- otherwise it is fair catch interference.
Scott Ritchie.

Hint: Easy kickoff:
To tackle the receiving team behind the fifteen yard line most of the time, aim your kick all the way up and get a MAX kick, or close to one. Immediately after to kick, press Circle and start to sprint with the player. You should be the first one downfield to tackle the player with the ball.

Hint: Easy first down:
Select any Hail Mary play. When you hike the ball, wait for the three receivers to be down field, then hold R1 with your QB and run. You should get close to or a first down. This works well if you had a major loss of yards.
Alex Tessler.

Hint: Easy two point conversion:
Use a running play that makes the HB go through the middle. If there are DL in your way, press Dive and you will jump over them and get the two point conversion.
kenny nguyen.

Select "QB Draw" or any play where the QB can be immediately run straight through the center from the snap. This will work almost every time. Note: You will have to find which formation it is in. It is different for every team. Make sure your formation has no more than a five man frontline or the defense will throw a center run defense at you most of the time.

Select "QB Sneak" for a two-point conversion and you have a 95% chance of getting it. Just run to the left or right of the center (whichever preferred) and you will get it.

Choose the field goal page of the playbook. Flip the plays using R2, then choose O or field goal pass. Load the meter. Once it is loaded, you can pass the ball to "L1" who will be completely open.. It works most of the time, but timing is still key. However, the "L1" player is so open that it makes this play work easily. Note: This trick also works for grabbing a touchdown on the 4th down.

Hint: Easy jukes:
Instead of pressing R2 and L2 to juke, use the Right Analog-stick. Move it to the left for a left juke, right for a right juke, up for a stutter step, and down for a "stop short" move.
Darryl "D-Dogg" Smith.

Hint: Easy spins:
Select a team with a fast running back, like the Chargers who have LaDainian Tomlinson. Then, do a wide running play like the toss. When a defender comes, press Circle or build up charge (hold X until it is red and vibrating and release) and press Circle. For better results, spin off defenders when they get in your way. This is a good way to get easy touchdowns.

Hint: Easy touchdowns:
To get easy QB touchdowns, play as the Falcons and use QB Bootleg to the left. If there is a defender to the left, then switch up the play or move a tight end there.

Choose the Ravens and run with Jamal Lewis. Use Triangle to shoulder-charge to trample over defenders. This is an easy way to score. Note: Make sure the difficulty is set to rookie for better results.
Davon Moore.

Hint: Easy celebrity games:
Use controller two to play to prevent your opponent from knowing your plays.

Use the All NFL team to destroy the opposition. Let the CPU pick its play first, then use coaches plays.

Hint: Plow over defender:
If you have a power based or balance runner, run towards a defensive player and hold Triangle (shoulder charge) to plow over him.
Darryl "D-Dogg" Smith.

Hint: Always get the ball:
Use the following trick to always get the ball start a game. On any play, if your opponent has the ball press Start and go to "Options". Choose "Crib Cheats" and turn on the "Always Fumble On A Tackle" (if purchased) and turn off penalties. When you and your opponent select your plays, go behind the QB, If you touch anyone, you will be flagged. When you tackle him and there is a fumble, recover the ball. When you have to select a play, press Start, go to "Options", select "Crib Cheats" and disable the "Always Fumble" cheat. When you begin the play, your opponent will not tackle you and cause a fumble. Repeat this as desired.
brandon plunkett the colony texas.

Hint: Beat the salary cap:
Beating the salary cap can be frustrating with created characters. Instead, go to the roster for your favorite team, find the third string position player, then just edit his name, stats, and appearance. By doing this, your player will be rated 100 overall, but still be paid a very low salary.
brandon plunkett the colony texas.

Hint: Getting good draft picks:
In the first round, no matter how many picks the CPU has, it will only draft tackles, halfbacks, tackles and defensive ends. First-rounders also can tie down a lot of cap space because they will typically earn $2.5 to 4 million a year. Second round picks earn at most $1.5 million a year and typically are in the 80s to high 70s in overall rating for any other position. Your first priority in Franchise mode should be securing a good HB, DE, QB and tackles so that you do not have to use your first round draft pick. If you have a good team, trade your first-round pick for a second and third before the trade deadline. If your team is bad, keep the first rounder and trade him in the off-season. Before the trade deadline and in the off-season, trade expendable players with ridiculous salaries for second or third round picks. Players with one year contracts and a 70 overall level can sometimes get you a second or third rounder if a fourth or fifth round pick is added. If it is the off-season, look at the Rookie Report for the highest rated players to see which positions are expendable for you. Trade some players (even if they are starters) and draft picks to move up in the second round in the off-season. Get as many top second round picks as possible, and if you are lucky you will get some second rounders for the following year. With luck you will have the top seven to ten second round picks, and that can provide over five starters. The contracts of these rookies can also be extended to seven years with very cheap contracts, giving you the cap space to secure a good HB, QB, DE and tackle. Using this strategy your franchises can consistently remain $10 to 15 million under the cap.

Hint: Get the best rookies:
When it is your turn to pick a player in the draft, select "Exit The Draft". Go to "ESPN.COM" at the coach's desk, then go to "Rookie Report"/ Choose a rookie, then edit him and raise his stats to 99. You can now pick that rookie in the draft, and he will have a 100 overall rating.

Hint: Cheap favorite players:
Use the following trick to get your favorite or created players on a franchise cheaply. It takes some time, but always works. Select the team that you want to use in franchise mode. Then, make all of the players you want to be on that team have a zero rating by changing their stats. Put all of those players on the team you want to use in the franchise mode. Save this roster or you will have to do it all over again if you make a mistake. You can now set all of the players' stats to maximum if you desired (but it will be difficult to re-sign them). Set the stats however you desire, then go into franchise mode and select that team. All of your favorite players should now be signed for very cheap. However, the years on the contract seem to be random though.

Use the following trick if you play seasons as a franchise and you need to re-sign a player, but do not have enough money. If you have high draft picks. release the player. Within a week, if the player is a good one, another team will sign him. Go to that team, offer high draft picks and a scrub player. Your player will be back, and will have signed a lower contract. For example, assume you have Dieon Branch and a third year receiver, both making over $4 million per year. At the start of the next season, release them both and picked up some really bad receivers. By the second week of training camp, both players will be signed by other teams. You can then get Branch back for a scrub and a number one draft pick, and the other receiver for a scrub and two number three picks. Each players' new contract will be only $3 million vs. $4 million per year.
Arthuro Abanilla.

Hint: Defeating celebrity V.I.P.s:
When you play against the celebrity V.I.P.s, you can use any crib cheats that you have bought or can turn off all penalties. If you use the cheats, you will not be able to gain any crib credits or milestones. If you turn off all penalties, you will not be able to gain any major milestones (see the specifications), but you will be able to get some of the regular ones. When you defeat the V.I.P., the game will not penalize you, and you will get them on your speed dial and their bonus stadium. When playing without penalties, you can onside kick the ball to your own team by moving the arrow all the way to the left or right and kicking it as soft as possible. Another way of defeating them (even easier) is to just get two or three touchdowns then just wait for the clock to run out; you will not receive a delay of game notice.

Hint: Weekly preparations:

Meeting-- Happy
Coaching-- Coverage
Film/ 1/ All QB/ Coverage
Film/ 1/ All C/ Fronts
Film/ 1/ All G/ Fronts
Film/ 1/ All T/ Fronts
Film/ 1/ All FB/ Fronts
Film/ 1/ All DT/ Run Blocking Schemes
Film/ 1/ All DE/ Run Blocking Schemes
Film/ 1/ All OLB/ Run/Pass Distribution
Film/ 1/ All ILB/ Run/Pass Distribution
Film/ 1/ All CB/ Route Combinations
Film/ 1/ All SS/ Route Combinations
Film/ 1/ All FS/ Route Combinations
Film/ 2/ All TE/ Man/Zone Tendencies
Weights/ 1/ All QB/ Shoulders
Weights/ 1/ All HB/ Hamstrings and Quads
Weights/ 1/ All WR/ Calves and Ankles
Weights/ 1/ All FS/ Calves and Ankles
Weights/ 1/ All SS/ Calves and Ankles
Weights/ 1/ All CB/ Calves and Ankles
Weights/ 1/ All DE/ Hamstrings and Quads
Weights/ 1/ All DT/ Hamstrings and Quads
Weights/ 1/ All OLB/ Arms
Weights/ 1/ All ILB/ Arms
7 on 7/ 3/ Partial Pads
Full Drill/ 2/ 1st team/ Partial Pads
Full Drill/ 1/ 2nd team/ Partial Pads
Full Drill/ 1/ 3rd team/ Partial Pads
7 on 7/ 3/ Partial Pads
Full Drill/ 1/ 1st team/ Partial Pads
Pos Drill/ 1/ All QB/ Routes and Combinations
Pos Drill/ 1/ All HB/ The Gauntlet
Pos Drill/ 1/ All FB/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All WR/ Wide Receiver Release
Pos Drill/ 1/ All TE/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All C/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All G/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All T/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All DT/ Get Off The Ball
Pos Drill/ 1/ All DE/ Get Off The Ball
7 on 7/ 3/ Partial Pads
Full Drill/ 2/ 1st Team/ Partial Pads
Pos Drill/ 2/ All OLB/ Beat the Block
Pos Drill/ 2/ All ILB/ Beat the Block
Pos Drill/ 1/ All CB/ Backpedaling
Pos Drill/ 1/ All SS/ Backpedaling
Pos Drill/ 1/ All FS/ Backpedaling
Full Drill/ 1/ 1st team/ No Pads
Full Drill/ 1/ 2nd team/ Partial Pads
Pos Drill/ 1/ All QB/ Routes and Progressions
Pos Drill/ 1/ All HB/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All FB/ Tire Relay
Pos Drill/ 1/ All WR/ Pattern Depths
Pos Drill/ 1/ All TE/ Tire Relay
Pos Drill/ 1/ All C/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All G/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All T/ Run Blocking
Pos Drill/ 1/ All DT/ Get Off the Ball
Pos Drill/ 1/ All DE/ Get Off the Ball
Pos Drill/ 1/ All SS/ Backpedaling
Pos Drill/ 1/ All FS/ Backpedaling

QB and RD get about 2 to 3 points. FS and SS get about 1 point. No one goes down in points. Turn the injuries down slightly. Sometimes the backups will get hurt here and there. Tweak the drills and film work for your own personal team (like ball reaction instead of backpedaling for the DBs).

Alternately, use the following prep schedule. This is a good weekly prep and makes everyone go up. However, it does not make them go up as high as 5. You can change it to match your team's needs.
Joseph Summers.

Meeting/Happy/Exit with Team Prayer
Film/All QBs/Coverage/2
Film/All HBs/Man Zone Tendencies/2
Film/All FBs/Fronts/2
Film/All WRs/Man Zone Tendencies/2
Film/All TEs/Man Zone Tendencies/2
Film/All Cs/Fronts/2
Film/All Gs/Fronts/2
Film/All Ts/Fronts/2
Weights/All QBs/Shoulders/2
Weights/All HBs/Hamstrings and Quads/2
Weights/All FBs/Chest/2
Weights/All WRs/Arms/2
Weights/All TEs/Calves and Ankles/2
Weights/All Cs/Chest/1
Weights/All Gs/Chest/1
7-on-7 drill/No Pads/1
Full Drill/No Pads/1st team/1
Pos Drill/All QBs/Pass Mechanic/3
Pos Drill/All HBs/Tire Relay/2
Pos Drill/All FBs/Run Blocking/2
Pos Drill/All WRs/Wide Reciever Release/2
Pos Drill/All TEs/Pass Protection/2
Pos Drill/All Cs/Stance Work/1
Pos Drill/All Gs/The Big Sled/1
Pos Drill/All Ts/Enemies At The Gate/1
7-on-7 drill/Partial Pads/2
Full Drill/2nd Team/Partial Pads/2
Full Drill/1st Team/Partial Pads/1
Pos Drill/All OLBs/In-Out Blitzing/2
Aerobic Training Drill/All ILBs/Shuttle Runs/2
Aerobic Training Drill/All HBs/Wind Sprints/2
Full Drill/1st Team/Partial Pads/2
Position Drill/All DTs/Get Off The Ball/2
Position Drill/All CBs/Pattern Recognition/2
Position Drill/All WRs/Wide Reciever Release/2
Position Drill/All TEs/Pass Recieving/2
Weight Drill/All HBs/Hamstrings and Quads/2
Aerobic Drill/All QBs/Swimming Laps/2
Film/All DEs/Run Pass Distribution/2
Film/All FBs/Fronts/2
7-on-7 Drill/Partial Pads/2
Full Drill/1st Team/Partial Pads/3
Full Drill/2nd Team/Partial Pads/1
Full Drill/3rd Team/Partial Pads/1
Position Drill/All QBs/Pass Mechanic/1

Hint: Touchdown pose:
When you have bombed on an opponent and have no one around you while running towards the touchdown, slow down (by slightly pushing the Left Analog-stick) and your player will stop at the one yard line and pose before scoring.
Darryl "D-Dogg" Smith.

Hint: Home stadium sounds:
Play at either the Falcons or Seahawks home stadium. You will hear bird sounds after a big play.
Kyle Emina.

Play as the Denver Broncos. After a big play. you will hear a bronco noise.
Mike C..

If you play at the Carolina Panthers stadium, after a big play you will hear a panther roaring/growling.

Play as the Buffalo Bills, and you will hear a buffalo sound after a big play.
Matt Demarest.

Play at Soldier Field as the Bears. On big plays, you will hear a bear growl on the P.A. system.

Play at the RCA Dome as the Colts. You will hear a horse after a great play.

Hint: Joe Montana created player:
justin adams.

QB, Number 16, College Norte Dame, Born June 11, 1956, Best Hand Right
Body Normal, Skin Lighest, Face Type 2, Height 6' 2", Weight 205 Lbs
Helmet Standard, Mask Type 2, Sleeves White, Everything else leave as is
Stats go by order 76, 67, 57, 42, 96, 91, 98, 84, 88, 68, 61, Balanced, 96, 82, 29,17, 17, 22, 12, 17, 19, 22, 14, 62, 48, 9, 12

Hint: Jerry Rice created player:
justin adams.

WR, 80, Mississippi Valley, October 13, 1962, Best Hand Right
Body Skinny, Skin Dark, Face Type 4 Height 6' 2", Weight 200 Lbs
Helmet Standard, Mask Type 2, Gloves Type 2, Wrists Double Black, Shoes Style 3
Stats 94, 97, 72, 87, 99, 88, 72, 82, 33, 37, Finesse, 17, 26, 22, 15, 13, 24, 33, 8, 7, 96, 87, 93, 16, 82, 67, 33

Glitch: Indoor snow:
Go in a dome (such as the Georgia Dome or the Metradome) and change the settings to "Weather: Heavy Snow". Start a game, and after the first play, look at the replay. Move the pointer to one of the goal posts. If you look at the padding, you can see that they are frosted.

Glitch: Wear opposing team's uniform:
Go to franchise mode and select any team. Go to the schedule and prepare. Once done, select "Live Gamecast". During the game, go to "Depth Charts" and press Select. Notice that your player is wearing the other team's uniform.

Glitch: Switched trophies:
In the Madskilz Crib, the player trophies for Daunte Culpepper and Dante Hall; and Donovan McNabb and Chris McCalister are switched.

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